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Business Plus June 2009, Edition Six

New Business Centre Opens

its Doors in Warwickshire
Coleshill Business Centre opened its doors in mid-May thanks to funding
from Advantage West Midlands and support from Coleshill Town Council.
The new Business Centre, located on the first floor of Coleshill Town
Hall has been launched to provide office and meeting facilities, training
and support to people starting their own business in the local area.
Programmes Manager Kathryn Stewart has overseen the renovation work:
“Renovating the rooms at Coleshill Town Hall has been a long process but
the result is a vibrant, practical office space that can really bring benefits to
the local community. Local residents will be able to start their business in a
low cost environment - an absolute necessity in these difficult times.”

Business Advisor, Robin Underhay, will be providing support to new

businesses in Coleshill: “I’m really excited that this new centre is finally
open! We’ve worked with lots of new businesses in this area and there is
so much enthusiasm, Coleshill Business Centre will give this enthusiasm a
focus. No matter what your business idea is you’ll find something here for
you so please get in touch with us to see how we can help.”

You can contact Robin on 024 7623 6001 or by email

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MAP out your future!
SPEEd up your business plans
Attention all Women in Business!
As part of our New for 2009! series we fun! You never know what’s coming
pg 3 are launching ‘Women in Business’, next in business so having a large
Education a brand new programme of activities network of contacts to call on is all
and events aimed at empowering important. Even better if you’ve got to
Post-graduate Certificate in experienced and novice business know that person in an informal setting
Business Enterprise
women. You don’t have to run your own so when it comes to business the trust
BA/BSc in Enterprise and business to join in, you just need to is already there.
have an enthusiasm for enterprise and
be willing to share your knowledge and We really want to hear what you
pg 4 experience with others. would like to see as part of ‘Women in
Exciting new entrepreneur Business’ in the future. If you’ve got any
exchange programme The first activity to launch is our series ideas for future events, subjects you’d
launches in the West Midlands of regular networking events. Unlike like as part of a training programme or
Virtual Office traditional business networking you if you’ve got a success story to share
don’t need to have anything to sell and then get in touch with us on business-
we’re not restricted to ‘by invitation
pg 5 only’ membership or one business of
New for 2009 each type rules. The emphasis is on Join us at our launch event on Friday
empowerment, knowledge and having 3rd July 2009 at 10am to be inspired!
Business Plus

MAP out your future!

Just because term is nearly over at Coventry University it doesn’t
mean that business support for our students finishes too. The popular
Mentoring and Advice Programme (MAP) will still be available
during the summer months, enabling students to continue growing
their business without the pressure of degree course attendance at
the same time. In previous years our support has been unavailable
for the summer months but with an increasing number of students
resident full-time in the Coventry area we’re staying open this year.
If you’re a Coventry University student and would like to book an
appointment with a business mentor then please call in to the Student
Centre on Gulson Road or call Karen on 024 7679 2029.

SPEEd up your business plans

Student Placements for Entrepreneurs in Education, known as
the SPEEd programme, has been given the go ahead to run until
2011 following its successful delivery during the last two years. The
SPEEd programme, which is part of a wider initiative managed by
the University of Wolverhampton and involving other West Midlands
universities, is designed to support undergraduate and post-graduate
students at Coventry University to start their own business. The
programme gives students who are interested in starting their own
business the opportunity to access mentoring, advice, training,
networking opportunities and office space, as well as a grant,
averaging at £2,500, to help towards those all important start-up costs.
Over the last 2 years the SPEEd programme at Coventry University
has helped around 80 students to enhance their business skills
through the development of their business idea. As this is a university
programme the emphasis is on the learning experience for a student
rather than the financial success of their business venture, although
many of the past participants are trading successfully.
One such success story is Richard Burridge, founder of website StudentMoneyBack.Com and owner of
e-Marketing Media Ltd. Read more about Richard’s journey to success in the case study below.

Spotlight on... Richard Burridge

Richard Burridge
3rd Year Student, BA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and business owner
In addition to his degree course, Richard runs e-Marketing Media Ltd which provides website
design and e-marketing advice to businesses. Richard has also set up the successful website, a service which enables students to earn cashback from their
online purchases.
What does he say?
My enterprise degree has helped me learn the skills needed to set up a successful business. I
came to Coventry University with the aim to set up my own company and I achieved that within
the first year of the course. Now in my third year, I run two successful Limited Companies. The
Speed programme provided me with the money to start a business that would not have been
possible without it. It really is a fantastic resource for students.


Tom Williamson,
Lecturer in Enterprise
and Entrepreneurship

There is a well documented debate on whether you can teach someone to
BA/BSc in
Enterprise and
be an entrepreneur - isn’t it something that you are rather than something Entrepreneurship
you learn to become? Here at Coventry University we like to think that
we’ve embraced both sides of the argument and come up with a range of The Enterprise and
courses to suit a variety of needs. Whether its a short course in business Entrepreneurship degree is
start-up skills or a degree in entrepreneurship we’ve got something for a novel approach aimed at
you. Just two of our education options are explained below. equipping students with the
knowledge and experience
necessary to start and run their
own company. By a unique
Post-graduate Certificate in combination of theoretical

Business Enterprise
content, advice from experienced
entrepreneurs and the opportunity
to start an individual or group
venture, students can enhance
This four-day course is aimed at new and experienced entrepreneurs and their skills and experience the real
is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge world of business. Each of the
required to start their own business. The course will take an in depth, yet students, as an integral part of the
practical, look at the processes involved and by the end of the sessions degree, is encouraged start their
the participant should have the beginnings of a business plan. The course own company and run it applying
covers the following key areas, maintaining a focus on group participation, concepts and skills learned. It is
practice and knowledge sharing: expected that by the end of three
• Planning for a Successful Business years, the graduate will not only
hold a degree, but will also be
• Innovative Product Development for Business Enterprise
running a sustainable business.
• Sales and Marketing Strategy for Business Enterprise
• Developing a Financial Strategy for a Business Enterprise

The IAE launches innovative support package

as businesses face the economic downturn
With the economy testing even the most successful companies of late, business owners now have the opportunity
through the Economic Challenge Investment Fund (ECIF) to create the right entrepreneurial environment for their
future. The package was put together by the IAE to help companies gain the right entrepreneurial environments
through innovative improvements, goals and actions. Businesses will have a series of initial meetings to determine
their individual entrepreneurial profiles, business viability and goals, which will determine the route required through
either research, training, diversification, or even new markets. For further information on how to apply contact Julia
Stew on 07974 984299
Spotlight on... Simon Hill
Simon Hill
3rd Year Student, BA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and business owner
As well as being a student, Simon is president of the Students in Business
Society and founder of ‘Summit Marketing Solutions’ and ‘In Loving Memory
Tributes’. Simon has taken full advantage of the business support on offer
from the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship attending networking events,
mentoring sessions and using the office space.
What else should we know?
Summit Marketing Solutions provides an innovative advertising solution for
businesses by placing adverts in locations, such as hairdressing salons, where there is a ‘captive’ audience using digital
LCD displays. In Loving Memory Tributes is a website dedicated to providing space for people to remember their loved
ones. Simon has been successful in gaining a place on the SPEEd programme which he will start once he graduates in
the summer. He will become an Enterprise Fellow which is a new sub-programme within SPEEd this year, providing extra
support for graduates with growing businesses.
What does he say?
“I chose the BA Enterprise and Entrepreneurship course due to its vocational modules that worked along side my
own business, as well as the various other support mechanisms like funding through the SPEEd programme. I highly
recommend the course, especially as it has improved over the years offering a broader subject area for any budding
entrepreneur. My future prospects have been significantly improved over the last 3 years, with two businesses up and
running and already employing my first member of staff, my future as entrepreneur is bright.”

Exciting new entrepreneur exchange programme Virtual Office

launches in the West Midlands Running a business is tough,
especially in those early days when
Coventry University is working with other European universities to operate
employing receptionist staff or having
an exchange programme for new entrepreneurs, funded by the European dedicated office space is simply not an
Commission. ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs is aimed at helping option. Missing calls from potential or
new entrepreneurs to acquire relevant skills for managing and growing a existing customers, or utilising a home
small or medium sized enterprise by working with an experienced host address can have a long lasting negative
impact on the professional image of
entrepreneur in another country for 1 to 6 months.
your business.
ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs is ideal for you if you want to: The Institute of Applied
Entrepreneurship is on hand with its fully
• Work with a serious, committed and motivated new
entrepreneur from another country who contributes with new equipped virtual office solution, 4Front,
and fresh ideas at a very affordable price. The 4Front
service gives businesses peace of
• Gain access to new skills and innovative knowledge mind that calls are being answered in a
• Gain knowledge about foreign markets - including business professional manner, and that company
contacts - and increased opportunities to internationalise your image is being maintained with a
business professional business address.
• Improve the growth potential of your enterprise and have an 4Front offers different levels of service
opportunity to establish a new business partnership directly to fit your business needs, plus lots of
with an entrepreneur from another country additional benefits to help your
business grow.
We are currently looking for new entrepreneurs (owners of businesses
Level 1 - Mail receipt -
trading for no more than three years) and host entrepreneurs in the West
£15 per month*
Midlands area who would be willing to participate in the scheme and Level 2 - Mailing and Registered
share their entrepreneurial experience with an entrepreneur from another Address - £25 per month*
country. Level 3 - Telephone Answering
(includes mailing and registered
For more details or if you are interested in participating either as a host address) - £50 per month*
Level 4 - Institute Corporate
entrepreneur or new entrepreneur, please visit the ERASMUS project
Identity - £100 per month*
website at to register your interest. If you *Prices are subject to VAT, an initial set-up fee of £50
and payment of 3 months fee in advance
have any further queries please contact Barbara on 024 7623 6001 or
Please contact Ben on 024 7623 6001 or email
email for
more information.
New for 2009!
Network Plus Re-launches
Network Plus returned in May with a long awaited new programme and
revitalised format. With bigger and better topics than ever before, the new
programme of events will take much more time over the subject area and
give you more time to ask questions. We’ll also be focussing on beneficial
networking activities and improving networking skills. Read on for a
glimpse of the forthcoming summer programme.

Wednesday 24th June, 12-2pm

Making your e-commerce strategy work for you NEW PIC HERE
Wednesday 29th July, 12-2pm
How small businesses can survive the future
Wednesday 26th August, 12-2pm
Using Social Networking to market your small business
Wednesday 30th September, 12-2pm
Managing innovation in small businesses
Wednesday 28th October 2009, 12-2pm
Essential Basics of Small Business Finance

Our host venues will be changing each month so make sure you log on to our website for more
information - visit and click on the ‘support for business’ link.

Inspiring Female Training Plus

Entrepreneurs We are due to launch a new programme of short
training workshops this summer which will expand
The Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship is on the topics covered during Network Plus but also
launching a range of activities and support for female include some new subjects to help you to grow your
entrepreneurs. The first service to launch will be a business. Training Plus will cover subjects such as
series of quarterly networking events aimed at giving Search Engine Optimisation, Networking Skills and the
women a chance to improve their networking skills self employment process (provided by HM Revenue
and meet new contacts. The first two events to be and Customs). If you have any ideas for training topics
organised are: please let us know.
Friday 3rd July, 10-11.30am - Improving your
networking skills to gain the most for your business

Friday 16th October, 10-11.30am - What sort of

SMS Service
Stay in touch with forthcoming events, new
entrepreneur are you? Your entrepreneurial profile plus developments and opportunities by text message.
networking activities If you would like to subscribe text IAE, followed by a
space, and then Student, Graduate, Business or Info

Business Directory to 60777. This service is free to receive but it will cost
you one text message at your standard network rate to
Do you want to promote your business for FREE to subscribe.
hundreds of other potential clients? You may be
aware of our Business Directory but if you’re not, it
is a great opportunity to get some free publicity for
your business. The directory can be accessed via
Website Revamp
We’re revamping our website at the moment and we’d, just click on the like to know what you want to see on there. Check out
directory, register and add your details. The listing is and get in touch
free to all of our past and present clients. with your suggestions. Also search for us on Facebook
and Twitter.
The Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship is home to all enterprise and
entrepreneurship activities at Coventry University. The Institute offers students,
graduates and staff a broad range of entrepreneurial support and services for
every level and stage of business start-up and growth.

The vision of the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship is to become an

internationally recognised institute of excellence promoting an entrepreneurial
lifestyle and mindset within the University community and it’s stakeholders.

Get in touch now to find out more about how we can help you get on the
road to success!

The Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship

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Telephone: 024 7623 6001