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--------------------------------------- March, 2005 *** Triangle interface *** FEFLOW contains an interface to the trianglulation software Triangle (copyright

by J. R. Shewchuk). Due to copyright reasons, the source code of Triangle has to be downloaded and compiled by the user. See the detailed explanation below. If Triangle is not installed, FEFLOW will show an alert box when trying to generate a mesh with Triangle. You can choose between aborting the mesh generation and d isplaying this help file. The default mesh generator for add-ins will be set to TMesh in that case. Before loading and installing Triangle, please note the copyright statement of t he developer: Copyright 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2004 Jonathan Richard Shewchuk 2360 Woolsey #H Berkeley, California 94705-1927 Please send bugs and comments to Created as part of the Archimedes project (tools for parallel FEM). Supported in part by NSF Grant CMS-9318163 and an NSERC 1967 Scholarship. There is no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk. Triangle generates exact Delaunay triangulations, constrained Delaunay triangulations, Voronoi diagrams, and quality conforming Delaunay triangulations. The latter can be generated with no small angles, and are thus suitable for finite element analysis. Show Me graphically displays the contents of the geometric files used by Triangle. Show Me can also write images in PostScript form. Information on the algorithms used by Triangle, including complete references, can be found in the comments at the beginning of the triangle.c source file. Another listing of these references, with PostScript copies of some of the papers, is available from the Web page -----------------------------------------------------------------------------These programs may be freely redistributed under the condition that the copyright notices (including the copy of this notice in the code comments and the copyright notice printed when the `-h' switch is selected) are not removed, and no compensation is received. Private, research, and institutional use is free. You may distribute modified versions of this code UNDER THE CONDITION THAT THIS CODE AND ANY MODIFICATIONS MADE TO IT IN THE SAME FILE REMAIN UNDER COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR, BOTH SOURCE AND OBJECT CODE ARE MADE FREELY AVAILABLE WITHOUT CHARGE, AND CLEAR NOTICE IS GIVEN OF THE MODIFICATIONS. Distribution of this code as part of a commercial system is permissible ONLY BY DIRECT ARRANGEMENT WITH THE AUTHOR. (If you are not directly supplying this code to a customer, and you are instead telling them how they can obtain it for free, then you are not required to make any arrangement with me.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Installation on Microsoft Windows systems 1. Download Triangle

Go to the Triangle home page: Download Triangle (version 1.6) and save it to the <CommonDocuments>\WASY FEFLOW 6.0\sdk\triangle\ directory on you r computer <CommonDocuments> refers usually to: C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Documents 2000/XP/2003) C:\Users\Public\Documents Vista) The file is called (159 KB). 2. Unzip the Triangle archive * Extract the contents of the zip archive to the <CommonDocuments>\WASY FEFLOW 6.0\sdk\triangle\ directory on y our computer is stored in this * As directory soon as triangle.c Triangle can be used from within FEFLOW. 3. Compile Triangle (*** no longer required ***) The Triangle source code has to be compiled into a dynamic link library (*.dll) to be used by FEFLOW. For this purpose, either the free gcc compiler coming with Cygwin or Microsoft Visual C++ can be used. The procedure to follow is quite different, therefore described separately: gcc * If not already installed you have to install the UNIX environment Cygwin on your Windows system. To do so, r un \win32\cygwin\setup.exe from the FEFLOW CD. * For programmers, the Cygwin source code is available f or download from the website In the Cygwin window, browse to the triangle directory in the FEFLOW installation (see 1) using the 'cd' comman d. Type $ make -f Makefile.cygwin to compile the Triangle library. Install the Triangle library to the <FEFLOW root>/bin pa th typing $ make -f Makefile.cygwin install Microsoft Visual C++ (menu description refers to VS 2005) * Start Visual Studio * Load the workspace triangle.sln from the <CommonDocuments>\WASY FEFLOW 6.0\sdk\triangle\ direct ory (File - Open Workspace). * Choose the build configuration 'Win32 Release' (Build - Set active configuration - Win32 Release) * Compile the dll: Run Build - Build triangle.dll If you encounter any difficulties, please have a look at the FEFLOW support page (Windows (Windows

s ( Clients with a valid maintenance contract can contact our support team, of cours e (