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The industry is composed of companies that provide outsourced records storage, document destruction services and digital conversion of paper-based records to commercial and government clients. As a result of regulations mandating company records retention, the Document Management Services industry benefits from sustained demand for document storage. Nevertheless, the severity of the recent recession resulted in a contracting number of US businesses, decreasing the industry's available target market. In the years since the recession, industry revenue has rebounded steadily, driven in part by increased demand from healthcare providers transitioning to electronic records. The Document Management Services industry is concentrated in the Southeast, West, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions of the United States. The industry's operations are largely focused on levels of economic activity and proximity to complimentary industries, which include the healthcare, financial services, insurance, legal and other professional services industries. The Southeast region accounts for 25.2% of industry revenue due in part to the fact that the Southeast is home to the greatest proportion of the US population. Document management, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner. The term document is defined as "recorded information or an object which can be treated as a unit". DM systems allow documents to be modified and managed but typically lack the records retention and disposition functionality for managing records. Key DM features are: Check In / Check Out and Locking Version Control Roll back Audit Trail Annotation and Stamps
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SoftAge Information Technology Limited prides itself as one of the leaders in the field of Document Management Services. SoftAge is ISO 9001:2008 certified, member of Nasscom, & Prism International. It was rated as Best Medium Enterprise by D&B-Axis Bank Business Gaurav SME Awards 2011. The company acts as a strategic partner offering integrated one-stop solution for the entire chain of the document life-cycle management. By providing critical support services in the space of document management, SoftAge helps the clients to focus on their core business activities without compromising on document management related activities. With over 17 years of proven expertise, SoftAge has created a name for itself in this niche area by providing document management solutions that help to bridge the gap between physical and digital information for clients across India, UAE and Kenya. SoftAge expertise of document management services lies in creating solutions to overcome challenges associated with document management, protection and destruction. All activities including document data flow right from the point-of-collection to the warehouse, including Verification, Audit, Image Processing, Record Creation, Storage and Retrieval are provided under one roof. Its highly efficient process involving designing and implementation is customized according to the needs of each client. SoftAge is well positioned to handle large volumes of documents with strength of over 9,000 employees operating from 64 hub offices and document warehouses. All the offices are well-equipped with the best infrastructure facilities comprising of over 2,650 workstations and office space exceeding 55,800 sq.ft. Availability of warehouse capacity of more than 413,889 sq.ft. is an indication about the company's document storage capacity for ensuring maximum client satisfaction. The company has provided services to non-financial institutions, banks, insurance, publishing, hospitality, government, IT and telecom sectors. SoftAge is thus instrumental in helping the clients for transitioning to a smoother document management process with better efficiency, assured security and reduced costs.

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00. of India with workforce of 100 Launched data processing and scanning services in other states of India Warehousing services launched Address verification of 30 lakhs mobile phone subscribers of telecom company in six months ISO certification Reverification of 5 crore KYC’s for telecom giant in 6 months Became member of NASSCOMM 2011 Launched/Inaugurated offices in Dubai and collaborated in Nairobi Rated as best medium enterprise in IT & ITeS sector by Dun and Bradstreet 2012 Our workforce: 9000 plus Processes 4. for an IT company 2003 SoftAge launched its scanning services by processing PAN cards for Govt.3 MILESTONES ACHIEVED: 2000 2002 Registered as limited company based in Delhi with workforce of 100 Launched document verification services Processed 1crore plus application for financial institution Completed the first offsite project. in the most difficult and disturbed areas of India.000 documents per day PAN India Processed over 300 million files till date 900 million documents stored in our warehouses till date Operating from 64 hub offices and document warehouses Expertise in end to end document management solution and served almost every sector Amity Business School 2004 2005 2006 2008 2010 .4 1.

pins etc to ensure that every image/document is processed correctly and accurately. High-volume document data collection can be availed 24 x 7. Scanning of documents is carried out on one of the high speed scanners using the latest technology which ensures best possible image capturing facilities. The initial stage comprises of preparing files for scanning and unitization by removal of unwanted materials such as staples. PDF searchable and OCR to Word format. Quality check & review for each functional area is conducted to ensure that all project requirements are met and that no variation is introduced to the process. or uploading to FTP servers for immediate access. The entire verification process involves reviewing. hard disk. Audit and verification processes emphasize on giving the clients complete information. PDF. Amity Business School . genuineness and reliability of documents. accuracy and validation.5 1. After this all scanned images are transferred to suitable storage medium such as DVD.4 SERVICES OFFERED: Document Collection Documents can be collected from client site or client point of sale from remotest of locations across length and breadth of India through a highly experienced team of document collection professionals. SoftAge plays an active role in resolving such issues by providing address verification services through Address verification agents by visiting even the remotest locations in the country. Our complete document data collection services include service customization to client’s specific needs which helps your business deliver better performance.Files are converted into the required file format and processed to achieve the highest quality. Image Processing SoftAge offers a comprehensive document scanning service which encompasses all major formats such as TIFF. and testing to establish that the document meets the regulatory standards or respective norms as specified by the client. Scanned images are then systematically tagged so they can be easily searched and retrieved in a timely manner. inspecting. Today's growing population supplemented by huge migrations has led to identity related issues. Document Verification The collected documents go through a rigorous audit process and are verified as per the respective clients' norms by the company's specially trained verification executives.

24/7/365 security guards. The company offers the flexibility of processing the documents for manual or online data entry from any format – hand written originals. It is characterized by accuracy. or place the actual file in your hand within hours to ensure you get the document when you need the most. The system can be customized to meet any company's needs. The entire complex is temperature controlled. often in large numbers: SoftAge-Data Entry Feedback forms  Customer application forms  Job application forms  Personnel forms  Company details  Reports  Warranty cards  Student enrolment forms  Online data capture services  Data entry from images  Data entry from product catalogs to web based systems  Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format Storage SoftAge has ideally designed its Document Warehouse secure storage system to store highly confidential documents requiring long term preservation. fax. Documents are indexed to File or Box level and can be tracked. retrieved by means of a secure web based system. Amity Business School . burglar and fire alarm systems. The data is provided to the clients in specific formats. If a box or file is needed simply call. Data coding of collated information by experienced data entry operators is conducted in a customized database followed by thorough quality checks to ensure first stage data entry is 99% accurate. Our storage facility is monitored by security CCTV video recording. The following forms may require manual data entry at some point. and various fire suppression systems and water sprinklers to ensure documents and records are stored safely. or e-mail us and our staff will be able to get what you need. When a file box comes to our facility it is entered into our state of the art tracking system containing a bar coded box number. Access to our records management system which is well connected with internet is possible 24/7 via the web. cost effectiveness and timely record creation in terms of volume and project size. Our document storage services enable you to store your company's critical records offsite with peace of mind. We can deliver electronically within minutes. Our state of the art complex ensures you the highest level of protection to ensure the records are there when you need them. typed copy. online sources or scanned images. Archive containers are tracked by means of bar codes.6 Data Processing The activity involves data conversion into electronic format.

Larger opportunities to capture cloud market as it is growing faster. easy and efficient ensuring optimum time and cost efficiency. retrieval of relevant documents becomes fast. The computer– aided retrieval system ensures quick access to stored documents.  Amity Business School .  THREATS Big players are quickly entering the Indian market. SoftAge lack in promotion and advertisement. merge with. Most companies take up ERP rather than DMS. SoftAge has’nt really popularized there services leading lack of trust on the consumer end.. SoftAge is the only company providing end to end services. 1. There is a tremendous opportunities for future business expansion. The entire DMS process has strong software support to back up our services. or form strategic alliances with other global DMS providers. With multiple methods of indexing. WEAKNESS SoftAge has very less market share in DMS market less than7%.          OPPORTUNITIES Takeover.5 SWOT ANALYSIS: STRENGHT SoftAge is known for its end to end document management services. SoftAge carry vast experience of over 18 years in international markets. Indexing of every word in document and keywords allows users to quickly sort large volumes of data to find the right document in the shortest time possible.7 Search & Retrieval SoftAge complete document management solution (DMS) process helps to quickly search through thousands of documents in order to pinpoint the information they need.

8 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW Amity Business School .

It also covered how organizations use tools and workpaper applications to organize them & protect them. warehouse & financial productivity. analyzed & integrated into the business process very quickly and easily. 1994 This research paper talks about the move which is apparent in today’s organizational climate that DMS has been pushing the paper industry to it’s end.9 Miller. DMS offers much more stronger controls over documents from it’s start to it’s end. 2004 The research can be summarized by saying that an older. ERP). 2006 The number of decision steps an organization takes when making the move to a paperless work environment. Harpaz. 2003 This research is done Harpaz & joe talks about that an electronic system can not only enable a CPA firm to improve productivity. Document management can be a value added service for clients. All content stored in the repository is via a Web-browser providing access anywhere for easy viewing. non electronic document and those with signatures can be scanned into the system and then treated in the same manner as electronic documents. Jack. Possibilities range from implementing an internal system to leveraging an internet based services that provide existing infrastructure and templates in a subscription model. Amity Business School . The automated structure has been quickly adopted & praised by everyone. Marlon. reduce operating costs & ensure compliance with professional standards and regulations. it can also open opportunities for enhanced customer service. Davis. DMS enabled document based information to be managed. Tom.e. It also discussed how to estimate the benefits of making the move of shifting and the tools some firms already have to facilitate the paperless process (i. Johnson. Joe. It drives the factory floor. Many firms are exploring the revenue potential of providing documents management as a value added service to clients who are searching for a cost-effective method of managing their records.

backup. the reviewer enters his email folder. Now.. Database management systems also creates new data with the help of application programs and write these onto storage locations on the system. EContent. maintenance." says Sterling. Fluor Hartford's content management system has also helped improve the organization's workflow. In all. Sanghyun Kim & Robin L. All these activities require trust between the two parties so that cloud can be deployed in all the sections of the organization.000 hours. clicks on a link. 2010 The research describes the relationship required between the organization & cloud provider to build a proper cloud network. Database management systems are designed to increase the accessibility of data and the productivity of the user. The study uses a comprehensive set of factors used in organizations to describe client business risk. "The administrative staff would spend from four to eight hours just sorting these documents--hand carrying them. Gary Garrison. Alali. Database management systems work in coordination with other programs on the information system. Database management systems are software programs that allow users to manage the data in a database. who notes an annual time savings of 8. Marji. maintaining the structure of the data and working with the other programs so that the data can be located and retrieved. providing a totally different IT model in which a cloud provider might be responsible for a range of IT activities. waiting for people to review them. Now. 2006 According to the research. Unsurprisingly. there are about 4. one workflow administrator oversees the processes. Fluor Hanford managed to save about four hours of labor on each correspondence package. Sterling says that the workflow was initially modeled after the paper system. data storage and security. Wienclaw. The paper process involved a substantial amount of administrative support. 2008 This paper talks about Data Management in general & it’s functions.10 McClure. Chia-Lun Yeh. security risk. Wakefield. and amanpower-related risk. Ruth A. the findings show that large companies in the historically high-risk information technology industries Amity Business School . Fatima A. but the company streamlined the process and 40% of the steps taken in the paper system were removed. The emergence of cloud computing is transforming the way organizations purchase and manage computing resources. upgrades. 2012 This research provides an overview of cloud computing & the risks associated with it.400 IDMS users with licenses (this includes employees and contractors). and accesses the document for approval. including hardware and software installation.

the results show that cloud computing is more advantageous. Amity Business School . It also examines the growth of IT outsourcing.11 provide cloud computing. It outlines the benefits of choosing these outsourced delivery model. 2013 The article discusses the delivery of electronic document management (EDM) through managed services and cloud computing. the two key information (IT) outsourcing services which are used in a range of business applications. More interestingly. Greg 1. Ford.

12 CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Amity Business School .

To know the awareness of Cloud services in SME sector of Delhi/NCR.3 SAMPLE AND SAMPLING TECHNIQUES In this study the following types of sampling are used:  Cluster sampling A cluster sampling is obtained by selecting cluster from the population on the basis of simple random sampling.2 Research Design In this report. so the research is based on cluster sampling. The researcher selected only SME sector for this project which is a form of cluster. so that we can make strategies to establish our products in the market in a better way. b.1 Research Methodology Research methodology is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine the relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. providing more awareness and place the product properly as well as promote the brand and emerge as a competitor in the market. 3. To know the factors that influences the SME sector in outsourcing document management. c. It is way to systematically study and solve the research problems 3. Amity Business School . Research is conceptual structure within which research is conducted. To evaluate the important factors which decision makers takes before availing services of DMS & Cloud. DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESIGN has been used. Research was done to find out the factors that affect the sales of DMS and Cloud. 3.13 Objectives Objective of Research Conducted are as follows a.

the sampling frame consisted of decision makers who handles management framework of their respective business.14 3.4 SAMPLE SIZE Sample size of 100 was taken to accomplish the objectives of this research. The designations of theses decision makers were as follows:      CEO General Manager VP IT Head Accounts Manager Amity Business School .5 SAMPLE FRAME In this case. 3.

various papers and journals published from time to time   Through internet Thorough talk and discussion with decision makers of company . A structured questionnaire was designed taking objective in mind to find the responses of consumers. A total of 100 respondents were interviewed & the questionnaire was filled accordingly. The data here is collected through:   A structured questionnaire Personal interview of decision makers like IT Heads. General Managers. In questionnaire respondent were asked to put their views and rate the factors which influence their brand choice. The data collected through:  Various publications in form of annual reports. CEO of businesses in SME sector.6 DATA COLLECTION Primary Data: The first hand information bearing on any research is the one which has been collected by the researcher. complied and presented earlier by any agency may be used for purpose of investigation. Secondary Data: The data which has already been collected.15 3. Various businesses in Delhi/NCR region were also interviewed to analyze the consumer perception and buying behavior for Document Management & Cloud. Amity Business School .


1 Knowledge of Document management in SME Sector FIGURE 4.1) and figure –(4. Amity Business School . The result shows that 54% of the businesses doesn’t have any knowledge of these services been offered and just 46% of the businesses have some knowledge of these kind of service offerings.1) shows what percentage of businesses are having knowledge of document management services provided by companies.1 Knowledge of Document management in SME Sector Inferences: The above table-(4.17 1) Knowledge of Document management in SME Sector Response NO YES Grand Total Count of name of SME Sector business 46 53 99 TABLE 4.

2 Number of documents processed on a daily basis in SME Sector FIGURE 4. Amity Business School .18 2) Number of documents processed on a daily basis in SME Sector Documents per day 100 1000 100-500 500-1000 Grand Total Count of number of businesses 44 9 27 19 99 TABLE 4.2 Number of documents processed on a daily basis in SME Sector Inferences: Being SME sector an average amount of documents processed in hard form range under 100 for 45% companies. This helps in analyzing yearly requirement of document management & helps in giving a price quote to the business house.

Amity Business School .19 3) Preferred companies for digitizing Preferred Brand RECALL DIGGERSOFT TCS SOFTAGE NO KNOWLEDGE Count of name of SME Sector 26 11 16 16 15 Grand Total 100 TABLE 4.3 Preferred companies for digitizing (Bar Graph) FIGURE 4.3 Preferred companies for digitizing FIGURE 4.4 Preferred companies for digitizing (Pie Chart) Inferences: It shows that the DMS industry needs to aware their target market as most of the company’s didn’t have any knowledge of these companies.

20 4) Businesses having separate IT department Response NO YES Grand Total Count of name of SME Sector Businesses 25 75 100 TABLE 4.4 Businesses having separate IT department FIGURE 4.5 Businesses having separate IT department Inferences: SME sector showed bright signs as they had IT department being placed in their organization. Amity Business School . this gave an indication that the decision makers can outsource their document management if provided proper awareness as members of the company can also vouch for such services.

6 Awareness of cloud Inferences: Cloud is relatively a new service in Indian market. SoftAge also wanted to check the awareness level of business houses so that their promotions strategies can be placed accordingly.21 5) Awareness of Cloud Count of name of Responses NO YES Grand Total businesses 31 69 100 TABLE 4. the research showed that this sector is aware of this service mainly due to strong presence of IT department. Amity Business School .5 Awareness of Cloud 31% 69% FIGURE 4.

7 Separate Manpower for digitizing documents Inference: It gave a mixed response. Amity Business School .6 Separate Manpower for digitizing documents FIGURE 4.22 6) Separate Manpower for digitizing documents Response NO YES (blank) Grand Total Count of NAME OF Businesses 44 54 1 99 TABLE 4. SoftAge provides manpower with no additional costs which could help companies release unwanted workforce. as most of the companies relies on separate manpower to handle DM.

this question helped in analyzing the target audience for service related to warehousing.8 Ways to backup Inference: Hard form of documents are still kept in shelves which poses damage to documents as life of a paper is very less. SoftAge provides warehousing also which keeps these documents safely. Amity Business School .7 Ways to Backup FIGURE 4.23 7) Ways to Backup Count of NAME OF SME SECTOR Options Businesses CLOUD HARD DISK SERVER SHELVES WAREHOUSE Grand Total 7 23 8 45 16 99 TABLE 4.

Amity Business School .Gains Trust FIGURE 4.8.9 Gains Trust Inference: Most companies showed positive signs after showcasing the technological advancements of SoftAge.24 8) Amount of trust on SoftAge Response Count of Name of SME Sector Businesses NO 16 YES 83 Grand Total 99 TABLE-4.

10 Apt Pricing Inference: Pricing was the most debatable point as it was customized according to the needs of organization. however most companies found the pricing apt & fitting their budgets.25 9) Apt Pricing Count of NAME OF SME SECTOR Response Businesses NO YES Grand Total 49 50 99 TABLE 4. Amity Business School .9 Apt Pricing FIGURE 4.

26 10) Major Concern Responses EXPERIENCE IN INDUSTRY PRICING SECURITY OF DOCUMENTS SEPARATE MANPOWER REQUIREMENTS SPACE Grand Total Count of Name of SME Sector Businesses 28 41 12 1 17 99 TABLE 4.10 Major Concern FIGURE 4. Amity Business School .11 Major Concern Inference: All the companies demanded more classified pricing & their major concern for outsourcing DMS was pricing only followed by SoftAge’s experience in handling large amount of data.

the end to end document solutions helped SoftAge in generating huge revenues & plan strategies accordingly. Amity Business School .12 Businesses for future association Inference: All the companies showed appreciation for the services we are offering at cheap prices.27 11) Businesses for future association Count of NAME OF SME SECTOR Responses Businesses NO YES Grand Total 10 89 99 TABLE 4.11 Businesses for future association FIGURE 4.

Some respondents may not have given the correct information and views due to their lack of interest and shortage of time. Respondents who didn’t had any knowledge of services on offer were clue less & thus provided wrong & careless answers. Time constraint. Amity Business School . 4.28 LIMITATIONS: 1. due to time constrains of decision makers in the business. However proper care was taken to avoid such respondents 3. 2. There may be a possibility of biasness in the response of some respondents. within a period of 8 weeks whole study and research was conducted.

29 CHAPTER 5: RECOMMENDATIONS Amity Business School .

These are as follows  The company can approach Healthcare & Hotel industry to promote the product. they will ask for the service themselves. I would like to contribute my humble suggestions towards growth of Cloud & DMS.1 RECOMMENDATIONS SoftAge is working very hard to establish Cloud based services & make their DMS leading product in this industry. Since management of important documents will the most in these industries. e.  Both the services Cloud and Document Management Service are of quality. Amity Business School . After completing the project assigned to me.t. And the awareness can be brought by personal selling. awareness campaigns or print media. but people are unaware of both the services in Delhi/NCR Region.c who can readily take up these services.30 5.  The company can arrange live demo of the services as it will help in gaining the trust of the decision maker easily.  The company can shift their focus on industries who settles on daily processing of documents like courier. it can open new markets for SoftAge & boost their sales too. I am very sure once the consumer would be aware.

Finally. Certain factors like providing manpower & per document pricing are still rated as important which shows SoftAge can improvise this for improving market share in Delhi/NCR region. aggressive promotion strategies & proper awareness will lead to more revenue generation in SME sector as businesses can outsource their operations easily as compared to Large Enterprises. Amity Business School . The research suggests that competitive pricing.31 5.2 CONCLUSION Analysis of data collected showed how decision makers (Top level Management) rates the various factors while outsourcing document management. The consumer in Delhi/NCR region are unaware. they don’t know what kind of benefits can be achieved once document management services are implemented in the company.


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SoftAgeindia.aiim. http://www.html 6. http://www.html 3. http://www.questia.asp?section_id=2405&doc_id=25392 http://www. www.content-document-managementsoftware.html 7. 2. 8 Amity Business School .com http://www.hoovers.ibisworld.infoworld. http://www.34 Online Sources 1.

35 ANNEXTURE 1 –QUESTIONNAIRE Amity Business School .

Does your company has a seprate IT department? Yes Amity Business School . What is the total amount of documents that are processed by your company on day to day basis? Less than 100 docu per day More than 100 but less than 500 docu per day More than 500 but less than 1000 docu per day More than 1000 docu per day Q3. Your preferred company when it comes to managing your documents SoftAge TCS Recall Diggersoft No knowledge of any company Q4. Do you any knowledge of Document Management Services being provided by companies to help businesses from the problem of managing data? Yes No Q2.36 Questionnaire Q1.

Are you staisfied with the pricing structure of Document Management & Cloud services? Yes Amity Business School .37 No Q5. Do you require separate manpower to handle storage. digitization of data? Yes No Q7. On gaining knowledge of 256 bit encryption security. Your preferred choice of backing up your documents would be Warehousing Desk shelves Server Digitizing on cloud Hard Disk Q8. American cloud servers & zero defects in 18 long years in this service does that increase your trust in SoftAge? Yes No Q9. Do you know about cloud based services Yes No Q6.

What is your primary concern for outsourcing management of documents? Security of documents Manpower for picking & dropping documents Experience in industry Cloud Space Frequency of documents digitizing Q11. Would you like to be associated with SoftAge in future ? Yes No Q12.38 No Q10. DEMOGRAPHICS Name of the Company: Sector: Name: Designation: Amity Business School .

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