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ICAS (Central) Association

Tender No. ICAS/Website/2013 Price: 500/-

Tender for creating, designing, developing, commissioning and maintaining the web portal of ICAS (Central) Association


30th September 2013 (up to 5:00 p.m.) 4th October 2013 at 4:00 p.m. 10th October 2013 at 4.00 p.m. 902B, Delhi Secretariat, IP Estate, New Delhi

Sub: - Tender for creating, designing, developing, commissioning and maintenance of the web portal of ICAS (Central) Association Dear Sir, The Indian Civil and Administrative Service (ICAS) (Central) Association (also known as Central IAS Association) is the association of all IAS Officers in the country and includes all serving and retired members. The Association proposes to engage a reputed vendor for creating, designing, developing, commissioning and maintaining of completely new web portal of the association. Vendor must complete the contract with in a period of one month from the date of job order. The Vendor also has to provide a complete solution including secure hosting and domain registration. The vendor would work closely with the Association and designate a team to complete the job in a timely and professional manner. The vendor will ensure the design and development of the website as per indicative specifications and features enclosed herewith and will propose three designs in the technical evaluation. At this stage, it may not be possible to quantify the job in totality. The vendor will also agree to incorporate features as desired by the Association from time to time. The desired features and specifications of the web portal are enclosed at Annexure-I. The terms and conditions are mentioned in Annexure-II. The vendors should submit their bids (sealed) for the said job in the format provided at Annexure-III and Annexure-IV. Sealed bids should be accompanied with an Earnest Money (refundable) in the form of a Demand Draft/Pay Order drawn in favour of ICAS (Central) Association, for an amount of Rs.10000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only) payable at New Delhi. Bids without Earnest Money would be rejected and no further correspondence shall be entertained in this regard. Sealed bids should be dropped in tender box in the office of In -Charge IT, Central IAS Association by 30.09.2013 at 5.00 P.M. Technical bids would be opened on 4th October 2013 at 04.00 P.M. and financial bids on 10th October 2013 4.00 P.M. on same day in the presence of the vendors or their duly authorized representatives who choose to attend the same. Bidders are required to submit their bid with a non-refundable amount of Rs.500/-(Rupees Five Hundred only) towards Cost of tender document, in the form of DD drawn in favour of IC AS (Central) Association and payable at New Delhi. The Association reserves the right to accept/reject any or all bids and/or cancel the Tender proceedings without assigning any reason, whatsoever. Yours faithfully

Enclosed: As above

Secretary Central IAS Association

THE IAS PORTAL: DESIRABLE SPECIFICATIONS (INDICATIVE) Inexpensive to develop It should be developed on platforms that are easy to maintain. The source code should be owned by the Association and should be simple enough to be updated. Inexpensive to host and maintain It should be hosted on a secure serves with reliable service. Base data + user-driven content As described in the design document, there would be some permanent databases available on or linked to the site, such as Officers Contact Details, Memorandum of Association of various bodies, Rules etc. There would also be discussion boards where site members will create content. Some parts of the site will be completely open to all visitors and would be the public face of our Association; this should contain enough material of interest to attract a fair bit of traffic. This would enable the Association to offset a fair portion of the running cost through Google Ads. Other parts, such as discussion boards, would be login only. User friendly To ensure that service members actively participate, the site must be user friendly, accessible on mobile devices, and should have the facility of Facebook, Twitter, and email login. Secure Members would need to feel assured that the login area is fully secure that is accessible only to people with login access.

DESIGN FEATURES OF THE IAS PORTAL INFORMATION INFORMATION MODULE CADRE GOI Ministry wise contact details of serving officers on Central deputation Central Association details Central Spouse Association details Cadre wise contact details of officers in the states, including official contacts plus FB/Twitter/Blog/ Email or any other brief personal details they may wish to add Cadre/ State IAS Association details Cadre/State Spouse Association details LEARNING ACTIVITIES SOCIAL

GREENER PASTURES Batch wise contact details of officers on VRS or sabbatical

THE SAGES Batch wise contact details of retired officers All the above four groups will be name/ cadre/ batch/ ministry wise searchable

SERVICE MATTERS AIS Rules and similar applicable rules, with latest circulars and decisions CGHS Rules and available health facilities for officers Income Tax Rules, GPF Rules, and financial planning Service matters relevant to Central deputation Service matters within cadres Training opportunities Foreign posting opportunities Each bullet point above will have its own experience sharing/ discussion board

SURVIVAL GUIDES Delhi/ GOI survival guide with info on school admissions, housing, hospitals, clubs, etc. State Capital wise survival guides on the pattern of Delhi guide District wise guide with links to official district site Each bullet point above will have its own experience sharing/ discussion board


LBSNAA Base material for each course: FC, Ph. 1/2/3/4/5, etc. Links to free-to-use material on policy, governance and other subjects from other institutions

ETHICS Base material including GFR, inputs from LBSNAA, etc., with a discussion board Discussion board on dowry & similar social evils which concern officers directly

DISTRICT EXPERIENCE Cadre wise district administration discussion boards Best practices & case studies (curated material)

STATE GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE Department-wise (not state wise) discussion boards Best practices & case studies (curated material)

GOI EXPERIENCE Ministry-wise, Scheme- wise discussion boards Best practices & case studies (curated material)

TED FOR GOVERNANCE Bright, possibly mad new ideas which dont quite fit in any other thread (curated material) Discussion board, where anyone can post their own mad ideas

ACTIVITIES MODULE LBSNAA activity board Repository for Central Association and each Cadre/ State Association with activity board Repository for Spouse Associations with activity board Vision Statement activity board Central Government Deputation activity board Pay Commission run-up activity board Improving & maintaining the Portal activity board Tracking activities of other services activity board Emergency Issues and their Follow Up

SOCIAL MODULE Links to FB, Yahoo Group etc.


Chat window Links to blogs which add value (curated) Media: Links to gossip websites (whispers etc.) List of media contacts for every state, for quick dissemination of info when required Media coverage: Links and photos of paper clippings (curated) Awards/ honours given to officers (curated) Cultural/ creative activities by officers- books published, painting exhibitions, theater (curated) Inter Service socializing activity board, including links, events, etc.

Other important features 1. Bulk Email facility Email to be sent to all the IAS officers (registered members) from moderators.

2. Other web pages Links to websites of State IAS Associations

3. Payment gateway integration and implementation Vendor shall integrate the web portal with a payment gateway for online payment of m e m b e r s h i p f e e s from o f f i c e r s through credit cards, NEFT, RTGS, net banking. It will be the responsibility of Vendor to ensure the security and certificate installation required to operationalize the payment gateway.

4. The Vendor will hand-over the source code with complete documentation both hard copy and soft copy to the Association and undertake to debug any flaw in the software development. The Vendor must ensure the confidentiality and security of data to be maintained. 5. The Vendor will not use the data generated for any purpose without specific written permission of the Association. 6. The Vendor has to maintain the web portal for three years from the date of commissioning. For this the Vendor must quote the maintenance charges for three years. After three years, the contract may be extended at mutually agreed terms and conditions. 7. Sitemap, Feedback and other useful links

ANNEXURE-II TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Two Bid System (Technical and Financial): The two bid system will be followed for this tender. Bidders are advised to carefully read this tender document before submitting their bid. In this system bidder must submit their offer in two separate sealed envelopes as explained below. (A) Envelope No.1 Technical Bid shall contain. a) Details of permanent Account Number (PAN) and VAT/TIN/Service Tax Number of the firms. b) Earnest Money for an amount of Rs. 10000/-, in the form of a Demand Draft/Pay Order drawn in favour of ICAS (Central) Association, India payable at Delhi. c) A non-refundable amount of Rs.500/-(Rupees Five Hundred only) towards Cost of tender document, in the form of DD drawn in favour of ICAS (Central) Association and payable at New Delhi. d) Proof of its Registered Office and other office (s), work place etc. and the bidder must have technical and support office in NCR Region. e) Technical Manpower available with the firm. f) The bidder must have 3 years of experience in development of web portals. g) The bidder shall sign all papers of the bid and also the pamphlets, drawings, client list, company profile etc. h) Certifying the period of validity of Bid for 60 days from the date of opening of the Bid. i) Letter of undertaking regarding the company is not black listed by any Govt. /semi Govt. organization or PSU. j) Letter of undertaking regarding acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this tender document. (B) Envelope No.2 Financial Bid shall contain: Price details along with other information strictly as per the format at ANNEXURE-IV should be provided on a separate sheet with proper seal and signature of authorized person. Kindly note that the details should be specified clearly and unambiguously. Any ambiguity in the Bid may result in the rejection of the Bid. Note: If the firm/Company meets the above requirements, it may apply in the prescribed Performa at Annexure-III and Annexure IV in sealed covers. Bidder should produce the selfattested photocopies of documents related to Registration Number, PAN number, copy of job orders etc. Both the sealed envelopes may be placed in a third sealed cover superscribed with Bid for development and Commissioning of web portal for Central IAS Association-DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 30th September 2013 addressed to In-Charge IT, Central IAS Association. The technical quotations will first be opened on 4th October at 4.00P.M. in the office of InCharge IT, Central IAS Association. After scrutiny and satisfactory technical bidding

specifications, the Association will shortlist those who are eligible and inform them for opening of sealed "Financial bid". 2. The bid should be strictly as per the specifications/format provided at Annexure- III and Annexure IV. Bid should conform to all the terms mentioned herein. Failure to furnish all relevant information as required or submission of bid not substantially responsive to this document in every respect will be at the bidders risk and will result in rejection of the bid. No correspondence will be entertained in case the bid is rejected on this account. Vendors are advised to study the details carefully. Submission of sealed bid shall be deemed to have been done after careful study and examination of the details, as provided hereunder with full understanding of its implications. 3. The bidder cannot make any amendment in the Technical Bid / Commercial Bid; neither can he impose any conditions. All such bids will be rejected at the discretion of the Association. 4. Sealed bids should be Addressed to: Shri Rajendra Kumar, In-Charge IT, Central IAS Association 902B, Delhi Secretariat, IP Estate, New Delhi 5. Dead line for submission of bids: On or Before 5.00 P.M. on 30.09.2013. 6. Place, Time and Date of Opening of sealed bids Technical BidPlace- Room 902B, Delhi Secretariat, IP Estate, New Delhi Time & Date- 4 PM on 04.10.2013 Financial BidPlace- Room 902B, Delhi Secretariat, IP Estate, New Delhi Time & Date- 4 PM on 10.10.2013

7. Date till which the bid is valid: 60 days from the opening of commercial/financial Bid.

8. The Central IAS Association shall not be responsible for any postal delays, which may lead to non-receipt/non-delivery of the bid. 9. If the cover(s) of the bid are not sealed and marked, the Association will assume no responsibility for the bids misplacement or premature opening. 10. The vendor shall bear all costs associated with the preparation of its bid including cost of preparation for the purposes of clarification of the bid, if so desired by the Association. The Association in no case will be responsible or liable for these costs regardless of the conduct or outcome of the Tendering Process. 11. In exceptional circumstances, the Association may solicit the vendors consent to an extension of the period of validity. 12. Bids shall remain valid for 60 days after the date of bid opening prescribed by the Association. A bid valid for a shorter period may be rejected by the Association as nonresponsive. 13. It will be imperative on each vendor to fully acquaint himself with the local conditions and factors which would have any effect of the performance of the contract and/or the costs. 14. When deemed necessary, the Association may seek clarification on any aspect from the Vendor. However, that would not entitle the vendor to change or cause any change in the price quoted. The Association may, if so desired, ask the vendor to give presentation for the purpose of clarification of the Tender. All expenses for this purpose as also for the preparation of documents and other meetings will be borne by the Vendor. 15. The Association will open the bids in the presence of the bidders or his authorized representatives, who may choose to be present at the following location:Room 902B, Delhi Secretariat, IP Estate, New Delhi 16. The Association will examine the bids to determine whether they are complete, whether any computational errors have been made, whether the documents have been properly signed, the bids are generally in order. Incomplete or unsigned bids may be rejected. 17. A bid determined as not substantially responsive/incomplete information/partial offer will be rejected by the Association and may not subsequently be made responsive by the Tenderer by rectification of the non-conformity. 18. The IAS Association may waive any minor infirmity or non-conformity in the bid which does not constitute a material deviation, provided such waiver, does not prejudice or affect the relative ranking of any Tenderer. The decision of the Central IAS Association in this regard will be final.

19. In the event of due date being a closed holiday or a declared holiday for Central Government offices, the due date of submission of bids would be following working day at the appointed time and venue. 20. The Central IAS Association will award the contract to the Vendor whose bid has been determined to be substantially responsive and has been determined as the lowest evaluated bid, provided further that the bid is determined to be qualified to perform the contract satisfactorily. The Central IAS Association shall however not bind itself to accept the lowest or any bid, wholly or in part. 21. At any time before the deadline for submission of bids, the Central IAS Association may, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective Bidder, or in response to some points brought to Central IAS Associations attention by a prospective bidder, modify the Tender Document by amending, modifying and / or supplementing the same. All bidders will be informed by email of the same. All such amendments shall be binding on bidders without any further act or deed on Central IAS Associations part. In the event of any amendment, Central IAS Association reserves the right to extend the deadline for the submission of the bids, in order to allow prospective Bidders reasonable time in which to take the amendment into account while preparing their bids. 22. The vendor shall indemnify the Central IAS Association against all third party claims of infringement of patent, trademark or industrial designs, rights arising from the use of the software programs and/or goods or any other part thereof. The software developed on behalf of this contract will be sole property of ICAS (Central) Association, India and all rights will be reserved with the ICAS (Central) Association. 23. The Central IAS Association reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the Tender process and to reject all bids at any time, without thereby incurring any liability of the affected Tenderer or Tenderers on the grounds for the Purchasers action. The decision of the Central IAS Association in this regard would be final and binding. 24. Performance Guarantee: Within 10 days of the receipt of notification of award from the Central IAS Association, the successful Tender shall furnish a performance guarantee equivalent to 10% of the contract value (subject to adjustment of EMD), either in the form of Demand Draft in favour of ICAS (Central)Association, India payable at Delhi, or a Bank Guarantee (applicable for a minimum period of one year computed from the date of issue of the Job Order), in accordance with the conditions of the contract. Failure of the successful Tenderer to comply with this requirement shall constitute sufficient ground for the annulment of the award, in which event, the Central IAS Association may make the award to the next lowest evaluated Tenderer or call for new bids. Security deposit will be refunded to the vendor after the expiry of contract, subject to successful execution. 25 .Payment: Payment after deduction of taxes (as applicable) shall be released by the Central IAS Association, subject to production of pre receipted Invoice in duplicate according to the following milestones achieved.


S. No Milestones 1 2 3 4 After commissioning of the web portal On one year of commissioning On two years of commissioning. On three years of commissioning

Release of payment 50% of the Total cost. 20 % of the Total cost. 20 % of the Total Cost 10% of the Total Cost

Total Cost will include web portal development cost and maintenance costs for three years. 26. Forfeit/Termination The conditions stipulated in the Contract shall be strictly adhered to and violation of any of these conditions shall entail immediate termination of the Contract without prejudice to the rights of the Central IAS Association and Forfeiture of Performance Security. 27. If at any time during performance of the Contract, the vendor should encounter conditions impending timely delivery of services, the Vendor shall promptly notify the Central IAS Association in writing of the fact of the delay, its likely duration and its cause(s). As soon as practicable, after receipt of the Vendors notice, the Central IAS Association shall evaluate the situation and may at its discretion extend the time for performance. 28. Force Majeure: 28.1 Notwithstanding the above provisions, the Vendor shall not be liable for forfeiture of Performance Security, liquidated damages or termination for default, if and to the extent that delay in performance or other failure to perform obligations is a result of an event of Force Majeure. 28.2 For the purpose of this clause, Force Majeure means an event beyond the control of the Vendor and not involving the vendor and not involving the Vendors fault or negligence and not foreseeable. 28.3 If Force Majeure situations arise, the Vendor shall promptly notify the Central IAS Association in writing of such conditions and cause thereof. 29. Any disputes arising out of or relating to the contract shall be settled through arbitration to which both, IC& AS Association, India and the vendor hereto consent that the decision of the President, IC& AS Association shall be final and binding. However, for all unresolved disputes, arbitration proceedings shall take place at Delhi and courts at Delhi shall have jurisdiction over the matter. The contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the Indian Laws. 30. Pre Bid Meeting Bidders should submit queries if any by 20th September 2013. Responses to the queries will be given by 23rd September. If required a Pre Bid meeting will be held at 5 PM on 23rd September. No queries will be entertained thereafter. The Central IAS Association will try their best to respond to the questions raised or clarifications sought by the Bidders. However, the IAS Association reserves the right not to respond to any question or provide any clarification, in its

sole discretion, and nothing in this clause shall be taken or read as compelling or requiring the Central IAS Association to respond to any question or to provide any clarification. The Central IAS Association may also on its own initiative, if deemed necessary, issue interpretations and clarifications to all Bidders. Verbal clarifications and information given by the Central IAS Association or its employees or representatives shall not in any way or manner be binding on the Central IAS Association.


Technical Bid For creating, designing, developing, commissioning and maintaining of a web portal for the IC AS (Central) Association ( Central IAS Association).
1. Name of the Company 2. Address (with Tel. No., fax no. & e-mail address) 3. Contact person

4.(a)Registration Number (b)PAN Number (c)Service Tax No./Tin No 5. Details of EMD Deposited and cost of Tender Demand Draft Name of Bank Amount (in Rs) /PO Number


6. Confirm the following enclosures along with this format: a. Self-attested copy of the proof of Registered office b. Self-attested copy of PAN card and service tax proof. c. Documents attached showing details of Project Team d. Document in support of 3 years of experience in development of web portals e. Demand Draft / PO enclosed (Rs 10000/- against EMD and Rs 500/-against the cost of

f. Letter of undertaking regarding the company is not blacklisted by any Govt./semi Govt.

organization or PSU. g. Letter of undertaking regarding acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this tender document. Declaration I hereby certify that the information furnished above is full and correct to the best of our knowledge. I understand that in case found any deviation in the above statement at any stage, the company will be black-listed and will not have any deal with the Central IAS Association in future. I also certify that the period of validity of this Bid is 60 days from the date of opening of the Financial Bid. (Signature of authorized signatory) Note: The bidder shall sign all papers of the bid and also the pamphlets, drawings, client list, company profile etc. before submitting his bid.


Financial Bid For creating, designing, developing, commissioning and maintaining of a web portal for ICAS (Central) Association (Central IAS Association Format for the submission of bid Sl. No Item 1 2 Development of web portal Maintenance charges for 3 Year from the date of successful commissioning of the portal. Total(1+2) Applicable Taxes Grand Total Costs in INR

Grand Total (in words)

Signature and Seal of authorized signatory Dated


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