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Curriculum Vitae


Kampala 256 782 666836 256 772 714155; Sex Male | Date of birth | Nationality Ugandan


Electrical installation/commissioning/maintenance&repair

Shift Operator
Gas Natural Fenosa,O&M Energy (U) Ltd,Bujagali Hydro Power Project(BHPP)., Jinja (Uganda) Liasing with Lugogo Control Center so as to coordinate dispatch instructions. Carrying out shift routines, weekly & monthly routines according to company specific/technical instructions to ensure plant & equipment availability. Carrying out Lock Out/Tag Out(LOTO) isolations as per the set specific procedures to ensure safety of both personnel & equipment. Starting, stopping & monitoring turbines while on the grid( Load Control). Carrying out repairs on plant & equipment in case of break downs. Trending/monitoring of events during the operation/running of plant & equipment. Raising work orders & writing incident reports on anomalies on plant & equipment using IFS. Business or sector Electricity Generation (250 MW)

30/6/2011 1/7/2012

Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) Controller

ALSTOM FRANCE Bujagali Hydro Power Project (Erection & Commissioning Stage), Jinja (Uganda) Issuing/monitoring, documenting & archieving Lock out/Tag out permits. Coordinating/preparing for Pressure tests, Insulation resistance (IR) & Polarization index (PI) tests, back energizing GSU transformers and commissioningswitch-gears. Coordinating/preparing for excitation tests, Generator short & open circuit tests, transformer protection tests & pre/synchronization tests. Carrying out electrical & mechanical Isolation and de-isolation of the 132KVswitch yardbay and generator circuit breaker (GCB) using the Key Interlocking System(KIS). Responsible for toolbox talks to site workers. Responsible for carrying out formaldehyde tests. Business or sector Electrical Equipment Installation & commissioning

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1/8/2008 30/12/2010

Head of Operations
Thunderbolt Technical Services Ltd., Kampala (Uganda) Electrical Installation of the lighting system in control building & power house (BHPP). Installation of the RBS, PABX & Public Address System in the control building & power house (BHPP). Carrying out IR tests, continuity and polarity tests in the power house & control building. Reading/interpreting electrical design specifications & technical drawings in power house & switchyard (BHPP). Ensure that works are completed as per schedule. Field supervision of on-going projects. Costing of projects. Preparing weekly & monthly reports on ongoing projects. Business or sector Electrical Contractor

1/1/2007 31/7/2008

Health and safety Officer

Thunderbolt Technical Services Ltd., Kampala (Uganda) Ensure that safety is observed by all staff. Preparing weekly reports on the status of all the active projects. Ensure quality of work is maintained, without compromising safety of workers, tools & equipment. Responsible for toolbox talks. Trending/documenting weekly & monthly man-hours on site and travel hours.

Business or sector Electrical Contractor 1/8/2004 1/8/2007

Electrical engineering technician

Thunderbolt Technical Services Ltd., Kampala (Uganda) Erecting, installing and commissioning of outdoor AIRSYS DC plants for MTN (U). Installing/replacing of the indoor Actura Optima rectifiers for MTN (U). Replacing/installing Converters. BTS Maintenance which included measuring PSCC, PEFC and earth loop impedance, replacing batteries, stabilizers and protective devices like dehn guards, RCDs, ELCBs (RCCBs), trickle chargers, voltage monitors, timers and contactors for MTN (U). Installation & commissioning of 750KVAR capacitor banks at Mpanga Tea Factory. Installation & commissioning of 11KV/415V transformer at BAJABER and AZAM. Assembling, installing & repairing of Auto Transfer Switches (ATS). Generator service for Stanbic bank. Generator service for UMEME from 10-110KVA. Generator service for UNICEF from 10-220KVA. Installation of solar systems, inverters and UPS backup systems. Carrying out transformer tests including; insulation resistance tests, pressure tests, ratio tests, open circuit and short circuit tests. Carrying out tests on new/old residential & commercial installations including; Insulation resistance, earthing, continuity, operation of RCDs, polarity tests & visual inspections.

Business or sector Electrical Contractor

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Curriculum Vitae

EDUCATION AND TRAINING 1/8/2007 30/6/2009

Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Kyambogo University, Kampala

1/8/2002 30/6/2004

Ordinary Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Kyambogo University,

1/2/2000 30/12/2001

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education

City High School,

1/2/1996 30/12/1999

Uganda Certificate of Education

Up Hill College Mbuya,

1/2/1988 30/12/1995

Primary Leaving Certificate

St.Kizito Primary School,

1/11/2012 7/11/2012

First Aid Training

St.Johnstone, (Uganda)

1/12/2012 7/12/2012

Fire Fighting Training

Uganda Police Force

1/2/2011 2/2/2011

Severe Accident Prevention Initiative (SAPI) Training


1/3/2011 1/3/2011

Working on Energized Switch Gear Training



Other language(s)






Spoken interaction

Spoken production






Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Communication skills

Excellent written & verbal Communication skills

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Organisational / managerial skills

Good experience in team management gained through working in different departments A genuine desire to achieve,excel & evolve. Committed to implementing quality improvement techniques.

Job-related skills

Good at equipment installation and commissioning. Demonstrated ability to work well in a team-driven environment, as well as independently & unsupervised. Microsoft Office Networking

Computer skills

Driving licence ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Referees

1.Mr. Magero Stephen M&E Engineer/Planning & Projects MTN (U) Tel: 0772 120399

2. Mr. Nabutto Bazirio Human ResourceManager Kyambogo University Tel: 0772 963716

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