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Practical Problem Solving Workshop

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Consulting > Training > Benchmarking > Qualification COURSE STRUCTURE: (Practical Problem Solving PPS) New way of thinking Every problem is an improvement opportunity! Day 1 AM 1) Introduction to 7 Wastes & Practical Problem Solving. The core philosophy of the Toyota Production System (TPS) is to create value for the customer through the elimination of waste, understand the problem solving philosophy to ensure everyone solves problems & the need to create a support system that promotes a problem solving culture of waste elimination (Elimination the waste of rework and corrections)

A problem well stated is a problem half solved. Charles Kettering, Inventor

Day 1 PM 2) Learning the right application of the quality tools. Learning the tools of problem solving is important. But what is probably even more important is to identify the right tools to help solve a particular problem.



Day 2


3) A3 Thinking & Practical Application At Kaizen Institute our teaching methodology is LEARNING BY DOING, this allows the participants to apply their learning from day 1, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the problem solving process, while also allow them to gain clarity in the application of the tools and presenting their findings in an A3 reporting format. Break away from the 5 whos that lead to the Root Blame mind set! -- Begin practicing how to use the 5 Whys to find the actual Root cause to remove it from the process permanently!

Practical Problem Solving Workshop

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Consulting > Training > Benchmarking > Qualification COURSE STRUCTURE: (Practical Problem Solving PPS) Day 2 PM 4) Standardization Why the creation and updating of standard work is important and directly proportional to the problem solving process. Learn and understand the methods used for the creation of standard work.

TRAINING METHODOLOGY: Our Teach - Do systematic learning methodology is designed to ensure participants apply what is learned within a controlled simulation kind of event or as part of a kaizen activity on one of your key processes during the workshop. To be determined by client. COST STRUCTURE: 1) Early Bird Discount for booking courses before 25th Oct 2012 . Course fee of 600SGD per participants per day of training 2) Interim Discount for bookings made from 26th to 2nd Nov 2012 Course fee of 700 SGD per student per day of training. 3) Course Cost for bookings made from 3rd to 9th Nov 2012, Course fee of 800 SGD per student per day of training

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Consulting > Training > Benchmarking > Qualification

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