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Joseph Ohlheiser

June 14, 2009

Tech Class
Philosophy of Technology

My philosophy of technology in the classroom is based upon the

that technology should only be brought into the classroom if it aids the
teacher and/or the students in meeting their educational goals. I feel
that using technology for technology’s sake can be very harmful to a
learning environment because at that point the technology simply
a distraction from the true goals in the classroom. This philosophy in
turn begs a number of questions.
The first question is when and why will technology is used? In my
classroom technology will be used when it helps the students or the
teacher to meet their goals. For example one teacher goal might be to
have the students prepare a professional research paper. In that case
use of a word processing program would be a good use of technology.
Another example would be if I were to assign an oral presentation. In
this case the students would be allowed the option of using PowerPoint
they felt it would help them produce a good presentation. An example
where technology would not be used also comes from the hypothetical
presentation. While I would allow the use of PowerPoint, I would not
force it upon the students. I feel that programs such as PowerPoint are
tools to make learning easier. If a technology makes learning more
difficult for students then that technology will not be used in my
Another issue is how to ensure that all students have equal use of
technology. I would address this issue by first looking at the school
itself. Every school has different levels of technology that permeate the
school. In a high technology school where all the students have their
school assigned laptops I would be inclined to assign projects where
use of computers would be essential because I know that each student
would be able to access a computer regularly. Conversely if I knew that
the student population had little or no access to computers I would not
assign any projects that made use of technology. I believe that classes
can be taught quite well using only the bare minimum of technology,
bare minimum being word processing software.
Finally I will look at whether or not a technology is used in an
effective manner. I will evaluate technology by looking at it critically
and asking the question “does this technology make the learning
easier?” An example of a program that does make the learning process
easier is Word. Word makes learning easier because it allows students
make easy edits to papers and present them quickly in a neat and
effective manner. An example of a program that might not meet my
is Quia. Quia might not meet my criteria because it tends to only make
the learning process for the teacher easier at the expense of the
students. The teacher saves time grading the quizzes, but the students
tend to suffer because they are left at the mercy of a computer
To conclude, I feel that technology is very helpful to the learning
process. However, new technology must always be questioned before
brought into the classroom.