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ESL Conversation Questions - Love and

By Steven Saunders

Are you married? Describe your perfect man/woman.

Finish this sentence: At what age do couples usually get

Love is __________ married in your country?

How do you feel about Is sex before marriage acceptable in

homosexuality? your country?

Are arranged marriages common in How do you feel about relationships

your country? How do you feel about where there is an age difference
arranged marriages? between the man and the woman?

Would you ever go out with somebody

Is marriage important to you? Why?
that was ten years older than you? If
Why not?
not, why not?

Is it culturally acceptable to live with At what age are men and women
a partner before marriage in your allowed to get married in your
country? country?

What is the age of sexual consent in

Are you a romantic?
your country?

What's the difference between loving

"Love makes the world go round." Is
somebody and being in love with
this sentence true or false?

What is the most romantic thing you

What is the most romantic thing have done for somebody else?
somebody has done for you?

ESL Conversation Questions - What

By Steven Saunders

If you won a million dollars, what If you were told that you were
would you do with it? How much going to die tomorrow, what
would you give to family and would you do today?

if you worked in a bank and a

if you were asked to give a speech
bank robber came in with a gun?
in front of two thousand people,
What if he only had a baseball
would you do it?

if you went skinny dipping and a

if your son stole your car, would
stranger saw you, what would you
you report it to the police?

if you saw a colleague stealing at if you could go to the moon,

work, would you report them? would you go?

If you were walking through the You were invited to friends house
forest and you saw a tiger, what for dinner and they served your
would you do? least favourite food?

if you found a wallet with one

if you could live anywhere in the
thousand dollars in it and an I.D.
world, where would you live?

if you bumped your car into

if you could go anywhere in the
another persons and nobody saw
world for a holiday, where would
you do it, would you leave your
you go??
contact details or just drive off?

if you had the chance to ask god a

if you were president, what would
single question, what would you
you change about your country?
ask Him?

if a stranger came up to you in the

street and told you that their child
if you were lost in the jungle with was very sick and needed a
no way to call for help? thousand dollars for the
operation, would you give it to

if Your doctor had just told you

if your mobile phone fell into the
that you had a month to live, how
would you use the time left?

If someones' underwear was If a classmate asked you for the

answer to a question during an
showing, would you tell them? exam while the teacher was not
looking, what would you do?

ESL Conversation Questions -

Television and Radio
By Steven Saunders and the users of ESL Junction.

Do you think TV can be What is your favourite radio

educational? Why? Why not? station?

What is you favourite television Do you listen to the radio? How

station? often?

what is your favourite television How often do you watch

program? television?

Should there be more programs

In your opinion, is TV too explicit
directed towards children or
at times?
young people?

Which type of shows do you Why are talk shows/game shows

normally watch? so popular?

Which do you prefer games shows

Why do you watch TV?
or talk shows?

Do you think that children watch

When do you watch the most TV?
too much television?

At what time do you think it is At what time do you think it is

suitable to show programs of a suitable to show programs of a
sexual nature? violent nature?

How many televisions and radios

do you have in your home? What Free Question
about your car?