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Yahia Muhammad Mortada El-Gabry

St.43, Building 28, 4th floor, El-Tahreer City Imbaba Giza Mobile: +20100 1864242

Career Objective Mechatronics engineer seeking for a position in an organization, that would meet my ambitions, and contributing with my theoretical background and practical experience in the Mechatronics field to achieve the successful march of the organization I belong.

Education General Certificate of Secondary Education (Talaee Islamic Language School T.I.S.) B.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering, Culture and Science City 6th of October with grade Good (GPA 2.4), July 2011 Graduation project (Pick and Place Robot) with grade Excellent A three months diploma from EmbeddedFab ( from Oct 2012 to Dec 2012)

Language Skills: Arabic English Business English French

: Native : Fluent spoken and written : Good spoken and written : Fair

Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Internet applications Photoshop basics Professional in video editing and movie maker programs Operating Systems Concepts: MS Windows 98, 2000 MS Windows XP MS Windows Vista MS Windows 7 LINUX System Administration

Technical Skills: University Studies: Microcontroller (certificated) PLC Embedded System: Introduction to Embedded Systems C and Data Structure Computer Architecture Embedded C Software Engineering Tooling and Testing Interfacing Real Time Operating System (RTOS) Device Drivers Soft Skills: Technical Writing Presentation Skills Marketing Fundamentals Entrepreneurship Problem Solving Techniques Personal Excellent mechatronics engineering background with strong research ability Self-motivated, Energetic and ambitious. Hard worker and good team player. Goal achievement oriented works under Pressure. Presentable and have the ability to learn quickly.

Activities Participating in Resala Charity for helping orphans, poor families and several activities for the society. Participating in Life Makers Charity for several activities for the society

Personal Data Nationality: Date of birth: Marital Status: Military Status: Egyptian 18th September 1988 Single Postponed

Can drive and own a car license.

References are available upon request