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Shree Vinayak Technical Classes 9887191591, 9672502497

Q:1 Electrostatics is a branch of electricity concerned with (a) energy flowing across a gap between conductors (b) charges at rest (c) charges in motion (d) energy in the form of charges Q:2 The capacitance of a capacitor is the ratio (a) charge to p.d. between plates (b) p.d. between plates to plate spacing (c) p.d. between plates to thickness of dielectric (d) p.d. between plates to charge Q:3 The p.d. across a 10 F capacitor to charge it with 10mC is (a) 10V (b) 1 kV (c) 1V (d) 10V Q:4 The charge on a 10 pF capacitor when the voltage applied to it is 10 kV is (a) 100 C (b) 0.1C (c) 0.1 C (d) 0.01 C Q:5 Four 2 F capacitors are connected in parallel. The equivalent capacitance is (a) 8 F (b) 0.5 F (c) 2 F (d) 6 F Q:6 Four 2 F capacitors are connected in series. The equivalent capacitance is (a) 8 F (b) 0.5 F (c) 2 F (d) 6 F Q:7 State which of the following is false. The capacitance of a capacitor (a) is proportional to the cross-sectional area of the plates

Shree Vinayak Technical Classes 9887191591, 9672502497

(b) is proportional to the distance between the plates (c) depends on the number of plates (d) is proportional to the relative permittivity of the dielectric Q:8 The energy stored in a 10 F capacitor when charged to 500V is (a) 1.25mJ (b) 0.025 J (c) 1.25 J (d) 1.25 C Q:9 When a voltage of 1 kV is applied to a capacitor, the charge on the capacitor is 500 nC. The capacitance of the capacitor is: (a) 109 F (b) 0.5 pF (c) 0.5mF (d) 0.5 nF Q:10 The phase voltage of a delta-connected threephasesystem with balanced loads is 240 V. The line voltage is: (a) 720V (b) 440V (c) 340V (d) 240V Q:11 A 4-wire three-phase star-connected system has a line current of 10 A. The phase current is: (a) 40A (b) 10A (c) 20A (d) 30A Q:12 The line voltage of a 4-wire three-phase starconnected system is 11 kV. The phase voltage is: (a) 19.05 kV (b) 11 kV (c) 6.35 kV (d) 7.78 kV Q: 13 The peak value of a sine wave is 200 V. Its average value is (a) 127.4 V (b) 141.4 V (c) 282.8 V (d)200V Q:14 The voltage of domestic supply is 220V. This figure represents (a) mean value (b) r.m.s. value (c) peak value (d) average value Q:15 For the same peak value which of the following wave will 'have the highest r.m.s. value ? (a) square wave (c) triangular wave (b) half wave rectified sine wave (d) sine wave

Shree Vinayak Technical Classes 9887191591, 9672502497

Q:16 Form Factor is the ratio of (a) average value/r.m.s. value (c) r.m.s. value/average value (b) average value/peak value (d) r.m.s. value/peak value

Q:17 All the rules and laws of D.C. circuit also apply to A.C. circuit containing (a) capacitance only (c) resistance only (b) inductance only (d) all above

Q: Give the answer of Q:18 to Q:25 from following question: Three loads, each of resistance 16 and inductive reactance 12 are connected in delta to a 400 V, 3phase supply. Determine the quantities stated in questions 7 to 12, selecting the correct answer from the following list: Q:18 Phase impedance..

Q:19 Line voltage..

Q:20 Phase voltage..

Q:21 Phase current..

Q:22 Line current..

Q:23 Total power dissipated in the load..

Q:24 Power factor.

Q:25 Reactive Power