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DOMAIN: MECHANICAL PROJECT TITLES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Water powered engine Jet engine Gasifier (gas from wood) Stamping machine Gas fuel production from wood Starling engine Easy jokey Solar power steamer to power generation projection Solar tower (convert hot air in to power) Tidal power production Injection molding Magnetic engine Packing system Construction re-bare bending and cutting Hydraulic powered vehicle for heavy duty lode moment Mini tractor Hybrid car Hybrid two wheeler Hybrid engine Mini tipper lorry Mini harvester vehicle Mini concrete mixer

Motorized ranch All in one tool kit (drilling +grinding + cutting + nailing + bolt tight and loosening ) Nail gun Mini saw

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Stone crusher JCB mini Tank type drive Gas turbine Pipe lengthen machine Hydro forming Pipe bending machine Magnetic engine Cater pull machine Spot wilding Paper folding machine Hewer craft 4 wheel steering Beach sand cleaner Window washing Jet engine Stretch blow molding Rode cleaning vehicle Air power gun Weight lifting robot Box making machine Power line inspection robot Vertical axis wind mile fabrication of turbo super charger for two wheeler over speed indication and automatic accident avoiding system for four wheeler fabrication of automatic hand break release automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler

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fabrication of foldable electric go bed drive automatic temperature controller with cooling system for car fabrication of four wheel steering system hydraulic hybrid system for four wheeler remote controlled material handling equipment electronic fuel injection (efi) system for two wheeler fabrication of automatic electro-hydraulic jack for four wheeler automatic reserve indication system d & f of triangular air compressor with common compression chamber button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system fabrication of queries controlling system for two wheeler design and development of voice / tele operated intelligent mobile robot (ieee ) fabrication of automatic head lamp alignment system with dim/bright controller automatic sensor based wall painting robot remote controlled scrap collecting vehicle gps based automatic vehicle accident information system automatic differential unit locking system for automobile remote controlled tilting handicapped wheel chair electronic assisted hydraulic braking system smart shock ABSorber for automobile SMS based vehicle ignition controlling system fabrication of adaptive breaking system electrical power generation system using railway track fabrication of automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school zone gsm based two wheeler security system fabrication of three axis pneumatic modern trailer

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automatic break failure indicator and engine over heating alarm two wheeler automation with security system combined hydraulic and disk break vehicle accident identifier with SMS informer compressed air production using vehicle suspensor remote controlled air craft (flying model) automatic pneumatic welding robot intelligent active suspension system for two wheeler remote operated weapon system fabrication of sub-marine (model) automatic scrap collecting vehicle fabrication of gear level indicator for automobile automatic vehicle over speed controlling system fabrication turbo charger for two wheeler video analyzing remote controlled vacuum cleaner fabrication of electro-magnetic braking system for automobile fabrication of go ped drive fabrication of foldable two wheeler intelligent braking system in four wheeler (ibs) emergency braking system in four wheeler (EBS) anti-lock braking system in four wheeler (ABS) artificial intelligent based solar vehicle fabrication of automatic pneumatic jack automatic distance measurement and braking system by using ultrasonic waves fabrication of automatic steering control system for automobile fabrication of multi-engine compressor computer controlled wireless robot with wireless camera

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fabrication of solar race car fabrication of multi nut (wheel) tighter electro-hydraulic system for automation in four wheeler automated guided vehicle (AGV) automatic material handling fire fighting robot aero plane controlling system (flying model) fabrication of hydraulic break show riveting machine automatic vehicle accident prevention system digital locking (fuel, ignition, side lock) system (password) for two wheeler efficiency increasing system in automobile robot controlled vacuum cleaner digital locking system for material handling vehicle fabrication of hydraulic screw jack intelligent way searching pick and place robot automatic paint spraying pick and place equipment fabrication of path finding vehicle automatic electro-magnetic clutch cell phone controlled pick and place robot remote controlled pick and place video analyzing robot fabrication of fuel injector testing equipment fabrication of catelite converter for automobile fabrication of solar hybrid car fabrication of fully automated intelligent vehicle (car model) fabrication of hybrid vehicle sand collecting vehicle fabrication of kids car fabrication of lube oil cooler

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automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine fabrication of wind energy vehicle fabrication of intelligent motorized hydraulic jack SMS controlled moving vehicle for industrial application voice controlled material handling vehicle cell phone controlled solar vehicle fabrication of gas kit for two wheeler fabrication of electro-hydraulic braking system for four wheeler fabrication of gas kit circuit board for two and four wheeler auto clutch for automobile fabrication of hydraulic cylinder liner puller remote controlled solar vehicle automatic visitor guided with material handling vehicle high speed indication and automatic pneumatic braking syste highways high speed sensing and automatic speed braking system fabrication of path finding robot sensor operated automatic reverse braking system automatic track guided vehicle (atgv) fabrication of pc based pick and place sequence robot

DOMAIN: HYDRAULIC PROJECTS 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. hydraulic operated hacksaw machine fabrication of hydraulic injection molding machine hydraulic forklift hydraulic liner puller fabrication of scissors platform (hydraulic) three axis modern trailer with electro hydraulic lifting mechanism

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hydraulic pipe vice hydraulic hand operated pipe bending machine hydraulic mobile crane hydraulic power press hydraulic shaping machine hydraulic patient lift for hospitals hydraulic conveyer for industries hydraulic wise hydraulic sheet cutting hydraulic metal rod bend and removing machine hydraulic operated lifting table hydraulic leaf cup making machine hydraulic controlled slotting hydraulic robotic arm hydraulic operated sheet bend and removing machine hydraulic mobile crane hydraulic railway gate close & open system hydraulic lift for industries hydraulic controlled jcb machine hydraulic industrial braking system hydraulic jack hydraulic cable clamp pressing machine hydraulic bearing puller


182. 183. 184. pneumatic brick making machine solar panel tracking with manual tilting system multi level car parking (combo system)

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fabrication of electromagnetic mobile floor scrap collecting machine design and fabrication of supervisor robot for industrial environment automatic bottle filling machine multi tool eddy current brake pneumatic paper folding machine shape sorter automatic soap cutting machine automatic soap oil and tap in wash basin remote operated floor cleaner library mobile steps design & fabrication of job rotating attachment for milling machine multi spindle drilling machine with vice up & down movement abrasive jet machine s for removing rust from any material remote controlled overhead crane multi spindle drill head mobile crane design and fabrication of copper wire cutting book reading aid for handicapped sensor operated paper counting SMS controlled moving robot automatic pneumatic stand for two wheeler automatic paint spraying equipment fabrication of pneumatic slotting fabrication of pneumatic sticker/label making machine fabrication of automatic pneumatic bottle washing machine fabrication of electronic hacksaw machine

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automatic spray painting system for industrial application automatic distance measurement and braking system by using ultrasonic waves automatic pneumatic jack for four wheeler sensor based automatic steering control system for automobile sensor based material loading and unload system for different section automatic brake failure and engine over heating indication remote controlled boiler flame on/off with flame adjustment system cnc pick and place sequence operated robot cell phone controlled video tracking robot pc based automatic sheet cutting machine auto head lamp alignment system for automobile automatic power saving conveyer for industrial application automatic pneumatic grinding machine two wheeler automation with security system sensor operated power saving foot dust cleaner automatic dam shutter control system crane sensor operated automatic vehicle accident prevention system fabrication of automatic electromagnetic clutch fabrication of automatic pneumatic high speed sheet cutting machine pneumatic auto feed sheet cutting machine fabrication of automatic pneumatic riveting machine design fabrication of reciprocating saw machine automatic sensor operated pneumatic braking system fabrication of conveyer automation fabrication of sensor operated automated guided vehicle automatic motorized door open/close highways high speed sensing and automatic pneumatic braking system

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automatic rain operated wiper and head light dim/bright controller fabrication of automatic railway gate controller automatic scrap collecting vehicle fabrication of car automation auto dipping system for electroplating coating system design fabrication of pneumatic auto feed drilling machine design fabrication of automatic pneumatic riveting machine fully automated intelligent vehicle (car model) automatic weighing- packing system design and fabrication of pneumatic printing machine fabrication of automatic plate cleaning machine automatic rain operated wiper automatic pressure controller cum valve open and closed system electronic numeric keyboard safty locking system remote controlled gas stove on-off with flame adjustment system fabrication of pc based pneumatic vice fabrication of automatic electro hydraulic jack fabrication of emergency braking system (EBS) fabrication of fully automated drilling machine fabrication of automatic pneumatic shaping machine fabrication of automatic sensor based reverse braking system auto feed multipurpose press automatic hydro- pneumatic lubrication system fabrication of pneumatic auto feed punng machine fabrication of pneumatic auto feed punng & reviting machine fabrication of path finding robo fabrication of auto indexing drilling machine

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fabrication of simple indexing by stepper motor in shaping machine fabrication of microcontroller based self centering four jaw chuck automatic humidification system fabrication of automated guided vehicle (AGV) railways accident avoiding system online inspection system using ir sensor automatic pneumatic road marking machine automatic tap control automatic moisture and light controlling system for garden design and fabrication of automatic lubrication system motor tracking system using remote sensing automatic typical pipe cutting machine rotating dish antenna(model) material handling vehicle automatic pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system automatic paper cup folding machine automatic scrap collecting vehicle automatic packing control machine for industrial application sensor based automatic paint marking machine for sprocket industries

DOMAIN: AUTOMOBILE PROJECTS 285. 286. 287. 288. 289. 290. solar operated TVS with shock Absorber power generation regenerative braking system for two wheeler regenerating braking system for four wheeler radio controlled electrical vehicle future vehicle (hybrid car) automatic brake shoe monitoring system

291. 292. 293. 294. 295. 296. 297. 298. 299. 300. 301. 302. 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317.

super magnet braking system hydraulic disk brake for four wheelers hydraulic lifting system for four wheeler two wheeler front wheel drive regenerating braking system operation of radiator by using sensor oil cooler for two wheeler engine using water cooling method oil cooler for two wheeler engine using air cooling method self starter for TVS four wheel steering air operated four wheeler air generation from speed breaker air engine side wheel balancer with auto side stand reverse gear for handicapped vehicle hand operated clutch for four wheeler portable mini water service station spark plug cleaner and tester automated speed break solar cycle auto brake for hill station vehicles automatic railway track crack detecting vehicle automatic visitor guided with material handling system fabrication of wind energy vehicle automatic scrap collecting vehicle train information sending through internet ic pneumatic road marking

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wireless gate open / close from the vehicle for apartments / industry vibration alarm for four/two wheeler solar operated nut/bolt remover / tighter windmill power generation from auto mobile wireless hydraulic jack wireless motorized jack three side tipper open system for goods carrying vehicle fire fighting vehicle solar operated industrial trolley remote controlled vehicle fabrication of speed break power generator

DOMAIN: AGRICULTURE PROJECTS 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342. fabrication of solar agro sprayer with ground dryer motor operated vegetable cutting machine solar powered agriculture water pumping system with auto tracking fabrication of solar seed dryer with auto tracking system portable agri cutter mobile(portable) mini water service station seed sowing machine cattle feed cutting machine multi agri cutter paddy harvester fabrication of gas converted power sprayer fabrication of tomato grader fabrication of solar irrigation system electricity and water pumping system using windmill solar seed dryer

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fabrication of coconut tree sprayer fabrication of seed sprayer automatic water level sensing crane automatic bottle washing machine fabrication of solar seed sprayer water pumping system using wind power automatic vegetable (or) lemon cutting machine fabrication of solar agro sprayer fabrication of agricultural motor pump running using solar power automatic packing control machine automatic water tap controlling system automatic moisture and light controlling system for garden fabrication of vegetable slicing machine three axis pneumatic modern trailer