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EXAM SECTION - Question Bank CSE & IT Subject: Microprocessors and Interfacing


MID: I Date: 13-8-2010

Name of the Faculty: Sri Padmini.k

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Unit 1
1. a) With a neat block diagram explain the architecture of 8086 processor. (15) b) Explain why memory is segmented in 8086 and also explain how memory is addressed using segmentation. (5)

2. a) Compare the flag registers of 8086 and 8085 and explain each flag in detail. (10) b) Explain the Arithmetic instruction of the 8086 processor. (10) 3. a) Explain the functioning of the following registers of 8086 Microprocessor (12) I. II. General Purpose Register. Segment Register.
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Index and Pointer Register. Flag Register.

b) Discuss briefly about pre-fetch queue in 8086. (8)

4. The Register contents of 8086 are given below. (20) CS=5000H, DS=6000H, SS=A000H, ES=B000H, SI=2000H, DI=3000H, BP=1002H, SP=0002H, AX= 0000H, BX=5200H, CX=2000H, DX=2000H Calculate the Effective Address and physical address of the following instructions. a) IMUL AX,[BP+BX-8D] b) SBB AL,ES:[SI+5D] c) AND AH,[SI+42D] d) CMP DX, [SI] e) XOR DH, [DI+8D] f) DIV AX, [SI+2]

b. Explain the following assembler directives, (10) a) ASSUME b) ENDS c) EVEN d) OFFSET e) PUBLIC
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5. a. Differentiate between Procedures and Macros using certain examples. (10) b. What are MACROs? How do you pass parameters to MACROs? (10)

6. (a) Explain the meaning of the following 8086 instructions (10) I. II. III. IV. MOV [3845H], BX ADD AX, [SI] MOV BX, 2956H ADC AX, BX

(b)Describe the following Addressing modes with some examples. (10) I. II. Indexed Addressing with Displacement. I/O port Addressing.

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Unit II
1. a) Write an ALP to subtract two 32-Bit Numbers. (10) b) Develop an 8086 assembly language program for performing division on 32-bit word by 16-bit Word. (10)

2. a) Write an ALP in 8086 to ADD two 32-digit numbers (10) b) Write an ALP in 8086 to Divide a 16bit number by a 16-bit number (10)

3. a) Using REPEAT UNTIL construct, Develop a sequence of 8086 instructions that read a character from the key board with echo and display the character. (10) b) Write an ALP for finding the average on n numbers. (10)

4. Explain the following instructions with examples a) String manipulations (20) b) LEA c) LODS d) MOVS
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e) MOV

5. Explain the following instructions with examples (20) a) Branch and call b) POP c) POPF d) PUSH e) PUSHF f) SCAS

1. What are the modes in which the 8086 can be used? How many lines are there in the multiplexed bus of 8086? Give the pin diagram separately for each mode of operation. (20) 2. a. Discuss the Minimum mode memory control signals of 8086. (10) b. Explain the write cycle operation of the microprocessor with a neat timing diagram in Maximum Mode. (10) 3.

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a. Explain the bus structure of 8086 system. (10) b. Explain the fundamental concepts of DRAM controller. (10)

4. a. What are the registers available in 8257? What are their functions? (10) b. Explain the function of following signals of 8257. (10) I. II. III. IV. HLDA AEN MARK MEMR

5. a. Sketch the block diagram of 8237? (10) b. Define the registers available in 8237? Explain them with diagrams? (10)

6. a. Explain the functional block diagram of 8257 with a neat sketch? (10) b. What are the types of data transfers in 8237 and explain them? (10)

7. a. Explain how Static RAMs are interfaced to 8086. Give necessary interfacing diagram assuming appropriate signals and memory size. (10) b. Explain the need of DMA. Discuss in detail about DMA data transfer method. (10)
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1. Describe the Mode 0, Mode 1 and Mode 2 I/O operations of the 8255 PPI. Interface 4*4 keyboard with 8086 microprocessor. (20)

2. a) Draw the internal block diagram of 8255 and explain its working, and Explain about the transfer modes of 8255 (12) b) Explain the features of 8255? (8)

3. a) Interface 8255 to 8086 in I/O mapped I/O mode. (10) b) Distinguish between BSR Control word and Mode Set Control word of 8255. (10)

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4. Explain the stepper motor interfacing to 8255 with a neat sketch. (20)

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