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This project study mainly focuses on various factors that influence the degree of motivation among the sales representatives of Bata India ltd. In order to get relevant primary data structured mainly close ended questionnaire was

designed and administered for a sample size of 100 respondents (sales representatives of Bata India ltd) in and around Bangalore city also an informal interview discussion was undertaken with selective few management representatives in the company. Companys human resource policies procedures and other documents also were referred as secondary source of data. With the help of simple but relevant statistical method of the data was organized and analyzed. Major findings of the study are: The majority of sales representative selected the job considering good salary offered by Bata India Ltd. Majority of sales representative consider team rewards play a vital role in increasing individual efficiency. After understanding the current degree of motivation among sales force and based on the research findings important suggestions were offered. Some of which are: System of flexible benefits can be adopted which will give sales representatives a wider menu to choose according to their personal needs. Job rotation system should be used to reduce boredom. It may be noted that the entire study is conducted with academic focus and hence it is suggested that if management of Bata India ltd. find some of the suggestion useful prior to implementing them a detailed study and investigation may be done with this research finding at the basis for in depth study to arrive at practical and feasible human resource strategy.


To learn more on the various motivational techniques and how these are being practiced in real life situation. To know and understand what other techniques an organization can be adopted to increase the motivational level and performance in addition to what has been practiced. To gain an insight into what exactly is the ultimate motivator whether it is money or other factors.


4. Bata India Limited is very keen to find out the present degree of motivation among sales representatives resulting from the existing practices adopted in motivating the sales representatives. 5. It will also help to identify the shortcoming in the motivational practices. This will help to suggest relevant motivational techniques which will increase the motivational level and performance. 6. Hence, this project is undertaken to know the present motivational level of the sales representatives at Bata India Ltd, an assessment of the motivational techniques and to suggest suitable measures to further enhance the same.


Data Base: This study is based on both primary data and secondary data. A structured interview schedule would be used to collect the primary data from the sales representatives of Bata India Limited. The secondary data for the study of annual reports of Bata India Limited and published literature including internet. Sample Design: A multi- stage random sampling procedure would be followed to select the sample respondents. At the first stage, the sample units would be chosen. Bata India Limited has 60 outlets in Bangalore. 3 outlets each from the north, south, east and west zones of Bangalore would be chosen. Bata India Limited has 320 sales representatives. The sample size comprises of 60 respondents ie 5 respondents from each sample outlet. Data Analysis Appropriate but simple analytical methods like cross tabulation, pie-charts, bar charts, chisquares, etc would be employed to analyze and interpret the data collected.


The scope of the study is to understand the present motivational techniques practiced in the organization and how Bata can enhance the present motivational level by adopting suitable motivational techniques. The study will be undertaken at its Bangalore showrooms with a special focus on motivational practices adopted by Bata with respect to its sales representatives.