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Mission to Hor^ Kong and to the Worid David L. Mohn & Fong Yuk Chi, Missionaries ^
Field Address; 149 Java Road Room #223

c/o Danny and GailJordan 1008 Hayden Road

Rocldedge, FL 32955 9 (407) 632-4856
Volume 12
June 1996

North Point, Hong Kong /Fax:: (852) 2561-8459

Issue 1

Of House Husbands and Domes^c F.npineera

has life been like for the

One of the members of the Bible College's Board o

last six months? Mosdy going to bed late and getting up early! Christopher ahnost always sleeps through the night, which works out well with my schedule. He's

Directors, Leung Siu Fong (Elizabeth), is now a student a Lincoln Christian Seminary. While there, she has had ; number of opportunities to share about the churcl situation in Hong Kong and China. Sometitnes she gets t( return for a brief Hong Kong. Those of you wh(
know about the difficulties our Bible College Jiad back ij

already seven months old and weighs 16 pounds. He seems to have inherited some of my allergies, though. The milk formula we gave Aletheia
causes a bad case of eczema on his face and scalp. Ono

1985-87 might be interested in a report she made durini

her last visit home.

brand of soy-based formula improves his condition greatly,

while another brand is as bad as the milk formula,

While in the States, when she mentioned she waj aosociatcd wifli tlic Bible College in Hcng Kong, someom told her they had heard there was a young womai
connected with us who was a homosexual. No name wa

suggesting the cause might be more than or other than just

milk. With the help of a brother who is a doctor, we were

mentioned and Elizabeth couldn't imagine who it could be AH became clear to her later, when it was explained tha

able to get some allergy tests done almost for free. Christopher's blood reacted positive to egg white, but not

the person responsible for our past difficulties hac

threatened to spread such a rumor about the pnmar^

to any of the other six main food items. Being so small,

the amount of blood was insufficient to run a complete test battery. Meanwhile, Aletheia is taking shorter naps and

eye-witness against him. This eye-witness, who has beer slandered, was Elizabeth's roommate in 1985, LeeMo Lin
To set the record straightfor anyone else who migh have heard" this rumor, Lee Mo Lin is not, nor has been, i homosexual. She has since married, has children and is ar

requiring more direct attention.

Since the weather has

been so rotten this year, there has been litde chance to go

esteemed, active official in a local church. Even though i

has been more than ten years since that mess began,

outside and play and work off allthat energy. Basically, as so9n as one stops requiring attention, |he other one starts!

repercussions involving the Bible College are stil reverberating, due to such slanderous rumors being made, lies being told and believed, and nothing much being done

by those who know the truth, such as certain official and

unofficial voices at Lincoln \^o choose to believe that &e

Church without explaining how or why that in|hience occurred, I will be filling in the blank spaces for him. I

source of the difficulties lay only in "personality differences" of the people involved. Some interesting news has come out of China recendy. It seems the spirit of

have nine students, inchiding our secretary, a member of

Mongkok Church, and two of Light's coworkers.

^ rampant Capitalism is running unchecked

by morality. Of course the illegal CD-ROM production has made news in the States, but have you heard of tiie wire thieves? In a single day in Beijing, diese enterprising souls stripped more than 3.S miles of electrical and telephone wiresfrom the city's poles and house sides~in clear dayligiht and plain view! The

light has been having an interesting few weeks at Far East Broadcasting, ^ere she woiks. Ljghfs task is mostly to proof scripts for any glaring errors and edit them accordingjly, besides using her Mwdarin to record scripts for broadcast One script that crossed her desk declared that baptism was only a symbol and had nothing to do with
our salvation. She tried to reason with the writer from

same thing happened on a smaUer scale to Bob Kraft, tiie

brother mentioned in the last newsletter. Mean\^e,
China has issued orders that all users of the Internet in the

PRC must register &eir connections with the Government. One wonders ifBeijing bdieves this will inhibit the flow of
uncontrolled information. One also must wonder whether

China will eventually be able to monitor such information,

since it was recen^ reported that an e-mail sent from

Switzeriand to friends in Paris and Israel was routed

through a nonexistent node in a city near Lan^ey, Viiginia. On a more serious note, while Hong Kong and British politicians are hag^ing with Beijing about the future of the Legislative Council and whether civil servants win be required to take an oath of allegiance, absolutely nothing is being said about future religious freedoms in Hong Kong. In view of the gready increased enforcement of China's religious regulations that began on March 1 and has resulted in wholesale raids of unregistered house churches, things do not look too good at the moment. On the other hand, the house churches that have registered with the govermnent have been largely unmolested. Such registration is already required by law in Hong Kong and is not even questioned by Hong Kong churches. The Chinese govermnent is somewhat alarmed by the n^d spread of Christianity in China as evidenced by the increasing number of churches being registered. The new religious regulations mentioned above, brand Christians who do not obey the Chinese regulations as criminals, equal with thieves, murderers, etc. One cannot help but ask how many hi^ ranking govermnent officials would fall into the same category due to comq)tion. The Bible College is a little lacking for
teachers this summer. Out of all "our"

scripture and was called a heretic for suggesting that remission of sins and reception of die Holy Spirit are dependent on faith, repentence and baptism into Jesus (Acts 2:38). She supplied a number of people in her office with my extensive set of notes on baptism, including the top-most Director in the compax^, who had paid Light a visit on the second day of the discussion. By that time the whole office was abuzz. During a chapel on the third day, the Director concludedtiiat remission of sins could be obtained by baptism, but that baptism was not necessary for salvation!!! The subject is stillnot completely closed. In a second incident, a local Chinese preacher, who is considered an e;q>ert about the Holy Spirit, was invited to write some scripts for the Bible Stu^ program Light helps produce. Iliis program has a very large listening audience in China. In the first script she found several statements diat were clearly unsiq)ported by scripture, such as the need to worship die Spirit because he is also God and, that a person receives the Spirit at the moment they

believe, bas^ on Eph 1:13 (compare Acts 2:38; 19:1-6).

When she submitted the corrected script to the preacher, he was naturally upset with her changes. However, li^t

had already discus^ the changes with the Vice Program

Director, siqyplying him with all the relevant scriptures. Her changes stood with onfy a bit of rewording, but since this is a series of scripts, other issues are sure to arise. hi the past six months, I have been given the opportunity of preachingat the Sham Shui Po n m r n branch of the Chinese Evangelical Gospel
Church. (We have been attending the Wan

Chai branch.) I will be preaching there twice more before yeafs end. There have akeady been many questions generated about the Bible teaches on baptism,

saKation, and eternal security. I will also be preacl^ at

Mon^ok on 6/23 and at a Fhilq>pino church probably all of August, while Bro. Ben Rees and fartiily are on fiiriou^ We were also invited to preach again at Macau while die missionary there left to renew his visa.

missionaries, only Light and I are not going

on furlou^ tl^ year.

I am teaching

Philosophy and Christianitv based on the

1980 book by Colin Brown. Since he only surveys the various Western philosophies that have infhienced the

Causes for Praise and Praver

Give thanks for Light's opportunit\' to witness the truth of the scriptures at work. Several fellow workers have alreach' altered their thinking. If the higher management can be influenced to do likewise,
this can have far reaching consequences in China, due to FEBC's broadcast range. Pray that the Spirit of Christ will open their understanding to believe what the Bible really says.

Finances - 1995

Current acct. balance. 1-1-95

4.473 16.261 162 16.423 35.831 $19,408

Savings acct. balance, 1-1-95 Donations stateside, '95

Interest income

Withdrawals from stateside for:

Please keep us and the Christians of Hong Kong in your daily prayers as July 1, 1997 draws near. Not nearly enough attention has been raised about the religious restrictions of China and how they might impact the Church in Hong Kong. Thanks to Jesus! I am no longer sensitive to onions,
garlic, chives, or related species. As mentioned in the last letter, keep praying that both of us will be given enough strength and vitality to achieve the tasks set before us. L of course, will

'94 Furlough expenses


4,700 2,020
5.728 -12.448

Family/Mission expenses
Stateside balance, 1-1-96


Light's salary income, '95 Tentmaking

Hong Kong donations Family/Miss, expenses, '95

$ 8,850 775 4.050 $18,909


still be at home lending the small fry!

Pray for

Finances - 1996

the health of our whole family. Pray also that Aletheia will not be too jealous of Christopher. Pray for the conversion of Light's parents who are already 70+ years old. Pray also for her brothers and sisters, as well as my dad and sister. Please pray for Light's mother to want to give up smoking and horse racing. Aletheia has already

Current acct. balance, 1-1-96

$ 6,325

Savings acct. balance, 1-1-96

Investment acct. funds transfer

13.870 $24.780

* Excess value of fund, 6-96 Donations stateside, 1-4/96

Interest income

3,850 * 4,940 ^ 59 1,165


mimicked her smoking. With her heart and arterial condition, smoking, and eating salty and oily foods
as she does, is not good. Please pray for me as I begin organizing my thoughts for a book on doctrinal problems.
Give thanks that we have found a suitable

4.999 29.779 - 2.967


Family/Mission expenses
Stateside balance, 5-1-96

Idndergarten for Aletheia to attend. It currently is planning to expand to include a Primary School. That vvill solve the problem of where the children will attend for the ne.'^t few years. As stated before,
kindergarten will cost between USS100-$200 per

Light's salary income, 1-5/96 Tentmaking Hong Kong donations Family/'Miss. expenses, 1-4/96

$ 6,145 388 1.591 $ 8,771

$ 8.124

* Indicates additional monies if slocks were sold.


Pray that we will have more opportunities to preach

and teach at the CEG church in Wan Chai. I am

David, Light, Aletheia & Christopher

hoping they will eventually permit me to teach a Sunday School class of some sort. Please pray for the churches in Indonesia. It was reported that in early June thousands of people stormed 11 churches, smashed the buildings and facilities, beat the preachers and roughed up some women. More than US$60,000 was stolen from offerings. It was not reported whether the attackers were Muslims, but this is likely, since Indonesia is a Muslim controlled country and has a very militant group of Muslims.