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... is the founder and CEO of Social Brand U, LLC.

After 17 years in the mobile technology industry, Adam was

bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and decided he wasnt
going to continue to play it safe in corporate America to
climb the proverbial ladder of success. He was ready to
put all of his chips on the table and live the adventure
that is entrepreneurship. For him, it is the ultimate
American Dream.
Adam Karwoski...
Social Brand U was formed with three core principals in mind:
1.) Leveraging technology to build relationships (Social)
2.) Creating a platform to build your (Brand) and
3.) Using the power of story to inspire, educate and encourage
your target audience (U, short for university).
This consultancy has an intentional university type theme because the
learning never stops. Technology is constantly changing. The way we engage
and communicate has turned word of mouth into world of mouth.
Every person, every company, every employee and every customer has a
compelling story to tell and story is the most effective way to inform,
inspire and connect with one another. Story, technology and
strategy is the core of Adams relationship marketing consultancy.
Social media is
a conversation,
and conversations
build relationships,
relationships build
trust and trust builds
your business.
Hes a die hard Seminole fan and even bears a
Seminole tattoo
Faith, family and college football are the core of
who he is and where his passions lie
He loves to cook but lives to grill
Hes a coach/mentor for The Royal Family Kids
Camp: A camp for abused or neglected foster
Disre], App|e, C|icr|A, +rc hcrcstrca +re |r+rcs
with stories that he admires
Contact Adam...
(866| 535-5046
Twitter: @AdamKarwoski
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clutter and get results, dont just get a consultant, get Adam
Kevin Monroe, xFactor Consulting
what |s rea||y 6|fhca|t |s te ha6 semeeae Whe yea
can trust, and guide you on how to effectively
leverage Social Media in your business
Adam is that someone.
Mallie Preston, AT&T Mobility
| h|gh|y recemmea6 A6am as a Keyaete Speaker"
Kevin Buchanan, Hewlett Packard
He has a unique ability to see what lies ahead
and anticipate what solutions would work
best for our organization
Chris Morning, The Coca Cola Company
Adams ability to facilitate a meaningful
workshop added tremendous value to
all who attended
Mark Myette, President, American Society
for Training and Development
Adam knows how best to design and
implement a well thought out plan to
achieve maximum results
Thomas Morrison, Sr. Associate Dean,
The George Washington University
Law School