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Ephesus Smyrna Pergamos Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia Laodiceans

Revelation 2:1–7 Revelation 2:8–11 Revelation 2:12–17 Revelation 2:18–29 Revelation 3:1–6 Revelation 3:7–13 Revelation 3:14–22

1 Unto the angel of 8 And unto the 12 And to the angel 18 And unto the 1 And unto the 7 And to the angel 14 And unto the
the church of angel of the church of the church in angel of the church angel of the church of the church in angel of the church
Ephesus write; in Smyrna write; Pergamos write; in Thyatira write; in Sardis write; Philadelphia write; of the Laodiceans
‘These things saith ‘These things saith ‘These things saith ‘These things saith ‘These things saith ‘These things saith write; ‘These things
He That holdeth the the First and the He Which hath the the Son of God, He That hath the He That is holy, He saith the Amen, the
seven stars in His Last, Which was sharp sword with Who hath His eyes seven Spirits of That is true, He faithful and true
right hand, Who dead, and is alive; 9 two edges; 13 I like unto a flame of God, and the seven That hath the key of Witness, the
walketh in the midst I know thy works, know thy works, fire, and His feet are stars; I know thy David, He That beginning of the
of the seven golden and tribulation, and and where thou like fine brass; 19 I works, that thou openeth, and no creation of God; 15
candlesticks; 2 I poverty, (but thou dwellest, even know thy works, hast a name that man shutteth; and I know thy works,
know thy works, art rich) and I know where Satan's seat and charity, and thou livest, and art shutteth, and no that thou art neither
and thy labour, and the blasphemy of is: and thou holdest service, and faith, dead. 2 Be man openeth; 8 I cold nor hot: I would
thy patience, and them which say fast My name, and and thy patience, watchful, and know thy works: thou wert cold or
how thou canst not they are Jews, and hast not denied My and thy works; and strengthen the behold, I have set hot. 16 So then
bear them which are are not, but are the faith, even in those the last to be more things which before thee an open because thou art
evil: and thou hast synagogue of days wherein than the first. 20 remain, that are door, and no man lukewarm, and
tried them which Satan. 10 Fear Antipas was My Notwithstanding, I ready to die: for I can shut it: for thou neither cold nor hot,
say they are none of those things faithful martyr, who have a few things have not found thy hast a little strength, I will spue thee out
apostles, and are which thou shalt was slain among against thee, works perfect and hast kept My of My mouth. 17
not, and hast found suffer: behold, the you, where Satan because thou before God. 3 word, and hast not Because thou
them liars: 3 And devil shall cast dwelleth. 14 But I sufferest that Remember denied My name. 9 sayest, “I am rich,
hast borne, and some of you into have a few things woman Jezebel, therefore how thou Behold, I will make and increased with
hast patience, and prison, that ye may against thee, which calleth herself hast received and them of the goods, and have
for My name's sake be tried; and ye because thou hast a prophetess, to heard, and hold synagogue of need of nothing;”
hast laboured, and shall have there them that hold teach and to seduce fast, and repent. If Satan, which say and knowest not
hast not fainted. 4 tribulation ten days: the doctrine of My servants to therefore thou shalt they are Jews, and that thou art
Nevertheless I have be thou faithful unto Balaam, who taught commit fornication, not watch, I will are not, but do lie; wretched, and
somewhat against death, and I will give Balac to cast a and to eat things come on thee as a behold, I will make miserable, and
thee, because thou thee a crown of life. stumblingblock sacrificed unto idols. thief, and thou shalt them to come and poor, and blind, and
hast left thy first 11 He that hath an before the children 21 And I gave her not know what hour worship before thy naked: 18 I counsel
love. 5 Remember ear, let him hear of Israel, to eat space to repent of I will come upon feet, and to know thee to buy of Me
therefore from what the Spirit saith things sacrificed her fornication; and thee. 4 Thou hast a that I have loved gold tried in the fire,
whence thou art unto the churches; unto idols, and to she repented not. few names even in thee. 10 Because that thou mayest be
fallen, and repent, He that overcometh commit fornication. 22 Behold, I will Sardis which have thou hast kept the rich; and white
and do the first shall not be hurt of 15 So hast thou cast her into a bed, not defiled their word of My raiment, that thou
works; or else I will the second death.’ also them that hold and them that garments; and they patience, I also will mayest be clothed,
come unto thee the doctrine of the commit adultery shall walk with Me keep thee from the and that the shame
quickly, and will Nicolaitanes, which with her into great in white: for they are hour of temptation, of thy nakedness do
remove thy thing I hate. 16 tribulation, except worthy. 5 He that which shall come not appear; and
candlestick out of Repent; or else I will they repent of their overcometh, the upon all the world, anoint thine eyes
his place, except come unto thee deeds. 23 And I will same shall be to try them that with eyesalve, that
thou repent. 6 But quickly, and will kill her children with clothed in white dwell upon the thou mayest see. 19
this thou hast, that fight against them death; and all the raiment; and I will earth. 11 Behold, I As many as I love, I
thou hatest the with the sword of churches shall know not blot out his come quickly: hold rebuke and chasten:
deeds of the my mouth. 17 He that I am He Which name out of the that fast which thou be zealous
Nicolaitans, which I that hath an ear, let searcheth the reins book of life, but I will hast, that no man therefore, and
also hate. 7 He that him hear what the and hearts: and I confess his name take thy crown. 12 repent. 20 Behold, I
hath an ear, let him Spirit saith unto the will give unto every before My Father, Him that stand at the door,
hear what the Spirit churches; To him one of you and before His overcometh will I and knock: if any
saith unto the that overcometh will according to your angels. 6 He that make a pillar in the man hear My voice,
churches; To him I give to eat of the works. 24 But unto hath an ear, let him temple of My God, and open the door, I
that overcometh will hidden manna, and you I say, and unto hear what the Spirit and he shall go no will come in to him,
I give to eat of the will give him a white the rest in Thyatira, saith unto the more out: and I will and will sup with
tree of life, which is stone, and in the as many as have churches.’ write upon him the him, and he with
in the midst of the stone a new name not this doctrine, name of My God, Me. 21 To him that
paradise of God.’ written, which no and which have not and the name of the overcometh will I
man knoweth known the depths of city of my God, grant to sit with Me
saving he that Satan, as they which is new in My throne, even
receiveth it.’ speak; I will put Jerusalem, which as I also overcame,
upon you none cometh down out of and am set down
other burden. 25 heaven from My with My Father in is
But that which ye God: and I will write throne. 22 He that
have already hold upon him My new hath an ear, let him
fast till I come. 26 name. 13 He that hear what the Spirit
And he that hath an ear, let him saith unto the
overcometh, and hear what the Spirit churches.’”
keepeth My works saith unto the
unto the end, to him churches.’
will I give power
over the nations: 27
And he shall rule
them with a rod of
iron; as the vessels
of a potter shall they
be broken to
shivers: even as I
received of my
Father. 28 And I will
give him the
morning star. 29 He
that hath an ear, let
him hear what the
Spirit saith unto the