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1. Because teacher Marie Nercoff wanted to share her love of science fiction, she developed a unit using science fiction texts written by Jules Verne, Madeleine L'Engle, and other authors. This teacher developed a(n): a. genre unit 2. Because the students in Mary Pat's second grade class complete workbook pages every day, they are most likely participating in: a. a basal reading program 3. When they met in literature circles, some second grade students used inappropriate language and did not discuss the selected books. After observing this behavior, the principal the correctly advised their teacher to: a. join the literature circle to model appropriate conversation 4. Basal readers usually: a. contain a strong skills component 5. Basal reading programs provide a wide variety of materials to support student learning. The essential component of a basal reading program is: a. a student textbook or anthology 6. All of the students in Al Gallo's class are reading the novel, Maniac Magee, by Jerry Spinelli. They have grand conversations about each chapter, respond in reading logs, and add important words from the chapters to the class word wall. These students are participating in a: a. literature focus unit 7. Students often assume roles such as the Discussion Director or Word Wizard when the participate in: a. Literature Circles 8. One advantage to using basal reading programs is that these programs: a. are accessible to all-teachers have copies of grade-level textbooks for every student 9. Mrs. Lewis went to a thrift store and bought a bag of children's books for her eight year old daughter, Alexis. When Alexis sorted the books into the categories of "too easy", "too hard", and "just right", she was using the: a. Goldilocks Strategy 10. Of the following, the best way to prepare students to participate in literature circles is to involve them in: a. grand conversations 11. When discussing reading and writing workshop, the principal correctly advised that reading and writing workshop: a. could be used as the primary instructional approach in a classroom or as a complement to other instructional approaches 12. When sixth grade teacher Donna Collingdale collected her students' reading logs, a veteran teacher correctly advised her that reading the logs would: a. help her monitor the ways in which her students use reading strategies

13. The school librarian has correctly advised a fourth grade teacher that his classroom library should contain: a. books written at a range of reading levels 14. When students are participating in a Literature Focus Unit they should: a. sometimes work independently and sometimes work in small groups or as a whole class 15. Of the following, the most individualized instructional approach is the: a. reading workshop 16. Literature focus units which center upon one novel are usually completed in: a. three to four weeks 17. A fifth grade teacher began an author study by introducing several books written by Lois Lowry. Of the following, the primary reason for implementing author studies with elementary students is to: a. provide role models to inspire their writing 18. When students participate in literature focus units, the books they read are usually selected by: a. the teacher 19. Of the following, the instructional method that relies most heavily upon teacher direction is the: a. basal reading program 20. When participating in literature circles, effective teachers encourage students to read: a. stories and/or informational books 21. In October, the fifth grade students in Brady School formed literature circles. Throughout the school year, these students should: a. occasionally form new groups that meet their needs and interests