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Soul Path Evolution Signature Profile Reading & Clearing: Your Path to Abundance


Jane Doe

Find your freedom within


INTRODUCTION Soul Path Evolution is the process of evolution that takes place for the Soul as it travels along its path, both during this incarnation and any previous or future incarnations. Knowing oneself at Soul-level, and the awareness achieved as such, is an integral part of this process, and the intent behind the creation of this very specialized reading. Additionally, because the highest level of fulfillment will only come to us when we know ourselves fully, that is also the only state in which we can fully achieve abundance in this lifetime, and thus makes having this level of detailed information extremely valuable. PURPOSE OF THIS READING The purpose of this reading is to help you to find that deep level of awareness you have been seeking for so long in your life. This report will fully explain to you who you are at Soul-level, and all of the gifts and talents you have brought with you into this lifetime, as well as what purpose you came to fulfill and how you can begin to take steps now to step more fully onto your path. This is significant because in order to fulfill our purpose and step fully onto our path, we must fully express all of the gifts and talents we have cultivated at Soul-level over our many incarnations. Simply put, fulfilling our purpose allows us to achieve the greatest level of satisfaction and fulfillment in our own lives, and thus also allows us to actively achieve a glorious state of abundance in our lives. We simply cannot achieve abundance unless we are happy and fulfilled, and that ONLY comes from fully expressing ourselves and our Souls gifts to the greatest extent possible each and every day. But we simply cannot do that if we are not clear on what they are, which is precisely where the value in this report comes into play. This report will fully explain to you WHO you are at Soul-level and all the gifts and talents you have chosen to specialize in and bring to the world as your contribution. Without fully knowing and understanding these gifts, how can you possibly ever express them all? You simply cannot. Having this knowledge will open you to a new level of consciousness that you could not possibly have otherwise achieved prior to this. You will now be able to go forward with this knowledge and apply it in your daily life. Watch how abundance will now stream freely into your life as a result of you opening the door to your own Soul and allowing it through to fully express itself!

PARTS OF THIS READING This reading is broken down into four parts in total: Your Soul Profile: all of the gifts and talents you chose to bring with you into this lifetime. Spiritual Tools you have access you but most likely are not aware of that can help you achieve your goals and desires Your Life Purpose: a channeled description straight from your Soul Record that explains the Purpose you came here to fulfill and just how you intended to fulfill it Your Personal Manifestation Process: a special method channeled specifically for you describing the process you should be utilizing to manifest your desires here in the physical Clearing: the negative energy that was cleared to assist you in more fully knowing your path and purpose and to help you achieve manifestation success

As promised, this reading also includes a clearing component for assisting you along your spiritual journey and to clear some basic forms of negative energy that are holding you back clear some basic forms of negative energy that are holding you back from knowing and fulfilling your Life Purpose. You will find these things are explained throughout the report in various sections. You may also wish to learn more about future clearing sessions you can take advantage of to assist you in an even greater capacity in achieving the level of fulfillment and abundance in your life that you desire as you begin to see how much further you have stepped along your path as a result of this beginning level of work. You will find details and a special offer for continuing our work together at the end of this report. In the mean time, please take in all of the information I have to offer you here, and above all, please enjoy!

PART 2: YOUR SOUL PROFILE This portion of the reading contains an extensive description of who you are at Soullevel, and all of the gifts and talents you have chosen to express during this lifetime. Use this information wisely to enhance your daily life and to set you well on your path to abundance by incorporating as much of it into your daily life as possible. SOUL GROUP OF ORIGINATION|PARALLEL There are different types of Soul Groups that people make references to. This Soul Group refers to the place that your Soul chose for its very first incarnation, your Soul

Group of Origination, so its like the birthplace of your Soul. This is significant because our Souls carry traits and characteristics from these places, just like you carry them from your hometown. Each planet of origination is unique in its own right, just as each and every Soul is unique in its own way. Having a clear understanding of where you REALLY came from will help you understand yourself better with a much deeper awareness of yourself and the traits and characteristics you were instilled with during your time there. Your Soul originated in what we refer to as a Parallel Dimension. Because Souls like yourself can come from any number of places beyond our frame of reference, it is hard to identify a set of specific characteristics among you. You most likely came to this dimension to learn lessons that can only be learned here. You may feel somewhat out of place here, and you may have even incarnated with other Souls like yourself so that you do not feel so alone here. You may also have an interest in or a fascination with doors, because they are a reminder to you for finding your way home. For you specifically, the place your Soul originated has a lot of light there. There is much freedom and intensity of Spirit. The Souls from there are very high-powered Souls as it was explained to me, who want the best for all. Your Soul group will do everything they can to help others. You came here specifically to fight negativity and to help the light succeed. PRIMARY ARCHANGELIC REALM OF TRAINING|ZOPHKIEL Our Souls take training in one of seven Archangelic Realms. Each realm corresponds with both a chakra and an Archangel. This is an area of training that we choose to specialize in at Soul-level so that we can bring those gifts and talents into the world in an even larger way. Understanding this aspect of ourselves is essential to our happiness, fulfillment, and well-being because it is an integral part of who we are. By understanding this part of ourselves fully, we also have a deeper understanding of the purpose we came here to fulfill. And it is only through expressing these gifts and talents in the world that we can achieve that purpose, fulfillment, and set ourselves well onto the path of abundance. Your primary Archangelic Realm of Training is Zophkiel. The main focus of training here is on harmony, balance, cosmic law and order, the laws of karma, perfection, art, and beauty. This energy center is associated with the Third Chakra, or Solar Plexus Chakra. Many individuals from this realm of training find themselves very interested in aesthetics, and will be in careers such as graphic or interior design, or possibly estheticians. Computer Programmers are also often from this realm. These individuals enjoy problem solving, but in a way that balances both form and function. They are

especially ecstatic if they can achieve both ends, and their work results in a quality product. They also strive to create balance and harmony among people and within groups. They are excellent team builders and mediators. However, fairness is extremely important to them. They want everyone to be happy, but if they feel that a situation or person is not being handled fairly, it bothers them immensely. When unbalanced, they tend to be excessively perfectionist, which in turn causes them to make the situation even worst. They have a tendency to be workaholics, and often do not spend nearly enough time having fun. One of the main lessons you are intended to learn is to find balance between work and play. You can use your creativity to achieve this. Even though it may feel as though it is against your nature or better judgment, not doing so can lead to the trap of perfectionism and possibly even self-criticism. Giving yourself enough play time can actually make you more productive overall. Your gift to the world is to assist in making the world a more harmonious place for others. As you create balance, harmony, and beauty for yourself, you are, in turn, creating it for others as well. SECONDARY ARCHANGELIC REALM OF TRAINING|GABRIEL Some Souls decide to add to their training by specializing in a Secondary realm of training, or area of specialty. You are one of those Souls. This will add an additional component to your gifts and talents at Soul-level and it is just as important that you understand them so that you can fully express them throughout your daily life, because they are just as integral a part of fulfilling your purpose at your Primary Realm of Training is. Your secondary Archangelic Realm of Training is Gabriel. The main focus of training here is on communication through both the spoken and written word. This includes speaking, writing, singing, and vibrational healing. This energy center is associated with the Fifth Chakra, or Throat Chakra. These individuals are typically good communicators and speakers, making them the essence of an excellent teacher. They often have a strong desire to communicate their opinions and ideas, and this can take place in any numbers of settings. They make fantastic writers, speakers, counselors, teachers, consultants, or musicians. Spiritual teachers, mediums, and channels often come from this realm as well. Gabrielites will very often find themselves having a need to express themselves and their thoughts, feelings, and opinions to the world. They can also receive negative feedback as a result, because they have no problem making their thoughts and feelings known and doing so in such a boisterous manner.

These individuals may also have a strong desire to learn so that they can share their knowledge with the world. While learning is an important part of who you are, even more important is that you fulfill your need to teach others, no matter what form that may take. You dont have to be in a formal classroom to share your knowledge with others. This is important because your realm of training is also all about spiritual communication, and when you share your knowledge with the world, you will also find yourself expressing wisdom directly from Spirit. This is a VERY important job you have to fulfill here and something that is VERY much needed by us all. For it is you that we all look to for the wisdom we seek, and it is you that has the ability to share your enlightenment with us. Dont ever underestimate the importance of your natural talents and abilities. We ALL need you very much. Along with knowledge, comes power and challenge as well. Your primary challenge is to remain open-minded with your application of the knowledge you obtain and to not use it to judge others. It can be very easy for you to become judgmental and supercritical of either yourself or others. You have to keep in mind that you are the teacher and the one who is imparting your knowledge on others, and they may not always be in a position or state of mind to fully grasp what you are trying to share. That is their choice, and not yours to make. The old saying applies here - You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink. We all work our way through this life in the best way that we know how, and what applies to us may not apply to everyone else. While it is important that you use your gift of communication to share knowledge and enlightenment with the world, you cannot always expect them to utilize that information in the way you would like or expect. Just know that what you do share with others has an effect on them in the way that they need the most. PERIODS OF HISTORY LIVED Our Souls have experienced many incarnations throughout many time periods in history, but there are certain periods that are very influential during your current incarnation. What this means is that there is something significant to you now about your incarnation during this period of history. For you, what is now significant is: Ancient Rome

Feel free to do as much research as you like around this place and period of history to identify for yourself how they are manifesting themselves into your life now. These times and places may be ones in which your Soul experienced profound growth or made extraordinary strides toward spiritual development, and as a result, remain a significant part of who you are at Soul level.

MYSTERY SCHOOLS During our various incarnations, our Souls study and take training in many different schools of ancient wisdom in order to further their path of evolution. We refer to these as Mystery Schools, or schools with wisdom and teachings intended to be preserved for the overall benefit of humanity. The most significant one to you during your current incarnation is: Goddess (matriarchy and worship of the Divine Mother)

Again, feel free to do as much research as you like around this Mystery School to identify for yourself how it is significant in your daily life and how it has affected your personal spiritual evolution. This may manifest itself in your hobbies and interests, both physical and spiritual, traditions you may be drawn to, or belief systems you may have. SPIRITUAL ORDERS Between incarnations, our Souls work for one or more Spiritual Orders to assist the needs of Spirit. Understanding this aspect of who we are at Soul-level is important because these are very much a part of who we are and part of our intent in coming here is to utilize these gifts and talents in some way. The Orders you have participated in are: Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light The purpose of this order is to do work on our behalf to make it easier for us to connect to higher beings and to help us develop an active prayer practice. The Sisterhood focuses on helping us manifest here in the physical through creativity and passion, and the Brotherhood utilizes conscious intent and prayer requests for manifestation. All of the other orders are part of this larger group. Melchizedek Priesthood This order utilizes prayer as a means of blessing and healing us. Spiritual and energetic healing are of great concern for them, and prayer is an important part of their very being, and should be developed to the fullest extent. Members of the Order of Melchizedek are also adept at using energy to create or change circumstances. This can also be done by utilizing the color streams of energy, as in a reduction in the color red can reduce pain, and an increase in the color green can promote healing. This order also has quite a bit to do with healing energy, so this most likely has been significant to you in some form or another.

SOUL SPECIALIZATION(S) All Souls choose one or more types of careers to specialize in. Just like you would have a job here in the physical, these are activities you take part in between incarnations and that are significant to you during this incarnation. This does not mean you are expected to fulfill these same jobs while incarnated, but it is more like these energies are significant to you now in any way that you choose to express them, and are also a part of understanding your purpose at Soul-level: Master of Design Biology/Botany Masters of Design Biology/Botany will have studied the molecular and energetic structures of the physical body, as well as of plants and animals. They may have a fondness for gardening or taking care of animals, as well as hands-on healing. This training will also make them very effective energy workers. They will intuitively know how to affect the physical body through energy work. They also have an intuitive understanding of energy anatomy. Explorer Soul Explorer Souls are pretty much the Indiana Joness or Captain Kirks among Souls they boldly go where no Soul has gone before! These are the Souls that were the first to travel the inter-dimensional pathways of the Galaxy, and to make contact with other Soul Groups. As such, they are adventurous people who love to travel or enjoy taking risks. They are here to show us that we need not be afraid of the unknown. There are many aspects to the Explorer Souls. Some have acted as ambassadors and scholars, have traveled for the sake of adventure, have mapped the star gates and wormholes that allow for intergalactic travel, and so forth. Some will have also traveled to parallel dimensions.

ARCHETYPES OF THE SOUL Archetypes are defined as patterns of thought and behavior that we inherit or choose to take on from collective consciousness. They are models used to define a person, personality, or behaviors that define a good deal of the way we interact with others in our lives and in our society. These become an integral part of our psyche and drive much of our behavior and interactions with others throughout our daily lives. They are used in both psychology and philosophy in many areas, and you can even find them in fiction writing. Because they are used so often, more often than we realize, they become like stereotypes for us that we use to characterize and classify the categories that we and others we know fit into. The benefit of understanding where we fit in is so that we can better identify with ourselves at a deeper level, how we interact with the world, and how we can best maximize those characteristics for our benefit in our lives. Understanding our archetypes can also help us to avoid certain negative trends that come along with

them so that we can be vigilant about and improve on those tendencies, thus improving our lives. Because the archetypes we look at here are the Archetypes of your Soul, they are yet another extension of your Gifts of your Soul, and are chosen by us before we incarnate, expressing them is also an important part of fulfilling our Souls purpose. Knowing what these are is an integral part of knowing yourself at Soul-level so that you can fully express and incorporate these characteristics into your daily life as you intended before you came here. The archetypes that your Soul chose for you during this incarnation are: Teacher The Teacher has the gift of communicating his or her knowledge, experience, skills, and wisdom to others. This can be achieved in many ways in a persons life, even if it is simply sharing guidance with another individual. The problem with the Teacher archetype is that it can create a desire to manipulate those being instructed and can lead to a stronger concern with his or her own recognition than with imparting knowledge, which is the intended purpose of the Teacher. Healer The Healer has a strong desire to help others by restoring and repairing the mind, body and/or spirit. This can be achieved by healing physical illness in the body, psychological or emotional difficulties, or working with ones spiritual life, and the means to achieve healing can be vast. The Wounded Healer is often a part of this archetypal story, as the Healer learns to go on to heal others by first overcoming their own difficulties and healing themselves. They have a natural affinity for assisting others with transforming their pain into something positive, and often facilitate a learning experience for them as a result. Their gift to the world is their compassion and generosity of spirit. Wizard (Magician) The Magician is gifted at transformation. This is chosen by Souls who have a great desire for Spiritual development and plan to incorporate it heavily into their daily lives. This archetype should be expressed in your life through your ability to be inventive or constantly reinvent yourself and your life in new ways, and to constantly come up with new ideas that you can use to apply to transforming your life. The negative side of the Wizard is that the ingenuity that comes along with it can be used for unethical or negative purposes if one isnt careful.

GIFTS OF THE SOUL Just like our Soul chooses certain archetypes before a given incarnation, it also chooses gifts and talents to express during that incarnation. These gifts should be readily expressed throughout our daily lives and include both the energy we bring to

others and to the world and the way in which we have chosen to assist others during our time here. Understanding these gifts and finding ways to use them is another important part of expressing your Souls purpose. It is important to note, however, that you should not only find ways to help others using these gifts, but also find ways to enjoy yourself using them. The gifts that your Soul chose to express in this lifetime were (in descending order of importance): 1) Learner The Learner is constantly seeking out and taking in new information. Being open to new ways of doing things is a defining characteristic of the Learner as well, and teaching and exploring is typically tied to it in some way. They are always on the forefront of new knowledge in the area that interests them the most so that he or she can go on to impart that wisdom to others. You will have a constant hunger for knowledge, as this drives you to continue to learn as a means of expressing this gift of your Soul. 2) Coach The Coach is the champion whose strongest desire is to help others succeed in life. They are deeply invested in helping others achieve their goals and it gives them great satisfaction to see this happen. As a result, they are wonderful at empowering others. They are very good at helping others clearly see and define the steps they need to take to achieve their goals. 3) Nurturing & Supporting These individuals find great satisfaction in seeing others achieve success. They thrive on providing a positive, encouraging environment through which individuals can succeed, and this gift can be utilized in a wide variety of settings. 4) Positive Expectations Individuals with this gift view the world from a very idealistic point of view in which they always expect the best from the world. Their default view of the world is good and pure in nature. They have a great faith in the Universe and God instilled in them that allows them to go on to share and uplift others with it. This is a very important service that they bring to us all, especially those of us who are lacking in the area of faith. 5) Problem-Solving The Problem-Solver truly enjoys helping others fix and solve their problems. He or she is also very good at identifying what the problem is in a given situation and precisely how to remedy it. They are very good at using their creativity to implement innovative solutions. PRIMARY LIFE LESSON All Souls choose between 3 and 6 lessons to experience during any given incarnation. For this incarnation, you chose Giving as your Primary Life Lesson. You have been


working on this lesson for more than one lifetime and you are scheduled to continue it beyond this lifetime. What this means is that you have chosen to experience the energies of Giving in any number of ways. This can mean experiencing it, experiencing the opposite of it, helping others to experience it, or any other combination of this energy. With Life Lessons, there is no goal of achieving them. It is simply about the experience of yourself in different aspects of that energy. If you spend some time contemplating this, you will clearly see how it has affected your life until this point and the role that it plays for you influencing things.

PART 3: SPIRITUAL TOOLS GIFTS FROM SPIRIT This portion of the reading discusses the gifts from Spirit that are given to us to assist us in our daily life in expressing our Souls purpose and achieving our goals and desires. If we are not aware of these tools and do not know how to properly utilize them we can be missing out on much needed spiritual assistance that was available all along, had we just known about it. Be sure to begin incorporating and utilizing these tools as fully as possible as you go about your day. Remember, there is no limit to the help you can receive from Spirit if you only know how to ask for it! SPIRIT GUIDES We each have a team of Spirit Guides assigned to us specifically in what is called the Inner Circle. They are assigned to assist us during our physical incarnation, providing us with their loving guidance any time we need it, and even when we dont think we need it. They have ways of communicating with us that vary from hearing songs in our heads to visual images in our minds eye to physical impulses anywhere our bodies. Their role in our lives is really well described by the word guides, as they do cannot MAKE us do things, simply because our free will is greater than all other sources, but they can direct us to feel a need, or impulse to do something that will lead us toward something that may be very much needed for us at the time. This team typically consists of anywhere from 4 to 6 guides. We select these guides throughout childhood, our teen years and into our early 20s depending on what path we choose to take with our life. These guides operate from a higher dimensional level and are given the task of helping us throughout our lives. You have a total of 6 Spirit Guides in your Inner Circle, all of which are positive and working on behalf of your highest good.


There are actual cases in which someone may be have a negative guide, or one that is not working on behalf of their highest good. In a case such as this, we would ask that these negative guides be released in the clearing and reassign new positive guides in their place. CONNECTION TO YOUR HIGHER SELF & SPIRIT GUIDES This clearing work is valuable for many reasons, one of which is because it reconnects the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind fully to our Higher Selves. Without being fully connected to our Higher Selves, we are missing out on wonderful guidance and inspiration in our daily lives. We can even feel lost, alone, and lacking purpose when we are not fully connected. Before the clearing, your Conscious Mind is only 59% connected to your Higher Self, but your Subconscious Mind was 76% connected to your Higher Self. What this means is that until now, you could have been lacking guidance, because your choices and actions were not fully guided as they were meant to be and you may have been lacking inspiration and creativity. Also, your Conscious Mind was only 36% connected to your team of Spirit Guides, Teachers, & Angels, and your Subconscious Mind was only 56% connected to your team of Spirit Guides, Teachers, & Angels. Again, this is a problem because you may have been missing valuable guidance until now. After the clearing, all connections from the Conscious and Subconscious were fully restored to 100% so you can now fully connect to your higher forms of guidance and receive it freely as you need it. Want to learn more about Your Personal Team of Spirit Guides? I have a full Spirit Guide Reading that will tell you the following for each one of the guides on your team: SOUL GROUP OF ORIGINATION ARCHANGELIC REALM OF TRAINING ROLE ON YOUR TEAM & HOW THEY ASSIST YOU IN YOUR DAILY LIFE HOW THEY CONTACT YOU TO SEND YOU MESSAGES

This information is invaluable in strengthening your connection with your Guide Team and the quality of guidance you receive on a daily basis to assist you in achieving your goals. Along with this reading, I also walk you through a process that you can utilize daily to help you strengthen your connection with both your Higher Self and


Your Personal Team of Spirit Guides, Teachers and Angels. It gives you a way to receive guidance on demand as you need it! Email me at for more information today!

SPHERES OF PROTECTION All Souls have the capability of having six 13 thick spheres of protective energy surrounding them to protect them from negative energy. These spheres do not automatically stay with us and can wear down over time and through our many incarnations. Part of the problem is that we are not aware of their existence, so we do not know how to utilize them. You had 0.5 spheres of protection at birth and at the time of this reading you had 0.1. However, do not be alarmed because this is actually fairly normal and the spheres are restored in the clearing process. In the future, you can visualize these spheres around you as a daily activity to maintain your protection from negative energy. Imagine the Divine white light of the Creator flowing downward from above all around you, making a sphere that surrounds and protects you. Then repeat this visualization 5 more times, with each sphere going outward one level, until you have 6 completed spheres. These spheres protect us from all types of negative energy, both physical and but one important thing to note, however, is that these spheres WILL NOT protect you if, for some reason, you should actively choose to engage with negativity, because that is a free will choice, and the laws of this Universe will not violate our free will. GODSPARK CONNECTION Each one of us is connected back to Source through a golden energetic cord that is attached to the center of our chests. This is not only an essential source of life force energy for us, it is also what reminds us that we are ultimately Divine beings. For three minutes each night, we use this energetic connection to return to Source to recharge and revitalize ourselves and our energy fields. Your Godspark connection is intact and has no damage, which is exactly how it is meant to be. There are times, however, when this connection can get damaged and clearing is required to repair it. This is typically done through a Past-life Clearing, because the source of the damage needs to be fully researched and understood before it can be corrected. It is typically not a stand-alone issue, and clearing it without clearing it


without understanding the full context through which it was created can leave any other negative energy that was created along with it in place. If the cord is damaged, which yours was not, it can cause us not to have full access to all of the energy from Divine Source that we were intended to have. This connection is also an essential part of knowing our own divinity and fully accessing our Divine Power so that we can go on to fulfill our purpose in the world. WHITE LIGHTS/BLUE LIGHTS We are each granted multidimensional beings that look like white spheres of light in the shape of a softball. These white lights carry our prayers in the form of energy to be answered by Spirit. The more we use this resource, the more we are given, up to a total of 30. Once we reach 30, we are then given blue lights which allow our prayers to be answered much more quickly and powerfully. You currently have 11 white lights, which is a good number, but you can actively work toward collecting more by increasing your prayer practice and utilizing them more frequently. This is a spiritual resource that you are underutilizing. The best way to do this is to visualize enclosing your prayer in one of these white lights and then send it out into the Universe to be answered. If your prayer is for another person, you can visualize it going to that person in the white light. An example of this might be for someone you know who is ill and you wish to send a healing prayer to. In a case like this, you might say the prayer you wish to send them out loud or in your mind, and then visualize it being wrapped in a white light and directing it with your mind off in the direction of the person you are sending it to. Distance is of no concern. Please note that when you do receive blue lights, it is important to understand that they are only to be used on your own behalf and not for others. They are so powerful, in fact, that they can actually interfere with another persons free will, so be sure to only utilize them on your own behalf when you do receive them. An example of a prayer that you might utilize a blue light for would be something along the lines of an increase in your income, perhaps a better job opportunity, or for your own health and wellness as long as it is on your own behalf ONLY. In this instance, you would decide on your request clearly, then visualize it being wrapped in a blue light, and then you would send it off to Spirit or to your higher power for fulfillment of your request.


ALIGNMENT TO THE DIVINE ENERGY STREAMS Before the clearing, you were not fully aligned to the energy streams of Divine Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom, Power, Abundance, Manifestation, Creation, Money, and Empowerment. Your alignment to the Divine Energy Streams was as follows at the beginning of the session, before the clearing: Divine Divine Divine Divine Divine Divine Divine Divine Divine Divine Love: 74% Light: 52% Truth: 36% Power: 49% Abundance: 27% Wisdom: 56% Manifestation: 46% Creation: 52% Empowerment: 36% Money: 61%

The clearing requests to restore these alignments to 100%, however, the effects are not instantaneous with all of these energies, but as you read the 21-day clearing prayer sent to you along with this report, and the changes from the clearing take effect, the percentage of alignment increases more and more over time. The goal, of course, is for you to be aligned with them all at 100%, so that you can fully take advantage of the energy you have been missing all this time. In most cases, however, it does take more extensive clearing to fully align you with all of these energy streams because there are so many forms of negative energy that can interfere with our access to our own Divine Power. Want to be even more fully aligned with the Divine Energy Streams ? You can achieve this today with a Past-life Reading & Clearing! The Past-life Reading & Clearing helps you achieve happiness, fulfillment and abundance in your life by clearing the negative energy from past-life experiences that is blocking you and that you have been carrying with you for LIFETIMES. This also increases your alignment to the Divine Energy Streams, allowing you to have more complete access to them because you are no longer carrying the same amount of negative energy that you were previously. New and wonderful opportunities and choices become available to you that were not previously and you have an amazing level of clarity to help you


understand how you have come to where you currently are in your life and how you can go on to create the life you know you deserve. Email me at for more information today! COMPASSIONATE CONNECTIONS Compassionate connections are very common and are formed when we decide to allow other Souls to utilize our own energy so that they may evolve spiritually. It is our way of helping and giving to others, but it is not in either our best interest or theirs and they must be cleared, because when we have these connections, we are no longer able to access the totality of our own spiritual resources and we are not able to completely fulfill our purpose. You had 7 compassionate connections, all of which have been cleared now as a part of the clearing I conducted. Please note, however, that clearing these connections does create a shift in both our energy system and the energy systems of those we were connected to. This may result in those people suddenly working to get your attention by either reappearing in your life after some time or creating drama. They may also simply disappear out of your life altogether. In either case, it is for the highest good of both you and them that these are cleared. Now that these have been cleared, it is important to remember to maintain your own boundaries energetically so you do not create any more compassionate connections, as well as to realize that your primary responsibility is to yourself above all others. This is just one example of a type of energetic connection that can be formed to other Souls that can seriously drain our energy and cause us to lose access to our own Divine Power. There are other types as well, such as Cords and Hooks. These are even stronger energetic connections that will literally divert your energy away from your projects and meeting your own goals directly to meeting the goals of the individuals who are draining your energy. While this may seem like a kind gesture on the surface, it is certainly NOT in alignment with any Souls highest good, because we were not intended to draw on any energy source but our own. Often these Cords and Hooks come from weak and disempowered Souls that have no clear understanding of their own divinity. It is ALWAYS in alignment with all Souls highest good to clear these types of connections, regardless of the circumstances under which they were created.


Want to identify and clear the Cords and Hooks that are draining you? I have a Cord Cutting session that will identify and clear the cords and hooks that are causing you to lose full access to your own Divine Power. This session is unique in that it allows me to clear many cords and hooks at one time based on a list of individuals that you provide me with that you feel may be draining your energy. It is an extremely freeing exercise that will surprise you at the level of freedom and clarity it brings into your life after only ONE session. Watch your life improve quickly after just one of these sessions. Email me at for more information today!

PART 4: YOUR LIFE PURPOSE This portion of the reading is a channeled description of the purpose you came here to fulfill and how you intended to fulfill it. WHAT PURPOSE DID YOUR SOUL COME HERE TO FULFILL? You came here to find your Souls way home through helping others fulfill their goals and succeed in business. The only way for you to find your way home is through the truth held in other Souls. Your way home is through knowing yourself fully. You receive enlightenment from other Souls and the wisdom they give you about yourself. HOW DID YOUR SOUL INTEND TO FULFILL THIS PURPOSE? Your Soul intended to fulfill this purpose by contacting and reaching out to other Souls in need of assistance. You also receive enlightenment this way and that is your way home into yourself. WHAT STEPS CAN YOU TAKE NOW TO STEP MORE FULLY ONTO YOUR PATH? To step more fully onto your path now, you can take some simple steps such as offering your business building services in a volunteer capacity to others, or possibly even at a discount to those who are in need of it. This would allow you to offer your services to a larger group of people much more quickly than at your current pace and to those most in need of it. You could also possible consider some sort of group coaching services regarding business growth tactics to expand your offerings to a larger group of people.


PART 5: YOUR PERSONAL MANIFESTATION PROCESS This is a special method channeled specifically for you describing the process you should be utilizing to manifest your desires here in the physical. Your Personal Manifestation Process includes a visualization and a prayer. Please note that this Manifestation Process was channeled specifically for you and is not designed for anyone elses use. We each have our own process for manifestation that is entirely unique to us and no one else. For example, my manifestation process requires that I handwrite out my desire and works primarily with visualization, rather than prayer, and my prayer is extremely simplified. Also, please be aware of the fact that this process can change over time depending on circumstances changing in our lives and especially depending on any sort of energy or healing work that we do that takes us to a new place, energetically speaking. So please keep in mind that if you do any heavy energy work you may need to revisit this process to see if it has changed. Feel free to check in with your Guides at any time to see if your process needs to be modified at all. STEP 1: VISUALIZATION You will want to be in a quiet, peaceful place before you start this process so you can visualize effectively. You want to make this as real as possible in your mind so all the details are passed on. You dont necessarily need to be in meditation, but be able to separate yourself from the world for a few minutes. Begin by visualizing the OUTCOME of what you desire. Say its a new client visualize that person coming to you for help, for example. Perhaps not HOW they come to you, but see yourself speaking with him or her on the phone or in a meeting face-to-face or however that looks like for you. Create the scene in your head. This can go for anything, remember that. Say if it is perfect health, for example you would visualize yourself skipping down the street in joy feeling so amazing like you have never felt before, or whatever that looks like for you. Then watch yourself in your minds eye (with your eyes closed if you need to) and literally place that scene visually inside a blue light almost like you can see it happening inside the blue light like you are watching a movie that is playing on the inside of this light. This light can be held in your hand if you like in your visualization Once you clearly have this vision in your mind and the scene is playing out in your blue light, hold the scene there in your mind and move on to Step 2, the prayer.


STEP 2: PRAYER (You will want to speak this out loud for the best results.) In the name of Divine Truth, Love and Light, I now request Divine Assistance with the manifestation and creation of _____________________. Archangel Michael, please help me to see the truth of how to create this here in the physical in my life today. Archangel Gabriel, please help me hear your guidance and the other angels so that I may clearly and effortlessly manifest this here in the physical. Archangel Zadkiel, please teach me your manual of creation so that I may go on to create and visualize this in my life now. Archangel Auriel, please help me feel the root of the earth so I may bring this into my physical existence now. Archangel Zophkiel, please help me find balance and justice in my life so that this may come into my existence fairly and accurately and for the highest good of all. Archangel Raphael, help me heal these wounds from my past that are keeping me from creating this in my life. Archangel Kamiel, please bring your power and light into my life now so I may access it to create this here in the physical now. I now request that my intent be carried out, filled with love and light, for my highest good and the highest good of all beings everywhere. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And So It Is Done. STEP 3: FINISHING After closing out the prayer, you will visualize yourself sending off the blue light to Spirit, and by this I mean the large energy of the Universe that is the energy of creation. See the light travelling off with your scene still playing in it to be answered for you. I was guided to use the term, Spirit, for you, so my meaning may be different from yours, but the visual I get is literally of you sending the blue light off into the sky, but its not just the sky. Its like the energetic atmosphere that surrounds everything almost like the outer edges of the Universe the energetic source that I refer to that creates everything. This portion may need to be modified a bit by you depending on what you view as the source of all creation.


Really it comes down to who you believe is the source of creation and how you see that thats who or what you want to send this off to whatever that looks like for you. EXPLANATION (FROM MY GUIDES) The visualization is to be clearly created in your mind before starting the prayer. We have to be clear on what we want if it is going to be answered for us! The beginning of the prayer opens up the request and the energy streams. Accessing all the Archangels together helps you create with all their help here in the physical. Each Archangel accesses a different stream for creation. They are all very much needed in the process. For you, the Archangels are significant members of your creation committee. You need them and rely on their services daily to help you create in the physical. Everyone is different, but for you they are important to this process. According to my guides, the Archangels are all you need to create. I asked if you needed to access any other energies and they said no. When you combine them with the energy of the 7 chakras, each of which represents one, you have all the energies of creation here in the physical. Also, please note that if you need to modify the wording of the prayer somewhat thats fine, just try to keep the essence of it the same as much as possible, i.e. using the Archangels for their creation energies. Remember, these are my own words as channeled from my Guides, so my language may be slightly different from what is comfortable for you to speak out loud. Are you struggling to manifest and create the life you deserve? A Present-Life Reading & Clearing might be just what you need! Identify and clear the blocks to your manifestation and creation process that are stopping you from achieving the goals and outcomes you want to see for yourself! In this reading, we focus specifically on 3 of your most prevalent issues, researching their source through the Akashic Records, and then clearing the negative energy that is causing or contributing to them from both past and present-life experiences. This might include any of the following: ABUNDANCE, FINANCIAL, OR BUSINESS ISSUES DIFFICULTY IN THE MANIFESTATION PROCESS IMPROVING INTUITION, PSYCHIC, & HEALING ABILITIES



Watch as you see profound changes very quickly in your life in any or all of these areas after only ONE session. In addition, you will be gifted with an entirely new level of awareness that helps you to understand the patterns you have been creating and how to modify them going forward so that you can you do not have the same problems ever again. Email me at for more information today!

PART 6: CLEARING This portion of the reading discusses the negative energy that was cleared to assist you specifically with more fully knowing your Purpose so that you can step fully onto your Path and live the life you intended when you came here. There is also clearing included to assist you in the successful manifestation of your desires. Often there are blocks that will keep the manifestation process from working, so we add in this clearing component to increase your chances of success with it from the start. Knowing this truly knowing this is an essential part of the process, because without truly knowing yourself at Soul-level and what your Path is and whether or not you are on it, you cannot pull in the energy you need to propel you along it, and you will not achieve the abundant life you deserve. You may have heard of some of the forms of negative energy that you will read about below, but some you may not. There are many sources that I have channeled that you will not be able to find information on anywhere, but they can be extremely pervasive in blocking us from achieving our goals and outcomes. CLEARING FOR PATH AND PURPOSE The negative energy causing or contributing to you not fully knowing yourself at Soullevel, all your gifts and talents and how to utilize them to achieve abundance in this life, knowing purpose and how to step fully onto your path was: 1) Memory Highlighted on the Golden Web with the energetic statement of forgetting from age 19. The Golden Web is an energetic shell that consists of 144,000 connection points that represent all of the choices accessible to us in this lifetime. It keeps track of the choices we do make, along with all of our actions and thoughts during our lifetime and transmits them back to the


Akashic Records for further safe-keeping. It also holds all of our energy bodies together here on the physical plane and keeps us in alignment with our highest path and purpose. Because it holds information, it can be modified by past experiences, such as having Memory added to it. In this case, memory was highlighted on your Golden Web. This is similar to memory being added to it, but this is typically from an experience that affected you so deeply that the energy of it appears to be highlighted or relived by you repeatedly in your daily life. 2) Soul-Center Malfunctions of weakness, criticism, disempowerment, selfsufficiency, instability, and aggravation. This was shown to me literally as a piece of our Soul darkened out and not functioning properly or that was never activated properly. It was explained to me that pieces of our Soul can actually die from us not utilizing it fully. This is different from a Core-level Programming Malfunction in that it is an actual piece of our Soul not functioning at all as it should be. 3) Bubble around clearly seeing and knowing your purpose and stepping onto your path so you can do your work in the world in a larger way. This is just like it sounds. It surrounds an intended goal and keeps us from being able to reach out and grab it. It appeared to me literally like a clear plastic bubble that kept me from touching my goal. A bubble can be surrounding anything income goals, getting a new job we really want, or even our purpose. The most interesting and frustrating thing about a bubble that I have found, is that even if we are already on our path and actively fulfilling our purpose, if there is a bubble around it, we will not feel as though we are actually living it. Its like it wont be real even though we are right in the middle of it. There is no program attached to a bubble, but there can be more than one affecting any given situation. 4) Hold keeping you from achieving your purpose as you intended received from your mother. A hold is a negative outer influence that creates a barrier to our success or keeps us from achieving a certain goal. It comes from another Soul, but we still have to allow it to affect us. Often the intended goal a hold blocks us from is clearly seeing and knowing our purpose and stepping onto our path. Everything described above has been cleared for you at Soul-level and you should see a definite improvement in knowing and understanding your path and purpose. This will benefit you greatly in terms of not only forward movement in your life and your career, but also giving you much clarity around the purpose behind the actions you are guided to take each and every day.


CLEARING FOR MANIFESTATION SUCCESS The following negative energy was cleared so that your manifestation efforts will succeed to a greater degree: 1) Soul-Center Malfunctions of miscreation, unhealthy, and dissapointment. These were explained earlier in the report. 2) Core-level Virus for failure. This is just like a computer virus or bug, but at our very core, at Soul-level. It comes from past experiences, both in this lifetime and others and causes us to act out negatively and is released in the clearing and replaced with the positive energies of Divine Truth, Love, Light, Wisdom, Power, Abundance, Healing, Manifestation, Creation, & Empowerment. 3) Bats with the energetic statement of disappointment, resistance, limitation, timidity, self-hatred, gloom, and ill health. These were literally shown to me as bats, creatures of the night, hidden from our view that keep us from succeeding and drain our energy similar to the way that some types of bats drain blood from other mammals. They are sent in by negative forces after using other sources of negative energy to feel us out, waiting for us to falter. Everything described above has been cleared for you at Soul-level and you should find success in your manifestation efforts. Remember, however, this is a process and it can take more clearing to make the manifestation process work effectively, but most clients see profound results with just 2-3 clearings. CONCLUSION This concludes your Soul Path Evolution Signature Profile Reading & Clearing. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed all of the wisdom and enlightenment it has provided you with and I know you will want to read this report more than once to allow all of the information to sink in so you can start applying it in your daily life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and feedback you might have regarding this report. 30-day follow up support by email and Facebook is available to you for an additional charge for any reading & clearing purchase. See some examples here of questions from other clients on my Facebook page here:

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