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Changes in the CONDITION MONITORING product catalog

From Edition April 2008 to Edition June 2009

VIBROTIP/ VIBTOOL catalog: A1.9: VIB 8.970 removed from VIBROTIP device driver A1.11: corrections in the order number VIBSCANNER / smartSCANNER catalog: A4.1 ... A4.4 / A4.11: VIB 5.448, USB to serial adapter to all delivery packages A4.1 ... A4.4: VIB 5.485-FM FFT firmware module added to all delivery packages A4.1b/ A4.1f/ A4.4b/ A4.4c: VIB 6.631 replaces VIB 6.630 (laser triggersensor), VIB 6.632 replaces VIB 4.430 (trigger bracket) in the balancing packages A4.4c: VIB 6.147DEX replaces VIB 6.147 EX A4.7/ A4.7b/ A4.7d/ A4.22a: VIB 8.970 removed from VISCANNER FW modules and device driver A4.13: Trigger sensor VIB 6.631 replaces old trigger sensors VIBXPERT catalog: A5.1a, c, e, g: VIB 5.330 UNV and VIB 5.338 added A5.1c/ A5.1e: VIB 8.115 added A5.1e/ A5.1g: VIB 8.660 HEX replaces VIB 8.660 EX A5.1h/ A5.1i: VIB 6.631 replaces VIB 6.630 (laser triggersensor), VIB 6.632 replaces VIB 4.430 (trigger bracket) A5.3 : Corrections in the text (VIB 5.386-FM); VIB 5.385-FM, VIB 5.389-FM added A5.4d: Corrections in the text A5.8b: VIB 5.330 UNV (universal comm. adapter for VXP EX) and VIB 5.338 (USB cable for VXP EX) A5.10: VIB 5.332 Keyphase adapter for machine protection systems A5.11: VIB 5.333 (cable adapter for TTL / strobe output) A5.12: VIB 5.341 ...4, VST 24V adapter plus cables A5.15: Trigger sensor VIB 6.631 replaces old trigger sensors A5.16: Safety notes for VIB 5.433 added A5.17: VIB 5.449 Cabel adapter for type VIB 6.195 accelerometer A5.21a: VIB 8.970 removed from VIBXPERT (VIB 8.981-DR) device driver;

VIBREX catalog: B1.0f/ B1.0g/ B1.3: Delivery pack. for ICP transducers VIB 5.762 ICP added B1.... : VIB 6.1..REX replaced by VIB 6.1..DEX B1.0b,c,d,e: Changes and corrections in the text / tech. data. B1.10: mV-Specs for ICP version B1.11: VIB 5.753: Basic unit for ICP version B1.12a/c: VIB 5.755 ICP: Vibration module for ICP version VIBRONET/ VIBRONET Signalmaster / VIBROWEB / VIBNODE catalog: B2.12 / B3.14a / B4.18a / B5.10a: VIB 8.970 removed from device driver

Sensors catalog: C1...: for intr. safe accelerometers only: ID no. of certified body has changed from 0032 to 0044 C1.1b / C1.3b / C1.7b: Order no changed: VIB 6.125 IPDEX = VIB 6.125 IDEX; VIB 6.129 IPDEX = VIB 6.129 IDEX C1.1f / C1.1h: Changes in the text; connection example for el. non-insulated transducers removed C1.2/ C1.6/ C1.17/ C1.18h/ C1.21: Mounting notes updated as VIB 3.100 bonding kit was discontinued C1.3: VIB 6.122 S discontinued C1.5 / C1.5b: VIB 93025 TNC plug for RG 174 cable & VIB 81015 Prot. sleeve for RG 174 C1.9a: VIB 6.195: Correction in the technical data; weight added C1.11a / C1.11d: VIB 6.210 / VIB 6.172 ICP: weight added C1.11g / C1.12d: technical data of safety barrier removed; note added: tech. data are available upon request C1.12/ C1.12a: VIBROTECTOR VIB 5.730 / VIB 5.731 (10mm/s) discontinued C1.18: Correction in tech. data (EEx -> Ex) C1.27: VIB 3.100 bonding kit and VIB 8.477 bonding aid discontinued; C1.38: VIB 6.631 laser-optical RPM sensor replaces VIB 6.630 C1.39: VIB 6.632 trigger stand replaces VIB 4.430 C1.45: VIB 6.162 Combined sensor for vibration and temperature meas. C1.46: VIB 6.410/ VIB 6.411 WEARSCANNER online particle counter Cables and accessories catalog: C2.1: new cable type added (VIB 90009 = 0 ) C2.2: VIB 90009 coaxial cable halogen free C2.2b: corrections in the text C2.2d / C2.2f / C2.2h / C2.2j: technical specs added (color code, capac. induct.) C2.3: VIB 90081 triaxial cable halogen free C2.4: Corrections in the text C2.4b / C2.5: VIB 5.631-5 and VIB 5.632-3 discontinued; VIB 321926-2 spiral cable moved from C2.4b to C2.5 C2.14: PG pliers VIB 8.350 discontinued

VIBRONET Signalmaster accessories catalog C3.3: Additions to the graphics

18th June 2009 .... 6th August 2009