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Kerala System of Marriage Matching

- Written by Suni Nair

1. Nakshatra Matching In Kerala and what i know generally in south india we start by matching the Rasi in 10 ways like Rasi, Rasyaadhipa (they use a different system of friendship than normal friendship concept), Vasyam, Ganam (nature of Nakshtras like godly, demonly, humanly), Yoni (male /female), Dinam, Mahendra, Streedeergham (Dooram), Rejju and Vedham these are total 10 in number. By giving each of them one mark and see if there is more marks then the matching is considered as auspicious. Still the absence of Doshas like Rejju and vedha is a must. (Instead of this you can use ashta koota methods prevalent in north as well since both the systems seem to have the same purpose). Then we check Papa Samya. 2. Papa Samya Lagana (body), 2nd(family and speech), 4th house (family happiness and sukha stana), 7th house (house of marriage), 8th house (deergha mangala stan and maraka place and house of money of partner) and 12th house (sayana sukha stan and house of expenditure) are usually considered. Thus in total there are 6 houses to be considered with importance. We see whether any malefics are there in the above said places from Lagna Moon (significator of Mind) and Venus (significator of marriage life)

Some people will give equal weightage to Lagna and Moon (as considered 2nd to lagna), and still lesser weightage to Venus. Some are of the opinion that the papatwa to Venus cannot be remedied, as a man with loose morals and girl with equally loose morals cannot make good couples. For Venus they may see 4th and 8th houses only. If too much points Venus is gaining especially in the case of girl, it may boost immoral tendencies or deny normal family happiness by giving separation or even illness - it depends on the horoscope, Papatwa is considered in decreasing order for houses 8-7-4-12-2-1. Most malefic is Mars (planet of aggression and sudden actions), then Saturn, then Sun, Rahu finally Ketu. Here also for the purpose of clarity and understanding we give some marks like mars-4, sani-3, sun-2, rah and ketu-1 etc. Also regarding malefics in houses in lagana-5, in 2nd house 2, in 4th house-3, in 7th house-4, in 8th house-6, in 12th house 1 etc. There could be regional and traditional variations bases on guru paramparas. While considering malefics in 8-7-4-12-2-1 we have to see

exceptions as well. Exaltation, Own house, debilitation, means good strength can decrees the value and planet in neecha (debilitation) or moudya (combust) will get 100% value. Only aspect of benefics can reduce the effects and malefics will surely increase the effects. The points to be considered while analyzing the charts should be the following 1) Papagrahas should be somewhat equal position or countering position 2) If malefic is benefic from bhava (house) concerned, then it can give reduction in inauspicious results. 3) If malefic is yoga-karak again papatwa (malefic nature) will be reduced 4) See whether the major dasas of malefics have been passed or not and see their sub-periods and validate or assess the inauspicious results that sub-periods can produce. 5) If a lady having a horoscope indicating widowhood, match it with the horoscope of a person who has two marriages or a combination indicating death of wife in horoscope. 6) Main considerations should be given to the presence of malefics in 7th and 8th house from Lagna or Moon. 7) In male horoscope malefics should be in 7th house rather than in 8 th house (mainly 8th house malefics in male horoscope indicate untimely death, while in female horoscope indicate death of husband) 8) Even if in female horoscope malefics are in 7th and 8th, if a strong benefic in 9 th, then it should be considered as solved automatically; since the benefic in 9 th indicate happy married life with husband and children. The relevant quote reads as follows navame shubha samyukte sapape aste ashtamepi va pathi putra yuta nari modate natra samsaya 9) See whether papa graha dasas are coming immediately after marriage or not. If the dasa of malefic planets are coming immediately after marriage, then that is not good and may strengthen the inauspicious results.

3. Verification of Dasa-Sandhi (Dasa santhi nirnayam) Check both the horoscopes and ensure that in both horoscopes at same period Dasa is not ending within a gap of 6 months or one year difference; some check Dasa sandhi within 6 months only but some old astrologers wont recommend the charts if Dasa Sandhi (especially Ra-Ju, VeSu, Ma-Ra etc) is happening within 1 year. Next see whether the dasa is maraka, or papa or weak then those horoscopes should not be matched. The following points also should be considered Check whether at the same period dasa of enemy of lagna lord is happening to both the male and female and see its promise in the horoscope if the expected results are bad, it is termed Sama dasa dosham. At same period if the dasa of mutual enemies are happening to male and female ( for example Sun dasa to male and Saturn dasa to female; or Rahu dasa to male and Jupiter dasa to female etc) Ensure that the Dasa of maraka planets are not running in both the horoscopes at the same time. Also if ones maraka dasa and anothers weak dasa of 7th lord or karaka, Or dasas such as that of papayuta,p apakartari, neecha etc should not happen at same time and is not considered auspicious if happening for both at the same time. If malefics are in 8th house then they can cause vaidhavya (widowhood) at the following period. Check the 8th lord and see in whose house his navamsa is - in the Dasa of that navamsa depositor of malefic in 8th, can give the result. At times the naisargika dasa is also considered in predicting the result such as if Moon within a year, if Mars within two years, if Sun within 50years, if Guru 18th years after marriage and so on. (It is a tradition I know, and is not sure about the reference). Or the result can be predicted in the dasa of the malefic in 8th house. 4. Santana Yoga (Possibility of having children) and Prosperity After this santana chinta (progeny) and prosperity and yoga should be done. Like this all kinds of stuff from two horoscopes should be thought of. Longevity should be checked in both horoscopes on receiving the horoscopes for matching itself. This is all very detailed and cannot be described in detail in this small article. 5. Prashna Then we have to do a prashna to check whether there is blessing of god (daivaanukulyam) in favor of this union between that couple, and to observe all kinds of omens during the Prashna as well.

Now a day the traditionally listed omens can happen only in villages. In towns it is upto the astrologers decision to add or deduct the omens to the list provided in astrology classics, according to his own experience and reasoning power. Omens like bringing of perfumes, sandal and kumkum, somebody is bringing mangalya sutra, gold or new dress, married ladies or couples coming, seeing of astamangala materials, someone singing, mangala dwani like sankh(conch),bells ringing, cows coming, elephant, royals, horses etc are all considered good. some omens (nimittas) are bad which needs special attention. On seeing somebody putting his finger in some hole or in nose; seeing some animals/birds mating etc are considered inauspicious. Then suddenly the astrologer can say, not recommended for matching. Actually I find whether the astrologer observes or lucky enough to see proper omens in time depends on his upasana balam ( spiritual power or dedication). I hope it can give some what clear idea about matching and see its not an easy job. It needs an astrologer with good caliber and who has learned a good amount of astrological principles. Question (by Kiran): I have observed that if both male and female horoscope has same dosha (e.g: Kuja dosha), then it gets cancelled. This is a mystery to me as if both have dosha both must suffer and have bad life. How does dosha get cancelled if it is present in both? Answer (by Sunil Nair): It is a good point put forward by you. if both has same dosha, the principle is both get cancelled, as per the principle samam samena haram ( means 2 negatives make a positive - I think Homeopathic medicine uses this technique). Suppose some one has a yoga indicating the death of wife (means his wife will die and he will live longer) and a lady has similar yoga known as vaidhavya yoga (means her husband will die and she will live longer). So how can both the yogas materialize if both charts are matched for a marriage? That is why it is believed that those yogas will cancell each other. But I have heard something similar to your argument by a different school of thought. But here we can take rishi munis vakya and our experiences and what is taught to us by our gurus especially the parampara which is unbroken and has 1000s of years knowledge behind them is that when matched in this way those yogas will not materialize. The revered traditional knowledge is like the river Ganga from the head of Lord Siva. Yes, still I dont think the matching only need not guarantee the quality of married life. But it will surely will contribute the length of married life and protection for kids; since the dasa matching is done for 25 to 30 years. So the eldest kid will be a

earning member by then even if good happiness in chart is not promised. In cases sudden death of spouse - you can see that in majority of the cases, they were very happily married and may be even others may be jealous about the happy couples; and suddenly the bad yoga in chart surfaces. The matching is very serious one, which is not the realm of beginners. It needs high command of astrological principles, if you want to employ it fully. But you know how carelessly todays parents do it. There are several other techniques as well followed by traditions, which I am not disclosing here. I find the marriage matching techniques very useful for determining the quality of 2 partners in business also - If you combine with dasas running after commencement of business along with the attributes showing in chart. Spouse is our partner in life. All the rishis endorses the couples for marriage, who are mutually in love and if such love is pure and platonic then all these material may be outside consideration. There are so many dictums like mananukulyam prathamam prasastam (Mutual love is the most important matching) which is known as manaH porutham (matching minds). It is the highest match among all matching principles. Even rishis tells us that such couples will be protected by god if they seek divine intervention for their problems in case if any. Thanks for your enthusiasm and keep up your quest for knowledge. The knowledge will definitely come to you from all directions. All the best. - 000 -