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Posted on May 8, 2013

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Turkish Kharzars Convert to Judaism but 11 Hebrew Tribes Also Zionists?

This is not an anti-Semitic blog and likely the globalist Satanic Zionists if they are at all truly Jewish do not represent a large faction of true-blooded Jews,even of the eleven tribes of Israel where JUDAH is the other tribe being the ascribed bloodline of the hated Jesus Christ, the only true Son of God. The four symbols above represent well North Americas globalist-run shadow governments which currently in nature reflect FASCISM (Nazi swastika), COMMUNISM (hammer & sickle), FREEMASONRY (square & compass) and the ILLUMINATI (Knights Templars skull & cross bones).

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This blog refers to the two previous blogs found in these links. I was somewhat settled about the explanation about the Turkish Khazars (proselytes to Judaism in the 8th century) and that a large faction of their descendants are Zionists. It is possible that the majority of the globalist Satanic Zionists (who most think are only true-blooded Jews) are descendants of the Khazars EXCEPT I did sense that we still have some gone-rogue BLOODLINE JEWS also in this Zionist group known as being a part of the elite global cabal, now bringing in ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, who brought in to JUDAISM, rabbinical black magic (Cabbala) and hence the perverted Talmud teachings prior to the Khazars converting to Judaism. These were true bloodline Jews (rabbis, scribes, Pharisees) with the ROMANS (Roman rulers under Caesar and Roman soldiers),who unlawfully condemned JESUS CHRIST to be crucified and He was innocent of the crimes they ascribed to Him. This event in 33 A.D. was likely the beginning of the Satanic Zionist movement. At the foot of Jesus cross, the in-possession (by the devil) Jewish Rabbis who had rejected their TRUE MESSIAH and the Romans (which represented the coming Roman Catholic Church apostasy) came TOGETHER in one accord and honoured the fallen angel, LUCIFER as their god by this RITUAL SACRIFICE. So basically these apostate Jewish Rabbis in 33 A.D. began the Zionist/Cabbala movement where the Rabbis black magick teachings were adopted by leadership of the global Roman Catholic Church in 300 A.D. Cabbala is apparently the covert religion of both of these ideologies, Zionism and Catholicism, striving to bring us into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under Lucifer. Aho, says that in the Old Testament, the only Hebrews called JEWS were those of the TRIBE OF JUDAH (of the twelve tribes from Abrahams loins) and this was the tribe where the lineage of Jesus Christ was traced back to in the New Testament. So maybe some of the other eleven tribes after the crucifixion (33 A.D.) began to adhere to the rabbis who went apostate and began their worship of Satan/Lucifer via black magic but in secret while they appeared to be following regular JUDAISM in public. Aho points out the TRIBE OF DAN today as being very apostate and going after true GOD-fearing blood Jews (especially of the Tribe of Judah) and the true Christians among the Gentiles. I found a link about the fact that the U.S. President Bill Clinton has the most British Royal Illuminati bloodlines in him (the House of Windsor) compared to other U.S. presidents and he has a genetic link to the Hebrew Tribe of Dan. As to the global Gentiles who were converted to a true-blooded-Jewish-led Christianity (those disciples who became apostles after their leader Jesus Christ was crucified),after 2000 years,most of them in Europe and now in North America after close to three centuries are practicing APOSTATE CHRISTIANITY which Aho calls in her 2006 online article Judeo-MASONIC Christianity. If you note among the four OCCULT symbols posted at the top of this blog,they all either form an X or they can easily be re-arranged into an X. The swastika which the German Nazis adopted as their occult symbol for global conquest, is also known as the crooked cross which is to mock the real cross that Jesus Christ of true Christianity died onand it is also a worship symbol to SATAN. The New Age, North American Judeo-Masonic Christianity now controls most of the mainline Protestant churches which includes Pentecostal & charismatic groups. The universal Roman Catholic Church in North America is Illuminati-controlled by the JESUITS, hence she is above all Protestant-JudeoMasonic Lodge authoritybut this authority is not extended to the Catholic sheople,just to the Jesuits and their Black Pope. The X likely is symbolic of the fallen angel DNA (represented by an X chromosome) and is revered by the globalists as the way to immortality as seen in Biblical recorded history in Genesis Six where fallen angels co-habited with the fair human females on earth and
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produced a human/angel hybrid. So the above intel is but a drop in the sea of withheld intelligence that the majority of religious sheople of North America who call themselves CHRISTIAN whether Protestant, Roman Catholic or Messianic Jewish were ignorant of until the 20th century. Now in the 21st century, there is NO excuse for North America NOT to be judged by God for their great apostasy of the 20th century because many PROTESTANT and even Catholic males & females (since both sexes can follow freemasonry now but in separate Lodges or covens) became party to the Judeo-Masonic Christian movement by the last half of the 20th century, which is a hybrid of true Christianity and the OCCULT. The symbol of the SKULL & CROSS BONES, is really the centuries-old symbol of the European ancient monk order of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR,a group of medieval bankster KNIGHTS who became PIRATES who became rich by stealing others wealth, as well as being later associated with British freemasonry. This priracy of others wealth is seen well in the story of the U.S. Federal Reserve. This is why the pirates of old who sailed the high seas flew the JOLLY ROGER flag with the skull & crossbones as their symbol. In CANADA where I blog from, it is the MODERN FORM of ancient order of the Knights Templar who control all lucrative public & government (CROWN) businesses and the even more-lucrative BLACK BUDGET OPS. In 1965, Canadas British Royal Illuminati Dictator (Canada is a constitutional monarchy with emphasis on monarchy or THE CROWN) changed Canadas flag from the U.K.s UNION JACK to allegedly her own unique flag.

Now consider below the flag of ENGLAND which is different than the United Kingdom flag.

Now consider the flag of the ancient order of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR when they were not pirates but banksters and paramedics for the PILGRIMS in the medieval Crusades to the Holy Land. Although the above RED CROSS was given the name St. George Cross flagit was also iconic of one of the Knights Templar flags used during the Crusades because they not only represented the banking interests of the wealthy PILGRIMS but MEDICAL CORP interests, as the Hospitallers. You likely note that the RED CROSS symbol is also that of the American Red Cross which was founded after the American Civil War based upon the history of a lay nurse by the name of Clara Barton who basically began the first military medical corp.

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Now, shape-shift Canadas current flags RED MAPLE LEAF and narrow and straiten the two side lobes and narrow & straiten the top lobe and thicken and straiten the stem and you have a RED CROSS. How the Illuminati globalists love to DOUBLE BIND the naive witnesses of their CODES, which are really in plain view so we have no excuse to not figure out the real meanings behind their public symbols. Note many of the globalists orgs are DO GOODER orgs but are run by those who believe in the Hegelian philosophy that as Luciferians they must do equal GOOD (white) and equal EVIL (black) in order to create reality for the masses. This concept is represented in their Lodges black & white tiled flooring. My blogs point in the end is well summed up in these links, which show that there are many FRONTS to the New World Order. Canadians remember that the BANKSTERS for the BRITISH CROWN (and CROSS) who rule us here in CANADA, are the Zionist Rothschilds who also do the Vatican banking.

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