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SSS is a government agency/social insurance program for employees working in a private organization. The benefits are the following: Sickness Benefit A daily cash allowance is paid to the member for the number of days he/she is unable to work because of sickness or injury. He/she is qualified for the sickness benefit if: (1) he/she has used up all current company sick leaves with pay, (2) he/she is confined either in a hospital or at home for at least four consecutive days, and (3) he/she has notified his/her employer (within 5 calendar days). A member can avail his sickness benefits for a maximum of 120 days in one calendar year. The SSS member is entitled to receive per day a 90 percent of his average daily salary credit. Sickness Notification Form is needed. Disability Benefit Any restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being. This program aims to ensure that the right cash benefit for disability is paid to a qualified member. A disabled member is qualified to accept monthly disability pension if he has paid at least 36 monthly contributions to the SSS prior to the semester of unfortunate incident. According to SSS, the lowest monthly pension is P1000 for members with less than 10 credit years of service: P1200 with at least 10 CYS and P2400 with at least 20 CYS. Retirement Benefit A cash benefit in the form of monthly pension or lump sum. Amount is paid to a member who has reached the normal retirement age of 60. It is a lifetime cash benefit paid to the retiree. Children of the pensioner shall also receive a dependents pension if they are below 21 years old, unmarried and not gainfully employed. Maternity Benefit A 60-day cash allowance granted to a female member who was unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage. A 78-day is paid if delivery is through caesarian section. This benefit is available only for employees first four deliveries or miscarriage. Maternity Notification (ultrasound report) is needed such as birth certificate/fetal death certificate, operating room record, etc. Death and Funeral Benefit A cash benefit in monthly pension or lump sum to the beneficiaries of a deceased member for Death Benefit. A funeral grant of Php 20,000 is given to whoever pays the burial expenses of the deceased member or pensioner for Funeral Benefit.

SSS EC Compensation Benefits - All SSS members both employees and employers are automatically entitled for the EC compensation program to receive generous benefits. Benefits from sickness, injuries, death, and disability are just among the broad coverage of this type of benefits from the Social Security System. I recommend checking out this official website to understand the EC benefits totally. Loan Program It is a loan intended to meet the members short -term credit needs. A person may qualify if: (1) he/she paid at least 36 monthly contributions (P15, 000), (2) he/she paid at least 72 monthly contributions (P15, 000-P24, 000). 10% per annum is the interest. It will take two years in 24 equal monthly installments for a member to pay. Member Loan Application is needed. An employee is eligible for the benefits if he/she is officially employed in a private organization. And if he/she is qualified to the requirements needed as well.