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Lesson Plan : Factoring Polynomials

Teacher Name: Grade: Subject:

Jen Chichester Grade 9-10 Math

Topic: Content:

Factoring Polynomials Students factor polynomials representing the difference of squares, perfect square trinomials, and the summ and difference of two cubes. For students to learn how to factor successfully difference of two squares, perfect square trinomials, and difference of two cubes


1. Students identify and factor binomials that are the differences of squares when given examples. 2. Students identify and factor perfect square Objectives: trinomials when given examples. 3. Students identify and factor difference of two cubes when given examples.

Erasers(students), Paper(students), Pencils(students), Worksheets(teacher), Textbook(school) After students have taken a mini quiz. Teacher will go over previous material learned and new vocabulary with the students.


Go over material from previous day and go over key vocabulary pertaining Development: to the new lesson (20 min). Students take notes on new material (35 min). Clarify any questions(10 min).
Practice: Accommodations: Checking For Understanding:

Students take min quiz on finding GCF and prime factorization (10 min). Students have 30 min to work in groups and finish worksheets. Go around the classroom and make sure all students understand what to do. Collect assignments and review their work to check for assessment. Collect student's journals to see what they have written about the connection between old material and new material. Last 15 min students write in their math journal about how the old concepts learned in the class has helped them with the new material. Give students a mini quiz on the material the next day. After reviewing their work, journals, and quizes check for understanding.

Closure: Evaluation: Teacher Reflections:

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