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Nazim Khan Form Five Arts Ms.

Denise Sadafal

Gilt nightclub 274-276 Main Street, Georgetown. Telephone number: 227-7064/227-7065/2277066
RE: Business Proposal for Combining Services The Supreme management offices of Club Asylum would like to impart knowledge to the Board of Directors of the Villas Hotel, a proposal, which will be beneficial to both of our businesses and thus will help us to thrive more efficiently. Our main goal is to surge the profit volume of both of our businesses, while increasing the profit gain, we would also escalate the reputational levels of both investments. Our proposal is as follows, you, at the Villas Hotel, can introduce a new specialized package to your line of packages that includes guest passes to events hosted by Club Asylum. As you are conscious, Club hosts a succession of events on a weekly basis. Thus, your guests, who are interested in the package, can exploit it and have a more entertaining time at your hotel. With this package, they can also get themselves more special offers at the night club, since our club usually has advancements and other prize winning events. In return, Club Asylum would contrivance your amenities into our Advancements and other events. Subsequently we continuously have running advancements; clients would be given the opportunity to triumph a stay at the Villas Hotel or a dinner at the Villas Restaurant. We promise you that with this new proposal, there would be an increase in the earnings of both businesses. In addition to an increase in profits, both businesses would be become more known and universal. Club Asylum regularly has guest Artistes, DJs and other personnel who visit for specific events held by the club. The club usually has the task of finding obtainable and safe hotels for them to stay. Club Asylum would integrate your hotels services into the packages that we offer to these guests. Therefore, it would be advantageous to your business if you agree to this proposal. Popularity Altitudes of both businesses are to be increased with the execution of this proposal.

Chart Showing Yearly Popularity Increase From the projected percentages shown on the graph (made possible by a viability study), in just the first year of this proposal going into effect, the popularity levels of both businesses can increase by around 15.8%. By the second year, there would be another enormous growth and by the 3rd year, another. From the graph, we notice that there wasnt much of a significant increase for year 3. This percentage can change based

on how we, the owners, managers and directors of the businesses escalate our output. We can produce a better output by holding advertisement campaigns, sponsoring national proceedings, etc. In this way, we would be able to advance to a higher popularity increase percentage from the second year to the third. Some ways in which this proposal can be beneficial if agreed to by both businesses are: More income can be produced. Both businesses would profit from increase in profits since with each business advertising each others services, the businesses would become more recognized and thus, both businesses would create a higher annual income as contrasting to what was being generated before. Over time, the businesses would become superior. With supplementary income being produced with this proposal, the businesses will develop even more over time. The businesses would be able to offer more amenities to clients. With the growth of the businesses, the popularity planes would also increase since people would prefer to use the services of our businesses; because we would offer more services that competitors would not.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, there are more reimbursements that can be reaped if this proposal is carried forward with. The following graph was created to reveal exactly how profits will grow over a twelvemonth period.

Yearly Profit Increase Chart If this proposal is accepted by your Board of Directors and you come to an agreement to all conditions put frontward, then by just the first year, you would have a profit escalation. The values on the graph are just approximations which were collected from viability studies carried out. By year 6, your profits would increase additionally, thus, you would be able to offer more services to your customers with the added income. With

this proposal, you would have significant profit increases and this would be advantageous to your business. This proposal would also benefit in profit increases for Club Asylum as well. Since the Villas Hotel would be exclusively advertising the club, the club would also gain profits. In the same way, the night club would also promote and publicize the Villas Hotel and your hotel would also gain profits. I, the owner of Club Asylum, and my management crew of the club deem this proposal to be very beneficial to both businesses. We do hope that you agree to this proposal and agree to unite with our team to make this a success. We would like to direct our gratitude in advance for your co-operation.

Nazim Khan (Owner Gilt Night Club)

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