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Aloha version 5.

2 New Feature List

Aloha Technologies is very excited to bring version 5.2 to you. Not only does it include the long-awaited floor plan interface in TableService, but also a new Meal Accountability product and over 250 other enhancements to the Point of Sale and BackOffice products.

TableService and QuickService

Some new features have been added that affect both TableService and QuickService. These include: i. Financials A. Add revenue item not included in sales Enables a customer to ring up items and collect money for the item before the actual sale of a good takes place. For example, to collect a deposit on a banquet room for a future party. RFC#9771 A. Refund non-cash tenders Enables refunds to be closed to non-cash payments such as those through a hotel PMS. RFC#6484 B. Allow gift certificates to be compd and promod Enables the user to apply comps and promos to gift certificates, and to report the compd and promod amounts as revenue discounts. RFC#6754 C. Average check not inflated by compd checks Enables a user to include or not include comps and promos in average check calculations. If using comps and promos in average check calculations, the comp/promo will be counted in the number of checks, and the net value will be used for average check calculation. Also, empty checks will no longer affect average check calculations. RFC#12557 RFC#12288 D. Provide for additional service charge Enables the user to define an additional service charge (another charge type). RFC#9783 E. GST Tax Enables the user to define and use the Goods and Services Tax (international). RFC#13900 F. Tax on mode charges Enables the user to apply a tax to order mode charges. RFC#9024 G. Allow changing tip to service charge. Provides an option to enable the user to print user defined text before the tip line on the guest check, and to replace the word tip with user defined text, such as service charge. RFC#6503 H. Same person in multiple cash drawers An employee can now access multiple cash drawers. RFC#9075 I. Enter paid time off Enables the user to enter and edit employee hours for paid time off from the FOH. RFC#5734

J. Overtime shift rules support Supports California law that states if an employee works more than six hours without a break, the employee is paid an additional hour of regular pay, and if an employee works a second shift, they are paid a minimum of two hours. RFC#13939
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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

K. Warning message when declared tips is too low Displays a warning message if the declared tips are less than the threshold tip percent. RFC#12617 ii. Guest checks A. Multiple revenue centers on a check Posts ordered items to the revenue center in which they are ordered, rather than to the revenue center the check is created in. RFC#6824 L. Reprint checks by Revenue Center Filters guest checks to be reprinted by revenue center. RFC#8710 M. Print taxes by ID separately on guest check Prints taxes on the guest check broken out by tax ID. RFC#8810 N. Print the total on check in all currencies Enables the user to print the balance due and the change due on the guest check for all defined currencies. RFC#12290 O. Print day part on guest check Enables the user to print the day part on the guest check. RFC#9283 P. Option to hide check number There is a new option to prevent the check number from printing on the guest check. RFC#9176 Q. Shorten quick combo printing on guest check Provides the options to enable the user to print only the Quick Combo name on the guest check and the option to consolidate like Quick Combo components on the guest check. RFC#6128 R. Multiple cash cards on same check Enables the user to sell multiple cash cards on one guest check. RFC#6640 iii. Chits A. Print prices on chit Enables the user to print item prices and order totals on kitchen chits. RFC#6906 S. Suppress delivery info per printer Enables the user to suppress delivery information on printers by adding a new option to Printer Maintenance. Delivery information can be printed to desired printers while suppressed from other printers. RFC#13859 T. Suppress modifiers on tray chit Enables the user to suppress modifiers on a tray chit. RFC#14571 U. Suppress pivot seating info per printer Enables the user to suppress pivot seating information by adding a new option to Printer Maintenance. Pivot seating information can be printed to desired printers while suppressed from other printers. RFC#14568
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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

V. Pivot Seating item consolidation Changes the default printing behavior to sort the items by priority and perform any consolidation. Adding an option to Printer Maintenance to sort chit items by seat to enable the user to access the previous method. RFC#2558 W. Consolidate items with different modifiers on chit Enables the user to print like items consolidated on the chit. Items print according to priority of modifiers if priority printing is enabled. RFC#5524, RFC#9961 X. Consolidate modifiers based on first modifier group of item The new Consolidate First Modifier Group on Chit option, in conjunction with the Consolidate Items with Different Modifiers option causes the modifiers to be consolidated based on the first modifier group of the item (i.e. cook temperature). RFC#14303 Y. Option to print 1 in front of quantity one items This new option prints 1 in front of quantity one items instead of a >. RFC#14303 Z. Print modifiers on chit on same line Enables the user to use columnar wraparound, every three columns (designed for one or two letter modifiers) when printing chits. RFC#8459 AA. Print modifiers contiguous wraparound on same line Enables the user to use contiguous wraparound starting on the same line as the item being modified when printing chits. RFC#14567 BB. Print modifiers on 2nd line on chit Enables the user to use contiguous wraparound starting on the second line when printing chits. Adds an option to Item Maintenance to consolidate the modifiers based on the first modifier group of the item. Modifiers print in priority order if priority printing is enabled. RFC#14303 CC. Always prioritize modifiers If a modifier has a higher priority than the item it is modifying, the entire item takes on the priority of the highest modifier priority. RFC#9018 DD. Print open modifiers with an alert Enables the user to print an alert on the chit whenever special modifier instructions, open name items, or open price items are printed. RFC#4871 RFC#8778 EE. Print non-standard modifiers justified, red or bold Enables the user to use a different justification for printing non-standard modifiers (No, Extra, Side, Sub, etc.) on the chit. RFC#14570 FF. Distinguish native items when print all items Enables the user to print native items in bold or highlighted to distinguish them from other items that print on the chit when using the Print All Items on Chits feature. RFC#5703 GG. Add item-level justification setting Enables the user to print items on the chit aligned left (default), centered, or right. RFC#14569

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

HH. Large print for chit time Enables the user to print the chit time in bold on the chit. RFC#13626 II. Option to print terminal name on chit Enables the user to print terminal names on kitchen chits. RFC#8101 JJ. Modifier priority range is expanded from 1..99 to 1..255 The priority range for modifiers has been expanded from 1..99 to 1..255. RFC#15304 KK. Print barcode on expediter printer by order mode Provides a new option that enables the user to select certain order modes to print a barcode on the expediter chit. RFC#7479 LL. Remote Void chits QuickService will now print a remote chit when an item is voided (this feature already exists in TableService). Also, the font for the VOID CHIT text is now bold. RFC#16460 RFC#3400 iv. FOH Reports A. Print Revenue center in checks detail section of checkout Enables the revenue center to be printed in the checks detail section of the Checkout Report. RFC#8716 MM. Print flash report option in Aloha Manager Enables the user to print the flash report from the Front-of-House. RFC#9228 NN. Declare tip on employee clock out Enables the user to print PTD tips on the employee's clock out chit. RFC#6738 OO. Labor format consistent A new flag is added to display the FOH labor hours in minutes. RFC#11710 PP. Print time stamp on FOH Sales report The time is now printed with the date on the FOH Sales report. RFC#15621 v. BOH Reports A. Export reports BOH reports can now be exported to text or comma separated files which can be later e-mailed and brought into spread sheet or word processor applications. RFC#7684 B. New BOH Speed of Service report Prints a timing statistics report to help management identify and track areas of the restaurant and the dining experience. Reports on the time it takes to prepare an order. RFC#1892 RFC#12839 QQ. Select revenue centers on Sales by Revenue Center report Enables the user to filter one or all revenue centers to report on the Sales by Revenue Center report. RFC#11198

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

RR. Select revenue centers on Hourly Sales report Enables the user to filter one or all revenue centers to report on the Hourly Sales report. RFC#11608 SS. Audit report to show typed fields Enables the user to see typed messages on the Audit report. RFC#11249 TT. Allow adjusting percentage on Labor report Enables the 8% percentage of sales to be set to another percentage for the Labor report. RFC#1715 UU. Sales report settings user interface updated Updates the sales report settings screen with a new user interface. Sections of the report are chosen from a list of available sections and placed in the desired order on the report. RFC#12577 VV. Save multiple settings for Sales report Multiple configurations of the Sales report can be saved and later selected from a list for viewing, exporting or printing. RFC#13062 WW. Prevent managers from changing report settings Prevents managers from changing report settings. Permissions are granted through Aloha Security Levels. RFC#5877 XX. BOH Performance Measures report sorted by revenue center Enables a user to sort the Performance Measures report either by employee or performance measure. RFC#9674 YY. PMIX report to reflect discounted price Reflects the discounted price of items on the PMIX report. RFC#12300 ZZ. PMIX report by the week Enables the user to print a new Back-of-House report that consists of 2 sections: Items listed for Count Sold and Items listed by Net Sales. RFC#12836 AAA. PMIX report by interval Enables the user to print a new Back-of-House report that consists of 3 sections: Items listed for Number Sold, Items listed for Multipliers, and Items listed by Net Sales. RFC#12837 BBB. Filter BOH PMIX report by revenue center Enables the user to filter and print the PMix report by revenue center. RFC#9672 CCC. Show unit price per item on PMIX report Displays an additional column to show the price at which the item was sold. RFC#12034 DDD. New Open Drawer report Enables the user to print a new report on the amount of time a cash drawer has been opened for a transaction. RFC#12838 EEE. Summarize and filter audit report by employees Summarizes information by employee on the Audit report. RFC#3781

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

FFF. Server Sales by Revenue Center report Prints a Sales and Tip information report by outlet and employee. RFC#8708 GGG. Payment Detail report by revenue center Enables the user to sort the Payment Detail report by revenue center. RFC#8709 HHH. New Austrian Fiscal Tax report Prints a new report that displays data supporting Austrians tax laws. RFC#10613 III. Overtime report with new calculations Prints an employee overtime report from the Back-of-House. This report monitors the actual work hours and scheduled hours of the employee to assist management to forecast possible overtime hours. RFC#11574 JJJ. Include check average on Sales report Adds two setting to the Sales report to include the check average and the guest average for order mode sales, and sales by day part. RFC#1870 KKK. Include check average and PPA on hourly sales and labor report Adds an option to track the guest ticket average and the check ticket average based on either gross sales or net sales. RFC#7631 LLL. Casino tax and reporting Supports a secondary tax for entertainment events. Prints a new report that displays sales data by event. RFC#6490, RFC#6491 MMM. Sort employees by ID number or alphabetically Enables the user to sort employees alphabetically, by employee number, terminated, and active. RFC#6146 vi. FOH Appearance A. Support 800 X 600, 1024 X 768 blue stone cool interface A new blue stone cool interface can be used with multiple screen resolutions. QuickService now supports any screen resolution and any cool interface. RFC#12199 RFC#12207 NNN. Automatic screen sizing Large fonts are no longer needed for screen resolutions larger than 640x480. The screen resolution is auto-sensed by Aloha. Screen size and position can be overridden through environment variables. RFC#14534 OOO. Override cool interface scheme through environment variable The cool interface scheme can be set per terminal through a new environment variable in case multiple screen resolutions are used in the same store. RFC#12208 vii. Peripherals A. Support Biometric thumb scanner Biometric thumb scanners can be used for clock in/out and login/out. RFC#13465
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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

PPP. Support TX Digital PCD 101 customer display board Provides support for the Texas Digital PCD 101 Price Confirmation Display board. RFC#12855 QQQ. Support Epson 6000 The Epson 6000 slip/receipt combo printer is now supported. RFC#13129 RRR. Slip printers support line find The Epson H6000 and 295 slip printers now have the option to find entries on the hard check, and append additional lines below that section. RFC#13124 RFC#13752 SSS. Support for fiscal printers The following fiscal printers are now supported: (1) MSC200 (for Venezuela) RFC#13953 (2) Epson fiscal printer (for Argentina) RFC#13957 (3) Bematech MP-20 FI 11 and Procomp ECF (for Brazil) RFC#13956 TTT. Support WMF Pen/Key reader Supports a pen peripheral that can be used in place of magnetic cards for employee logon. RFC#10612 UUU. AccuView boards suppress zero tax line Enables the user to hide or show a zero tax on the order confirmation display board. RFC#12436 VVV. Pole display shows closed when inactive Enables the user to define a custom message to be displayed when the register is closed. RFC#12474 viii. Utilities / Troubleshooting A. Restore dated subdirectories utility Enables the user to use a new utility to copy dated subdirectories from a backup device to the file server. RFC#12834 WWW. Create diagnostic file utility Enables the user to create a set of diagnostic files. RFC#11961 XXX. Enhanced debout information A new DebugTouch setting allows detailed information about user activity to be included in the debouts. RFC#14685 ix. Extensibility enhancements A. Support Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE) Aloha now supports the Microsoft Database Engine. MSDE is free of charge and is more reliable than Access MDB files. RFC#10051 YYY. Master term launches batch at EOD The master terminal will now launch a FOHHOOK.BAT file if it exists when EOD completes. RFC#12209

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

ZZZ. Launch applications from TS FOH A TSBUTTON.CFG file can be placed in the DATA folder to allow applications to be run submenu buttons on the Order Entry screen tender buttons on the Close Check screen in TableService. Context information such as Terminal ID, Employee Number, Table ID and Check ID can be passed on the command line to the application that is being launched. RFC#5440 AAAA. Capture additional information associated with check A new function in QuickService, and a separate utility in TableService that is run from the close screen can be used to capture additional guest information, such as zip code, customer IDs, etc. The information is exported by GRIND to the CHKINFO.DBF file. RFC#11577 BBBB. Universal payment interface There is now a generic interface that can be used to integrate 3 rd party payment solutions. RFC#9770 CCCC. FOH printer output interface A third party application now has the ability to control FOH print formatting through an XML/COM interface. RFC#6816 RFC#16296 DDDD. Chit dump feature Creates an output file of chit fields, which enables a customer to write a utility to interface this information with external applications. RFC#5684 EEEE. Fiscal device interface There is now an XML based interface for fiscal devices. RFC#13667 FFFF. Additional functions in COM interface The FOH COM interface now supports placing items in held mode and sending special messages. Pivot seating and menu ID are supported, and payments can be applied even when items are not yet ordered. Also, the max modifier requirements were removed and tab names can be used. RFC#13222 RFC#14318 RFC#14319 RFC#14320 RFC#14785 RFC#15246 GGGG. COM Iber mode without user interface Provides a way to put Iber into a mode that allows COM interface activity, but has no user interface. This would typically run on the manager workstation. RFC#13028 x. Miscellaneous FOH changes A. Open modifier items on pizza screen Enables the user to access the touch screen typewriter from the Pizza Modifier screen. RFC#1742 HHHH. Option to print check number barcode on label Enables the user to print a label with a barcode that will, when scanned, bring up the corresponding guest check. RFC#8979 IIII. Manager approval for clock out Enables a manager to approve employees clock out. RFC#2626

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

JJJJ. Pick list option when choosing from large employee list There is now an option to allow a special pick list control to be used to select employees for various FOH functions. This is useful when there is a large number of employees to scroll through. RFC#4996 KKKK. Mask number on employee magnetic card Enables additional information on the magnetic card to be masked, which enables the system to read only the data it requires. RFC#12210 LLLL. Magnetic card for comp description Enables the user to enter the comp description name by a keypad or by a magnetic card. RFC#12327 MMMM. EOD can be run from any FOH terminal The EOD function can be run from any FOH terminal not just the master terminal. RFC#15868 xi. Other miscellaneous changes A. Aloha license agreement is displayed The Aloha license agreement is displayed upon entering Aloha Manager until the customer accepts the terms of the agreement. It is then re-displayed 45 days later to confirm acceptance. RFC#13951 B. BOH report viewing window can be resized The window displayed when a BOH report is viewed can now be sized to take advantage of larger monitors. RFC#1121 C. Maximum non-sales categories increased The number of categories has been increased to 950 total categories. RFC#12703 NNNN. Sort Edit Punches by columns Enables the user to sort data on Edit Punches by selecting the column. RFC#6366 OOOO. Track inventory for half pizza items Tracks inventory ingredients for one-half pizza items. RFC#9580 PPPP. Modifiers not exported if using the no modifier code. Enables modifiers using the no modifier code to be exported, which enables items not using modifiers to be reported on. RFC#12575 QQQQ. Partial payments for BackOffice applications Partial payment to Accounts Receivable and Meal Accountability are accommodated. A message is printed on the customer receipt to apprise the customer of the balance due and other information regarding their account. RFC#12124, RFC#11587, RFC#11588, RFC#11589 RRRR. Incorporate Concepts Adds Concepts to support operations where multi-branding occurs. RFC#12931 SSSS. Hide grind windows in SuperSite Enables the grind windows to be hidden in SuperSite/RDB mode. RFC#5379

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List QuickService Only

Some features were added that apply only to QuickService: i. Order entry changes A. Multiple check windows Enables multiple guest checks to be viewed on the FOH screen. In addition to the current order, multiple previous orders can be displayed that auto-shift when a new order is created. This is familiar functionality to Panasonic users. When logging into the system, the review check boxes are filled in automatically, and if there arent enough checks to fill all review check boxes, a blank review check box is displayed. RFC#11845 RFC#13662 RFC#13663 TTTT. Drive-thru order queuing Tandem and side by side drive thru operations are facilitated by not issuing the order number until the car is ready to advance to the payment window. RFC#13716 UUUU. Combine checks Enables the user to combine guest checks. RFC#1945 VVVV. Multiple order modes on check Enables the user to select multiple order modes for different items on the guest check. This functionality already existed in TableService. RFC#5179 WWWW. Guest count by category A customer is added to the check guest count each time an item from a designated category is ordered. RFC#3718 xii. Cash drawer management A. Prompt for cash pulls Prompts the cashier when it is time to pull money from the drawer and place it in the safe. RFC#3900 XXXX. Assign people to multiple drawers Enables an employee to be assigned to multiple cash drawers. RFC#9075 YYYY. Self assign drawer takes opening count Enables the user to enter an opening drawer amount using count screens. RFC#12007 RFC# 12008 ZZZZ. Must declare cash option Enables the user the ability to declare cash in QuickService from the FOH. RFC#4113 xiii. Manual Day Parts in QuickService A new function in QuickService provides the ability to change day parts from FOH. RFC#13434 Sort QuickService screens by ID and name Enables the user to sort by ID or description when viewing Screen Editor. RFC#9424


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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

xv. Panel Editor There were some fortunate side-effects of using QS panel technology for the TS floor plan feature: A. A new toolbar, Coordinates, has been added which enables the user to move or size a selected button or panel by specifying screen coordinates. B. A new dialog box, Select Desktop Size, has been added which enables the user to select the resolution to run Panel Editor in. The user is able to view screens, panels, and buttons in the same resolution as the FOH machines. C. Bitmaps can now be tiled or centered on a screen. D. Panels can be displayed with no border. E. Panels can have a transparent background which will allow the image on the screen behind it to show through. F. Bitmaps can be tiled on the panel. This is especially useful for textures.

TableService Only
Some features were added that only apply to TableService: i. Floor Plan Layout

A graphical representation of the restaurant floor plan can be used as an optional replacement for the working with tables/tabs screen for access to the guest checks. Based on QS panel technology, function buttons, graphics, and buttons that chain to other floor plans can be placed on the screen. The floor plan feature does not provide table management, it simply provides graphical access to checks with some status indicators. RFC#5159 xvi. Enhancements for Team Service environments A. Free for all team get check Enables employees with order entry ability to get checks from other employees, add items, and automatically return the check to the originator. RFC#9070 AAAAA. Rapid login Enables an operator to rapidly login to the POS system when there are multiple operators working on a terminal with cash drawers and working in a rapid transaction environment. This reduces the current steps and time required by the current method. Independent sales data is also recorded for each operator. RFC#6820 BBBBB. Public cash drawers Enables multiple employees to access the same cash drawer. RFC#6478

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

xvii. Reports A. Select revenue centers to report on the FOH Sales by revenue center report Enables the user to filter the revenue center(s) to print on the FOH Sales by Revenue Center report. RFC#8713 CCCCC. Sort FOH Sales by Revenue Center report by daypart Sorts the FOH Sales by Revenue Center Report first by revenue center and then by day part. RFC#8712 DDDDD. PMix report quantity items Displays the user entered unit count of items sold through Quantity Item Pricing on the Product Mix Report. RFC#8329 EEEEE. Guest count tracking by revenue center Enables the user to track the guest count by revenue center. RFC#9447 xviii. Guest checks A. Split guest check in equal payments Enables the user the ability to split the guest check into equal payments from the Close screen. RFC#1040 FFFFF. ACPrint check printing module Custom formats a guest check and prints it to a standard Windows printer. RFC#12604 GGGGG. Greater than 250 guests per check Allows up to 9999 guests per guest check. RFC#8705 HHHHH. Delete all items on a check Enables the user to delete all items on the guest check. RFC#9385 IIIII. Make split check an access level Enables servers to split their own checks without manager approval. RFC#6087 JJJJJ. Start check on PMS inquire print guest and room number Enables the user to start a check with an initial PMS inquiry/authorization. The check prints the room number, the guest name, and (as applicable) that only cash may be used for payment. Also, specific job codes use the PMS system to start a check. RFC#8714 xix. Autogratuity A. Allow dollar amount gratuity Enables the user to define a default and maximum dollar amount to apply as a gratuity, fee, or service charge on the guest check. RFC#9315 KKKKK. Delete auto gratuity from order entry screen Enables the user to delete an auto gratuity from a selected check on the order entry screen. RFC#1077
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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

LLLLL. Allow different auto gratuity by revenue center Enables the user to define the gratuity amount to be automatically applied by revenue center. Enables the user to charge a different gratuity amount without manually changing the default gratuity amount when prompted. RFC#6506 MMMMM. Change text for auto gratuity by revenue center Enables the user to define the text before the automatic gratuity is applied to a guest check by revenue center. RFC#1481 NNNNN. Set auto gratuity by promo and comp Sets gratuity by the promo or comp to determine if gratuity is applied to individual comps and promotions. RFC#7696 xx. Access Frequent Buyer through working with tabs screen Enables Frequent Buyer to be accessed through the working with tabs screen. RFC#13583 Allow quantity item open price Enables the user to use quantity pricing for open items. RFC#9354 Apply discount promo to multiple items Enables the user the ability to apply a coupon discount to multiple items on a guest check. RFC#3494 Allow partial tip out Allows the cashier to only tip out "tips" and not "grats" RFC#8671




i. Connect to Visanet via direct TCP/IP Enables a direct connection to Visanet through TCP/IP, which significantly speeds up the authorization process. RFC#8213 Lynk Systems credit card processor The Lynk Systems credit card processor has been certified for a while when VISANET was selected from the processor list. Lynk Systems is now listed separately in the processor list. RFC#14788 Spool-down mode indicator An option has been added to display a message at the FOH when a credit card transaction has occurred while in spool-down mode. RFC#14258 Configurable baud rate Enables a user to add two new statements to the EDC.INI file to configure the baud rate for a processor. RFC#10600 RFC#12135




i. Split screen kitchen video Enables users to view orders in different order queues on a video screen. RFC#7981

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

xxvii. Master bump for kitchen video Enables a dispatcher to remove orders from video monitors, which indicates the order is completed. RFC#7845 Video queue load balancing Orders in a video queue can be distributed across multiple monitors. RFC#13549 Span multiple video monitors A single video queue can span up to five monitors. As orders are bumped, the orders shift to the next monitor screen. RFC#13556 Show remaining number of orders in queue Displays the number of open orders on the status bar next to the date time. RFC#13559 Script video re-routes A function has been added to QuickService to change video routing. RFC#13550 Scroll buttons no longer bump orders The scroll button no longer bumps orders. RFC#13525






i. Production Levels Module Provides functionality to forecast usage based on historical sales quantities, and then to create volume levels to determine how much food to have on hand, prep, and produce during volume intervals in the day. This is similar to the existing prep projections feature, but it is tied to volume levels. This feature is very useful in operations that use bins. Both items and components can be projected. RFC#12013 xxxiii. Print chit for waste entry Prints a slip that records the time the waste was entered, and the person who entered it when entering Waste Counts. RFC#12010

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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List Meal Accountability

Aloha Technologies is introducing a new BackOffice product with this release. The Meal Accountability Software is a Windows based package that replaces the existing DOS version of Meal Accountability. The interface to Aloha POS is essentially the same as for Accounts Receivable and Delivery/Frequent Buyer. The Meal Accountability product is well suited for universities and corporate cafeterias, or other scenarios where meal plans, debit plans, and credit plans are used. Availability periods can be defined by revenue center, day of week, and time of day. Interfaces exist to the Aloha point of sale, Verifone boxes, and NCR 2170H electronic cash registers. RFC#12124

Accounts Receivable
i. Customer statements uncluttered A new option has been added that enables the user to send one charge request message, thereby uncluttering the customer statement. RFC#6572 Flexible field formatting Data fields can be formatted to support international phone numbers, addresses, etc. RFC#10755


Delivery/Frequent Buyer
i. Support for Bek-Tel caller ID box The Bek-Tel caller ID hardware is now supported. RFC#16630 Flexible field formatting Data fields can be formatted to support international phone numbers, addresses, etc. RFC#10755


i. Ability to print purchase orders Purchase orders can now be printed. RFC#11810 Menu cycle definition Enables the user to define a standard set of repeating daily menus that provide for variety and differentiation in menu selections for consumers. Menus can be established for a user-defined number of days, consisting of rotating daily menu items as well as fixed everyday items. RFC#10746 Order wizard modification Enables the Projected Sales Wizard to project cyclical menu day sales item usage data from historical sales for the same cyclical menu day. This feature is installed but is not enabled during Inventory Control setup. Please contact your Inventory Control support organization to learn more about this feature and how to enable it. RFC#10748 Accounting period / data manager replication Accounting period maintenance can now be replicated. Accounting period changes and new period additions will not be synchronized for accounting period that are dated prior to the last period closed. RFC#10738
June 6, 2001 - Page 15 of 21 - Version 5.2 New Feature List




Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

xxxviii. Auto generate reference numbers Automatically generates unique reference numbers when adding new purchase orders, invoices, and adjustment entries. RFC#10740 Add security on adjustment types A new section, Available Adjustment Types on the General tab, enables the user to select the types of adjustments that are allowed to be entered. Unselected adjustment types are removed from the Adjustment Type drop-down list located in the adjustments entry. RFC#10741 Item price update automation A new section, Sales Item Price Updates, automatically recalculates sales item sales prices based on the sales items menu group update settings. RFC#10736 POS update automation Synchronizes POS maintenance with additions, changes, and deletions performed in the Inventory Control application. RFC#10747 Provide for free form recipe preparation instructions Enables the user to enter recipe preparation methods. Many of the formatting features available in word processing packages are supported. RFC#10742 EDI to suppliers A new data manager task type has been added - EDI Document Import. The 832 Price Catalog and the 838 Trading Partner Profile industry standard document types are supported. RFC#10749 Corporate edition transfers, correction, adjustment, reconciliation The store level Inventory Control application has been modified to feed data to the Corporate Reporting application for four new reports: Transfer Reconciliation, Cash Reconciliation, Cost Corrections, and Period Transactions. RFC# 10739 Corporate transfer reconciliation A new report that matches transfers out and transfers in across facilities. This report is available as a general report or as an exceptions only report (where one side of the transfer has been logged, but not the other). RFC#10743 Cost corrections A new report that enables a user with security clearance to correct a FIFO stack entry or an ending count. The report enables the user to threshold either quantity of entries created or dollar value of entries to report only extraordinary entries. RFC#10744 Cash reconciliation A new report that reconciles debit and credit entries that do not affect inventory, such as surcharges, cash deposits, and other entries reconciling the days activity. RFC#10745 Thaw report When using menu cycles, the usage calculated by the projection provider can be reported in the new thaw report to indicate how much food should be taken out of the freezer. RFC#10752











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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

xlix. Modify purchase history journal to provide summary Enables the user to print a new report, Purchase History Summary, with summary information only. RFC#12005 Modify open purchase orders report to provide summary Enables the user to print the Open Purchase Orders report with summary information only. RFC#12564 Reprint production report The production report can now be reprinted. Change stocking unit of measure utility Enables the user to change the stocking unit of measure for an inventory item and have the system automatically perform the required conversion changes from the old to the new unit of measure on all dependant tables. Note: This feature is NOT enabled on systems that are using replication manager. (1.03) Edit during sync in Replication Mgr When operating against a database that is in the middle of a database hierarchy (that is, it has both a parent and one or more children), pressing the Synchronize button prompts to perform only the import (from the parent), only the export (to the children), or both. This enables the user to import new rows from the parent, edit them, and then send them on to the children. Previous versions performed the import and export in one process, passing new rows directly from the parent to the children without an opportunity for editing them in between. (1.03) Order Book Displays the last price paid to the vendor for a vendor item when a price quotes does not exist for a given vendor item. (1.03) Vendor Item Purchase Summary Report Prints the last price paid for a vendor item in the Last Purchase Price and Last Unit Price columns regardless of the presence of vendor item quotes. Previously, the system printed the last price paid for a vendor item or the quoted price, if an effective quoted price was available for the vendor item. (1.03) Transfer Tickets Prints the actual cost of the inventory items being transferred. (1.03) Invoice Entry Transfers In Replaces the required vendor number entry with the unit number. Previously, the user was prompted to enter the unit number of the transfer of goods received. (1.03) Inventory Parameters Inter-unit Transfers A new tab, Inter-unit Transfers, has been added. A new section, Transfers In, enables the user to update the vendor number when entering transfers in of goods through invoice entry, and to credit the general ledger account for the total amount of the tranfser. A new section, Transfers Out, contains information that previously resided on the General and GL Special Accounts tab. (1.03) Prior Period Transaction Batches The ability to track transaction batches processed for a count period other than the current period has been added.
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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

lx. Change Commit button on Order sheet Changes the Commit button on the order sheet from a default style button to a standard style button. RFC#11999 Data Manager enhancements A. Sales Import / Sales Offsets Import Supports the ability to include a new symbol, |E, in the import file path and/or file name. The new symbol is replaced by the sales date plus one day at run time. This enables the user to import data from POS systems that create files dated one day after the sales actually took place. The new symbol uses the same formatting rules as the existing |D symbol. For example, if your import task specifies a file name of C:\|E<MMDDYY>\SALES.DBF and you attempt to import data for the sales day of 10/20/2000, the import task will attempt to import from the file named C:\102100\SALES.DBF. (1.03) OOOOO. Export Tasks All export tasks now support the |U, |D, and |E symbols in their export file path and/or file names. (1.03) PPPPP. Text File Import Recognizes the single character LF as a row delimiter, in addition to the existing two characters CRLF and single character CR that is already recognized. (1.03) QQQQQ. Jobs and Tasks Replicates Data Manager jobs and tasks. (1.03) RRRRR. Cover Counts A new data manager task type, Sales Cover Counts Import, has been added which allows for the creation of a data manger task that can import existing cover count data from end-of-day files produced by the POS system. (1.03) SSSSS. Sales Offset Task Type Enables the importing of sales offset count data through the data manager task type Sales Offset Import. (1.03) TTTTT. Price Import Task Type Enables the user to maintain vendor item maintenance updates and quoted prices. lxii. Value Added Tax (VAT) Enables the Value Added Tax (VAT) functionality, which calculates, records, and reports the additional taxes and expenses that are levied on goods purchased. (1.03) A. System Parameters A new tab, VAT, enables the VAT features. (1.03) UUUUU. Item Classes Enables the user to assign a default VAT tax to each item class, which will be applied to all inventory items associated with that item class. (1.03)


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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

VVVVV. Inventory Items Enables the user to assign a VAT tax to each inventory item. The VAT calculation process looks at the VAT tax assigned to an item first, and if one is not assigned, to look at the VAT tax assigned to the items associated item class. Note: An inventory item can have one and only one VAT assigned. (1.03) WWWWW. Vendors Enables the user to include a VAT charge included in the invoiced items, or as an itemized charge, for a vendors invoice. (1.03) XXXXX. Invoice Entry Provides an additional invoice header section titled VAT Amounts. The value of this entry defaults to the VAT tax charge setting from the Vendors table for the vendor in which the invoice is prepared. This value can be changed at time of entry. Additionally the invoice line item section has changed. If the VAT tax amounts for the invoice being entered are itemized separately, a new section is displayed that includes the VAT tax descriptions with a column for entering the amount charged. If the VAT tax amounts are factored into the invoice line items, this section is not displayed and VAT tax charge calculations are based on VAT, item class and inventory item maintenance. (1.03) YYYYY. Purchases Journal and Historical Purchases Journal Includes an additional section on the journal the prints the VAT charges for those invoices that include itemized VAT tax charges. This section is suppressed if invoice VAT tax charges are included in the invoiced line item totals and are not itemized separately on the invoice. (1.03) ZZZZZ. Open Purchase Orders Report Includes an additional section for each purchase order that prints the calculated VAT tax charges. The calculated charges are based on VAT, item class, and inventory item maintenance. (1.03) lxiii. System Parameters A. The Folder to write data warehouse file to option has been enhanced to allow up to 80 characters of input. (1.03) AAAAAA. A new data warehouse export table Physical Count Reporting has been added. Please contact your Inventory Control support organization to learn more about this feature and if it should be enabled. (1.03) BBBBBB. A new tab labeled Password Maintenance has been added. The options on this tab allow for you to establish global password standards, requirements, and periodic expirations. (1.03) lxiv. Sales Entry A. Cover Counts A new tab, Cover Count, has been added which enables the user to enter and report on sales day cover count data. Cover count data is processed as statistical only data. (1.03) CCCCCC. Sales Offsets Enables the user to enter count data associated with the sales offset amount data when entering sales offset sales day amount data. For example, a user can enter the amounts and counts by tender media. Sales offset count data is processed as statistical only data. (1.03)
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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

lxv. Sales Offset Report A. Includes sales offset count data in the report. G. Enables the user to print a new report type to report for exception reporting. When this style is used, a list of sales offsets is presented that allow for the input of dollar amount thresholds for each. Those sales offset items that have thresholds entered and exceed this threshold will be reported for the time period selected. H. The standard sales offset report has an additional option available for including menu group sales totals. If selected along with the sales offset period totals will be item sales totals for the same period, summarized by menu group. lxvi. Journals A. Adjustments History Prints into the journal the actual cost of the item adjusted out of inventory. The theoretical cost was previously being printed. (1.03) DDDDDD. Purchase and Purchase History Prints the unit number and unit name received with the transfer of goods from for invoice entries of type Transfers In. (1.03) EEEEEE. Sales and Historical Sales Enables the user to print the sales day cover count data in each of these journals. (1.03) FFFFFF. Sales Offset and Historical Sales Offset Enables the user to print the sales offset count data in each of these journals. (1.03)

Labor Scheduler
i. Support fixed pay rates A job code can now be defined to have an hourly rate, or a daily or weekly fixed rate. RFC#12506 Allow rule sets to accept fractional entries Enables the user to enter fractions when setting up rules for scheduling. RFC#13168 Rule sets need to be cumulative Cumulates the fractions when setting up rule sets for scheduling. RFC#13167 Adjust sales projections Enables users to adjust by day the Sales Projections for all key volumes, revenue centers, and sales categories. RFC#13794 Option to print identifiers on the Weekly Overview Schedule Enables the user to print job names and identifiers on the Weekly Overview Schedule. RFC#10106 Option to print tasks on the Weekly Overview Schedule Enables the user to print job names, identifiers, and tasks on the Weekly Overview Schedule. RFC#10107
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Aloha version 5.2 New Feature List

lxxii. Add job groups to task bar job code drop-down Enables the user to view a group of jobs by including Job Categories in the Daily View drop-down list. RFC#10108 Status bar statistics reflect Daily View selection Calculates the statistics based upon the selection made in the Daily View drop-down list. RFC#10113 (in conjunction with RFC#10108) Display variance between actual vs. scheduled A new weekly performance report enables the user to schedule hours based on projections for the upcoming week, hours actually scheduled, hours used by the end of the week, and hours that should have been scheduled based upon the completed week. RFC#10118 RFC 14643 Drop-down boxes accessible without mouse Enables navigation of controls, rows, columns, and fields with a keyboard. RFC#12504 Select employees filtered by qualified Enables the user changing job assignments to filter for employees who are qualified for the specific job. RFC#12505 Suppress labor cost and labor hours by job code Enables the user to include or exclude daily labor costs and daily labor hours in calculations at the bottom of the Aloha Labor Scheduler screen. RFC#12507 Suppress hours and dollars for unfilled jobs Enables the user to suppress labor hours and dollars from calculations for schedules not assigned to employees. RFC#13138 Sales history to reflect combined revenue centers Adds the ability to filter the Sales History and Sales Projection reports on all revenue centers and all sales categories. RFC#10954








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