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(Afrikan Diasporic Warrior Arts Association)

The A.D.W.A.A. acronym is taken from the Adwa war of Ethiopia and Italy. The A.D.W.A.A. organization is meant to be an umbrella organization or association for organizations, communities, schools, systems, families, individuals etc,,, to collectively honor, practice and preserve the history, traditions, and practices of warriorship/martial arts & science throughout the Afrikan Diaspora. The warrior sciences of Afrika or the most ancient in the world. People of Afrikan/Black heritage have participated in every war/military theatre on the planet throughout history. People of Afrikan/Black heritage have influenced warrior traditions/martial arts on every continent and in every culture throughout history. A.D.W.A.A. will honor this history by networking the various systems schools, organizations, and individuals as well preserving this information for future generations Some of the great names in Afrikan warrior history throughout the diaspora are Taharka, Pianki, Shaka Zulu, Yaa Assante Waa, Nzingha, Hannibal, Zumbi, Besouro, Pastinha, Bimba, Nanny of the Maroons, Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey A.D.W.A.A. will honor these legends by creating a diasporic hall of fame and having inductee ceremonies on a yearly basis. Throughout the Afrikan Diaspora martial traditions live in Afrika, Caribbean, U.S.A., Latin America, and Asia. A.D.W.A.A. will hold seminars and research expeditions in these locations to further document the history and contributions of people of African descent worldwide Some of the pioneers in the resurgence of the Afrikan/Black Diasporic warrior traditions are Dr. Hodari Mquolo, Grande Mestre Joao Grande, Shaha Mfundishi Maasi, Nganga Mfundishi Tolo-naa, Ahati Kilindi Iyi, Mestre Jelon Viera, Mestre Cobra Mansa, Mestre Dennis Newsome etc A.D.W.A.A will ask these individuals to support the organization and recognize them as pioneers in the re-emergence of the African diasporic warrior traditions. Some of the scholars and researchers uncovering the history and traditions of the Afrikan /Black warrior Diaspora are C. Daniel Dawson, T.J. Obi Desch, Ed Powe, Patrick Gorham etc A.D.W.A.A. will ask these individuals to act as and consults for the organization. Some of the great names in the modern world of combat/sports performance are Muhhamed Ali, Jack Johnson, Sugar Ray Robinson, Tayari Casel, Billy Blanks, Laila Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Anderson Silva, Rashad Evans, Rampage Jackson A.D.W.A.A will recognize their achievements and create an award to honor their contributions.

A.D.W.A.A active body: Awo Mfundishi Khalil Maasi Nuba Aurilein Henry Obama Patrick Gorham Kamau Rashid More names to be considered

A.D.W.A.A. Elders & Supporters & Consultants:

Grand Mestre Joao Grande Shaha Maasi Kilindi Iyi Nganga Tolo Naa Cobra Mansa Dennis Newsome Jelon Viera C. Daniel Dawson T.J. Obi Desch Potential Members