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The power connectors link the power carrying conductors to equipments such as Lightning arresters, Air break switches,

Circuit breakers, But bars etc,

The connector's cross-sections are designed to withstand loads during service and the current path is short and mostly direct. Pressure plates, washers, and clamping saddles for

Outdoor connectors are suitable for carrying load systems' current under severe conditions such as short circuits, surges, line faults etc. The connectors are manufactured for voltage upto 800kV and current upto 4000 Amp. The current ratings are selected from the following standard ratings200, 400, 600, 800, 1250, 1600, 2500, 3000, 4000 Amp and confirm to IS 5561: 1979. The connectors can be classified as per their application Equipment connector connects the equipment terminal to the conductor for in-line or angular connection of the conductor clamps the conductor to the support insulator a connector which does not allow any restricts relative movement conductors connects two or more conductors with parallel axes to each other used for right angle connection connects dissimilar metals such as copper and aluminum; bimetallic plates prevents galvanic corrosion

adequate cross-section and area are provided to distribute the contact pressure. The bolting arrangement has been specially designed for uniform pressure exertion over the whole contact surface; hence, avoiding localized pressure that may damage the conductor during service. The bimetallic connectors maintain uniform pressure within a specific range under all conditions of service; thereby, avoiding cold flow. The connectors for stranded conductors are specially equipped with a slot in order to accommodate the binding wire. Corona free connectors are designed for 220 kV, 400 kV and 800 kV systems. They reduce the voltage gradient to facilitate suppression of visual corona and radio interference.

Junction connector

Support connector Rigid connector

Parallel groove connector

Power clamps and connectors are suitable for continuous current short circuit and other short time current. High conduction copper and aluminum alloys are used with grades easy to cast, forge and machine.

Tee connector Bimetallic connector

Note: Connectors are tailor made as per customer requirements and for applications upto 800kV

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