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PEOPLE OF THE PILIPINES, Plaintiff, Criminal Case No. 12369 -versusRENARD ROBERT MASONGSONG, Accused. x--------------------------------------------------x For: Illegal Possession of Firearm

The Prosecution moves to offer in evidence the testimony of SPO4 Glenn Aquino to prove that:

1. Upon receiving an anonymous call, that a certain commotion occurred due to several gun shots allegedly heard coming from Barangay Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City. That the station commander immediately ordered to conduct ocular inspection and investigate the matters subject of the emergency call. 2. In compliance with the order, I as the team leader along with two other police officers went to the said place of the alleged incident to investigate. 3. Such proper procedure and protocols of warrantless arrest and frisking was observed by the arresting officers who likewise conducted such investigation. 4. Other material allegations stated in the Information filed against the accused, Robert Renard Masongsong. 5. He will also identify certain documents and pieces of evidence and other facts relation to the apprehension that was conducted by said police officers.

I, SPO4 GLENN AQUINO, of legal age, married, Filipino and with address at a resident of Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines,

having been sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and state by way of answer to the following questions:

1. Q: for the record, can you please state your current position and other personal circumstances? A: I am SPO4 GLENN AQUINO currently assigned at the Philippine National Police Station 10 Quezon City. 2. Q: how long have you been in the service with the Philippine National Police? A: 15 years sir. 3. Q: as a police officer, what are your principal duties and functions? A: I am the team leader in the Special Investigation Group of the PNP Station 10. 4. Q: do you recall conducting an investigation on Barangay Murphy, Quezon City? A: yes sir. 5. Q: when was this conducted? A: July 30, 2013 at around 10:30 in the evening sir. 6. Q: what was this investigation about? A: this was about the reported incident from an anonymous caller that several gun shots were heard in the vicinities of Barangay Murphy, Quezon City. 7. Q: what transpired next? A: upon arrival at the place we saw no other men in the place, only the group of men drinking near the Barangay Hall. 8. Q: what did you do thereafter? A: I approached them and started asking them about the reported incident in the area. 9. Q: what was their answer? A: a guy arrogantly answered with threat and insult wala akong pakialam sa tanong niyo. Hindi nyo ba ako kilala? Ako ang hari sa lugar na ito kaya umalis na kayo bago pa pumantay ang mga paa nyo sa lupa? Mga ULOL! 10. Q: what did you do then? kami at nagiimbestiga kami sa

A: I Said sir mga police insidente. 11.

Q: what happened next?

A: the guy said wala kaming pakialam dyan, sabay dura sa lupa at lumakad papalayo. 12. Q: what did you do to that effect?

A: I did nothing sir. But as they turned their backs on me, I noticed that something is bulging around their waists. Then I halted them. 13. Q: what did they do next?

A: the accused suddenly pull his shirt and showed me his .45 caliber pistol which prompted to drawing my service firearm and ordered them to stay on the ground. [ .45 Caliber pistol bearing serial number 12345 previously marked as EXHIBIT B] 14. Q: did they obey your command?

A: yes they did sir. And the guy said Pucha legal ito may mga permit kami. 15. Q: what did you do next?

A: I asked them to show their permit to carry firearms outside residence (PTCFOR). 16. Q: and then?

A: they showed me their PTCFOR. But I noticed that the accused presented an expired PTCFOR. [PTCFOR with Control Number 12345-10 previously marked as EXHIBIT C] 17. Q: what happened next?

A: I immediately apprehended the accused while reciting to him the MIRANDA RIGHTS and brought him to the police station for questioning. 18. Q: what transpired during the questioning at the police station? A: we found out that the accused was the Barangay Chairman of Barangay Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City. And immediately we prepared the necessary complaint affidavit for the proper filing of the case against the said Barangay Chairman. [ComplaintAffidavit of SPO4 Glenn Aquino previously marked as EXHIBIT A] 19. Q: what did you do with the Complaint-Affidavit?

A: we submitted it to the Quezon City Fiscals Office. 20. Q: now, do you affirm and confirm the contents of this Judicial Affidavit? A: Yes sir.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto affixed my signature this ______ of August 2013 at Quezon City, Philippines.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this _______ of August 2013, Quezon City, Metro Manila, affiant exhibiting to me his GSIS UMID with RN 000006-6665-9 as competent proof of identity. ATTY TEDDY PARADO JR. Administering Officer