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Uni-species Halloween Cape Costume Pattern

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Cape Pattern
Amount to enlarge pattern for size
Extra Small: 165%
Small: 180%
Medium: 235%
Wide Medium: 265%
Large: 265%
X-Large: 300%
Cape Pattern
cut 1 fabric OR
cut 2 if lining
Attach Flap Here
place on fold of fabric

General Size Guide

Size Length Weight
Extra Small 6 to 9 inches 2 to 6 pounds
Small 10 to 13 inches 7 to 12 pounds
Medium 14 to 18 inches 13 to 20 pounds
Wide Medium 14 to 21 inches 13 to 30 pounds
Large 22 to 26 inches 40 to 70 pounds
X-Large 22 to 31 inches 50 to 80 pounds

The pet length is from just behind the head st their neck
to where their tail begins. Even though we’ve used a dog
in the illustration above, cats measure the same way.
Uni-species Halloween Cape Costume Pattern
Page 2

Cape Side Flaps

Amount to enlarge
pattern for size
Cape Pattern – Side Flaps Extra Small: 100%
Small: 140%
Medium: 160%
Cut 2 OR
Wide Medium: 200%
cut 4 if lining
Large: 200%
X-Large: 220%

If you use the spider and

web, enlarge to whatever
size you need.
Uni-species Halloween Cape Costume Pattern
Page 3

Uni-Species Halloween Cape Directions Cape Pattern Yardage Chart

This cape will work on both dogs and cats. The basic Size Cape Fabric Lining (optional)
design can be transformed into many different costumes. Extra Small 1/2 yard 1/2 yard
With a little imagination, some simple laying, use of
Small 1/2 yard 1/2 yard
seasonal fabrics or felt and embellishments, you can
make your pet’s costume as easy or ornate as you Medium 3/4 yard 3/4 yard
choose. Wide Medium 7/8 yard 7/8 yard
Large 7/8 yard 7/8 yard
When using any embellishments, make sure any buttons, X-Large 1 yard 1 yard
ribbons, rhinestones, bows or whatever you select are
securely fastened to the costume, so your pet won’t be
able to pull them off and swallow them.
Basic Sewing Kit
For the sample, our model Fred is dressed up as ‘Spider • Tape measure
Cat’ – the basic cape with spider and web. • Sewing Machine
• Thread and needle
For dog and cat sizing, please refer to chart on page 1, • Iron and ironing board
right of cape pattern piece. And cat owners, please do
not be offended a dog illustration was used to show how • Fabric (or white) Glue
to measure your pet. • Straight pins and safety pins
• Scissors
To make the Uni-Species Halloween Cape requires some • Velcro – One or two packages (depends on
sewing, so you will need a few simple sewing tools and
size of pet) 1 5/8-inch width
supplies. See Basic Sewing Kit Chart at the right.
Before beginning the project, gather these necessary • Craft knife (optional)
items to help you with this project.

For the sample ‘Spider Cat’ cape shown, orange felt was used on the cape, black felt for the spider’s web, and green felt for the

What’s great about using felt is it won’t ravel, so you don’t have to turn under the edges. However, if you use other fabrics such as
cottons, cotton blends, or wools, you should turn under the edges, to prevent raveling. If you’re experienced at sewing, you may
want to consider lining the cape, as a way to prevent raveling on the edges.
Uni-species Halloween Cape Costume Pattern
Page 4
Uni-Species Halloween Cape Directions – continued

1. Once you’ve determined the size of your pet, check the chart to find out how much you will need to enlarge or reduce the
pattern. Create your paper pattern.

2. Pin the cape pattern piece to the fabric, aligning the fold line on the pattern to the fold in the fabric (repeat the step for
lining if used). Pin the side flap pattern piece to fabric and cut two (2).

3. With right sides facing, pin the one side flap piece to each side of the cape, using the placement indicated on the paper cape
pattern piece. Sew the side flaps to cape. Turn under edges if needed to prevent raveling. Press side seams open with iron.

4. Add Velcro tape to side flaps. Cut Velcro tape to preferred length so the side flaps can be adjusted. Sew the Velcro “loop
side” tape to one of the side flaps. Sew the Velcro “soft side” tape to the other corresponding side flap. SEE PHOTO A.

5. Using same technique as in Step 4, add Velcro tape to chest flaps.

6. If making Spider Cat design, place spider web pattern on felt and CAREFULLY cut on black lines with craft knife (Xacto) or
scissors. Glue spider web to back of cape. Now place spider pattern on felt, CAREFULLY cut on black lines, and glue to spider
web on back of cape.

7. The cape costume is complete!

Completed Halloween
Cape Costume – view
from above