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July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 1

Happy 4th of July! Happy 4th of July!

Volume 28, No. 7 Publication of the UNITED CIVIC ORGANIZATION of CENTURY VILLAGE (WPB) July 2009
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completed installations.
Residents will be notified
of their time to sign up for
From the Desk appointments, and to sign a
of President Cable receipt for the box — please
bring your ID. Notices will be
George David Israel posted by UCO on all bulletin
Loewenstein boards, on Channel 63, and
will be provided at Delegate
Meetings; also in the UCO
Reporter and the CV website.
In a Letter to the Editor, appearing elsewhere in this issue, Comcast Cable Boxes on tribution Schedule, a list of CV Sal Bummolo will assist
Kurt Weiss asks why UCO has not taken a stand on the Golf Their Way areas clustered to approximately Comcast with Clubhouse fa-
Course issue (I assume he means “against”) and then he con- With input from the 200 possible installations per cilities, cable, TV, tables. The
tinues to present several theories, all incorrect. I feel the need Cable Committee and the day. See below. space should be dedicated for
to remind him that UCO’s officers get their directions from the Comcast Installation and The Comcast plan is to be- Comcast since they will be
Board of Directors (Delegates). It is they who will (by a vote) Customer Care Team gin with sign ups at the Club- there five days per week.
direct the stance that UCO will take. So far, by virtue of its On May 15, 2009, there house on June 5 and 6 and then Renters will sign and be
silence on the issue, the Delegate Assembly hasn’t yet decided was a meeting of the Cable provide continuous signup responsible for their box and
to weigh in on this issue. Committee. In attendance, and installations until June for the return of same. There
When I first took office some three and a half years ago, I from Comcast, were Christine 30. This should accomplish will be no liability to CV and
wanted to make sure that our residents were kept informed of Saxon and our Comcast Instal- approximately 3900 installa- UCO for renters. Comcast will
events in the village. One of the avenues being used is the re- lation and customer care team. tions for people in residence use their standard procedures
cording of our delegate meetings, as well as some of our town Christine introduced the Com- at that time. Saturdays will for renters — as in other de-
meetings, for later playback on Channel 63. This process of cast team members: have less installations to allow velopments. There will be a
converting the tape to a format that plays on channel 63 takes • Larry Lewis (Regional Di- for coverage of special prob- container in the Village for
many hours. I would like to get feedback from viewers as well rector of Technical Opera- lems. Regular installations and easy return of boxes.
as non-viewers as to whether the replaying of the meetings is tions and Construction) education should take about 15 A training video for use of
important. Please call me at the UCO office (683 9189) and let • Rob Siebeneck (Comcast minutes per unit. box and remote will be pro-
me know. personal care consultant) Comcast will track work vided by Comcast in meeting
By the time you read this, Comcast will be almost finished • Roseann Accardi (Comcast done and pass that information room C during sign up.
installing the boxes for your TV sets. The cable committee has personal care consultant) to the UCO Treasurer. Com- Dave Israel will work with
worked hard and long with the Comcast personnel to make the • Todd Gatchel cast billing will begin July 1, Comcast to provide an easy-
distribution of boxes as painless as possible. As part of the new • Denzel Jackson 2009 and will be phased in to-understand diagram of the
cable contract, Comcast has extended (at no additional charge) • Jan Dario accordance with a number of Continued on Page 2
wiring to our office building at 2102 West Drive. This will allow • Max Pichardo
Continued on Page 2
The CV contracted box

Delegate Meeting
which will provide our new
lineup is the Standard Defi-
nition RNG (Resident Net-

Friday, July 10, 9:30 am

work Gateway) 100. At extra
charges are the High Defini-
tion RNG-150 + $6.50, and

Clubhouse Theater
the High Definition, with
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
RNG-200 + $15.95. Christine
distributed the New Box Dis-
United Civic Organization, Inc. of Century Village Cable Box Registration / Distribution Schedule
All activities will be in the Clubhouse Meeting Room C, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday extended to 7:00 p.m.
Association Day Event Association Day Event
Hastings / Canterbury Fri, June 5 Scheduling Golf’s Edge / Dover Thu, June 18 Scheduling / Installing
Wellington C-M Sat, June 6 Scheduling Camden Fri, June 19 Scheduling / Installing
Greenbrier / Sussex Mon, June 8 Scheduling / Installing Stratford / Cambridge Mon, June 22 Scheduling / Installing
Chatham Tue, June 9 Scheduling / Installing Easthampton / Somerset Tue, June 23 Scheduling / Installing
Kingswood / Coventry Wed, June 10 Scheduling / Installing Berkshire / Salisbury Wed, June 24 Scheduling / Installing
Oxford / Bedford Thu, June 11 Scheduling / Installing Andover / Wellington A Thu, June 25 Scheduling / Installing
Wellington B / Southampton Fri, June 12 Scheduling / Installing Norwich Fri, June 26 Scheduling / Installing
Waltham / Kent Mon, June 15 Scheduling / Installing Windsor Mon, June 29 Scheduling / Installing
Sheffield Tue, June 16 Scheduling / Installing Northampton Tue, June 30 Scheduling / Installing
Plymouth / Dorchester Wed, June 17 Scheduling / Installing
All unit owners should come to the Clubhouse in accordance with the schedule above. You will be registered by Comcast staff and given an appointment for
installation of your cable box. Wednesday and Thursday hours extended until 7 p.m. for those with daytime jobs and those who miss their scheduled appointments.
Page 2 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

legislature. There were signifi- President’s Message Cable

cant changes, but in the end, Continued from Page 1 Continued from Page 1
Gov. Crist vetoed the new bill. us to monitor announcements number of boxes and programs
At the Delegate Florida’s Catastrophe fund, on channel 63 in our lobby,
our conference room, and in
Jan Dario has signed up
which should be $30 Billion,
Assembly has been depleted after the the president’s office. More Cable Committee and UCO Of-
Betty Lapidus last hurricanes and its value is important, we will be able to
switch our telephone system
ficers, as first users of the new
boxes, on Wednesday, May 20,
currently $3 Billion. If there
is a hurricane in the foresee- from AT&T to Comcast, with from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at UCO.
able future, both the insurance a projected savings of approxi- In the first hardware deploy-
companies and policyholders mately $5,000 a year. We are ment, each apartment will
June 5, 2009 Chairman. He will be missed. will be in financial difficulty. constantly striving to cut our receive one Standard Set Top
This meeting was called President’s Report: Presi- Because of this, Citizens Insur- expenses without sacrificing box. This box will be con-
to order by President Loew- dent Loewenstein reported ance wanted to raise premiums the quality of the services that nected to an existing outlet at
enstein at 9:30 a.m. Speakers that Comcast has wired 2102 by 50%, but has settled for UCO provides to our resi- the request of the Unit Owner,
were asked to come to the for cable and about the im- 10% per year, for the next five dents. and connected to a collocated
microphones, as this facilitates pending decision to switch years. Other insurance com- Pat Blunck’s assistant Mi- TV of your choice. The box
better hearing for the assembly phone operations from AT&T panies will be following suit, chael has decided to go to will be programmed to receive
and recording for Channel 63. to Comcast. This has been increasing their premiums. college and will be leaving us Limited Basic, Expanded
Attendance: There was a necessitated because of the Maintenance: Jerry Karpf at the end of June. He has done Basic, Digital Starter, Video
quorum of 160 delegates. escalating phone bills and discussed HB #714, which an outstanding job for us here on Demand and the 48 music
Pledge of Allegiance: Re- AT&T’s lack of response to would have included changes in the Village, never having channels included in our Bulk
cited by all present; led by Lt. inquiries. Comcast has offered in insurance and condo laws. learned to say no when given Cable agreement.
Kronsperger. a proposal that will save in the This bill, which included any task. We will miss him. Due to the large number of box-
Minutes: Taken on 5/1/09, area of $5,000 per year, which amendments to the current Hopefully, by the time you es, and the absence of our Snow-
were corrected to state that is significant. law, was vetoed by the gov- read this, a replacement will birds, this deployment will take
shoreline restoration was start- He also advised that there ernor and will cause condo have been hired. time, and in fact will be resumed
ed at Northampton and would is a lot of committee activity associations a significant The transponder gate arm is in the December (2009)-January
then go to Dover area and then in the Village. These include amount of money in its pres- now fully operational in back (2010) timeframe.
to Chatham. The minutes were working on the shoreline and ent form. Some of these are of our office building. We will Complete plans for the
accepted with this change. bylaws. The bylaws have retrofitting high-rise condos now be able to install tran- training and demonstration of
Treasurer’s Report: The been reviewed by the Officers with fire extinguishers and sponders more frequently and operation of the box and its dis-
report was reviewed by the Committee and voted on by requiring insurance on all a lot more safely, no longer tribution, will be available soon.
assembly. One question re- the Executive Committee. condos. With a large amount have to use the entrance road, At some time in the future,
garding business interruption Before they can be presented of condos in foreclosure, this and no longer have to hire an as yet undetermined, for those
insurance was asked. Doro- to the Delegates Assembly, the creates a hardship for unit off duty Palm Beach County with more than one TV, two
thy advised that the coverage changes need to be published owners. Mark Pafford will be Deputy Sheriff. additional boxes will be made
is handled by W.P.R.F. and in the UCO Reporter so that at a meeting on Tuesday 6/9 at UCO was saddened to learn available. The boxes are dif-
is not included in the UCO everyone will have an oppor- 10:00 a.m. in the Clubhouse to of the passing of Bill Snyder, ferent from the Standard Set
budget. There were no further tunity to review these change. discuss this.  All are welcome. the second president of UCO, Top Box discussed above, and
questions, and the report was This month’s security meet- Safety: George Franklin at the age of 101. We were are called Digital to Analog
accepted unanimously. ing has been rescheduled from advised the next Town Hall equally saddened by the pass- Converter boxes (DTA).
Public Relations for the 6/5 to 6/12 at 1:00 p.m. in 2102. meeting will be November 12, ing of David Frankel, who, to The DTA box will be a
State’s Attorney: Mike Ed- Transportation: Clau- 10:00 a.m., in the Clubhouse, the last, served as Co-chair of simple box capable of receiv-
mondson spoke briefly about dette LaBonte, Transporta- Room C. Michael Rayner dis- the Investigation committee. ing only channels from 2-99.
the budget reductions in the tion Chair, advised that her cussed a recent article in the To those residents that are This range includes Limited
last three years (17%) and the committee has been work- Reporter that had an error in leaving for the summer, I wish Basic and Expanded Basic
increase in caseloads caused ing hard on a new summer it. It advised that an individual you to go in good health and programming. The DTA will
by the reduction in the num- schedule. They also had to experiencing chest pain should to return to our village in good continue to provide these two
ber of prosecutors available take into account the closing take an aspirin and then call a health. For those of us staying, Tiers of service even if chan-
to handle it. He asked that we of the JCC on 6/12, where friend — it is a much better let’s try to keep cool and drink nels are converted to Digital
advise our legislators of these many seniors in the Village idea to take an aspirin and then lots of water. o format in the future; which
facts. He also furnished a per- have lunch. She was advised call 911. He then discussed many undoubtedly will. All
some hospitals that have good
Put a smoke detec- three boxes described herein
sonal e-mail address where we that the senior lunch program
can send our comments and he will be moved to the Morse ERs and in the area, those be- tor in your apartment are part of our contract; there
will forward them to the appro- Center. This has necessitated ing Wellington Hospital and will be no additional costs for
Good Samaritan. Q&A.
and change the bat- these three boxes.
priate legislator. That e-mail stopping at the Morse Center
address: medmondson@sa15. five days a week, rather than Continued on Page 3
tery once a year. See Q&A, page 4. o Phone 355-7249. the two days a week cur-
Lt. Kronsperger: Reported rently. The buses will leave July Meetings
two small thefts in the Village the Village at 9:00 a.m. with Committee Schedule
this last month. However, the pickups at around 1:30 p.m. Date Day Time Group Location
police caught a burglary ring and 2:30 p.m. The buses
6/17/09 Wednesday 11:00 am Beautification 2102
who were working in the Vil- will continue to make one
lage and asked that we be vigi- afternoon run to Publix. The 6/30/09 Tuesday 10:00 am Operations 2102
lant to scam artists and others buses will also continue to 6/25/09 Thursday 10:00 am Officers 2102
who are looking to make a go to the Mall, as many of 6/29/09 Monday 1:00 pm Executive Board Room B
quick buck by illegal means. the Village residents use the
Also, there is crime activity on 7/03/09 Friday Closed Fourth of July Holiday
area to walk in the summer
the south side of Okeechobee, months. Claudette advised all 7/10/09 Friday 9:30 am Delegates Theater
so try not to shop alone and be to get a copy of the Reporter 7/10/09 Friday 1:00 pm Editorial 2102
vigilant. Also, consider joining when it comes out to get the 7/10/09 Friday 2:00 pm Security 2102
the C.O.P program. Q&A. complete list of changes. In
David Frankel:   President the mean time, changes will 7/14/09 Tuesday 9:30 am Irrig / Infrastruct 2102
Loewenstein announced to be posted on bulletin boards 7/20/09 Monday 1:30 pm Transportation Room B
the assembly the death of Mr. at the Clubhouse and UCO. T.B.A. Friday 1:00 pm Safety T.B.A.
Frankel. He gave many years to Insurance: Dan Gladstone
T.B.A. Tuesday 10:00 am Maintenance Room C
the Investigations department reported that there was no
as Chairman and later Co- change in insurance at the last T.B.A. Thursday 10:00 am Comm Relations Card B
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 3

Delegate Assembly Transportation to the item for Dear Mr.

Continued from Page 2 sign maintenance, to allow
Community Relations: additional monies at the end of President
Ted Silverman discussed up- the year for sign maintenance. Please find below my sug-
dates regarding the Centenar- The motion was approved with gestion for fixing America’s From the Desk of
ians’ luncheon. The luncheon one opposed. economy.
Instead of giving billions of
Vice President
will be held later this year. There was a discussion re-
Cable: David Israel dis- garding parking in the Village dollars to companies that will Jerry Karpf
cussed the distribution of property. There are only the squander the money on lavish
the new cable boxes, which Association rules to govern parties and unearned bonuses,
started today, 6/5. Schedules parking. County laws do not use the following plan.
were distributed and posted apply on private property. You can call it the Patriotic I had just finished writing have to install sprinkler sys-
on all bulletin boards, as well Good and Welfare: Retirement Plan: my article about Senate bill tems to the common areas by
as being run on Channel 63. There was a statement re- There are about 40 million 714 which everyone thought 2014. This bill also mandated
People were encouraged to garding the appropriateness of people over 50 in the work had become law. This bill that every apartment would
read the handout. There were advertising social clubs at the force. Pay them $1 million was made to correct some of have to have their smoke
questions regarding installa- Delegates Assembly. There apiece severance for early the major problems with the alarms hard wired to their
tion, content, etc. was no discussion on this topic. retirement with the following condominium act H.B. 995 electric system. The enforce-
Old Business: None A request for a motion to stipulations: that was passed last year. ment in the next four years of
New Business: be made before the Delegate • They must retire. Forty It made many changes to just these two items would be
Motion: Allocate $27,000 Assembly regarding UCO’s million job openings — the Condominium Act (chap- a financial disaster for most
from Fuel line item #5063 participation in the debate Unemployment fixed. ter 718) and House Bill 601 Condominium Associations.
(Transportation Funds) in 2009 concerning the golf course • They must buy a new which made many chang- Another law that is a major
UCO budget for road striping plan to sell to a developer was American car. Forty mil- es to the Florida insurance problem for many Condo-
project. There is a surplus in discussed. Phil Shapkin up- lion cars ordered — Auto laws. This bill had passed the minium Associations is their
this item because of the reduc- dated the delegates regarding Industry fixed. House by two votes short of responsibility to force unit
tion in the price of gasoline the latest developments of his • They must either buy a 100% and it passed the Senate owners to buy insurance for
since the budget was prepared independent group and their house or pay off their mort- by 100%. their units. This law must be
in late 2008. The motion is plans to accomplish their goals. gage — Housing Crisis Everyone thought that Gov- changed because it places an
to reallocate the funds from Myron Solomon brought up a fixed. ernor Crist had passed this bill added financial burden on
Transportation to the item for discussion regarding the prices It can’t get any easier than because of the favorable sup- any Association that has any
Road restriping. Recommen- at the Walgreen’s drug store that! port it had received. units that are in foreclosure
dation came from Executive in the Village. He questioned If more money is needed, I was just about to Email my along with the unit owner who
Committee. The motion was whether the prices were higher have all members of Congress article to the UCO Reporter refused to buy insurance. The
approved with two opposed. here and should be checked out. pay all their taxes... when I received a call from Association would have to
Motion: Allocate addi- UCO will be giving out If you think this would Susan Raphan, who is from purchase insurance to comply
tional $8,000 from Fuel line door hangers at the next meet- work, please forward to ev- the Department of Condomini- with the law and then place
item #5063 (Transportation ing, in case we have a hur- eryone you know. ums, an office of the Ombuds- a lien on the unit to collect
Funds) for street sign proj- ricane. They should be used If not, please disregard. man. Susan advised me that the insurance premium. This
ect — originally budgeted at if a resident needs help. They From the Internet the whole bill has been vetoed portion of the Condominium
$7,500 in 2009 UCO budget are also trying to get together by Governor Crist without any Act places a lot of pressure
(line item #5330). Total cost: a Town Meeting regarding explanation. on Associations that may have
$15,500. There is a surplus in hurricane preparedness. This veto of bill 714 has a number of empty units that
this item because of the reduc- Meeting was adjourned at caused an uproar in both hous- are in foreclosure. These three
tion in the price of gasoline 10:45 a.m. Road rules at in- es of the Florida Legislature laws must be appealed at the
since the budget was prepared These meeting minutes and many Condominium As- earliest possible time.
in late 2008. The motion is were taken by Antoinette M.
tersections: Mak- sociations throughout Florida. Our Governor could have
to reallocate the funds from Salometo, 6/5/09. o ing a turn, you are Because of the overwhelming made the difference to hun-
Are You On the List? required to signal. support that this bill had, many dreds of Condominium As-
Senators and Representatives sociations in this state by
The following Associations had no representation at This is not only the were demanding the forma- helping to remove some of
the June 5, 2009 Delegate Assembly:
law, it is essential tion of a task force made up of the financial burden they are
Condominium Associations, under, but his actions show he
BEDFORD B-D-E-F-G-H-I-J for safety. The first State Senators, State Repre- did not care to help change the
CAMBRIDGE A-C-E-F-G-H-J vehicle to reach the sentatives and banks to force laws that passed last year.
CANTERBURY C-D-E-H-I-J-K intersection has the the Governor to change his Because of the Governor’s
mind and pass Senate Bill 714. veto, the above-mentioned
CHATHAM L-P-Q-S-U right of way. If more The reason there is so much laws are still in place. Please
DORCHESTER A-C-D-H-J than one vehicle controversy is that in 2008, help to repeal the Governor’s
when the Condominium Act veto of S.B. #714 by calling,
EASTHAMPTON A-B-C-F-G-H-I reaches the inter- was changed by H.B. 995, emailing or writing to your
section at the same there were several laws that delegates and tell them you
time, the vehicle on would cause financial hard- want S.B. #714 repealed.
ship to many Condominium Call or email State Sen.
NORTHAMPTON A-E-G-H-J-K-L-M-P-Q-S the right has the Associations in Florida, when Dave Aronberg at 561-433-
OXFORD 300-400 right of way. Do added to the current condi- 2627 or fax at 434-3995,
tions in the real estate market, email address aronberg.dave.
PLYMOUTH 3 not assume that including all the unit owners; State Rep.
any other driver that are abandoning their units. Mark Pafford at 561-682-
One of the laws that was 0156; and Congressman Rob-
SOMERSET L knows these rules. passed under H.B. 601 said ert Wexler at 561-732-4000 or
STRATFORD B-C-D-G-H-K-O Pull out of an inter- that all high-rise buildings will fax at 988-6423. o
WALTHAM A-B-G-I section cautiously
WELLINGTON A-B-E and, if possible, To report alligators: Call the Fish and
signal with a ges- Wildlife Commission at 1-866-FWC-
All is not lost for CV delegates who attended the last meet-
ing but did not sign the register because they were waiting ture to the other GATOR (1-866-391-4287) or visit my-
in line for the new TV changes with Comcast. driver(s).
Page 4 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

register and sign for their box,

but you will not receive your
box during registration. You
will make an appointment
From the Desk of for a Comcast Technician to From the Desk of
Vice President deliver and install your box Vice President
in your unit. The box will
David Israel be connected at any existing Bob Marshall
outlet of your choice, and the
technician will show you how
to operate the box via the in-
FAQ Comcast Boxes fact will be resumed in the cluded remote control. An Easily Understandable of the nation’s leading broker-
With contributions from December (2009)-January Q: As a building president, Explanation of Derivative age houses.
the Cable Committee (2010), timeframe. I’d like to know if I could Markets: One day, even though the
Soon, the new Comcast Q: Will there be times for make a appointment, on the Heidi is the proprietor of bond prices are still climbing,
Cable Box will be deployed people working 9-5 to get assigned day, for a disabled a bar in Detroit. She realizes a risk manager at the original
to all of our Unit Owners. boxes? person who would have great that many of her customers are local bank decides that the
Clearly this will take some A: For those of you who difficulty showing up at reg- unemployed alcoholics and, time has come to demand pay-
time as we have 7,854 condos work during the day, and for istration. Would I have the as such, can no longer afford ment on the debts incurred by
which will require careful those of you who miss your “authority” to act in her stead? to patronize her bar. To solve the drinkers at Heidi’s bar. He
scheduling and execution. The scheduled appointment; ex- A: If you bring a photocopy this problem, she comes up so informs Heidi.
process is simple and your tended hours will be held on of the Unit Owner ID, Com- with a new marketing plan that Heidi then demands pay-
co-operation will be required Wednesdays and Thursdays, cast will sign that owner up. allows her customers to drink ment from her alcoholic pa-
to make it happen. Each Unit until 7:00 p.m. Important modification, see now, but pay later. trons, but being unemployed
Owner should come to the Q: If we don’t get the boxes next answer. She keeps track of the drinks alcoholics they cannot pay
Clubhouse in accord with the before December of January, Q: As a building president, consumed on a ledger (thereby back their drinking debts.
published schedule. Comcast will our TVs still work? I’d like to know if I could granting the customers’ loans). Since, Heidi cannot fulfill her
Personnel will be in Meeting A: Yes, your TV will work make an appointment, on the Word gets around about loan obligations she is forced
Room C and they will collect fine. assigned day, for owners who Heidi’s “drink now, pay later” into bankruptcy. The bar clos-
information from each person Q: I always phone local are up North at this time. May marketing strategy and, as a es and the eleven employees
and make an appointment for Comcast for help, is there a I register for them as well? result, increasing numbers of lose their jobs.
actual installation of the new special phone number for our A: As regards to owners, not customers flood into Heidi’s bar. Overnight, drinkbonds, al-
box. Please be sure to bring a thousands of box installs? currently in residence, if you Soon she has the largest sales kibonds and pukebonds drop
valid Florida ID to present to A: There is no phone num- will be arranging for the instal- volume for any bar in Detroit. in price by 90%. The collapsed
the Comcast Representatives. ber for registration and instal- lation of the converter for a By providing her custom- bond asset value destroys the
The installing technician will lation the project is too large resident within your building, ers’ freedom from immediate banks liquidity and prevents it
install the box on the day of (7,854 units) — please follow you will be required to obtain payment demands, Heidi gets from issuing new loans, thus
your appointment, and show your schedule. You may call a letter from the unit owner no resistance when, at regular freezing credit and economic
each of you how it works Comcast for help on using the authorizing you to have their intervals, she substantially in- activity in the community.
and how to use the Remote new menus when you have converter installed for them. A creases her prices for wine and The suppliers of Heidi’s
Control. For those of you who your box 561-COMCAST. copy of their valid ID will also beer, the most consumed bev- bar had granted her generous
work during the day, and for Q: There are some Sab- be required. You will have to erages. Consequently, Heidi’s payment extensions and had
those of you who miss your bath observers who live in make the appointment and let gross sales volume increases invested their firms’ pension
scheduled appointment; ex- Wellington E and G. They the technician in to install the massively. funds in the various bond
tended hours will be held on cannot come on Saturday as box. There are some issues in A young and dynamic securities. They find they
Wednesdays and Thursdays, per schedule. What is their al- this process: vice-president at the local are now faced with having
until 7:00 p.m. ternative? Your understanding • As soon as you register this bank recognizes that these to write off her bad debt and
Product is appreciated. seasonal owner and the box customer debts constitute with losing over 90% of the
Q: What do we get? A: As noted at the bottom is installed, the billing com- valuable future assets and presumed value of the bonds.
A: In the first hardware of the flyer, if you miss your mences, in other words the increases Heidi’s borrowing Her wine supplier also claims
deployment, each apartment appointment, come to register entire Village starts paying limit. He sees no reason for bankruptcy, closing the doors
will receive one Standard Set on Wednesday or Thursday starting on July 1, 2009, any undue concern, since he on a family business that had
Top box. This box will be con- between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 based on the number of has the debts of the unem- endured for three generations,
nected to an existing outlet at p.m. Wednesday and Thurs- boxes then installed. ployed alcoholics as collateral. her beer supplier is taken over
the request of the Unit Owner, day hours extended until 7:00 • It’s your signature on the At the bank’s corporate by a competitor, who immedi-
and connected to one TV of p.m. for those with daytime box contract. (May not be headquarters, expert traders ately closes the local plant and
your choice. The box will jobs and those who miss their an issue since Comcast has transform these customer lays off 150 workers.
be programmed to receive; scheduled appointments. the ID photocopy.) loans into drinkbonds, alki- Fortunately though, the
Limited Basic, Expanded Q: What’s the number to • The absent owner does not bonds and pukebonds. These bank, the brokerage houses
Basic, Digital Starter, Video call to make an appointment get the associated training. securities are then bundled and and their respective executives
on Demand and the 48 music for the installation? I’m not • Be sure to find out from traded on international security are saved and bailed out by a
channels included in our Bulk coming to the Clubhouse for the owner, which TV they markets. Naive investors don’t multi-billion dollar no-strings
Cable agreement. volunteers. want the box installed on, really understand that the se- attached cash infusion from
Schedule A: The Registration will be if there are multiple sets. curities being sold to them as the Government. The funds
Q: How soon are the boxes done by Comcast personnel, Keep in mind, there will be AAA secured bonds are really required for this bailout are
available for those of us here There is no phone number for another wave of installs in the debts of unemployed alco- obtained by new taxes levied
this summer? registration and installation December/January to ac- holics. Nevertheless, the bond on employed, middle-class,
A: Signup and orientation the project is too large (7,854 commodate the returning prices continuously climb, and non-drinkers.
began on June 5. See the signs units) — please follow your Seasonal unit owners. the securities soon become the Now, isn’t that easy to un-
on your bulletin board and on schedule. Come to the Club- Q: What kind of ID needs to hottest-selling items for some derstand? o
Channel 63. This will be a house to register, because if be presented? Landlord, owner
major effort, centered in the you wait and call Comcast, or renter? Attention Newcomers
main Clubhouse. outside of the planned rollout A: If you rent, the renter
Q: When will Snowbirds get process; there may be a Tech-
Condo documents include Bylaws, Declaration of Condominium
would get the box, sign for it
boxes installed? nician visit charge. and Amendments. All new unit owners, at closing, are to receive a
and be responsible for it. Same
A: Due to the large numbers Q: May I pick up my box holds true if you sell it. New set of these documents from the seller, or obtain reimbursement
of boxes, and the absence of on my registration day at the owner would be the respon- for the approximate cost of replacement. They can be obtained
our Snowbirds, the deploy- Clubhouse? sible person. from any title company for a fee.
ment will take time; and in A: Each unit owner will Any questions? Ask UCO.
Continued on Page 15
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 5

At the Library
By Chuck Waugh
Summer Reading at

Anita J. Cruz
Okeechobee Library
The PBC Library System,
Frankly Speaking:
VP, WPRF, Inc. with the support of the Friends Vice President
of the Library, is pleased to
announce a summer reading
Frank Cornish
club for adults: “Be Creative
at Your Library.” Library sum-
mer reading programs are not
Summer has definitely ar- Sometimes our residents Here we are, once more at decrease in each owners’ an-
just for kids anymore! From
rived, and I trust you are forget that we have bulletin the beginning of hurricane nual premium.
6/8-7/31, while the youngsters
enjoying relaxing summer boards in the Clubhouses season. We hope you will take While on the subject of As-
are enjoying their summer
activities, both outdoor events packed with good information. every precaution to protect sociations, I know my fellow
reading, young-at-heart book
and inside activities. If you are not familiar with yourself, property and neigh- Officers join me in urging you
lovers will be able to par-
I know many of you are the locations of our bulletin bors, which brings to mind In- to become involved in yours.
ticipate in their own summer
swimming at our pools in the boards, they are listed here: surance coverage, a topic that We all have had numerous
reading fun! In addition to
cooler evening hours, and with Hastings Clubhouse — is always on our minds…and phone calls and visits from
fabulous prizes, the program
the longer daylight hours of WPRF and UCO both have of course, Dan Gladstone’s, unit owners not knowing who
will feature a weekly drawing
summer, many of our residents bulletin boards located be- who spends tireless hours, to turn to in times of need;
for a special book related to
are happy to take advantage of tween the bathrooms, dis- researching the latest informa- they either have no Board, an
this year’s theme.
the extended swimming hours playing information about tion out of Tallahassee. absentee one or unresponsive
The Okeechobee Branch
available before sundown. the Hastings facility. WPRF Many Associations to date one. We do not have the power
Library is located next to
Please keep in mind that we has an additional bulletin have provided their owners to act on any matter related to
Dunkin’ Donuts, open Mon.-
now have “late night swim- board located outside the with current “Mitigation Re- your Association.
Wed. from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00
ming” (to 10:00 p.m.) avail- front doors with helpful in- ports,” done earlier this year, We have been criticized
p.m. and Thu.-Sat. from 10:00
able in our Guest Pool behind formation as well. which resulted in a substantial for addressing matters of im-
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All Village
the main Clubhouse, as well as Main Clubhouse — WPRF savings on their premiums. portance during the summer
residents, including seasonal
a well-lit deck and canopy area has two bulletin boards, one Unfortunately, there are also months when our resident
residents, are eligible for a free
for gatherings with friends. located by the ID Office with those who have not. The fee is population is at its lowest.
library card with proper ID.
Another popular activ- flyers and other WPRF in- nominal, the savings phenom- Please keep in mind; we are
July Programs
ity here in the Clubhouse is formation, and another one enal! The Report is prepared a year round community, not
• Wed, July 1, 8:30 a.m. —
Bingo, held every Wednesday located outside of the Hobby by a qualified Inspector, and seasonal. UCO does not shut
Mousing Around
night. For those of you who Shop for our residents’ per- upon completion is distributed down from May to December;
• Thu, July 2, 2:30 p.m. —
attend this event, please note sonal advertising (personal to each unit owner. The cost situations occur and must be
Beginning Computers
that Bingo will “be on vaca- property for sale, requests for factor is decreased per unit, addressed. Amendments to
• Mon, July 6, 6:00 p.m. —
tion” from June 17 through card partners, theater tickets when the entire building is our bylaws, extremely im-
Fichye ak Katab (Creole
August 5 so the volunteers can for sale or purchase, car pool- inspected…should only one portant as well as proposed
Language computer class)
have a short summer break. ing, and the like). unit request this service, the changes in our bus schedules
• Tue, July 7, 8:30 a.m. —
Bingo will resume on August Please take advantage of current fee is $50.00 per unit, are addressed elsewhere in
Browser Basics
12. We wish all of the hard- this informational service decreased to $25.00 per, for the publication. Please read
• Thu, July 9, 2:30 p.m. — Job
working Bingo volunteers a provided to our residents. the entire building, which those articles, as they will be
Searching on the Internet
healthy and happy vacation. It is this time of year that I is my recommendation and presented at the next Delegate
• Thu, July 16, 2:30 p.m. —
We will be receiving our also begin work on the 2009- as President of Chatham M, Assembly meeting in July.
Music, Music, Music!
season brochures for the 2009- 10 budget for WPRF. Over was done earlier this year, As always, I can be reached
• Mon, July 20, 6:00 p.m. —
10 season in July. Once the the course of three months, I realizing as much as a 40% during UCO hours. o
Fichye ak Katab (Creole
brochures are in, the date when will be preparing a first draft

you can pick up a brochure for presentation to the UCO
• Thu, July 23, 2:30 p.m. —
will be announced and adver- Operations Committee’s ap-
Movie (2008, PG-13, 104 min.)
tised. Or, in the alternative, proval in September. Once any
• Thu, July 30, 2:30 p.m. —
those who completed a form and all changes requested are
Movie (2000, PG-13, 128 min.)
requesting the mailing of the made, a final copy is presented
new season brochure will
receive their copy by mail.
in October for approval by the
Delegate Assembly, and the
We are very excited about the
shows for next season, and
new budget begins on Novem-
ber 1, 2009.
24 Years In Business And Still Growing!
Let Me Prove It!
trust that you will enjoy the As always, stop by to see

Bruce Jacobs, Owner And Opera- 12th ST



variety of musicals, comedies me any time with your ques- tor, Will Personally Check Your

and Broadway performances tions, comments or concerns. Car’s Problem And Explain In COMMUNITY DR.

that are scheduled for our Be well, and have a healthy Detail The Work Which Needs To OKEECHOBEE

theater. and safe summer. o Be Done. At Military Brake And

Alignment, You Always Talk With 4449 - 12th Street

y y y y
The Owner. “It’s The Way I’ve Done West Palm Beach
Business Since 1985. It’s The Only
FL Reg. #MV-00045


Bad Hair Day (No More) Wheel Alignment Disc or Drum Brake
Mr. Stanley, Hairdresser to the Stars, Special Special
Install new brake pads or shoes, resurface
Sutton Place, Plaza Hotel, NYC, owned a shop in Adjust caster & camber, set toe in front rotors or drums, repack inner and outer
Riverdale until moving to the Washington, DC area, & out, road test car. Front wheel front wheel bearings, inspect calipers or wheel
cylinders, fill master cylinder and road test car.
Georgetown, then Columbia, Maryland, managed drive, foreign cars, Corvettes, Front wheel drive, foreign cars, Corvettes, pick-
and worked ’til moving to CV. pick-ups, and vans slightly high- ups, and vans slightly higher. Metalic pads extra

5995 8995
where necessary.
Will now precision cut your hair at your home
(at area prices). $ $
Call Stanley 561-242-1103 W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service Valid W/Coupon Only W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service Valid W/Coupon Only
Page 6 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

dedicated, so that last possible Bank we’ve talked about.

explanation of their doing There may be things a gener-
nothing should not even be ous benefactor may give a
considered. person in need through the
The official newspaper of Century Village One should not give away Fund — plumbing fixtures,
24 Camden A, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 what one is entitled to without a counter top, a stove, for in-
a serious attempt to safeguard stance. There will hopefully be
Tel: 561-683-9336 • Fax: 561-683-2830 it. It is not too late yet. more of those who are skilled
Email: UCO should do what they donating their labor to repair
Office hours: 9:30 am-12:00 noon, Mon-Fri are elected to do and do their something for a needy person.
utmost to protect our rights. And, having done our home-
Editor: Irv Lazar.............................. Co-Editors: Syd Kronish,
With all due respect to the work, we will be steering folk
Dot Loewenstein, Joe Saponaro, Myron Silverman The Golf Course — A commendable efforts of the in the right directions for other
Editorial Board.......................All Editors, Pres and Vice Pres Surrender? Pro-Active Committee — the kinds of assistance that are
Production....................................................... John Saponaro I watched with embarrass- interests of the entire Village available.
ment the pathetic yielding of are at stake. This deserves a Won’t you, or your condo
Editorial Associate.......................................... June Saponaro our rights to the golf course clear Village-wide response association or Village club,
Advertising Staff.............. Don McDonough, Mindy Weingart owner. He obviously brought by those we elected to defend consider donating to the CV
his business close to bankrupt- our interests. Fund? Donations should
Consultant................................................................. Ken Graff
cy and wishes now to recoup Kurt Weiss be sent to: The CV Fund,
Artist.................................................................... Helen Siegler his losses at our expense. 207 Salisbury I, West Palm
“A Done Deal”? Hardly. The CV Fund: Gaining Beach, FL 33417. Our organi-
Circulation......................... Len Cohen, Jack Eisen, Bill Karp,
In the worst scenario, we can Momentum zation is a Florida corporation
Dave Rabinowitz, Paul Skolnick, Mindy Weingart keep this “Deal” from happen- Thanks to those who have with tax-deductible status. Our
To Be Accepted......items must display name, address, phone #. ing for a long, long time by contributed, the CV Fund is donors, officers, and commit-
Classified Ads for CV Residents Only:
fighting it on a political and coming along steadily. We tee chairs are listed on our
Personal items for sale or wanted may be listed
all legal means. blog, which can be accessed
on a “space available” basis, FREE of charge. have a way to go before we by typing into your computer:
But, to do so we need an Ad- can render financial assis-
(Submit on 8.5” by 11” paper.) http://cenvill-help.blogspot.
Submissions & Articles....... Please type in caps and lower case
ministration which leads. Thus tance to people, but that time
far I saw nothing but another will come. com/. Or find us on Google
letters, double spaced, any item. On a “space available” basis.
example of the often used I’ve been recalling things under “CV Fund.” We are
Deadlines........... 7th of each month (call about special problems).
saying, where one instructs from my youth lately. How dedicated to helping those in
Visit your Century Village web site: Century Village who need fi-
another “To jump” and that well I remember the long
poor fellow’s only response freight trains that would pass nancial assistance. Donations

OFFICERS is: “How high”? by on the tracks at the end of

UCO is supposed to lead, our street. The speed and mo-
but all we see so far is a body mentum of these behemoths
are tax deductible.
If you have any questions
about the project — what is
2102 West Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33417
UCO Office: Tel 561-683-9189 • Fax 561-683-9904 which sadly misses the neces- was something to see. We kids being done right now by the
Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-1pm • Fri 12 noon-4pm sary physical body part which would count the cars as they volunteers, how could you
comes in two, like one’s arms whizzed by — sometimes help as a volunteer, or any-
President: George Loewenstein thing else — please call 640-
or legs. I let the reader “Guess” there were as many as 70
Vice Presidents: Frank Cornish, 7606, and we will do our best
David Israel, Jerry Karpf, Bob Marshall what part of the body seems to or 80. And yet, when I was
be missing. to answer your questions.
Treasurer: Dorothy Tetro in Boston at South Station, Lanny Howe
Corresponding Secretary: Avis Blank UCO usually does not mind where the trains originated, I
Recording Secretary: Betty Lapidus getting into a fight, living up saw that their start was a very
Community Assn. Mgr.: Pat Blunck to the preamble of its bylaws, slow one. It took quite a while
Administrative Assistant: Mary Patrick Benton about looking out for our for them to gather speed and
Co-Office Managers:

Mary Benton
Edie Levine
interests, so I wonder how get moving.
and why this is suddenly dif- The CV Fund, to me, is like Channel 63
Office Assistants: Sandy Levine, ferent. A number of possible a freight train, with each car
Maria Levy, Florence Pires, Isabelle Scherel,
Irv Small, Joyce Weberman, Marcia Ziccardy
explanations come to mind: representing one aspect of the
One is that some people are overall program being worked
Receptionists: Sidele Bushaikin, The Channel 63 line-
tired of going through a major on. It is taking a while for
Rhea Cohen, Sonia Goldberg, Natalie Hauptman, confrontation and they desire this enterprise with its many up is as follows:
Beverly Lyne, Marie Oliver, Marilyn Pomerantz All UCO, Special and
is a peaceful few more months aspects to get rolling.
Executive Board until the end of their term in As you may know, our new Town Hall Meetings ap-
Dave Bernstein Dot Loewenstein office. Another is that they Florida House of Representa- pear at 56 minutes past
Randall Borchardt Al McLaughlin are afraid of possibly losing tives delegate, Mark Pafford,
the hour until 6 min-
Sal Bummolo Haskell Morin and being blamed for one loss. is behind our efforts with the
But, keep in mind that giving Fund and has already helped utes after the next hour.
Sandy Cohen Marie Oliver
Ken Davis Michael Rayber in from the very start without us in finding valuable contacts. Odd Hours show An-
George Franklin Joe Saponaro a fight is the worst possible They should in turn provide us nouncements and
Louise Gerson Phil Shapkin loss one can encounter, even with a network of assistance. Classes.
using the flimsy excuse that Dave Aronberg, state senator
Dan Gladstone Myron Silverman Even Hours show
what was offered now — is for our district, also supports
Jackie Karlan Ted Silverman Clubs and Organiza-
infinitely better than what can us fully. And Susan Bucher,
Syd Kronish Lori Torres tions.
be expected if we lose after now Supervisor of Elections,
Claudette LaBonte Jeanette Veglia
Irv Lazar Olga Wolkenstein
fighting and are subject to an has supported the endeavor The recorded Dele-
edict by the courts. from the beginning. gate Assembly will be
The United Civic Organization Reporter is published The last possible explana- In most cases the Fund will
monthly without charge to the residents of Century Village,
tion is the least acceptable one. probably not be just hand-
shown for five days at
West Palm Beach, FL.
The United Civic Organization, aka UCO, is a not-for-profit I mention it only to go on re- ing out cash. We believe too 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.
organization. Its officers, directors, editors, staff, and any cord: A “Deal” is made based many people would misuse All requests for your
committee people are not responsible for typographical errors
or misrepresentations in any advertisements or articles. They on some personal advantages this. More often the Fund will information to be
are not responsible and assume no liability for the content of, gained by going along with pay for something — condo shown must use the
or any opinions expressed in, any contributed articles which the golf course owner. I know association dues, a special as-
represent the author’s own opinions are not necessarily the
the people who run UCO. I do sessment, WPRF dues, etc.
provided form at the
opinion of UCO. Acceptance of advertising for products or
services in no way constitutes an official endorsement of not always agree with them, There will be the Food UCO office. Instructions
the product or service. but I find them honorable and are on the form.
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 7

Eulogy for
David Frankel Investigations Insurance
Given by His Daughter, Louise Gerson Dan Gladstone
Gail Frankel
I’d like to welcome you
today to this farewell and cel-
ebration of the life of David
Frankel. We have lost a wonderful member was ill. This article is intended to Jeb Bush had vetoed in 2006
My father entered this world man. David Frankel passed At 94, David was still per- be about the new changes of — “presents an unacceptable
the first born of Charles Fran- away Monday, May 25. forming his duties as a Notary. the insurance law that retrofit- safety risk to elderly condo-
kel and Sadie Friedman Fran- Many of you will remem- He would not miss a day here ted some of the “unpleasant” minium residents.”
kel on April 13, 1915 in the ber him as being a dedicated if he was ill except for the changes of 2008. As you can “I am sensitive to the costs
Bronx, New York. volunteer and Chair of the last week of his life. The doc- see later on, insurance is not associated with installing
So beautiful a baby was he, Investigation Department for tor had confined him to his all about underwriting a risk, the fire sprinkler systems,
that his mother brought him to many, many years. He pa- bed. Even then, he told me but has a lot of political in- especially in these challeng-
the local movie studio of the tiently trained all of us! he would be in the following volvement. ing economic times,’’ wrote
time to serve as the darling David never complained of week. Hereunder, is a summary of Crist. “However, in the event
infant in several silent movies. any of his aches and pains or This Village has lost a valu- what happened in Tallahassee: of a fire, public safety for res-
He had two younger sib- personal problems. His wife able worker and we have lost Gov. Charlie Crist on Monday, idents and for the firefighters
lings, Evelyn and Jerry, who Ida and children were the a dear friend! June 2 vetoed a condominium and emergency medical per-
have each predeceased him. loves of his life. Rest in peace, dear David… insurance glitch bill, citing a sonnel who lay their lives on
He was fond of history, art He always called us to Louise Gerson and all your provision in the final version the line to provide services
and, of course, the movies. In express his concern for our friends from the Investigation that delayed the retrofitting of greatly outweigh all other
fact, he met his beloved Ida well-being, if we or a family Department. o common areas with fire sprin- considerations.”
Cheskin in 1934, when they both klers from 2014 to 2025. Crist said that as a result
worked at the Paradise Theatre, Eulogy The measure had been a of his veto he was ordering
a grand showplace on the Grand top priority of the Florida the Department of Business
tury Village, Dad worked daily They graciously hosted chil-
Concourse in the Bronx, when Insurance Council. Members and Professional Regulation
at the office of the United Civ- dren and grandchildren and
they were 19 years old. worked in tandem with others to initiate “a comprehensive
ic Organization, (UCO), wrote finally great-grandchildren.
Dad was a persistent suitor to get the glitch bill passed — review of actual retrofit costs
a column in the UCO Reporter Dad had shared a lifetime
and they eloped in June 1936, which was an effort to rework and the impacts retrofitting
and served on the UCO Board with his beloved Ida through
when they had their first wed- changes into condo insurance may have on insurance premi-
of Directors. He treasured the joys and sorrows, caring for
ding ceremony and had a law that had been adopted in ums.” He said that department
friendships he made among his her for at least eleven of these
religious ceremony on August 2008. The bill (SB 714) in- may hold workshops to solicit
colleagues there. He was also recent years as she makes
2, 1936. They have had 144 cluded language that clearly input from insurers and other
a notary public and delighted her journey with Alzheimer’s
anniversaries over the last 73 stated individual unit content stakeholders. Crist asked the
in performing a few marriage disease. In recent years, he
years. Next month would have coverage is the responsibility department to submit its find-
ceremonies. developed a fond affection and
marked their 145th. of the respective unit owner. ings and recommendations by
After the last major hur- bond with his fellow group
David and Ida had two chil- The bill also changed the October 1, 2009.
ricane, he served up emer- members at the Alzheimer’s
dren: Gail (myself), the elder, term “special assessment cov- Well, in the interim, The
gency food and water along Caregivers Support Group.
and Neil, the younger, who is erage” with the more insur- House approved a 50% hike
with many others. He proudly In summary, my father,
deceased since 2001. ance specific term of “loss for Citizens insurance premium
served with the COP (Citizens David Frankel, with his love
David is survived by his be- assessment coverage” and but the legislators changed it
On Patrol) program sponsored of family, devotion to service,
loved wife Ida; daughter Gail included a $250 deductible to 10% increase a year for five
by the Sheriff’s department. his quixotic sense of humor,
Frankel; daughter-in-law Ro- in the loss assessment section years. For those who do not
My parents were so happy and his amazing ability to
berta Frankel Kabel and Leon- that Florida Insurance Com- remember, Citizens is “an in-
to have moved from the frosty persevere no matter what, has
ard Kabel; two grandchildren mittee lobbyists had pushed surance company of last resort”
northeast and really embraced been inspirational. His is a life
and their families, Melissa over the objections of the and is backed up by the State of
the South Florida lifestyle. well-lived. o
Frankel Forstein and David Office of Insurance Regula- Florida, i.e. if two or more com-
Forstein and their children tion. This Office opposed any mercial insurance companies
Bill Snyder, early UCO President, died at age 101 on
Sophie, Charlie and Jacob; deductible. will reject you, Citizens will
June 7. Condolences may be sent to Betty Gorman at 307
and B.J. Frankel and Jennifer Crist in his veto letter ac- insure you. In reality, Citizens
Greenbrier A.
Feldman Frankel and their knowledged that the bill con- has become the largest home-
children, Hannah and Neilly. tained “several changes to owner insurer in Florida,
Dad was a devoted husband, Hospital Numbers
Good Sam......................... 655-5511 laws that are important to partially because it has wanted
father, grandfather, great- Floridians residing in con- to “pull down” the rates and is-
................. 1309 N Flagler Dr, WPB
grandfather and uncle. Columbia.......................... 842-6141 dominiums.” But he said the sue “cheap” policies.
He worked in retailing for ........................... 2201 45th St, WPB provision that delayed the This article is for informa-
most of his life though earlier JFK.................................... 642-3751 retrofitting requirement for tion only, not to be used in any
on during WWII; he worked ............. 5301 S Congress, Atlantis fire sprinklers — which Gov. legal matter. o
in the shipyards wiring battle- St. Mary’s......................... 881-2900
ships for the war effort. ............................. 901 45th St, WPB
He was very gifted with Emergency................................. 911
his hands — a trait which
was passed on to his son and CRAIG THE HANDYMAN I’m cleaning apartments
grandson and he carried out No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small, One Call Does It All. in your neighborhood
numerous home improvement
projects of extremely high • Locks • Lightbulbs Changed • AC & Water Filters • Phone
and can do yours.
quality in the earlier days. & Electronic Hookups and much more Call me for my old-
My parents retired at 62, a Honest, Reliable & Dependable Service Guaranteed
full 32 years ago, and began fashioned personal service.
to really enjoy the many of- Not an agency.
ferings at Century Village
and environs and did so for Lorena
many years.
561-333-8961 561-585-3256/561-503-7515 cel
For most of his time at Cen-
Page 8 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

Open Clubhouse
By Courtney Olsen
Happy Independence Day!
Your Theater Summer is officially here, Stamps in
hot weather, rainy days and
Claudette of course the “H” word, Hur-
the News
LaBonte ricanes. CBS 12 issued their Syd Kronish
2009 Hurricane Storm Guide;
this guide will help you to stay
ready and safe. You can pick up
a free copy at Publix and CVS. Horse racing headlines have Seabiscuit ran perhaps his
July is the month for vaca- In the meantime, begin the Inside, you will see some- hit more than the sports pages greatest race against a sin-
tions, but many of us remain July 4th holiday with the fol- thing called “Community and TV screens in recent weeks. gle horse — the 1937 Triple
her to enjoy the calm of the lowing: Emergency Response Team” Fabulous finishes to the Ken- Crown winner War Admiral.
Village. • Sat., July 4, 8:00 p.m. — or CERT; this is a group of tucky Derby, Preakness and The race was held on Novem-
Yet, there is still so much Robert Cole volunteers who help in time of Belmont Stakes have excited ber 1, 1938, at Pimlico, MD.
to do with our two nights of • Sat., July 11, 8:00 p.m. — disaster. They are in great de- millions, even those who are not The race drew around forty
karaoke, our great Saturday Elissa Solomon mand when rescue workers are necessarily racing fans. thousand spectators and was
night dances, and of course, • Tues., July 14, 8:00 p.m. — busy the first two to three days The 2009 memorable races broadcast over the radio to
our fantastic shows in the Cavendish Review after a storm. If you would like included a 50-1 winner of 40 million listeners across the
Theater. • Sat., July 18, 8:00 p.m. — to help the community and the Derby and a filly who nation, including President
Did I say calm? I was sitting Butch Corridori volunteer, you can! triumphed in the Preakness Franklin D. Roosevelt. War
in the balcony on Saturday, • Sat., July 25, 8:00 p.m. — UCO performs “CERT” — the first female to win in Admiral was the favorite to
May 30, and I was watching C.J. Bell certifications at the Club- 84 years, and a horse who was win and ran his fastest time on
the audience in “motion.” This is a magnificent way to house; to get dates and times, last in the Kentucky Derby but that track. However, Seabiscuit
They were rocking, hopping, spend a weekend. please contact UCO. first in the Belmont Stakes. won the race by four lengths
clapping and moving to and In the meantime, whether On another note, Metro The U.S. Postal Service and set a blazing track record.
fro. On stage were the Fabu- you are a new or long time res- Traffic School will be holding galloped onto the scene with After running his last race
lons, a fantastic Doo-Wop. ident, this is the time of year another Mature Driver Class a new stamped envelope fea- in 1938, Seabiscuit retired to
They brought us back to the we begin our search for Usher July 10 at 9 a.m. in Meeting turing the racehorse Seabis- Howard’s Ridgewood ranch
days when the Brooklyn Fox Volunteers. This is a superb Room C. cuit, who won acclaim in the in California. He died on May
Theater and Paramount were way to meet your neighbors Once again, the Century depression days of the 1930s. 17, 1947 and was buried at
the happening places to per- and make new friends. Village Medical Center will be Seabiscuit, despite much com- Ridgewood.
form this new type of music.  If you think this is some- having their monthly Health petition, was named “Horse The Seabiscuit story was a
I have said many times that thing you would like to try, Chat discussion on July 16th at of the Year” in 1938 by the motion picture hit, too.
the shows off-season can be please call the Clubhouse 10 a.m. in Meeting Room C. thoroughbred racing authority. A film reviewer in Holly-
a rewarding surprise and this Ticket Office at 640-3111 or All are welcome to attend. The colt of a tall and im- wood stated, “This is a really
one certainly was. Sorry, if the UCO Office at 683-9189 The movies for this month posing horse named Hard- good movie. I am not a big fan
you missed this group. Watch and leave your name, a tele- are as follows: tack, Seabiscuit was born in of horse racing, but this movie
for them in the future, as the phone number and I will get • July 2-9 — Doubt Kentucky on May 23, 1933. is much more than just a horse
audience has requested them back to you. • July 12-19 — Last Chance Unlike his sire, Seabiscuit racing film, with a great story
to return. See you at the Theater. o Harvey was small, dull brown, and and some good acting, this is
• July 20-27 — New in Town unattractive belying his thor- one of those movies I couldn’t
Memories of better French fries than the
• July 28-30 — Defiance o oughbred pedigree. But Sea- help but enjoy.”
Nathan’s thick ripple cuts.
Brooklyn • Sheepshead Bay was Lun- Shatzkin’s Knishes. Re- biscuit’s prowess on the track Numerous heroic sport
• Tuesday night was fireworks dy’s Restaurant and fishing. member the knish guy on proved his recognition. stories have appeared over
night in Coney Island put on • Kings Highway stores had the beach with the shopping Charles Howard, an en- the years in books, films and
by Schaefer Brewing. their own ornate glitz as far bags? Mrs. Stahl’s Knishes trepreneur with top horses, plays. But the exciting story of
• The theme of the music as style goes. is Now a Subway. saw potential in the horse and Seabiscuit will live forever via
of the times, even when it • There were no fast food • You bought sour pickles bought the colt in 1936, with the auspices of the U.S. Postal
became rock and roll, was restaurants in the 50s and right out of the barrel — for the intention of training him as Service.
love, not anger. a hamburger tasted like a a nickel — and they were a successful racehorse. Seabis- The new envelope shows
• There was no better hot dog hamburger. delicious. By the 60s, they cuit flourished under the new the exciting 1938 race between
than the original at Nathan’s • Knishes were great at Mrs. cost a whole quarter. regimen. His innate desire to Seabiscuit and War Admiral.
in Coney Island. And no Stahl’s in Brighton or at From the Internet run grew rapidly and set many For further information, you
records in comeback fashion. may call 1-800-STAMP-24. o

DOUBT (PG-13 • 104 min)
Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Set in 1964, Doubt centers on a nun who confronts a priest after suspecting
him abusing a black student. He denies the charges, and much of the play’s
quick-fire dialogue tackles themes of religion, morality and authority.
Thu, 7/02, 6:45 pm; Sun, 7/05, 1:45 pm; Mon, 7/06, 6:45 pm; Tue, 7/07, 1:45 pm;
Thu, 7/09, 6:45 pm
Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, James Brolin
It’s about first loves, last chances and everything in between. In London for
his daughter’s wedding, a rumpled man finds his romantic spirits lifted by a
new woman in his life.
Sun, 7/12, 1:45 pm; Mon, 7/13, 6:45 pm; Tue, 7/14, 1:45 pm; Thu, 7/16, 6:45 pm;
Sun, 7/19, 1:45 pm
NEW IN TOWN (PG • 97 min)
Renee Zellweger, Harry Connick Jr.
She’s a executive on the move. But her career is taking her a little farther
than she expected. A Miami businesswoman adjusts to her new life in a tiny
Minnesota town.
Mon, 7/20, 6:45 pm; Tue, 7/21, 1:45 pm; Thu, 7/23, 6:45 pm; Sun, 7/26, 1:45 pm;
Mon, 7/27, 6:45 pm
DEFIANCE (R • 137 min)
Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber
Jewish brothers in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe escape into the Belarussian
forests where they join Russian resistance fighters and endeavor to build
a village in order to protect themselves and about 1,000 Jewish non-
Tue, 7/28, 1:45 pm; Thu, 7/30, 6:45 pm
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 9

Susan Wolfman
Call 561-401-8704 561-340-1980 Fax • #1  REMAX  @  Century  Village •

GROUND FLOOR 1 BEDROOM / 1 BATH opportunity.......................................................................... 49,900

COVENTRY E Pet friendly, Central a/c all tile, built-ins, new GOLF’S EDGE B gorgeous ground, renovated, washer/dryer
appl’s................................................................................... 39,900 Stunning furniture................................................................ 55000
EASTHAMPTON A Clean & bright across from gate..... 25,000 OXFORD 100 Furnished, oversized on water, excellent price,
BERKSHIRE F Great loc, patio on garden nice price...... 24,900 furnished............................................................................. 39,900
CAMDEN I  Across from pool, patio on greenway. clean & SOMERSET Corner, cul de sac, tile, new kitchen, furnished
furnished............................................................................. 19,900 beauty.................................................................................. 64,900
UPPER FLOOR 1 BEDROOM /1 BATH OXFORD All tile, new Trane a/c waterfront, lovely unit.. 49,900
SHEFFIELD K Oak kitchen, new A/C & flooring........... 29,900 SOMERSET 2nd floor, on water oversized, new carpet-fresh
WINDSOR H Lovely, updated, rentable beauty, and a nice paint..................................................................................... 49,900
price..................................................................................... 24,900  UPPER FLOOR 2 / 1.1/5
GROUND FLOOR 1 BEDROOM / 1 ½ BATH NORWICH D all renovated, new furniture, new appliances walk
SOUTHAMPTON B Park at your door, oversized patio on golf to CH................................................................................... 45,000
course.................................................................................. 19,900 NORWICH O Walk to east gate from lovely furnished condo,
WINDSOR H Corner, new a/c furnished near gate & pool, GREAT nice view............................................................................. 39,500
DEAL!!!.............................................................................. 23,500 SHEFFIELD M Corner, great opportunity  just footsteps to
WINDSOR E Poolside, furnished on water, great price.... 24,900 healthclub............................................................................ 36,000
STRATFORD O 2 patios, beautiful new flooring and updates LUXURY 2/2’s
throughout........................................................................... 54,000 WELLINGTON F Tile, long lake views, pristine............. 59,900
UPPER FLOOR 1 BEDROOM 1 ½ BATH WELLINGTON D Great exposure, wonderful association, tile
SALISBURY C Walk to gate & club, priced to sell.......... 19,900 on cul-de-sac....................................................................... 49,900
COVENTRY E Pet friendly, clean & bright, great price... 24,900 WELLINGTON K lovely oversized patio, tile, like new
DOVER C Gorgeous vws of lake, great loc, elevator....... 34,900 appliances............................................................................ 59,900
ANDOVER H Corner, tile new bath, on preserve............. 39,900 GREENBRIER B Corner, terrific building, views of pool & golf
GOLF’S EDGE F Pristine, freshly painted, lovely view, great course.................................................................................. 69,900
price..................................................................................... 29,900 GREENBRIER C All new kitchen & baths, new a/c & appl, part
EASTHAMPTON E Corner, rentable, central a/c, Walk to east furn...................................................................................... 86,500
gate...................................................................................... 24,900 GREENBRIER tile, mirrors, new everything shows like a
ANDOVER C Gorgeous new kitchen & baths, stunning unit, All model................................................................................. 159,900
done for you........................................................................ 39,900 WELLINGTON F ground fl Gorgeous new kitchen, updated
SHEFFIELD L Walk to Hastings, furn, Great opp........... 26,900 baths, tile, on lake............................................................... 69,900
BEDFORD F Corner, new a/c, carpet freshly painted, walk to SOMERSET B Totally renovated, lakeside beauty, watch the
club...................................................................................... 34,000 sailboats go by!!!!!!............................................................. 84,900
STRATFORD O Open floor plan, granite, tile, new all.... 59,500
GREENBRIER C Lovely golf views, elevator & Pool furnished

nicely................................................................................... 49,900
GOLF’S EDGE E Turnkey nicely furnished, walk to clubhouse
& pool................................................................................. 29,900
CHATHAM U Cnr, great location, hurricane protection... 38,000 CAMBRIDGE A Corner 2 1/5 clean, move in ready........................550
KENT B Waterfront beauty, across from pool, This one won’t NORWICH 2/1.5 2nd fl. furnished, pristine cond...............................550
last....................................................................................... 39,900 CANTERBURY I 1/1 2nd fl laminate fl, like new clean as a whistle.550
STRATFORD O 1/1.5 Ground fl. Central a/c, 2 patios, on water.....650
ANDOVER L Water front with tile completely furnished &
SOMERSET F 2/2 2nd fl on water, new carpet fresh paint oversized.725
rentable................................................................................ 49,900 STRATFORD O 1/1.5 2nd fl, Tile, granite, all renovated on water...650
NORWICH C CORNER wonderfully maintained, central a/c, STRATFORD I 1/1.5 2nd fl all new construction, stunning...............600
furnished nicely................................................................... 39,900 STRATFORD 1/1.5 2nd fl Stunning, renovated, washer/dryer..........750
2 BEDROOM / 2 BATH WINDSOR B All new kitchen, step in shower, nr pool very pretty..550
SOMERSET B Ground fl, Totally renovated, lakeside beauty, SUSSEX B Corner 2/1,5 ground fl, furnished, tile.............................550
watch the sailboats go by!!!!!............................................. 84,900
SOMERSET H Corner ground, across from pool, on water, great MANY MORE, SEASONAL TOO!
Page 10 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

that are used without causing mittee during the months of

Do not hire any
damage to any motors or elec- July and August; I need a handymen, contractors
tric circuits. Tom also showed rest, but as always, if the need or painters without
a surge protector which would arises and some important seeing a copy of their
Maintenance prevent burnout of all your issue comes up, I will notify license and insurance.
appliances, televisions and everyone. o Remember, if the
Jerry Karpf computers. These products are workers do not have in-
backed by a $25,000 limited surance and are injured
warranty. After Mr. Duggan on your property, you

May 12, 2009 a “little person” is trying to

answered a number of ques-
tions, I closed the meeting.
There will not be any meet-
H H can be sued and may
also be held respon-
sible for any damage
ings of the Maintenance Com- that they may cause to
Just a reminder of the fight off ants or termites.
your Association.
Maintenance Committee’s Mr. Rice introduced himself
Disclaimer: UCO and the to everyone, then introduced
Maintenance Committee the owner of the company, Mr.
does not approve or endorse Ron Box, who is a certified
any product, manufacturer or entomologist (which means
contractor. Furthermore, any he is an expert on all types of
speakers’ opinions are strictly insects). He is also an expert
their own and not those of on all types of rodents, which
UCO and the Maintenance was the main reason I had
Committee. This lecture or him come to the Maintenance
meeting can not be used in any Meeting. He gave a lecture on
legal matter. how to get rid of the rats and
There are a couple of items mice in the Village.
I would like to tell every one As many of you know, we
about. First, according to Dan have been having a problem
Gladstone, there have been a with mice and rats in CV. Rats
number of water heaters that have been seen climbing up
have sprung leaks causing the sides of buildings using
floods to many apartments the cable conduit that was in-
here in CV. stalled by Adelphia a number
As you know, it can get of years ago. The rats are also
to be very expensive to using the air vents on top of
a roof to get into the attic or
repair the damage. Almost
any other hole they can find
all of these leaks can be to enter a building.
caught before any real Ron started his presentation
damage occurs. All you by telling everyone to never
would have to do is pur- hire an exterminator who will
chase a hot water tank leak use poison to try and get rid
detector available at a number rats. One of the most important
of hardware stores. There is reasons against using poison is
even an a alarm that can be because it can end up in your
used if you are a snowbird. apartment, on food, on dishes,
This alarm will notify you of etc. Because over the past 50
any water detected in your years, there were millions of
CV unit. If you need to know pounds of poison used to try to
the name of the company that eradicate insects and rodents,
makes this unit, call me at the and to date, not one species of
UCO office. rats, mice or insect has ever
I would like to remind all been destroyed in that manner.
Association Presidents not to The new way to get rid of
hire any unlicensed contrac- rats is to remove their food
tors. In the past several weeks, source by sealing any opening
I have seen work being done on the building’s dumpsters,
all over the Village by indi- don’t leave food laying around
viduals in unmarked trucks, and, above all, don’t feed any
working on Saturdays and wild animals or birds. Remove
Sundays, which is a sure sign any way they may find shelter
that they are unlicensed and by sealing up holes in your
probably uninsured and want building, and most of all, you
to avoid being caught by an have an exterminator use traps
inspector. to get rid of the rats.
This Maintenance Meet- Ron then gave us a slide
ing was one of the best and show about the three types of
most outstanding meetings I rats that are native to the U.S.
have run. To begin, we had a This company really knows
surprise guest speaker that ev- what they are doing and I
eryone has seen on television. would gladly recommend
Mr. Greg Rice, who is a “little them to any one who would
person” and the spokesman contact me.
and Vice President for a large Next, I had a second vendor,
exterminating company. For Mr. Tom Duggan, to give us a
those of you who don’t know presentation about a machine
what I am talking about: If you that he claims will reduce a
watch television, you must building’s electric bills by
have seen commercials where reducing the amount of amps
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 11

Put a wireless phone on the

bathroom floor before you go
to sleep. Remember, just be-
The Reader’s cause your husband or wife is

Corner Safety on the bed does not mean they

will hear you on the floor. You
Lenore Velcoff George Franklin will soon become too weak to
yell. Do not climb on a chair
to reach a high cabinet unless
there is someone there to help
you. Be safe!
On behalf of the health coffee, there is a neighbor not This article has been writ-
I have read most of John large salary). This part of the
part of the Health and Safety far from you that fell in the ten by Co-Chair Michael
Grisham’s books as they come story adds a little something
Committee, I would like to night and has spent the night Rayber. o
out. The Associate is his lat- different to the novel — some
inform you of the number one on the floor. One thing you can
est and, except that there is real life.
health problem. You might do to help is to call the people
no trial in this one, they are In my opinion, Grisham is Attention
think it would be heart attack, in your building who are frail
all similar. A bright young at- good for our culture in that
torney is always the hero. In he can sell millions of books
or stroke, but you would be and live alone. I know that at Residents
wrong. The number one prob- least one President calls her All visitors must be called
this new novel, you have the without using four letter words in at the front gate. Call
lem facing us here in Century people every morning.
same type of characters and and without explicit sex and 689-1789 to confirm that
Village is people falling. Sta- In your home, remove the
the same dialogue. violence. That is a rare ac- they have been cleared for
tistically 30% of us will fall throw rugs. They may keep
Kyle McAvoy is a Yale law complishment. Though this is arrival.
in the next year. Of those that the floor clean, but they also
student who is blackmailed far from his best work, even a Visitors must show ID
fall, three out of every ten will trip you. Make sure that the and tell the guard the apart-
into taking a job at the biggest mediocre Grisham is a worthy
die within one year as a direct area between your bed and the ment that they are going
law firm in the world so he can read for his die hard fans — an
result, or from complications. toilet is clear. Make sure your to. Tell them this is the pro-
steal secrets about one of the unsatisfying ending not with- cedure for entrance in Cen-
As you have your morning halls are clear.
largest (monetarily) law suits standing. o tury Village.
ever over military contracts.
A video from his past that he
fears would damage his future
is what compels him to com-
mit corporate espionage.
Once again, Grisham has an
engaging young man outsmart-
ing older, more experienced
people. In typical Grisham
fashion, we are led down a
complicated path as the plot
twists and turns. Though there
were a few interesting charac-
ter developments, most ended
up going nowhere. However,
Grisham does have a take on
large law firms. Though a
bit exaggerated, he does an
excellent job of describing
a neophyte attorney’s life in
such an atmosphere. He tells
about a job law students might
dream about, though most
are burned out rather quickly.
There is classic hazing and
what a waste of time, money,
skills and efforts (albeit for a

Calling All
It is really more
efficient to work
with email; send
your Reporter
article to
ucoreporterwpb@ If
you don’t have a
computer, use a
friend’s. Do not
attach your
article; write it
directly on the
email message.
Page 12 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009


Office: 561-804-9603 • Fax: 561-228-6216
2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 107, WPB, FL 33411 •
Directions to Office: Okeechobee Blvd. W., over the turnpike to Vista Parkway. Turn
w w w . m a r y j e a n m a s t e r s . c o m right to 2101 Vista Parkway (Crexent Building suite 107, West Palm Beach, FL, 33411)
UPPER FLOOR CORNER 1 BED 1.5 OR 2 BATH WINDSOR G - Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Shower Stall Only New H2O $32,000
WINDSOR M - Furnished, Carpet $37,000 CAMDEN E - Furniture Neg, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $42,000
CAMBRIDGE B - New Cabinets, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $26,000 WINDSOR E - Unfurnished, Ceramic Tile, Carpet Waterview $64,900
CANTERBURY C - New Furniture, Ceramic Tile, New Appliances $39,900 SHEFFIELD C - Partly Furnished, Washer/Dryer In One, Waterview $75,000
CHATHAM A - New Furn, Carpet, Tile, Central Air $33,000 BEDFORD H - Furnished/Unfurnished, Ceramic Tile, Carpet $38,000
CHATHAM D - Beautifully Furnished, Lots Of Light, Waterview, C/A $35,000 DORCHESTER B - Furnished, CT, Carpet, New A/C Turn-Key $57,240
SUSSEX B - Furnished, Carpet, Rentable, Neg $45,000 NORWICH H - Beauty, Rentable, Best Offer $40,000
DORCHESTER D - Furnished, Parquet Floors, Near Pool $35,000 CAMBRIDGE H - Stunning! Furnished, New Hurricane Windows $69,900
GOLF’S EDGE E - Unfurnished, Ceramic Tile, Encl. Patio $38,000 WALTHAM I - Partly Furnished, Lots Of Light, New A/C, East Gate $33,000
BEDFORD E - Unfurnished, Lift!!!, Carpet, Lots Of Light $27,000 HASTINGS B - Unfurnished, Carpet, Lift, Light And Bright $44,000
GROUND FLOOR CORNER 1 BED 1.5 OR 2 BATH WALTHAM A - Furnished, Rentable, Near Amenities $68,000
BEDFORD G - Wood Floors, Unfurn., New Vanities And Toilets $28,000 NORWICH L - Furnished, Rentable, Great Location $69,000
CAMDEN L - Furnished, Near Pool, Rentable, Shower Stall $31,000 SHEFFIELD O - Ceramic Tile, Pretty, Garden View $75,000
BERKSHIRE B - Upgrades Galore! Shower Stall CT, H2O View $43,000 GROUND FLOOR CORNER 2 BED 1.5 OR 2 BATH
NORWICH M - Furnished/Unfurnished, Carpet, East Gate $25,000 SHEFFIELD G - Beautiful Upgrade Galore, New! New! $90,000
NORWICH O - Unfurnished, Ceramic Tile, Near East Gate $40,000 WINDSOR D - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Garden View $45,000
SUSSEX A - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Rentable $29,900 EASTHAMPTON I - Unfurnished, New A/C, Carpet $25,000
SHEFFIELD M - Sweet And Cozy, Near Hastings Fitness Center $30,000 SOMERSET E - unfurnished, everything brand new, 2 bath, water $64,000
WINDSOR M - Furnished, Central AC, Garden View $49,000 WELLINGTON G - Unfurnished, Ceramic Tile, Waterview, 2 Bath $64,900
CAMBRIDGE G - Lots Of Upgrades!! Ceramic Tile, Near Pool $27,000 NORWICH L - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Rentable $44,500
GROUND FLOOR 1 BED 1.5 BATH SOMERSET D - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Redone, Waterview $99,900
HASTINGS D - Mirrored Wall, Ceramic Tile, Unfurnished $29,000 PLYMOUTH K - Ceramic Tile, Upgrades Galore!! Beauty $179,500
DOVER A - Carpet, Lino, Waterview $49,000 NORWICH J - Furnished, Near East Gate, Great Price!!! $28,000
SOUTHAMPTON A - Wood Floors, Unfurn Large Patio $18,000 COVENTRY E - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Pets Ok, Near Clubhouse $55,000
GOLF’S EDGE B - Handyman Special, Near East Gate $32,000 KENT D - New Everything, Tenant In Place $75,000
DOVER B - Waterview, Beauty, Near Clubhouse $65,000 NORTHAMPTON J - Very Pretty, Rentable, Waterview $89,900
CAMDEN E - furnished, waterview, near pool, rentable $35,000 UPPER FLOOR 2 BED 1.5 OR 2 BATH
WINDSOR N - Beauty, Near Pool And West Gate $46,900 HASTINGS D - New Kitchen, New Bath, Step In Shower $49,900
NORWICH L - Rentable, Newer Appl. Carpet, Unfurnished $20,000 WELLINGTON H - Unfurnished, Walk Right In, Waterview $65,000
UPPER FLOOR 1 BED 1.5/2 BATH BEDFORD J - Furnished, Waterview, New Smooth Top Stove, Ref $25,000
SOUTHAMPTON A - New Kitchen, Ceramic Tile, Central Air $65,000 WELLINGTON E - Furn-Neg, C/A, Waterview, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $59,900
SOUTHAMPTON B - Furnished, Carpet, Central Air $24,000 WELLINGTON L - Unfurn, Waterview, 2 Baths, Bamboo Floors $95,000
DOVER A - Waterview, Ceramic Tile, Near East Gate, Clubhouse $49,000 GOLF’S EDGE - Furnished, Carpet, Golfview $28,000
SOUTHAMPTON C - Newer Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Furnished $33,000 CANTERBURY G - Unfurn, C/A Ceramic Tile, Carpet In Bedrooms $33,000
DOVER A - fabulous, furnished, waterview, upgrades $58,900 WALTHAM B - Furnished, Carpet, Rentable, Near East Gate $39,000
PLYMOUTH F - furnished, carpet, not rentable, drive up to $23,000 NORTHAMPTON J - Furnished, Very Nice, Carpet, Rentable $33,000
WINDSOR L - unfurnished, redone, new kitchen and bath $25,000 BEDFORD H - Partly Furnished, Waterview, Storm Shutters $40,000
WELLINGTON A - partly furnished, ceramic tile waterview $35,000 WELLINGTON J - Nicely Decorated With Furniture, Granite Tops $149,000
DOVER C - Partly Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Berber Carpet $45,000 SUSSEX E - Unfurnished, Upgrades, Ceramic Tile $52,000
HASTINGS F - Furnished, Carpet 2 AC Units, Newer Water Heater $17,000 OXFORD 100 - Furnished, Waterview, Steps To Pool $49,999
GREENBRIER A - Unfurnished, New Refrigerator, Golf View $35,000 WINDSOR G - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Gardenview $35,000
BEDFORD F - Furnished, Pretty, Great Deal $29,900 GREENBRIER A - Partly Furnished, Renovated, Golfview $103,500
CHATHAM U - Heart Of Community, 6 Months Free Maintenance $35,000 GROUND FLOOR 2 BED 1.5 OR 2 BATH
SALISBURY D - Furnished, Lift Included, Walk To East Gate $25,000 WELLINGTON E - Furnished, New A/C Carpet, Ceramic Tile $55,000
GREENBRIER A - Partly Furnished, Absolutely Gorgeous $79,900 SOMERSET C - Partly Furnished, Ceramic Tile, And Extra Storage $44,900
GOLF’S EDGE G - Carpet, Ceramic Tile Beauty $45,000 NORTHAMPTON M - Furnished, CT, Carpet, Waterview 2 Bath $33,000
DOVER C - Central Air, Elevator Bldg, Near Clubhouse $29,000 CHATHAM D - Unfurnished, Ceramic Tile, Waterview $58,000
EASTHAMPTON D - lovely furnished condo, near east gate $35,000 COVENTRY G - Furn Ceramic Tile, New Vanities, Pet Friendly $34,000
WELLINGTON F - Furnished, Waterview, Elevator In Building $46,000 OXFORD 200 - furn, ceramic tile, new kitchen, pet friendly 2 baths $68,000
GROUND FLOOR 1 BED 1 BATH WELLINGTON C - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, New A/C $60,000
WINDSOR F - Furnished, Walk In Shower, Enclosed Patio $26,000 NORWICH H - Unfurnished, Rentable, Upgrades $65,000
KINGSWOOD D - furnished, carpet, garden view $20,000 HASTINGS C - Ceramic Tile, Across From Hastings Pool!!! $39,000
ANDOVER B - New Kitchen, 2 A/C Units, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $28,000 NORTHAMPTON H - Furnished, Waterview, Rentable $39,000
BEDFORD G - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Carpet $25,000 NORWICH L - Furnished, Rentable, Private Area, Neg $24,500
NORTHAMPTON S - Beautiful, Ceramic Tile, Upgrades Galore $28,000 CONDOS/HOUSES OUTSIDE OF CENTURY VILLAGE
CANTERBURY H - Wow! 50 In TV, Ceramic Tile In Kit & Dining $30,000 WEST PALM BEACH ANDROS ISLE
CHATHAM S - Furnished, Beautiful Waterview $25,000 WATER CAY 3/2.5 Unfurnished No Appl., Tile Downstairs, Carpet Upstairs And
CHATHAM K - Unfurnished, Rentable, Very Nice Area, Lake View $20,000 In Master Bedroom, Lakeview $1,395
NORWICH B - Nr East Gate, Furnished, Carpet $28,000 WEST PALM BEACH TERRACINA
UPPER FLOOR 1 BED 1 BATH CRESTA CIRCLE 4/2.5, Single Family Home, Incredible Lakeview, Burglar
WINDSOR K - Pt Furnished, New Refrig And Dishwasher $19,000 Alarm, Tile Floors, Furnished, Hurricane Shutters, Community Activities And
CANTERBURY H - Furnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Rentable $24,000 Amenities. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! $1,000 Deposit $295,000
NORTHAMPTON S - Lifted Included, Fully Furnished, Rentable $16,000 LAKE WORTH
CAMDEN I - Unfurnished, Near Pool, Great Garden View $29,900 VINE TREE TRAIL #D 2/2 Fully Furnished, Washer/Dryer, Waterview,
CAMDEN C - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Beautiful $26,000 Beauty!! $1,200 ANN/$2,000 SEA
WINDSOR N - Furnished, Beauty, Near West Gate $31,000
DORCHESTER E - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Rentable After 1 Year $23,000
CAMBRIDGE A - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Enclosed Patio $27,500 SPECIAL FEATURES
CANTERBURY K - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Upgrades
SUSSEX C - Furnished, Carpet, New Appliances, Redone
This 2 bedroom 2 full baths is completely ready to walk right
SUSSEX M - Beauty, Furnished, Lift Included $33,000
WINDSOR D - Furnished, Waterview, Near West Gate $37,000 into. Partly furnished, wood floor, new kitchen, storm shutters,
BERKSHIRE G - Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Rentable $19,000 enclosed patio. Fantastic golf view. Pool view in front.
BERKSHIRE G - Rent To Own, Close To West Gate $19,000 $103,500
CAMDEN J - New Bathroom Utilities, New Water Heater $19,900
KINGSWOOD C - Pretty, Rentable, Close To Amenities $55,000 WELLINGTON
COVENTRY E - New Furniture, Central A/C, Pet Friendly $33,000 This 2 bedroom/2 full baths is the state of the arts. Architectur-
UPPER FLOOR CORNER 2 BED 1.5 OR 2 BATH ally designed that includes a spectacular waterview, hard wood
SALISBURY F - New Kitchen, Furnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $43,000 flooring throughout, completely renovated, kitchen featuring
WELLINGTON G - Unfurn, New Carpet, New Kitchen, New A/C $59,900 granite countertops. Extra storage. Built-in shelving, custom clos-
GOLF’S EDGE F - Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Corner Unit $65,000 ets, beautifully furnished. All this for
WALTHAM A - Rentable Building, Furnished, Carpet $35,000
CAMBRIDGE E - carpet, partly furnished, central air, garden view $43,000 $149,900!!!
COVENTRY K - Walk-In-Shower, Pet Friendly, Furnished $52,000
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 13 •
Office: 561-804-9603 • Fax: 561-228-6216
2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 107, WPB, FL 33411
Directions to Office: Okeechobee Blvd. W., over the turnpike to Vista Parkway. Turn right
MARY JEAN MASTERS, to 2101 Vista Parkway (Crexent Building suite 107, West Palm Beach, FL, 33411)

Transportation LIC. BROKER
Claudette WINDSOR K Pt. Furn, Carpet, New Refrig And Dishwasher $550
CANTERBURY H Furn. Carpet, Ceramic Tile $550
LaBonte SHEFFIELD Q Carpet, Redone Kitchen And Bath $550
CHATHAM P Furnished, Ceramic Tile, New Bath $550
NORTHAMPTON R Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Beautiful $500
CAMDEN I Unfurnished, Carpet, Gardenview $500
WINDSOR B furnished, carpet ceramic tile $500
ANDOVER C furn., carpet, enclosed tile porch, glass top range $550
EASTHAMPTON B unfurnished, green carpet, new appliances $400
The Transportation Com- details at the back of the Re- BERKSHIRE G Furnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $400
mittee met in a special session porter. Internal buses will no SALISBURY G Furnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $595
to review and institute a sum- longer have an afternoon run SUSSEX A Unfurnished, Redone, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $600
BERKSHIRE G Furnished, Near West Gate, Rent To Own $400
mer schedule. after 2:00 p.m. However, the GROUND FLOOR 1 BED 1 BATH
The highest impact to the #3 bus will continue runs up KENT G Ceramic Tile ,Carpet, Furnished $475
routes is the closing of the JCC to and including 4:00 p.m., NORWICH I Unfurnished, Carpet $550
SALISBURY A Carpet, Furnished, Near East Gate $500
on June 12. Many of our resi- Monday thru Saturday. The WINDSOR H Tile Floor, Furnished , Close To Gate And Pool $550
dents partake in the nutritional daily Mall run to Publix will CHATHAM S Furn, Carpet, Waterview $500
program sponsored by Senior continue without change. The CAMDEN L Furnished, Carpet, Near West Gate $600
KENT I Furnished, Carpet, Next To Laundry Room $450
Services. This program is now Combo bus will make a Satur- SUSSEX D Furnished, Ceramic Tile, 2 A/C Units $500
being presented at Morse. We day 9:00 a.m. stop at Congre- KINGSWOOD D Furnished, Carpet, Gardenview $500
have rerouted the Mall bus gation Anshei Shalom. KINGSWOOD A Furnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $550
CANTERBURY I Furnished, Carpet, Stall Shower $600
9:00 AM run effective Mon- I have listed the above SALISBURY F Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Gardenview $575
day, June 15 to do a Monday changes as they have the big- CANTERBURY H Furnished, Ceramic Tile, New Appliances $550
thru Friday drop off at Morse gest impact on the Commu- NORTHAMPTON R Furnished, Carpet, Near Pool $550
NORTHAMPTON N Unfurnished, Carpet, Waterview $495
with a return pickup at 1:30 nity. Therefore, may I suggest ANDOVER E Furnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $600
p.m. There will also be a final that you review in detail the CAMDEN B Furnished, Carpet, Lake View, Newer Appliances $550
pickup at 2:34 PM. complete bus schedule located SHEFFIELD F Furnished, Near Hastings Fitness Center $525
SHEFFIELD D furnished, fitness center, garden view, shower stall $600
The mall route will also at the back of the Reporter? UPPER FLOOR 1 BED 1.5/2 BATH
do the Post Office drop off on This has been done in an effort SOUTHAMPTON A Ceramic Tile, New Kitchen, Central Air $600
NORTHAMPTON K Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Furnished $425
Tuesday and Thursday at 1:34 to conserve fuel and wear and SOUTHAMPTON B Furn, Carpet , Large Patio $500
PM and the pickup at 2:34 PM. tear on our buses. The summer SOUTHAMPTON B Furnished, Carpet, Golfview $575
This will give you an hour schedule has eliminated a little SOUTHAMPTON A Furn, Carpet, Development Has Own Pool $550
WELLINGTON A Furn/Unfurn, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Waterview $650
instead of the half hour you over 500 miles per week. EASTHAMPTON D Furnished, Carpet, Near East Gate $700
previously had. Remember, This Committee continues HASTINGS B Furn/Unfurn, Pergo Floors, Gardenview $575
the stop will no longer be to review monthly the routes, EASTHAMPTON F Furnished, Carpet, Near East Gate $495
NORWICH H Upgrades Galore!! Ceramic Tile, Furnished $550
handled by the shuttle route. gas prices and suggestions GROUND FLOOR 1 BED 1.5 BATH
As an added note: For the and an effort to mitigate your CHATHAM D Waterview, Ceramic Tile $600
present time, the Mall bus expenses. I thank them for vol- CAMDEN B Furnished Ceramic Tile, Carpet $500
NORWICH L Unfurnished, Carpet $450
will continue to the Mall since unteering and showing their SHEFFIELD N Furnished, Very Clean, Carpet/Ceramic Tile $600
many of you have indicated concern to try to keep the sug- SUSSEX B Furnished, Carpet, Quiet Area $600
you use it for a walk area dur- gestions and cost equitable. CANTERBURY F Furnished, Lower Set Back, Near Pool $550
ing the hot summer months. Remember: Please review the STRATFORD B Furnished, Near East Gate, Ceramic Tile $650
Publix: Please refer to full new bus schedule in this issue. o HASTINGS D New Kitchen, Updated Elec. Step In Shower $700
WELLINGTON E Lakeview, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Transportation $800
COVERTRY E Pet Friendly, Carpet, Furnished $575
WELLINGTON L 2 Baths, Bamboo Floor, Tile $850
Call the Rover: 502-8103 SUSSEX C
Furnished, Carpet, Tile, Central Air
Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Carpet
CANTERBURY G Unfurnished, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, C/A $600
If you need Security COVENTRY B
Unfurnished, 1 Bath, Central Air
Furn/Unfurn, Ceramic Tile, Redone, Lift
Furnished, Larger Patio, Ceiling Fans
WALTHAM B Furnished, Carpet, New Roof $600
WINDSOR G Partly Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Garden View $575
If you are having a problem receiving NORTHAMPTON J Furnished, Waterview $600
the UCO Reporter, call the UCO Office at STRATFORD J Fully Furn Ceramic Tile $800
683‑9189 and ask for the Vice President OXFORD 300 Unfurn Pet Friendly, Carpet, Tile, New Kitchen $775
NORTHAMPTON N Furnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $600
that is covering your Association. GROUND FLOOR CORNER 1 BED 1/1.5 BATH
Frank Cornish Jerry Karpf CHATHAM B Beautifully Furnished, Carpet, Waterview, On The Isle $750
COVENTRY H Ceramic Tile, Transportation, Furnished $575
Cambridge Coventry CAMDEN L Fully Furn, Shower Only Carpet $600
WINDSOR M Furnished, Carpet, Central Air $550
Canterbury Easthampton ANDOVER E Carpet, Transportation, Corner $675
Chatham Norwich UPPER FLOOR CORNER 2 BED 1.5/2 BATH
SHEFFIELD O Carpet, Carpet Transportation $650
Dorchester Plymouth COVENTRY A Furnished, Hardwood Floors, Carpet In Bedrooms $700
Kent Salisbury GOLF’S EDGE F Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Golfview $700
COVENTRY E Furnished, Carpet Ceramic Tile, C/A $750
Northampton Sheffield NORWICH H Unfurnished, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Near East Gate $700
Sussex Waltham CHATHAM D Furnished, Ceramic Tile, New Kitchen $850
WINDSOR E Unfurnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Waterview $650
CAMBRIDGE D Furnished, Carpet, Dishwasher $625
David Israel WALTHAM A Furnished, Cook Island, Central AC $700
Andover Berkshire ANDOVER E Furnished, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $600
CHATHAM K Newly Redone, Furnished, Covered Patio $725
Bedford Camden NORTHAMPTON N Central Air, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $600
Golf’s Edge Dover COVENTRY E Furnished, Pet Friendly, Ceramic Tile $700
Greenbrier Hastings CAMDEN H Furnished, Carpet/Linoleum, Ex Storage, Near Pool $480
Kingswood Somerset NORWICH F Furnished, Carpet $600
WINDSOR J Furnished, Ceramic Tile, Garden View, Beauty $750
Oxford Wellington NORWICH C Furnished, Carpet, Garden View $575
Southampton SALISBURY F Furnished, Near East Gate And Clubhouse, Clean $625
Stratford COVENTRY B Near Fitness Center, Carpet, Ceramic Tile $650
Page 14 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

Proposed be given effect. They must be OFFICERS

UCO Bylaw
arranged in logical order so
that when one amendment is
The officers of UCO shall
be a President, four (4) Vice ATM Transportation
Amendments adopted (and given immediate Presidents, a Treasurer, a Cor-
The Officers’ Committee and
Executive Board have voted
effect), other sections must
also be changed in order to
responding Secretary, and a
Recording Secretary. Each of 561-967-7590
to recommend all of the fol- ensure consistency within the the Officers shall be elected
document. by the Delegate Assembly to
Individual or Shared Rides Available
lowing proposed UCO Bylaw
Amendments. There were The following amendments two-year terms and shall be Wherever You Need to Go
originally two additional pro- are not controversial and installed in their respective
therefore will be voted on as offices at the Annual Installa-
• Shopping: Assistance Available
posed amendments, yet at the
Executive Board level, those a single motion. The adoption tion Luncheon to be held in the • Doctor’s Appointments
met with great controversy and of this amendment “pack- month of March. No member • Airports (PBIA, FTL or MIA)
failed to be approved. Each age” requires the affirmative shall hold more than one office
vote of two thirds (2/3) of the at a time, and no President or
• Luggage Assistance Given
of the amendments held in
abeyance will require lengthy Delegates present at the July Vice President shall be eligible
discussion at a meeting of meeting of the Delegate As-
sembly (provided a quorum
to serve more than two con-
secutive two-year terms in the
Call for Rates
the Delegate Assembly prior
to being formally published is present). same office. Receive a 10% Discount on
(Additions shown by Each shall hold office until his
and voted upon. Briefly, the
first called for term limits for “underlining,” successor has been elected and Your First Ride
Executive Board members, deletions shown by installed or until his earlier res-
and the second clarified that “strikeout,” ignation, removal from office 24 Hours 7 Days a Week
a sitting officer is presently unaffected text indicated by or death. The Vice Presidents
“...”) shall serve staggered two-year
Call for Appointment
not required to resign in the
middle of a two-year term in The lined through portion terms. such that the March
order to be eligible to run for
a different office.
below, eliminates the “tran-
sitional language” which
describes the already com-
2006 election will have filled
the first two such vacancies.
Each Annual Election there-
Say you saw it in
There will be numerous addi-
tional proposed amendments
in the near future that will
pleted election process which
established staggered two-
after will fill the vacancies
created by the term comple- the UCO Report-
year terms for the four of- tion of the other two Offices
er — it’s good for
require careful scrutiny. Some
proposed amendments are fices of Vice President. It is of Vice President. All Officers
extensive and will inevitably now obsolete and serves no of UCO must be members of
meaningful purpose. UCO, and be domiciled and
be in conflict with existing
provisions so that all cannot 1) ARTICLE VI Continued on Page 19 business!
Our Certified Packaging Experts have the know-how and supplies to park and
ship just about anything - even the most fragile or odd-size items.



Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm


Exp. 7/31/09 Exp. 7/31/09 Exp. 7/31/09

July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 15

David Israel nels? the clear. That is because it is

Continued from Page 4 A: Yes, your box will con- not part of the new Agreement. Rose’s House Cleaning
Q: Renters? Once you receive your digital
A: Renters will go to the
tinue to work fine. However,
converter, you will not receive
$10/hr., cash only. There’s no
you will not be required to
Clubhouse on schedule, same come to the box signup event HBO on that converter, unless job too big or too small. I clean
as residents. They will be re- at your appointed time; Com- you choose to subscribe to that everything, even windows. I
sponsible for their box and for cast will be looking at each ac- service on your own. HBO
the return of same. There will count that currently has Digital will still be shown on those bring my own stuff. I’m hon-
be no liability to CV and UCO Service and, if applicable will televisions that do not have est and reliable. Just call Rose.
for renters. Comcast will use a converter on them until the
adjust those accounts automat-
their standard procedures for ically. Alternatively, you may new Agreement is effective.
renters — as in other develop- accept the new box, which Q: With technology moving
ments. will be programmed with so fast, why did we sign a 10
Q: If we move, how do we your existing subscriptions. year contract? Most if not all
return the Box? In either case, depending on the board will probably not be
A: There will be a container what you choose to do, if you with us in 10 years, and what
in the village for easy return of currently have digital service do the rest of us do?
boxes. you may see an adjustment in A: Technology morphing is
Cost your monthly invoice. inevitable, all of the vendors
Q: What is the cost to our Q: As we phase in the new we negotiated with: AT&T,
residents? boxes, will those customers Hotwire, Hawkins Broadband
A: Sign up Free, Box Free, who have yet to receive the and Comcast demanded a 10
Monthly Cost Free, and In- new boxes continue to receive year term in exchange for the
stalled Free. the two HBO channels they low bulk rate and, a significant
Q: Don’t we have a contract are currently receiving? signing bonus. Any significant
with Comcast, does it cost A: Once the new Agree- new technology that comes
more? ment is effective, we will no along would be deployed by
A: There will be an increase longer be provided HBO in
of $4.12 over the current rate Continued on Page 29
per month, per unit. That is
a common expense and you
must pay it even if you do not
take the box. So, for the extra
programming alone, it is worth
taking the new box.
Q: How will the people who
already have a $5 a month box
be affected if at all? What will
their cost be?
A: Each account will be
looked at individually. The
new box being distributed is
a Standard Definition box; it
will not support High Defini-
tion. So, if your current box is
an HD box, you will keep that
box and an adjustment in cost
will be made for the value of
the new box, which you will
not be receiving. That said, the
new box can be programmed
for any services on your cur-
rent box (other than HD) and
that is what will be done. Once
that is done, you will receive
an adjustment in cost reflect-
ing the fact that the new box
comes free of extra charge in
our new contract. You will
continue however to be billed
for services you receive over
and above those included in
our new bulk agreement, in
other words, beyond Digital
Starter Tier.
Q: Will all the boxes have
an on-screen TV guide feature,
or just the prime box?
A: Only the Main Box is
assured of having the interac-
tive Guide. The DTA Box will
display Limited Basic and
Expanded Basic, in the range
of channels 2 - 99.
Q: Will the old $5-a-month
boxes still be adequate to get
channel 104 C-span 2 and the
300-312 HBO movie chan-
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Page 16 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

before balloon kyphoplasty after

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July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 17

non-piracy people have there hostages. for any length of time. None
is some twenty warships from It should be up to the gov- of the major maritime powers,
a dozen countries. There is ernment of Somalia to put an individually have or can have
Kurt’s a Europe-wide anti-piracy end to piracy activities emit- sufficient naval units to suc-
force, called Atalanta and ting from their coast. They are cessfully patrol this huge upon
Opinions a resolution (#1816) of the either incapable to do anything area, but combined, unified
Kurt Weiss U.N. authorizing, “All neces- or unwilling. I should not be naval forces could not only de-
sary means”, to deter piracy. surprised if they are in cahoots fensively, but by bringing the
Sounds good—doesn’t it? De- with the pirates. nettle to the pirates homeports.
ter______with? An example: A situation where maritime I refuse to believe that none
After Capt. Phillips was freed security is simply non-existent of the intelligence agencies of
PIRACY to Al-Qaida or Hezbollah is
by U.S. Seals—a day later around the Horn of Africa and the U.S., France, Canada and
Those were the good, old probably what they do.
pirates took two more vessels, especially along the Somalia others are aware as to where
days…. Somalia’s coast is 2300
with over sixty men—all new coast cannot be left to remain
One could enjoy reading miles long. All we civilized Continued on Page 23
piracy stories, could even see
movies — and all ended well
— the good guys always won.
We now have modern pi-
racy — no more swords and
daggers — now it is machine
guns and rocket propelled
The intent of these “High
Sea Robbers” is clear: They
capture merchant ships for
what they carry and hold their
crews for ransom -- until the
ship owners pay to have them
In one recent case they took
an oil tanker, one of those
huge vessels and demanded
millions of dollars, before
they released it. In this, like
in many other cases the ran-
som was paid. One wonders:
What do they do with all that
money? Charity? Savings
accounts? Hardly. Giving it

Peterson Rehabilitation, Inc.

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Page 18 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 19

Bylaws This committee would also (5) members of the committee

Continued from Page 14 actively search for UCO may be members of the Execu-
reside in Century Village, members who are “ready, tive Board.
West Palm Beach, Florida, willing and able” to serve on 2. The function of the Nomi-
for a period of not less than the Executive Board. nating Search/Nominations
nine (9) months of each year The present eligibility re- Committee shall be to compile
in which they serve. In addi-
tion, there shall be the Office
quirements to serve on the
Executive Board can be
a slate of ALL eligible nomi-
nees for the election of a Presi-
2 burial niches
of President Emeritus. Such
office shall be held, with-
found in Article X, “Execu-
tive Board”, of the UCO By-
dent, four (4) Vice Presidents,
a Corresponding Secretary,
at Royal Palm
out election, by each retiring
President during the first term
of his immediate successor.
laws as follows: “...members
of UCO (“in good stand-
a Recording Secretary, and a
Treasurer, as well as the regu- Memorial
ing”); domiciled and in resi- lar members of the Executive
The President Emeritus shall
perform such duties as may
dence in Century Village,
West Palm Beach, Florida,
Board various offices and the
twenty (20) Executive Board
Gardens in West
be requested by the current
President, with the approval
for a period of not less than
nine (9) months of each year
positions for which elections
are to be held at the annual
Palm Beach
of the Executive Board. during the term in which meeting and to submit same Contact Arnold Yelin at
The Officers’ Committee
they serve; and, must de-
clare his readiness to serve
at the February meeting of
the Delegate Assembly. They
and the Executive Board
have recommended that the
on at least two committees.” may submit more than one (1) or Email
2) ARTICLE VIII name for any position. This
newly asserted purpose of COMMITTEES committee will develop and
the Nominating Committee B. SEARCH/NOMINA- implement a plan to seek out
should be to compile a list of T I O N S N OMI N AT I N G and encourage UCO mem-
ALL eligible nominees and COMMITTEE bers who are ready, willing MedSpeech, Inc.
therefore should also change 1. In December of each year, and able to come forward as Voice and Swallow Center, Inc.
the name of this committee The President with the ap- candidates in the annual UCO
3375 Burns Rd, Suite 204•Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
to the “SEARCH/NOMI- proval of the Executive Board, elections.
NATIONS COMMITTEE.” shall appoint a Nominating *** Rebecca L. Gould, MSC, CCC-SLP
This proposed change in Search/Nominations Com- In the event that the Nomi- Stephanie Miskew, MA, CF-SLP
name and function would mittee consisting of a chair- nating Committee becomes
remove the “politics” from
Elizabeth Owens, MA, CCC-SLP
man and not less than ten (10) the Search/Nominations
the nomination process and members. There shall be not Committee, then the report
Phone 561-833-2090•Fax 561-355-8348
be conducive to creating a
more than one (1) member from this new committee
more inviting atmosphere from any area serving on this shall be a list of ALL eligible Evaluation and Treatment of Voice, Swallowing, Air-
for volunteer participation. committee. Not more than five way and Neurogenic Language Disorders
Continued on Page 20

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Page 20 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

Bylaws tive Board membership shall three prevents him from

openly decline one nomination even serving on the Com-
Condo for Sale
Continued from Page 19
nominees, and the criteria and elect to accept the other. mittee?
for nominations from the *** • Paragraph four only men-
floor would be the same as Current provisions con- tions that a “member of Biggest 1 bedroom, 1½ bath in Prestigeous Oxford
any motion made from the tained in Article VIII, the Executive Board” Colony. Size of a 2 bedroom. Ground floor. All
floor, that of requiring only “Committees,” Section cannot tally votes. Does upgrades: Designer Kitchen and Baths, W&D in unit,
one second. E., “Election Committee,” this mean that a current newer AC and Water Heater, 18" x 18" Custom Tiles,
3) ARTICLE IX Paragraphs three and four Executive Board member all Maytag appliances. Must see...
MEETINGS OF THE DEL- respectively, are presented (who is not running again Call Joyce (Owner-Realtor)
EGATE ASSEMBLY immediately below in order for the Executive Board)
A. ANNUAL MEETINGS – to demonstrate both the need may serve on the Commit- 561-478-0504 t 954-540-5475
The Delegate Assembly shall for a clarifying amendment tee but just cannot tally
meet during February of each to Paragraph four, and the votes?
year for: need to reverse the order • Officers are not ex-officio 561-840-6345 JOE CARRIKER
1. The report from the Nomi- of the paragraphs in order members of the Election
nating Search/Nominations to establish a continuity of Committee, yet these pro- HANDY MAN THINGS, INC.
Committee of its nominations purpose with the adjoining visions do not speak to
for Officers and Executive provisions. whether they may be ap-
Board members. the compiled 3. Any member of the Elec- pointed to the committee, • Door Repairs • Window Repair • Hurricane Shutters
list of ALL eligible nominees tion Committee shall resign tally votes, etc., if they are • Door Replacement • Window Replacement • Accordion Shutters
not candidates. • Sliding Glass Door • Window Glass • Kitchen and Bath
for the various offices and for immediately from the Elec-
Repair and Wheels • Window Screens Countertops
the Executive Board. tion Committee should he 4. ARTICLE VIII • Porch Enclosures • Porch Rescreening • Shower Doors
2. Nominations from the floor. accept a nomination to an COMMITTEES
office or to the Executive 4) E. ELECTION COM- 30 Years in Construction
3. Such other business which
Licensed/Bonded/Insured License Nos. U-20681; U-20702
may come before the meeting. Board, and the President MITTEE
B. NOMINATIONS FROM shall immediately appoint a 3. 4. No candidate for officer
THE FLOOR – Nominations replacement. or member of the Executive

may be made by a Delegate 4. No candidate for office Board, or candidate for any

from the floor at the Annual or member of the Executive such seat, or their spouse/sig-
Meeting provided that: Board may tally votes. nificant other, may tally votes.
1. The nomination is seconded The following are but a be appointed to the Election
Handy Work
by ten (10) or more one (1) few of the confusing issues Committee. Only members of
delegates. regarding these two para- the Election Committee may
2. The nominee accepts the graphs: tally votes. Electrical Contractor
Air Conditioning • Portable/Windows
nomination. • Why would Paragraph 4. 3. Any member of the Elec- Appliances
3. Any nominee who has four preclude a “candi- tion Committee shall resign Licensed & Insured
already been nominated for date for office” from tal- immediately from the Election EC13003025 Robin Reeves
another office or for Execu- lying votes if Paragraph Office: 561-575-2653
Continued on Page 21


Where your comfort is our priority

Dr. Craig R. Jayroe

Specializing in Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Residents of Century Village

We invite you to be part of our dental family with this
Comprehensive Exam
$79 X-Rays

We are a Full-Service Office

Mercury-Free Fillings Peridontal Treatment

Root Canals Extractions
Partials Same Day Emergencies
Teeth Whitenings Sedation Dentistry

Conveniently located at 1920 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Suite 116

Call today for an appointment (561) 688-7933

July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 21

Bylaws COMMITTEES erroneously, the Bylaws List of UCO Committees & Chairs
Continued from Page 20 A. APPOINTIVE COM- permit Vice Presidents to
Committee should he accept a MITTEES be ex-officio members of As of July 1, 2009
nomination to an office or to 1. The President shall appoint the Ombudsman Com-
the Executive Board, and the Committee........................................................Chair
such standing committees and mittee, yet has denied
President shall immediately such special committees and the President the same Advisory........................................ Randall Borchardt
appoint a replacement. chairmen thereof as he may membership right. In an
*** deem necessary or advisable. effort to eliminate this un- Beautification........................................ Sandy Cohen
It is proposed that the phrase Any unit owner in Century warranted inconsistency,
“in good standing” be struck Benches & Signs................................. Haskell Morin
Village who is in good stand- ex-officio membership in
in the only two remaining ing as a member of UCO may this Committee by Vice Cable.......................................................David Israel
sections of the UCO Bylaws, be selected to serve as a mem- Presidents is proposed to
Article VI, A. “Appointive Channel 63.................................................Ken Davis
ber of any committee. ... be eliminated.
Committees,” Paragraph ARTICLE X • In the event that the Community Relations......................... Ted Silverman
1., and Article X, “Executive EXECUTIVE BOARD Search/Nominations
Board,” 1st Sentence, for the C. A candidate must be a mem- Committee amendment Elections......................................... Hershel Sarasohn
following reasons: ber of UCO, in good stand- passes, it will become an
• “Good Standing” is cur- Finance.................................................Dorothy Tetro
ing and he must declare his “open meeting” commit-
rently not a requirement readiness to serve on at least tee, and therefore, the Infrastructure...................................... George Dupley
for Officers but remains two committees in order to be President and Vice Presi-
a requirement for Execu- Insurance.............................................Dan Gladstone
eligible to stand for election or dents should not be ex-
tive Board and Committee to be appointed as a member cluded from membership. Investigations...................................... Louise Gerson
members. of the Executive Board. 6) ARTICLE VII
• It must be clearly defined *** DUTIES AND RESPONSI- Irrigation.............................................. Sal Bummolo
in the Bylaws to be prop- • An ex-officio member of BILITIES OF OFFICERS
erly used (and it never has
Lifts..............................................................Irv Small
a committee has all the A. PRESIDENT -
been). rights, including voting ... Maintenance............................................. Jerry Karpf
• The phrase applies to rights, of all other mem- He shall, be ex officio, be a
direct dues paying organi- Ombudsman........................................... Phil Shapkin
bers of a committee as voting member of all commit-
zations who deny certain long as he is also member tees other than the Nominating Operations................................. George Loewenstein
membership rights to de- of the organization. It Committee, the Election Com-
linquent members. could easily be miscon- mittee and the Ombudsman Programs & Services............................Frank Cornish
• Each Association is ul- strued that a distinction Committee. ...
timately responsible for
Reporter........................................................Irv Lazar
is being made between B. VICE PRESIDENTS -
the payment of UCO dues an ex-officio member and … Safety............................................... George Franklin
regardless of the delin- an ex-officio voting mem- Vice Presidents are ex-officio
quency of a unit owner Security..............................................Al McLaughlin
ber. Therefore, the word members of all committees
in the payment of regular “voting” has been deleted except the Nominating Com- Transportation.............................. Claudette LaBonte
assessments. from Paragraph “A.” mittee and Election Com-
5) ARTICLE XIII • Whether intentionally or Welcome................Haskell Morin/Myron Silverman
Continued on Page 22
Page 22 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

Karaoke continues every
laws applies to meetings at form at the UCO office; and
Continued from Page 21 which discussions or delib- Section 5: Boards and com-
mittee, and the Ombudsman erations as well as formal mittees are permitted to adopt
Committee. …
action is taken by boards and
committees of UCO, except
written reasonable rules and
regulations which ensure the Tuesday night from 6:30-
7) ARTICLE XI for those meetings or portions orderly conduct of a meeting
of meetings specifically ex-
empted by this Amendment. It
and which require orderly
behavior on the part of the
9:30 pm at the Guest Pool
H. The UCO Sunshine
is applicable to any gathering,
whether formal or casual, of
non-members attending. This
includes limiting the time and and Friday night from 6-9
Section 1: The Sunshine Laws a quorum of members of the frequency that an individual
as promulgated by the Federal
and/or State authority shall be
same board or committee to
discuss some matter on which
can speak and, when a large
number of people attend and
pm in the Clubhouse Party
used as a guide for any and all
meetings with the following
foreseeable action or recom-
mendations for action will be
wish to speak, requesting that
a representative on each side of
the issue speak rather than ev-
Room. Come join the fun —
1. dealings with UCO’s attor-
ney and/or any other official
Section 4: The Officers’ Com-
mittee shall be exempt from
eryone present. In addition, the
manner of participation should
music, dancing and singing.
entities or third parties which these meeting provisions in also be adopted as a written
are privileged, confidential or order to make the mundane reasonable rule. The board or
otherwise may be considered and low impact decisions nec- committee shall determine that • SCREEN REPLACEMENT
sensitive in nature; and essary to be made on a regular non-members are permitted to • WINDOW REPAIR • GLASS TINTING
2. meetings of the Nominating basis or to hold meetings for speak to each agenda item at

20% OFF 20% OFF

Committee and the Ombuds- the purpose of information the beginning of the meeting,
man Committee; and sharing and informal discus- or in the alternative, prior to
3. meetings pertaining to be- sion on matters of importance; the deliberation of each item
tween UCO Investigations except, that the monthly meet- of business. In the event that
of personnel and prospective
new unit owners/occupants,
ings or Special Meetings or in- items of business not listed
formal meetings on any matter on the agenda are considered,
Association Board Members, that requires AND produces a non-member participation
real estate agents, etc.; and final Officers’ Committee rec- shall also be ensured by the
Are your windows difficult to open or close?
4. meetings to discuss issues ommendation to the Executive board or committee. Agendas We carry your window parts.
pertaining to paid employees. Board and/or the Delegate As- shall be posted along with the Replace: Vinyl Windows: Torn or old looking
Section 2: The Sunshine sembly shall be bound by the notice of the board or commit-
Amendment to the UCO By- provisions of this Resolution. tee meeting at least 48 hours
window screens
laws requires that 1) non- The “unapproved minutes” of in advance of the meeting. Porch screening Waterproof screening
exempted meetings of boards each of these meetings, except Voting by secret ballot shall
and committees must be open;
2) reasonable notice of such
for meetings with an attorney
regarding proposed or pending
not be permitted except for
the appointment or dismissal
meetings must be given; and
3) minutes of such meetings
litigation, shall be presented of committee members by the 561-968-7520
in written form reported on in committee itself.
must be taken and made avail- detail to the Executive Board Randall Borchardt • Family Owned • Professionals
able upon request. and Delegate Assembly on a Advisory Chair • FREE Estimates Since 1974
& Operated
Section 3: The Sunshine monthly basis and be made
Amendment to the UCO By- readily available in written R R R R R
Bestcare Physical Therapy, Inc. PC Computer • Repair • Teaching • Buying of Equipment
50% Off Therapy in Your Home
Highly Experienced
All Types of Problems • Pain Control
Medicare, Etc. • Call Joe 561-712-1313
Licensed Esthetician
50% Off Expert Skin Care in Privacy of Home
Facials Only in June • Chemical Peels
Our Motto is:
Waxing, Microdermabrasion, Etc.
Exceptional Results • Amy 561-712-1313 “PC Solutions Shouldn’t
Cost a Fortune”
When attending live shows at
the Clubhouse, shorts are not
allowed; all patrons must wear
long pants or dresses.
Philip Hankin
4620 Portofino Way, Apt. 305
A Good Handyman West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Reliable, Dependable and Affordable
No Job Too Big or Small !!!
Quality Work, Reasonble Rates,
Prompt Service
Call for FREE Estimates 561-688-1355
Steve 561-722-6087
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 23

Kurt’s Opinions Continued from Page 17

to find the pirates’ bases.
Beat the Clock
There is not much of a choice: Either put an end to this 21st century piracy, or we shall The deadline for the UCO Re-
be forced to continue witnessing the taking of merchant ships and the hostage taking of their
crews, for ransom which flows to terrorist networks. Only a combined naval force — and not porter accepting all material is
just some single commando raid can put an end to this shameful and expensive spectacle.
Not just containment, but the defeat of an illegal naval force, which gets stronger by the day and
the seventh (7th) of the month.
will undoubtedly coordinates their actions with –Al-Qaida or some other terrorist network. o Don’t be late!

OR 561-762-7672
PROTECTS YOUR HOME NIGHT & DAY Bagel Restaurant “A Full Breakfast Place”
Your complete alarm system is a unique “Sensor Scanner” device that deters intruders
from entering your house. The device operates by detecting low-level sub-sonic air move- Breakfast Special:
ment or vibrations. 2 Eggs & Oatmeal or Grits or Home Fries + Bagel or
So, if any door or window is being forced to be opened, the RX-9 Activator will detect Toast + Coffee or Tea
these actions and automatically activate the alarm siren warning and deter the intruder. Only $3.75 — We Also Offer:
Simple to Operate Salami, Tongue, Lox, Nova, Corned Beef,
Plug in the main device into a socket with the siren alarm plugged in position, the RX-9 Pastrami, Chopped Liver, Egg Salad, White-
will automatically scan the perimeter of the entire property in 30 seconds, after this time, if
a door or window is opened or tampered with, upstairs or downstairs, the device will turn on fish and Much, Much More
the alarm siren or any appliance connected to it. Open 7 Days a Week, 5:30am-2pm • 561-688-9590
CV Resident — Call 689-9130 5770 Okeechobee Blvd., WPB, FL 33417

Publix Pharmacy Welcomes

Century Village Pharmacy Customers!

Call or visit us at one of the convenient locations listed below,

or at any of our Publix Pharmacy Locations.
Our Pharmacists will be happy to assist you with your
prescription transfer.

It would be our pleasure to serve you!

Publix Pharmacy at Crosstown Plaza Publix Pharmacy at Paradise Place
2895 N. Military Trail 4075 N Haverhill Road
West Palm Beach, FL West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 687-0492 (561) 683-5214
Page 24 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

The Stars Will Shine In Our 2009-2010 Season




Ballet Fedotov - (West Side Story)
Cavendish Revue and Classics
A Broadway Tribute to Hairspray
New York Three Tenors and a Diva
N.Y. Gilbert & Sullivan Players - I Got A Little Twist
These shows are only a sampling of the great shows coming this season. For a
complete listing, please see the advanced season brochure available at the staff
office by mid July. All programs are subject to change, and/or modification.
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 25

The Stars Will Shine In Our 2009-2010 Season






Capitol Steps Forbidden Broadway The Annual R esidents’ Show
Circus Circus Cabaret Stringfever
Hot Latin Rhythms The Broadway Boys These shows are only a sampling of the great shows coming this season. For a
Sophisticated Ladies The Four Freshmen complete listing, please see the advanced season brochure available at the staff
office by mid July. All programs are subject to change, and/or modification.
Pure Piaf Martin Dubé
Page 26 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

In another small bowl,

combine three cups of yogurt,
bananas and extract if desired.
Spread over crust. In a small
Recipes bowl, combine fudge topping
and walnuts; spread over yo-
Avis Blank gurt. Cover and freeze for two
hours or until firm.
Top with remaining yogurt;
spread with strawberry top-
ping. Cover and freeze for
Happy Birthday America! • 1-¾ quarts frozen vanilla eight hours or overnight until
America celebrates its birth- yogurt, softened, divided firm. Garnish with whipped
day on July 4th. • 2 medium ripe bananas, topping. Yield: 12 servings.
There is so much to cel- mashed I am going to end the day Beautification Committee members Sandy Cohen, Jackie
ebrate. Honoring our veterans, • 1 teaspoon banana extract, by watching the Capital Fourth Karlan, Lori Torres and Edythe Pekin have presented the 2009
parades, barbeques, picnics optional concert, which takes place in award to Berkshire A for the best looking condo in Century
and bank concerts are the or- • 1 jar (16 ounces) hot fudge front of the White House in Village. Berkshire A residents are Terry Polanco, Bridget
der of the day. ice cream topping Washington, D.C. It is shown Degiovine, Lillian Goldmeir and Kathy Busceni.
Hamburgers, hot dogs and • 1 cup chopped walnuts annually on TV on the Fourth
ice cream are favorite Fourth • 1 cup strawberry ice cream of July. Beautiful fireworks
of July foods. I came across topping
Karaoke continues every Tues-
follow the concert.
some hamburger and hot dog • 1 carton (8 ounces) frozen I will then look forward to day night from 6:30-9:30 pm at
facts in the local newspapers whipped topping, thawed making another Banana Split the Guest Pool and Friday night
that may interest you: In a small bowl, combine Ice Cream Cake on July 15 to
Hamburger Facts! the crushed cones, walnuts and celebrate National Ice Cream from 6-9 pm in the Clubhouse
Where did the term come butter; press onto the bottom month. Party Room. Come join the fun
from? Salt beef was called of a greased nine inch spring- Happy Holiday! o
“Hamburg steak” in the 1802 form pan. — music, dancing and singing.
Oxford English Dictionary.
Several cooks and restaurants
lay claim to creating what we
know as the modern ham-
burger from the late 1800s to
the early 20th century.
The oldest hamburger
chain? White Castle, formed
in 1921.
Some burger numbers: Ac-
cording to 2001 stats, burgers
make up 40 percent of sand-
wiches sold, and 8.2 billion
burgers were consumed in
Biggest burger ever? It was
a whopper (not Whopper),
weighing 8,266 pounds, and
cooked at a Wisconsin burger
festival in 2001. Wisconsin
also has the Hamburger Hall
of Fame, in Seymour, WI.
Hot Dog Facts!
150 million: Number of franks
Americans are expected to con-
sume on Independence Day.
$2 billion: Grocery sales of
hot dogs in 2007.
30 million dogs are sold
each year at major league
baseball stadiums.
66 dogs in 12 minutes:
Record Joey Chestnut set last
year in the Nathan’s Famous
Fourth of July International
Hot Dog Eating Contest.
$103 million: Value of
franks consumed in New York
each year, the hottest city for
hot dogs.
Ambitious cooks can prepare
a delicious Banana Split Ice
Cream Cake to go along with
the hamburgers and hot dogs. 
Banana Split Ice Cream
• 12 ice cream sugar cones,
finely crushed
• ½ cup finely chopped
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 27


BFS will repair all your major appliances and air conditioning equipment
for one low annual fee.

179 00
CENTURY VILLAGE 30 Years Satisfying
Package Includes:



WALL THERMOSTAT 24 Hour Emergency


OVEN and RANGE All Labor Charges

Including SELF CLEAN Unlimited Service Calls


Water Heater 30 Gallon Visit us at

Door Seals and Gaskets


CALL 1-888-237-8480
Broward Factory Service
BFS is licensed and registered with the Florida Insurance Commissioner.
CACO56774 • CACO57400 • CFCO56867 • CACO56778 • ES0000336
Page 28 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

Mark B. Grumet, D.M.D.

Entertainment Conveniently located where you shop
Irv Rikon
Crosstown Plaza
Between Publix and Blockbuster Video
Arts and Entertainment are vorced people accidentally • Exams, Cleanings Call
• Crown and Bridgework

still to be seen and heard dur- meet at a swanky French ho-
ing the summer with a lot more tel? Mr. C’s tongue-in-cheek • Implant Bridgework
scheduled for later, should approach to marital discord • Partial and Full Dentures
you want to subscribe to some and bliss is always entertain- • Same Day Repairs, Relines 2885-H N. Military Trail
good things in advance. We ing. (514-4042 or online: • Other Phases of General Dentistry Hours by Appointment
begin inside the gates: www.palmbeachdramaworks.
Century Village org.)
June 20 — Tom Stallone August 4-9, Kravis On
has toured the world singing Broadway (Kravis Center,
opera and other musical joys West Palm Beach) brings back
suitable to his highly regarded Mamma Mia, the hit musical
baritone voice. Also appearing based on songs of the singing
on the program is accordion- group ABBA. The plot closely
ist Derick Warren. There’s resembles a Gina Lollabrigida
dancing that same night. film of some years back, Bue-
June 27 — David Wayne no Sera, Mrs. Campbell, in
has likewise toured the world.
His songs embrace the Broad-
which a single Italian woman
had several American lovers OVER 20 YEARS IN HOME MONITORING
way theater. He’s been on the during World War Two, all of
stage since childhood when he whom, years later, claim to be
starred as Oliver Twist in the the father of her now-grown eSi
Tony Award-winning musical daughter. (832-7469 or online: al 9
Oliver. Latin pianist Angel
Rogue opens the show. Again, The Caldwell Theatre
there’s dancing. Company (Boca Raton) fea-
Outside The Gates tures two summer shows, and
Theater I have to rely on the publicist
June 21 is the announced for information. July 8-August
closing date at Florida Stage 2 introduces a World Premiere
(West Palm Beach) for Ste- musical. Vices: A Love Story RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS, HOSPITALS & CAREGIVERS
ven Dietz’s Yankee Tavern. has a “pastiche musical style
Mr. Dietz combines a marital that encompasses Manhattan
engagement and conspiracy Transfer, Queen, Celien Dione
LifeSignal 911

theories on the terrorist attack and Patti La Belle, with 30s

of 9/11/01 to produce what musicals tossed in for good
I believe is the best stage measure.” August 12-August
suspense thriller I’ve seen in 30 see The Whipping Man
years. by Matthew Lopez. “A badly
The summer show, July wounded Confederate soldier
1-August 30, is Some Kind of returns to his Jewish planta-
Wonderful. Relive in song the tion on the last day of the
heydays of Sinatra, Streisand, Civil War. He encounters his
The Beatles, The Temptations, former slaves, also Jewish,
The Supremes, Tony Bennett, and begs them to take care of
Connie Francis, The Four Sea- him. The final climax, set to
sons and others. The creators the backdrop of a Passover
of Cagney! follow that suc- Seder, will resonate with you
cessful musical with this. (For long after.” (877-245-7432 or
tickets and additional informa-
tion, telephone 585-3433 or At a later date, I’ll pick up
online: on the autumn season. Century
July 17-August 16 get Noel Village’s new schedule should
Coward’s perspective on Pri- be available by then, and I
vate Lives when it runs at know that some excellent Arts
Palm Beach Dramaworks. and Entertainments are headed
What happens when two di- our way outside the gates. o

What’s Your Responsibility?

Association Presidents are responsible for making sure that cop-
ies of the UCO Reporter are distributed when they are published.
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 29

David Israel ture, as yet undetermined, for and how to use the Remote
Continued from Page 15 those with more than one TV, Control. Additional plans for
Comcast at no additional cost Two additional boxes will be the training and demonstration
to us. Just because “we” may made available. The boxes are of operation of the box and its
be gone, our unit owners will different from the Standard Set distribution will be available Security
still be watching TV, and the Top Box, and are called Digi- soon.
new box, which is in essence a tal to Analog Converter boxes Q: Is the new remote tricky? Al McLaughlin
special purpose computer will (DTA).The DTA box will be a A: It is actually very simple,
continue to serve or will be simple box capable or receiv- make sure your TV is set to
replaced by the vendor, within ing only channels from 2-99. channel 3 (you can do this with
the parameters of the contract. This range includes Limited your old remote or buttons),
Q: Why do I need this box? Basic and Expanded Basic click “power on” with the new We have had a busy month We reminded all residents
A: We have signed a new programming. The DTA will remote and click to whatever again. There were almost last month that we were go-
contract with Comcast. The continue to provide these two number channel you want. 19,000 cars coming through ing to follow the post orders
new contract adds a new Tier Tiers of service even if chan- Further choices appear on the the visitor gates in the month more closely starting June 1.
of service called Digital Start- nels are converted to Digital screen for Channel 1, there are of May. There were fewer Since some residents have
er. This Tier consists of some format in the future; which many On Demand choices. o broken gates this month, just questioned (even on the Blog)
18 channels including Video many undoubtedly will. All seven, but there should be the Security checks at the
on Demand, which includes a three boxes are part of our none. The broken gates were, gates, we have requested that
lot of free content. The Digital
Starter Tier has encryption
contract; there will be no ad-
ditional costs for these three
Attention as usual, caused by cars fol-
lowing too close to the car
everyone call in every guest,
pizza delivery, flowers, taxi,
applied by Comcast, in order boxes. Newcomers ahead and not allowing the
gate to close between cars.
and etc. These people must
be called in before the Guards
to remove the encryption, you Training Condo documents in-
will need the box. Q: Will there be training to Please stop and wait for the are allowed to let them in. We
clude Bylaws, Declaration gate to open for you. have not found any trouble
Q: Will we be able to get use box and remote? of Condominium and Residents have been nice with allowing anyone with a
more than one box per unit? A: While Comcast is Amendments. All new unit enough to call me and tell me “work order” in the past, but
A: Only one full set top box in meeting room C at the
(STB) is included in our new owners, at closing, are to about the nice treatment they in response to resident de-
clubhouse, they will have
contract. Later, when they be- televisions with a converter
receive a set of these doc- have been given by the guards. mand we now insist on a call
come available, you may have connected to them. A Comcast uments from the seller, or In an effort to make this infor- in for every entry (not gate
two DTA (Digital to Analog) representative will be avail- obtain reimbursement for mation more effective, I have pass entry).
boxes which will only receive able to show residents how the approximate cost cost requested that the guards start There have been incidents this
channels 2-99, they are also to use the converter. Also, the of replacement. They can using a large name tag on their year that have required Sheriff’s
included in our new contract. installing technician will in- be obtained from any title shirt so that we will all know Officers to respond. Please be
Q: What happens to my oth- stall the box on the day of your company for a fee. their name and we can tell the kinder to each other so that we
er TVs (no box) as analog to installation appointment, and Weiser Company management all may enjoy our pools, club-
Any questions? Ask
digital conversion progresses? show each of you how it works their name. houses, gym, and homes. o
A: At some time in the fu-

Basic Disaster Supply Kit

Everyone needs to prepare that have had milk or juice in • Plastic eating utensils Your Property: Special Needs Shelter:
for emergency situations, but them. • Tissues Before hurricane season, The county special needs
shopping can be expensive Sanitize the bottles by add- • 2 rolls of paper towels make a complete inventory shelter only accepts resi-
and strenuous. Shopping for ing a solution of one teaspoon • 4 rolls of toilet paper of your valuables and per- dents with a physical con-
items a little at a time before of non-scented liquid chlorine • Liquid dish soap sonal property. Take a photo dition requiring medical or
an event can reduce the stress bleach to a quart of water. • Mosquito repellent inventory and mail a copy nursing care.
of recovery by avoiding long Swish the sanitizing solution • Sunscreen to your out-of-town contact. • Need nursing assistance
lines and empty shelves. in the bottle so that it touches • Matches/lighter This will be very important with medications or medi-
Food: all surfaces. After sanitizing • 2 pairs of latex gloves should you need to make an cal care assistance
• 1 gallon of water* per per- the bottle, thoroughly rinse • Broom, mop and bucket insurance claim. • Monitoring vital signs or
son per day for at least 5 out the sanitizing solution with • Unscented liquid bleach Be sure you put all your medical condition or activi-
days, for drinking and sani- clean water. Health: important papers together in ties of daily living, but do
tation Fill the bottle to the top with • 1 bottle of shampoo a waterproof bag or plastic not require hospitalization
• Sandwich bread (freeze regular tap water. If needed, • 1 box hand sanitizer wipes container: Photocopies of • Need constant electrical
until needed) add two drops of non-scented • 1 tube of toothpaste credit cards, insurance and power for medical equipment
• 2 cans of ready to eat soup bleach to the water. Tightly • Deodorant Social Security cards. Don’t Pre-registration is required
• 1 box of crackers and/or close the container with the • Extra supply of prescrip- forget your insurance prop- for individuals needing to use
granola bars original cap. Be careful not tions erties and other documents, the special needs shelter.
• Dry cereal/Pop Tarts to contaminate the cap by • Oxygen such as birth and marriage Have Patience
• 4 cans of fruit (2-4 pack) touching the inside with your • Contact lens solution certificates, three years of Damage after a hurricane
• 5 cans of meat (tuna, chick- fingers. Place a date on the • Extra pair of glasses your IRS returns, mortgage, is unpredictable. It can take
en, Vienna sausages, corn outside of the bottle — replace • Extra hearing aid batteries and wills, to name a few. several days — this is why
beef hash) every six months. • Items for denture care Other Disaster Supplies: you need supplies for at least
• 4 cans of vegetables (beans, Storage: First Aid: • Battery powered lantern five days, preferable to have
baked beans, corn, peas) • Large plastic zip-lock bags • Antiseptic • Battery powered radio 7-10 days of supplies. In some
• 1 jar of jelly or jam • Plastic wrap • Anti-diarrhea medicine • Flashlight(s) cases, it can take several days
• 1 jar of peanut butter • Aluminum foil • Aspirin and/or acetamino- • Extra batteries (correct to restore power, phone, wa-
• 1 large can of juice (4 pack) • Assorted plastic containers phen sizes) ter and cable television. You
• Instant coffee/tea/powdered with lids • Adult vitamins (if needed) • Extra flashlight bulbs should have a landline phone
drinks • Heavy duty garbage bags • Hydrogen peroxide • Portable camp stove or grill — cell and portable phones
• Powdered or boxed milk • Waterproof portable con- • Band-Aids (assorted sizes) — do not use inside may not work.
* If you choose to use tainer with lid (to store • Roll of gauze or bandages • Fuel for stove and grill Prepare. Plan ahead.
your own storage containers, disaster supplies) • First aid tape • Video or disposable camera Ask your neighbor from
choose two-liter plastic soft Other Supplies: • Petroleum jelly • Fire extinguisher — know upstairs to join you and keep
drink bottles — not plastic • Paper plates • Rubbing alcohol where it is in your building you company. Don’t forget
jugs or cardboard containers • Plastic or paper cups • Tweezers • Extra change of clothes your out-of-state contact. o
CentVoiceAd blank shell:CenturyVillage 8/15/08 10:57 AM Page 1

Page 30 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

You’ve tried the rest…now use THE BEST…

CenturyVillage Real Estate, Inc. ®

We are the only, ON-SITE Real Estate Broker INSIDE the community &
we are conveniently located at 82 Stratford F. There is no other firm whose
100% efforts & energies are dedicated exclusively to Century Village,® please let us show you the
Century Village® Real Estate, Inc. DIFFERENCE!

Century Village® Real Estate, Inc. has hundreds of properties available inc l u d i n g :
Andover H – Renovated/updated throughout.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$19,900
Andover I – Beautiful, move in condition. Well maintained.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$28,000
Berkshire E – Upgraded 1st floor with tile kitchen floor, wood cabinets & wood flooring; ceiling fans.-------------------------------$29,000
Canterbury E – Furnished apartment.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$22,000
Canterbury F – Beautiful and spotless.- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$26,000
Canterbury K – Nice, quiet, ready to move in. Washing machine. 2 a/c units, ceiling fans.- -------------------------------------------$23,900
Chatham U – Ground floor location.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$19,500
Easthampton A – Furnished apartment. Ceiling fans.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$27,000
Northampton L – Nice, clean apt. Close to bus stop. Hurricane shutters.------------------------------------------------------------------$25,900
Norwich B – Ready to move in. Kitchen cabinets/countertops replaced. Recently painted.----------------------------------------------$20,000
Sheffield O – Carpeted, wall a/c unit.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$17,000
Sussex J – New a/c in bedroom. Carpeted.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$18,000
Sussex L – Nicely furnished. Carpet throughout except vinyl tile in kitchen.--------------------------------------------------------------$19,900
Windsor G – Freshly painted, new carpet and close to gate.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$22,900
Andover H – Corner unit on 1st floor.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$39,900
Bedford D – Building has lift to 2nd floor.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$19,900
Bedford K – Furniture negotiable.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$29,900
Berkshire B – Immaculate, move in condition. Awesome lake view. Shower stall.-------------------------------------------------------$47,000
Berkshire F – Corner apt with a great price. 1st floor.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$25,000
Camden I – Corner unit. Central a/c.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$28,000
Camden I – Corner Unit. Great location. Shower stall.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$39,900
Canterbury A – Corner unit, lots of light.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$37,500
Canterbury J – Just Reduced! Move right in. Nice and bright; furnished, corner unit.--------------------------------------------------$39,900
Chatham J – 1st floor condo.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$34,900
Chatham T – Nice lake view.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$35,000
Coventry D – Partially furnished, corner unit.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$34,900
Dorchester E – Large screened porch w/door to yard. Ready to move in. Rentable Building.-------------------------------------------$21,900
Dover B – Beautiful lakefront, ground floor unit. Two large closets on porch.-------------------------------------------------------------$69,000
Dover C – Lake view, central a/c.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$34,900
Easthampton C – Bright, sunny corner unit with enclosed patio, tiled floor in rentable bldg; new central a/c.-----------------------$32,000
Easthampton I – Corner w/central a/c, accordion shutters, dishwasher; icemaker in rentable bldg.-----------------------------------$37,000
Golf’s Edge B – Beautifully remodeled kitchen. Ceramic double sink. Ceramic tile throughout.---------------------------------------$39,900
Golf’s Edge D – Great location. Make it your dream home.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$28,000
Greenbrier B – Extraordinary golf view. Large balcony.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$69,900
Hastings F – Close to health club and washer and dryer.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$29,000
Kent L – Nicely furnished.  Well maintained.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$29,900
Northampton S – Nice, neat apartment across from Kent pool; close to entrance. Priced right!----------------------------------------$29,900
Norwich A – New kitchen countertops. Close to east gate and clubhouse.-----------------------------------------------------------------$32,900
Sheffield A – Furnished, carpeting throughout, except kitchen and bathrooms.------------------------------------------------------------$35,000
Somerset G – Beautifully decorated, bright sunny location near pool and tennis center. Bldg. has a lift.------------------------------$39,900
Southampton A – Unfurnished, but furniture is negotiable.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$36,900
Sussex A – Nice apartment. Priced to sell!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$29,900
Waltham C – Corner unit, ceramic tile, central a/c, large closets.---------------------------------------------------------------------------$38,500
Windsor M – Motivated seller. Clean. Shows well.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$29,900
Windsor R – Beautifully decorated. Move-in condition.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$29,900
2 BEDS/1-1.5 BATHS
Canterbury A – Updated corner unit apartment. Hurricane shutters by Sunshine. Cat, bird or fish allowed.-------------------------$49,900
Canterbury G – Nice quiet area w/new a/c.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$39,900
Chatham B – Beautiful sunset views from enclosed patio. Scenic water views. 1st floor.------------------------------------------------$59,900
Coventry F – Pet friendly bldg. Rare Find!!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$39,900
Dorchester A – Great Value! Ceramic tile throughout. Light and bright.-------------------------------------------------------------------$36,100
Dorchester B – Clean, pretty apartment. Central a/c.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$34,900
Dorchester D – Corner unit. Next to Dorchester pool. Great price; taking offers.---------------------------------------------------------$39,900
Hastings B – Corner unit. Near Health Club. Open kitchen. Shower stall.-----------------------------------------------------------------$45,000
Norwich A – Beautifully furnished. Remote Control fans & a/c. Hunter Douglas in front.----------------------------------------------$45,300
Norwich B – A must see!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$29,900
Norwich C – Nice, clean; new appliances; stall shower; tiled throughout. Rentable building.-------------------------------------------$35,000
Norwich E – Furnished. Central a/c. Rentable bldg. Enclosed patio; tiled.-----------------------------------------------------------------$42,000
Sheffield A – Corner unit, central a/c, window in kitchen, rentable building.--------------------------------------------------------------$35,000
Sheffield D – Corner apartment on canal. Newly installed stall shower. Mexican tile throughout.--------------------------------------$47,000
Cambridge B – Professionally decorated corner unit. Move-in ready. Enclosed patio. Garbage disposal.----------------------------$58,000
Greenbrier B – Nicely furnished and spacious; a/c compressor new.Great view.---------------------------------------------------------$60,000
Greenbrier C – Corner unit. Hurricane shutters on all windows.----------------------------------------------------------------------------$75,000
Oxford 400 – Beautifully maintained and furnished. Hurricane shutters on porch. -------------------------------------------------------$89,900
Plymouth A – By appointment only.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $120,000
Salisbury H – 1st fl. Corner unit. New central a/c. Home office. Lots of storage.----------------------------------------------------------$68,000
Somerset L – Water view both sides. Newer central a/c. Lovely unit. Lift included.-----------------------------------------------------$44,900
Wellington J – Lovely lake view.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$85,000
Wellington M – Beautifully furnished apartment with lake view. Central a/c.-------------------------------------------------------------$59,900

M o r e N AT I O N A L a n d I N T E R N AT I O N A L a d v e r t i s i n g t h a n a n y o t h e r B r o k e r.
To l l - f r e e 1.800.654.2832 or 561.471.9677
w w w . c e n t u r y v i l l a g e . c o m
C e n t u r y V i l l a g e ® Re a l E s t a t e , I n c . B e n G . S c h a c h t e r, L i c e n s e d Re a l E s t a t e B r o k e r. Pr i c e s / I n v e n t o r y s u b j e c t t o c h a n g e w i t h o u t n o t i c e .
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 31

Classified Equipment for Sale

Companion wheelchair, $125; HHA — seeking live-in live-

For Sale ltwt, transport wheelchair
(rarely used), $100; com-
Greenbrier C, by owner, 2 BR mode, either bedside or over
out part-time overnights to
2 renov tile fls, hurr protect, toilet, $50; raised toilet seat
lux furn, CAC, great view of w/arms, $30; walker, $35;
take care of your elders, light
pool and golf course. Asking 3" high wheelchair pad, $15.
price $99,000 negot. Call Elsa 697-3371
house duty, a companion and
786-473-2682; 561-448-6564
Huge yard sale, Waltham D friend, have references.
Oxford 200, 2/2, 2 fl cnr, incl bldg, Sat, June 20, 8 am. Furn,

lift and appl, contr thru 09, lamps, piano, small, like new
only bldg w/courtyd vws in fridge, household items, etc.
Call Georgette and Clare at
Village, quality kit w/Kraft- Raindate: June 27, 8:00 am o
maid cabinetry, Corian ctrtps
914-258-1667 or 516-752-6955
and WD, more details at buy- #FTL72151. Ask-
ing $69,000. 314-913-2026 Are You an Advertiser?
Send your advertisement via email to or
Sale or Rent
bring it in person to 24 Camden A in Century Village, West Palm Beach,
For rent or sale: Furn, 1-1½,
2nd fl, new 23 cubic side by FL 33417. First, negotiate with our editor at 561-683-9336. After you
side Whirlpool fridge, nu Tap- receive our contract, fill it out and send it back, along with a check made
pan stove, nu door lock, new
roof, clean & painted, new out in the appropriate amount.
flrg, new pat tile, wndos &
scrs, 3 fans, cpt & HW tank 6
yrs old, 2 new toilets, $4,000
53" Sony TV, sleeps 4 adults, 2 Dr. Le Ribault’s product
steps to pool, outdoor bldg pat,
laundry & bus stop, very motiv available in the United States
seller. Redu price already by
$30,000 to $55,000; make of- ORGONO LIVING SILICA
fers. 845-246-4319; 561-687-
9324; fax 845-247-0101

Camden pool area, 1st fl, 1/1,

furn w/new wall-to-wall cptg
and fridge, 2 ACs, 1 ceil fan,
also WI shower, clean move- PROMOTES:
in cond. For more info, call Enhanced mobility by
697-9321 reinforcing Healthy
bones, Flexible joints,
Cartilage Lubrication.
Oxford 500, lg 2/2, unfurn, 2nd
fl cnr apt, comp tiled, 7 closets Cardiovascular Health
by providing a critical
and super lg porch, next to
pool, new AC, new master ba into cell regeneration.
w/shower. $75,000 or ann rent
$750/mo. 683-6392 Take advantage of our STARTER KIT SPECIAL.
Order today online at
or call us at 877-454-2486
For Rent
The 34oz Solution for daily maintenance
Northampton, 1/1, 2nd fl, nice and the 150 ml Gel for immediate
unit, comp furn, new cpt, fresh application to affected areas. Both are
paint, encl patio, beside pool. complimentary and part of a program to
$475. 954-478-5814 attain maximum mobility and health.
Organic Silica supplementation is a key factor in
Waltham, lg cnr apt, 1-1½, helping us maintain a healthier, more youthful, and
pain-free body. It is a beneficial for everyone
new kit, paint, unfurn, CAC,
(male/female) and anyone- adults, seniors,
2nd fl. $600/mo yrly lease. 805- teenagers, young adults, athletes, convalescents, etc.
684-9419 Studies have confirmed Silica is a critical component in
the cell regeneration process. Organic Silica
Waltham, furn apt, 1 BR, 1 ba, supplementation is being used by professionals,
1st fl, short lease $1,000/mo, (Chiropractors, Dermatologists, Osteopathic Doctors,
yrly $600. 960-232-5472 and others), as an alternative to chemical
prescriptions or injections. Our studies indicate it is
superior to both Glucosamine and Condrotin.
Waltham, best loc — Haverhill
Over 1,000,000 fully satisfied
gate, 1/1, gr fl unit. Unfurn
users in Europe alone.
$525/mo lease, furn $600. Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied
Short lease avail. 817-313-
Mail Inquiries: Silicium Laboratories LLC
Waltham, 1 BR condo, 1½ ba, 12800 NW 38th Avenue. Miami, FL 33054

encl patio, gr fl, best loc nr E-mail:

main CH. Furn $600, unfurn

$575. 536-8488
Page 32 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

of entering a nursing home. that Florida’s budget should They met, and he
Similarly, severe cuts were represent who we are as a
knew: “She’s the one!
made to programs that provide society. It defines our ability
From the Desk of in-home care and daily meals to care for one another, assist She’s pretty, she’s
State for our elders, as well as spe- our most vulnerable people, charming, she’s fun!”
cial assistance to individuals and protect our most trea- With one problem,
Representative and caregivers living with sured resources. To that end, though, he’s still
Mark S. Pafford Alzheimer’s. Reductions in I will continue to fight hard grapplin’:
Medicaid reimbursement rates for the folks without a voice
She walks like that guy
to nursing homes and a cut to in this process. Thank you for
health initiatives for minorities continuing your outspoken — Charlie Chaplin!
With valuable assistance lists for vital services due to will also have a detrimental advocacy! o Helen Siegler
from Congress and President lack of funding. It was this impact on our elders.
Obama, I am pleased that the issue that led me to request There were a few glimmers
Florida Legislature was able that Governor Crist veto the of hope. The state’s Meds-AD
to fund many local health care budget. To my disappoint- program, which helps seniors
programs during perhaps the ment, the Governor signed the purchase medication, and
most challenging financial cri- spending plan on Wednesday, Florida’s Medically Needy
sis in our state’s history. I am May 27, 2009. program, which provides es-
deeply disappointed, however, One program that was dealt sential health care for low-
by the cuts to programs that a major blow is the Commu- income families, were both
provide essential services to nity Care for the Elderly pro- funded as part of the budget
Floridians. Over 30,000 frail gram, which helps seniors to package.
elders will remain on waiting remain in their homes instead I believe wholeheartedly


“Dad Gets It Done!”
• Patio Enclosures • Hurricane Shutters • Windows
• Sliding Glass Doors • Front Entry Doors • Custom Mirrors
• Shower Doors/Tub Enclosures
Matt Mynahan Tel: 561-355-8331
U-19958 U-20177 Fax: 561-333-1037
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 33

Drexel Plaza, incl cash back

Organization News
bonus play, free lunch and
driver tip, contact Dolores at
Amit Rishona Chapter: In- 688-0876 no later than 9/19.
vites you to join us 2nd Tue at
Aitz Chaim (Bess, 478-0735). Jewish War Veterans Ladies
Auxiliary Post 520: Meets
B’nai B’rith Century: We 3 rd Mon at The Classic. A
meet every 4th Sun, 9:30 am, continental breakfast is served
for breakfast meetings at Con- at 9:00 am, followed by our
gregation Anshei Sholom. For meeting. Our efforts go to
more info, call Arnold Rimm, creating welcome kits for the
689-1918. veterans at the VA Center at
Military Trail and various po-
Brooklyn U.S.A.: Meets 2 nd sitions at the Center. We find
Wed 1:30 pm in CH Party our volunteer work helpful and
Room. We are a social, vol- rewarding and welcome new
unteer organization, open to members. Dorothy, 478-6521.
former or present residents of
Brooklyn, as well as spouses Knights of Pythias: You are
and significant others. invited to join Palm Beach
Rainbow Lodge #203, meet
Canadian Club: Meets 4 th 2nd and 4th Mon at North Coun-
Wed, Party Room of CH, 1:00 ty Senior Center, Northlake
pm. Membership open to all. Blvd. We welcome new mem-
Lots of great activities. Betty, bers, duals, reinstatements and
684-0766; Franne, 478-9526; transferees from out of state.
Madelaine, 684-5595. We are a fraternal brotherhood
fostering the credo of friend-
Christian Club: Meets Wed, ship, charity, benevolence.
1:00 pm in Room C. Mike, 615-0218.

Deborah Hospital Founda- Na’Amat USA (Pioneer

tion: Now meets 2nd Fri in CH Women): Meets 4th Tue, 1:00
Party Room at 11:00 am. pm, at Cypress Lakes Audi-
torium for mini-lunch and
Duplicate Bridge at Hast- interesting programs, guests
ings Clubhouse: Every Mon are always welcome. For info,
at 7:00 pm and Wed at 1:00 call Rhoda, 478-8559. Coming
pm. If you need a partner, events: Jul 14, sail w/us on the
call Mimi, 697-2710, leave fabulous Palm Beach Princess
message. w/Vegas gambling, lavish
luncheon buffet, entertainment
Evangelical Christian Net- and bus to/from pier (Rae,
working Club: Meets 1st Fri, 242-5181; Sylvia 686-5350);
6:30 pm, Classroom B of CH. Oct 13-27, fabulous 15-day
We share relevant info among deluxe trip to Israel, space is
ourselves and with our com- ltd (Sylvia, 686-5350); Dec
munity. Dee, 827-8748; Steve, 4-13, special 9 nite Caribbean
389-5300. cruise on the NCL Dawn incl
round-trip bus trans to Miami
Greater Philadelphia Club: and 6 exotic ports of call
Elaine, 615-6697. (Sylvia, 686-5350; Marlene,
Hadassah, Judith Epstein
Chapter at CVWPB: Meets Yiddish Advanced Reading
3rd Wed at 11:45 am for mini- Group: Menke Katz Reading
lunch, 12:30 meeting at Cong Circle invites readers to join
Anshei Sholom. Suzanne, group headed by Troim Han-
686-4241. dler. Currently reading Night by
Elie Wiesel in Yiddish. Meet-
Holocaust Survivors of the ings are twice a month in private
Palm Beaches: Yom Ha’Shoah homes. Troim, 684-8686.
(Kathy, 689-0393).
Yiddish Culture Chorus: 50
Irish-American Cultural members, men and women.
Club of CV: Meets 1st Tue in Leader is Shelley K. Tenzer.
CH, 2:00 pm, Room C. For Knowledge of Yiddish not
info, call Robert, 917-704- necessary. Edy, 687-4255.
Yiddish Vinkl: An informal
Italian-American Culture group of Yiddish lovers who
Club: Monthly meets 3rd Wed, gather to speak, hear and sing
2:00 pm, Party Room of CH, the language, this group is
from 9/09-5/10; call Anna, under the guidance of Edy
684-5605 for more info. Lots Sharon. Meetings are held 1st
of great activities: 10/5, day and 3rd Sun from 1:30 to 3:00
trip to Mardi Gras Casino in pm year-round. For info, call
Hallendale, 9:00 am, from Edy, 687-4255. o
Page 34 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

Florida Power & Light plant can be shut down remotely, sent south as needed to replen-
near 20-Mile Bend. The east- preventing unnecessary water ish well fields in central and
central facility will produce waste, until it can be repaired. southern Palm Beach County
From the Desk of up to 27 million gallons of Water Resources Task and Broward County.
reclaimed water per day (aver- Force — This volunteer group These are just some of the
Commissioner age usage expected to be about of water managers and engi- ways county government is
Jeff Koons 22 million gallons) delivered neers studies ways to protect conserving and preserving our
along 17 miles of new pipe- our current and future water most precious resource. I urge
lines. Construction costs are supply. One possibility they each of you to practice good
estimated at $32 million, and have suggested is to alter the water conservation at home, as
FPL is paying the debt service water tables in certain areas well. Water Utilities’ brochure
Water Conservation in central and southern Palm on the revenue bonds. during the dry season to maxi- Water Wisely has some excel-
It’s a Year-Round Thing Beach County efficiently pro- Streetscape — The Street­ mize surface water storage lent tips. It’s available online
— As we emerge from one of duce several million gallons scape Section of the Engi- capacity. The task force also at our Web site: www.pbcgov.
the driest springs on record, of reclaimed water per day. neering and Public Works recommends looking at creat- com. Click on Site Index near
our lakes, canals and surface Currently, the county provides Department maintains 140 ing a second regional reservoir the top of the page, then click
water storage areas are fright- 1.5 million gallons each day to miles of median landscaping out west. Right now, storm on Publications, then Water
eningly low. Last year, we got Century Village, Vista Center in unincorporated areas. About water in the C-51 Canal is be- Wisely near the bottom. As
lucky when Tropical Storm and Cypress Lakes for land- two-thirds of the medians do ing lost to tide, but several bil- always, I welcome your com-
Faye parked herself over the scape irrigation. Next year, an not need irrigation because lion gallons could be diverted ments and questions. Please
state for a week and refilled additional 1.5 million gallons drought-tolerant vegetation from the canal and stored in feel free to contact me or my
Lake Okeechobee. But, we per day will be delivered to the such as sable palms and Ba- nearby limestone pits, then staff at 355-2202. o
can’t expect an unusual rain Emerald Dunes and Fairway hia grass was planted. The
event like that to happen again. Drive golf courses. That’s remaining 45 miles or so are
That’s why it is so important three million gallons of water irrigated with flood bubblers:
to practice water conservation per day that is not being drawn low-to-the-ground sprinkler
all year long. For many years, from the tap. heads that soak the root bases
Palm Beach County govern- The South County facility of plants without spraying
ment has been a leader in also sends secondary treated water into the air where it
getting the most out of every wastewater effluent to the near- quickly evaporates. There is
gallon of water, and here are a by Wakodahatchee and Green also a new computerized te-
few examples: Cay wetlands. The facility can lemetry system in place that
Reclaimed Water — The clean up to 35 million gallons allows technicians to “talk”
Palm Beach County Water of wastewater per day. Ap- to the irrigation system and
Utilities Department is saving proximately half of the waste- make corrections from a cen-
millions of gallons of water water coming into the plant is tral location. The computer
each day by producing and then recycled in the county’s constantly monitors the lines
distributing reclaimed water reclaimed water program. for unusual volumes often
for landscape irrigation. Re- Water Utilities is also in- indicative of a leak. The break
claimed water is cheaper to stalling an effluent polishing
produce than drinking water, treatment facility at its east-
yet is perfectly safe for golf central water reclamation
courses, parks and residential facility to produce reclaimed
lawns. Reclamation plants coolant water for the new

Condo for Sale

Biggest 1 bedroom, 1½ bath in Prestigeous Oxford
Colony. Size of a 2 bedroom. Ground floor. All
upgrades: Designer Kitchen and Baths, W&D in unit,
newer AC and Water Heater, 18" x 18" Custom Tiles,
all Maytag appliances. Must see...
Call Joyce (Owner-Realtor)
561-478-0504 t 954-540-5475
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 35

What Do Retired
Working people frequently DOUBT (PG-13 • 104 min)
ask retired people what they do Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman
to make their days interesting. Set in 1964, Doubt centers on a nun who confronts a priest
Well, for example, the other after suspecting him abusing a black student. He denies the
charges, and much of the play’s quick-fire dialogue tackles
day my wife and I went into
themes of religion, morality and authority.
town and went into a shop.
Thu, 7/02, 6:45 pm; Sun, 7/05, 1:45 pm; Mon, 7/06, 6:45 pm;
We were only in there for Tue, 7/07, 1:45 pm; Thu, 7/09, 6:45 pm
about five minutes.
When we came out, there LAST CHANCE HARVEY (PG-13 • 92 min)
was a cop writing out a park- Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, James Brolin
ing ticket. It’s about first loves, last chances and everything in
We went up to him and between. In London for his daughter’s wedding, a
said, “Come on man, how rumpled man finds his romantic spirits lifted by a new
about giving a senior citizen woman in his life. Hastings resident registering for Comcast with personal care
Sun, 7/12, 1:45 pm; Mon, 7/13, 6:45 pm; Tue, 7/14, 1:45 pm; consultant Roseann Accardi. Photo by John Saponaro
a break?”
Thu, 7/16, 6:45 pm; Sun, 7/19, 1:45 pm
He ignored us and contin-
ued writing the ticket. I called NEW IN TOWN (PG • 97 min)
him a jerk. He glared at me
and started writing another
Renee Zellweger, Harry Connick Jr. Call the Rover: 502-8103
She’s a executive on the move. But her career is taking her
ticket for having worn tires.
So my wife called him an
a little farther than she expected. A Miami businesswoman
adjusts to her new life in a tiny Minnesota town.
In the Event of an Emergency
idiot. Mon, 7/20, 6:45 pm; Tue, 7/21, 1:45 pm; Thu, 7/23, 6:45 pm;
He finished the second tick- Sun, 7/26, 1:45 pm; Mon, 7/27, 6:45 pm
et and put it on the windshield
DEFIANCE (R • 137 min)
Bagel Restaurant “A Full Breakfast Place”
with the first. Then he started
writing a third ticket. This
Daniel Craig, Live Schreiber
Jewish brothers in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe escape Breakfast Special:
went on for about 20 minutes. into the Belarussian forests where they join Russian 2 Eggs & Oatmeal or Grits or Home Fries + Bagel or
The more we abused him, the resistance fighters and endeavor to build a village in Toast + Coffee or Tea
more tickets he wrote. order to protect themselves and about 1,000 Jewish non- Only $3.75 — We Also Offer:
Personally, we didn’t care. combatants. Salami, Tongue, Lox, Nova, Corned Beef,
We came into town by bus. Tue, 7/28, 1:45 pm; Thu, 7/30, 6:45 pm
Pastrami, Chopped Liver, Egg Salad, White-
We try to have a little fun each
(TO BE CONTINUED NEXT MONTH) fish and Much, Much More
day now that we’re retired. It’s
important at our age. Open 7 Days a Week, 5:30am-2pm • 561-688-9590
NO ADMISSION TO BE CHARGED 5770 Okeechobee Blvd., WPB, FL 33417
From the Internet

Don’t let hearing loss slow you down.

all models just
42.00 a $
month!* 1,495ea
Not valid with any other
offer or discount. Expires 7/31/09

*Based on $1,495 financed, 48 mos, 14.99% APR.

Financing offers based on approved credit; not all applicants will qualify.

Get into a brand new MOTION™! ASK ABOUT OUR


With Siemens’ amazingly comfortable MOTION™ 100 hearing aids,

you can be yourself.…and enjoy life more. You’ll get many of the
advanced performance & convenience features found in higher level
hearing instruments – without the higher price tag. And Motion 100’s
look every bit as good as they feel.

Come by and see them now, while our special financing plans make
your move to Motion even easier!

Your insurance plan may provide full or partial payment for hearing aids. Call today to inquire about coverage.

Schedule an appointment for

a free screening! Call today: LAKE WORTH 561.432.1211 | WEST PALM BCH. 561.471.3340
Page 36 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

The World of Where Do

Nature They Get These
By Edythe Pekin
The Palm Beach County
Wonderful Toys?
When you were a kid, you
Department of Environmen-
went to the toy store to feed
tal Resources Management
your need for all the latest toys.
(ERM) sends me their monthly
You’re a big boy or girl now;
newsletter. There were two
you go to
articles that I believe may be
and check out their toys.
of interest to Century Village
If you don’t have enough
USB ports but you do have too
Birding Trails in Florida:
much of an inner child, get the
The Florida Fish and Wildlife
Lego USB flash hub! It’s made
Conservation Commission
to insert four flash drives and
(FWC) has developed a new
stack another hub like a real
interactive trip planning First day of Comcast scheduling, 9:00 a.m. Photo by John Saponaro
Lego brick (the Lego company
tool using Google Maps to
does not make this product).
help find destinations and
They’re only $12 each and
species of interest along the
they’re only available from a

Live the
Great Florida Birding Trail
Korean company.
(GFBT). This tool is avail-
Remember Rubik’s Cube?
able at http://floridabird-
Forget it; now there’s a 12-sid-

Good Life. trip. This
ed “cube” with 1,212 spots
includes camping facilities,
that you must solve. Ask for
best birding sites, best time
the Petaminx by name. Then
of day, etc. and other useful
ask for some aspirin. At Good Samaritan Medical Center, our decades of
info. The FWC has an office
You wore skates. You wore healthcare experience have taught us that wellness
near here on Northlake Blvd.
RollerBlades. Now get ready depends on many factors: physical health and
The Northeast Everglades
for Orbitwheels! These Jet- fitness, knowledge and understanding, mental and
Natural Area (NENA) stretch- emotional well-being, and quality healthcare.
sons cartoon props on — they
es from Southern Blvd. to
look more like Saturn rings
Bridge St. in Marin County The Good Life at Good Samaritan is a new program designed to help you and your
than wheels — require you to
and from Lake Okeechobee family live a healthier, happier life–and save money, too. Benefits include:
hook your feet in rims and ride
to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a
in a sideway motion. Crash • Discounts on items not covered by insurance such as prescriptions,
collection of 165,000 acres
helmet, insurance and insanity eyeglasses, hearing aids and more
of conservation lands and ac- • Lectures, seminars and workshops with practical information on living
clause sold separately.
tivity and education centers. a healthier life–all at no charge for members
Have a ball in your pool
They put out a wonderful map. • Free healthcare screenings to help catch potential problems early–
with a Waterwalkerz brand when they’re easiest to treat
More info at
inflatable ball that you enter • Discounts at hospital gift shop and cafeteria Their office
and you can walk on water • Personalized membership card for instant access to benefits
is really close at 2300 N. Jog • Discounts on products and services from retailers, restaurants, and
— or just float. Dignity sold
Rd. just north of Okeechobee entertainment- and travel-related companies
Blvd., 233-2400. • Plus, much more!
It costs nothing to throw
ERM has a wonderful vol-
a paper airplane in the air Membership is free.
unteer program for either
and watch it land who knows
individuals or groups to help To join The Good Life or for more information, call 1.866.765.0088.
where; it costs $18 to buy the
with coastal seedling planting,
Electric Paper Plane Launch-
trash removal, maintaining
er. If you have money to
trails etc.
throw away from that stimulus In healthcare, quality and experience count.
Incidentally, a number of
check, this item is stimulating!
the native trees on my condo’s
From the Internet 561.650.6023 | | Corner of Flagler Drive and Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard
property — now five to ten
feet tall — have come from
their free handouts at various

Arwood Real Estate

fairs over the last few years. o

When you vote,

make sure they
know who you are: • FOR SALE
• 96 Salisbury D FOR RENT: $550 Month
Bring your state- • Fabulous Top Floor End Unit
• Reduced to $39,900 • 80 Easthampton D
issued ID card and • 2 Bedroom 1.5 Bath • Annual Lease Only
• Pergo Floors in Living Room
a current voter in- • Neutral carpet in both bedrooms

Furnished 1 Bedroom 1.5 Bath
End Unit
• Updated Appliances
formation card. If • White tile in kitchen

Central Air
Beautiful New Kitchen
you don’t have the • Garden View •

Garden View
Spacious & Bright
former, make an ap-
pointment with the
local Department
Direct: 561-254-2884…….Email:…….Web Site:
of Driver’s Licenses, 1880 N Congress Ave, Suite 201, Boynton Beach, FL 33426

even if you don’t Call Carolyn Arwood for Fast, Friendly Service
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 37

Wordfind: Family TV
At Century Village
John H. Merey, M.D., P.A.
of the Eyes
Accepts Medicare
and Most Insurances
5405 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste. 302B
West Palm Beach, FL 33417
(Midtown Imaging Building)
Call 686-8202

All-U-Can-Eat Buffet
Pizza • Salad • Soup
Pasta Made to Order
Find the words in the grid. Words can go horizontally, verti-
cally or diagonally in all eight directions. Desserts • All for $5.49
• Barone Wed Nite 5-8 Karaoke by Jack
• Brady Located on the NE corner of

$9.99 $4.99
• Griffin Okeechobee Blvd. and Haverhill
(in Babies R Us Mall)
• Huxtable 4869 Okeechobee Blvd.
• Muir DRINKS INC. LUNCH & DINNER WPB, FL 33417 11:00-3:00 ONLY
• Partridge With Coupon Only Expires 7/31/09
561-686-5560 With Coupon Only Expires 7/31/09

• Simpson
• Taylor

Hastings Fitness Class Schedule

Effective: May-October
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Dance Aerobics Advanced Aerobics Low Impact Aerobics Advanced Aerobics Dance Aerobics
8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am

Weight Training Pilates Weight Training Aerobics with Weights Weight Training
9:25-10:00 am 9:20-9:50 am 9:25-10:00 am 9:20-9:50 am 9:25-10:00 am

Hatha Yoga Water Aerobics (Pool) Hatha Yoga Pilates Hatha Yoga
10:00-11:30 am 10:00-10:45 am 10:00-11:30 am 9:45-10:30 am 10:00-11:30 am

Water Aerobics (Pool)

10:00-10:45 am

Facial Gymnastics Tai-Chi (Paid Class)

11:15-12:00 noon All Levels 10:00-11:00 am

Lunch Lunch Lunch Facial Gymnastics Lunch

12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 11:15-12:00 noon 12:00-1:00 pm

Consultation Lunch
1:30-2:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm

Sit and Fit Beginners’ Yoga Sit and Fit Consultation Administrative/
2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm 1:30-2:00 pm Office Duties

Beginner’s Yoga
2:00-3:00 pm

Free Exercise Classes Provided at Hastings Fitness Center by Zhanetta Babayeva

Free Water Aerobic Classes Provided at Hastings Pool by Dolly Heit

Tai-Chi Classes by Jerry Ziffer

Class Registration at the Main Clubhouse Class Office
All Classes Are Subject to Change and/or Modification
Page 38 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

Main Clubhouse: July Classes

All Classes Are Not Final, and Are Subject to Change
Monday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
No Mon classes

Tuesday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Conv Span 7/7 no refund $20/4w + sup 1:30 pm Card B Celina
Ceramics 7/14 $36/6w 9:30 am Ceramics Gert

Wednesday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Line Dancing 7/15 $15/6w 10:00 am Party Charlotte

Thursday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Tai-Chi 7/2 $16/4w 10:00 am Hastings Ziffer
Paint Wkshp 6/25 $18/4w 9:30 am Art Adler

Friday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Ceramics 7/24 $36/6w 9:30 am Ceramics Gert
Learn Music 6/26 Free 10:00 am Music Rm B Sonja

C 15 00
$ 15
Dear Century Village Residents,
Here at American Eagle Taxi, we have be-
4801 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33405
come the primary taxi company used by resi-
dents for trips to all airports and to places that
the shuttle vans don’t go.
We are dedicated in keeping our taxi service AIRPORT TRIPS • BACHELOR PARTIES •
an enjoyable experience through clean vehi- BEACHES • BIRTHDAY PARTIES • CHURCHES • GREYHOUND/AMTRAK/TRI-RAIL
cles, friendly reliable drivers and low competi- CONCERTS • CRUISES • DELIVERIES • DINING • Appointment reservation calling times:
tive flat rate fares to all major locations. DOWNTOWN EVENTS • FESTIVALS • FLAT RATES Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Sincerely, • HOSPITALS • HOURLY RATES • LODGING • Appointment trip availability times:
Daniel Joseph Somers III, Pres., NIGHTCLUBS • PETS • ROUND TRIPS • SHOP- 7 days a week/24 hours a day
$ 15

$ 15
00 OR $12—SEE BELOW $ 15 00 $ 135
00 $
135 00 $ 18000 $
180 00
561-282-8251 561-282-8251 561-282-8251
Appointment reservation calling times: Mon-
Sat 9am-5pm. Appointment trip availability Appointment reservation
times 7 days a week/24 hours a day* calling times:
Appointment reservation calling times:
*$15 for first trip and $12 for subsequent Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
135 00
trips or previous customers. * 1 free trip after
15 00 135
180 00
$ Appointment trip avail-
Appointment trip availability times:
0 0
15 0
each 5th trip.

7 days a week/24 hours a day ability times 7 days a
$ $ week/24 hours a day $
July 2009 THE UCO REPORTER Page 39
Page 40 THE UCO REPORTER July 2009

Internal Bus Route #1 CV BUS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE: June 15, 2009

Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Dover 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Somerset 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 D 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Berkshire 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 r 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Camden 8:09 9:09 10:09 11:09 1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 6:09 7:09 8:09 9:09 10:09
Windsor 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 e 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
UCO Office (When Open) 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 r 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 Except Saturday and Sunday
Wellington L & M 8:15 9:15 10:15 11:15 s 1:15 2:15 3:15 4:15 5:15 6:15 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15
Wellington Circle 8:17 9:17 10:17 11:17 ' 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17 6:17 7:17 8:17 9:17 10:17
Andover 8:19 9:19 10:19 11:19 1:19 2:19 3:19 4:19 5:19 6:19 7:19 8:19 9:19 10:19
Kingswood 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25
1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Medical Building 8:29 9:29 10:29 11:29 n 1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29 5:29
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 c 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 h 1:35 Drivers' 6:35 7:35 8:35
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 Dinner 6:45 7:45 8:45
Internal Bus Route #2
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Plymouth 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Sheffield E 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Chatham 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Kent 8:08 9:08 10:08 11:08 D 1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08 5:08 6:08 7:08 8:08 9:08 10:08
Northampton 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 r 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 6:11 7:11 8:11 9:11 10:11
Sussex 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 6:13 7:13 8:13 9:13 10:13
Canterbury 8:15 9:15 10:15 11:15 e 1:15 2:15 3:15 4:15 5:15 6:15 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15
Cambridge 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 r 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Dorchester 8:18 9:18 10:18 11:18 s 1:18 2:18 3:18 4:18 5:18 6:18 7:18 8:18 9:18 10:18
Oxford 8:21 9:21 10:21 11:21 ' 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 6:21 7:21 8:21 9:21 10:21
Stratford 8:22 9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22 5:22 6:22 7:22 8:22 9:22 10:22
Sheffield 8:23 9:23 10:23 11:23
1:23 2:23 3:23 4:23 5:23 6:23 7:23 8:23 9:23 10:23
Hastings Fitness Center 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 n 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Coventry 8:27 9:27 10:27 11:27 c 1:27 2:27 3:27 4:27 5:27 6:27 7:27 8:27 9:27 10:27
Medical Building 8:29 9:29 10:29 11:29 h 1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29 5:29
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 Drivers'
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 Dinner
Please Note: On Sundays Only the #2 Bus will do a loop around the perimeter drive after going through Coventry.
Internal Bus Route #3
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Bedford B 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Greenbrier 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 D 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Southampton 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 r 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Bedford C 8:09 9:09 10:09 11:09
1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 6:09 7:09 8:09 9:09 10:09
Golf's Edge 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 e 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
Coventry 8:14 9:14 10:14 11:14 r 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14 6:14 7:14 8:14 9:14 10:14
Norwich 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 s 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Salisbury 8:19 9:19 10:19 11:19 ' 1:19 2:19 3:19 4:19 5:19 6:19 7:19 8:19 9:19 10:19
Waltham 8:22 9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22 5:22 6:22 7:22 8:22 9:22 10:22
Easthampton 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 u
1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Medical Building 8:28 9:28 10:28 11:28 n 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 c 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 h 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers'
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner

Please Note: BY REQUEST ONLY - All Buses will go around the perimeter drive at 11:45 am prior to the bus drivers taking their lunch breaks.
Please Note: On Saturdays Only the Internal Bus Routes #1 and #3 will drop off at Anshei Sholom on the 9 AM run.
Please Note: Monday thru Friday Only the Internal Bus Routes #1 and #3 will drop off at the Hastings Fitness Center on the 8 AM and 1 PM runs.

Shuttle Bus Route

Perimeter Drive
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00
Please be at your bus stop 10
Salon 27 9:04 10:04 11:04 D
1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 minutes before your pickup time.
Library 9:07 10:07 11:07 r 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07
Humana 9:10 10:10 11:10
1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10
Walmart Supermarket
Century Plaza
Please be Prepared to Show
Emporium Shoppes 9:26 10:26 11:26
1:26 2:26 3:26 4:26 the Bus Driver Your Century
Lowes 9:27 10:27 11:27 L 1:27 2:27 3:27 4:27
Baby Supermarket 9:29 10:29 11:29
1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29
Village ID When Boarding ALL
Perimeter Drive On Request c
On Request Buses
Clubhouse 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45
Mall Bus Route
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
D 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Morse Home Drop off 9:05 r
K-Mart 9:13 10:10 11:10 i 1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10 5:10 ** The Holiday bus will
Church 9:20 10:17 11:14
1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14 5 PM MALL BUS run on New Year's
Palm Beach Mall 9:24 10:21 11:21 r 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 RUNS ON Day, July 4th,
Village Commons 9:29 10:26 11:26 s 1:26 2:26 3:26 4:26 5:26 SATURDAY Thanksgiving Day
Publix 9:34 10:31 11:31 1:31 2:31 3:31 4:31 5:31 ONLY
L ** and Christmas Day.
Post Office Drop off / Pick Up Tuesday & Thursday Only 1:34 2:34
Morse Home Pickup n 1:40
Clubhouse 9:45 10:45 11:45 c 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 5:45
Express Bus Route Excursion Bus *Monday* (Excludes the 2nd Monday)
Perimeter Drive 8:45 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35 AM 10:35 AM Pick Up Times
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
D 1:00 2:00 3:00 Washington Mutual On Request
Walgreens 9:04 10:04 11:04 r 1:04 2:04 3:04 Wellington Mall 10:05 AM 1:15 PM
Pine Trail Square 9:08 10:08 11:08 1:08 2:08 3:08 Home Depot On Request
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09 e 1:09 2:09 3:09 Target 11:05 AM 2:05 PM
Winn Dixie 9:18 10:18 11:18 r 1:18 2:18 3:18 Excursion Bus *Wednesday* (Excludes the 4th Wednesday)
Publix 9:28 10:28 11:28 1:28 2:28 3:28 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35 AM Pick Up Times
Washington Mutual On Request L On Request City Place 10:05 AM 2:00 PM
Perimeter Drive 9:38 10:38 11:38 n 1:38 2:38 3:38 Gardens Mall 10:35 AM 1:30 PM
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 c 1:48 2:48 3:48 Return Clubhouse 2:30 PM
Sundays & Holidays Bus Route (Combo)
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Walgreen's 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 The Excursion Bus will go to
Pine Trail 9:07 10:07 11:07 r 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07 5:07 Lake Worth Beach on the 2nd
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09
1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 Monday(Leaves 9:30 am - Picks Up 2:05
Cross County 9:14 10:14 11:14 e 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14
r pm) and to the Carnival Flea
Church 9:22 10:28 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22 5:22
Palm Beach Mall 11:28
1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28 Market in DelRay on the 4th
Village Commons 9:34 10:34 11:34 L 1:34 2:34 3:34 4:34 5:34 Wednesday(Leaves 9:35 am - Picks Up
Emporium Shoppes 9:40 10:40 11:40 n 1:40 2:40 3:40 4:40 5:40 1:45 pm) of the Month.
Lowes 9:41 10:41 11:41 c 1:41 2:41 3:41 4:41 5:41
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 1:48 2:48 3:48 4:48 5:48