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between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. Vince Lombardi In my opinion, I would rate my performance during my groups oral presentation last Saturday (20th July 2013), as a 7 upon 10. This scale is constructed with 5 being the quality of the typical oral presentation which I tend to give (based on my memories of presentations given during previous modules). A rating of 1 would be me giving an absolutely horrible presentation while 10 would be basically a perfect and mind-blowing presentation. Hence, I would say that I think I did above average for my oral presentation and am, in general, happy with my performance . However, I do believe that there is still much room for improvement. An elaboration on this would be in the section titled Congruent Communication by Haim Ginott. Every single person has his or her own strengths and weaknesses some of them are obvious, but others are hidden and unconscious. We have develop our communication skills and get to know people better in order to see peoples hidden strengths as well as working on self- monitoring and understanding our own personality, because we want to know our blind spots and try to learn how to deal with them. Understanding and developing your own personality is one the most important skills in the modern world. Your strengths, weaknesses and etc. has important impact on interpersonal relations and on your performance on your workplace. As for me, I suppose that I know my strengths. First of all, I believe that been an extrovert is a strength, because you can easily communicate with people and build good relationships with them. Good relationships within a group is basis for good teamwork, it also affects how well you can cooperate with people and develop same goals in order to achieve success. Also, this skill can help me to avoid conflicts on a workplace, because I can speak with the person and see where is the problem. Moreover, I am open to new experience.

After receiving an assignment on June 29, 2013 from Dr. Rafiah Binti Abd Aziz, I started to refine the title so that an accurate understanding of motion that I can control. I gained the information from various trusted materials about the title. Then, we discussed together before we compiled together in one file to be present during our presentation. During gaining this , I learned a lot about congruent communication developed by Haim Ginott. But I am not quite agree with this congruent communication during teaching in classroom. For me, it can make the pupils more pampered without anyone can guide them what they done were wrong. We cant humiliated pupils in front of them. Yes, I agreed with that but at some point pupils must know when they doing wrong should accept they wrong. Strengths Since Ive had the luxury of multiple rehearsals, I believed that I was well prepared for my presentation. This resulted in me feeling that one of the main strengths of my presentation was that my verbal messages were presented quite fluently. Also, I felt that my non-verbal messages, which I believed were communicated primarily via my hand gestures, effectively complemented my verbal messages and I am quite pleased with this. Lastly, I felt that I projected my voice effectively throughout my presentation and this is really the main cause of my satisfaction with my presentation. This is because Ive received feedback from my lecturer. Im thus glad that Ive managed to speak at an appropriate volume. I liked my slides as well, as I felt that its simple layout was easy on the eyes and yet, it still managed to be visually attractive. The credit for this achievement go for me eventhough my lecturer dont like it. For her simple is easier. Weaknesses and Future Improvements Although I spoke fluently in general, the perfectionist in me was not happy that there were a few times when I stumbled over my words and when I had to pause longer than I should to recall my points. Thankfully though such moments were rare I think. Thus, I felt it did not seriously compromise the effectiveness of my presentation. I am persuaded that the greatest weakness of my presentation was that my slides were not always linked to my spoken words in a coherent and clear manner. As such, the

audience may have felt confused during certain parts of my presentation. This could have caused them to be unsure of whether their attention should be on my slides or on me in order for them to fully grasp the message that I was trying to put across. This is something which I think my friends has highlighted after my groups presentation was done. As such, I would really like to improve in this area. One possible way to do so would be for me to scrutinize my slides extremely closely to check for the existence of a clear and logical link between my slides and my speech. Also, I could present in front of different groups of people before the actual presentation date, so that I can get feedback on the coherency and clarity of my slides with respect to my speech. Eventhough Dr Rafiah looked very stern with her opinions, but we would be grateful and thankful because she is very open during giving her opinions without any hesitation. In that way, we know our weakness so that we can improvise our mistake according what would be. Taking all consideration into account, indentify and find yours strenghts and weaknesses is challenging, because it is hard to see. We have to critically think about and determine whether it is strengths or it is actually slows you down. Activities in class and self assessment made me think about my personality and what is good or bad about. To sum up, I am sure that where is always area for development even in your straights