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Read each and every article in this file. This would help you with GRE/TOEFL/IELTS test preparation, Selecting and Applying to US Universities, Rankings of US universities, Scholarships/funding information, F1 Visa Interview preparation, Jobs after Studying in USA(CPT/OPT/H1B) and Greencard process. Join and post your questions on MSinUS Discussion board >> All the Best.

GRE Preparation & Universities

US Universities listed by GRE Scores 9 Free Full Length GRE Tests Online Low GRE Score Univeristies GRE Score Validity - How long GRE is Valid? MS in USA Without GRE Score Requirement GRE Baroons Word list GRE Score Reporting

GRE Reading Comprehension (RC) Tips GRE Video Tutorials | Free GRE Video Tutorials Online

TOEFL Cutoff Scores by University(Minimum Scores required) For TOEFL Exam Fee, TOEFL vs IELTS and additional information on TOEFL visit

Why to take IELTS? IELTS Test Pattern How to register for IELTS test Online in India? How much would it cost? IELTS: IDP vs British council - Which is Easier? Which one to select? 180 IELTS Universities for IELTS Score 6 US Universities for IELTS Score 5.5

Profile Evaluation (University Selection)

Profile Evaluation for MS in US and PhD in USA (Selecting Universities based on GRE/TOEFL, BE/Btech Percentage) Profile Evaluation for MS in Computer Science MS in Electrical Engineering | MS in EE Universities, GRE Requirements Average Revised GRE Scores for Top US Universities for Masters and PhD List of Universities without GRE Requirement - MS in US without GRE Cost of MS in US - How much it cost to do MS in US - Tuition, Fee, Living Expenses details. MS in US vs. in India - which is Better? List of US Universities for MS, PhD Don't Apply to these Schools (High Tuition/Fee & Low ranked) Profile Evaluation for GRE 287, IELTS 6.5 Profile Evaluation for MS in MIS| GRE 315, TOEFL 85, 70 10 Universities for GRE 290 - 300 Range MS in Civil Engineering Universities in USA Universities for GRE exam MS in Industrial Engineering, MS in Manufacturing Engineering US Universities

US University Rankings
MS, PhD in Computer Science University Rankings Top Universities in USA for Masters - MS in USA Electrical Engineering University Rankings Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA for MS, PhD MS in Pharmacy Universities in USA University Rankings for MBA in USA Industrial Engineering & Management Rankings Chemical Engineering Universities Rankings for MS, PhD in USA Top US Universities for MS, in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics

MS in MIS(Management Information Systems) Universities in USA Civil Engineering Rankings List of Universities for MS and PhD programs in Telecommunications in USA Top Aerospace Engineering / Aeronautical Universities in USA TOP 20 computer Science Schools in USA 10 US Universities with Lowest acceptance rates - Tough to get Admission Schools Top25 US Universities for Research Top 25 Universities in the World MS in Automobile Engineering Universities in USA US University Rankings for MS in Microbiology List of Ivy League Universities & Tuition Costs Universities for Engineering Management in USA US Universities for MS, PhD in Chemistry Acceptance Rates of US Universities

University Admission Process

Application Deadlines for US Universities - Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter Documents required to apply to US Universities How to select universities for MS in US? Assistatships, Funding for MS,PhD in US Universities Accreditation (Recognition) of Universities in USA Sample Affidavit of Support to Study in USA - Self Affidavit University Admission Interview Questions for MS, PhD How to email professors at Graduate School for Research and Scholarships at US Universities How to transfer universities in USA? - SEVIS Transfer Bank statement for US Universities | Bank Balance Required

Few Factors in selecting US Universities Difference between College, University, School in USA WES iGPA Calculator | How to Calculate GPA? Convert Percentage to GPA for US Universities How to Convert CGPA to GPA University Selection: Never do this Mistake How Consultancies prepare Fake Bank Statement in 1 Minute? Does the Spring semester intake has high visa rejection rate? Instate Tuition vs Out of State of Tuition How many universities should I apply? How to send Revised GRE Scores to Universities? ETS GRE score Reporting Reapplying for Same Semester after Rejection from Same University Tips for applying to US Universities and Visa How to Get I-20 with Bank Loan? US Universities Admission Deadlines, Application fee, Tuiton Information Masters in US with Thesis or Non-thesis options - Which one is better for Career Opportunities / Jobs? Conditional Admission (I-20) from University for Low IELTS Score How Study Abroad Overseas consultancies cheat students? How to check application status online for US Universities? Why to study Masters in USA? Direct PhD in USA after in India- PhD without Masters for International Students 10 Top US Universities with low Out of State Tuition One US University with 2000 Graduate Assistantships each Year. 9 US Universities for Summer Admissions

Statement of Purpose

What is Statement of Purpose for MS in US, PhD and MBA? What does graduate school expect in your SOP for MS, PhD and MBA Admissions? Sample SOPs for Various Majors

Recommendation Letters
What is Recommendation letter? How to Write a Recommendation Letter Recommendation Letter Samples

F1 Visa Interview (Student visa Interview)

100+ Sample Visa Interviews F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers US Visa Date Booking Procedure Steps after getting I-20 Visa Success Rate for US Universities

SEVIS Fee Visa Chances if Brother, Sister or Relatives living in USA 221g visa refusal - Administrative Processing - F1 Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate - Case Status Online Check OFC appointment Procedure for US Visa Will Education Loan Improve F1 visa Chances? Visa Interview without Original GRE Score Card US Visa fee Payment: Process and Options to Pay Visa Application fee

After Getting Visa (Pre Departure)

What to Carry while travelling to USA? Complete Travel Guide to USA for F1 Visa Candidates Shopping list to travel USA

CPT/OPT Jobs Information (Jobs after Masters in USA)

H1B Visa Applying, Interview Questions

Greencard Process (becoming Permanent Resident of USA)

MS in Canada

MS in Gemany Universities

Coursework/Life in USA