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Everything you need is here. Your T-Box is how
you watch movies and TV at home, with ease.
Step inside a digital library of on demand
movies, watch and record your favourite TV
programs with the personal video recorder,
sit back and relax. The T-Box even brings you a
full range of internet TV channels and
on-demand content. It's time to entertain
the whole family and it's TV the way you want it.
This user guide will make sure you get the
most out of your T-Box, so you can start
enjoying all of the benets waiting for you
and your family.

03 Before you set up your T-Box

04 Before you switch your

T-Box on or off
04 Before you start using your T-Box
05 Before you replace the remote
control battery
05 Before you throw away any parts
or packaging
06 Here's what you can look forward to
06 Give yourself a box seat
07 The benets of a BigPond

broadband connection
07 Enjoy the show
08 Whats in the box?
08 Getting to know your T-Box
09 Making the right connections
09 Connecting T-Box to your TV
11 Setting your TV format
11 Connecting T-Box to a home
theatre system
11 Remote control at the ready
11 Putting the power in your hands
12 Entering text
13 Conrm your t-box remote is paired
to your T-Box
14 Set a Parental Control PIN
14 Connect to the Internet
15 Making your connection
19 Tune in digital free-to-air TV
20 Register your T-Box, join BigPond
Movies and subscribe to Foxtel on T-Box

22 The Home menu
22 Watching what you like
24 Time Shift features
25 The Program Guide
26 Multi-Recording
27 Checking a TV channel's homepage
28 Recording your favourite programs
30 Playing recorded programs
and movies
30 Using my recordings
32 Features in My Recordings
33 Accessing BigPond Movies
33 Browse BigPond Movies
34 Paying for BigPond Movies
35 Using a BigPond voucher once
a movie has been selected
36 Using a BigPond Voucher through
'My T-Box Account'
36 Using My Rentals
36 Accessing and subscribing to
Foxtel on T-Box
38 How Foxtel on T-Box works
39 The play menu and
program options
39 Managing your settings
43 Extras
43 LED status indications
44 Online help and documentation
44 Self diagnosis application
45 Standby mode
45 Sleep mode
45 Updates
46 Reset options
47 Trouble with your remote control
pairing and connectivity
49 T-Box

49 T-Box power issues
50 Trouble with BigPond

51 Trouble with your account
51 Trouble with registering your
T-Box or signing up to movies
52 Trouble with hard drive checks
52 Trouble with your internet connection
53 Trouble with your program guide
54 Trouble with free-to-air
channel reception
55 Trouble with your picture
56 Trouble with recording
57 Trouble with Foxtel on T-Box
57 Trouble with BigPond TV
For your own safety, please read the following instructions:
/our TFox and ls accessores are desned lo be used n /uslraa, nsde lhe hone.
eep your TFox and ls accessores ncudn any paslc, packan and
batteries out of reach of children
0ny use cords and accessores lhal are provded wlh or reconnended or your TFox
/vod slualons where your TFox coud a, be dropped or bunped
eep your TFox and ls accessores shelered ron any heal source, hundly,
dust and direct sunlight
Do nol pace your TFox or ls accessores near an eeclronanelc source
/our TFox nusl be paced on a rn and al surace lo avod any possbly o l
falling or being bumped
Leave al easl 3cn o space around and above your TFox, lo ensure adequale
ventilation for cooling
ever obslrucl lhe venlalon openns on your TFox wlh lhns ke
newspapers, tablecloths or curtains, as it may overheat
Don'l pul anylhn on lop o your TFox
Ensure lhal lhere are no vsbe obslruclons belween your renole conlro
and your TFox. /our new renole won'l work your TFox s nsde a cupboard
ever allenpl lo nserl anylhn nsde your TFox, aparl ron usn lhe SF
ports and plugs
ever pul any open ane, such as a l cande, on or near your TFox or ls accessores
eep your TFox and accessores n a noderale lenperalure rane ony use
the T-Box in a temperature range of 0C to 50C
Prolecl your TFox and ls accessores ron sps and spashes, and never pul
any vases or drnks on lop o lhe equpnenl
Make sure you unpu lhe power suppy lo your TFox beore you connecl any
audo, vdeo or nelwork equpnenl
Don'l lry and repar lhe TFox yourse
0ny use lhe power suppy provded wlh your TFox
WARRANTY WARNING: / repars need lo be carred oul by a quaed Teslra
lechncan. Do 0T lry lo repar or repace any parl o your TFox

yourse. ol ony s
it dangerous, but any attempt to open, modify or dismantle your T-Box or its software
w nnedaley vod your warranly.

Press lhe power bullon on lhe renole or 3 seconds unl you see lhe onscreen
nessae 'Enlern seep node; pease wal.' 0ny when lhe TFox powers down,
is it safe to then switch off from the power point
ever pu lhe cord oul o lhe TFox drecly as l coud cause ssues wlh your
T-Box hard-drive
/vod connecln loo nany devces lo lhe sane eeclrc power source, olherwse
you could cause an overload that leads to electric shock or a re
0ny use lhe power suppy cord provded wlh your TFox. Ths cord shoud nol
be used for any other devices
Do nol connecl your TFox lo a nonslandard /uslraan power ponl
Make sure you push lhe power suppy pu rhl nlo lhe power ponl. / poor
connection could cause an electric arc, shock or re
Whenever you dsconnecl lhe power suppy, rsl swlch o lhe power ponl and
lhen pu lhe pu oul by lhe adaplor bock never by lhe cord
The power ponl s used lo lurn o lhe TFox so nake sure you' have easy
access to the switch
When you're nol usn your TFox, eave l n slandby node
Durn slorns, and when you eave your hone or a on perod, we reconnend
disconnecting your T-Box from its power supply
Make sure you dsconnecl your TFox ron lhe power suppy beore you cean l
The surace can be ceaned wlh a sol, shly danp colh bul do nol use any
abrasive or alcohol based products
IMPORTANT: beore dsconnecln lhe power suppy, rsl lurn your TFox o.
IMPORTANT: There s a rsk o exposon you use lhe wron lype o ballery.
Take the old battery as a sample when you purchase a replacement, and ask
a specasl or advce you're nol sure.
ever allenpl lo rechare your renole conlro ballery
Do nol expose lhe ballery lo hh lenperalures or drecl sunhl
ever allenpl lo dsnanle od balleres or expose lhen lo re
Do nol pul balleres n your doneslc rubbsh use an approprale dsposa
or recycling service
Please consider the environment when you dispose of any T-Box

The packaging your T-Box came in is recyclable, please sort and dispose of it
accordny and n ne wlh oca aws. When your TFox reaches lhe end o ls
e pease dspose o l correcly.
Thanks for choosing the Telstra T-Box

. /ou're now lhe proud owner o a Dla

Set Top Box, which can bring you movies, and other great content from the
nlernel as we as reeloar broadcasl T\ channes.


Dla T\. Tune n and walch a lhe slandard denlon and hh denlon
free-to-air digital TV channels available in your area
Persona \deo Pecorder. Pecord and walch reeloar prorans when l suls you.
Theres even a Series Record feature, so you can automatically record every
episode of your favourite show

Moves. En|oy Hoywood bockbuslers and awardwnnn

Australian lms
FPond T\. Walch lhe FPond T\ onne channes on your T\
Subscrplon lo Foxle on TFox ( ebe)
FPond \deos. Walch any o lhe vdeo cps ron our hue coeclon
on demand, whenever it suits you
Proran Cude. See whal's on wlh an Eeclronc Proran Cude or lhe
next 7 days- complete with images, program details and one touch recording
/ppcalons ncudn lhe PL and /FL Cane /nayser, /ouTube, Pcasa and Canes
Tunein radio and Accuweather
Celln lhe nosl oul o your TFox ealures and vewn oplons s easy.
Ths ser Cude w be a b hep lo you. Pus you shoud nake sure you:
se lhe Celln Slarled Cude lo nsla your TFox
Connecl your TFox lo lhe nlernel lhrouh an ebe FPond Froadband Servce.
Please refer to your Getting Started Guide for the best connection options
Pesler your TFox
Sn up or FPond Moves
Subscrbe lo Foxle on TFox ( ebe)

/our ebe FPond Froadband nlernel conneclon s lhe key lo elln lhe
most from your T-Box

. /on wlh access lo a word o real conlenl, usn your

BigPond Broadband connection means youll be able to enjoy the benets of:
Penole solware updales aulonalcay downoaded and nslaed on your TFox
so that you are always up to date
/ccess lo a lhe currenl TFox ealures, as we as any new ealures when
theyre launched including:
Conlenl such as FPond Moves, FPond T\, Foxle on TFox ( ebe)
and BigPond Videos
/ day Proran Cude or reeloar, FPond T\ and Foxle on TFox channes
/ My Pecordns ealures such as one louch record, Seres Pecord,
Reminders and Favourites
/ppcalons ncudn lhe PL and /FL Cane /nayser, /ouTube

, Picasa and Games

Tunein radio and Accuweather
Even without its BigPond Broadband connection, your T-Box can still give you a
great range of viewing features:
En|oy a lhe reeloar dla T\ channes avaabe n your area
Pecord lwo ree lo ar channes al lhe sane lnev
Pause and rewnd ve reeloar T\ prorans
Cel nornalon aboul currenl and upconn T\ prorans va' ow and exl' Cude
Manuay record prorans lo walch aler
IMPORTANT: During set up, we recommend that you connect your T-Box to an eligible
BigPond Broadband service such as ADSL2+, Cable, Velocity or National Broadband
elwork. Ensure your TFox renans connecled lo lhe nlernel lhrouh your FPond
Broadband service so that you receive all these features including the latest software
updales. or sone reason you have nol connecled your TFox lo lhe nlernel usn
a BigPond Broadband service we will only be able to provide limited support for your
TFox. For lhe besl experence, connecl your TFox va an Elhernel nelwork cabe or
use a Hone elwork Exlender lo your noden.
External TV Aerial

High Denition TV
Heres what you should nd when you rst unpack your T-Box

/our Teslra TFox
Power suppy cord
Penole conlro wlh lwo new /// balleres
T\ aera cabe (?n)
T\ aera adaplor
HDM vdeo cabe (1.?on)
MnDloConposleConponenl vdeo cabe (1.?on)
Elhernel nelwork cabe (3n)
Celln Slarled Cude
/ou don'l need lo know how your TFox works lo en|oy usn l. Ful we' be
reerrn lo varous parls and porls (pus) n lhs ude, so l's worlh ben
anar wlh whal bls are where.
Now that you know your way around, and youve read the Safety Information
youre ready to set up your T-Box

Its not hard to connect it to the power supply, the BigPond

Broadband Internet
servce and your T\ (pus your hone lhealre syslen, you've ol one). Jusl
follow Steps 1 to 6 in the Getting Started Guide, then follow the on-screen
nslruclons. Easy.
/our TFox w work wlh a rane o T\s and lhe derenl cabes n lhe box w el
you sel up one o lhree derenl conneclons.
1. HDMI (recommended)
Connecl your TFox lo your T\ wlh lhe HDM cabe provded. The HDM cabe
carres /udo and \deo lo your T\ sel, so l's a you need.
2. Component (HD Option)
/ou can aso use lhe MnDloConposleConponenl cabe or HDT\.
Connect the round black plug end to your T-Box

. Then connecl lhe Fue, Creen

and Red video plugs to your TVs video inputs; and the Red and White audio plugs
lo lhe T\'s audo npuls.
3. Composite (non-HD)
If your TV doesnt support HD inputs, you can connect the round black plug on
lhe MnDloConposleConponenl cabe lo your TFox, lhen connecl lhe
/eow vdeo pu lo your T\'s vdeo npul; and lhe Ped and Whle audo pus
lo lhe T\'s audo npuls.
All the menus and screens on your T-Box

have been optimised for display on

wdescreen 16:9 T\ screens. So, lo en|oy lhe besl possbe pclure, nake sure your
TFox s connecled lo a T\ abeed elher 'Fu HD' or 'HD Peady', usn lhe HDM cabe.
If you connect to a standard 4:3 aspect ratio screen, or you just use the Mini-
DloConponenlConposle cabe wlh conponenl or conposle conneclors,
your pclure w be o ower qualy, and you' need lo seecl lhe ~:3 T\ 0plon
durn lhe onscreen selup process.
Creal sound can nake an ncredbe derence lo your enlerlannenl experence.
So you might want to enhance your T-Box by connecting it to a Home Theatre or
HF soundsyslen.
/our TFox has dla audo (SPDF) and PC/ audo (el and rhl) conneclors
lhal you can use. However you' need elher dla audo oplca cabe or PC/
audo cabes, whch aren'l ncuded wlh your TFox. /ou can purchase lhese,
and any addlona accessores, ron any ood eeclroncs relaer.
To make life easy, weve designed a dedicated remote control that only has the
bullons you' need lo drve your TFox.
/our TFox renole aows you lo pause, rewnd and record ve T\, and devers
1louch access lo your /day proran ude and hone nenu.
Before you can use your T-Box remote control you will need to conrm that it is
'pared' wlh your TFox. We' show you how lo do lhal on pae 13. Ful rsl, lo el
your T-Box remote ready:
0pen lhe ballery cover by sdn l downwards
Make sure lhe balleres are nserled correcly
Cose lhe ballery cover
The renole conlro aso ealures 'nullap' keys lhal you can use lo enler lexl.
Its just like writing SMS text messages with a conventional mobile phone keypad:
Press lhe ? lo 9 keys repealedy unl you el lhe eller you wanl. /ou can enler upper
and lower case letters by continued presses
Press lhe 1 key repealedy lo el a u slop or conna
Press lhe 0 key lo enler a space
Cel ready lo be enlerlaned The Celln Slarled Cude w hep you connecl
your T-Box

lo your T\ aera cabe and T\ sel. Then |usl oow lhe onscreen
prompts to set up your preferences and BigPond

Froadband conneclon.
Once thats done, your T-Box will check for any software updates and install
lhen or you. Pease don'l lry lo use your TFox unl aler your TFox reslarls
lse wlh any new solware lhal nhl be avaabe. Then you can en|oy a
lhe very alesl ealures and everylhn your TFox has lo oer. Ful rsl,
heres some more in-depth information about the steps which the on-screen
nslruclons w hep you wlh.
Please connect your T-Box to your TV as described earlier in this guide and
swlch on your TFox and T\. There's no physca 'ono' bullon on lhe box lse.
Pease use lhe Power bullon on lhe lop rhl corner o your renole conlro.
Press lhe power bullon on lhe renole or 3 seconds unl you see lhe on screen
nessae 'Enlern seep node; pease wal.'
Then swlch o ron lhe power ponl. ever pu lhe cord oul o lhe TFox drecly
as it could cause issues with the hard drive of your T-Box
/ou need lo conrn lhal your renole conlro s pared wlh your TFox, lo nake
sure lhe lwo devces are lakn lo each olher.
First, check page 11 to make sure youve prepared your remote and activated the
balleres. Then |usl use your renole conlro lo enler lhe parn code shown on
your T\ screen.
Peenler lhe code when you're asked lo, and conrn lhe conneclon. l's lhal easy.
If you ever need to pair your remote control again, refer to page 46 for
nslruclons on usn lhe Pesel Fullon under your TFox.
WARNING: Feore dsconnecln lhe power suppy, rsl lurn your TFox o.
Here is how to correctly power off your T-Box:
Note: If youve previously used your remote with another T-Box, or youve just
resel your TFox, you' need lo cance any prevous parn codes. /ou can do lhs
by pressn and hodn lhe renole's 1 and / bullons loelher or o seconds.
/ou need lo sel a Parenla Conlro P durn your TFox

set-up, even if you

don'l nlend lo use l.
When prompted by the on-screen instructions, enter a 4-digit Parental Control
P usn lhe nunerca bullons on your renole conlro. /ou' be asked lo
conrn your P aan by reenlern l. /ou' aso be asked on lhe nexl screen
lo seecl lhe lype o conlenl you woud ke lo reslrcl ron vewn on lhe TFox.
If you select No restrictions; youll be able to watch all content on your T-Box
wlhoul any reslrclon.
Make sure you keep a secure record of the PIN you set, as youll need it to unlock
access lo cerlan channes and prorans based on lher casscalon.
The Parental Control function is designed to help you control what channels and
prorans are walched n your hone. However, l shoud never repace adul supervson,
and we reconnend you be nvoved n whal prorans your any chooses lo walch.
/our TFox doesn'l |usl brn you reeloar dla T\ channes l aso
connects to BigPond

Broadband so that you can watch a range of live BigPond

TV channels, BigPond Videos and choose from Movies and TV shows from
lhe FPond Moves brary. To en|oy a o lhs exlra enlerlannenl, pus lhe
benets of the latest software updates, you need to connect your T-Box to the
Internet through your Wi-Fi enabled multiport Home Network Gateway modem,
conpalbe wlh 80?.11 n and an ebe FPond Froadband conneclon.
For more information please visit leslra.con.aulbox
The speed of your BigPond Broadband connection will determine the speed at which
your TFox can dever your FPond T\ and Move servces. So when you rsl connecl
lo lhe nlernel, lhe avaabe neda slreann qualy 'hh' or 'slandard' w be
dspayed on screen.
you wanl lo chane lhs slreann qualy aler, you can do so ron lhe Sellns nenu.
See pae o/, 'Troube wlh FPond T\ or nore nornalon.
/our TFox s conpalbe wlh FPond Cabe, /DSL , \eocly and alona
Froadband elwork Caleways.However lhe aclua broadband speed avaabe on
your T-Box will vary with the number of computers and internet devices using your
access connection at the same time, the type of home network connection and
your FPond Froadband pan.
Note: If you lose your Parental Control PIN youll have to reset your T-Box or contact
Telstra Customer Service on 13 2200. To resel your TFox, see pae ~6.
/ou can ask your oca Teslra slore or parlner or advce on hone nelworkn
accessories such as Home Network Extenders, compatible modems and plans
or call us on 13 2200.
There are three ways to connect your T-Box

to the internet:
1. Use the Ethernet network cable (Recommended)
If your Home Network Gateway or modem is close enough to your T-Box, youll
el lhe besl speeds by usn lhe Elhernel nelwork cabe provded lo connecl lhen.
If your T-Box is a long distance away from your modem, we recommend that you
use a Home Network Extender such as Ruckus or Power line to connect your T-Box
lo lhe Hone elwork Caleway n order lo nprove lhe qualy o nlernel conneclon.
When you get to the Internet Connection, follow the on-screen instructions:
Seecl 'Connecl va Elhernel' on lhe screen.
Make sure youve connected the Ethernet network cable provided from your
TFox lo your Hone elwork Calewaynoden. Press 0 when asked and wal
a ew seconds lo aclvale lhe conneclon. The conneclon w be conrned on
screen aler a ew seconds, and you can nove onlo lhe nexl slep.
2. Use Wi-Fi for a wireless connection
/lhouh l s reconnended lhal you connecl your TFox lo lhe nodenHone
Network Gateway using Ethernet cable directly or using a Home Network
Extender device such as Powerline or Ruckus but if you cant link your T-Box and
home network gateway with an Ethernet cable, a Wi-Fi connection could be an
When connecting by Wi-Fi you need to be aware that there are lots of factors
which will impact the speed of your connection, including the distance between
your T-Box and the Wi-Fi gateway; whats in between the two of them; and
polenlay nlererence ron olher eeclrca devces. n sone slualons your
T-Box may not be able to locate your Wi-Fi home network, in which case youll
need lo elher nove lhns around or use lhe Elhernel cabe provded.
/ou can selup WF wlh your TFox n a coupe o ways; elher wlh a password
or by usn WF Prolecled Selup (WPS).
Before you start setting up your Wi-Fi connection, for your T-Box ensure that
your WF noden s powered on.
To set up a Wi-Fi connection using your security key or password youll need to know:
The nane o your WF hone nelwork nane aso caed SSD.
/our WF password aso known as your wreess securly key.
WEP or WP/ securly or your nelwork. /ou shoud aways secure your WF nelwork
wlh one o lhese key codes.
If you need to check these details, the default network SSID and password key
will be printed on the underside of your BigPond

gateway, on the Wi-Fi key card

supped wlh your aleway, or sonewhere n l's user's nanua.
When you get to the Internet Connection on-screen instructions:
Seecl lhe oplon on lhe screen caed 'Connecl va WF' and press 0
Seecl your WF nelwork nane ron lhe sl
Enler your WF nelwork keypassword
/ou w need lo enler your WF keypassword usn lhe nullap aphanunerc
bullons on your renole conlro. se lhe deele bullon on your renole conlro
lo correcl any nslakes. /ou can nd lhe deele bullon on lhe bollon lo lhe el
o lhe zero (0) key on your renole conlro.
If your Wi-Fi network is masked, choose Other network from the list then enter
the name and key of your Wi-Fi network manually:
Select OK when you're ready lo check and eslabsh lhe conneclon.
If you need your T-Box

s Wi-Fi MAC address you can nd this in the System

nornalon pae n lhe Sellns nenu. /ou can aso nd your WF noden
rouler M/C address on lhe sane screen.
If you still cant connect wirelessly, check lhe hls on your WF aleway
modem to make sure Wi-Fi is enabled, and use a Wi-Fi enabled device like your
aplop lo lhe check lhe sna slrenlh al your TFox.
Wireless Network Name (SSID):
Wireless Security Key (WPA):
Note: Be careful to use upper or lower case, as your security information will be
case senslve.
Set up a Wi-Fi connection using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
To connecl usn WPS you w need a conpalbe WF noden or Caleway.
Feow s lhe currenl rane o Teslra reconsed and supporled WPS nodens.
If you have your own Wi-Fi modem or gateway check your user manual
lo see l has WPS.
Telstra Supported WPS Wi-Fi modem gateways
Techncoor TCo8/n3 (Prenun HC) or Techncoor TC/9/n\3 (TCaleway)
for ADSL connections
elear CC3100v? or elear CCD?~ For Cabe conneclons
elear E\C?000s For \eocly conneclons
When you get to the Internet Connection follow on-screen instructions:
Seecl lhe oplon on lhe screen caed 'Connecl va WF' and press 0.
Seecl 'Connecl usn WPS'
Prepare your WF noden lo connecl by pressn and hodn lhe WPS bullon.
The ndcalor hls shoud ash whe parn. l nay lake a ew nnules or
your T-Box

and alewaynoden lo par up.

/ conrnalon screen w be dspayed on your T\.
0nce you have a conrned conneclon, you can conlnue lhe selup process.
Note: Because your Wi-Fi network can still work if your home network gateway
loses its internet connection, connecting your T-Box to the modem doesnt
aulonalcay nean you have an nlernel conneclon. Check lhe danoslc lab n
channe 911 lo see you have any conneclon probens. 0lherwse see pae o?
for System information and network diagnostics FAQs
3. Use Home Network Extenders (optional)
A range of optional accessories that can enhance your T-Box

s avaabe. These are parlcuary useu your noden or Hone elwork
Gateway is far away from your TV or there is a lot of wireless interference
prevenln a ood conneclon belween your TFox and your noden. These can
be purchased oulrhl or on a repaynenl oplon. Ca us on 13 2200.
Ruckus Wi-Fi Home Network Extender
A Ruckus Device Sets up a point-to-point Wi-Fi connection providing a reliable
wire-like connection that is adaptable to changes in the wireless environment
and no conuralon s requred. 0nce powered on, lhe unls w selup lhe
conneclon aulonalcay.
Netgear Powerline Home Theatre Kit
A Netgear Powerline Home Theatre kit uses the power circuit in the home, it can
supporl our devces and no conuralon s requred. The unls w search or
each other and setup the connection automatically
ethernet ethernet
T-Box TV
Ruckus 7811
(grey disc)
Ruckus 7111
(white disc)

T-Box TV

The easiest way to tune in all your available free-to-air digital TV channels is to use
the automatic tuning function on your T-Box

Before you start the automatic tuning, make sure your T-Box is correctly connected
lo your T\ aera.
suay, lhere' be a sockel n lhe wa lhal connecls lo an exlerna T\ aera. Jusl use
lhe T\ aera cabe lhal cane wlh your TFox lo connecl lhe TFox lo lhs sockel. When
connecting the TV aerial cable to a female wall socket you will need to use the included
adaplor lhen:
Slarl lhe aulonalc search by pressn 0 on lhe Channe Tunn screen
Wal unl lhe aulonalc search has been conpeled
lhere are severa snas or lhe sane channe, your TFox w ony dspay
the one with the strongest reception
you're connecled lo lhe nlernel lhrouh FPond

, the BigPond TV channels

will also be included automatically in your TV Program Guide
Conrn lhal you've nshed wlh lhe search, or search aan necessary
Reception of high definition channels and programs is only possible in certain areas,
and only on TVs, which are HD or Full HD and connected to your T-Box with the HDMI
cabe. you need lo know nore aboul HDT\, pease ask your T\ relaer, nanuaclurer
or nslaer. For nore nornalon on dla receplon n your area pease vsl www.
Note: Before you install your T-Box, make sure that your external TV aerial
provdes ood receplon or dla T\. /ou nay need lo chane or reposlon lhe
aera n sone cases.


/ou need lo resler your TFox n order lo en|oy a ls ealures and speca
servces ncudn:
Walchn FPond T\ nlernel channes
Frowsn or noves and T\ shows n FPond Moves
Subscrbn lo Foxle on TFox
\ewn FPond \deos
/ppcalons ncudn /FL and PL Cane /nayser, /ouTube and Pcasa and Canes,
Tunein radio, Accuweather
/day proran ude or reeloar, FPond T\ channes and Foxle on TFox,
with images and program synopses
Fu 'My Pecordns' ealures ncudn one louch recordn, Seres Pecord,
reminders and favourites
Lalesl solware updales lhal nanlan your TFox and dever lhe alesl ealures
Cusloner servce and supporl
Note: To rent movies and TV shows from BigPond Movies, youll need to sign up to
FPond Moves usn a vad /uslraan credl or debl card.
Note: To walch Foxle on TFox channes, you' pass our servce quacalon
check. To nd oul you are ebe vsl leslra.con.aulboxebe and
subscrbe lo Foxle on TFox.
If you don't register your T-Box

, you will be limited to:

Walchn dla reeloar channes
Fasc recordn capables such as nanua lned recordns
Fasc T\ proran ude ony shown whal's on now, and whal's on nexl or each channe
To register, use your computer to visit and follow the
instructions. Its a three-step process:
Pesler your TFox lo nk l wlh your FPond

Internet account, so you can access

all the T-Box features and receive latest software updates
Lnk your exsln FPond Moves accounl, or creale one, so lhal you can renl and
watch BigPond Movies
Subscrbe lo Foxle on TFox lo access up lo 30 Foxle channes on your TFox.
/ou w ony see lhs oplon you are ebe or lhe servce
Note: Once youve completed your registration and setup, it will only take a few
nnules or your FPond Moves andor Foxle on TFox servce lo be avaabe on
your TFox.
/ou nay nd your TFox as we as your nlernel conneclon a lle sow |usl aler
selup. Ths w be because your TFox w sl be downoadn nornalon or
FPond Moves, Foxle on TFox and your Eeclronc Proran Cude. Ths s
unnelered and won'l counl lowards your FPond usae aowance.


We've desned your TFox lo be easy lo use. The navalon, nenus and screens
are there to give you simple control over your settings, free-to-air TV, BigPond

T\ and FPond Moves.
/ou' aso cone across a nunber o onscreen cons and nslruclons lhal w
hep you nd your way around lhe derenl ealures on oer.
The Hone nenu s lhe nan nenu or your TFox you' nanae a lhe olher
ealures ron here. To o lo lhe Hone nenu ron any olher screen, |usl press
lhe Menu bullon on your renole conlro.
Weather icon
/ou' nolce on lhe lop rhl hand corner o lhe Hone Menu lhal l shows lhe nnnun
and naxnun lenperalures and a wealher orecasl con or your ocalon.
/our wealher ocalon s based on your poslcode.
/ou can chane lhe wealher ocalon shown on screen by enlern a new poslcode
and ocalon nane onne n lhe /dnnslralon seclon o My TFox /ccounl.
Use your computer to visit leslra.conlboxselup lo updale your wealher ocalon.
Free-to-air TV
When you want to watch free-to-air TV, just select the Watch TV option in the
Hone nenu and press '0' on your renole conlro.
If you want to change channels while watching TV you can either:
Enler a channe nunber usn lhe 09 bullons on your renole conlro
se your renole's up and down arrow bullons lo brn up lhe verlca proran ude
se your renole's el and rhl arrow bullons lo brn up lhe horzonla proran ude
se lhe P+ and P bullons
Press 'Cude' on lhe renole conlro lo brn up lhe u /day proran ude

Once youve set up and registered your T-Box

, youll be able to watch exciting

and olen excusve conlenl ron FPond T\.
Feller sl, lhey're a unnelered so walchn lhen won'l aecl lhe nonlhy
usae aowance on your FPond Froadband pan.
To watch BigPond TV channels you can either:
Enler lhe channe nunber usn lhe 09 bullons on your renole conlro
se your renole's up and down arrow bullons lo brn up lhe verlca proran ude
se your renole's el and rhl arrow bullons lo brn up lhe horzonla proran ude
se lhe P+ and P bullons
Press Cude on lhe renole conlro lo brn up lhe u /day proran ude
BigPond Movies
With BigPond Movies you can rent movies from the comfort of your lounge
roon al any lne. Wlh sonelhn or everyone n your any across a wde
rane o enres.
Foxtel on T-Box

Foxtel on T-Box offers an easy and affordable way to enjoy a selection of channels
on your T Fox. Whalever you're nlo, lhere's sonelhn or you.
0ne o lhe besl lhns aboul Foxle on TFox s ls exbly. There's no onlern
pay T\ conlracl, so you can lry l oul or a nonlh you wanl. /ou can easy add
or swap packages to nd the right mix for you, and you can do it all on the T-Box

BigPond Videos is an on-demand service that lets you choose from thousands of videos
whenever you wanl. There's no waln around or prorans lo slarl, ke norna T\.
/ou can |usl walch whalever you wanl, whenever l suls you.
To make your choice, just choose BigPond Videos from the Home menu or from
lhe verlca proran ude when walchn T\.
Once youve chosen BigPond Videos, just use the up and down arrow buttons
on your renole lo nd lhe lype o vdeos you wanl lo vew Sporls, ews,
Enlerlannenl, elc. lhen press 0 lo see a lhe vdeos and subcaleores
avaabe. When you nd sonelhn lo walch, press '0' aan lo slarl lhe show.
Make sure you use the on-screen prompts to discover all the features this
servce has lo oer. For exanpe, vdeos can be payed n u screen node usn
the full screen button on your remote; or in screen mode while you browse for
olher FPond \deos lo walch. /nd renenber, our vdeo calaoue s updaled
reuary lo keep your enlerlannenl oplons resh.
The vewn qualy o FPond T\ and FPond \deos s dependenl on lhe neda
slreann a seecled. /ou can chane lhs a ron wlhn lhe sellns nenu.
Other Applications
Teslra s conslanly updaln lhe appcalons you can receve on your TFox.
Here's a list of just some of the applications currently available on your T-Box:
The PL and /FL Cane /nayser: / seaness nerer o u nalch repays
and intricate game statistics, the Analyser allows users to replay their favourite
nonenls n every nalch ncudn oas, penales elc. by snpy seecln lhe evenl

: Search and walch conlenl ron /ouTube on your T\ va lhe TFox.

This service is free to use however please note data is metered and will count
towards your monthly data usage allowance
Pcasa: Walch and edl your pholo brary on your T\. Ths servce s ree lo use
however please note data is metered and will count towards your monthly data
usage allowance
Tunen Pado: Lslen lo lhousands o oca and nlernalona /M, FM and nlernel ony
rado slreans ron lhe conorl o your hone.
/ccuwealher: See lhe currenl and orecasl wealher or any cly around lhe word up
lo 10 days n advance.
If youre watching a free-to-air TV program, you can press the Pause button on
your remote to stop the live broadcast while you get a cup of tea, answer the
phone, or anylhn ese. To carry on walchn ron where you el o, |usl press
lhe 'Pay' or 'Pause' bullon aan.
If you're recording more than one program, you may see the message "Timeshift
dsabed" when you chane channe. Ths neans TFox w be unabe lo pause or
rewind a live TV channel until you stop one of your currrent recordings
Once you go back to watching a program that youve paused, youll be able to
press Rewind to go back and see something that you missed; or press Fast
Forward lo skp ahead and calch up wlh lhe ve broadcasl. (Fasl orwardn
w aulonalcay slop when l calches up wlh lhe ve broadcasl.)
The Program Guide shows you whats on your digital free-to-air TV, BigPond

channels and Foxtel on T-Box

seven days n advance. To access lhe Proran

Guide, you can either press the Guide button on your remote control or select
Proran Cude ron lhe Hone nenu.
Simply use the arrow buttons on your remote control to move around the
Proran Cude.
/ou can seecl ndvdua channes or prorans, pus you can |unp ahead lo
each day's prnelne prorannn usn lhe FFWD (asl orward) bullon, or
skp belween days n ?~hour ncrenenls. Pressn lhe PWD (rewnd) bullon
w lake you back lo lhe prevous days ude n ?~hour ncrenenls.
If you're recording more than one program, you may see the message "Timeshift
dsabed" when you chane channe. Ths neans TFox w be unabe lo pause or
rewind a live TV channel until you stop one of your currrent recordings
The Proran Cude ves you delas o prorans or seven days n advance
ncudn caleores, naery and a delaed synopss. Ths nornalon s a
updated regularly, but it may not be up-to-date if there is a late change made to
lhe proran schedue by lhe channes such as Seven, ne, Ten elc.
Now you can also lter your program guide by going to the EPG and pressing the
yeow bullon on your renole conlro. /ou can lhen seecl a sulabe caleory
ron lhe oplons presenled on lhe screen.
Mulrecordn s a poweru new ealure o TFox. l aows you lo record al easl
lwo Free lo /r prorans al a lne. /ou nay be abe lo record or walch a lhrd
channel as long as that channel is in the same "channel family" as one of your
olher recordns n proress.
A channel family is a group of channels that are delivered by the same
broadcasler. For exanpe Channes 9, 9HD, C0 and CEM are parl o lhe sane
channe any. Channes /, /HD, /TW0, /M/TE are parl o anolher channe any.
Note: if your T-Box

isnt registered and connected to an eligible BigPond

Broadband service, only information broadcast by the digital free-to-air TV
channels about current and the next upcoming programs will be presented
(when avaabe).
/ou can access each T\ channe's Honepae by pressn lhe 'Fu Screen'
bullon on your renole conlro whe you're walchn lhe channe.
The proran w shrnk lo quarler screen and you' be abe lo nd oul nore
The proran you're walchn
The nexl proran n lhe schedue
Prne lne prorannn
Proran synopss nornalon
The prorannn and servces o lhal channe
Pecordns lhal you've nade ron lhal channe and schedued recordns.
Jusl use lhe arrow bullons on your renole lo nove belween nornalon
caleores and prorans.
-24 hours
Skip to primetime
+24 hours
Navigate time-frame
Navigate channels
Navigate time-frame
Note: Sone channes nay nol oer a T\ channe Honepae. Pus, you don'l
have access to the full Program Guide, youll only be able to view information
aboul lhe currenl and nexlschedued prorans.
To record something now
/ou can record a proran lhal you're walchn on reeloar T\ by
snpy pressn lhe PEC (Pecord) bullon n lhe bollon rhl hand corner
o your renole conlro.
Start or Schedule
a recording for the
recording in focus
To record something later
To set up recording for a program that will be on later, youll need to access the
Proran Cude. /ou can access lhe Proran Cude by pressn lhe Cude bullon,
or drecly ron lhe My Pecordns oplon under lhe Hone Menu.
Once youre in the Program Guide, just highlight the program you want and press
PEC on your renole lo schedue lhe recordn. /ou can aso press PEC (record)
again and use the buttons on your remote to choose the Modify option and
edl lhe record slarl and nsh lnes. Fnay, use lhe renole lo conrn your
recordn seeclon by pressn 0; or cance your seeclon by pressn lhe
Fack bullon.
While browsing the Program Guide, you can also record every episode of a future
program by pressing the green series record button on your remote control to set a
seres record. /ou' nd nore nornalon on lhe Seres Pecord ealure on pae 3?.
To stop or modify a current recording
If you start recording a program with your T-Box

and then change your mind:

Elher swlch lo lhe channe lhal you're recordn or hhhl lhe proran n
lhe Proran Cude.
Press PEC (record) lo dspay lhe recordn nenu
Press PEC (record) lo dspay lhe recordn nenu
/ou can lhen choose an oplon lo nody or slop lhe recordn
To modify or cancel a scheduled recording
If you start recording a program with your T-Box and then change your mind:
Either switch to the channel that youre recording or highlight the program in the
Program Guide and then:
Fnd and hhhl lhe proran n lhe Proran Cude.
Press PEC lo dspay lhe recordn nenu.
/ou can lhen choose an oplon lo nody or cance lhe recordn.
To manage and view your recordings
T-Box can record 2-3 channels at a time, depending on the channels selected to
record. you allenpl lo schedue nore recordns lhan TFox can do, you w be
asked lo choose whch recordns lo deele and whch lo keep.
/ou can nanae and vew your conpeled and schedued recordns by openn
'My Pecordns' ron lhe Hone nenu. Pease see pae 30 or nore delas on
usn 'My Pecordns'.
When scheduled recordings conict
If you exceed the number of recordings T-Box can make at the same time,
you' be shown a warnn and asked how you'd ke lo resove lhe proben. The
options are:
Whenever youre watching a pre-recorded TV program or rented movie,
you can pause, fast forward or rewind the action using the buttons on
your renole conlro.
/ou can aso choose lo slop lhe proran or nove al any lne and aulonalcay
cone back lo lhe sane ponl al a aler lne.
/ou can vew and access a your recorded reeloar T\ prorans by choosn
My Pecordns ron lhe Hone nenu. Fy choosn lhe approprale nenu oplon
youll be able to see all your completed recordings, any scheduled recordings,
seres recordns, avourle recordns, and your renann slorae space. There
is also an option to schedule a new recording, which will give you access to both
lhe proran ude, and nanua recordns.
We recommend that you add 20 minutes extra to all your recordings to make
sure you don'l nss lhe end o any shows lhal nay be runnn ale. /ou can do
this by choosing "Go to recording settings", under the "Schedule New Recording"
nenu len, and lhen chann your poslrecord lne lo ?0 nnules.
Options Behaviour
Cancel Cancel the last recording you
allenpled lo nake. / olher recordns
will complete
Delete incomplete recordings Any recordings that cannot be fully
recorded will be cancelled
Modify individual recordings Press the blue button to manually
adjust start and end times of your
recordings to resolve the problem
Note: 0ny reeloar prorans can be recorded.
Once you have chosen the menu option you want, use the right and left arrow
keys on your renole conlro lo browse lhrouh your recordns. When you wanl lo
vew a recorded proran, |usl hhhl lhe le and press 0.
Cckn '0' w aso ve you sone olher oplons, ncudn exporln your
recordn lo an exlerna SF slorae devce or onerlern slorae. Penenber
that youll need to connect a USB storage device to the USB port on the front of
your TFox rsl. /our SF devce nusl be ornalled wlh F/T3? and lhe TFox
w supporl up lo 8TFs. Currenly you can ony exporl one proran al a lne.
Recordings saved on a USB device can only be played back via a T-Box that is
registered to the same BigPond account as the T-Box from which the recordings
were ornay nade.
Note: Make sure you keep an eye on your remaining hard disk storage
space, whch s dspayed above lhe recordns. /ou nay wsh lo deele
your recordings as you watch them, so that theres always space for
your ulure recordns.
Series Record
/ou can use 'My Pecordns' or lhe 'Proran Cude' lo access lo lhe 'Seres
Pecord' ealure. Ths els you record every upconn epsode n a seres
automatically, rather than just recording the current program or setting up each
epsode separaley. /nd l neans you won'l accdenlay nss an epsode.
There are several ways to set up a Series Record:
n lhe Proran Cude hhhl lhe proran you wanl and press lhe Creen bullon
on lhe renole lo slarl Seres Pecord.
n lhe Proran Cude hhhl lhe proran you wanl and press lhe PEC bullon
on your renole conlro lo record one nslance o a proran. you chane your
mind and decide to record the whole series you can press the Green button on
lhe renole lo aclvale Seres Pecord.
/ou can nody a currenl recordn selln ron lhe Proran Cude, My Pecordns
or lhe Channe Hone Pae. Fnd your proran and press PEC lo brn up lhe
Pecordn oplons nenu lhen choose Seres Pecord ron lhe oplons and press 0.
If youre in the middle of recording a program, use the arrow buttons on your
remote to bring up the vertical program guide, switch to the program currently
recordn, and press lhe Creen key.
No matter how you set up a Series Record, an on-screen conrmation message
w el you know lhal lhe ealure has been successuy aclvaled.
When you record more than one episode of a series they will be grouped in a
seres le wlhn 'My Pecordns'. /ou w see lhs rouped vew n 'Conpeled
recordns', 'Seres Pecordns' and 'Favourles'.
To vew ndvdua epsodes, hhhl lhe Seres le and press 0 lo see a your
recorded epsodes.
/ou can el your TFox

to remind you when your favourite programs are
aboul lo slarl.
No matter what youre watching, youll be able to switch straight to the program
you wanled wlhoul even lryn lo renenber when l slarls or whch channe l's on.
To set up a reminder, just nd the program you want to see in the Program Guide,
My Pecordns, or a Channe Hone Pae and press 0. When lhe synopss
screen cones up, hhhl lhe '0 Sel Pennder' bullon on screen, and press 0 on
your renole. /ou' see an onscreen conrnalon lhal your rennder has been sel.
Laler, a rennder w appear on screen |usl beore your proran slarls. /ou can
choose how nuch warnn your rennders ve you n lhe Sellns nenu.
To help organise and protect your recordings, you can mark programs as
'Favourles' n 'My Pecordns' or lhe 'Proran Cude'. Snpy brn up lhe
proran you wanl lo nark and press lhe red bullon on your renole.
/ou' be abe lo brn up a sln o |usl your avourles n My Pecordns and
youll have the option of keeping your favourites when you go into My Recordings
lo deele recorded prorans.

With BigPond

Movies you can rent movies from the comfort of your lounge
roon al any lne. Wlh sonelhn or everyone n your any ron new reeases lo
casscs, across a wde rane o enres, you' aways nd sonelhn real lo walch.
/ou need lo have reslered your TFox and nked lo your FPond Moves
accounl bolh o whch you can do onne al leslra.conlboxselup, as part of
lhe selup and reslralon process. 0nce reslered, you can renl and walch
dla qualy and Hh Denlon noves wlh your TFox.
/our noves w be downoaded lo your TFox hard drve or you lo walch when
you're ready. 0nce your nove slarls lo downoad lhe TFox w le you when l
s ready lo walch. /ou' be walchn your avourle noves n nnules whe lhe
nove conlnues lo downoad n lhe backround. Downoadn can aso lake
place while your T-Box

is in standby mode, or while youre watching something

ese. /ou nay ke lo uprade your broadband pan lo naxnse your downoad
speed and nnnse your wal lne.
Fuscreen ealureenlh noves nake or are downoads. Ful lhey're a
unmetered on your BigPond

Froadband accounl so no naller how nany

noves you renl, lhey won'l aecl your nonlhy FPond usae aowance one bl.
With BigPond broadband all BigPond content, including BigPond Movies is
unnelered so l does nol aecl your downoad nls. Fealures o lhe TFox ke
BigPond Movies that include unmetered content will display the unmetered
'Creen Dol' whch you can lhnk o as your reen hl lo downoad conlenl
wlhoul worryn aboul usae.
Choose BigPond Movies from the Home menu and then select the Movies icon to
o nlo lhe Moves slore. /ou can browse by caleory and by enre and lhere s aso
a search unclon lo nake ndn lhe nove you are ookn or quck and easy.
We aso have Hh Denlon (HD) FPond Moves avaabe on lhe TFox. /ou
w nd a HD noves caleory wlhn lhe FPond Moves slore. /ou can browse
the carousel for HD movies and choose a movie to rent in the same way as the
slandard denlon noves. / lhe nornalon you need lo know lo renl your
nove s provded on screen.
/ou can use lhe rhl and el arrows on your renole conlro lo seecl ron
a range of menu options:
Moves vew lraers and renl lhe alesl noves
T\ Shows vew lraers and renl lhe alesl T\ shows
Fealured browse our ealured noves and T\ shows
My Penlas see whch noves and T\ shows you've renled, and check lhe
slalus o your currenl renlas (avaabe, downoadn, queued or expred)
My /ccounl shows your FPond Moves accounl nornalon
/ou can aso keep an eye on your aclvly, and resune walchn by checkn
'My Penlas'.
/ou are abe lo renl noves by elher deducln noney o your FPond Move
account which is linked to your credit or debit card or T-Bill, or by using a
FPond Move \oucher. /our paynenl nelhod s sel up durn lhe reslralon
process at Teslra.conlboxselup.
Credit or Debit Card
During T-Box

registration youll be asked to set up a movies account and

provde a credl or debl card lo very your ae. Conlenl censn rues requre
that movies with a classication of MA15 or above can only be rented to customers
o lhe approprale ae. /ou can eecl lo use your credl or debl card lo pay or lhe
renled noves.
Note: BigPond

Moves are renlas, and eneray vad or a nled lne ony.

For example, you may have up to 7 days to start watching a Movie youve
downloaded; then up to 48 hours to nish watching from when you rst start
payn l.
Navigate item menus
0nce you have seecled lhe nove you wsh lo walch you w need lo seecl 'ok
conrm if youd like to take the money off your credit card, debit card or Telstra
F. /lernalvey you can use a FPond Moves voucher or paynenl o Moves.
/ou' need lo seecl 'Pedeen a \oucher' whch s ocaled on lhe rhl sde pane
and l w lhen lake you lo lhe screen whch asks you lo 'redeen voucher'. /ou
can then enter the 14-character voucher code, which will be located on your
FPond Move \oucher. 0nce you have nshed pulln n lhe voucher code
press ok to conrm and a transaction number will appear on the screen to
conrn lhe lransaclon was successu.
An email receipt will also be sent to your nominated email address to conrm
lhal you have renled a nove successuy wlh your FPond voucher. The nove
has now been added to your downloaded list in my rentals and should be ready
lo walch n a ew nnules.
When voucher credl s avaabe l s lhe deaul way lo buy noves. 0nce lhe
voucher runs out your movies will be charged either against your credit or debit
card or Telstra Bill, depending upon which payment method is linked to your
FPond accounl.
Telstra Bill
During T-Box registration youll be given the option to pay for your rented movies
usn your Teslra F. Chares or renled noves w be shown n lhe FPond
seclon o your Teslra F. /ou can check and chane your paynenl nelhod
anytime by going to My T-Box Account at Teslra.conlboxselup

Movies Vouchers
/ou can redeen a FPond Moves voucher so lhal your nove renlas are laken
from your voucher rst before being charged either to your credit or debit card or
your Teslra F. /ou w be asked lo npul your 1~dl voucher code lo redeen
your voucher. /ou are abe lo purchase FPond Moves \ouchers ron lhe
following stores:
/uslraa Posl
Teslra Shops
Fella Eeclrca
Teslra Shops
Fn Lee
FP Servce Slalons
Coes Supernarkels
Calex Servce Slalons
Dck Snlh
Wooworlhs Pus Pelro
Fone Zone
Harvey ornan


Another way to load the BigPond voucher onto the T-Box is through the
My account function which is available through Teslra.conlboxselup. /ou
w be abe lo seecl 'My /ccounl' by scron lhrouh FPond Moves Slore.'
My T-Box account lets you view your account information or purchase history
and redeen a voucher.
0nce you are n 'My TFox /ccounl' seecl 'redeen a voucher'. Ths w aow you
to enter the 14-character voucher code, which will be located on your BigPond
Move voucher. 0nce you have nshed pulln n lhe voucher code press
'Pedeen'. / nessae w lhen appear advsn you lhal lhe voucher credl has
been added, it will also advise the amount that has been added to your account
and whal your credl baance s now.
Now that the voucher has been loaded it is the default way to rent movies and
w be aulonalcay laken o your accounl. 0nce lhe voucher runs oul your
movies will be charged either against your credit card, debit card or Telstra Bill,
dependn upon whch paynenl nelhod s nked lo your FPond accounl.
/ou can access, walch and nanae your renla noves and T\ shows by
choosn 'My Penlas' ron lhe 'Hone nenu'.
Simply use the arrow keys on your remote to look through your Available,
Downoadn, 0ueued and Expred renlas. /ou can aso sorl your renlas by
Expry Dale, Tle or Type.
When youre downloading several movies at the same time, you can choose
whch nove you wanl lo downoad rsl.
/our renlas w eneray be avaabe or walchn beore lhe downoad lo your
TFox s conpele. n acl, you' usuay ony have lo wal a ew nnules.
As soon as a title is ready, you can select it in either BigPond Movies or My
Penlas and press Pay.
Welcome to Foxtel on T-Box, the easy and affordable way to enjoy a selection of
Foxle channes on your TFox. Whalever you're nlo, lhere's sonelhn or you.
The Get Started package from Foxtel on T-Box lets you watch some of the
leading lights in entertainment, documentary, news and kids' shows for a
nonlhy subscrplon prce. l's perecl or lhe whoe any, wlh a seeclon
o drana, sc, conedy, advenlure, knowede, nusc, and nac or lhe kds.
Along with as-it-happens live TV, theres a stack of Foxtel On Demand Movies
and T\ shows ready lo walch when you are.
Note: /ou are unabe lo record Foxle on TFox channes.
One of the best things about Foxtel on T-Box

s ls exbly. There's no on
lern pay T\ conlracl, so you can lry l oul or a nonlh you wanl. /ou can easy
add or swap packages to nd the right mix for you, and you can do it all on the
TFox websle.
Fecause you've aready ol a TFox, lhere's no nslaalon requred, and because
youre with Telstra BigPond

, you can watch as much as you like without worrying

aboul hdden cosls.
/ou |usl need lo nake sure your FPond broadband pan suls your needs,
dependn on your househod's nlernel usae. lhe speed o your FPond
broadband service has been slowed because youve exceeded your BigPond
plan's monthly usage allowance, the Foxtel on T-Box service will not be usable
unl lhe slarl o lhe nexl bn cyce.

How to subscribe to Foxtel on T-Box
Step 1: To be eligible for this service, you need to:
Have an ebe FPond Froadband accounl (13 dl accounl nunber)
Pass our servce quacalon check. To nd oul you're ebe vsl
Have a workn TFox, and conpeled your TFox reslralon usn your
FPond or Teslra.con ena address and password al
Conpele your FPond Moves ree reslralon wlh a vad /uslraan credl or
debl card (or proo o ae purposes). Ths can be conpeled when reslern
your T-Box or at www.leslra.conlboxselup
Have conpeled your Foxle on TFox subscrplon onne va
Have a wred conneclon (va Elhernel or Hone elwork Exlender such as
Powerne or Puckus) ron your noden lo your TFox lo nprove lhe qualy o
nlernel conneclon. WF can cause probens wlh slreann conneclon and
aecls channes qualy. /ou nusl have passed lhe Servce 0uacalon lesl
al lhe lne o purchase wlh a nnnun ne speed.
/ou need lo ensure lhal your FPond broadband pan has an adequale
downoad nl. you exceed your downoad nl beore lhe end o lhe nonlh
your broadband connection will be slowed and you wont be able to watch Foxtel
on TFox. FPond Froadband Ele pans wlh usae aowance o hher lhan
5GB are recommended
you have any queslons aboul your pan pease conlacl us on 13 2200
For more information on whether youre eligible for the service go to:
Step 2: If youre eligible, go online to subscribe to Foxtel on T-Box

Co lo: leslra.conlboxselup
/ou' aulonalcay be ven lhe oplon o subscrbn lo Foxle on TFox
0nce lhe Foxle subscrplon pae appears, seecl lhe 'Cel Slarled' packae.
Here you can pick more packages that suit you and your family from the
avaabe packaes (vsl Teslra.con.aulvlboxpackaes pr nore nornalon)
/ler you've chosen lhe packae seeclon you wanl, cck 'Conlnue'
Foxle on TFox shoud be avaabe wlhn an hour o snn up
0n lhs pae you' be abe lo chane your packae seeclon,
or unsubscribe anytime
Co lo /ppcalons
Cck on lhe Foxle on TFox subscrplon appcalon and oow lhe pronpls
to subscribe
Step 3: Co lo your TFox and slarl walchn Foxle on TFox
Once youve subscribed to Foxtel on T-Box online, you can watch your Foxtel on
TFox channe packaes on your TFox.
Accessing the Channels
There are two different ways to access your Foxtel on T-Box channels from the
nan TFox Menu.
1. Click Watch TV to see all channels, including FTA, BigPond

TV and Foxtel
on T-Box channels
2. Click Watch Foxtel to be taken immediately to the Foxtel channels
Watching Foxtel live channels vs on demand channels
Once in the T-Box channel stack you can enter the channel homepage on the
renole. Here you' see oplons ke lhe Foxle 0n Denand shows avaabe on
lhe channe, Prnelne oplons, whal's currenly on and whal's conn up.
Foxtel- EPG and Parental PIN
/ou can aso vew lhe Foxle on TFox Eeclronc Prorannn ude, n lhe TFox
prorannn ude. To access lhs, seecl "Proran Cude" n lhe hone nenu or
press lhe 'Cude' bullon on your renole conlro.
you have youn chdren, you can bock channes wlh your Parenla Pn.
For Channel Blocking, go to the Settings option on your T-Box

, click on
Parental Control, enter your existing PIN, select Channel Blocking and
select which channels including Foxtel on T-Box youd like blocked, and
ony accessbe by a P.
Whenever youre watching a TV program, a recording or a rented movie, you
can press lhe 0 bullon on your renole lo open lhe Pay nenu and Proran
0plons. Ths ves you easy access lo lhe:
Pay counler
Sublles, ncudn cosed caplons (where avaabe)
Lanuaes and audo nodes (where avaabe)
Proran dspay ornal.
Simply use your remotes up and down arrows to select one of the option modes,
and lhen use lhe el and rhl arrow keys lo choose ron lhe avaabe oplons.
To see sublles or cosed caplons press 0 when walchn a proran. Then
press lhe down arrow, seecl sublles and scro lo seecl 'Ensh'. To renove
subtitles you can go through the same process but choose None instead of
'Ensh' on lhe asl oplon. /ou can aso o lo lhe 'Sublles preerences' oplon n
'Dspay Sellns' n lhe Sellns Menu lo swlch sublles on or o or a channes.
Currently subtitles and closed captioning is available on selected free-to-air
prorans. Sublles are aso avaabe on sone oren ns n lhe FPond Moves
The Sellns nenu els you check and chane your TFox selup. To access your
Settings just press the Menu button on your remote, then select Settings and press
0. Ths w brn up lhe oown Sellns oplons:
My Movies for details of your BigPond

Movies account # including:

Purchase hslory vew lhe FPond Moves you have renled
/ccounl nornalon vew your accounl delas such as nane, ena address
and payment method
Paynenl oplons shows an oplon lo vew your currenl paynenl nelhod as
well as redeem a movies voucher
/ou can chane your paynenl nelhod by vsln Teslra.conlboxselup
The 'Pedeen a \oucher' oplon aows you lo enler a FPond Move \oucher
code to add credit to your BigPond Movies Account
T-Box Information for diagnostic details that can help with troubleshooting:
Pesel oplons oulnes lhe varous ways lo reslarl your TFox. Pease reer
lo lhe nslruclons provded on lhe reevanl screen.
Syslen nornalon lhe nan danoslc dspays or your TFox

whether you are connected to the internet
Pesler your TFox el your Peslralon Code and websle delas, lo hep
you register your T-Box
SF devce oplons lhe slalus o any SF devces usn lhe SF porl on your TFox
Lcensn and copyrhl ea and vendor nolces or your TFox and realed solware
Display settings for you to change your:
Sublles preerences choose deaul sellns lo show or nol show sublles
by selecting English or None
Tne zone sellns or your currenl ocalon by slale
Tne ornal choose a 1? or ?~hour lne ornal
Channe sl aulohde ad|usl lhe deay beore pop up nenus and nessaes cose
Power savn node sel lhe lne beore your TFox aulonalcay swlches
to standby mode when left idle
Parental Control settings for you to manage:
Chane parenla conlro P choose a new P. ( you ose or orel your P
youll have to reset your T-Box or contact customer support on 13 2200)
Casscalon reslrclons chane lhe conlenl ralns lhal requre P access
Channe Fockn requre a P lo access and vew cerlan channes
/ppcalon bockn requre a P lo access cerlan conlenl and appcalons,
such as /ouTube vdeos. /ppcalon bockn s avaabe ron Parenla Conlro
under lhe TFox sellns or /ouTube Sellns nenu
Recording Settings for you to manage the automatic pre-record
or post-record times:
Pennder sellns sel lhe lne a rennder nessae w appear beore
a free-to-air TV program starts
Chane prerecorded lne sel lhe deaul lne a recordn w slarl beore
a free-to-air TV program is scheduled to start recording
Note: Pease keep your parenla P secrel al a lnes.
Chane poslrecorded lne sel lhe deaul lne a recordn w end aler
a free-to-air TVprogram is scheduled to nish recording
Video Setup for you to manage the:
Dspay ornal or your T\ ad|usl lhe dspay node lo nalch your T\ ornal
T\ resoulon (HDM) nake HDM vdeo oulpul ad|uslnenls lo sul your T\ screen
T\ resoulon (Conponenl) choose conposle or conponenl vdeo oulpul oplons
to suit your TV screen
Audio Setup for you to set your:
Preerred audo node lhe deaul audo node used
HDM audo oulpul ad|usl lhe HDM audo oulpul. The deaul shoud
be Always on HDMI audio
Channel Tuning for you to:
Edl your channe sl enabes you lo hde cerlan channes you don'l wanl
lo walch. /ou can chane lhs selln al any lne
Pescan channes rerun lhe aulonalc search or channes n your area
Manua lunn sel your receplon search paranelers
Peceplon nornalon danoslc dala or lhe varous paranelers o your
TV reception
Internet Connection to congure and complete your Ethernet or Wi-Fi network
connection by choosing:
/dvanced elwork Sellns provdes lhe oplon lo nanuay sel up your
home network
Chane nlernel conneclon dspays oplons lo connecl va Elhernel or WF.
Please refer to page 15, 'Making your connection' for more information
Chane slreann qualy check and chane lhe neda slreann qualy
for your T-Box

To change your settings to suit your internet connection, please review the two
options below:
Hh 0ualy overrde aulonalc sellns lo receve Hh 0ualy vdeo slreans.
Slandard 0ualy overrde aulonalc sellns lo receve Slandard 0ualy
vdeo slreann. you wsh lo chane or uprade your FPond

or Telstra Bundle please contact us on 13 2200.
Note: If the internet speed is slow, High Quality video streams cannot
be dspayed.
YouTube Settings from the YouTube

application you can change General

and User settings
General Settings els you sel lhe deaul sellns or lhe TFox

/ouTube appcalon
/ulopay sel /ouTube lo pay lhe nexl vdeo n lhe sl aulonalcay
Fler \deos ensure vdeos, whch nay nol be sulabe or nnors,
are not displayed on your T-Box
Ceoraphy prorlse /ouTube vdeos by lhe ocalon you seecl or your TFox
User Settings els you sel lhe sellns or a ser nked lo your TFox
/ulopay sel /ouTube lo pay lhe nexl vdeo n lhe sl aulonalcay,
for a specic user
Fler \deos ensure vdeos, whch nay nol be sulabe or nnors, are nol
displayed on your T-Box, for a specic user
Ceoraphy prorlse /ouTube vdeos by lhe ocalon you seecl or your
T-Box, for a specic user
Cuslonse Menu hde /ouTube nenu lens lo cuslonse a users /ouTube nenu
Deele /ccounl unnk a users /ouTube accounl ron your TFox.
Ths does nol deele your aclua /ouTube accounl

A range of optional accessories that can enhance your T-Box

are avaabe.
BigPond Movie Vouchers
/ou can purchase FPond Moves vouchers ron any Teslra slore.
Home Network Extenders
These are particularly useful if your modem or Home Network Gateway is far
away from your TV or theres a lot of wireless interference preventing a good
conneclon belween your TFox and your noden. These can be purchased
outright, or on a repayment option, call us on 13 2200.
Ruckus Wi-Fi Home Network Extender provides a point-to-point wireless
connection between your T-Box and modem in different rooms, without running
any new cabn. l ealures a snarl anlenna lo reduce wreess nlererence
lhal nay npacl perornance.
elear Powerne Hone Thealre l lurns eeclrca oulels nlo a hhspeed
hone nelwork conneclons, you can use lo connecl your TFox lo your noden.
The adaplor has our elhernel porls and supporls up lo our devces.
The LED light on the front left hand side of your T-Box indicates the status
of your T-Box using the following light patterns:
What T-Box

is doing LED Light Patterns

/our TFox

is powering up Flashing white every second

/our TFox

is switched on Steady white light

/our TFox

is in standby mode Steady, low intensity red light

/our TFox

is in sleep mode Red light pulses at low intensity every

3 seconds
/our TFox

is receiving a remote
control command
Fashn whle qucky
/our TFox

is waiting to be
with a remote control
White or red light blinks 3 times in a row,
every 3 seconds
/our TFox

is not connected to
a power source
No light
If you experience any problem with your T-Box, a good rst step is to try the self-
danoss appcalon. l can be ound n lhe hone nenu under TFox Hep, or n
channel 911>Diagnostics
Use it to:
Check your nlernel conneclvly
Check whelher your TFox s reslered
Check hard dsk probens
Check sna slrenlh or reeloar channes
Check lhal you have lhe alesl solware eve.
Co lo www.leslra.con.aulvlboxsupporl and dscover lhe oown onne
help and documentation:

User Guide
My 0er Sunnary
Pesler ny TFox
Frequenly asked queslons
Checkn your alesl rnware
TFox accessores
sn your TFox renole conlro
Phone & Cooe Pay
(TFox renole conlro)
Connecl wlh My Meda on your T\
Hone elwork nslaalon Cudes
Pressn lhe power bullon on lhe renole conlro w sel your TFox lo slandby.
/ou can press lhe power bullon lo swlch l back on.
/our TFox w conlnue lo nanae your downoads and run schedued
recordns whe l's n slandby node. l s reconnended lhal you do nol swlch
off your T-Box directly at the power point as this can cause problems with the
hard drve o your TFox n slandby node. Pease pul lhe TFox nlo Seep Mode
beore lhe power pu s renoved.
Once your T-Box is in standby mode, it will transition to sleep mode based on the
lne sel n lhe powersavn node wlhn 'Dspay Sellns' n lhe 'Sellns' nenu.
Pressing the power button on the remote control continuously for 3 seconds will
sel your TFox lo seep node. / nessae w be dspayed on your T\ screen
'Enlern seep node, pease wal.' Ths reduces lhe power consunplon o lhe
TFox whe l s nol n use.
/ou can press lhe power bullon on lhe renole conlro lo swlch lhe TFox back
on. ole lhal l lakes a lle oner lo lurn your TFox back on when your TFox s
n seep node. /our TFox w conlnue lo nanae and run schedued recordns
whe l's n seep node. /ny nove downoads w be paused unl lhe TFox

powers up.
If you keep your T-Box connected to the internet and switched on, it will be able
to automatically download and install any operating software updates as soon
as lhey're avaabe. (These downoads are unnelered on FPond Froadband.)
If your T-Box is installing an update:
Do nol swlch o your TFox or press any bullons on your renole conlro
The unl w aulonalcay swlch lse o and reslarl once lhe uprade
has been completed
/ou' nd lhe Pesel bullon on lhe bollon o your TFox

. There are lhree resel

options available to you:
Re-Start Remote Pairing Reset
Press Pesel 0nce. Press Pesel Two Tnes. Press Pesel Fve Tnes.
Peslarls your TFox. /our
T-Box will power off as
soon as you release the
resel bullon. Press lhe
'power' button on the
remote control to turn it
back on.
Resets the remote control
pairing, so that you can
re-pair your existing
remote control or pair a
new remote control to
your TFox.
Erases all settings so you
can re-run the entire
selup process.
No recordings or movies
are deeled.
Recordings currently in
proress are slopped.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Before disconnecting the power supply, rst turn your T-Box
o by pulln l n deep seep node. Press lhe power bullon on lhe renole or 3
seconds unl you see lhe on screen nessae 'Enlern seep node; pease wal.'
0ny when lhe TFox powers down s l sae lo swlch o ron lhe power ponl.
Never pull the cord out of the T-Box directly as it could cause issues with the hard
drive of your T-Box
Reset button
Unless youve come here out of curiosity, you must be having some trouble with
your T-Box

. We have ols o onne vdeos lo hep you rann ron how lo selup
your TFox, lo how lo connecl your hone nelwork equpnenl. Jusl vsl leslra.
con.aulvlboxsupporl . We have seecled lhe nosl connony asked queslons
and provded lroubeshooln advce beow. Proben areas ncude:
Troube wlh usn your renole conlro
TFox reezn
TFox power ssues
Troube wlh FPond Moves downoads
Troube wlh your accounl
Troube wlh reslern your TFox
Troube wlh hard drve checks
Troube wlh your nlernel conneclon
Troube wlh lhe proran ude
Troube wlh reeloar channe receplon
Troube wlh your pclure
Troube wlh recordn
Troube wlh Foxle on TFox
Troube wlh FPond T\
you're sl havn lroube aler you've lred everylhn here we ee your pan
Please give us a call on 13 2200 and we' lry lo work lhrouh lhe ssue wlh you.
My T-Box has stopped responding to the remote control
Peslarl your TFox and see l resoves lhe proben (reer lo lhe nslruclons on
pae ~6 on reslarln your TFox).
nol, check lhe LED on lhe ronl o lhe TFox ashes when a bullon on lhe
renole s pressed. l doesn'l ash, nosl key l's sonelhn lo do wlh your
renole. /ou can lry renovn lhe ballery and renserln l. However l nay be
lhal lhe renole conlro's balleres are al and you' need lo repace l. Pease
ensure you repace wlh lwo /// balleres.
lot of issues, place the

into Deep Sleep

mode by pressing the
power button on the
remote for 3 seconds
until you see the
on-screen message
'Entering sleep mode,
pease wal.' Wal ?0
seconds then power
on your T-Box

I press a button on the remote control once and the T-Box

behaves as if I pressed the button many times
Ths s eneray caused by lhe renole balleres slarln lo o al. Try repacn
lhe balleres n your renole.
If after replacing the batteries you are still encountering the same problem,
please call us on 13 2200.
The T-Box often doesnt respond to the remote reliably
Ths s olen caused by ow ballery slrenlh. Try novn coser lo lhe TFox and
lryn lhe renole aan. lhe renole works reaby when you are very cose lo
lhe TFox, ls lne lo repace lhe renole balleres.
If after replacing the batteries you are still encountering the same problem,
please call us on 13 2200
I keep having to change the batteries in my remote
The balleres shoud asl or nany nonlhs. Ca us on 13 2200 to arrange a
repacenenl renole.
Ive lost or broken my remote control
Call us on 13 2200 to order a new remote or visit


Press any bullon on your renole conlro and observe lhe LED on lhe ronl o
your T-Box is blinking
lhe LED s nol bnkn l coud be a renole conlro realed ssue.
Otherwise, call us on 13 2200 for technical support
LED s bnkn, lry chann channes; are you abe lo chane channes?
yes, pease observe whal conlenl s currenly reezn. Try pulln your TFox
n deep seep node by pressn lhe power bullon on lhe renole or 3 seconds.
Wal unl you see a nessae 'Enlern deep seep node, pease wal'. Wal
or approx. ?0 seconds beore swlchn your TFox on
Can you access lhe conlenl now?
no, pease ca us on 13 2200 for technical support
Pease ensure lhal your TFox and T\ are connecled lo lhe power ponl and
are switched on
Pease ensure lhal your TFox s connecled lo your T\ propery usn one
o lhe cabes lhal cane wlh your TFox (HDM s reconnended)
ow, press lhe power bullon on your renole conlro and check lhe LED
on the front of your T-Box is blinking
lhe LED s nol bnkn, lry repacn lhe balleres o your renole conlro
as the batteries may have run out
lhe LED s bnkn and you sl don'l see anylhn on your T\ screen,
pease press lhe resel bullon undernealh your TFox or ve (o) lnes lo perorn
a aclory resel. o recordns or noves are osl bul recordns n proress w be
slopped (pease reer lo pae 18 or delas on aclory resel)
you are sl havn probens wlh powern your TFox on, pease
call us on 13 2200 for further assistance


My movies take ages to download
We reconnend usn a FPond Ele or lnale pan or asler downoadn
you're aready on a hh speed pan, olher conpulers or devces sharn your
conneclon nay be lakn up bandwdlh and aecln your downoad speeds.
/ou nay have exceeded your usae aowance on your Froadband pan.
Call us on 13 2200 lo check. The sedanoss app n channe 911 w le lhe
customer if they are shaped
For a WF conneclon, ols o aclors can aecl your downoad speeds. Try:
Pacn your WF noden up hh, usn a wa brackel or wooden she
Make sure lhere are no are nela ob|ecls, hh densly was or oors, or are
bodes o waler (ke a sh lank or poo) belween lhe noden and your TFox.
eep your noden away ron olher eeclronanelc devces ke T\s, rados,
cordess phones, ncrowaves, elc.
/ou can aso lry chann lhe channe on your cordess phone lo avod nlererence
/so lry lurnn o and lhen lurnn on your TFox and your noden
I rented a movie but the download is always pending
Make sure no olher noves are ben downoaded, by choosn 'My Penlas'
from the Home Menu
Fnd your nove's lle n 'My Penlas' and nake l lhe prorly lo downoad
Try turning off your T-Box or your modem and then turning back on
I'm trying to rent or watch a movie, but there's an on-screen message saying
'HDCP compliant digital TV connection required. Please see user guide'
or just see a black screen, blinking video, or static snow
Try connecln your TFox lo an HDT\ HDM porl, usn lhe HDM cabe and wal
a ew seconds lo see lhe pclure dspays propery. (/our T\ nay have a nunber
o HDM porls lo lry)
Try connecln your TFox lo your HDT\'s conponenl vdeo npuls, usn
lhe nnDloConponenlConposle cabe lhal cane wlh your TFox
If the above steps are unsuccessful please contact us on 13 2200.
HDCP slands or Hh Fandwdlh Dla Conlenl Proleclon. l's a copyrhl
protection technology which is embedded in programs, to protect them as
lhey're lransnlled ron a TFox lo a HDT\ over an HDM conneclon.
Most HD TVs have the appropriate technology built into them, but some older
sels ony have l on one HDM or D\ npul.
Ive tried to rent some movies, but its not being activated on my T-Box

Make sure you've reslered your TFox and sned up lo FPond Moves
Try reslarln your TFox and renln a nove
Ive swapped my T-Box, and now my services are no longer available
Make sure you've reslered your new TFox
Try reslarln your TFox lo aclvale lhe oer
Ive forgotten my username or password
Pease ca our supporl lean on 13 2200 to reset your username or password
I cant download or play movies
Make sure you've crealed your FPond Moves accounl successuy and
lhal l's sl aclve. (/ou can do lhs by on nlo leslra.conlboxselup)
Make sure you've reslered your TFox. /ou can check lhs by on
into leslra.conlboxselup
Check your FPond Moves accounl or any oulslandn credl ssues.
For example, the credit card you registered may have passed its expiry date
/ou can opl lo use your Teslra F lo pay or FPond Moves.
(/ou can do lhs by on nlo leslra.conlboxselup) /ou w sl need a
valid credit or debit card to provide proof of age
I thought I had registered my T-Box but I cant access any of the BigPond TV
channels, BigPond Videos or YouTube

Co nlo leslra.conlboxselup My T-Box Account section and check that your
T-Box is linked to your BigPond Broadband account
/ou nay have exled lhe reslralon porla beore your TFox reslralon
process was complete
your TFox s nol sled as reslered n lhe sl lhen cck on lhe bullon lo 'Pesler
anolher TFox' and oow lhe nslruclons on screen. /ou w be asked lo enler your
registration code, which can be found, on the label on the bottom of the T-Box
Note: If you have redeemed a voucher and there is no credit left the T-Box will
slarl charn your credl or debl card or Teslra F.
your TFox

is not listed as registered in the list then click on the button to

'Pesler anolher TFox' and oow lhe nslruclons on screen. /ou w be
asked to enter your registration code, which can be found, on the label on
the bottom of the T-Box
I can browse the store but I cant rent a movie
/ou need lo sn up lo FPond Moves lo renl FPond Moves on your TFox
Co nlo leslra.conlboxselup and check that your T-Box is:
nked lo your FPond Froadband accounl and
nked lo a FPond Moves accounl.
/ou w know lhal your TFox s reslered and nked lo a noves accounl, as l
w ve you lhe oplon lo deresler lhe TFox and unnk your noves accounl.
/ou w aso see lhe delas o lhe noves accounl lhal has been nked sled
your TFox s nol sled as havn a nked FPond Moves accounl choose
the option to link a BigPond Movies account and follow the on screen instructions
Can I still rent if I dont have a credit or debit card?
o, lo sn up lo FPond Moves you nusl provde a credl card lo very your
ae. FPond lakes serousy our obalon lo prolecl chdren and anes ron
accessing inappropriate content, such as lms rated MA15+ and R18+
My T-Box says it is completing a hard drive check but I still cant view my
recordings or record TV shows
The TFox hard drve check nornay asls around 1o nnules. Do nol nlerrupl
the hard drive check once it has commenced
lhe TFox hasn'l conpeled lhe check you w be prevenled ron recordn
reeloar prorans or payn your conpeled recordns. /ou nay need lo seek
advce ron a proessona T\ or T\ anlenna nslaer lhs s unsuccessu.
If this is unsuccessful try manual tuning in the Channel Tuning section of the
Settings Menu
lhe hard drve check has nol conpeled aler ?0 nnules lurn lhe TFox o
by hodn down lhe power bullon on lhe renole or 3 seconds. 0nce lhe TFox
has lurned o, lurn l back on. lhs does nol x your proben ca 13 2200
If youre having trouble with your BigPond Broadband service, it is possible that
we nay be experencn sone dcules. However, servce aures are rare
lhese days and you shoud ony suspecl one your servce was workn beore.
Thal s, you haven'l |usl sel up a new conneclon or chaned anylhn recenly.
Remember, if your T-Box

conneclon s down, lhen your nlernel on your conpulers

w be down loo. So lhal's one way lo check. Then, you can el onne usn anolher
oplon (wreess broadband, or exanpe) you can aways check our Servce Slalus
pages at FPond.conhepservceslalus or nore delas.
I cant connect to the internet using my Ethernet connection
Make sure your Hone elwork Calewaynoden s swlched on. Can you
see lhe power, onne or nlernel hls ashn or on?
Check lhe Elhernel conneclon belween your TFox and your Hone
elwork Calewaynoden
se your conpuler (or anolher connecled devce) lo see your broadband
connection is working there
/ou can aso see lhe slalus o your nlernel conneclon by on lo lhe TFox
sellns area. Seecl Syslen nornalon and check your nlernel conneclon
s sled as connecled. you are nol connecled, reslarl your noden. 0nce lhe
modem is powered up and the lights indicate that its connected to the internet,
go to the Settings Menu and complete the following steps:
choose lhe nlernel conneclon screen by arrown across
seecl lhe oplon lo chane nlernel conneclon
choose connecl va elhernel
If successful, youll see a picture with the T-Box with three green ticks indicating
successu conneclon lo lhe noden, lo FPond and lo lhe nlernel.
If this step is unsuccessful you will either see one green tick for the modem
and red crosses or FPond and lhe nlernel. 0r you nay aso see a screen
wlh a pclure o lhe TFox and one red cross.
If youre not connected to BigPond Broadband youll only receive limited
ealures on your TFox. Pease ca our supporl lean or urlher assslance.
I cant get a Wi-Fi connection
Sometimes the layout of your home may reduce the strength of your Wi-Fi
Make sure lhal WF s enabed on your Hone elwork Calewaynoden.
Check by looking at the lights on the gateway or testing the connection from
anolher devce, ke your conpuler.
Make sure lhal you've enlered your Wreess Securly ey or WP/WEP
key correcly, renenber l's case senslve.
Make sure lhal your WF nelwork sn'l nasked. l s, seecl lhe oplon
or '0lher elworks' n lhe sl o delecled nelworks.
The program guide information is missing
Make sure your TFox

is connected to BigPond

Make sure you've reslered your TFox

you've |usl reslarled your TFox

, you might need to wait a few minutes

while the program information loads
Delaed nornalon nay nol be avaabe or sone prorans or channes
/ou can aso resel lhe proran ude by seecln Sellns, TFox

and lhen Pesel oplons. Seecl lhe Pesel Proran Cude oplon. Ths w lake
a few minutes
I cant get all the digital free-to-air channels
(0r sone o lhen have poor receplon).
Make sure your T\ aera s correcly nslaed and can acluay receve
all the available channels
Check lhal your T\ aera cabe s connecled lo your dla T\ anlenna correcly
Make sure lhal lhe channes you're nssn are acluay avaabe n your ocalon
Then lry rescannn reelo ar channes. To do lhs o lo TFox

select Channel tuning and then select re-scan channels
Try nanua lunn. lhs s unsuccessu, you nay need lo seek advce ron a
proessona T\ or T\ anlenna nslaer.
Check lo conrn whelher you have sucenl Dla T\
coverae. There s a ol o advce on lhal websle covern receplon probens.
How do I manually tune TV channels?
you have a specc dla channe lhal you woud ke dspayed on lhe

, you will need to follow these steps:

Co lo Channe Tunn seclon o lhe Sellns nenu.
Seecl lhe Manua Tunn oplon
se lhe elrhl arrows on your renole conlro lo scro lhrouh lhe
channes. l w lry lo nd lhs channe and advse lhe channe was delecled
lhe channe has been delecled press 0 lo add lhs channe lo your TFox

/ou nay need lo seek advce ron a proessona T\ or T\ anlenna nslaer lhs
s unsuccessu.
I cant see anything on my TV screen
Check lhal your TFox

s powered up and workn. (The hl on lhe ronl el

o your TFox shoud be on when l's workn)
Make sure your TFox s connecled lo your T\ propery
Make sure you've seecled lhe rhl npul or source on your T\. Press lhe
button marked Input or Source on your TV remote and choose the input
you pued your TFox nlo (e.. HDM or /\1)
Try reselln your TFox by pressn lhe resel bullon on lhe bollon o lhe TFox once
The picture quality on my TV isnt very good
Make sure lhal you've used lhe rhl HDM vdeo or PC/ cabes or your T\ sel
Make sure lhal you have seecled lhe correcl sellns seecled by
following these steps:
o lo lhe Sellns Menu
seecl \deo Selup by arrown across
check lhe dspay ornal s approprale or your T\
check lhe T\ resoulon by seecln lhe T\ resoulon oplon whch
nalches lhe cabes you have used lo connecl your T\ lo your TFox e..
HDM or ConposleConponenl
choose lhe besl T\ resoulon selln or your T\. /ou nay need lo lry
derenl resoulon sellns lo delernne lhe besl resul. To asssl you
with this step you may need to check your TV manual
Ive activated a subtitles or a language option and nothing is happening
These oplons (and lhe nornalon aboul lhen) are broadcasl by lhe reelo
ar T\ channes so lhey nay nol be avaabe. Co lo lhe Sellns Menu, seecl
Dspay Sellns and lhen choose Sublles preerences. you wanl lo lurn
sublles or cosed caplons on lhen ensure you have chosen 'Ensh' nol 'one'.
Please note that subtitles will only be available on selected free to air programs
and oren lles n FPond Moves.
The program guide shows the incorrect start and end times for programs
Freeloar channes can chane lher proran ne up ron lne lo lne
The TFox proran ude ony updales day and nay nol delecl lhs chane
My recordings arent there
Make sure lhal you've sel lhe rhl recordn paranelers and condlons
you have recorded a seres o prorans lhey w be rouped loelher under
one seres le n 'Conpeled Pecordns'. Hhhl lhe seres you woud ke
to view and click ok to see the individual programs recorded
Check lhal lhe hard dsk has enouh ree space or your recordns. The TFox

will not record if there is insufcient disk space
Im getting a message that says Hard Disk Full
Try reen up sone hard dsk space by deeln sone od recordns
(Co lo My Pecordns)
/ou coud aso lry downoadn sone o your recorded prorans onlo a SF devce
I cant export my recorded program
Try renovn and nserln lhe SF devce
n My Pecordns, lhe SF devce s delecled lhere w be a nenu oplon
created for USB exported recordings
Pelry exporl unclon by seecln lhe proran n conpeled recordns
lhal you wsh lo exporl. Then press ok and seecl lhe exporl oplon n lhe nenu
The exporl nay lake a ew nnules
Why can't I watch the channel I want? I get a dialog box asking me
to stop a recording.
T-Box has two tuners it uses to tune in to free-to-air signals from your aerial
conneclon. your TFox s usn bolh lhese luners lo record prorans, lhere
s no spare luner avaabe lo walch anolher channe. When lhs happens, your
choices are
1. Choose recordn(s) lo slop usn lhe dao box
?. /ou can chane lo any channe n lhe sane channe any, as lhe one o lhe
currenl recordns.
A channel family as a group of channels that are delivered by the same
broadcasler. For exanpe Channes 9, 9HD, C0 and CEM are parl o lhe sane
channe any. Channes /, /HD, /TW0, /M/TE are parl o anolher channe any.
Why can I only record 2 channels at a time? I've been able to record 3 channels
at other times.
/ou can record a naxnun o lhree channes al a lne al easl lwo o lhose
channes ornale ron lhe sane broadcasler. For exanpe, channes ne, C0
and GEM originate from the same broadcaster and so two of these channels can be
recorded at the same time, with another channel from another broadcaster, eg ABC1

I'm having internet streaming issues

Download and streaming of Foxtel on T-Box and BigPond

content including
BigPond Movies is unmetered, which means it will not count towards your
FPond nonlhy usae aowance.
However, if you exceed your BigPond monthly usage allowance your connection
will slow and due to the slower speed, your BigPond Movies service will slow
dranalcay and Foxle on TFox servce w nol work.
Slreann and downoadn conlenl, lhal s nol FPond, such as /ouTube

, will
use dala ron your FPond Froadband pan. FPond conlenl s unnelered
and dala usae w nol be ncuded n your FPond Froadband pan. /ou w be
chared or lhe subscrplon o lhe conlenl. /ouTube conlenl s nelered and w
counl lowards your aowance.
Why can I not see the Foxtel on T-Box channels on my T-Box?
/our TFox w aulonalcay check you are ebe lo subscrbe lo Foxle on
TFox. you do nol neel lhe ebly requrenenls, lhe Foxle

channels will
nol be abe lo be vewed on your TFox. To see lhe alesl ebly requrenenls
please go to www.leslra.conlvlboxoxlelboxconneclon
What are the eligibility requirements to subscribe to Foxtel

on T-Box?
/ou w need lo:
Have an Ebe FPond nlernel conneclon
Pesler your TFox lo FPond Moves
Pass our servce quacalon check. To nd oul you're ebe vsl
I cant see my BigPond TV channels
Make sure lhal your TFox s connecled lo lhe nlernel and reslered
My BigPond TV channels are empty
you've |usl reslarled your TFox, l nay lake a ew nnules lo conpele
the reset and connect to BigPond TV
The quality of my BigPond TV channels is poor
To chane your neda slreann sellns o lo 'nlernel Conneclon' under
'Settings from the T-Box
nan nenu. lhs s unsuccessu, ca supporl
on 13 2200
If you exceed your BigPond monthly usage allowance your connection will slow
and due lo lhe sower speed, your FPond T\ servce w nol work.
The T-Box

, ncudn lhe varous equpnenl and ree or pad servces, lhal are
available, must be installed and used exclusively in Australia and in accordance
wlh lher nslruclons or use.
The T-Box and the services offered in conjunction with it are strictly for private
use lo lhe excuson o any olher use. The user's hone nusl have a FPond

Froadband nlernel conneclon lo uy benel ron lhe TFox.
Model: Telstra T-Box
Power supply: +1?\DC1.o/ power suppy (lhs power suppy shoud nol be
repaced excepl wlh lhe sane power suppy provded by Teslra).

dimensions: ??0x??0xo?.onn (L x W x D)
Remote control dimensions: 186x48x20 (L x W x D)
Remote control battery: 2x AAA
IR Range: Up to 8m
Remote Weight: 140g
Operating temperature: 0C to 50C
Teslra reserves lhe rhl lo nody lhe TFox, l's accessores, equpnenl,
solware elc., wlhoul nolce.
Voluntary Product Warranty
In addition to your Statutory Rights and subject to the conditions in the next
paragraph, Telstra also warrants that this product will be free from any defect in
materials or workmanship under conditions of normal use for a period of 24 months
ron dale o purchase.
We do not warrant that the product will be free from defects caused by an accident,
misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation, vermin infestations, lack of
reasonable care, unauthorised modication, loss of parts, tampering or attempted
repair by a person not authorised by Telstra; or where the product has been
danaed by hlnn or a nans power sure.
Where a valid claim is made under this Voluntary Product Warranty, we will, at no
cosl lo you, repar or repace lhe producl wlhn a reasonabe lne. Sub|ecl lo your
Statutory Rights, if your claim under this Voluntary Product Warranty is not valid,
you may be charged a fee under this Voluntary Product Warranty for the service and
or any drecl cosls assocaled wlh havn lhe producl devered or servce.
To make a claim under this Voluntary Product Warranty, you must provide proof
of purchase and call T-Box

Support on 13 2200 to arrange, at our expense, for a

prepaid return satchel for you to send the product and all the components from the
orna purchase. /lernalvey, you nay relurn lhe producl and a lhe conponenls
from the original purchase to a Telstra Shop to make a claim under this Voluntary
Producl Warranly.
The benets conferred by this Voluntary Product Warranty are in addition to other
rhls and renedes lhal are avaabe lo you under aw, whch cannol be excuded.
The processes for this Voluntary Product Warranty in no way limit your rights, which
arse as a resul o your Slalulory Phls.
This Voluntary Product Warranty is given by:
Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556
242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000
1300 136 841
Pease drecl a queres lo: 13 2200
Pease do nol allenpl lo relurn your producl lo lhe address above.
Statutory Rights
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian
Consuner Law. /ou are enlled lo a repacenenl or reund or a na|or aure and
or conpensalon or any olher reasonaby oreseeabe oss or danae. /ou are aso
entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable
qualy and lhe aure does nol anounl lo a na|or aure.
For your records
Date of purchase
In using your T-Box, you must not violate any intellectual property rights
concerning a brand, design, photo, licence, software program, audiovisual work or
any olher orn o nleeclua properly.
Any violation of these intellectual property rights and, in particular, any act of piracy,
w be sub|ecl lo lhe penaly appcabe wlhn lhe esalon pul n pace.
naes are ndcalve ony and avaabe conlenl s updaled ron lne lo lne.
List of registered trade marks
HDM, lhe HDM Loo and HhDenlon Mulneda nlerace are lradenarks or
reslered lradenarks o HDM Lcensn LLC.
Doby and lhe doubeD synbo are reslered lradenarks o Doby Laboralores.
Phone s a lrade nark o /ppe nc., reslered n lhe .S. and olher counlres.
/ouTube and Cooe Pay are lradenarks o Cooe nc.
Foxle narks are used under cence by Foxle Manaenenl Ply Lnled.
TM and 1 are lrade narks and reslered lrade narks o Teslra Corporalon
Lnled /F 33 0o1 //o oo6. The speclrun devce s a lrade nark o Teslra
Corporalon Lnled.
CALL 13 2200