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Profession part I Dr.S.C.Kursija The astrology is a social science such as psychology, political science or social science etc.

It mainly depends on statistical methods. But it has (a) methodology to calculations, (b) cause and effect and (c) replication. It is sciences of science. It calculates Time. No other science can calculate Time. But it is the science of tendencies and prediction do not imply fatalism or predetermination. It can guide for the aptitude or leaning for particular occupation. It can ascertain the metal, intellectual, and physical ability of the native for the particular occupation. In the olden days it was very to determine the profession of the native. It was divided in four categories by our savants (i) Shatriya, (ii) Vaishya, (iii) Brahmin and (iv) Shoodra The Shatriya were those who protect the property and trade and administer society. The Vaishya were those natives who were involve in trade and pay tax to the King. The Brahmins were those people who work for the society and were advisor to people in general. They form code of conduct for the society and were teachers. They command high respect in the society and were advisor to the king also. The Shoodra were those people who were in service to above people and do all type of work required by them. They performed laborer work for the society such as iron smith, agriculturist, gardeners, sweepers etc. The determination of profession of the native is not easy in the modern social set-up and changing circumstances, when there are vast opportunities and multiple directions. To simplify the profession I have divided the profession in eight categories: (a) Intellectual Sector: Those natives, who earn through applying their mind and knowledge such as consultant, philosophers, doctors, lawyers, judges, and teachers etc. (b) Corporate Sector: Those natives who earn through industries, mill owners, manufactures, factory owners, builders, or are owners of some institutes and big concern. All come under this group. (c) Politicians and Bureaucrat: They have decision taking authorities and are government employee such as IAS, IPS and other officer, and others government officers. They are members of parliament and assemblies. (d) Artists: Musicians, actors, singers, dancers, dramatist and cinema workers. The writers are also included in the this group because they also reflect the finer feelings of the public. (e) Traders: it consist of those peoples who deal in small commodities such as grocers, shopkeepers, stationers etc. (f) Commission Agents: These are the persons who work for the benefic of two parties and charge their commission for the services rendered such as properties brokers, franchise, share brokers etc. (g) Routine workers: includes large numbers of clerks, shop assistants, general staff in offices etc. (h) Labourers: includes agriculturist, factories workers, carpenters, mechanics, and rickshaw pullers etc. General speaking Jupiter and Mercury represents Intellectual group. The Sun, Mars and

Moon represents Corporate group. Venus is prominent in artists group. Mercury is in traders group, Saturn in laborer group and Rahu and Ketu to routine group. Mercury is very important for creative or frictional writing if influenced by Jupiter or Venus. But the all these are general indications. The strength and benefic influence on Mercury and Moon is necessary to face the critical and decision making situations. The aspect of Saturn or Rahu on Moon or Mercury makes it difficult to face the critical situation. These planets should have their influence on some particular house to show its effect. Which house should be influenced is point of controversy. According to some scholars and savants 10th house and 10th lord (Karma) should be influenced by these planets and according to others Lagna and lagna lord (Self) should be influenced and so on.
According to Phaldeepika the 10th house and its lord should be seen from the Lagna or Moon which ever is strong. He gives three parameters: (i) When the 10th is not occupied, then the profession is seen from the Navamsha lord of the 10 th lord. (j) When the 10th is occupied by one planet, then the profession is seen from the nature of that planet and Navamsha lord of that planet. (k) When the 10th is occupied by more than one planet, then the profession is seen from the strongest among the planets and Navamsha lord of that planet. The nature of the planet gets changed with the association and conjunction of some other planet. According to sage Parashar profession should be determined from Sudharshan Chakra.

The same aphorism with slight variation has been given in other classic works also. It suggests that the origin of the aphorism is some other classics and is important. The above principles are very simple and do not work in present scenario of profession for all natives. For determination of profession Lagna and 10th house and their lords are certainly very important, but may more aspects are needed to be gone into. The qualification of the native have become essential, so 2 nd house comes into play. The 2nd house is also house of accumulation of wealth so earning. 4 th is also the house of learning and in opposition to 10th, so it has its role also. The 9th house is house of higher learning, so it also plays its role. The 5th house shows the mental ability of the native and his intellect, his inclination and purva punya i.e. inherent qualities of the native since birth. 9th house, 5 th from 5th, also indicates inherent quality of the native. Again 5th is 9th from 9th. So 5th and 9th houses are very important houses for the determination of professions. We should not forget that the 7 th house which is 10th from 10th house and 6th house is part of the Artha trikona and Upachaya house and 9th house from 10th. We can not do if we do not analyze 11th the house of gain. So there are many criteria popular among the astrologers to determine the profession of the native. The scholar and Guru like Sh.K.N.Rao gives importance to Karkamsha lagna. The role of Amatya Karaka in determination of profession is not to be ignored. The disposition and strength of Amatya Karaka should be taken into account. According to others, the strongest planet in the chart of the native determines the nature of the profession. According to my observations the profession should be seen from Lagna and 10 th house, 10th lord and the Navamsha lord of the 10th lord, planets posited in Lagna and 10th house. If there is no planet in 10th, the navamshesh of 10th Lord indicates the profession. The rasheesh of 10th Lord and the Karaka planets also influence the profession of an individual The dasha and bhukti running at the time of joining the profession also has bearing on the profession. The transit has its influence at the time of joining a profession. Before judging the profession, it is necessary to judge the strength of the Lagna, Moon, and Sun, physical, mental, and intellectual abilities of the individual. The importance of strength and disposition of lagna and 10th and their lords is not less. The importance of strength and disposition of Mercury and Jupiter should also be taken in account. The planet in 10th house is more powerful than 10th lord. The nakshatra lord of the planet posited in 10 th house is more important than the planet posited in 10th house. The nakshatra lord of 10th lord is more important than the 10th lord. The planet posited in the nakshatra of lord of 10 th lord has also bearing on profession. How to analyze the chart: The lagna and Lagnesh should be in strength otherwise all yoga become ineffective and also see the strength of Moon and her dispositor.. Locate the signs in trine (one Tatva) which contain the maximum number of planets. The profession will be according to the Tatva of the planets. It is also to be seen from the Karaka as karaka for profession is Saturn. See the planets from Saturn in its trine, in 7th, 2nd and 12th .The Karaka for education is Mercury. See the planets in trine, 7th, 2nd and 12th from Mercury. Look at the Jupiter and Rahu and Ketu for Self. The planets in its trine are to determine the interest of the individual and his success in profession. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fiery signs indicates East direction, and Dharma (Duties). One has to serve his family, society and country. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are Earthy signs, South direction and indicates trading and Artha. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are Airy signs, Western direction and indicate desires and Karma. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are watery sign, North direction and indicate Moksha and renunciation and unattachment and unwillingness. The planet located in one direction results in one combination. The retrograde planets have effect from the previous house also. The exalted planet indicates High and planet in debilitation indicates small or low. The planet in his own house indicates high. Sun: Government service, minister, politician, doctor, chemist, professor, clerk, astrologer, agriculturist, or a manager in a company, wool, and woolen clothe and herbs etc. He does mental work, if posited in 10 th. The native starts progress in work at the age of 22nd or 70years. If Sun is debilitated, the native work as clerk.

Moon: Educationist, writer, sailor, nurse, business with material from water, clothe, medicine, ornaments, agriculture and service to women. If Moon is posited in 10th, the native will serve the ordinary person. The native starts progress in work at the age of 24th or 43 years. If Moon is debilitated, the native is sick, poor, and unlucky Mars: Engineer, dealer in metal, chemist, scientists, police, excise, sports man, wrestler, surgeon, minerals, fire, fire arms, manufacturer of fire arms, motor parts, factory, lawyers, politicians etc. The native starts progress in his profession at the age of 28, 58, year. If Mars is debilitated, the native has bad company, bad deeds, and bad habits. Mercury: Mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, writer, teacher, journalist, accountant, businessman, social worker, service, book seller, pundit, priest, publication, printing, orator, etc. The native starts his profession at the age of 12th, 32nd, or 42 years. If Mercury is debilitated, the native is cruel, and enemy to relatives. Jupiter: religious, teacher, priest, judge, doctor, politician, statesman, gold, salt, elephant, hoarse, service to priest, clothe merchant, pundit, doctor, and professor etc. The luck rises at the age of 16 th, 34th, or 50th, If Jupiter is debilitated, the native is full of sorrow, poor, and jealous. Venus: Educationist, politician, painter, businessman in jewel, artist, poet, dance, drama, luxurious products, female using products, building furniture, decorator, etc. The luck rises at the age of 25th, or 32 nd year. If Venus is debilitated, the native is without spouse, no character, and many relations with women. Saturn: Politician, lawyers, social worker, deals with machinery, oil, mine, laborer, agriculture, iron smith, carpenter, taxi driver, engine driver, peon, herbal doctor, homeopath or any work requiring concentration of mind such as sanyasi, etc. He gains fame among poor people. The luck rises at the age of 36, 42, 72, or 83 years. If Saturn is debilitated the native is poor and one eyed. Rahu: Chemist, doctor, engineer, politician, computer, iron, minerals, contractor, wooden work, clerk, etc. The luck rises at the age of 42 years. If Rahu is debilitated, the native is lazy, and angry Ketu: Secret service, criminals, terrorists, thefts. It is flag indicates government service, small, hair like objects like wire, thread etc. The has no interest in his job and does not progress till the Ketu is strong and aspected by lord of the sign or lord of trine. The native does not cordial relations with father and gives trouble to his mother. If Ketu is debilitated, the native is without support, no home to live in, does not like to work, and full of sorrow. The 6th house indicates the profession which the native have to do against his will for earning. Saturn is causative factor for career (profession). According to Sage Parashar Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are the Karakas for profession. But the experience indicates that Saturn is main Karaka for profession and next comes Mercury. Otherwise every planet can give profession according to his nature. Sun, Moon, Mars and Ketu are enemy of Saturn. Sun and Saturn are not major enemy. It only indicates misunderstanding as between father and Son. Saturn (work) and Moon (mind) combination indicates fluctuating mind or repetition, so enemy to each other. Saturn (work) and Mars (egoism), a worker having ego will not be able to work so enemy. Any native having Saturn and Mars combination will change his career and will be able to overcome his enemy also. Aries: Activities, metals, machines, factories, engineering type of work, connected with central govt., higher department or authority. He fights to finish. Profession requiring courage as army men, police men, sales men, surgeon are associated with the sign. It is a fiery sign, so profession as trade union leader, politician, sports-men with a fighting spirit. Central government, stone, battle field etc, are also indicted. Taurus: Money or luxury, earning through soft or luxury goods. Profession concerning the sign is banking, financier, accountants, auditors etc. It is know for doggishness and patience. Being 2 nd sign of zodiac, gives voice to sing sweetly.. The ruler being Venus as lord, gives artistic tendencies. The sign being earthy, is very practical by nature. Dealing in fruits, food grain is also indicated.. Gemini: Airy and intellectual sign. Stands for communication. Intellectual work, business, social or general activities. The profession like reading, writing, poetry, learning and auditing are indicated. It represents intellectual profession rather than business tendencies. Gambling house, balcony. Cancer: It is a watery sign involving traveling, water, dairy, hotels, or liquid profession. It causes inconsistency of work and commitments and causes worries. It represents North direction, so preacher, teacher, nursing religious people etc are also indicted. It indicates nursing also. Leo: Royal sign indicating authority and power. Earning through government or administration or surgeon specially heart surgeon. This sign denotes sternness So administrator and executives are associated with this sign. He is always sincere in his work. It represents government employee. Virgo: It is a commercial sign associated with business men. The business of all type such as intellectual, commercial, accountancy, trader, retailers, brokers etc fall under this sign. He is polite talker. Place of amusement. Place of learning. Ground where there in no stone, coins. Libra: It is balancing sign associated with banking, money and judiciary. Saturn the planet of justice gets exaltation in this sign. It is more outwardly sing than Taurus. It is capable sign for actors, directors, models, and other cine-artists. If association with malefic planets gives tendencies for gambling, drinking.

Scorpio: It is a mysterious and secretive sign. It is indicated for astrologers, occult practitioners and philanthropist. Mars being its lord indicates machinery and metal and mines minerals, engineering, agriculture, electric, interior. Saturn is not happy in these signs of Mars. So native works under some one. It gives tendencies for occults sciences like astrologers, philanthropists and researchers. Ketu is exalted in this sign so associated with clandestine activities. Sagittarius: Being a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter sports men, advisor and lawyer come under this sign. It gives battle field, forest, wood, service, spiritual societies. One has business like approach in any profession. He has disturbances in career. Place of armory, Capricorn: It is a movable and earthy sign. He produces hard working people moving from one place to other place. The executive posts requiring patience and repetition work comes under this sign. The business dealing with agriculture products geology, services, traveling, food, manure, water, type of department comes under this sign. It indicates place of guard, if afflicted. Aquarius: It is airy and intellectual sign and is associated with researchers and advisors. They are born as expert in advise, psychology and science and technology, have secret knowledge. A good administrator, teacher, manager, guide, ideal and intellectual worker, gives astrologers and philosophers. Pisces: It gives conventional professions, doctors, lawyers, accountants, religious preachers, teachers, good master, administrator, priest, saint etc. For the profession success in life the native should have strength and benefic influence on lagna and lagna lord. If the lagna lord is weak and afflicted, it is hard to rise in life. Lagna Lord in different houses Lagna lord in Lagna: The native will become famous in his own community and country. He will like to do his own business and rise by dint of his self. If lagna lord is weak and afflicted the results will be reverse. 2nd House: The native will be ambitious and dutiful to his family. He will like to do his family business or hotel, restaurant or earn though his speech such as lawyers, judges, teachers or counselors. 3rd house: The native is courageous and fortunate, and respectful. If the lagna lord is well disposed, the native rises with the help of his co-born and like to do his own business or writer, publisher or other type of communications work. 4th House: There will be happiness from his parents and will be well behaved. He will earn through agriculture, landed properties, water or vehicles, i.e. significations of 4 th house. He may have favour from government. 5th House: The native will be short tempered, the first child will not survive and there will not be happiness from his children. If the 5th lord is strong, the native will be absorbed in service to other, diplomatic service. The native will win the favor of government. 6th House: The native will be courageous, fortunate, and respectable. If the 10 th lord is strong and not aspected by malefic planet, the native will join army at high position or head of medical institution or health services, or a physician or surgeon. There will be debt or litigations or quarrels if the lagna lord is afflicted. 7th House: If the lagna lord is strong and aspected or conjuncted with benefic planet, the native will spend most of his time in foreign country. He will spent licentious life or will be puppet of in-laws. 8th House: The native will be learned, gambler, interest in research If 8 th lord is strong, he will help others, has number of friends, religiously inclined. He will have peaceful life and sudden death. 9th House: The native will be fortunate, religious and help others. He will be good orator, judge, happiness on account of wife and children. The native will inherit paternal and ancestral property and father will be famous, philanthropic and god fearing. 10th House: The native will have professional success and famous. He will earn honour. The native will have specialization in some branch of knowledge. He will desire his own business. 11th House: He will like to do his own business and have gain out of it. He will have number of friends and gain from them. He will do some type of financial business such as lending money or working in bank. 12th House: The native will suffer many loses in his own business. He will be religious minded and learned. He will like to take risk in financial matters such as speculation or gambling. He may be a smuggler and visits foreign countries. He may join secret services or be a head of the health institute or prison. He should always take care of Government. 10th Lord indifferent house: One should assess the strength and benefic influence of the 10th lord and 10th house for high prospects in life. If the 10th lord is weak and afflicted there will be obstacles and the profession will be ordinary and routine. Lagna: `1f the 10th lord is in lagna, native rises in life by dint of self employment. If the 10 th lord and lagna lord conjuncted in lagna, the native engaged in social work and establishes social institutions.

2nd house: The native is fortunate. The native is engaged in family trade, or earns by use of intellectual and speech such as lawyers, judges, teachers, counselors, or karma kandi pundits etc, but Mercury should be strong and 10th house should be influenced by benefic planets and 10 th lord should be strong.. The 2nd house also indicates food and mouth, so the native gets prosperity in catering, restaurant or hotel business. The malefic influence on 10th and 10th lord causes losses in business. 3rd house: The native have to travel on short journey. He will be good writer or speaker if the 10 th lord is strong and under benefic influences. His siblings will help him to rise in profession. If the 10 th lord is posited in trik houses in Navamsha chart or in enemy nakshatra or afflicted, the rise in career will be slow. If the 3rd lord is afflicted, there will be rivalry between siblings and may lead to reversals, obstacles or losses in career of the native. 4th house: The native will be generous and famous in learning and will be lucky. If the 10 th lord is strong and has benefic influence he will receive respect and government favor. He will deal in immovable properties, agriculture, vehicles etc depending on the nature and strength of the planet. If the 4th , 9th and 10th lords are strong and beneficially disposed and related to one another, the native will be great politician, authority, president or head of the institute. If the 10 th lord is afflicted or conjuncted with malefic planet or the lord of trik houses or posited in trik houses in navamsha, the native will be depressed and serve others. 5th house: Since the 10th lord is in the 5th, the native will excel in real estate deals as a broker and in speculation. They are inclined to Religion and Philosophy and lead a simple life with prayer and meditation. They are interested in learning from early childhood and adhere to Truth. They will be blessed with all the comforts of life. They will have powerful friends. As the 5th is 8th from the 10th, they will have reverses in profession and may be subjected to vicissitudes. They will have powerful enemies also who will try to block their progress and development. He may become head of the orphanage or remand home if the 10 th lord is in trik house in Navamsha. 6th house: Since the 10th lord is in the 6th, the native will shine in occupations which are connected with the judiciary, hospital or prison. They will hold responsible posts. They will be known as impartial men and will be held in high esteem for his character. There may be transfers and changes in their environment. They will subject to trouble through enemies. As the 6th is 9th to the 10th, they will have professional luck and people will recognise them as professionals. They will wield political power and have wealth beyond the dreams of avarice The lucky breaks come to them automatically. If Saturn aspects or conjuncted with 10th lord in 6th, he may have to work in a low-paying job with not much respect. If benefic planet aspects or conjuncted with 10 th lord, he may have post of authority. If Rahu or afflicted malefic is conjuncted with 10th lord, he may suffer disgrace in his career. He may be exposed to criminal action and face imprison. 7th house: Since the 10th lord is in the 7th, this is a powerful position for professional life. Their IQ will be above the average & they will be renowned for their communication skills. They will be blessed with a partner who becomes a cause for their career development. They may travel abroad for business. Their managerial abilities are well known as they fill their targets in time. They believe in people and in delegation. Hence all ventures initiated by them prove to be successful. As the 7th is 10th from the 10th, their professional fame will surpass all boundaries. If the 10th lord is afflicted in 7th, the native will be sexual perverted and indulged in every kind of vice. 8th house: Since the 10th lord is in the 8th, changes or breaks in career are to be expected. Anyway they will have a regal status in their profession. They may become mystics & choose the path celestial. They will be blessed with good longevity. They are noble-minded & high principled and uphold lofty principles. They will be well appreciated by their juniors & associates. As the 8th is 11th from the 10th, they will have high gains via profession. Their brothers also ascend the ladder of success. If the 10th lord is afflicted in 8th, the native will have criminal propensities and commits criminal acts. If the Jupiter influences 10th lord in 8th, he become mystic or spiritual teacher. If Saturn influences the 10th lord in 8th, the native earns through service in burning-ghats or graveyard. 9th House: Since the 10th lord is in the 9th, the native will become a sage & a mystic. They will become exemplars and guides to those who walk the path celestial. Fortune will favour them generally and they will be well off. A hereditary profession will be taken up by them viz that of a teacher, preacher or healer. Their father will play a dominant role in their development and they will prove dutiful to him. They are basically altruists and charitable. They will shine as psychological counselors. They will have a regal status and bearing and will be respected for their talents. 10th house: Since the 10th lord is in the 10th, the native will shine in their profession as this position is conducive to professional brilliance. They may turn to asceticism during a particular stage in life. They respect their seniors and get respected thereby. People will find them trustworthy and they always prove to be good

assistants who can be depended on. They can wield immense political power & always have contact with those in the Government. A powerfully posited 10th lord confers professional enhancement & reputation. People will look up to them for guidance. If the 10th lord s weak and afflicted, the native will not have self respect and cry for help and favor. He will be dependent on other all through his life. He will be fickle minded. If the 10 th lord is posited in 6th, 8th or 12th in Navamsha, the native career will be routine and ordinary. 11th house: Since the 10th lord is in the 11th, the native will earn merit & reputation along with money. They display a happy exterior always and show bonhomie and geniality. This earns them good reputation and good will among the public. They will be in a position to give employment opportunities to many a people. And this makes them the most sought after individuals with many friends. As the 11th is 2 nd from the 10th, profession will fetch them immense largesse. Fame and reputation will be theirs. The professional enhancement is indicated. If the 10th lord is afflicted in 11th, his friends will become his enemy and cause him every sort of hardship to him. 12th House : Since the 10th lord is in the 12th, the native is likely to reside abroad and will be beset with many problems and obstacles. He will have to work in far-off place. He will face many difficulties in life and will not have comfort. They will be after Self Actualization. They should be cautious in matters of tax or when dealing with government organizations. Beware of involvement with politicians which will result only in major loss for them. They may have a vocation linked to rituals and religion. Income, may be from ecclesiastical sources. They may have many enmity & problems in profession. They are advised to turn to remedial measures for problem solution. According to eminent astrologer R.G. Rao Profession from the position of planets and Sh.V.Raghuraman Vedic Nadi Astrology and career have stated in their book that profession should be seen from the position of Saturn. Saturn is the karaka for profession. Jupiter and Rahu and Ketu are self and gives independent career, Saturn is Karma-profession and hard work or struggle, or activity, Mercury-education trade, law, authorship, relatives or writing, Sun father or government or authority, Moon-mind or mother or traveling, Mars-brother or courage, (a) The planets posited in the same direction results in one combination such as planets posited in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (fiery sign) gives results in combination. Similarly for other Tattva. (b) We should take in to account the friendship of the planet in combination, their strength and disposition, and their friendship and enmity from the angle of profession. (c) Planets in 12th from the planet under consideration will push that planet and will have comfort levels with the planet. (d) The planet in 2nd from the planet under consideration will assist or obstruct that planet. (e) See the planets in opposite direction to the direction of the planets under consideration such as planets in East direction (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) examine planets in West direction (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) also. If the planets are in South direction (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) see also planets in North direction i.e. planets in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces So the planets are face to face i.e. in 7th house. Sun is friend of Mars, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury and enemy of Saturn, Venus and nodes. Moon is friend of Mars, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and enemy of Saturn, Venus and nodes.. Mars is friend of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Ketu and enemy of Saturn, Mercury and Rahu. Mercury is friend of Sun, Rahu, Saturn, Venus and enemy of Mars, Moon, Jupiter and Ketu. Jupiter is friend of Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu and Ketu, and enemy of Venus and Mercury. Venus is friend of Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and Mars and enemy of Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Ketu Saturn is friend of Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter and enemy of Sun, Moon, Mars and Ketu The above classification of friendship and enmity is different from classical friendship and enmity. In classics Moon has no enemy but we have give four enemy of Moon. This classification is given on the basis of Nadi Astrology. From the angle of nativity Moon has no enemy but from angle of profession above friendship hold good. Saturn in Aries: Saturn is debilitated in this sign. The native will have success in machinery, factories, metal, engineering type of work, or connected to central government, or higher department Saturn is Taurus: points to finance related matters such as treasury, and banking or earn by soft work. Or luxury goods are concern. Saturn in Gemini earn through intellect, commercial transactions, business, accountancy, auditing and communication work. It indicates cooperation from friends. Saturn in Cancer: It indicates artistic work, travel, water, milk, liquid, and wine. Saturn in Leo: It indicates government employment or benefited from government authorities or some authoritative or administrative work. Sun the ruler of the sign is enemy to Saturn. Therefore one has to struggle hard in professional matter unless Jupiter, Venus or Mercury associated or aspect Saturn.

Saturn in Virgo: earn through intellectual and commercial work, accountancy, real estate, and brokerage. The native is very practical in his business. Saturn in Libra: Saturn is exalted in this sign and is capable to give strong profession unless combined or aspected by Mars or Ketu. Lawyers and judges are known to have Saturn in Libra. The lawyers will have the combination of Saturn, Mercury and Venus, or/ and Ketu. The judge will have Saturn, Mercury and/or Jupiter or Ketu. The aspect of Jupiter is must for judges to discriminate. The earning through banking or luxury or soft work or cine-artist is also indicated. If Jupiter, Venus or Mercury is posited in 2 nd, 7th, or in trine to Saturn, one will enjoy regular flow of money and very comfortable profession. Saturn in Scorpio; Scorpio is battle field where as Aries is Kingdom. Saturn will never benefit in these two signs. It may indicate metal, machine or factory. The native will work in concern dealing in mines, minerals, engineering, and agriculture department. The native can work in interior or electric work. Saturn in Sagittarius: The native will enjoy prestigious profession related to law or forest. The native has argumentative skill. The native will earns through forest, wood, service, spiritual societies. Saturn in Capricorn: Service, traveling or movement, sales job, liaison work are good career. The native may earn through water and food concern business. Saturn in Aquarius. Makes the native expert in psychology, have secret knowledge, administrative, manager, teacher, research scientist, astrologers, advisor, psychologist or guide. The native is independent in all its works. Saturn in Pisces: The native is lawyer, medicines, history, religion good master, administrator, doctor, priest, teacher, guide, holy place. Have good circle of friends. The native will enjoy respect in his profession. Saturn with Sun: Father son relation i.e. though there is lack of under standing, but there is less opposition. It indicates government service, politics. The success comes after great struggle. The native may come to lime light if there is aspect of Jupiter, or Venus or Mercury or strong Moon. Saturn and Moon: repeated changes in career and involve traveling, not interested in hard work, have interested in arts, literature, liquids, water and wine, traveling, we can see astrologers, accountants, religious head etc. It may give cheating tendencies if afflicted. Fluctuation of mind and cannot finish his work. He is not supposed to have good understanding with his wife and Mother. He will not stay with his father. He is man of imagination. Saturn and Mars: They are enemy to one another. Mars is causative planet of egoism. Due to ego he will not be able to finish his work. He will change his work. He has great struggle in his career of metal, machinery, engineering, factories. If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or strong Moon is related to the combination one will enjoy not only money but also land and property. .Saturn and Mercury: It gives profession related to trade, writing or law and authorship and do well in his career due to intellect and ability to handle the situation tactfully. The aspect of Jupiter or Venus makes easy earning. He is soft and calm. Saturn and Jupiter: great personalities. Even if the person is to take begging, he will be the king of beggars. It gives independent career or any employment. The person will have lot of respect in the society. The transit of Saturn or Jupiter over this combination or trines or 7 th there from, give prosperity to the native. Saturn and Venus: This is a fortunate combination. The native have success after marriage and enjoy good fortune in field of money i.e. banking, accountant, or good business organizations, will have house and conveyance. The transit of Saturn, Jupiter or Venus over the combination or trines or 7 th there from will gives prosperity by change in career with substantial rise in income, housing property, conveyance or marriage if unmarried. Saturn with Rahu: Subordination to other person. Rahu means wheel. Any thing moves like wheel, film, vehicle, printing press, laborer class of work. However If Jupiter or Venus were to be in 2 nd, or combined Rahu in trine, after initial subordination, the native may come out with self employment. It gives masking ability so acting is best career. Rahu is big. Saturn and Rahu also indicate door-keeper, servant of low category. Saturn and Ketu: Ketu is inimical to Saturn. It indicates maximum work and minimum salary. The native will pursue his job detached from the fruits of labor. His will work as writing or ordinary worker and have saintly thoughts. The combination of Saturn, Jupiter/Mercury and Ketu either together or in trine makes famous lawyer . Ketu is flag, i.e. government. He is saint i.e. detached. .Ketu indicates lanes, hairs, rope, thread, sexual organs, penis vagina, temple, prayers, charity, church, hospitals and small or government service. e.g. Saturn + Venus + Rahu in Taurus indicates Rahu (big) Saturn (work) Venus (money) the native will work in big financial concern. The same combination in Cancer indicates that the native will work in arts, drama, dance or film or photography in big concern The Saturn with Ketu (small) indicates that the native will work in small concern or scarifying concern i.e. lighting Jupiter with Ketu and Moon in cancer or Pisces indicates that the native will visit holy places or born at holy place or have divine virtues from past life.

Sun with Venus and Rahu indicates that the father of the native will meet an accident at the age of 18 th or 38th year of life of the native, or the father has amassed wealth by fraud and cunning means. This causes death by evil methods-black magic or due to females. Saturn, Sun and Moon: Sun and Moon is enemy to Saturn so rise in career is full of obstacle. He follows the work of his father. Moon indicates constant worries and travel. Saturn, Sun and Mars: indicate frequent breaks in career. However the aspect of Jupiter or Venus the native will be able to earn well but his prospects of promotion are rare. Since Sun and Mars are fiery planets, indicate career in police, army or government. Saturn, Sun and Mercury: Good profession through government contacts though initial difficulties. The 2 nd transit of Saturn over the combination or 7th or trines there from will bring wealth and prosperity. Saturn, Sun and Jupiter: The native will get name, fame and prosperity. Saturn, Sun and Venus: The native earn name, fame and prosperity through government contacts. Saturn, Sun and Rahu: break in career and subordination. The native may engaged in shady deals with governments but loss also. Saturn, Sun and Ketu: The native will face initial difficulties in profession. He will settle in legal department of government. Saturn, Moon and Mars: worried mind and causes blame and hardship in profession. There will be an enemy who will constantly harass him. He may have profit from dealing in land. Saturn, Moon and Mercury: It represents Saturn (profession) + Moon (art or imagination or communication) + mercury (intelligence) writing and authorship related profession. Saturn, Moon and Jupiter: The professions related to this combination are teaching, counseling, astrology, law, medicine etc with name and fame. If Ketu joins the combination or is in 7 th or in trines, the native will be an astrologer. Saturn, Moon and Venus: represents the luxurious career with art or trading. If Jupiter joins the combination, the prospect of teaching technical subjects is very high. This combination may give employment in some financial institute also. Saturn, Moon and Rahu: It gives blame to the native on account of his professional dealings. This combination represents profession + art + mask. The native is expert in photography, or acting. The Moon (mind) being in between Saturn and Rahu, the native can be smuggler and expert in deceit. Saturn, Moon and Ketu: combination indicates renunciation and religious activities. It is quite possible that the native may deal in thread (Ketu). This combination gives subordination unless aspected by Jupiter or Venus. Saturn, Mars and Mercury: indicates that the profession would be hindered by constant quarrelling since Mars and Mercury are deadly enemy. It indicates trading, brokerage, real estate, machinery related work. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter: indicates career related to finance, banking, own business related to machinery, engineering. The fiery sign gives surgeon. Saturn, Mars and Venus: indicates manufacturing or trading in luxury articles or cosmetic articles or trading in share market. The native may encounter break in profession on account of Mars. But things will be set right by Venus. Saturn, Mars and Rahu: This is surely to give upset in profession due to shady people and encounter subordination. He may enter in clandestine deals to make money. The native may work in factory. Saturn, Mars and Ketu: Rahu may help Saturn. But Ketu and Mars are sure to displace the native from his career by giving legal dispute. The prospect to marriage is remote. He would adopt an attitude of renunciation in his profession. Saturn, Mercury and Rahu: indicates big business or trading. The native may be deceitful in business. He may be having business with other counties. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu: gives business in thread, clothing or lawyer if the combination is in intellectual sign i.e. airy sign. Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu: It makes expert in his career (Jupiter + Rahu), specialization. After initial difficulties in his business, the native prosper after his 24th year. Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu: indicates spiritual profession like astrology or other occult sciences, priests, monks or philanthropists. Saturn, Venus and Rahu: indicates big business in financial sector. The native may have black money and money out side the country. The native may have business in hotel or catering. Saturn, Venus and Ketu: It indicates disputes and breaks in hid career. The native has skill in his job. The pilots and airborne persons are seen to born in this combination.

With the above back ground let us have some practical examples. The native was born of Jan 2, 1943, at 0230 hrs IST, Ranchi Jharkhanda.

The lagna is Scorpio and lord is Mars which is going to be exalted. So lagna lord is strong The Moon is 9th lord and posited in 10th and associated with Rahu. So Moon is afflicted. Therefore examine the chart from 10th from Lagna. The lagna is aspected by Saturn. The 10th house is occupied by Moon and Rahu. The Moon is posited in Navamsha of Venus. The Venus is 7th and 12th lord. Therefore Venus being 10th from 10th, plays her importance in determination of profession. Venus is posited in Navamsha of Sun. So the association of Sun and Venus gave him the service of government and in the dasha of Sun/Venus as IAS officer in government. Example 2. The native was born on Oct 25, 1967, at 13:30, Meerut U.P

The 10 lord from Lagna is Venus and is posited in 8th from Lagna which is Upachaya house from10th i.e. 11th.. Moon herself is posited in 6th is afflicted and aspected from Ketu. So the lagna is strong. 10th from Lagna is Libra and its lord is Venus. The 10th house is occupied by Mercury (R), Ketu and Sun. Venus is posited in her own Navamsha in Navamsha Chart. The Venus is posited in the sign of Sun and Sun is posited in 10th house. The combination of Mercury, Ketu and Sun gave him Computer engineers service in government department. Chart 3rd

The native is born in Hydrabad on 23-7-1937at 18-12 hrs. Lagna lord Jupiter is retrograde and posited in lagna . The lagna is strong than others.. There is no planet in 10th from lagna. The 10th lord Mercury is posited in 2nd with Rahu in Navamsha chart. Rahu indicates poison. Rahu is posited in 12th in Rash chart with Mars, the lord of 12th house. The native is famous surgeon

Chart 4th

The native is born in Delhi on 10-01-1975 at 11-15 The lagna lord Jupiter is posited in 12th in the sign of Saturn. The Moon is posited in friends house Sagittarius with Sun. Moon is weak in paksha bala. Therefore we have to analyse the chart from the lagna The 10th house from lagna is occupied by Sun and Moon and aspected by Saturn. He started his higher studies when Sun dasha was running. The Sun is 6th lord. Sun is posited with Rahu in Navamsha. He has completed his MBBS education and studying in MD. Chart 5th

The native is a female. She was born in Delhi on 5-10-1981 at 10-15 The lagna lord is posited in 9th and is debilitated and associated with Rahu. Therefore Mars is afflicted. The Moon is posited in friends sign Sagittarius and hemmed in between Ketu and Venus, enemy. So Moon is afflicted. Moon is posited in enemy sign and Mars is posted in friends sign in Navamsha. Therefore we have to analyse the chart from Lagna. The 10th lord from lagna is not occupied by any planet. We have taken 10th lords Navamsha lord. The Navamsha lord of 10th is Mercury. The Mercury has Venus in 2nd from him and Jupiter, Sun and Saturn in 12th from himself. Mercury is posited in the trine 4th house. The Venus and Jupiter influence gave her lecturership and Sun and Saturn gave her lecturership in political science. She is lecturer in political science. (to be continue)