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On-load tap-changers for furnace applications

VACUTAP On-load tap-changers for furnace applications

MR's vacuum switching technology proves its worth on a daily basis in thousands of on-load tap-changers around the world. This technology offers particularly significant benefits for the use in furnace transformers

The advantages compared with conventional oil switching technology:

Lower energy consumption during switching-off in the tube The vacuum interrupter chamber is hermetically sealed, so that any contact of the arc with a quenching agent is avoided. The switching characteristics are therefore independent of the surrounding medium. The advantages: No carbon generation in the on-load tap-changer oil No oil filter system required Clean oil facilitates and accelerates inspections Unproblematic disposal of the oil Consistent switching capacity over the whole service life of the vacuum interrupter Background: The quality of the vacuum in the tube is improved further during tap change operations, since the metal vapour plasma generated by the arc from contact material binds free gas molecules (getter effect) No oxidation of the contact surface and therefore consistently good contact resistances

with up to 200.000 tap-change operations per year and up to 100 tap-change operations per hour (depending on the melt) with frequent overcurrent switching in aggressive or polluted surroundings

with particularly demanding transformer availability requirements

This is why numerous steel and aluminium plants around the world are already using VACUTAP. This flyer aims to make your decision to switch to VACUTAP even easier.

VACUTAP V V / V R: The facts


tap-change operations without maintenance, being far more compared to conventional oil switching technology time-dependent maintenance



process downtimes result in maximum productivity interrupters have a service life of 600.000 tap-change operations diverter switch insert has a service life of 1.2 million tap-change operations electrical and mechanical endurance tests far exceed the IEC requirements (e.g. switching capacity tests with 600.000 tap-change operations instead of the required 50.000) vacuum interrupters that have been developed specially for application in onload tap-changers are used. They are manufactured according to MR's strict specifications and have been used for many years. units are based on the proven MR protection philosophy oil cooler can be connected for cooling the on-load tap-changer in the event of high switching frequencies




VACUTAP V V I switching element

VACUTAP V V on-load tap-changer




VACUTAP VR diverter switch insert

VACUTAP VR on-load tap-changer

VACUTAP VR and VACUTAP VV Step Capacity Diagrams for Furnace Applications

4500 4000 3500

VRE III 700 VRC III 400/550/700

Step voltage [ V ]

3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400

VRF/VRG III 1000/1300

VV III 250/400/600

VRD III 1000/1300

Rated current [ A ]
Three-phase for furnace operation

4500 4000 3500

V RE I 701/1001/1301, VRF I 1001/1301

Step Voltage [ V ]

3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400

V V I 401 V RC I 401/551/701/1001/1301 VRD I 1301

Rated current [ A ]
Single-phase for furnace operation

Your benefit for aggressive and/or polluted surroundings: TAPMOTION ED motor drive unit: designed for IP 66 protection as standard

What data does MR need from a transformer manufacturer in order to prepare an offer? In most cases a transformer current/voltage table is sufficient. If necessary MR will contact the transformer manufacturer for further information that may be relevant for the on-load tap-changer design. For further information see:

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