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National Cable & Telecommunications Association

Email: Fax: 9111692 2347 Website: TO The Honble Members of the Cabinet Committee Union Of India New Delhi Subject: CAS Recommendations for Cable TV Networks [ Shri. Rakesh Mohan Committee] As you are aware foreign pay TV channels have invaded our skies and are holding cable TV service providers and the consumers to ransom where they have been increasing their pay channels rate arbitrarily every year and during the last 4 years, the increase has been more than 1000% further they again plan to increase their rates from June 2002. inspite of making hefty advertisement revenue . In absence of a regulatory authority the Cable TV service providers have no choice but to increase the Cable TV subscription rates to Rs. 360 now and which further may reach to Rs. 500 per month by this year end 10% of an average Indians salary perhaps you all are aware that FTV [Fashion TV], which was once opposed at the ministerial level, has also become an encrypted pay TV channel. The very operations of providing affordable Cable TV services has become unviable, if these rates continue to increase our millions of consumers will be stranded and deprived of information and entertainment at home. It has now become more than necessary for the Government to intervene and save this industry in public interest. We would like to bring to your kind attention, following remedial measures needed for protection of the millions of Cable TV consumers. 1. Urgent introduction of the CAS recommendations, making it mandatory for the Pay channels to be received only by the desirous consumers through a set-top-box, which enables him to select and pay for only those premium/ niche pay channel services. 2. The basic Cable TV service consisting of free to air channels and public broadcast services to be made available at an affordable rate to the masses , without using any set-top- box 3. Issue directives to freeze the pay channel rates now and a roll back in increased pay channel rates effective December 2001. so that there is no increase in existing Cable TV subscription till such time CAS is introduced. 4. The Government should fix the basic Cable TV service rates through a regulatory authority or Ministry of I& B whereas the Pay channel broadcasters are first required to get registered with the Government and declare their premium pay channel rates with documentation to the assignment of copyrights. It is now upon you to save the millions of Indian consumers from the tyranny and gross exploitation at the hands of these foreign pay TV channel broadcasters. as the representative of the Indian masses, your initiative will justify our faith in you Thanking You VIKKI CHOUDHRY President NCTA Dated: 7th May 2002.

Regd. Office: 19 CSC (DDA) Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi 1100 25 [INDIA]