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Muhammad Akhtar Mirza

Permanent Address: 146/S Farahabad, Khanpur Distt. Rahimyarkhan.

Contact # < 0333-7493223 > Res: 092 +68+5571734 Email:,

Objective :
To achieve a challenging career in a Dynamics Organisation at a position that requires a
managerial and Professional skill to yield a synergistic effort for the growth of a organisation.

Personal Data

Father’s Name Jamal Din

Date of Birth 7th May 1962
N.I.C. # 31301-9898252-7
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Islam
Marital Status Married

Professional Expertise:
 District Teacher Educator (now on Leave without Pay) working for mentoring and monitoring Process
in Public Sector Schools for quality education.
 As a Certified Trainer by Punjab Education Foundation (Govt. of Punjab), involved in Continuous
Professional Development Program for state and non state schools on subject based training,
Mentoring and Leadership & Management.
 As Key Trainer in Phonics in the subject of English involved in the project in 2003-04 to impart
trainings in District Rahimyarkhan.
 Early Childhood Education and Development, Child Friendly School using Innovative Methods.
 Material Development (tools, dossiers and manuals on various enrichment programs and Trainings).
 Community Mobilization - Capacity Building of CCBs.
 Establishing linkages with district governments, directorate of education and other partners.

Professional Development.
 12 Days Training at Directorate of Staff Development, Lahore in 2003 in Phonics.
 03 Day Training as Master Trainer for NCHD Health & Quality Education in 2006.
 12 Days Training as District Teacher Educator at DTSC, Rahimyarkhan.
 4 Days training workshop at Directorate of Staff Development, Lahore for Quality Education for
NCHD Feeder Teachers. (December 2007)
 3 Days Training on Citizen Community Boards (CCBs) Project/Proposal Formulation organized
by Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE) Dec 2005
 PEF Certified Trainer Govt. of Punjab
 One Week Training for ASER Survey at Punjab University (IER Deptt.) Lahore August 2008
Masters in English (Literature) Shah Lateef University, Khairpur 1995
ACADEMIC Masters in Education (M.Ed) Shah Lateef University, Khairpur 2004
Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) Islamia University of Bahawalpur 1990
Bachelor of Arts (Edu. Islmic Stu.) Islamia University of Bahawalpur 1987

Professional Experience

 As Elementary School Teacher teaching to Elementary Classes.

 As Visiting Lecturer in the Subject of English in Govt. College for Elementary Teachers, teaching
to the B.Ed & M.Ed classes ( 2001 – To date)
 As Lecturer (Evening Classes) in Al-Barkat College Khanpur teaching to M.A (English)
Classes.(2003 – to date)
 As Lecturer(Evening Classes) in Ali College of Education, Khanpur teaching to B.Ed Classes
 As Principal, Govt. Community Model Higher Secondary School, Satellite Town, Khanpur
(Evening Classes) teaching and administrative job. (2001-05)
 Working as District Coordinator with Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi for CBTs and leading a team of
trainers in District Rahimyarkhan.
 To design and develop capacity building programs for the field team, educators and community
 Community mobilization and advocacy.
 Wrote a book on “TEACHING OF ENGLISH” for B.Ed Class according to the syllabus of
University of Education.

Training Conducted as Master Trainer.

 Imparted Trainings to the Newly Elected Nazims, Councillors of Union Councils in Rahimyarkhan
Distt. in 2001.
 Imparted 02 Weeks Training on Phonics to the Govt. School Teacher of U/C Rahimyarkhan Deh.
(Arpil 2003)
 Imparted 04 Days Training to PSTs of Govt. Schools as District Teacher Educator (Dec. 2006)
 Imparted 03 Days Training to Feeder Teachers on Health & Quality Education.
 Imparted 06 Days Training as Lead Trainer to Master Trainer of NCHD Quality Education Project
(January 2008)
 Imparted Approx. 56 Cluster Based Trainings to the Teachers of Non Elite Private Schools as
Certified Trainer in the subject of English from PEF.
 Imparted 02 Weeks Training to Non Formal Basic Education School Teachers in District
Rahimyarkhan.( July 2006)
 Imparted 06 Days Refresher Course of Non Formal Basic Education School Teachers of District
Rahimyarkhan. (June 2007)/
 Imparted Subject Based Trainings to Basic Education School Teachers of NEF in District

Experience in Social Sector

 Worked as Field Manager (Part Time), with D.T.C.E/UNDP Islamabad in Tehsil Khanpur
facilitating for CCB-M, PCM and CCB Projects processing in 2004-05.
 Worked with Oxfam GB in the campaign “VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” in Distt.
Rahimyarkhan supervising the campaign with Jouher Educational & Welfare Society, Khanpur in
 Handled the Project of Monitoring and Evaluation of PCM Trainings in District Rahimyarkhan for
DTCE/UNDP in 2005-06.
 Working with Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (I.T.A.) Lahore as District Co-coordinator for making
clusters for training and imparting trainings.

Language Expertise:

Can communicate fluently English, Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki & Sindhi.

Computer Proficiency

MS. Office, Corel, Inpage, Net Surfing, Desktop Publishing.


Ch. Abdul Hafeez,

Govt. College for Elementary Teachers,
Khanpur Distt. Rahimyarkhan.
Ph. 068-5571931 Cell #. 0300-6704686

Dr. Mehmood Qureshi

General Secretary
Jouhar Educational & Welfare Society,
Old Cinema Road, Khanpur. Distt. Rahimyarkhan (64100)
Cell # 0300-6752273