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WORLD'S FAVORITE Teele SELECTED MASTERPIECES For The CLASSIC GUITAR Alard « Chopin + Aguado « Mozart e Malats Handel « Scarlatti « Mendelssohn « Bach « Albeniz « Giuliani + Coste « Tarrega « Carcassi + and more Compiled, Fdited and Fingered by Frantz Casseus ASHLEY PUBLICATIONS INC. Allegretto Andante Andante Andante Andantino, Op. 2, No. 3 Andantino, Op. 13 Canzonetta (from Quartet Op. 12) Courante Danza Mora Estudio Estudio Estudio Estudio En Forma De Minuetto Estudio No. 2 Gavotte Gavotte Granada Grand Sonate, Op. 22 La Romanesea Larghetto Largo (from Fantasy II, Op. 1) Les Folies D'Espagne Mazurka Meditacion Minuet Minuet Minuet 4 Prelude Preludio No. Preludio No. Proludio No. Preludio No. Preludio d Preludio No. Romance Sarabande Sarabande Serenata Espanola Six Caprices, Op. 26 ‘Three Etudes ‘Three Fifteenth Century Songs ‘Three Studies ‘Two Etudes, Op. 48 Two Studies Waltz Waltz In G goeeee ©Copyright 1970 by ASHLEY PUBLICATIONS, INC. + 263 Veterans Blvd. “S.A. — AU Rights Reserved, Including Public Performance for Profit International Copyright Secured Made i CONTENTS M. Giuliani F. Carullé J. Haydn W. A. Mozart P. Sor F. Sor F. Mendelssohn J. S. Bach F, Tarrega ‘M. Carcassi N. Coste P, Tarrega F. Tarrega D. Alard J. 8. Bach A. Scarlatti 1. Albeniz F. Sor F. Sor M. Careassi F. Sor F. Sor F, Tarrega F. Sor J. 8. Bach F. Schubert F Tarrega F. Carulli B, Tarrega F. Tarrega F, Tarrega F. Tarrega F. Chopin F. Chopin R. Schumann J. 8. Bach G.F. Handel J. Malats M, Careassi F. Tarrega D. Aguado M. Giuliani F.Carulli F. Chopin D. Fortea ‘arlstadt, N.J. 07072 SES oSELERES 4 52 M1 HoRBRSSuoBRRRERSELRAS ese WORLD'S FAVORITE SERIES No. 56 FOREWORD This book provides the accomplished guitar- ist as well as the student with celebrated tran- scriptions and original works of the masters. In recent decades, the literature for the classic guitar has expanded considerably. Yet the works of Sor, Aguado, Guiliani, Carcassi, Coste, Tarrega, and other masters of this interesting and beautiful instrument, remain outstanding, ‘measured by either a musical or a didactic viewpoint. ‘The study and the mastery of the selections in the book will provide an important step toward perfecting the player's technique and in enhanc- ing the pleasure that this instrument can afford. ‘This printing has been painstakingly restudled by Mr. David C. Thomson of Lexington, Kentucky. Also at his ‘suggestion our Word's Favorit Series Number 43 (Soles {or Cassie Guitar) has been reviewed and corrected. Iti ‘hrough the help and advice of such experienced teachers ‘hat this extensive series has gained its popularity. ‘Robert Kail ‘Ashley Publications EE ee Te ico ea eae Stam Eo,