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Management Process and Organization Behavior-MB0022

3 credits

Set – 1

Attempt all the questions. Each question carries 10 marks.

1. Explain the managerial roles and managerial skills.
2. Describe the contemporary work cohort.
3. Elaborate the issues related to culture and emotion.
4. Discuss the assumption of Douglas Mc Gregor ( Theory X and Theory Y)
5. What is personal power – Explain different bases of personal power?
6. Write a short note on potential sources of stress.



Management Process and Organization Behavior-MB0022

3 credits

Set – 2

Attempt all the questions. Each question carries 10 marks.

1 Discuss Henri Fayol’s administrative theory (14 principles of Management)

2 Explain shaping behavior and different methods of shaping behavior.

3 Write a detailed note on MBIT and big five model.

4 Explain the stepwise procedure of Rational Decision Making Model

5 Elaborate Group Structure

6 Write down different steps of Conflict Management.


Case study-MB0022
Maverick Learning is involved in imparting under grate level education through distance
learning. It is working for around two decades. It is a immensely popular educational group
whose students range from working professionals to people residing in the remote area of
the country.

Maverick Learning decides to introduce Technology enabled Learning with a union to create
virtual class room experience. Another reason is to needs its pace with completions and
sustains them in the information communication revolution.

It has been over a year that they are working on developing and implementing the plan. It
involves big amount of investments as well as more manpower with different skill sets. It is a
tough challenge but to adopt this technological change is mandatory for Maverick learning.

At different levels there are mixed reactionary towards the change. For old academicians, it
is difficult to catch up with the change and prepare the R-content. Even at higher level there
are financial constraints. Which puts the limitation for hiring more employees or outstanding
the work.

In the academic covnail meeting most of the academicians say that preparing e-content is
duplication of work technology enabled learning is useless because many students frame
remote area cannot access it. They say whatever requirements the learning consultants are
putting before them cannot be implemented.

Mr. Shantaram is leading the academics and he picks few people from the team to
coordinate the tasks related to academics. Within a month the response improves, raising
the number of logins by ten times.

Mr. Shantaram again calls a meeting of all academicians and shares the interesting results.
This time he also makes more teams and allocates responsibility amongst the old
academicians. He promises to hire two more people to provide technical assistance. He also
introduces some credit points to recognize the efforts people make towards the enriching
the e-content.

1 What kind of reactions towards change is seen in this case?

2 What steps are taken by Mr. Shantaram to drive the change successfully?

3 What steps shall be taken to overcome resistance to change. Do you find any examples
in this case that illustrates taking steps to overcome resistance?