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SIGMA 95L Light Embedded GPS Inertial System

Light Embedded GPS Inertial System
SIGMA 95L is a compact Inertial Reference System tted with the SAGEM embedded GPS Receiver. It has been designed for applications on xed wing aircraft, requiring a lightweight, small size and nevertheless performing navigation system. SIGMA 95L is well adapted to multi-service applications and oers extensive operational exibility. It can operate as a self contained Attitude and Heading Reference System as well as a full Inertial Navigation System with optimum performance and enhanced robustness resulting from a tight inertia/GPS integration. - lightness and compactness of the system, - high reliability and maintainability, through a reduced number of SRUs. Building on the advantages of a strap-down system, SIGMA 95L delivers continuous 3D navigation, autonomous attitudes and heading, and, through dedicated I/O lines to the Flight Control System, safe and reliable inertial raw data for enhanced aircraft safety.

Main functions
Multimode alignment capabilities: - on-ground autonomous interruptible gyrocompass (GC), - on-ground fast alignment on stored heading (SH), - in ight, on Satellite Navigation System, - at sea, on Satellite Navigation System, on Ship Inertial Reference System (SIRS), on Ship Velocity Reference (log) Dynamic attitude reference Optimal hybrid navigation Automatic magnetic variation computation Air data computation with external pressure sensors Automatic system calibration Extensive built-in-test Terrain referenced navigation

An outstanding navigation set-up

The SIGMA 95L single large-size, multimode Kalman lter provides alignment and navigation capabilities catering to all operating conditions, with the carrier aircraft at standstill or on the move, on land, at sea, in ight. It features a robust and exible hybrid navigation conguration which blends the data from all available sensors (GPS, Glonass, air data system, radar altimeter for terrain matching, Doppler velocity sensor, ...) while performing integrity monitoring. Notably with the SAGEM all in view embedded GPS receiver (delivered in SPS for general applications or in PPS as an option), the nal outcome is optimized availability, better accuracy and enhanced robustness of the navigation function.

General Hard or Rack mounted MTBF: > 5000 hours Power requirements Power supply: 28 VDC, consumption < 35 W Interfaces MIL-STD-1553 bus ARINC 429 RS 422 Synchro (optional) Overall Features Size: 180 mm x 125 mm x 280 mm (7 x 4.9 x 11) Weight: < 8.5 kg

An advanced design
SIGMA 95L is based on todays most advanced technologies, including Ring Laser Gyros, fully digital electronics, Ada programming and extensive use of ASICs. It takes full advantage of our achievements in the eld of inertial sensors, electronics integration, optimal ltering and navigation techniques. High integration performed both at hardware and software levels leads to:

Pure inertial mode Position: < 0.8 Nm/h Velocity: < 1 m/s Roll, pitch: < 0.05 Heading: < 0.1 Hybrid modes 21 m (95%) with GPS L1, L2 SA o 100 m (95%) with GPS L1 SA on

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