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Definition and Uses Aim Use of Capital Letters in Abbreviations

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Officer Ranks - Army Officer Ranks - Navy Officer Ranks - Air Force Junior Commissioned Officers - Army Other Ranks - Army Other Ranks - Navy Other Ranks - Air Force Arms and Services - Army Branches - Navy Branches - Air Force RESTRICTED

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Army. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Army) Command Headquarters Corps Headquarters Division and Area Headquarters Brigade, Sector and Sub Area Headquarters Military Stations Units 19 31 36 36 38 39 40


Navy. (a) (b) (c) Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Navy) Commands Afloat Appointments 40 44 47


Air Force. (a) Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Air Force) Commands Stations/Wings/Units 51

(b) (c)

57 58


RESTRICTED (iii) iii

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Army. (a) (b) (c) (d) Commands Corps, Divisions and Brigades Areas and Sub Areas Category A Establishments 60 60 63 63


Navy. (a) (b) (c) (d) Commands Establishments/Units Ships and Aircraft Squadrons 65 65 66 67


Air Force. (a) (b) (c) Formation Establishments Units 67 68 68 69


Inter Service Establishments



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SECTION 5 : HEADQUARTERS INTEGRATED DEFENCE STAFF 23. Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff (Policy Planning and Force Development) and Staff Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff (Operations) and Staff Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff (Doctrine, Organisation and Training) Director General Defence Intelligence Agency and Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff (Intelligence) 71










28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Commander-in-Chief Secretariat Chief of Staff Secretariat Operations Division Technical Division Logistics, Administrative and Personnel Division

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Alphabetical List of Common User Abbreviations






The aim of this publication is to :(a) Standardise correspondence. the abbreviations to be used in inter-services

(b) Complement instructions contained in paragraph 54 of Section 2 of Joint Services Staff Duties Manual, Volume 1, Service Writing, (JSSD 1). 2. In inter-service writing, abbreviations normally used pertain to ranks, appointments, formations and units only. These along with a few other commonly used abbreviations are given in this manual. 3. The abbreviations laid down in this publication have been agreed to amongst the three services and adherence to them is desirable in inter-service correspondence. Service Headquarters may issue their own service amplification notes with regard to abbreviations peculiar to their own service. 4. Proposals for amendments or additions to the text may be made to the respective training directorates through the normal service channels.





Definition 1. Abbreviation means an act of shortening, ie, part of a word or words written for the whole, and includes acronyms.

Uses 2. By this definition, it is clear that abbreviations are a means of saving time. This can be achieved effectively provided both writer and reader are familiar with the abbreviations used. Consistency is, therefore, a pre-requisite if abbreviations are to be of help and not a hindrance. 3. Abbreviations may also be used if the meaning is clearly indicated when first used, eg, Amplification Notes on Staff Duties (ANSD) or Joint Training Committee (JTC). It may be noted that no full stops are used within or after an abbreviation unless, of course, it happens to be the last word of a sentence. 4. When abbreviations are used in the possessive, plural or collective sense, no apostrophe need be inserted; instead, the addition of the small alphabet s will suffice to indicate the precise meaning within the context of the sentence. For example: (a) (b) (c) (d) JTCs and not JTCs (Possessive). COs and not COs (Plural/Collective). AOsC-in-C (Plural/Collective). AOC-in-Cs (Possessive).

5. When corresponding with civilians, the use of service abbreviations should be avoided. Similarly, decorations should not be abbreviated. 6. In service writing, abbreviations fall into two main categories: (a) Inter Service. Those used in correspondence with the other two services and include abbreviations universally used, as explained in the Concise Oxford Dictionary.


RESTRICTED 2 (b) Intra Service. Those used in correspondence within a particular service and, therefore, not always familiar outside it. 7. Abbreviations to be used in signal message writing will follow the instructions laid down in the Pamphlet Joint Message Procedure 1966.

Aim 8. The abbreviations laid down in this Manual standardise the requirements of Sub-paragraph 6(a) above. 9. The requirements of Sub-paragraph 6(b) will be the issue of abbreviations by the respective Service Headquarters.

Use of Capital Letters in Abbreviations 10. Rules regarding use of block capitals and initial capitals as given in Paragraph 43 to 45 of Section 2 of JSSD 1 (as amended) apply equally to abbreviations, for instance: (a) Abbreviations composed of initial letters of words (or acronyms) are to be written in block capitals; for example, ACT for air control team. (b) Abbreviations consisting of shortened version of a full word or words are to be written in block capitals, with initial capitals or in small letters according to the relevant context, eg: (i) RECCE REPORT as a centre heading (Paragraph 43 (b) of Section 2 of JSSD 1). (ii) Recce Report as a group heading or recce report in text of paragraph (Paragraph 44(a) of Section 2 of JSSD 1). (c) Abbreviations for all ranks are to be written with initial capitals, irrespective of the context, eg, Lt Col Singh, two Lt Cols, Nb Sub Ram Singh, five Nb Subs. 11. For sake of clarity, full words have been started with initial capitals in this Manual, while abbreviations are given in accordance with rules given in Paragraph 43 to 45 of Section 2 of JSSD 1.




Officer Ranks - Army 1. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier Major General Lieutenant General General Field Marshal Lt Capt Maj Lt Col Col Brig Maj Gen Lt Gen Gen FM

Officer Ranks - Navy 2. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Sub Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain Commodore S Lt Lt Lt Cdr Cdr Capt Cmde


RESTRICTED 4 (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral Admiral of the Fleet R Adm V Adm Adm F Adm Surg

Surgeon (Prefix Surgeon abbreviated Surg is used with the ranks of all medical officers)

Officer Ranks - Air Force 3. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) Flying Officer Flight Lieutenant Squadron Leader Wing Commander Group Captain Air Commodore Air Vice Marshal Air Marshal Air Chief Marshal Marshal of the Indian Air Force Fg Offr Flt Lt Sqn Ldr Wg Cdr Gp Capt Air Cmde AVM Air Mshl Air Chf Mshl MIAF

Junior Commissioned Officers - Army 4. (a) (b) (c) Naib Risaldar Naib Subedar Risaldar Nb Ris Nb Sub Ris


RESTRICTED 5 (d) (e) (f) Subedar Risaldar Major Subedar Major Sub Ris Maj Sub Maj

Other Ranks - Army 5. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q) (r) (s) Sowar Gunner Sapper Signalman or Signalmen Guardsman or Guardsmen Paratrooper Sepoy Grenadier Rifleman or Riflemen Acting Lance Dafadar Lance Naik Lance Dafadar Naik Lance Havildar Dafadar Havildar Squadron Quartermaster Dafadar Battery Quartermaster Havildar RESTRICTED Swr Gnr Spr Sigmn Gdsm Ptr Sep Gdr Rfn ALD L Nk L Dfr Nk L Hav Dfr Hav SQMD BQMH

RESTRICTED 6 (t) (u) (v) (w) (x) (y) (z) (aa) (ab) (ac) Company Quartermaster Havildar Regimental Quartermaster Dafadar Regimental Quartermaster Havildar Battalion Quartermaster Havildar Squadron Dafadar Major Battery Havildar Major Company Havildar Major Regiment Dafadar Major Regiment Havildar Major Battalion Havildar Major CQMH RQMD RQMH BQMH SDM BHM CHM RDM RHM BHM

Other Ranks - Navy 6. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) Seaman Second Class Seaman First Class Leading Seaman Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Master Chief Petty Officer Second Class Master Chief Petty Officer First Class Sea II Sea I LS PO CPO MCPO II MCPO I

7. Trades. It may be noted that sailors have specialist trades, which replace the first and second class ranks and form a suffix to the other given in Paragraph 6 above.


RESTRICTED 7 Other Ranks - Air Force 8. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) Aircraftman 1 (and 2) Leading Aircraftman Corporal Sergeant Junior Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Master Warrant Officer AC1 (and 2) LAC Cpl Sgt JWO WO MWO

Arms and Services - Army 9. Arms. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) 10. The Presidents Body Guard The Armoured Corps The Regiment of Artillery Army Air Defence Army Avn Corps The Corps of Engineers The Corps of Signals Infantry Intelligence Corps PBG AC ARTY AAD AVN CORPS ENGRS SIGS Inf INT CORPS

Services. (a) (b) Army Service Corps Military Nursing Service RESTRICTED ASC MNS

RESTRICTED 8 (c) (d) (e) (f) Army Medical Corps Army Dental Corps Army Ordnance Corps Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Remount and Veterinary Corps Military Farms Services Army Education Corps Corps of Military Police Army Physical Training Corps Pioneer Corps Army Postal Service Corps Defence Security Corps AMC AD Corps AOC EME

(g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o)


11. Abbreviations ARTY, ENGRS SIGS or Arty, Sigs, Engrs, and Inf signify the appropriate arm/corps as a whole. Their units will carry the name of a particular branch/level/function as shown in Paragraphs 12 to 20 below. Abbreviations arty, engrs, sigs and inf refer to these arms or corps in their functional aspects. 12. Armoured Corps. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Armoured car squadron Armoured delivery squadron Armoured regiment Armoured squadron Independent armoured brigade Light armoured squadron armd C sqn armd del sqn armd regt armd sqn indep armd bde lt armd sqn


RESTRICTED 9 (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) Light Cavalry or ..Cavalry . Horse eg, The Skinners Horse, The Poona Horse Lancers Central India Horse Armoured Regiment Independent Armoured Squadron Independent Reconnaissance Squadron CAV .. HORSE .. L CIH .. Armd Regt .. (I) Armd Sqn .. (I) Recce Sqn* *see para 4 of Sec 4


Artillery. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) Artillery Depot Regiment Artillery Records Field battery Field battery (self propelled) Field regiment Field regiment (self propelled) Flash spotting troop Heavy mortar battery Heavy mortar regiment Heavy regt Independent field battery Arty Dep Regt Arty Records fd bty fd bty (SP) fd regt fd regt (SP) F sg tp hy mor bty hy mor regt hy regt indep fd bty** ** see Para 4 of Sec 4 med bty


Medium battery RESTRICTED

RESTRICTED 10 (n) (o) Medium regiment Medium battery / regiment (self propelled) Mountain regiment Parachute field battery Parachute field regiment Pilot-less target aircraft flight Rocket battery Rocket regiment Light regiment Sound ranging troop Survey battery Surveillance and target acquisition battery / regiment med regt med bty / regt (SP)

(p) (q) (r) (s) (t) (u) (v) (w) (x) (y)

mtn regt para fd bty para fd regt PTA flt rkt bty rkt regt lt regt S rg tp svy bty SATA bty / regt


Army Air Defence. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) Army Air defence Air defence battery Air defence battery (SP) Air defence brigade Air defence group (SP) Air defence regiment Air defence missile battery Light air defence regiment AAD AD bty AD bty (SP) AD bde AD gp (SP) AD regt AD msl bty lt AD regt


RESTRICTED 11 15. Army Aviation Corps. (a) (b) (c) 16. Army Aviation Corps Army aviation squadron Army aviation flight AVN CORPS army avn sqn army avn flt

Engineers. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Assault engineer regiment Bomb disposal group Bomb disposal platoon College of Military Engineering Divisional engineer regiment Docks and inland water transport engineers Docks operating company Engineer bridge company Engineer electrical and mechanical company Engineer park Engineer plant company Engineer works section Engineer stores depot Engineer sub park Field company Field park company aslt engr regt BD gp BD pl CME div engr regt docks & IWT engrs

(g) (h) (j)

docks op coy engr br coy engr E & M coy

(k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q)

engr pk engr plant coy engr wks sec ESD engr sub pk fd coy fd pk coy


RESTRICTED 12 (r) (s) (t) Field survey company Field survey engineer group Inland water transport operating company Map reproduction company Map supply section Military Engineering Service Parachute field company Photo mapping company Photo mapping engineer group Port construction and maintenance company Port operating company Port engineers Printing section engineers Quarrying company Railway bridge construction company Railway construction and maintenance company Railway engineer brigade Railway operating company Railway workshop company River survey company fd svy coy fd svy engr gp IWT op coy

(u) (v) (w) (x) (y) (z) (aa)

map repro coy map sup sec MES para fd coy photo map coy photo map engr gp port constr and maint coy port op coy port engrs print sec engrs quarry coy rly br constr coy rly constr and maint coy rly engr bde rly op coy rly wksp coy river svy coy works engrs

(ab) (ac) (ad) (ae) (af) (ag)

(ah) (aj) (ak) (al)

(am) Works Engineers RESTRICTED

RESTRICTED 13 17. Signals. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q) Air defence brigade signal company Air defence regiment signal section Air field signal section Air formation signal regiment Air support signal company Air support signal regiment Air support signal unit Area signal regiment / company Army Headquarters signals Army Headquarters Signal Regiment Army radio engineering network Cipher section Command mobile signal company Command signal regiment Communication centre Communication centre signal company / regiment Company Headquarters section Corps signal regiment Despatch rider section Divisional signal regiment Joint operations centre signal section RESTRICTED AD bde sig coy AD regt sig sec air fd sig sec air fmn sig regt ASSC ASSR ASSU area sig regt / coy Army HQ sigs Army HQ Sig Regt AREN cipher sec comd mob sig coy comd sig regt comn cen comn cen sig coy / regt CHQ sec corps sig regt DR sec div sig regt JOC sig sec

(r) (s) (t) (u) (v)

RESTRICTED 14 (w) (x) (y) (z) (aa) (ab) (ac) (ad) (ae) (af) (ag) (ah) (aj) (ak) (al) Inspectorate of signal trades training Light radio section Light radio relay section Line carrier section Line construction section Line section Medium radio relay section Medium radio section Naval formation signal staff Operating section ISTT lt radio sec lt RR sec line carr sec line constr sec line sec med RR sec med radio sec naval fmn sig staff op sec PA eqpt sig sec RMC RR sec RTT sec sig cen sec

Public address equipment signal section Radio monitoring company Radio relay section Radio tele printer / teletype section Signal centre section (abbreviated title of parent unit or functional title may be prefixed) -

(am) Signal training centre (an) (ao) (ap) (aq) (ar) Sub area signal company / section Switch board operating section Technical maintenance section Telegraph operating section Terminal equipment section

STC sub area sig coy / sec swbd op sec TM sec tg op sec TE sec


RESTRICTED 15 (as) (at) (au) 18. Wing signal section Wireless experimental centre Wireless experimental unit wg sig sec WEC WEU

Infantry. (a) (b) Anti tank guided missile battalion Defence and employment company / platoon Gorkha training centre Infantry battalion Motorized infantry battalion Parachute holding wing Reconnaissance and support battalion Record office Regimental centre (with prefix of regimental title) ATGM bn def and emp coy / pl

(c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j)

GTC inf bn mot inf bn para holding wg recce & sp bn Records RC (with prefixed abbreviated regimental title) TC (with prefixed abbreviated regimental title) GUARDS PARA MECH INF PUNJAB MADRAS GRENADIERS


Training Centre (with prefix of regimental title)

(l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q)

The Brigade of the Guards The Parachute Regiment The Mechanised Infantry Regiment The Punjab Regiment The Madras Regiment The Grenadiers RESTRICTED

RESTRICTED 16 (r) (s) (t) (u) (v) (w) (x) (y) (z) (aa) (ab) (ac) (ad) (ae) (af) (ag) (ah) (aj) (ak) The Maratha Light Infantry The Rajputana Rifles The Rajput Regiment The Jat Regiment The Sikh Regiment The Sikh Light Infantry The Dogra Regiment The Garhwal Rifles The Kumaon Regiment The Assam Regiment The Bihar Regiment The Mahar Regiment The Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Ladakh Scouts Border Scouts The Naga Regiment Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry 1st Gorkha Rifles Gorkha Rifles MARATHA LI RAJ RIF RAJPUT JAT SIKH SIKH LI DOGRA GARH RIF KUMAON ASSAM BIHAR MAHAR JAK RIF LADAKH SCOUTS SCOUTS NAGA JAK LI 1 GR GR

19. Abbreviated title of infantry battalions will consist of the battalion number in front of the abbreviated regimental title. In case of Gorkha Battalions, an oblique stroke will be interposed between the battalion number and the abbreviated


RESTRICTED 17 regimental title eg : Full Title (a) (b) 18th Battalion, Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Ist Battalion, The 3rd Gorkha Rifles Abbreviation 18 JAK RIF 1/3 GR

20. Army functional or traditional titles or suffixes, when specifically authorised in Army Orders, for use with the abbreviated titles, will be placed in brackets, eg : Full Title 9th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) Abbreviation 9 PARA (SF)


Title of Territorial Army units are abbreviated with suffix TA in brackets, eg :Full Title 199 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) Abbreviation 199 Inf Bn (TA)

Branches - Navy 22. The branch to which an officer belongs is to be indicated after the name within brackets as indicated below :(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) Executive Engineering Electrical Medical Dental Education Regulating Constructors RESTRICTED (X) (E) (L) Med Med (D) Edn (Reg) (Con)

RESTRICTED 18 Branches - Air Force 23. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) Flying (Pilot) Flying (Navigator) Aeronautical Engineering (Mechanical) Aeronautical Engineering (Electronics) Administrative Logistics Medical Medical Dental Meteorological Accounts Education F(P) F(N) AE (M) AE (L) Adm Lgs Med Med (D) Met Accts Edn





Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Army) 1. (a) (b) (c) (d) Chief of Army Staff Vice Chief of the Army Staff Military Assistant Military Assistant to the Chief of the Army Staff Deputy Military Assistant to the Chief of the Army Staff Military Assistant to the Vice Chief of the Army Staff Staff Officer to the Vice Chief of the Army Staff Scientific Advisor to the Chief of the Army Staff COAS VCOAS MA MA to COAS









General Staff Branch (GS Branch). (a) Deputy Chief of the Army Staff (Information Systems and Training) Deputy Chief of the Army Staff (Planning and Systems) Military Assistant to the Deputy Chief of the Army Staff (T&C/P&S) Director General of Military Operations RESTRICTED DCOAS (IS&T)






RESTRICTED 20 (e) Additional Director General of Military Operations (A/B) Deputy Director General of Military Operations (A/B/C/D) Director of Military Survey Deputy Director of Military Survey Assistant Director of Military Survey Director General of Military Intelligence Additional Director General Military Intelligence (A/B) Deputy Director General Military Intelligence (Counter Intelligence) Deputy Director General Military Intelligence (Psychological Operations) Deputy Director General Military Intelligence (East) Deputy Director General Military Intelligence (Foreign Division) Deputy Director General Military Intelligence (Technical) Deputy Director General Military Intelligence (West) Addl DGMO (A/B)



(g) (h) (j) (k) (l)

D Mil Svy DD Mil Svy AD Mil Svy DG MI Addl DGMI (A/B)










DDG MI(Tech)



(s) (t)

Commander Headquarters Intelligence Group Additional Director General Signal Intelligence Additional Director General Staff Duties -

Cdr (HIG) Addl DG SI


Addl DG SD


RESTRICTED 21 (v) (w) (x) (y) (z) Deputy Director General Staff Duties (A/B/C/D) Additional Director General Financial Planning Deputy Director General Financial Planning (2/3) Additional Director General Perspective Planning Deputy Director General of Perspective Planning (A/B/C) Deputy Director General Management Studies President Army Standing Establishment Committee Director General Military Training Additional Director General (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Cell) Deputy Director General Military Training (A/B/C) Additional Director General Army Education Deputy Director General Technical Training Deputy Director General Physical Training Additional Director General Weapons and Equipment Deputy Director General Weapons and Equipment (1/A/B) Chairman Equipment Table Revision Committee DDG SD (A/B/C/D) Addl DG FP DDG FP (2/3) Addl DG PP DDG PP (A/B/C)

(aa) (ab)

DDG Mgt Studies President ASEC

(ac) (ad)

DG MT Addl DG (NBC Cell)

(ae) (af) (ag) (ah) (aj)



DDG WE (1/A/B)


Chairman ETRC DG MF Addl DG AC Addl DG AA Addl DG Mech Inf

(am) Director General Mechanised Forces (an) (ao) (ap) Additional Director General Armoured Corps Additional Director General Army Aviation Additional Director General Mechanised Infantry RESTRICTED

RESTRICTED 22 (aq) (ar) Director General Artillery Additional Director General Artillery (A/B/C) DG Arty Addl DG Arty (A/B/C) DDG (Ops-Trg Fd)


Deputy Director General (Operations and Training Field) Deputy Director General (Equipment Field) Deputy Director General (Operations and Training Air Defence) Deputy Director General (Equipment Air Defence) Deputy Director General (Establishment and Personnel) Deputy Director General (Artillery Combat Command Control Systems) Signal Officer-in-Chief Additional Director General Signal Staff Additional Director General Telecommunications Deputy Director General Signal Staff Deputy Director General Communication Planning Deputy Director General (Tele communications) Deputy Director General (Suraj) Deputy Director General (Computers) Deputy Director General PMO Plan Aren Inspector of Signal Trades Training

(at) (au)

DDG (Eqpt Fd) DDG (Ops-Trg AD)


DDG (Eqpt AD)


DDG (Estt Pers)



(ay) (az) (ba) (bb) (bc)

SO-in-C Addl DG Sig Staff Addl DG (Tele) DDG Sigs Staff DDG Comn Plg


DDG (Tele)

(be) (bf) (bg) (bh)

DDG (Suraj) DDG (Cmptrs) DDG (Aren) ISTT


RESTRICTED 23 (bj) (bk) (bl) Director General Infantry Additional Director General of Territorial Army Deputy Director General Defence Security Corps DG Inf Addl DG TA DDG DSC

(bm) Deputy Director General Systems (bn) Additional Director General Management Systems General Staff Officer Grade 1 General Staff Officer Grade 2 General Staff Officer Grade 3

DDG (Sys) Addl DG (Sys)

(bo) (bp) (bq) 3.


Adjutant Generals Branch (AGs Branch). (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Adjutant General Assistant Adjutant General Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Director General Organisation and Personnel Additional Director General of Organisation Additional Director General of Personnel Services Director General Discipline, Ceremonial and Welfare Additional Director General Discipline and Vigilance Additional Director General (Ceremonial and Welfare) Additional Director General of Recruiting AG AAG DAAG DG (Org & Pers) Addl DG Org Addl DG PS




Addl DG (D&V)


Addl DG (C&W)


Addl DG Rtg


RESTRICTED 24 (l) Deputy Director General Organisation Inspector of Records Director General of Medical Services (Army) DDG Org (I of R)

(m) (n)

DGMS (Army) Addl DGMS (Army)

Additional Director General of Medical Services (Army) Director of Medical Services Joint Director of Medical Services -

(o) (p) (q)

Dir MS JD MS Addl DGMS (H&P)

Additional Director General of Medical Services (Health and Pathology) Director of Medical Service (Health) Director of Medical Services (PS) Assistant Director of Pathology Deputy Assistant Director of Health Deputy Assistant Director of Pathology Additional Director General of Dental Services Joint Director of Dental Services Additional Director General of Military Nursing Services Deputy Director General of Military Nursing Services Joint Director Military Nursing Services Matron-in-Chief Staff Captain (Medical) Judge Advocate General Joint Judge Advocate General RESTRICTED -

(r) (s) (t) (u) (v) (w) (x) (y)




(aa) (ab) (ac) (ad) (ae)


RESTRICTED 25 (af) (ag) (ah) (aj) (ak) (al) Deputy Judge Advocate General Assistant Judge Advocate General Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate General Staff Captain (Law) Provost Marshal Deputy Provost Marshal DJAG AJAG DAJAG SC (Law) PM DPM APM DAPM DASO MD AGI MD AWHO

(am) Assistant Provost Marshal (an) (ao) (ap) (aq) Deputy Assistant Provost Marshal Director of Army Statistical Organisation Managing Director Army Group Insurance Managing Director Army Welfare Housing Organisation


Quartermaster Generals Branch (QMGs Branch). (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Quartermaster General Deputy Quartermaster General Assistant Quartermaster General Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General Additional Director General of Operational Logistics Deputy Director General of Operational Logistics Additional Director General of Movements Assistant Quartermaster General Movements Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General (Movements) RESTRICTED QMG DQMG AQMG DAQMG Addl DGOL



(g) (h) (j)

Addl DG Mov AQMG (Mov) DAQMG (Mov)

RESTRICTED 26 (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) Staff Captain (Movement) Director (Rail Movement) Additional Director General Quartering Deputy Director General Quartering (A/B) Director General Supplies and Transport Additional Director General Supplies and Transport (A/B/C) Deputy Director General Supplies and Transport (Food Inspection) Deputy Director General Supplies and Transport (Coordination and Planning) Deputy Director General Supplies and Transport (Transport) Deputy Director General Supplies and Transport (Fuel) Additional Director General Remount and Veterinary Services Deputy Director General of Military Farms Additional Director General of Army Postal Services Assistant Director of Army Postal Services Deputy Director General of Pioneer Corps Assistant Director of Pioneer Corps Deputy Director General (Canteen Services) Assistant Canteen Officer Deputy Canteen Officer RESTRICTED SC (Mov) Dir (RM) Addl DG Qr DDG Qr (A/B) DG S&T Addl DG S&T (A/B/C) DDG S&T (FI)



DDG S&T (Coord & Plg) DDG S&T (Tpt)



DDG S&T (Fuel)



(v) (w)


(x) (y) (z) (aa) (ab) (ac)


RESTRICTED 27 (ad) (ae) Chief Technical Examiner of Works Additional Director General of Controller of Technical Examination Deputy Director General Technical Examination Assistant Technical Examiner of Works Inspector Fire Services Assistant Inspector Fire Services CTE Wks Addl DD CTE



(ag) (ah) (aj) 5.


Master General of the Ordnance Branch (MGOs Branch). (a) (b) (c) (d) Master General of the Ordnance Deputy Master General of the Ordnance Assistant Master General of the Ordnance Deputy Director General Equipment Management Director Ordnance Services (Aviation) Additional Director General of Ordnance Services (Combat Vehicles/Clothing Necessaries and Administration/Technical Stores) Deputy Director General of Ordnance Services Deputy Director General of Ordnance Services (Organisation and Administration) Deputy Director General of Ordnance Services (Automatic Data Processing) Deputy Director General of Ordnance Services (Inventory and Budget Control) Deputy Director General of Ordnance Services (Electronics and Engineering) RESTRICTED MGO DMGO AMGO DDG EM

(e) (f)

Dir (OS Avn) Addl DGOS (CV/CN &A/TS)

(g) (h)







RESTRICTED 28 (m) Deputy Director General of Ordnance Services (General Stores and Clothing) Director Ordnance Services (Coordination) Director Ordnance Services (Inspection) Director Ordnance Services (Ammunition) Director Ordnance Services (B Vehicles and Spares) Director Ordnance Services (Armament) Director Ordnance Services (Personnel) Director Ordnance Services (Provision, Procurement and Control) Director Ordnance Services (Missiles) DDG OS (GS&C)

(n) (o) (p) (q)

Dir OS (Coord) Dir OS (Insp) Dir OS (Amn) Dir OS (BVS)

(r) (s) (t)

Dir OS (Armt) Dir OS (Pers) Dir OS (PP & C)

(u) (v)

Dir OS (Msls) Dir OS (Fys Liaison) Dir OS (GS) Dir OS (Clo) Dir OS (O & T)

Director Ordnance Services (Factories Liaison) -

(w) (x) (y)

Director Ordnance Services (General Stores) Director Ordnance Services (Clothing) Director Ordnance Services (Organisation and Training) Director Ordnance Services (Engineering) Joint Director Ordnance Services (Factories) Joint Director Ordnance Services (Public Sector Undertakings) Joint Director Ordnance Services (Provision, Procurement and Control) Joint Director Ordnance Services (B Vehicles) Staff Captain (Ordnance) RESTRICTED

(z) (aa) (ab)

Dir OS (Engg) JD OS (Fys) JD OS (PSUs)


JD OS (PP & C)

(ad) (ae)

JD OS (B Vehs) SC (Ord)

RESTRICTED 29 (af) Director General of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Additional Director General of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (Resource Management) Additional Director General of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (Personnel and Administration) Additional Director General Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Support Management) Deputy Director General of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (Engineering Support Management) Deputy Director General Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (Production) DG EME


Addl DG EME (RM)


Addl DG EME (P&A)






DDG EME (Prod)

(am) Commander Technical Group Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (an) Deputy Commander Technical Group Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Chief Production Engineer Chief Electronic Engineer Chief Automotive Engineer Chief Armament Engineer Chief Industrial Management Engineer



(ao) (ap) (aq) (ar) (as)



Military Secretarys Branch (MS Branch). (a) (b) Military Secretary Additional Military Secretary (A/B) RESTRICTED MS Addl MS (A/B)

RESTRICTED 30 (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) Deputy Military Secretary (Staff) Deputy Military Secretary (Infantry) Deputy Military Secretary (Artillery) Deputy Military Secretary (Engineers) Deputy Military Secretary (Signals) Deputy Military Secretary (ASC) Deputy Military Secretary (EME) Deputy Military Secretary (Selection Boards and complaints upto Cols) Deputy Military Secretary (Policy and Confidential Records) Deputy Military Secretary (Brigadiers) Assistant Military Secretary Dy MS (Staff) Dy MS (Inf) Dy MS (Arty) Dy MS (Engrs) Dy MS (Sigs) Dy MS (ASC) Dy MS (EME) Dy MS (SB & Complaints) Dy MS (Policy & CR) Dy MS (Brig) AMS


(m) (n) 7.

Engineer in Chiefs Branch (E-in-Cs Branch). (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Engineer-in-Chief Additional Director General Engineer Staff Deputy Director General Engineer Staff (A) Deputy Director General Engineer Staff (B) Deputy director General Engineer Staff (6&7) Additional Director General Engineers (Personnel) Deputy Director General Engineers (Civilian Service Conditions Cell) Deputy Director General Engineers (Vigilance and Discipline) RESTRICTED E-in-C Addl DG ES DDG ES (A) DDG ES (B) DDG ES (6&7) Addl DG Engrs (Pers) DDG Engrs (CSCC) DDG Engrs (Vig & Dis)



RESTRICTED 31 (j) (k) Director Transportation Additional Director General Engineers Stores and Plants Director General Works Deputy Director General Works (Policy and Coordination) Inspector of Works Deputy Director General Works (Designs) Additional Director General Works (Army) D Tn Addl DG ESP

(l) (m)


(n) (o) (p)

I of Wks DDGW (Designs) Addl DGW (Army) DDGW (Navy) DDGW (AF) DDGW (U) DDGW (DP)

(q) (r) (s) (t)

Deputy Director General Works (Navy) Deputy Director General Works (Air Force) Deputy Director General Works (Utilities) Deputy Director General Works (Defence Production) Director of Works Studies (Engineers) / Management Information System Chief Surveyor of Works Deputy Director General of Works (Cantonment Planning)



(v) (w)

Command Headquarters 8. (a) (b) General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Military Assistant to General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Chief of Staff GOC-in-C

MA to GOC-in-C COS



RESTRICTED 32 (d) (e) Deputy Military Secretary Aide-de-Camp Dy MS ADC


General Staff. (a) (b) Major General General Staff (Ops) Major General General Staff (Planning and Training Brigadier General Staff (Ops) or (Int) MGGS (Ops) MGGS (P & T)


BGS (Ops) or (Int) Col GS (Int) or (Ops) or (SD) or (WE) or (Ops Air) or (Trg) GSO 1 (Ops) or (Int) or (SD) or (Ops Air) or (WE) or (Trg) GSO 2 (Ops) or (Int) or (SD) or (Ops Air) or (WE) or (Trg) GSO 3 (Ops) or (Int)


Colonel General Staff (Intelligence) or (Operations) or (Staff Duties) or (Weapons and Equipment) or (Ops Air) or (Training)


General Staff Officer Grade 1 (Operations) or (Intelligence) or (Staff Duties) or (Ops Air) or (Weapons and Equipment) or (Training)


General Staff Officer Grade 2 (Operations) or (Intelligence) or (Staff Duties) or (Ops Air) or (Weapons and Equipment) or (Training)


General Staff Officer Grade 3 (Operations) or (Intelligence)

10. Administrative Branch. (a) (b) (c) Major General Incharge Administration Major General Operation Logistics Brigadier Adjutant General Branch/ Quartermaster General Branch Colonel Adjutant General Branch/ Quartermaster General Branch RESTRICTED MG Adm MGOL Brig A/Q


Col A/Q

RESTRICTED 33 (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) 11. Assistant Adjutant General Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Assistant Inspector of Fire Services Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Legal Administrative Officer Establishment Officer Assistant Quartermaster General Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General AAG DAAG AIFS DAAG (L) Adm Offr Est Offr AQMG DAQMG

Arms and Services. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) Major General/Brigadier Artillery Staff Officer Grade 1 or 2 Artillery Chief Engineer Additional Chief Engineer Chief Signals Officer Deputy Chief Signals Officer Major General Army Services Corps Deputy Director Medical Services Assistant Director Medical Services Assistant Director Medical Services (Hospital Services) Deputy Assistant Director Medical Services Deputy Director Military Nursing Services Major General Army Ordnance Corps RESTRICTED MG Arty/Brig Arty SO 1 or 2 Arty CE Addl CE CSO DCSO MG ASC DDMS ADMS ADMS (HS)

(l) (m) (n)


RESTRICTED 34 (o) (p) (q) Brigadier Army Ordnance Corps Deputy Director Ordnance Service Major General Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Brigadier Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Assistant Director of Health Assistant Director Supplies Deputy Assistant Director Supplies Assistant Director Transport Deputy Assistant Director Transport Assistant Director Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Deputy Assistant Director Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Deputy Director Supplies and Transport Colonel Supplies and Transport Staff Captain (Supply and Transport) Deputy Director of Remount and Veterinary Services Assistant Director Remount and Veterinary Services Deputy Assistant Director Remount and Veterinary Services Deputy Director Military Farms Assistant Director Military Farm RESTRICTED BAOC DDOS MG EME


Brig EME

(s) (t) (u) (v) (w) (x)




(z) (aa) (ab) (ac)






(af) (ag)


RESTRICTED 35 (ah) (aj) (ak) (al) Farms Officer Deputy Provost Marshal Assistant Director Defence Security Corps Deputy Director Army Postal Service FO DPM ADDSC DDAPS DJAG Cdr TA Gp HQ

(am) Deputy Judge Advocate General (an) Commander Territorial Army Group Headquarters Assistant Judge Advocate General Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate General Deputy Commander Territorial Army Group Headquarters

(ao) (ap) (aq)



Common Appointments. (a) (b) Head Clerk Staff Captain (with appropriate suffix) HC SC (Suffix to be appropriately abbreviated) SO (suffix to be appropriately abbreviated) Supdt


Staff Officer Grade (with appropriate suffix)

(d) Notes.


1. Appointments at command headquarters, which are similar in designation to those at Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Army) are not repeated here in all cases. For such appointments, appropriate branch of Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Army) should be consulted. 2. Suffixes to appointments will be used in abbreviated appointments also. Such suffixes will also be abbreviated if authorised abbreviation exists. For example, `AAG(L), SO 1(Arty), SO 1(Edn) or SO 2(Stats). RESTRICTED

RESTRICTED 36 Corps Headquarters 13. (a) General Officer Commanding (When in command of a corps, under command headquarters or field headquarters) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) Note. Appointments at corps headquarters, which are similar in designation to those at Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Army) and command headquarters, are not repeated here in all cases. For such appointments at corps headquarters, appropriate branch of command/Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Army) should be consulted. Intelligence Officer Commander, Corps Artillery Brigade Counter-Bombardment Officer Deputy Director Supply and Transport Assistant Director of Supplies Assistant Director of Transport Assistant Provost Marshal Deputy Assistant Provost Marshal


Division and Area Headquarters 14. (a) (b) (c) General Officer Commanding Deputy General Officer Commanding Colonel General Staff/Adjutant General/ Quartermaster General General Staff Officer Grade 1/2/3 Operations/ Intelligence/Staff Duties Staff Officer Grade 1/2 Education RESTRICTED GOC Dy GOC Col GS/Col A/ Col Q GSO1/2/3(Ops/ Int/SD) SO 1/2 (Edn)



RESTRICTED 37 (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) Assistant Quartermaster General Assistant Adjutant General Liaison Officer Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Commander Artillery Brigade AQMG AAG LO DAQMG DAAG C Arty or Cdr Arty Bde BM Arty DCBO ACBO CO Engr Regt DCSO CO ASC Bn

(m) (n) (o) (p) (q) (r)

Brigade Major Artillery Deputy Counter Bombardment Officer Assistant Counter Bombardment Officer Commanding Officer Engineer Regiment Deputy Chief Signal Officer Commanding Officer Army Service Corps Battalion Senior Supply Officer Commanding Officer Divisional Ordnance Unit Commanding Officer Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Battalion Assistant Inspector of Arms Electronics and Mechanical Assistant Engineer (Small Arms) Officer Incharge Technical Cell Commander Works Engineers Assistant Commander Works Engineers (Buildings and Roads) RESTRICTED

(s) (t) (u)


(v) (w)


(x) (y) (z)

OIC Tech Cell CWE ACWE (B & R)

RESTRICTED 38 (aa) Assistant Commander Works Engineers (Electrical and Mechanical) Inspector Engineers Machinery Technical Equipment Officer ACWE (E & M)

(ab) (ac)


Note. Appointments at division and area headquarters, which are similar to those at Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Army), command headquarters and corps headquarters, are not repeated in this part, in all cases. For authorised abbreviations for appointments at division and area headquarters, which are not included in this part, appropriate branch of higher headquarters should be consulted.

Brigade, Sector and Sub Area Headquarters 15. (a) (b) (c) (d) Brigade Commander Deputy Commander Sector Commander Commander Artillery or Independent Artillery Brigade Commander Air Defence Brigade or Independent Air Defence Brigade Commander Engineer Brigade General Staff Officer Grade 2 General Staff Officer Grade 3 (Intelligence) Brigade Intelligence Officer Staff Officer Grade 3 (Education) Assistant Adjutant General Assistant Quartermaster General RESTRICTED Cdr Dy Cdr Sect Cdr C Arty or Cdr


Cdr AD Bde or Cdr

(f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m)

Cdr Engr Bde or Cdr GSO 2 GSO3(Int) Bde IO SO 3 (Edn) AAG AQMG

RESTRICTED 39 (n) Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General Deputy Assistant Adjutant General Staff Captain (Adjutant General) Staff Captain (Quartermaster General) Staff Captain (Legal) Deputy Assistant Director of Supply and Transport Brigade Supplies and Transport officer Brigade Transport Officer Sub Area Ordnance Officer Brigade Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Brigade Orderly Officer Superintendent Head Clerk DAA & QMG

(o) (p) (q) (r) (s) (t)


(u) (v) (w) (x)


(y) (z) (aa)

BOO Supdt HC

Military Stations 16. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Station Commander Senior Executive Medical Officer Administrative Commandant Station Staff Officer Garrison Engineer Stn Cdr SEMO Adm Comdt SSO GE


RESTRICTED 40 (f) Assistant Garrison Engineer (Barracks and Roads), (Electrical and Mechanical) Barracks Stores Officer Cantonment Executive Officer Unit Accountant Barracks Stores Officer AGE (B & R)/ (E & M) BSO CEO UA BSO

(g) (h) (j)

Units 17. (a) Commanding Officer (of the rank of Lt Col or Col) Officer Commanding (of the rank of Maj and below) Second in Command Adjutant Quartermaster Mechanical Transport Officer Intelligence Officer Technical Equipment Officer -




(c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h)



Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Navy) 18. (a) (b) (c) (d) Chief of the Naval Staff Naval Assistant to Chief of the Naval Staff Staff Officer to Chief of the Naval Staff Flag Lieutenant CNS NA to CNS SO to CNS Flag Lt


RESTRICTED 41 19. Principal Staff Officers (PSOs). (a) (b) (c) (d) 20. Vice Chief of Naval Staff Chief of Personnel Chief of Material Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff VCNS COP COM DCNS

Staff Branch I. (a) Controller Warship Production and Acquisition Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff (Policy and Plans) Assistant Controller Warship Production and Acquisition Principal Director General of Armament Supplies Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff (Submarines) Assistant Controller of Carrier Project CWPA









(f) (g)


Principal Director General of Naval Armament Inspection Principal Director General Naval Design Principal Director of Staff Requirements Principal Director of Naval Plans Principal Director Works Principal Director Administration Principal Director Naval Armament -

(h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n)



RESTRICTED 42 (o) Principal Director Contracts and Cost Management Principal Director Aircraft Carrier Project Principal Director Ship Production Principal Director Equipment Principal Director Surface Acquisition Principal Director Submarine Acquisition Principal Director Naval Design PDCCM

(p) (q) (r) (s) (t) (u) 21.


Staff Branch II. (a) Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff (Information Warfare & Operations) Chief Hydrographer Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff (Air) Principal Director Naval Intelligence Principal Director Naval Signals Principal Director Naval Operations Principal Director Submarine Operations Principal Director Special Operations and Diving Principal Director Naval Oceanography and Meteorology Principal Director Naval Air Staff Principal Director Naval Air Material Principal Director Aircraft Acquisition ACNS (IWOPS)

(b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h)




(k) (l) (m)



RESTRICTED 43 (n) 22. Principal Director Hydrography PDOH

Personnel Branch. (a) Assistant Chief of Personnel (Human Resources and Development) Chief of Personnel Services Assistant Chief of Personnel (Civilians) Assistant Chief of Personnel (Personnel and Conditions) ACOP (HRD)

(b) (c) (d)



Principal Director General of Medical Services (Navy) Judge Advocate General for the Navy Principal Director of Personnel Principal Director of Manpower Planning and Recruitment Principal Director Naval Training Principal Director Naval Education Principal Director Personnel Services Principal Director Non Public Funds Principal Director Pay and Allowances Principal Director Medical Services Principal Director Ex Servicemen Affairs Principal Director Civilian Personnel -


(f) (g) (h)


(j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q) 23.


Material Branch. (a) Chief of Logistics COL


RESTRICTED 44 (b) (c) Assistant Chief of Logistics Assistant Chief of Material (Information Technology and Systems) Assistant Chief of Material (Dockyard and Refit) Principal Director Information Technology Principal Director Fleet Maintenance Principal Director Electrical Equipment Principal Director Marine and Engineering Principal Director Weapons and Equipment Principal Director Logistics Support Principal Director Clothing and Victualling Principal Director Transport Principal Director Dockyards and Technical Services Principal Director Naval Architecture Principal Director Procurement ACOL ACOM (IT&Systems)


ACOM (D & R)

(e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n)


(o) (p) 24.


Other Authorities. (a) Principal Director Naval Research and Development Principal Director Warship Project PDNRD



Commands 25. Headquarters. (a) Flag Officer Commanding in Chief, Western Naval Command RESTRICTED FOC-in-C West

RESTRICTED 45 (b) Flag Officer Commanding in Chief, Estern Naval Command Flag Officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Naval Command Naval Officer in Charge (Name of the state) FOC-in-C East FOC-in-C South NOIC (Name of the state) COS CSO (Ops)/ (Tech)/(P&A) COO CPLO CGO CASWO CAVO CCO CEO CLO C Log O C Edn O CTO CMO C Div O CSOD CATO



(e) (f)

Chief of Staff Chief Staff Officer (Operations/Technical)/ Personnel and Administration) Command Operations Officer Command Plans Officer Command Gunnery officer Command Anti Submarine Warfare Officer Command Aviation Officer Command Communication Officer Command Engineer Officer` Command Electrical Officer Command Logistics Officer Command Education Officer Command Training Officer Command Medical Officer Command Diving Officer

(g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q) (r) (s) (t) (u) (v)

Command Special Operations and Diving OfficerCommand Air Technical Officer -


RESTRICTED 46 (w) (x) (y) (z) (aa) (ab) (ac) (ad) (ae) (af) (ag) (ah) (aj) (ak) (al) (am) (an) (ao) 26. Command Air Engineer Officer Command Air Electrical Officer Staff Officer (Gunnery) Staff Officer Aviation Staff Officer (Anti Submarine Warfare) Staff Officer (Communication) Staff Officer Special Operations Staff Engineer Officer Staff Electrical Officer Staff Logistics Officer Staff Education Officer Staff Officer Training Staff Officer Diving Staff Officer Administration Staff Officer Works Staff Officer Mail Staff Officer Movement Naval Provost Marshal CAEO CALO SO (G) SO (Av) SO (ASW) SO (C) SO (Spl Ops) SEO SLO S Log O SO (Edn) SO (T) SO (Div) SO (A) SO (W) SO (Mail) SO (Mov) NPM

Dockyards. (a) (b) Admiral Superintendent Dockyard Mumbai Director General Naval Projects (Mumbai/ Vishakapatnam) Admiral Superintendent Dockyard, Vishakapatnam RESTRICTED ASD (MB) DGNP (MB/V)



RESTRICTED 47 (d) (e) General Manager Commander of the Yard GM C of Y

Afloat Appointments 27. Fleet/Squadron Appointments. (a) Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet FOCWF (Pronounced as FOKWEF) FOCEF (Pronounced as FOSEF Capt (F) .. 21 Capt (D) .. 51 Capt (P) .. 19 Capt (MS) .. 21 Capt (K) .. 22 Capt (SM) .. 9 SO 10


Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet

(c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j)

Captain (F) .. 21 Frigate Squadron Captain (D) .. 51 Destroyer Squadron Captain (P) .. 19 Patrol Vessel Squadron Captain (MS) .. 21 Mine Sweeping Squadron Captain (K) .. 22 Missile Boat Squadron Captain (SM) .. 9 Submarine Squadron Senior Officer (Squadron No and Description Fleet Appointments. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Fleet Aviation Officer Fleet Operations Officer Fleet Air Technical officer Fleet Gunnery Officer Fleet NBCD Officer Fleet Navigating Officer RESTRICTED



RESTRICTED 48 (vii) (viii) (l) Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Officer Fleet Administrative Officer FASWO FAO

Squadron Appointments. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) Squadron ND Officer Squadron Gunnery Officer Squadron Communication Officer Squadron Engineer Officer Squadron Anti Submarine Warfare Officer Squadron Electrical Officer Squadron Supply Officer SNDO SGO SCO Sqn EO


(vi) (vii) 28.

Sqn LO Sqn SO

Ship Appointments. (a) Officers. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) Air Engineer Officer Commanding Officer Air Electrical Officer Executive Officer Commander Air Flight Commander Navigating officer Anti Submarine Warfare Officer Gunnery Officer Signal Communication Officer RESTRICTED AEO CO ALO XO Cdr (Air) Flt Cdr NO ASWO GO SCO

RESTRICTED 49 (xi) (xii) (xiii) (xiv) (xv) (xvi) (xvii) (xviii) (xix) (xx) (xxi) (xxii) (xxiii) Direction Officer Lieutenant Commander (Flying) Lieutenant Commander (Operations) Landing Safety Officer Operations Room Officer First Lieutenant Regulating Officer Engineer Officer Senior Engineer Officer Electrical officer Logistics officer Medical Officer Dental Officer Dir Offr Lt Cdr (F) Lt Cdr (Ops) LSO ORO I Lt RO EO Sr EO LO Log O MO MO (D) DLC OOD OOW EOOW

(xxiv) Duty Lieutenant Commander (xxv) Officer of the Day

(xxvi) Officer of the Watch (xxvii) Engineer Officer of the Watch (b) Sailors. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Captain of the Flight Deck Air Crew Man (Driver) Radar Plotter Instructor Gunnery Instructor



RESTRICTED 50 (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) (xi) (xii) 29. Anti Submarine Warfare Instructor Signal Instructor Quartermaster Master Chief at Arms/Master at Arms Regulating Petty Officer Leading Patrolman Physical Training Instructor Engine Room Artificer ASWI SI QM MCAA/MAA RPO LPM PTI ERA

Air Stations/Aircraft Carrier. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) Commander (Operations) Squadron Commander Senior Pilot Senior Observer Ship/Station Flight Safety Officer Safety Equipment and Survival Officer Senior Meteorology Officer Meteorology Officer Ship/Station Air Engineer Officer Ship/Station Air Electrical Officer Senior Air Traffic Control Officer Duty Air Traffic Control Officer Air Engineer Officer Cdr (Ops) Sqn Cdr Snr P Snr O SFSO SESO Snr Met O Met O SAEO SALO SATCO DATCO AEO


RESTRICTED 51 (o) (p) (q) (r ) (s) (t) 30. Air Electrical officer Flight Deck Officer Aircraft Control Room Officer Hanger Control Officer Ground Electrical Officer Ground Radio Officer ALO FDO CRO HCO GEO GRO

Sailors. (a) (b) Air Crew Man (Flight Signaller) Air Crew Man (Flight Gunner) ACM (FS) ACM (FG)


Integrated Headquarters Ministry of Defence (Air Force) 31. 32. Chief of the Air Staff Principal Staff Officers (PSOs). (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) 33. Vice Chief of the Air Staff Deputy Chief of the Air Staff Air Officer-in-Charge Maintenance Air Officer-in-Charge Administration Air Officer-in-Charge Personnel Inspector General VCAS DCAS AOM AOA AOP IG CAS

Air Staff (VCASs Branch). (a) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operations) ACAS (Ops)


RESTRICTED 52 (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Principal Director of Offensive Operations Director of Offensive Operations Principal Director of Air Defence Operations Director of Air Defence Operations PD Ops (Off) D Ops (Off) PD Ops (AD) D Ops (AD) PD Ops (T & H)

Principal Director of Operations (Transport and Helicopter) Director of Operations (Transport and Helicopter) Joint Director (Ops Room) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff Operations (Concept and Doctrine) Principal Director of Operations (Information and Electronic Warfare) Director of Operations (Information and Electronic Warfare) Director of Operations (Air Traffic Services) Director of Operations (Joint Planning) Principal Director Concept Studies Director Concept Studies Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence) Principal Director Intelligence Director Intelligence Assistant Chief of the Air staff (Meteorology) Principal Director Meteorology Director Meteorology RESTRICTED -


D Ops (T&H)

(h) (j)

JD (Ops Room) ACAS Ops (C & D)


PD Ops (IEW)


D Ops (IEW)

(m) (n) (o) (p) (q) (r) (s) (t) (u) (v)

D Ops (ATS) D Ops (JP) PDICOST DICOST ACAS (Int) PD Int D Int ACAS (Met) PD Met D Met

RESTRICTED 53 (w) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Signals (Air) and Information Technology) Director Information Technology ACAS (Sig (Air)

(x) 34.


Air Staff (DCASs Branch). (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Plans) Principal Director of Plans Director Plans Principal Director of AWACS Director of AWACS Principal Director Air Staff Requirements Director of Air Staff Requirements Joint Director Aircraft Upgrade Joint Director of Value Engineering and Electronics Warfare Joint Director Air Staff Requirements (Su 30 Cell) Principal Director of Projects Director of Projects Joint Director Statistics Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Financial Planning) Principal Director of Systems Evaluation Joint Director of Systems Evaluation Scientific Advisor to Chief of Air Staff ACAS (Plans) PD (Plans) D (Plans) PD AWACS D AWACS PD ASR DASR JDAU DVE


JD ASR (Su 30 Cell) PD Proj D Proj JD Stats ACAS (Fin Plg)

(l) (m) (n) (o)

(p) (q) (r)



RESTRICTED 54 (s) 35. Integrated financial Advisor IFA

Administration (AOAs Branch). (a) (b) (c) Director General Medical Services (Air) Principal Director Medical Services (Air) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Air Force Works) Principal Director (Air Force Works) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Accounts) Principal Director (Accounts) Judge Advocate General (Air) Principal Director of Organisation Director of Organisation Principal Director of Pay Pension and Regulations Director of Pay Pension and Regulations Provost Marshal (Air) Joint Director Personnel Services Principal Director of Group Insurance Society (Air Force) Joint Director Adventure DGMS ((Air) PDMS (Air) ACAS (AF Wks)

(d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k)

PD AFW ACAS (Accts) PD Accts JAG (Air) PD Org D Org


(l) (m) (n) (o)

(p) 36.

JD Adv

Maintenance (AOMs Branch). (a) (b) (c) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff Engineering (A) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff Engineering (B) Principal Director of Engineering (A) RESTRICTED ACAS (Eng A) ACAS (Eng B) PD Eng `A

RESTRICTED 55 (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) Director of Engineering (A) Director of Engineering (B) Director of Engineering (C) Principal Director of Engineering (D) Director of Engineering (D) Principal Director of Engineering (Jaguar and Mirage) Director of Engineering (Jaguar and Mirage) Director of Engineering B (Trainers) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Systems) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Logistics) Principal Director of Maintenance Administration Director of Maintenance Administration Director of Stores Principal Director of Mechanical Transport Director of Mechanical Transport Principal Director of Purchase Director of Purchase D Eng A D Eng B D Eng C PD Eng `D D Eng D PD Eng (J&M)

(k) (l) (m) (n) (o)

D Eng (J & M) D Eng B (T) ACAS (Sys) ACAS (Lgs) PDMA

(p) (q) (r ) (s) (t) (u) (v) (w)


Director of Management of Information System Integrated Material Management On Line Services Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Systems) Principal Director of Ground Electronics RESTRICTED -

(x) (y)


RESTRICTED 56 (z) (aa) Director of Ground Electronics Principal Director of Guided Weapons Maintenance Director of Guided Weapons Maintenance DGL PDGWM

(ab) (ac)


Principal Director of Plans (Air Defence Ground Environment System) Director of Plans (Air Defence Ground Environment System) Director Engineering Support Principal Director of Armament Safety Equipment Director of Armament - Safety Equipment Director Avionics, Modification and Simulator Director Communication System Principal Director of Maintenance Plan -


D Plans (ADGES)

(ae) (af)


(ag) (ah) (aj) (ak) 37.


AOPs Branch. (a) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Personnel Officers) Principal Director of Personnel Officer Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Personnel, Airmen and Civilians) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Training) Principal Director of Training Principal Director of Personel Planning Director of Personel Planning ACAS (PO)

(b) (c)


(d) (e) (f) (g)



RESTRICTED 57 (h) (j) Director Education Air Force Standing Establishment(s) Committee D Edn AFSEC


Inspector Generals Branch. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Inspection) Principal Director of Air Staff Inspection Director of Air Staff Inspection Principal Director of Maintenance Inspection Director of Maintenance Inspection Director of Administration Inspection Air Crew Examining Board Principal Director of Flight Safety Director of Flight Safety Institute of flight Safety ACAS (I) PDASI DASI PDMI DMI DAI AEB PDFS DFS IFS

Commands/Groups 39. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Air Defence Commander Principal Medical Officer Senior Air Staff Officer Senior Air and Administration Staff Officer Senior Maintenance Staff Officer Senior Officer-in-Charge Administration AOC-in-C Air Def Cdr PMO SASO SAASO SMSO SOA


RESTRICTED 58 (h) Staff Officer to Air Officer Commanding-inChief Senior Personnel Staff Officer



40. Lower appointments are abbreviated by prefixing C for Command to the specialist nature of the appointment. For example: (a) (b) (c) (d) Command Personnel Staff Officer Command Logistic Management Officer CPSO CLMO CFSIO CIO

Command Flight Safety and Inspection Officer Command Intelligence Officer -

Stations/Wings/Units 41. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) Adjutant Air Officer Commanding Commandant Commanding Officer Chief Engineering Officer Chief Flying Instructor Chief Ground Instructor Chief Instructor Chief Operations Officer Chief Administration Officer Duty Staff officer Engineering Officer Flight Commander RESTRICTED Adjt AOC Comdt CO CEO CFI CGI CI COO CADO DSO EO Flt Cdr

RESTRICTED 59 (o) (p) (q) (r) (s) (t) (u) (v) (w) (x) (y) Medical Officer Orderly Officer Officer-in-Charge Administration Senior Accounts Officer Senior Administration Officer Station Commander Squadron Commander Station Flight Safety and Inspection 0fficer Senior Logistics Officer Senior Signals Officer Senior Medical Officer MO OO OIC Adm SAO S Adm O Stn Cdr Sqn Cdr SFSIO S Lgs O SSO SMO






Commands. (a) Southern Command Southern Comd or SOUTHCOM (for sig msg only) Eastern Comd or EASTCOM (for sig msg only) Western Comd or WESTCOM (for sig msg only) Central Comd or CENTCOM (for sig msg only) Northern Comd or NORTHCOM (for sig msg only) ARTRAC SW Comd or SOUTHWESTCOM (for sig msg only)


Eastern Command


Western Command


Central Command

(e) (f) (g)

Northern Command Army Training Command South Western Command


Corps, Division and Brigades. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Airborne brigade Airborne division Air defence brigade Amphibious brigade Armoured brigade Armoured division RESTRICTED AB bde AB div AD bde amph bde armd bde armd div

RESTRICTED 61 (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) Artillery brigade Corps artillery brigade Corps engineer regiment Engineer brigade Headquarters Bengal Engineers Group and Centre Headquarters Madras Engineer Group and Centre Headquarters Bombay Engineer Group and Centre Infantry brigade Independent air defence brigade Independent armoured brigade Independent artillery brigade Independent mountain brigade Independent parachute brigade Mechanised brigade Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre Military College of Telecommunication Engineering Mountain artillery brigade Mountain brigade Mountain brigade group Mountain division arty bde corps arty bde corps engr regt engr bde HQ Bengal Engr Gp & Centre HQ Madras Engr Gp & Centre HQ Bombay Engr Gp & Centre inf bde indep AD bde indep armd bde indep arty bde indep mtn bde indep para bde mech bde MIRC



(o) (p) (q) (r) (s) (t) (u) (v)



(x) (y) (z) (aa)

mtn arty bde mtn bde mtn bde gp mtn div


RESTRICTED 62 (ab) (ac) Parachute brigade Reorganised army plains infantry division Sector para bde RAPID



3. In this Section for the sake of uniformity, only the first letter of each serial has been shown in capitals, from the obligatory capitals which must be used in certain basic abbreviations in actual usage. Initial capitals will be used, when referring to particular formations, units, sub-units or establishments as also when the rules of punctuation so dictate. Some examples to illustrate the actual usage are shown below: Full Title (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) 70 Medium Regiment Nine medium regiments 1 Field Park Company One of the field park companies 2 Animal Transport Regiment Some of the animal transport regiments An air defence battery Abbreviation 70 Med Regt nine med regts 1 Fd Pk Coy one of the field pk coys 2 AT Regt some of the AT regts


an AD bty

4. While describing an independent formation (or unit) the word independent will be abbreviated to indep when used in a generic sense and to (I) when used to denote a specific formation (or unit), for example: Full Title (a) (b) (c) (d) Independent Armoured Brigade 13 Independent Armoured Brigade 15 Independent Armoured Squadron 41 Independent Rocket Battery RESTRICTED Abbreviation indep armd bde 13 (I) Armd Bde 15 (I) Armd Sqn 41 (I) Rkt Bty

RESTRICTED 63 5. Areas and Sub Areas. (a) (b) Headquarters Bengal Area Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala Area Madhya Bharat Area Maharashtra and Gujarat Area Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh Area Headquarters Calcutta Sub Area Headquarters Bombay Sub Area Headquarters Uttaranchal Sub Area Headquarters Jullunder Sub Area Headquarters Lucknow Sub Area Headquarters North Bengal Sub Area Headquarters Pune Sub Area Headquarters 31 Sub Area Headquarters 51 Sub Area Uttar Pradesh Area Bihar and Orissa Sub Area Madhya Pradesh Sub Area Tamil Nadu and Kerala Sub Area HQ Bengal Area ATNK &K Area

(c) (d) (e)

MB Area M&G Area PH&HP Area

(f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o) (p) (q) (r) (s) 6.

HQ Calcutta Sub Area HQ Bombay Sub Area HQ Uttaranchal Sub Area HQ Jullunder Sub Area HQ Lucknow Sub Area HQ North Bengal Sub Area HQ Pune Sub Area HQ 31 Sub Area HQ 51 Sub Area UP Area B&O Sub Area MP Sub Area TN&K Sub Area

Category A Establishments. (a) Army Education Corps Training College and Centre RESTRICTED AEC Trg College & Centre

RESTRICTED 64 (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) Army Medical Corps Centre and School Armoured Corps Centre and School Army/Air Transport Support School Army Cadet College Army Clerks Training School Army School of Mechanical Transport Army School of Physical Training Army Service Corps College Corps of Military Police Centre and School College of Materials Management College of Military Engineering Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School Electronics and Mechanical Engineers School High Altitude Warfare School Indian Military Academy Infantry School Institute of Defence Management Junior Leaders Wing Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre Military Intelligence Training School and Depot AMC Centre & School ACC & S AATSS ACC ACTS ASMT ASPT ASC College CMP Centre & School CMM CME CIJWS

(l) (m) (n)


EME School

(p) (q) (r) (s) (t) (u) (v)



RESTRICTED 65 (w) Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Military College of Telecommunication Engineering Military Farms School and Research Centre Officers Training Academy Paratroopers Training School Rashtriya Indian Military College Remount Training School and Depot Remount Veterinary Corps Centre and School School of Artillery MCEME





(z) (aa) (ab) (ac) (ad)

OTA PTS RIMC Rmt Trg School & Dep RVC Centre & School


School of Arty


7. 8.

Naval Headquarters Commands. (a) (b) (c) Headquarters Western Naval Command Headquarters Eastern Naval command Headquarters Southern Naval command




Establishments/ Units. (a) (b) (c) Naval Ship Repair Yard Base Logistics Organisation Base Victualling Yard NSRY BLO BVY


RESTRICTED 66 (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) Indian Naval Chart Depot Indian Naval Benevolent Association Indian Naval Canteen Service Indian Naval Distributing Authority Naval Academy Naval Air Station Naval Aeronautical Quality Assurance Service Naval Aircraft Yard Naval Armament Depot Naval Armament Inspection Organisation Naval Armament Stores Organisation Naval Institute of Educational and Training Technology Naval Pay Office Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory Naval Psychological Research Unit Material Superintendent (Mumbai/ Vishakapatnam) Naval Stores Organisation Sailors Training Establishment School for Naval Airmen INCD INBA INCS INDA NAVAC NAS NAQAS

(l) (m) (n) (o) (p)


(q) (r) (s) (t)


(u) (v) (w) 10.


Ships and Aircraft. (a) Indian Naval Ship RESTRICTED INS

RESTRICTED 67 (b) (c) (d) 11. Indian Naval Hospital Ship Indian Naval Submarine Indian Naval Air Squadron INHS INS INAS

Squadrons. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) .. Destroyer Squadron .. Frigate Squadron .. Submarine Squadron .. Mine Sweeper Squadron .. Mine Counter Measures Squadron .. Landing Ship Squadron .. Missile Boat Squadron .. Patrol Vessel Squadron .. Training Squadron DS FS SS MSS MCMS LSS MBS PS TS



Formations. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Air Headquarters Western Air Command Eastern Air Command Central Air Command South Western Air Command Southern Air Command Air HQ WAC EAC CAC SWAC SAC


RESTRICTED 68 (g) (h) (j) (k) 13. Training Command Maintenance Command Headquarters Maritime Air Operations Advance Headquarters TC MC HQ MAO Adv HQ

Establishments. (a) Tactics and Combat Development Establishment Aircraft Systems Testing Establishment TACDE

(b) 14. Units. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) (l) (m) (n) (o)


Station Wing Squadron Flight Section Air Defence Control Centre Air Defence Direction Centre Air Force Academy Air Force Administration College Air Force Record Office Air Force Technical College Air Publications and Forms Store Air Stores Park Base Repair Depot RESTRICTED


RESTRICTED 69 (p) (q) (r) (s) (t) (u) (v) (w) (x) (y) (z) (aa) (ab) (ac) (ad) (ae) (af) (ag) Base Signal Repair Unit Forward Base Support Unit Flying Instructors School Fighter Training Wing Ground Training School Institute of Aerospace Medicine Maritime Air Centre Navigation and Signal School Operational Conversion Unit Personnel Holding Section Repair and Salvage Unit Signal Unit Tactical Air Centre Fixed Wing Training Flight Air Force Selection Board Equipment Depot Air Force Central Accounts Office Air Force Dental Care BSRU FBSU FIS FTW GTS IAM MAC NSS OCU PHS R&SU SU TAC FWTF AFSB ED AFCAO AFDC



(a) (b)

Armed Forces Medical Stores Depot Defence Services Staff College



RESTRICTED 70 (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (j) (k) National Defence College College of Air Warfare National Defence Academy Institute of Armament Technology Institute of Defence Management College of Defence Management Services Selection Board Services Sports Control Board NDC CAW NDA IAT IDM CDM SSB SSCB




1. 2.

Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman Chief of Staff Committee (a) (b) Joint Secretary (International Affairs) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Net Assessment) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (International and Multilateral/ Bilateral Coordination) Director (China) Director (Pakistan) Director (Others) Integrated Financial Advisor to Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman Chief of Staff Committee Staff officer to Integrated Advisor Financial





(d) (e) (f) (g)

Dir (China) Dir (Pak) Dir (O) IFA to CISC




Scientific Advisor to Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman Chief of Staff Committee Staff Officer to Scientific Defence Assistant Staff Officer to Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman Chief of Staff Committee RESTRICTED Advisor


(k) (l) (m)


RESTRICTED 72 3. Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff (Policy Planning and Force Development) (a) Staff Officer to Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Policy Planning and Force Development) Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Financial Plans) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Horizon Plan) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Next Plan) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Current and Budget Plan) Director (Horizon Plan) Director (Next Plan) Director (Current and Budget Plan) DCIDS (PP & FD)








DACIDS (C & B Plan)

(iv) (v) (vi)

Dir (HP) Dir (NP) Dir (C & B Plan)


Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Perspective Plans/Force Structure) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Objectives and Reviews) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Long Term Force Structure) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Medium/Short Term Force Structure) RESTRICTED







RESTRICTED 73 (iv) Director (Objectives and Reviews) Director (Long Term Force Structure) Director (Medium/Short Term Force Structure) Deputy Director (Objectives and Reviews) Deputy Director (Long Term Force Structure) Deputy Director (Medium/Short Term Force Structure) Dir (O & R)


Dir (LTFS)


Dir (M/ST FS)


DD (O & R)






Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Weapon System, Operational Research and System Analysis and Infrastructure) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Land/Amphibious) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (System and Joint Communications and Electronics Staff) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff Operational Research and System Analysis Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Air Space) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Maritime) RESTRICTED








DACIDS (Air Space)


DACIDS (Maritime)

RESTRICTED 74 (vi) (vii) Director (Land/ Amphibious) Director (System and Joint Communications and Electronics Staff Director Operational Research and System Analysis Director (Air Space) Director (Maritime) Dir (L/A) Dir (Sys & JCES)


Dir (ORSA)

(ix) (x) (e)

Dir (Air Space) Dir (Maritime) FA to DCIDS (PP & FD)

Financial Advisor to Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Policy Planning and Force Development) Staff Officer Financial Advisor to Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff Scientific Advisor to Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Policy Planning and Force Development) Staff Officer to Scientific Advisor





(h) 4.

SO to SA DCIDS (Ops)

Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Operations) (a) Staff Officer to Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Operations) Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Joint Operations) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Operations) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Operations Logistics)

SO to DCIDS (Ops)


ACIDS (Jt Ops)



DACIDS (Ops Lgs)


RESTRICTED 75 (iii) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (C4 I2) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Information Warfare) Director (Operations) Director (Operations Logistics) Director (C4 I2) Director (Information Warfare) Director (Operations) Director (Operations Logistics) DACIDS (C4 I2)



(v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) (c)

Dir (Ops) Dir (Ops Lgs) Dir (C4 I2) Dir (IW) Dir (Ops) Dir (Ops Lgs) ACIDS (Strat)

Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Strategic) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Strategic Plan) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Strategic Operations/ Training))



DACIDS (Strat Ops/ Trg)


Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff (Doctrine, Organisation and Training) (a) Staff Officer to Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Doctrine, Organisation and Training) Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Training) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (TriService Institutes)







RESTRICTED 76 (ii) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Doctrine) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Land/Air) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Amphibious Special Forces) Director (Tri-Service Institutes) Director (Doctrine) Director (Land/Air) Director (Amphibious Special Forces) DACIDS (Doc)





(v) (vi) (vii) (viii)

Dir (TSI) Dir (Doc) Dir (LA) Dir (ASF)


Joint Secretary (Administration / Personnel) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Personnel) Civilian Officer Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Administration & Personnel) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Staff Duties & Military Secretary) Director (Personnel) Civilian Officer Director (Administration and Personnel) Director (Staff Duties and Military Secretary) RESTRICTED

JS (Adm/Pers)



DACIDS (Adm & Pers)




Dir (Pers)


Dir (Adm & Pers)


Dir (SD & MS)

RESTRICTED 77 6. Director General Defence Intelligence Agency and Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Intelligence) (a) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (b) Civilian Analyst Director (Coordination) Deputy Director (Coordination) Deputy Director (Staff Officer) DG DIA & DCIDS (Int)

CA Dir (Coord) DD (Coord) DD (SO) ACIDS (Int A)

Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Intelligence A) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (West) Director (West) Deputy Director (West) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (North East) Director (North East) Deputy Director (North East)


(ii) (iii) (iv)

Dir (West) DD (West) DACIDS (NE)

(v) (vi) (c)

Dir (NE) DD (NE) ACIDS (Int B)

Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Intelligence B) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (International) Director (International) Deputy Director (International) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Regional) RESTRICTED


(ii) (iii) (iv)

Dir (Intl) DD (Intl) DACIDS (Reg)

RESTRICTED 78 (v) (vi) (vii) Director (Regional) Deputy Director (Regional) Director (Nuclear Chemical) Biological Dir (Reg) DD (Reg) Dir (NBC)


Deputy Director (Nuclear Biological Chemical)



Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Technical Intelligence) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Information Warfare and Psychological Operations) Director (Information Warfare and Psychological Operations) Deputy Director (Information Warfare and Psychological Operations) Director (Research and Publication) Deputy Director (Research and Publication)

ACIDS (Tech Int)



Dir (IW & P Ops)


DD (IW & P Ops)


Dir (R & P)


DD (R & P)


Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Counter Terrorism) (i) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Project) Director (Project) Deputy Director (Project)



(ii) (iii)

Dir (Proj) DD (Proj)


RESTRICTED 79 (iv) Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Counter Terrorism) Director (Language) Deputy Director (Language) Director (MI Fund) Deputy Director (MI Fund) DACIDS (CT)

(v) (vi) (vi) (viii) (f)

Dir (Lang) DD (Lang) Dir (MI Fund) DD (MI Fund) DACIDS (DP)

Deputy Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Defence Protocol) (i) (ii) Director (Defence Protocol)

Dir (DP) DD (DP)

Deputy Director (Defence Protocol)




C-in-C Secretariat 1. Commander-in-Chief Andaman and Nicobar Command Military Assistant/Naval Assistant/Air Assistant to Commander-in-Chief Staff officer to Commander-in-Chief Aides-de-camp/Flag Lieutenant C-in-C CINCAN (sig address) MA/NA/AA to C-in-C


3. 4.

SO to C-in-C ADC/Flag Lt

COS Secretariat 5. 6. Chief of Staff Staff Officer to Chief of Staff COS SO to COS

Operations Division 7. 8. Chief Staff Officer (Operations) Command Operations Officer (Land Operations) Command Operations Officer (Maritime Operations) Command Operations Officer (Air Operations and Air Defence) Senior Staff Officer (Intelligence) Senior Staff Officer (Intelligence and Joint Operations Centre) CSO (Ops) COO (Land Ops)


COO (Mar Ops)


COO (Air Ops & AD)

11. 12.

SSO (Int) SSO (Int & JOC)


RESTRICTED 81 13. 14. Senior Staff Officer (Training) Senior Staff Officer (Air Defence and Flight Safety) Command Communication Officer Senior Staff Officer (Electronic Warfare) Senior Staff Officer (Communication) Senior Staff Officer (Amphibious and Special Operations) Command Operations Officer (Exclusive Economical Zone) SSO (Trg) SSO (AD & Flt Safety)

15. 16. 17. 18.

CCO SSO (EW) SSO (Comn) SSO (Amph & Spl Ops)



Technical Division 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Chief Staff Officer (Technical) Command Technical Officer (Land System) Command Technical Officer (Marine) Command Technical Officer (Air) Senior Staff Officer (Ground Electronics) Senior Staff Officer (Mechanical Transport and Specialist Vehicles) Senior Staff Officer (Marine electrical and Information Technology) Senior Staff Officer (Marine Engineering) Senior Staff Officer (Naval Construction) Senior Staff Officer (Air Electrical) Senior Staff Officer (Air Engineering) CSO (Tech) CTO (LS) CTO (M) CTO (Air) SSO (GL) SSO (MT & Spl Veh)



27. 28. 29. 30.



RESTRICTED 82 Logistics, Administrative and Personnel Division 31. 32. Chief Staff Officer (Logistics, Administration and Personnel) Command Administration and Personnel Officer Command Logistics Officer Command Works Officer Senior Staff Officer (Personnel and Administration) Senior Staff Officer (Staff Duties and Military Secretary) Senior Staff Officer (Works) Senior Staff Officer (Stores) Senior Staff Officer (Supply and Transport) Senior Staff Officer (Finance) Senior Staff Officer (Lands, Quartering and Audit) Staff Officer (Establishment and Mail) Staff Officer (Legal) Judge Advocate Deputy Provost Marshal Command Education Officer Senior Officer (Logistics) (Coast Guard) CSO (L, A & P) CAPO

33. 34. 35. 36.


37. 38. 39. 40. 41.

SSO (Wks) SSO (S) SSO (ST) SSO (F) SSO (LQ & A)

42, 43. 44. 45. 46. 47.

SO (Est & Mail) SO (L) JA DPM C Edn O SO Lgs (CG)




A Abbreviation Above ground level or automatic grenade launcher Above mentioned Above obstruction level or absent on leave Above sea level Absent on duty Absent without leave Acceptance test procedure Acclimatisation Accommodation Accomplish, accomplished, accomplishment Account, accounted, accounting Accounting unit Acknowledge, acknowledged, acknowledgement Action information organisation Acquire Acquisition Acting Actual ground position line Acute mountain sickness Adaptive differential pulse code modulation Addition Additional Addressed Address indicating group Adequately exercised Adjutant Administration, administrative Administrative and logistic order Administrative order Advance dressing station or air dispatch service Advance landing ground Advance, advanced or advancing Advanced light helicopter Advanced winter stocking abvn AGL a/m AOL ASL AOD AWL ATP accln accn acmp acct AU ack AIO acqr acqn actg AGPL AMS ADPCM addn addl addsd AIG AE adjt adm adm & lgs O adm O ADS ALG adv ALH AWS


RESTRICTED 84 Aerial Aeronautical information department Afternoon Aggregate Aide-de-camp / air direction centre Aiming pt Air adviser, air attach, anti aircraft or army act Airborne Airborne early warning / and control Airborne interception, air Interdiction or/ Army instruction Airborne warning and control system Air control team or apparatus carrier telephony Aircraft Air defence, air despatch or assistant director Air defence area Army Air defence Army air defence command post Army air defence commander Army air defence fire area Army air defence op centre Air defence control centre Air defence direction centre Air defence ground environmental system Air Defence Guided Missile College Air defence operation centre Air direction centre / aid-de-camp Air defence weapon control order Air field safety operator Air force, army form or aviation fuel Air force commander Air force instruction Air force instruction (special) Air force order Air force standing establishment committee Air head Air landing mat Air maintenance / anti-meridian Air movement control centre Air movement table Air observation post Air raid precautions or ammunition refilling point Air sea rescue Air space management centre RESTRICTED ae AID AN aggt ADC A pt AA AB AEW/AEW & C AI AWACS ACT ac AD ADA AAD AADCP AADC AADFA AADOC ADCC ADDC ADGES ADGM College ADOC ADC ADWCO AFSO AF AFC AFI AFI (S) AFO AFSEC air H ALM AM AMCC AMT Air OP ARP ASR ASMC

RESTRICTED 85 Air space management system Air support net Air support signal unit Air support signal regiment Air surveillance operations Air to air missile / guided missile / guided weapon Air to air refuelling Air to surface missile / guided missile / guided weapon Air traffic control Air transport liaison officer Airborne interception, air interdiction or Army Instruction Airborne troops Airborne self protection jammer Airfield Air-to-ground missile Air search and attack unit Algorithm All addressed All terrain vehicle All up weight Allotment Allowance Alphanumeric Alternate / alternative / altitude Alternating current, armoured corps or Ashoka Chakra Ambulance Amendment Ammunition Ammunition planning tables Ammunition point, armour piercing, angle of projection Ammunition refilling point or air raid precaution Ammunition table(s) Ammunition technical officer or animal transport officer or air tasking order Amount, amounted Amphibious Amphibious objective area Amphibious task force Amplify, amplified, amplification, amplifier And RESTRICTED ASMS air sp net ASSU ASSR ASO AAM / AAGM / AAGW AAR ASM / ASGM / ASGW ATC ATLO AI AB tps ASPJ airfd AGM ASAU algo ALL ADD ATV AUW almt allce alpnu alt AC amb amdt amn APT AP ARP amtab ATO amt amph AOA ATF amp &

RESTRICTED 86 Angle of departure chart Angle of projection, ammunition point, armour piercing Animal transport Annexure Annual confidential report Annual leave or amendment list Annual maintenance staff inspection Annual medial examination Annual training grant Annual, annually Annual general meeting Ante-meridian / air maintenance Antennae Anti ballistic missile Anti national elements Anti personnel Anti radiation missile Anti submarine Anti tank Anti tank guided missile / weapon Anti tank mobile team Apparatus cable laying Apparatus carrier telephony or air control team Appendices Appendix Apply, applied, application Appoint, appointed or appointment Appreciate, appreciated or appreciation Approach or approached Appropriate / appropriation Approx estimate (s) Approximate, approximately or approximation April Area (suffix when referring to a specific area) Area of responsibility Arithmetic logic unit Armament Armament research and development establishment Armour Armoured Armour piercing, ammunition point, angle of projection Armoured car RESTRICTED AD Chart AP AT annx ACR AL AMSI AME ATG anl AGM AM ant ABM ANE A pers ARM AS A tk ATGM / ATGW ATMT ACL ACT appces appx appl appt appre apch aprop AE approx Apr A AOR ALU armt ARDE armr armd AP armd C

RESTRICTED 87 Armoured command vehicle Armoured Corps, Ashoka Chakra, alternating current Armoured delivery regiment Armoured fighting vehicle Armoured personnel carrier Armoured recovery vehicle Army act, air adviser or air attach Army order Army photographic interpretation section Army post office Army postal service Army strategic operational information dissemination system Army switched static communication network Arrange, arranged or arrangement Arrive, arrived, arrival or arriving Artificial int / Army Instructions Artillery Ashoka Charka, armoured corps, alternating current Assault Assemble, assembled, assembly Assembly area Assembly language/ annual leave Assist, assisted, assistance, assisting, assistant Assistant civilian staff officer Assistant civilian staff officer (technical) Assure, assured, assurance Ati Vishisht Seva Medal Attach, attached or attachment Attack Attack helicopter Attempt, attempted, attempting Attention August Authority, authorised or authorizing Automatic, automate, automated, automation Automatic replenishment system Auxiliary or auxiliaries Aviation Aviation turbine fuel Azimuth ACV AC ADR AFV APC ARV AA AO APIS APO APS ASTROIDS ASCON arng arr AI arty AC aslt assy assy A AL asst ACSO ACSO (Tech) asr AVSM att attk AH atmt attn Aug auth auto ARS aux avn ATF az


RESTRICTED 88 B Back reference Bacteriological or bacteriologist Bailey bridge, balloon barrage Bailey pontoon Bailey pontoon bridge Bailey suspension bridge Bakery Balance(s), balanced Ballistic msl defence Bandsman Barrack Barrel Base air defence centre Base ejection or budget estimate Base hospital Base depot or bomb disposal Battalion Battery Battery commander or battle casualty Battle damage assessment Battlefield surveillance system Battlefield surveillance radar Battlefield air interdiction Battlefield air strikes Battle physical efficiency test (s) Board of officers Beach head Bearing Bearing picket, baily pontoon or boundary pillar Bench mark, brigade major or branch memorandum Between Beyond economical repairs Beyond local repair Beyond visual range Binoculars Biological warfare Bivouac Blood pressure Board or bound Bomb line or breach loading Bomb release point Bombardment liaison officer RESTRICTED BR bacter BB BP BPB BSB bky bal BMD bdsman bk brl BADC BE BH BD bn bty BC BDA BSS BFSR BAI BAS BPET BOO beach H bg BP BM betn BER BLR BVR bino BW biv BP bd BL BRP BLO

RESTRICTED 89 Bombing report Book of reference Border Boulder Bound or board Boundary Boundary pillar, bearing picket or baily pontoon Bounded, bounding Break, brake, broken, breaking Branch / bridge, bridging Branch memorandum or Brigade Major Bridge head Bridge laying tank Bridge, bridging, branch Briefing Brigade Brigade maintenance area Broad gauge Building Bulk encryption unit Bullet proof jacket Bullet proof patka Bulletin board service Bunker bombrep BR bdr bldr bd bdy BP bnd brk br BM br H BLT br bfg bde BMA BG bldg BEU BPJ BPP BBS bkr

C Caliber, calibrate, calibrated or calibration Camouflage or camouflaged Canal Canteen stores department Cantonment Capsule/capacity (ies) Car post, check post / point, command post, contact point or counter penetration or contingency plan Carbine Care of Carrier battle group Carrier borne ground liaison officer Carrier borne ground liaison section Carton or container Cartridge Casual leave, centre line or confinement to lines Casualty, casualties or casual RESTRICTED cal cam cnl CSD cantt cap CP carb c/o CBG CBGLO CBGLS ctn cart CL cas

RESTRICTED 90 Casualty evacuation Casualty return Category, categorise, categorisation Cater, catered, catering Cautionary met report Cease fire line Central discussion, civil defence, combat development or coast defence Central police org or command post officer Central vehicle depot Central, centrally Centre line Certificate or certify Certified true copy Channel(s), charge, charged or charging Check aviator, counter attack or civil affairs Check point / post, command post, contact point, car post or counter penetration Chemical and biological warfare Chemical or chemist Chemical warfare or continuous wave Chief inspector, chief instructor or counter insurgency Chiefs of staff committee Chief operations officer or chief ordinance officer Chief signal officer or civilian staff officer Childrens education allowance Chronic mountain sickness Circuit Circular error of probability City compensatory allowance Civil hired tpt Civil or civilian Civilian staff officer chief signal officer Class / classified / classification Clearing/cleaning Close air support Clothing Cluster bomb unit Coaxial Column Combat Combat air patrol Combat support operation RESTRICTED cas evac CR cat catr CMR CFL CD CPO CVD cent CL cert CTC ch CA CP CBW chem CW CI COSC COO CSO CEA CMS cct CEP CCA CHT civ CSO cl clg CAS clo CBU coax coln comb CAP CSO

RESTRICTED 91 Combat command / concerned clerk Combat group Combat ready / confidential report / cas return Combat team / combat trainee Combined operations centre Command Command and control Command and control warfare Command control communication and intelligence Command control communication computers and information intelligence Command hospital Command information and decision support system Command post officer or central police organisation Command vehicle Commandant Commander Commander amphibious task force Commander task group Commander task force Commander task unit Commander task element Commanding Commanding officer Commercial-off-the-shelf Committee of defence planning Communication Communication centre Communication intelligence Communication plan Communication zone Communication jamming/intelligence/security Company Compensation in lieu of quarters Competent financial authority or converter field artillery Component or composite Composition Computer Concentrate, concentrated or concentration Conference Confidential Confidential report / combat ready / cas return Conjunction RESTRICTED CC CG CR CT COC comd C2 C2W C3I C4I2 CH CIDSS CPO CV Comdt Cdr CATF CTG CTF CTU CTE comdg CO COTS CDP comn comncen comint complan comn Z Comjam / comint / comsec coy CILQ CFA comp composn cmptr conc conf confd CR conj

RESTRICTED 92 Connectivity Conserve, conserved or conservancy Construct, constructed or construction Consult, consultant or consultation Container or carton Contaminated area/sector/zone Contingency Control and reporting Control and reporting centre/cyclic redundancy check Control/controlled Controller defence accounts Controller general defence account Conversion, conceal, concealed, concealment Converter of moment Convoy Cooperate, cooperated, cooperation or cooperating Coordinate, coordinated, coordination or coordinating Cordon and search operations/command air staff orders Corporation Corps maintenance area Correspond, corresponded, corresponding, correspondence Counter air operation Counter attack, civil affairs or check aviator Counter bombardment Counter bombardment officer Counter insurgency force Counter surface force operations Court of inquiry Cover, covered, covering Craftsman or craftsmen Crest clearance graph Critical path method Cross roads Crossing Cryptographic centre Cubic Current Year Cylinder contv consv constr conslt ctn Contam A/S/Z cgy C&R CRC cont CDA CGDA con C of M cvy coop coord CASO corpn CMA corres CAO CA CB CBO CIF CSFO C of I cov cfn CC Graph CPM x rds xg crypcen cu CY cyl


RESTRICTED 93 D Daily allowance or dearness allowance Daily occurrence book Daily order part I / II Daily servicing section/decision support system Damage (s/d) Danger, dangerous Dangerously ill / daily inspection Dangerously ill list Data comn eqpt Data switch Data terminal eqpt Date time group Date, dated Day Death cum retirement gratuity December Decontaminate, decontaminated, decontamination Decrease, decreased, decreasing Defence communication system Defence planning staff Defence service regulations Defence, defensive, defend or defended Defended area / sector / zone Deficiency, deficient Defence Services Regulations - Dress Regulations Defence Services Regulations - Leave Regulations Defence Services Regulations - Mechanical Vehicle Regulations Defence Services Regulations - Regulations for the Army Defence Services Regulations - Travel Regulations Defence service officers provident fund Defensive fire (save our souls) Defensive fire or direction finding / finder Defence research and development organisation degree Deliver, delivered or delivery Delivery point Demi official, duty offr, direction officer Demolish, demolished or demolition Demonstrate, demonstrated, demonstration Density RESTRICTED DA DOB DO Pt I / II DSS dmg,dmgs,dmgd dgr DI DIL DCE D Sw DTE DTG dt d DCRG Dec decn decr DCS DPS DSR def Def A / S / Z defi DSR DR DSR LR DSR MVR DSR RA DSR TR DSOP fund DF (SOS) DF DRDO deg del del P DO dem demo dens

RESTRICTED 94 Depart, departed, departing, departure or depot Department or departmental Deploy, deployed, deployment or deployability Deputy Deputy asst provost marshal Deputy director Deputy financial advisor / draft for approval Deputy provost marshal Desert warfare Deserter Desired mean point of impact Despatch / despatched/ despatchment / despatcher Despatch rider or dead reckoning Destroy, destroyed or destruction Detach, detached or detachment Detail, detailed, detailment Detailed issue depot/direct inward dialling Detonator Develop, developed or development Deviation Diagram, diameter Direct, director, directed, directive Directing staff Direction Director general Directorate general of inspection Directorate general resettlement Directorate general of supplies and disposal Directorate Discharge or discharged Discipline or disciplinary Discussion Disperse, dispersed, dispersal Dispersal line Dispersal point Disposition Distance/district Distribute, distributed or distribution Distributory District court martial Ditch cum bund Ditto Division or divisional Divisional administrative area RESTRICTED dep dept dply dy DAPM DD DFA DPM DW dstr DMPI desp DR destr det detl DID dtnr devp devn dia dir DS dirn DG DGI DGR DGS & D dte disch discp dscn disp dis L dis P disposn dist distr disty DCM DCB do div DAA

RESTRICTED 95 Divisional air defence centre Divisional maintenance area Document(s), documentation Dozen Draughtsman or draughtsmen Dropping zone Driver Duplicate Duty air traffic control officer Duty cipher officer Duty medical officer Duty officer, demi official Duty signal officer DADC DMA docu doz dtmn DZ dvr dupl DATCO DCO DMO DO DSO

E Early warning radar Early warning or electronic warfare Earth moving plant/electro magnetic pulse East north east East south east Echelon Economical/economic/economy Education or educational Education training grant Effective Efficiency / efficient Electric, electrical Electrical and mechanical Electronics and mechanical engineers regulation(s) Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Electrician, electronic(s) Electro magnetic compatibility Electro magnetic interference Electro magnetic pulse Electronic counter measures Electronic counter counter measure(s) Electronic data processing Electronic data processing system Electronic emission policy Electronic emission security Electronic Intelligence Electronic private automatic branch exchange RESTRICTED EWR EW EMP ENE ESE ech econ edn ETG eff effi elec E&M EMER EME elect EMC EMI EMP ECM ECCM EDP EDPS EEP EES elint EPABX

RESTRICTED 96 Electronic private automatic exchange Electronic support measures or end strip marker Electronic warfare Electronic warfare control centre Electronic warfare intelligence Embark, embarked or embarkation Emergency Emergency commission Emergency commissioned officer Emplane, emplaned or emplanement Employ, employed or employment Enclose, enclosed or enclosure End strip marker or electronic support measure Endeavour Enemy Engineering officer Engineer Engineering Engineer equipment mechanic Engineer theatre stores reserve Envelop, envelopment Equipment Equipment management or electro magnetic Equipment regulations Espionage Essential vehicle column Establish, established or establishment Estimate, estimated, estimation Estimated storage life Evacuate, evacuated or evacuation Evaluate or evaluation Examination Exchange, exchanged Exclude, excluded, excluding or exclusive Exclusive economic zone Executive, execution Exempli gratia (for example) Exercise, exercised Expected time of arrival / departure Expeditionary force Expenditure Experiment Exploit, exploited or exploitation Explosive RESTRICTED EPAX ESM EW EWCC EWINT Emb emer EC ECO empln emp encl ESM endvr en EO engr engg EEM ETSR envp eqpt EM ER espg EVC est esmt ESL evac eval exam exch excl EEZ exec eg ex ETA / ETD EF expdr expt expl exp

RESTRICTED 97 Ex-servicemen Extension Extra Issue Extra regimental employment/employee or extra regimentally employed exsm extn EI ERE

F Fatal Favourable air situation February Field Field ammunition depot Field artillery tractor Field craft or fire control Field force or fire fighting Field Marshal or frequency modulation / modulated or force multiplier Field ordnance depot Field post office Field security Field security officer Field service marching order Field service regulation Field supply depot or first sight dak Fighter bomber Fighter ground attack Fighter group / fighting group Fighter reconnaissance Figure Financial Regulations part I / II Fire direction centre Fire fighting or field force First aid Fitter Fitter (Armoured Fighting Vehicles / Air Defence) Fire plan Flag officer naval aviation Flame thrower Flank Fleet mail office Flexible duck board Flight RESTRICTED ftl FAS Feb fd FAD FAT FC FF FM FOD FPO FS FSO FSMO FSR FSD FB FGA F gp FR fig FR Part I/II FDC FF FA ftr ftr (AFV / AD) FP FONA FT flk FMO FDB flt

RESTRICTED 98 Flying Force air defence warfare co-ordinator Formation Forward, forwarded or forwarding Forward air controller Forward airfield supply organization Forward arming and refuelling point Forward assembly area Forward defended locality Forward edge of battle area Forward line of own troops Forward maintenance airfield/area Forward observation officer Fragmentation Free from infection Frequent, frequented, frequency Friday Fuel oil and lubricants Fuze flg FADWC fmn fwd FAC FASO FARP FAA FDL FEBA FLOT FMA FOO frag FFI freq Fri FOL fz

G Garrison Garrison engineer Gasoline General court martial General or generally General post office or gun position officer General staff Generator Gentlemen cadet or gun cotton Geographic reference Glacier Government Grade Gramme (gram) Grant Granted Grenade Grenadier Grid reference Ground Ground attack RESTRICTED grn GE gas GCM Gen (for rk), gen GPO GS genr GC geo ref glr govt gde g gt gtd gren gdr GR grnd GA

RESTRICTED 99 Ground controlled approach Ground controlled interception Ground defence Ground liaison officer Ground of tactical importance Group, grouped, grouping Guard Guardsman or guardsmen Guerrilla warfare or guided weapon Guided bomb unit Guided missile Gun area Gunner GCA GCI GD GLO GTI gp gd gdsm GW GBU GM gun A gnr

H Harassing fire or high frequency Harbour or harboured Hardened aircraft shelters Head (as suffix only) Head clerk Headquarter / headquarters Health Heavy Heavy duty recovery vehicle Heavy machine gun Heavy mobile bridge Hectare Height Height of burst Helicopter Helicopter borne Helicopter landed/landing Helicopter lift Helicopter pad Hertz High altitude area High explosive High power or horse power Hill compensatory allowance Holding area, high angle, high altitude Honorary Hospital RESTRICTED HF harb HAS H HC HQ hlth hy HDRV HMG HMB ha ht HOB heptr HB helildg helilift helipad hz HAA HE HP HCA HA hony hosp

RESTRICTED 100 Hostile / hostility Hot war Hour (s) (specific clock time / gen) Howitzer Human Intelligence Human rights Human rights commission Hygiene hstl HW Hr/hr how humint HR HRC hyg

I Identification friend or foe Identity card Identity, identify, identified or identification Illuminate, illuminated, illumination or illuminating Immediate replenishment group Immediate or immediately Implement, implemented, implementation Important or importance Improvised explosive device in accordance with Inch or inches Incharge, internal combustion or integrated circuit Include, included, inclusive, inclusion or including Increase, increased, increment, increasing Independent Indian Air Force or Indian army form Indian military training team Indian Army Indian small arms system Indian Navy Individual (s) Individual running ledger account Indoctrinate, indoctrinated or indoctrination Induction Inescapable Infantry Infantry combat vehicle Infiltrate, infiltrated or infiltration Influence mine Information technology Inform, informed or information Information warfare RESTRICTED IFF I card iden ill IRG imdt impl imp IED iaw in / ins IC incl incr indep IAF IMTRAT IA INSAS IN indl IRLA indoc indn ines inf ICV infilt IM IT info IW

RESTRICTED 101 Infra red Infra red counter measures Infrared line scan Initial point Injection, injury, injured Inspect, inspected, inspection, inspecting Inspection bungalow, intelligence bureau or international border Inspector general or inspector-in-gunnery Installation Institute, instituted, institutional Instruct, instructed, instruction, instructing or instructor Instrument flight rules Instrument or instrumentation Instrument landing system Insurgent / insurgency Intelligence / intelligent Intelligence officer Intelligence report Intelligence summary Intensive care unit Interdict, interdicted, interdiction International shipping lanes Intermediate Internal security International Interpret, interpreted, interpretation, interpreter Interrogate, interrogated, interrogation, interrogator Introduce, introduced, introduction Invaliding medical board Investigate, investigated, investigation, investigating Issue voucher IR IRCM IRLS IP inj insp IB IG instln instt instr IFR inst ILS insur int IO intrep isum ICU interdic ISL inter IS intl intpt interog intro IMB inv IV

J Jammer / Jamming January Joint Joint air defence centre Joint army air operation room Joint army and air operation centre Joint cipher bureau RESTRICTED jx Jan jt JADC JAAOR JAAOC JCB

RESTRICTED 102 Joint communication electronic committee Joint director Joint electronic warfare board Joint intelligence committee Joint operation centre Joint operations and information room Joint planning committee Joint services staff duties Joint services standing operating procedure Joint signal intelligence board Joint training committee Judge Advocate General Judging distance or joint director July Junction June Jungle warfare Junior Junior command Junior commissioned officer JCEC JD JEWB JIC JOC JOIR JPC JSSD JSSOP JSIB JTC JAG JD Jul junc Jun JW jr JC JCO

K Kerosene Key defended locality(s) Key location plan Key result area Killed in action Kilogram(s) Kilolitre(s) Kilometer(s) Kilometers per hour, kilometre(s) Kilometers per litre Kilotonne Kirti Chakra Knot kero KDL KLP KRA KIA kg kl km kmph kmpl kt KC kn

L Laboratory or labour Lady offr Land air operation / local audit officer RESTRICTED lab LDO LAO

RESTRICTED 103 Land force commander Landing Landing craft assault / light combat aircraft Landing craft mechanised Landing craft or line of control Landing craft tank Landing craft utility Landing craft vehicles and personnel Landing ground Landing platform dock Landing platform helicopter Landing ship Landing ship tank Landing vehicle tracked Landing zone Landmark Lane control post Laser guided bomb Last flt servicing Last ration certificate / local repair contract Latitude Launcher Laundryman Leader Leave Leave ration allowance Lecture Lecture-cum-demonstration Liaison officer Light Light air defence Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation Light machine gun Light recovery vehicle Limit of penetration Limited Line of actual control Line of communication Line of control or landing craft Line of sight Line telegraphy or low tension Listening post, local purchase or low power Lithographical or lithograph RESTRICTED LFC ldg LCA LCM LC LCT LCU LCVP LG LPD LPH LS LST LVT LZ landmk LCP LGB LFS LRC lat lr laundry ldr lve LRA lec LDM LO lt lt AD LASER LMG LRV LOP ltd LAC L of C LC L of S LT LP litho

RESTRICTED 104 Litre Load Local area network Local audit officer / land air operation Local purchase, listening post or low power Local warning Local warning radar Locate, located, location, locating or locality Logarithm or logarithmic Logistic or logistics Logistic requirement Long range Long range oblique photography Long range patrol Longitude Low intensity conflict / operations Low level Low level air defence Low medical category Low power, listening post or local purchase Low tension or line telegraphy Lower division clerk Lower rate of ration allowance Lubricant, lubricate, lubricated or lubrication ltr ld LAN LAO LP LW LWR loc log lgs logreq LR LOROP LRP long LIC/LICO LL LLAD LMC LP LT LDC LRA lub

M Mach number Machine gun or metre gauge Magazine or magnetic Magnetic anomaly detector or mutually assured destruction Maha Vir Charka Main battle tank Main file or medium frequency Maintenance control centre Maintain, maintained, maintaining or maintenance Man portable air defence system Man power Management Management information system Manager Manoeuvre RESTRICTED mach MG mag MAD MVC MBT MF MCC maint MANPADS MP mgt MIS mgr mvre

RESTRICTED 105 Manufacture Map reading or maritime reconnaissance March Maritime headquarters Maritime operations / (joint operations) centre Maritime patrol aircraft Maritime reconnaissance or map reading Mark Marking Mask/masking Material Maximum Meals ready to eat Mean point of impact Mean sea level Mean time between failure Mechanic, mechanical or mechanised Mechanical transport or military training Medical equipment scale Medical inspection or military intelligence Medical officer or military operations Medium machine gun Medium range anti submarine torpedo carrying helicopter Medium, medical or medicine Meeting or mounting Mega tonnes or mount Member of parliament or military police Memorandum Memorandum of understanding Memory Mess Assistant Mess maintenance allowance Message Message distribution centre Meteorology or meteorological Meteorological report Metre(s) Metre gauge or machine gun Micro wave landing system Mid life update Military engineering or mechanical equipment Military Military adviser / assistant / attach, mountain artillery RESTRICTED mfr MR Mar (month) MHQ MOC / MJOC MPA MR mk mkg msk mtrl max MRE MPI MSL MTBF mech MT ME scale MI MO MMG MATCH med mtg mt MP memo MOU mem Mess Asst MMA msg MDC met metrep M MG MLS MLU ME mil MA

RESTRICTED 106 Military dental centre Military engineer service Military estate officer Military forwarding organisation Military hospital Military intelligence or medical inspection Military lands and cantonment directorate Military landing officer Military nursing service Military secretary Military training or mechanical transport Millimetric wave radar Mine counter measure Mine field Mine protected vehicle Minimum or minute Miscellaneous Missile Missile base Missing in action Mission Mobile telephone Mobile, mobilise, mobilised, mobilisation or mobility Mobile observation post Modify, modified or modification Modulated/ de-modulated Momentum Monday Monthly Mortar Motivate, motivated, motivation Motor cycle or movement control Motor or motorized Mountain Mountain warfare Mountainous Mount / mounted Mounting or meeting Movement control officer move, moved, movement or moving Moving target indicator Mujahid / mujahideen Multi barrel rocket launcher Mutual or mutually RESTRICTED MDC MES MEO MFO MH MI ML & C Dte MLO MNS MS MT MWR MCM minefd MPV min misc msl msl B MIA msn mob tel mob MOP mod modem mmt Mon mly mor mtv MC mot mtn MW mtnous mt / mtd mtg MCO mov MTI mjd MBRL mut

RESTRICTED 107 Mutually assured destruction or magnetic anomaly detector Muzzle loading Muzzle velocity MAD ML MV

N Nadi, nala or nullah Nao Sena Medal Nape of the earth flying Narrative Narrow gauge Naval gunfire support Navy Order Navy Order (special) Naval post office Naval provost marshal Navigate, navigated, navigation or navigator Nearest railway station Negotiate, negotiated / negotiation / negotiating Network, networked, networking neutralise or neutralised, neutralisation Next of kin Night Night vision binoculars Night vision device Night vision goggles No abnormality detected No further action Non availability, not available, not applicable or nursing assistant Non lethal weapons Non vegetarian North east North north east North north west North west Not applicable, not available, nursing assistant Not known Not on original Nothing to report Notice to airmen Notification November RESTRICTED N (only as suffix) NM NOE narr NG NGS NO NO (S) NPO NPM navig NRS ngn nw neutr NOK ni NVB NVD NVG NAD NFA NA NLW non veg NE NNE NNW NW NA NK NOO NTR NOTAM notfn Nov

RESTRICTED 108 Nuclear Nuclear biological and chemical warfare Nuclear warfare Number nuc NBCW nuc W No

O Objection Objective Observation Observation orientation decision action Observation post Observe or observed Obstacle Obstruction Occupy, occupied, occupation, occupying October Offensive Offensive air support Offensive counter air Office copy Officer Officer commanding Officer in tactical command Officer on special duty Officer-in-charge Officiating Offr mess Operate, operated, operation, operational, operating Operation other than war Operation order or ordnance officer Operation research or operational research or other rank (s) Operation theatre Operational immediate Operational logistics Operational readiness platform Operator Opposite Optical fibre cable Order of battle Ordnance RESTRICTED objn obj obsn OODA OP obs obst obstn occu Oct offn OAS OCA o/c offr OC OTC OSD OIC offg OM op OOTW OO OR OT OP IMMEDIATE OL ORP opr opp OFC ORBAT ord

RESTRICTED 109 Organise, organised or organisation Original equipment manufacturers Other rank(s), operation research or operational research Other than married accommodation Out board motor Out of area operations Out patient department Over snow vehicle Over target requirement Overall force commander Overstaying / overstayal of leave Own time work org OEM OR OTM accn OBM OOA ops OPD OSV OTR OFC OSL OTW

P Page(s) (number) Paise (when signifying amount) Pakistan Paper under consideration Parachute or paragraph Parachute supply Parachute troops Paragraph or parachute Paramilitary forces Param Vir Chakra Param Vishisht Seva Medal Paratrooper / printer Park Passive air defence Patrol Patrolling Peace establishment or plastic explosive Perday or period Per month, post meridian Permanent Permanent commission / personnel computer Personal / private secretary, personal services or post script Personal assistant or public address Personal computer or permanent commission Personnel Petroleum or petrol RESTRICTED Pp P Pak PUC para parasup paratps para PMF PVC PVSM ptr pk PAD ptl ptlg PE pd pm, PM permt PC PS PA PC pers pet

RESTRICTED 110 Petroleum, oil and lubricants Phase(s) Photo interpretation/interpreter Photograph, photographic or photography Photographic reconnaissance or public relations Physical proficiency test(s) Physical training Pierced steel planking Pioneer Pipe line Planning Pocket Point Political, politically, politician Portable or portability Position Post meridian or per month Practice, practise, practised or practical Precedence Precision guided munitions Predetermined route Preliminary Prepare, prepared, preparation or preparatory Price negotiation committee Prime minster or provost marshall Principle medical officer Principal staff officer Printer or paratrooper Prisoner(s) of war Private / pivot Produce or production Programme Progress, progressed, progressive Progress report Project, projected, projectile, projection Project manager Projector Provision / provisioning Provost Psychological operation/warfare Psychological, psychologist or psychology Psychology, hearing, appendages, physical and eye Public relations officer Public relations or photographic reconnaissance RESTRICTED POL ph PI photo PR PPT PT PSP pnr ppl plg pkt pt pol ptbl posn PM, pm prac prec PGM PDR prlim prep PNC PM PMO PSO ptr POW pvt prod pgme prog progrep proj proj mgr projr provn pro Psyops/W psy SHAPE PRO PR

RESTRICTED 111 Pull-up point Put up Put up with reference(s) PUP PU PUR

Q Quadrant elevation/qr ending Qualification Qualified flying instructor or qualified fit to be instructor Qualitative requirement Quality assurance Quality control Quantity Quarter guard Quarter master Quarter or quartering Quarterly flying training report Quarterly security intelligence report(s) Quick firing Quick reaction alert Quick reaction force Quick reaction team QE qual QFI QR QA QC qty qr gd QM qr QFTR QSIR QF QRA QRF QRT

R Radar or rider Radar warning receiver Radar homing and warning Radial Radiation Radio direction finder / finding Radio frequency, range finder or representative fraction Radio mechanic Radio relay or railway receipt Radio set Radio telegraphy Radio telephony/teletype, recruits test or range table(s) Radius of action Radius of damage RESTRICTED rdr RWR RHAW rad radn RDF RF RM RR RS R tg RT ROA ROD

RESTRICTED 112 Rail head Railway Railway traffic officer Range finder, representative fraction or radio frequency Range or ranging Rank Rapid deployment force Rashtriya Rifles Radar cross section Rear airfield supply organisation Rear area security Reconnaissance and observation flight Reconnaissance and observation squadron Receipt and issue Receipt voucher or rendezvous Received Receiver Reception Recognise, recognised or recognition Recoilless Recommend, recommended, recommendation Reconnaissance group Recover, recovered or recovery Recovery mechanic Recruit or recruitment Recruiting officer, regimental order, routine order, reviewing officer or record officer Recruiting organisation Redress of grievance Refer, referred, reference Refilling point, regimental police or rocket projectile Refrigeration mechanic Regiment or regimental Regimental medical officer Registry Regular, regulate, regulated, regulation or regulating Regulations for the medical services of the army Regulations for the territorial army Reinforcement Rejoin/rejoined Release, released, releasing Remote control unit Remotely piloted veh RESTRICTED RH rly RTO RF rg rk RDF RR RCS RASO RAS R & O flt R&O sqn R&I RV recd rx rxn recog rcl recom R gp rec rech mech rect RO rtg org ROG ref RP refrg mech regt RMO regy reg Med Regs TA Regs rft rjn rel RCU RPV

RESTRICTED 113 Remount Rendezvous or receipt voucher Rreorganise, reorganised or reorganisation Repeat Repeated Replenish, replenished or replenishment Report line or rocket launcher Represent, represented or representative Reproduce, reproduced or reproduction Required Requirement Reserve, reserves, reserved or reservation Reservist Respect of Responsible / responsibility Rest and recoup Restricted Restriction Resuscitate or resuscitation Retention Return/returned to unit Revolution in military affairs Revolver Rifle Rifleman or riflemen Right River (only when used in conjunction with a name) Road head Road or round Rocket Rocket projectile, regimental police or refilling point Roll-on roll-off (ferry or other ship) Rules of engagement Runway rmt RV reorg rpt rptd rple RL rep repro reqd reqmt res resvt r/o resp R&R restd restn resuc retn RTU RMA rev rif rfn rt R rd H rd rkt RP RO-RO ROE rw

S Safaiwala / safaiwali Salvage Sand model discussion Sanitary or sanitation Sapper Sarvottam Yudh Seva Medal RESTRICTED sfwl sal SMD san spr SYSM

RESTRICTED 114 Satellite Satellite communication Scheduled despatch service Scientific adviser or small arms Scientific officer or staff officer Sea lines of communication Search and rescue Search light, special list or start line Seater or strength Second in command Sector(s) Sector air defence warfare commander Self propelled, starting point or start point Sena Medal Senior/serial Senior civilian staff officer Senior command or staff captain Senior instructor Senior records officer, statutory regulatory order or station routine orders Senior scientific officer or station staff officer Sequence Seriously ill list Service note Serviceable Shaurya Chakra Short service Short service commission Short take off and landing Short take off vertical landing Sideways looking air borne radar Signal Signal centre Signal intelligence Signal officer-in-chief Signed Simulator Situation Situation map Situation report Small arms ammunition Smoke Soldier Solution RESTRICTED satl satcom SDS SA SO SLOC SAR SL str 2IC sect (s) SADWC SP SM sr SCSO SC SI SRO SSO seq SIL SN ser SC SS SSC STOL STOVL SLAR sig sigcen sigint SO-in-C sd/sml sit sitmap sitrep SAA smk sdr soln

RESTRICTED 115 South south east South south west Spacial Speak Special Special despatch rider Special army instruction Special army order Special army training memorandum/memoranda Special boat section Special compensatory allowance Special heliborne operations Special list, search light or start line Specific gravity Speculative, speculation Speed of advance / senior officer administration Squadron Staff duties Stage, staged or staging Standard, standardise, standardised or standardisation Stand off jammer Start time Statement of case Station Stationery Statistics or statistical Sten machine carbine Stenographer or steno typist Stereoscope or stereoscopic Stock Strategic, strategical or strategy Strategic reconnaissance Strength or seater Stretcher bearer Sub calibre Submarine Subscription or substantive Subsidiary Succeed Summary court martial Summary general court martial Summary of evidence Sunday RESTRICTED SSE SSW spac spk spl SDR SAI SAO SATM SBS SCA SHBO SL sp gr specu SOA sqn SD stg std SOJ ST S of C stn sty stats SMC steno stereo stk strat SR str SB subcal SM subs subdy sucd SCM SGCM S of E Sun

RESTRICTED 116 Superintendent Supervisor Supervision Supplement / supplementary Support, supported or supporting Supply Supply officer Supply point Supply railhead Supply refilling point Supply roadhead Suppression of enemy air defence Surface to air missile / surface to surface missile Surgery, surgeon or surgical Surplus Surveillance Surveillance and target acquisition Survey Surveyor Switch board Synchronous Syndicate Synthetic aperture radar System supdt spvr spvn spmt sp sup sup O sup P SRH SRP S rd H SEAD SAM / SSM surg sur svl SATA svy svyr swbd sync syn SAR sys

T Traveling allowance, technical assistant or territorial army Table of tools and equipment Tablet Tactic, tactics or tactical Tactical air centre Tactical air control centre Tactical battle area Tactical headquarters Tactical reconnaissance Take off Taken on strength Tank Tanker Target Task force RESTRICTED TA TOTE tab tac TAC TACC TBA Tac HQ Tac R T/O TOS tk tkr tgt TF

RESTRICTED 117 Task unit Technical or technician Technical staff officer Technical superintendent Tele printer, transfer point, traffic post, teaching practice or turning point Temporary commission, traffic control or training centre Temporary duty or tutorial discussion Tentacle Terrain Terrorist(s) Time of dispatch or tour of duty Time of flight Time of origin Time of receipt Time on / over target Top secret Topographic, topographical or topography Tour of duty or time of dispatch Track or tracked Track while scan Tradesman or tradesmen Traffic Traffic control post Training Transient radiation effect on electronics Transmission Transmitter Transport Transport group Transportation Transported Transporter Trigonometry, trigonometric or trigonometrical Troop Troposcatter TU tech TSO tech supdt TP TC TD tcl trn trt(s) TOD TOF TOO TOR TOT topsec topo TOD tr TWS tdn tfc TCP trg TREE txn tr tpt T gp tn tptd tptr trig tp tropo

U Unarmed airborne/aerial vehicle Unclassified Uncongenial climate and high altitude allowance RESTRICTED UAV unclas UC & HA allce

RESTRICTED 118 Under grnd Under consideration or under carriage Under mentioned Unexploded bomb(s) Unified Headquarters Unit entitlement / unit equipment / unit establishment Unit landing officer Unit local purchase order Unit repair organization Unit security officer Unserviceable Update / updated Updated super fladder maus Upholsterer Upper division clerk Uranium Utility helicopter Utility helicopter flight Uttam Yudh Seva Medal UG UC u/m UXB UHQ UE ULO ULPO URO USO US upt USFM upholst UDC U UH UH flt UYSM

V Vacation / vacancy Vanguard Vayu Sena Medal / vehicle mechanic Vegetarian / vegetable Vehicle Vehicle waiting area Vertical / short take off and landing Vertical envelopment Veterinary Veterinary officer Village Village defence committee Vir Chakra Vishisht Seva Medal Visibility, visual, visible, visit or visiting Visual display unit Visual signalling Vital ground Vocabulary Voice switch Volume RESTRICTED vac vangd VM veg veh VWA VTOL / STOL VE vet VO vill VDC Vr C VSM vis VDU VS VG vocab VS vol

RESTRICTED 119 Vulnerable area or vital area Vulnerable point or vital point VA VP

W Wagon Wagon lines War establishment or weapons and equipment War like stores or work study War wastage rate / war wastage reserve Warfare (used as a suffix) eg, AAW, ASW) Warrant or weight Water point Water proof, water proofed or water proofing Weapon Weapon and equipment or war establishment Weapon release line Weapon training Weapons of mass destruction Weather Weather warning Wednesday Weekly West of north west West of south east Wheel or wheeled Wide area network Wide area search operations / winter air surveillance operations Wind direction indicator Wing Wireless local loop With effect from With reference to Without Work(s) Workshop Wounded in action wgn WL WE WS WWR W wt WP wpf wpn WE WRL WT WMD wx wx wg Wed wkly WNW WSE wh WAN WASO WDI wg WLL wef wrt w/o wk wksp WIA


RESTRICTED 120 Year Yearly Yudh Sena Medal yr yrly YSM

Z Zone Z