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The Weekly Newsletter of Tockington Manor School

13th September 2013

Welcome Back
Welcome back to the start of another new school year and thank you to you all for making both us and all of our new families feel so welcome during the course of the first week. It has been a pleasure meeting you both in the mornings and during the Meet the New Headmaster evenings and I look forward to meeting more Nursery and Upper School parents next week in the Dining Hall. Nursery parents should note that Nursery Parents Evening scheduled for 8th October has now been moved to Thursday 26th September and shall take place in the Dining Room. Congratulations to all concerned with Totally Tockington for their recent commendation in the national press for the high quality of their publication. I know that Ms Case has since been inundated with applicants from budding journalists to join the team and I wish them every success in the months to come. Congratulations too to all of our Year 8 pupils for being awarded their Year 8 ties and gaining their respective positions of authority. I look forward to working with them closely this year. In order for me to gain a greater appreciation of how you, as parents, view the school a simple questionnaire was emailed to you all yesterday. You may either fill it in manually or return it by e-mail to the school office. Your views are greatly appreciated and I look forward to receiving them in due course. I would however like to set a deadline for Friday 20th September. Mr Symonds

Nursery News
Toddler Group Parents and young children are invited to come along to our Toddler group in the Nursery on Thursday afternoons from 1.45 to 3.00 pm. Buggies Wanted The Nursery would appreciate any unwanted fold-down buggies (not toy ones) and tricycles.

Art Department
Christmas Cards I know it is far too early to be thinking about Christmas, but I wanted to let you know before you buy your cards, that each child in the school will have the opportunity to design their own Christmas card this year. Printed proofs and order forms will be sent home in a few weeks time and cards will be delivered after half term. Mrs Martin

Tockington Manor School's Judo Coach married his partner Julie on her birthday on Friday 2nd August. Lucy England (Y8) was one of their four bridesmaids. John has been busy coaching this summer and is looking forward to seeing the TMS judoka this term

2012 Tockington Manor School, Washingpool Hill Road, Tockington, Bristol, BS32 4NY.

The Weekly Newsletter of Tockington Manor School

13th September 2013

Class Reps Needed FOTM NEEDS YOU! Due to parents moving on, there are now vacancies on the Friends of Tockington Manor Committee for a Nursery rep (Owls), a Reception rep and a need for a temporary Secretary following the next meeting through to July 2014. If anyone would like to know more about what any of these positions entails please contact Sarah or Rob on 07814 962744 or email As always, any parent who wants to know what the committee is all about or wants to get involved informally helping out at or organising events through the year please feel free to contact Anita Williamson ( or Sarah as above). Committee Meeting The next committee meeting will take place on Wednesday 18th September at 7.30 pm. Quiz & Curry Night Come and test your brain power at the FOTM 'Quiz and Curry Night' on 12th October in the main hall. Tickets are 12.00 and will be available from the school office next week - look out for the posters around school. Do come and join us for a really fun evening and help raise some funds. Everyone welcome from Nursery upwards. A warm welcome awaits you.

Swimming News
Well done to Years 3 and 4 who had superb first swimming lessons and their changing was quick! Congratulations to Rhea Fernandez who beat her personal best in changing- 4 minutes! All received stars and a class certificate. Could parents please be aware swim squad starts at 8.00 am. We unlock the doors at this time as Tritons are changing and cleaners are cleaning in a very small window of opportunity! We are all in the water by 8.10 am. Please make sure your child has a good breakfast and brings a water bottle with them. Thanks for your support and understanding, time is tight at this time of the day and I do appreciate your efforts to bring your children. All Year 6 squad members have been given the opportunity to swim at BOTH squads for the first few weeks. They act as "training partners" to the younger pupils. There is no pressure but their attendance would be welcomed.

Swim Squad Dates


Jeans for Genes Day

All children and staff (from Nursery upwards) are invited to wear their jeans to school on Friday 20th September. A donation of 1 would be appreciated in support of this charity which helps children with genetic disorders.

Individual photographs will be taken on Wednesday 18th September.

14th November 21st November 28th November 5th December 12th September

Cross Country
Congratulations to the following pupils who achieved list times for their respective courses on our first cross country run of the new term: Bennie Sanzo (8min 32 sec), Ceredig Jones (8min 41 sec), Olivia Banks (9min 48sec) and Dalis Jones (8min 49sec). Bennie becomes the 48th fastest Junior Boy on our all-time list. Daliss time places her 14th on the Junior Girls Course. Well done!

Grandparents Afternoon
This has been postponed from 26th September until the Summer Term and a warm, sunny afternoon!.

2012 Tockington Manor School, Washingpool Hill Road, Tockington, Bristol, BS32 4NY.

The Weekly Newsletter of Tockington Manor School

13th September 2013


MONDAY 16 Continental

TUESDAY 17 Grilled Bacon & Tomatoes Chilli-con-Carne Rice Sweetcorn

WEDNESDAY 18 Sausages & Mushrooms Jacket Potatoes Tuna, Baked Beans, Cheese, Coleslaw, Prawns Salads

THURSDAY 19 Fried Egg on Toast

FRIDAY 20 Continental Tea cakes Breaded Cod Chips Baked Beans Fish Fingers Salads

SATURDAY 21 Scrambled Egg Beef Curry Rice Poppadums

SUNDAY 22 Fried Egg & Bacon

LUNCH Main Course: Hot


Cauliflower Cheese Bacon Saut Potatoes Green Beans Salads


Roast Pork Roast Potatoes Apple Sauce Fresh Cabbage Gravy Salads

Roast Lunch



Flapjack & Custard Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits Cakes

Strawberry Yoghurt & Biscuit Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits Biscuits

Chocolate Brownies & Cream Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits Cakes

Ice Cream & Mandarins Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits

Jam Sponge & Custard Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits Cakes

Fresh Fruit Salad Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits




Cottage Pie Stuffed Beef Tomato Fresh Fruit Post Ball Committee Meeting 7.30 pm


Pork & Apple Casserole Mashed Potatoes Cabbage Fresh Fruit Governors Meeting

Bacon & Sausage Rolls Potatoes Broccoli Fresh Fruit FOTM Meeting 7.30

Macaroni Cheese Salad Fresh Fruit

Chicken & Mushroom Pie New Potatoes Green Beans Fresh Fruit 2 home matches


Meet the Headmaster Years 5-8

Tockington Titbits
Rachel Shutt coped beautifully with her first week at TMS. Jessie Sanzo was very brave when she had four teeth extracted. James Allen smiled all week. Bennie Sanzo spoke out in assembly at least twice. Tabitha Huby, George Symonds and Helena Brain tried out a new club - Totally Tockington. Ceredig Jones was incredibly helpful and polite all week. Angus Duncan was full of enthusiasm all week. Annabel Sheppard, James Allen, Tabitha Huby and Vivian Boudon all gained medals and certificates in the summer Reading Challenge at the library. The WHOLE of Year 5 made an amazing transfer to the Upper School. All of the children coped very well with the changes in arrangements at the end of the day and were very positive

2012 Tockington Manor School, Washingpool Hill Road, Tockington, Bristol, BS32 4NY.