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MAM Experts
Global Innovation & Safety Network
Each individual MAM product is developed in a very special way: with designers, medical experts, scientists, engineers and parents working together across disciplines and international borders. All the threads come together in the MAM Product Development Department in Siegendorf, Austria. This is where the drafts are finalised for production. This matrix of expertise is the ideal environment for innovation and is now greatly valued all over the world for its work on child safety. Austria is a small country but big as a research centre. This is why all the collected insights from the MAM network of global experts end in our MAM Product Development Centre in Siegendorf, south of Vienna. This is where the knowledge from all the MAM designers, medical-groups, surveys and parent workshops worldwide is collated and incorporated into the MAM product drafts. At MAM we cultivate international exchange between renowned experts from science and research, applied medicine as well as child and parent care professions in particular from paediatrics (medical care of children), neonatology, dentistry, midwifery, nursing, development psychology, education and parental advise. Patents in Engineering and Design This is how innovations are developed that simplify life for parents while making that of babies healthier and safer. Our inventions (21 technical innovations) are protected by 61 patents and 8 utility patents. The appearance and design of our products (55 design innovations) is protected by over 273 design patents. The patents include classics like the silky soft silicone of our MAM Teat, the specially created soother shield inside surface, which is kind to babies sensitive skin or the vented base of the Anti-Colic which ensures a smooth milk flow so that babies can relax during feeding. The one hundred percent leak-proof valve in MAM cups is also a company patent and the result our intense research and development. MAM Knowledge is Shared Child safety is a major concern for MAM: We are not satisfied by meeting the requirements of the strict international quality standards, but again and again anticipates them with the development of our baby products. This is why MAM experts are also involved in international standardisation and regulation processes, thereby contributing to constantly improving international baby product quality assurance. Additionally, for many years now, we have been committed to intense research and awareness raising on issues of infant health for example with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome): we work 1

together internationally with professional organisations such as FSIDS UK or the American Academy for Paediatrics. The concept of passing on knowledge and self-help can also be found in all other initiatives, which we have either set up or support around the world. MAM baby products source the Finnish baby friendly hospitals group. In the United Arab Emirates MAM experts advise pregnant women on child dental care from the very beginning and the South African Care Organisation for parents of premature babies is also supported by us. Alongside its advice centres we are committed to education on child safety: In Italy for example MAM has, together with the Pharmacists Association, developed a series of workshops to train pharmacists. This international professional exchange is the foundation on which MAM is constantly newly earning the confidence of parents. Peter Rhrig, founder and CEO of MAM.

Further information about the MAM expert network and MAM cooperations can be found on the MAM homepage For enquiries and further information please contact: Bettina McDermott MAM Babyartikel GmbH, Lorenz-Mandl-Gasse 50, 1160 Vienna, Austria Phone +43 1 49 141 0, Telefax +43 1 49 141 404 E-Mail, Internet

About MAM For over 35 years, MAM has been a leader in developing baby products that are unique in design and function. MAM products are the result of intensive teamwork between medical

experts, midwives and research institutes such as ICMRS to help support the individual development of every child and make everyday life with baby easier. MAM is sold in 56 countries and five continents. For more information about MAM products, please visit