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The 2013-2014 Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber of Commerce Platform Statement of Values The Greater New Orleans

Junior Chamber of Commerce believes in and works for the common good. We know that the strength of our economy, our city, and our state are dependent on the engagement of thoughtful citizens. That is why our organization is organized around the basic notion that individuals working together can make a positive impact on their community. The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber of Commerce believes that the private sector is the true engine of economic growth, and that young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can and should play a vital role in the lives of individuals and communities. We recognize that investment in these priorities benefits sustainable economic growth and family-sustaining jobs. Preamble

-We believe a high quality education should be accessible to every person; -We believe all persons should be treated as equals; -We believe in equal treatment for women, members of the LGBT community, and people of color in the workplace; -We believe taxes must be reasonable and expenditures must be fairly distributed; -We believe roads, bridges and public transportation should be safe and reliable; -We respect and embrace the values of people across the spectrum of beliefs. Business and Entrepreneurship The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber of Commerce understands that we are a pro-business organization, and seeks to build incentives for local control and entrepreneurial success which leads to both profitable enterprise and positive outcomes for our citizens and communities. As we enrich, sustain and invest in our neighborhoods, partnering with businesses that remain locally rooted, we see government at the intersection of healthy business and healthy communities, creating a balance that supports both, and links them together. The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber supports: -Investments in infrastructure as a key to making more businesses successful, bringing more good jobs into the economy;

-Organizations, programs and initiatives which encourage, promote, foster and assist entrepreneurship among low-income persons, minorities and women as a means of building wealth and improving at-risk communities; -Healthy and robust small businesses owned and operated by persons between the ages of 18 and 40 that invest locally and generate community growth and participation. -A clear, long-term economic vision offered by our leaders, partnering with elected officials, organized labor, and members of the public and private sector, which define our priorities and direction, encouraging smart, long-term planning by our private sector. Economic Growth The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber of Commerce believes that growing our economy is one of the most pressing issues facing our city. We believe in the importance of job creation and economic opportunities for all to strengthen the Crescent Citys middle class. We support strengthening our economy through continued investment in infrastructure, transportation and education. We believe that focusing on our labor force will drive economic success. The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber supports: -Continuing and strengthening New Orleans current and historic focus on innovation; -Our long-term industries, including agriculture, fishing, drilling and manufacturing; -Continued workforce education to ensure that our workforce remains competitive; -Tax policies that are equitable to both workers and businesses; -Enhancing New Orleans cultural economy among young entrepreneurs.

Public Service and Voluntarism The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber of Commerce strongly feels that voluntarism and public service are essential to foster corporate responsibility and a sense of personal fulfillment. By offering time and resources to those who are less fortunate, we strengthen the local economy through the transference of much-needed knowledge and skills. The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber supports: -Individual and collective efforts to make a difference and create healthy communities in vibrant, participatory societies; -Solid partnerships with organizations which support the Greater New Orleans Junior Chambers core mission of providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change;

-Increased gender and ethnic balance on corporate boards, non-profit boards, and executive and judicial branches of government; -Local, national and international efforts to end poverty and hunger, implement universal education, achieve gender equality, combat HIV/AIDs and achieve global partnerships, in accordance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber believes in equal justice under the law for all. We believe that discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age and disability has no place in our communities. The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber is committed to protecting individuals rights to freedom of speech, religion, press and due process under the law. The Greater New Orleans Junior Chamber supports: -Equal opportunities for employment, education, health care, and housing for all; -Ending racial and religious profiling; -Marriage equality; -A fair and equitable criminal justice system.