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1. BACKGROUND The National Youth Council (NYC) was established in December 2012 marking the first phase of operationalizing on the National Youth Council Act of 2009. In February 2013, the Council formed offices (Chairman, Vice Chair and Committees) in the initial stages of firming up its operations. UNICEF as a key partner in the process of forming the NYC is supporting the council in capacity building and one of the areas identified is media training to the members to enable them play effective advocacy role mandated to them. This Terms of Reference (TOR) elaborates the: 1. Requirement for media training. 2. Purpose of support to Media: The overall purpose of media support to NYC is to strengthen the capacity of the Council in handling media and use of media tools objectively through training of Council members and staff and to provide insight to the council through media monitoring. 2. Specific objectives under media training: i. ii. To equip Council members and staff with skills required to collect, analyze and report information in an accurate, consistent, balanced and timely manner To train Council members and staff to improve the quality and to provide insight to the image, place and role of the council through media monitoring and the ultimate image and performance of the Council

3. Key Activities to be undertaken /Core Responsibilities I. Conduct a needs assessment to identify training needs for Council members and staff through: a) Analysis of the media reports collected during the last 8 months of the Councils existence b) Informal interviews with selected Council Members and GOK staff working with the Council. (1 day) II. Prepare Inception Report and Workshop content: a) Prepare an Inception report (report submitted to the UNICEF and NYC by Wednesday, 18th September) b) Prepare a course curriculum that will be used for training the Council through a 2-day workshop, including a trainers guide and trainees handbook for the workshop

(1 days) III. Delivery 2-day training to 29 participants a) Indicative content: Unbiased media address, Practical and accurate advocacy, Media code of conduct, The Role of the Council in national building process, Technical Skills and practices. b) Target Group: 22 National Youth Council members, 2 NYC Secretariat, 2 from Central Planning Unit, 1 from Directorate of Youth Development, 2 UN Staff. Total 29. c) Methodology/Main Input: (Training) Council members to be trained at a 2-day workshop to be held on 25th and 26th September at Mombasa Beach Hotel, Mombasa. (2 days) IV. Prepare Final Report A comprehensive final narrative report is to be submitted in accordance with NYC/UNICEF financial management policies and procedures, including a financial report accounting for all the disbursements and expenditures. (1/2 day) Total 5 days for this Consultancy. 4. Implementation principles: i. The selected trainer/s as well as all their staff should train/act in strict conformity with the legislation pertaining the Kenyas public agencies/parastatals and should be well versed with the national Youth Council Act of 2009, State Corporation Act among others concerning the media. ii. The selected trainer/s and the recruited staff must maintain strict neutrality in matters politics iii. The selected trainer/s and their staff should conduct training only and shall refrain from any interference in the matters of the Council. iv. The selected trainer/s shall implement the training programme in accordance with NYC/UNICEF guidelines in relation to travel and costs associated with the programme. 5. Requirement/Qualifications and Experience of trainers: Trainer/s shall be legally registered and shall demonstrate sufficient technical, professional and financial capacity to implement the required activity in a satisfactory manner. Trainer/s shall meet the following qualifications and experience: Strong experience in management of similar trainings/activities on a national level Extensive experience and demonstrated ability to manage and implement media monitoring /training projects. Strong organizational, management and implementations kills Engagement in the media sector in Kenya and cooperation with media networks. High caliber experts with relevant experience for conducting training.

The minimum required qualification skills regarding core trainer/s are as follows: 1) Core trainer with international, regional or national background and /or experience 2) Minimum 4 years experience working in the media 3) International or regional experience ( minimum 3 years) 4) Experience in designing and conducting training 5) Fluency in English and Swahili mandatory 6) Knowledge of national advocacy functions/functioning an added advantage Trainers shall include the following costs in their financial proposal(s) a) Daily fee rate b) Costs of training materials and support Travel to and from Mombasa for the workshop on 25 th-26th September will be covered by UNICEF. Successful trainers (s) must be prepared to commence activities from Monday 15th September. 6. Selection Criteria Selection will be based on both quality and cost of evaluation, looking specifically at the expertise of the consultant/organization, personnel, overall budget and proposed work plan and approach. 7. Proposal Content Trainers shall submit electronically: 1) One technical proposal comprising all required document and specific means of implementation 2) One financial proposal comprising specific template This shall be sent to and by close of business, Thursday 12th September 2013.