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1. Prayer for strength and grace as we wait on Him. Isaiah 40:28-31. Total
trust and dependence on God for everything. Phil 4:6.
2. Unity of purpose and vision. Selflessness, humility and love. Phil 2:1-4, Amos
3. That our home be founded on Jesus Christ the Solid Rock which nothing can
move. That ours will be a prelude to what God has prepared for us in Heaven,
that is, a taste of Heaven on earth. That our home will be Heaven’s blue print
for Christian marriage – a worthy role model. That our home shall be a place
where Christ holds sway, where peace, love and joy from Heaven abide from
day to day. That our home shall be a place where God’s presence abides,
where His glory tabernacles and where His power is made known.
4. That our marriage bed be undefiled, that God will help us to be faithful and
open to each other. That neither of us will be involved in extra-marital
relationships. Hebrews 13:4
5. That God will keep us ever ready for His coming, such that we won’t be
caught unawares at His return. Matt 22:42,44
6. For God’s protection, abundant provision, abiding presence, strength, mercy,
favour, and glory throughout the preparation, the wedding day and afterwards.
Psalm 121:6-8, 2 Chronicles 6:9, Phil 4:19
7. For God’s word during our wedding to redeem, restore, revive and rekindle
His love in unhealthy marital relationships and broken lives. That no one who
attends our wedding will miss out at the wedding feast of the Lamb (including
us). 2 Tim 3:16, Isaiah 55:11, Heb 4:12
8. That God Almighty shall make our day and lives joyous, glorious, memorable
and beautiful in Jesus name amen. Eccl 3:11.
9. For safe trips throughout the occasion. There shall be no record of any
unfortunate incident in Jesus name amen. Psalm 121:8, Deut 28:6
10. For God’s wisdom and direction towards the planning and organization of the
wedding. James 1:5, Dan 1:17.
11. That every gathering of evil against our day or our future shall be destroyed
by the fire of God’s judgment. Gen 19:24-25, Isaiah 54:15, 8:10, 49:24-26
12. That every gift intended for evil shall meet its match in the fierce judgment of
God. Isaiah 54:17
13. That what God is about to do in our lives will be forever. Nothing shall be
able to reverse all the good plans God has for us in Jesus name amen. Eccl
12:14. That God Himself shall build our Home (Psa 127:1) and establish us in
righteousness. Isaiah 54:14
14. For intimacy, God’s presence, understanding, and absence of strife during our
honeymoon. Gen 13:8a, Exodus 13:31
15. That all the good thoughts and plans God has in mind for us, shall be made
manifest speedily in Jesus name amen. Jer 29:11
16. That we shall not be barren nor miscarry any of our pregnancies. Exo 23:29,
Isa 49:17. That all our pregnancies and deliveries shall be safe, smooth and
victorious. Isa 66:7, 9. 1 Tim 2:15, Exo 1: 19, Deut 26:7
17. That we shall not be incapacitated in any way. We shall enjoy divine health
and dwell in great wealth which we will use to expand the frontiers of God’s
kingdom, bless lives, and feed nations to the glory of God in Jesus name
amen. Isaiah 53:5, 27:6, Gen 12:2, 22:17-18, Joel 2:24-26, Deut 8:18,
18. That all our children (both spiritual and biological) will be filled with the
Spirit of the Lord from conception and be consecrated to His service all their
days. That we and our children shall be for signs and wonders in the earth and
vessels unto honour. That our children will be great and mighty in the earth
and God’s kingdom. They shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be their
peace. They shall be outstanding in all spheres to the glory of God. They will
grow in wisdom like Jesus grew and find favour before God and man. That
God’s mercy, favour and protection shall avail for them all their days till they
see Jesus in glory in Jesus name amen. Luke 2:52, Isaiah 54:13, 61:9, Psalm
25:13, 91:11, 37:25-26, Dan 1:17,20. They shall be dedicated to the Lord all
their days. 1 Sam 1:28
19. For God’s mercy and favour in our marriage, that no activity of wickedness
shall prevail against us and all that is ours- our faith, children, jobs, careers,
ministries, possessions etc. Psalm 102:13
20. That Christ shall be our centre, anchor and pillar all through our lives till we
see Him in glory. That nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of
God in Christ Jesus. Rom 8:28
21. That those ‘little foxes that spoil the vine’ leading to break up, separation and
divorce shall have no place in our marriage. Song of Songs 2:15
22. That the Almighty God will make us exceedingly fruitful (Gen 17:6-8) and
flourishing (Ps 92:12-15). That in accordance to God’s word, we shall lend to
nations and not borrow in Jesus name amen. Deut 2812b. 1 Tim 6:17b. That
shall bless us with all the blessings of marriage. Gen 1:28-30, 16: 12-13
23. That the Lord Almighty will grant us grace to walk in obedience to His will all
our days till we see Him in glory, so that, all the blessings listed in Deut 28:1-
13 may be fulfilled in our lives.
24. That we shall not be cut off in our prime (including our children), the number
of our days we shall fulfill in Jesus name amen. Psalm 118:17, Psalm 49:15,
Hosea 13:15
25. That every ancestral curse we both have inherited from our lineages be
completely destroyed in Jesus name amen. Whatever household enemies have
done against us be completely reversed in Jesus name amen Num 23:23
26. That God will grant Segun grace for effective headship. That all it takes to be
a God-fearing, successful and responsible head, God will grant unto him in
Jesus name amen. That the Lord will make him a man after His heart and
more honourable than his brethren. That the Lord will make him a great man
who will be celebrated both here and in eternity. That he will surpass all his
contemporaries and superiors in his career and all aspects of life. That he
shan’t lack wisdom, counsel, understanding, direction, ability and skill in all
his God-given responsibilities. That he will live a life that matters for God,
being relevant in God’s purpose, leaving a trail of excellence in all he does.
That he’ll be a loving, understanding and God-fearing husband and father.
That he will not be caught on the laps of a strange woman and not fall to the
enticing words of Jezebels. Pro 5: 3-5, 1Cor 11:3, Titus 1:7-9, Ephesians 5:25
27. That God will grant Kemi grace to submit to Segun’s headship. That God will
make Kemi a wise and virtuous woman who will build her home. That God
Almighty will give Kemi a large and generous heart. That He’ll give her a
sensitive spirit, such that the things that pertain to her peace and that of her
home will not be hid from her eyes. That God Almighty will make Kemi
glorious and beautiful in His eyes. 1 Pet 3:4-5. That Segun will find love and
satisfaction in no one else but her. Pro 5:15-19. That God will make Kemi
outstanding and excellent in all spheres to His glory. That God will prepare
her for the responsibilities that lie ahead, such that they shall not overwhelm
her and she shall not fail in Jesus name amen. That God will make Kemi a
loving, respectful, hospitable, understanding, discerning and God-fearing wife
and mother. That God will make her one that counts much for God, whose life
will be a trophy for His glory. Pro 31:10-31, Eph 5:22, 33b
28. That God will help us to speak life, peace, prosperity, healing, favour, blessing
and all good things in accordance to God’s will to one another, rather than tear
down one another because the power of life and death lies in the tongue. We
will learn to communicate well to one another. Pro 18:21, James 3:3-5
29. That neither of us (nor our children, career, ministries, hobbies) will be able to
take the place of God in our individual lives. Psalm 18:21. That all things will
work together for our good. Rom 8:28. That God will grant us enablement to
fulfill His purpose for our lives and He’ll help us be dedicated to Him all our
days. Col 1:7b-11 and that we’ll be gods to the pharaohs of this generation.
Exodus 7:1
30. That the Shekinah glory of the Almighty God shall continually be our shield
from all forms of evil at day and at night. Exodus 13:21, Psalm 91. There shall
be no breaking in of robbers or going into captivity in our house. That God
will command His blessings on us and all that concerns us. Psalm 90:17. That
we shall fulfill Heaven’s mandate over our lives and receive God’s
commendation when we get Home. Phil 3:13-14, 20-21
31. Thanking God for answered prayers and strength through all the waiting days,
claiming all the promises for those who wait on Him. Phil 4:6, 1 John 5:14-15