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AC Power for Business-Critical Continuity

MEDIA 6000VA Parallelable Rack-Mounted Inverter System

Key Features Hot Swappable disconnect Distributed Static Transfer Switch (STS) function eliminates single point of failure Parallelable for redundancy and increased reliability Automatic load sharing when paralleled System sound handling of internal or load generated short circuits >Tool-less installation configured with standard Nema or Twist Lock receptacles

Triple port inverter with distributed transfer switch eliminates single point of failure concerns.

The MEDIA 6000VA is a parallelable, rack-mounted inverter system that provides a pure AC sine wave output at 120 or 240Vac (60 or 50Hz) with a THD <3% for any kind of load. These high density systems range from 1500VA to 6000VA at 48Vdc and can be mounted in a 19 in open relay rack or conventional box bay. The feature-rich MEDIA inverter system has an AC-AC Enhanced Power Conversion (EPC) mode, that double filters and isolates the AC input. When operated in this EPC mode, overall efficiency is increased to 94% without compromising the quality and stability of the output wave form. Unlike hard transfers between energy input sources, MEDIAs soft-switching method is disturbance free. Pure power is delivered to your critical load despite normal disturbances such as harmonics, surges, glitches, voltage fluctuations, etc. Compact MEDIA inverters enable you to deliver maximum power in limited space, offering pure sine wave output and ideal power factor input without drawing any energy from your DC supply source. Your future power demands are likely to be unknown and unpredictable. With the MEDIA 6000VA, there is need to size a single static switch for future power demand. Instead, system capacity can be gradually increased as your load demands grow. The MEDIA 6000VA is compatible with standard TSI monitoring devices, offering massive power density up to 3kVA in a 2U package or 6kVA in a 4U package, with built-in STS function, DC and AC distribution, and output PDU. This cutting edge inverter sets the standard for true redundant systems.


AC Source DC Source Load Communication

Fig: TSI-MEDIA platform 3000VA


1 7 2 3 4 8 9 10 11

1 PDU (at rear) 2 Access to AC terminal blocs 3 Open relay rack fixture 4 Box bay fixture 5 Access to DC terminal blocs (at side) 6 DC in protection 7 T2S monitoring unit 8 Inverter modules 9 AC distribution box 10 AC MBP 11 Surge arrestor (behind front cover)

ESLID102en-MEDIA / 0910

MEDIA 6000VA Parallelable Rack-Mounted Inverter System

Technical Specifications
General EMC (immunity) EMC (emission) Safety Cooling MTBF Efficiency (MAX) On Line Enhanced Power Conversion (EPC) Dielectric Strength DC/AC (@ 0.6mA) True Redundant Systems
3 disconnection levels on AC(out) and DC(in) power ports 4 disconnection levels on ACin port/2 communication bus

IEC 1000-4 FCC PART 15 UL 1778 (Ed.4) Forced >200 000 hrs 90% 93% 4300Vdc Compliant Compliant Terminal block Or NEMA receptacle Or Twist Locks Or combo AC output receptacles

AC Output Specifications Nominal Voltage (AC)*

(Single or dual phase selectable at order) Voltage Range (AC) (adjustable)

120V or 240 V 90 130 V 2% 50 60 Hz 0.03 % <3 % 0.4 ms 30 s n x 12.5 A 2.2 10 x In for 20m sec

Voltage Accuracy Frequency Frequency Accuracy Total Harmonic Distortion (resistive load) Load Impact Recovery Time Turn on Delay Nominal Current**
Protected against reverse current

Crest Factor at Nominal Power

With short circuit management and protection

RoHS-6 Connection I/O

Protected against reversed polarity Self adaptive to wide operating conditions

Short Circuit Clear Up Capacity

Available while Mains is available at AC input port With magnitude control and management

*Operation within lower voltage networks leads to derating of power performances. **n stands for Number of Modules in parallel.

AC Output Power Nominal Output Power** Output Power (resistive load)** Short Time Overload Capacity Permanent Overload Capacity Load Power Factor
Internal temperature management and cut off **n stands for Number of Modules in parallel.

n x 1500 VA n x 1200W 150% 15 second 110% @ 40C Full power rating from 0 inductive to 0 capacitive

Transfer Performance Total Transient Voltage Duration

(transient free)


Environment Altitude Above Sea Ambient Temperature** Storage Temperature Relative Humidity
**n stands for Number of Modules in parallel.

<1500m n x 1500VA -20 to 50 C

Pmax at 100% LOAD Derating up to 65C

DC Input Specifications Nominal Voltage (DC) Voltage Range (DC) Nominal Current (at 40Vdc)** Maximum Input Current (for 5 sec.)** Voltage Ripple (resistive load @ 54Vdc)
Input voltage boundaries user selectable **n stands for Number of Modules in parallel.

48 V 40 - 60 V n x 34 A n x 42 A <1mV

-40 to 70 C 95%, non condensing

Signaling & Supervision Display Alarms Output (optional) Supervision

Comprehensive table of troubleshooting codes

Synoptic LED Dry contacts on shelf Use optional devices

AC Input Specifications Nominal Voltage (AC) Voltage Range (AC) (each phase) Conformity Range Power Factor Frequency Range (selectable) Synchronization Range

120V 1P or 2P 83 140 V Adjustable >99% 50 - 60 Hz 47 53 Hz / 57 63 Hz

Weight & Dimensions Width Depth Height Weight Material (casing)

19" or 23" open relay rack and box bay compatible 12.5-inch - 300 mm 2U (1500VA) / 4U (3000VA) 7.9 Kg + n x 2.4 Kg Coated steel

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