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The cleansing and securing ofthis part ofthe Nemesis research facility by the Lodge of Hod seemed to be going well without sign of resistance. The inhabitants ofthis sector appeared to have retreated beyond the second gate allowing the Lodge to complete this phase of the operation. The mission specialists were expected back soon.



up to 5 Ranks, 6 models The Griffin player may select troops within the noted limitations; in addition, the Griffin troops available are limited to the following choices: Seneschal, Purifier, Templar, Assassin and Conscript.

Scorpion: Special
Misericorde, as instructed, had ordered the placement of 4 enormous demolition charges in key structural locations throughout the sector. After the all-clear signal was given by the Minelayers, She would trigger the charges. She took a deep breath and counted the minutes while waiting for their return. But as the time dragged on it became clear to Misericorde that the specialists had probably run afoul ofthe denizens ofthe Laboratory and would not be returning. She could not afford to lose the opportunity to destroy this section of the Heresiarch's

As noted earlier, the Scorpion player sets up the Nemesis Clone using its Aptitude "Invisible /3."

TRAPS, EVENTS AND OTHER COUNTERS Set up the following counters as indicated on the
mission map,

o o o

There are four Events in this scenario. Mix

two Event, one Mine and one Drainpipe

Trap counter face-down into a pool. Four Objective counters Three Trapdoor counters. The Trapdoors are
closed at the start ofthe scenario.

Sighing, she instructed the second squad to make themselves ready to set each of the timers for the explosive charges locally...
Set up: No Mutation or Aura cards are drawn.

OBJECTIVES The Griffin player has six rounds to

set all four explosive charges, which are located on the map using the Objective counters. The standard rules for activating Objective counters apply.

During the Mission: . Only the Griffin player may activate Event

o o

The Scorpion player must prevent the Griffin player from complete their mission goal within the six game

counters. The Aptitude "Conviction" does not have any effect in this scenario. The Scorpion player places a separate Activation counter for every Disquieting Presence counter on the board before each

e o r

Initiative Roll.
The First Contact Army card is drawn when any Griffin fighter and any Disquieting Presence counter make contact. First Blood occurs when the first Griffin fighter is Eliminated or the Nemesis Clone suffers a wound. At the end of each round the player who won the initiative rolls a dl0; all trapdoors open and/or close with an even-numbered result, on an odd-numbered result they remain in the condition of the past round.

The Griffin fighters enter the mission board through the Access point noted on the map.

The Scorpion player will control only one fighter, The Nemesis Clone. One Disquieting Presence counter is placed within the Scorpion Deployment zone and the other two within 5 squares of the first. When placing and moving all Disquieting Presence counters, remember that they represent a large-based

This mission was originally published in the German magazine Imagination #3. The translation was done by Steve Rogers who cannot speak or write German, but does his best.