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Gravity, What is it really? Its Sound!

(Vibrational Frequency Waves)

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 8:43am Gravity is the weakest force of the forces the scientists say, how can the gravity of the Sun hold a planet or anything a billion miles away? Answer,... it can't, and it doesn't thats how! Mass does not create or cause gravity! (see below). They (the so-called experts and scientists) they, like Newton, can explain all its effects and even calculate and make all of the math come out right, but they still dont know what gravity is! Well I'm here to tell you,.......,... ITS SOUND! That is to say Vibrational Frequency Waves! Dont just think audible sound, that's a narrow range, for narrow minds. No! I'm talking about ELF's (Extra Low Frequency Waves) - ULF's (Ultra Low Frequency Waves), or waves we have yet discovered. Sound/Gravity can be switched off or turned down with sound cancellation/deadening techniques, frequency working against frequency(see Below). Again I say ''The Ancients knew all this'', The Vesica Piscis is a representation of it (see below). The two inter-weavment of circles shown on the ancient Vesica Piscis, the one on the right is represenational of the creating for ''The Master force'' a sound wave, the second circle represents everything else (matter, an atom, a planet, a sun/star, you, etc,..) the ''Master Force'' the first sound, rings all, it rings everything like a bell, The sound bounces back, off of the second (the object) it reverberates, returning back on itself, resonance sound (inductance) in symphony, holding,(as in gravity) lighting, protecting, As in a field, (the earths magnetosphere). All things have there own frequency, some frequencys are intuned to the master force more readily than others, like loadstone (natural magnets),crystals, stone with many crystals etc,... others not so much as they are not in harmonic tune, like when you hold a struck tuning fork up to a similarly tuned frequency tuning fork and then one thats not in harmonic to the same frequency. Sound is responible for everything it is the push(the only force in the universe) it is responsible for electricty and how it moves, sound is gravity, sound (see Cymatics) is how and where the planets move or stay, sound is why our Sun is so hot, its only 10,000 degrees on the surface but millions of miles in the Coronasphere its above its 5 to 6 million degrees! it does not conform to the second law of thermodynamics! The sound of our Sun itself heats up its own Coronasphere! (See Video Below). Solar wind is sound! The resonant sound bounceing off of objects like the sun and planets from the master force is responible for the light seemingly bending around it own magnetosphere. Light does not travel, it is a particle the only reason it also seems to move like a wave is that it is riding on the wave of sound! All particles ride the crest of these sonic waves, thats what electricity is, and thats what magnetic field lines are! Sound it the creator! It pushes everything into existance (see below)

Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis

this is representational of the Vesica Piscis

Inductance is representational of a Vesica Piscis

Inductance in symphony with tuning forks

sonic waves bounce back onto each other holding objects in place. Its the same on Earth

Mass Doesn't Warp or Bend Space, Nor is it the Cause of Gravity!

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 10:21pm Mass doesn't cause gravity, it doesn't bend space or even cause light to curve around it! ..No! ...Mass is not like a bowling ball on a trampoline and the planets like marbles following the depression. Its like cymatics(see below). Sound that is to say(Vibrational Frequency Waves) (don't confuse it with audible acoustic) these ULF's (ultra low frequency) or ELF's (extra low frequency)are being emitted from black-holes,..this heartbeat sound,.. this "Master Force'', creates everything from water and then rings everything like a bell, from the smallest particle up to the galactic! This sound matrix (see Cymatics) resonates back off these objects/particles/atoms/planets/suns/stars etc,...and are preceived/detected, as in an atoms case as a valance/shells/orbits, and in the Earth's case, the magnetosphere. Ina magnet they are called magnetic field lines. Everything has this resonance field around it, some which are more in tune frequency wise has a stronger field ringing back, and some not so much in tuned is weaker to almost undetectable. Now this resonant field iringing back is kinda like a force field around the object. Think in terms of of a flowing stream, flowing down, and as the water flow hits a rock in mid-stream the waters flow hits it bounces

off and then tumbles to one side or the other in an eddy/vortex. But if you watch and upon closer inspections of the rock one can see that the rebounding/resonant wave pushes off the rock and meets up and forms a sort of boundry force field off and in front of and away from the rock and facing towards the original flowing force of water, holding a boundery point away from the rock as it meets the first incoming flow. This is what is happening to all things but with sound, sound from the ''Master Force'' coming from black-holes, and just like the inductance of the symphany of two tuning forks, one being struck and the other one rings also if it is of similar frequency, electric current does the same inductance. This is the same, the sound resonance wave and the Earths magnetosphere. All things have this similar so-called ring back, meeting in the middle resonant force. This is what is represented in the Vesica Piscis, the magic happens in the meeting in the middle called the fish(piscis). from this the vortices/eddies are born. The vortex is in everything, and I mean everything, the vortex is the key to nature and the ancients knew this! I am not saying anything new. So the mass doesn't bend the light to our observations, the field from the sound resonating/bouncing off bends it like a Fresnel Lense! Mass is not gravity, sound is cause of gravity, and since sound/gravity can be switched off or turned down with sound cancellation/deadening techniques, using frequency, like Tesla's ''earthquake machine'', He bolted the machine to a building then he duplicated the resonant frequency of the building and then amplified that same frequency, it reverberated and reverberated back on itself ramping up faster and faster, harder nd harder til he had to destroy the machine before it brought the whole building down! Everything has its own frequency everything! Again I say the ancients knew all this!

Dark Energy/Dark Matter

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 7:03am Dark Energy, Dark Matter, is just an ambiguous set of name tags given to some mysterious force or substance that they(the scientists) can detect is there but cannot see, I rank it right up there with ''Spooky action at a distance'' yes this is an actual physics term. I will explain this one later. Its called Dark,... as in, cannot see. Energy,... because it seems to be some kind of force. Matter,..because it also has seems to exert some sort of gravitational influence, i.e. they dont know what it is! Well, brace yourselves,..its water!.... I'll expound further,..Its,... Un-lit Water! Yes you guess it, opposed to lit water. The heartbeat sound i.e. (Vibrational Frequency Waves) like ULF's (Ultra Low Frequency Waves) & ELF's (Extra Low Frequency Waves) coming from Black-Holes (Black-Holes, they're not what you think they are, they are pure sound,..think of them as exactly like neuron ports in a brain) (see below). This sound directly influences the waters (all the ancients in all the creation myths call this the great deep primordial watery abyss) waters that are around and in close proximity to the black-holes, this sound forms (structures) this water to a paradigmatic spherical shape, and then ignites it through a process called Cavitation and Sonarluminescence (see below), which causes fusion, so light/heat = fusion = other heavier elements = earth, air, all from one thing just like all the ancients reported. Well now you say,. sound and water are two things! Ah but sound is no thing (nothing) also just like the ancients say, the un-created, or self-created one, created from no thing (nothing), sound has no mass, it is no thing, it has NO IMAGE, it has NO LIKENESS. SOUND i.e.(Vibrational Frequency Waves) has no mass yet commands all mass, again just like it states in all of the creation myths, stories, and legends, in all the stellas, tablets, papyri, and texts, it states the creator creates all from no thing (Sound) all from one thing (Water), commanded, declared, proclaimed, with music, song, word, utterence or breath. These are all sound representations, Two

common denominators in all the creation stories are sound and water, they are the alpha and omega This so-called Dark Energy/Matter (which is unlit water) is partly responible for what the scientist wrongly call ''Gravitational Lensing'', that is seemingly warping or bending light from our vantage point of observations. Also this unlit water gets in the way of our viewings of the universe and is the real cause for the wrongy assumed ''Doppler Effect'' & the ''Big Bang Theory''. You see the light slows down in the unlit water causing the ''Red Shift'', it is not because everything is reeling away from everything else, No! And this is the only reason for the ''Big Bang'' theory in the first place, they (the scientist) just ''Reversed-Engineered'' the whole Universe on this premis. So ''No Big Bang'' (see below). More like many, many smaller big bangs and they are still happening, energy is always being created and recycled everywhere in the Universe!

Dark Energy/Matter

Dark Energy/Matter

Dark Energy/Matter

How the Universe was Created by Sound (Vibrational Frequency Waves)

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Monday, July 30, 2012 at 3:43pm The Universe was created by Sound, that is to say Vibrational Wave Frequencies. Not in one ''Big Bang'' but many and simultaneously. Now I am not making this up and no its not an original thought either. Its in all of the ancient tales of creation, in tablets, texts, papyri, reliefs, stelas, etc,.. Its in all of the stories, myths, legends, and songs (see Cymatics videos below) The creator, or the ''self created one'' or ''the creator from nothing''(no thing) that created all fronm nothing(no thing), and ''Everything is all one thing'' and ''Made all from one thing,'' I'm sure you've heard of this. ''The creator created by: Commandment, Declaration, Proclaimation, Spoke, a Song or Music, a Word, an Utterance, or a Breath created all." these are all sound references! the common denominator is sound! So let me bring it on home for you. Sound has no mass, that means its No-Thing, its Nothing! Yet sound ''pushes'' all matter. ''Push'' is the only force in the universe by the way! This ''Master Force'' sound,... pushes all, it directs all, all things move exactly where and when and why that sound wants it! (see Cymatics). Hold on now there is more, this '' Master Force'',. sound is coming from Black-holes, they are black and void because the sound has pushed out all of the matter. ''Wait there's more, and its Moist'' And get this, the universe is like 3/4ths water! Just like it also says in all of the ancient creation stories! the pulsatiing heart beat sounds coming from black-holes shape the great waters that are in close proximity to them to a paradigmatical spherical form and therby igniting them thru Cavitation and Sonarluminescence! so sound on water creates fusion = light, heat = matter(air earth) its all one thing! and also Gravity is sound! and gravity can be turned off by sound cancellation techniques. Black-holes sre creating and recycling all the time! they are just like the neuro-transmitters and recepticals in a brain sending out and receiving signals. And also just like a brain it is mostly water. ''As above so to below''

Black-Holes, They're Not What You Think They Are! They Are Pure Sound Creating all The Time, Like Neuron Ports In a Brain
by Robert BigBob Jackson on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 10:15am All the Black-Holes, which have been found at the centers of all spiral shaped galaxies, these BlackHoles are not such densely packed or collasping stars of great mass and matter and that they have such strong gravitional pull that not even light escapes. No! ... they are not even mass at all! They are pure sound! Sound which has no mass, but thru standing waves, and this sound commands and pushes all mass. The center of this sound appears black and there is no light because the vibrational frequency waves have swept up all matter and pushes it all away. sweepimng it along pushing(the only force in the universe is push no such thing as a pulling force or attraction). I like to think of Black-Holes as like the input neuron ports in a brain. The mapped universe and the mapped brain look identical! (see below) Cymatics on sand & fluid creations & with other substances, stationary and flowing effects, and pulsations) !

Black-holes could conceivably be at the center of everything, every atom, every particle, even inside the sun! Those are not sunspots but sunholes, revealing the inner Black-Hole! Sunspots are alot cooler than the rest of the surface of the sun, which is about 10,000 degrees, sunspots(holes) have been detected and measured as low as 4,000 and even as low as 1,000 degrees!

No sunspot-Sun Hole! They (scientists & so-called experts) say that there is no energy being created nor destroyed in the universe! I say that is wrong, energy is always being created and recycled, again just like a brain, a black hole creates with pulsating ''heartbeat'' sound, creating a bubble in the water (water that is all over the universe (like 3/4ths 0f it) and thru cavitations, (collapsing bubble) and a process called sonarluminescence, suns/stars are created. So only push is the force, this push forms the water which is in close enough proximity into paradigmatic spherical shapes and then thru cavitation and sonarluminescence ignites it (fusion)! Black-holes are at the center of the galaxies and they move (generate) from center outwards and up (and down) in a "Double Torus'' motion, as does everything, these vortices are seen in everything! The vortex is th key to nature! ''A Double Torus'' ''Cavitation'' - ''Sonarluminscence'' - ''Here is an example in Nature! check out this lil guy! Sonarluminescence Pistol shrimp'' Mass doesn't bend space and make light curve around it! ..No! ...The sound (Vibrational Frequency Waves) from this "Master Force'' rings everything like a bell from the smallest particle up to the galactic! This sound matrix resonates back off these objects/particles/atoms/planets/suns/stars etc,...and are preceived in atoms case, as a valance/shells/orbits, and in the Earth's case, the magnetosphere, everything has this resonance field around it, some which are more in tune frequency wise, and some not so much in tuned. This resonant field is kinda like a force field around the object, think in terms of of a flowing stream flowing down and as the flow hits a rock in mide stream the waters flow hits it and then tumbles to one side or the other in an eddy/vortex. But if you watch upon closer inspections of the rock one can see that the rebounding/resonant wave pushes off the rock and meets up and forms a sort of force field in front of the rock facing towards the original flowing force, holding a boundery point as it meets the first flow. this is like the inductance of the tuning forks resonance wave and the Earths magnetoshere. all things have this simular ring back meeting in the middle resonant force. This is what is represented in the Vesica Piscis, the magic happens in the meeting in the middle called the fish(piscis). from this the vortices/eddies are born, again the ancients knew this! For those of you who know me and my theories from my sites on FB; ''The Sun is made of Water'' "The Universe was created by Sound on Water thru Cavitation and Sonarluminescence" - "The Universe is made of 3/4ths Water'' - " The Ancients had the Power of a Sun on Earth'' - "Awakened Lightworkers and Indigo Children Unite". come and join the discussions.


Cavitation Sonarluminescence

How Planets are Formed and Really Move! By Sound,.. Cymatics!

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 1:09pm All things are ''pushed'' (the only force that there is) and travel in a vortex motion! And I mean everything moves this way! The "Vortex'' is the key to nature! And its SOUND that is its engine! I call it ''The Master Force'' Sound (vibrational frequency waves) now provided down below is a short video on Cymatics, it shows how sound (vibrational frequency waves), moves mass (all matter) in perfectly geometrical forms. And proportional distances (spaces) too! This is how planets form and even stay where they are,.. the sound from ''the master force'' shuffles everything where it is and it rotates matter and it moves matter. And it rings everything(all matter) like a bell! Now remember that sound has no

mass! it is no thing! NOTHING! (see below) When watching the short tutorials below, just imagine Cymatics in all dimensions,.. a spider-web in all dimensions if you will, a web, an invisible web of sound waves! Gravity is sound, and can be cancelled by sound cancelling techniques

Robert BigBob Jackson Cymatics on sand & fluid creations & with other substances, stationary and flowing effects, and pulsations !

Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound (Part 1 of 3) These original films of Cymatics experiments were made in the 1960's by Swiss sc...

Robert BigBob Jackson Cymatics on fluids showing double Toruses, and on plastics showing how planets form.The spectrum of sound. v=ahJYUVDY5ek&feature=related 14* The Children of the sun begin to awake! v=YyDVi2Bl4os&feature=related

Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound (Part 2 of 3) These original films of Cymatics experiments were made in the 1960's by Swiss sc... Robert BigBob Jackson

''The Master Force" Sound (Vibrational Frequency Waves) ''The Master Force", the very thing that is missing in the ''Unified Field Theo...See More By: Robert BigBob Jackson

Thoughts on ''God'',''The Unified Field'',''The Theory of Everything''!

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 11:37am Upon reading this please leave all your pre-conceptions of god behind you, and enter Ye here with a clean slate and open mind. We personalize most everthing as humans, from all sorts of objects, our pets, and even our ideas, all these and thoughts too are conceptualized by us personifiying them. For it seems we can better relate when we do, we are empathetically bound to such, and feel connected. The ancients too related all that they experienced and saw to these concepts, that is personifying all with simple and complex symbols rendering thoughts, ideas, functions of set laws and theoreoms. What you see in the ancient Egyptian, Mayan, etc,.. Hieroglyphics are such renderings, they are math calculations and science symbols forming schematical blueprints! It is only our own limitations and our own primitive understandings that we assume that these ancient societies thought of everything as deities! Our so-called scholars of the past came to these mis-guided conclusions way back before the use of electricty was still in its infancy and was'nt even fully understood! It still isn't! So we just assume that the ancients worshipped many gods and the sun in the sky. I say No! And that they had electricity and it was powered by a sun on Earth, and that they highly venerated the knowledge of the power of a created sun on earth, created by what we think they called their creation god. ''The Un-Created One''. Or "The Self-Created One'', created from ''NoThing''(meaning nothing).''The Creator'' which created "All'' from No-Thing (nothing) ''the Spirit on the Water''. You cannot see this Creator, nor can you make an image of this Creator or his creations (for it is forbidden, and folly). In all of the various ancient reliefs, stellas, tablets, scrolls, papyri, texts, legends, song, dance, myths and stories, that have ever come down to us that they all have a common denominator in that all of the Creator gods; proclaimed, declared, commanded, with music, song, sang, or spoke, through utterences, a word, or breath,.. brought everything into existance from no thing! All of these are sounds representations! Here's one you know from John 1;1 ''In the beginning was the Word (a sound) and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.'' The Creator is ''Sound",.. that is to say ''Vibrational Frequency Waves'', I call this ''The Master Force'', it is the illusive ''Grand Unified Field'', ''The Theory of Everything''. The ancients are conveying that ''Sound'' is the Creator, for sound has no mass it is (No-Thing) so it is nothing, but sound creates all, its all one thing, and sound pushes (directs) all! There is no such thing as a ''pulling force'' in nature it is all "Push''!

The Sound upon the waters of the deep pushed(formed) the waters into paradigmatical spherical shapes and then through Cavitation, and Sonarluminescence (see below) illuminating these spheres into stars (suns) thus creating "All'' the other elements (through fusion), So Sound, Water, Light, Fire, Air, Earth, its all one thing, ''As above, so below. As below, so too above''. All life is over 75% water, so too is the Universe alive! Just like a big brain. The sound is coming from Black-Holes. They appear black because they are void of all matter(light), the sound has pushed all matter to a distance, they are just like the in input-outputs of the neuro-transmitters and recepticals in a brain, they are creating and recycling all the time! So the misconception, the falacy, of the 1st law of thermodynamics that ''There is no energy being created nor destroyed in the universe'' is totally wrong! For its always being created, and not ''destroyed'', but recycled! The 2nd law of thermodynamics is also a falacy the sound of the sun itself heats up its own corona millions of miles away! ''The Sound of the sun itself heats up its own corona'' 36:00 minutes in to 39:00 The pulsing heart-beat, ELF/ULF (Extra/Ultra Low Frequency) waves (sound) from the Black-Holes are the driving force, the engine that forms and creates all of the galaxies, and in a Double Toroidal (Torus) motion, they move out from the center sides, then it sweeps up to the top and to the bottom and in, being recycled, just like the ''Coriolis Effect'' here on Earth. These vortices are the key to nature! And everything (And I mean everything) moves in a vortex! So to reiterate,.. everything is being pushed by sound! Gravity is sound! And can thus be ''turned off'' by sound cancellation techniques. Gravitational waves are sound, solar wind is sound, all sacred geometry are sound wave frequency representations. The ancient Star of David, the Swastka, the Yin Yang,the Cornucopia symbols, are all vortex representations, the vortex is the key to nature! Water can be structured by sound, DNA can be repaired by sound, so there is power in prayer, structured water is holy water! Water communicates with water, we are sacred geometry! May the the Master Force be with you!

"The Creator Gods of the Ancients, ''The Holy Ones'',.. They Are What We Call a Black-hole, Which is Pure Sound.
by Robert BigBob Jackson on Monday, November 21, 2011 at 8:15am I have determined,.. that what we think of,.. or the way we think of '' Black-Holes'' is wrong! That they are not just at the center of all galaxies like a massive giant ''sucking hole'' made of so much dense mass that not even light can escape, and are ready to devour all things! ...No,.. they are mostly creating still, recycling. And all the while spewing out too! From their centers in a double torus. Yes as you know I see things backwards and I believe quite the opposite of most we are taught or think or lead to believe is true! The black-holes are in fact creating! (Those of you are familiar with my theories on ''The Sun is made of water'', ''The Universe is made of 3/4ths water'' & ''The Ancients had a sun on Earth'' and ''The Universe was created by sound'',..all here on Facebook) I believe that Black-holes, thru vibrational sound wave frequencies, ignites the water that is present around it! Vibrating like a fly on a spiders web, lighting it up, thru ''Sonar-Luminescence'', And the sound of the vibrational frequency waves, carrying, (shooting out) from the sides in a type of double ''Torus Effect'' a ''Double Torus''! and

then wrapping up from the sides in a (see Earth's water and weather) ''Coriolis Effect'', to the top and bottom and then inevitably going back down and in! Were the Ancients trying to tell us this in all of their creation myths and tales? ''that the uncreated creator (what we think they called their Gods) created everything out of nothingness'' Nothingness (their version of a black-hole?) and [Gods] was upon the face of the deep'', or ''God saw his reflection in the deep watery abyss'' everything was created out of nothing! no thing! me that's a black hole! and all of the black holes are still creating! Creation is dependent on the continuous flow of Divine life-force, without which it would revert to nothingness. Check this Guy out! an example of Sonarluminescence in nature! .

There is No Such Thing as ''Pull',.. Only ''Push''!

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 7:22pm No Such Force as a 'Pull'? ''When I was in grade school they brought in a retired scientist each week to deliver lectures, do demonstrations, and otherwise interest us in science. One of the things I still remember was his claim that with regards to forces; there is no such thing as a "pull" and there are only "pushes". When one student argued that he could "pull" the door of a refrigerator open, the scientist poined out that his hand was really "pushing" on the away side of the handle. All other examples of alleged "pulls" were similarly explained away. Does this statemant hold up? A magnet "attracts" a piece of iron, but I vaguely remember explanations that the field of the magnet is causing perturbations to the far side of the individual magnetic fields of the iron atoms, resulting in a net push. Similarly a gravitational attraction might be explained by some field being lessened (or whatever) on the far side of an item being attracted, also resulting in a net "push". Technically speaking, at the quantum level there is neither "push" nor "pull"; there is just an exchange of virtual particles that mediate attractive and repulsive forces that results in a change of momentum, although the particles are never in physical contact (and in fact, are distributed as fields). I suppose one could talk about contact forces between "solid" objects as strictly being pushing (repulsive) forces, but by that logic, electric "cling" and magnetic attraction between opposite poles would be pulling forces. In terms of a rigid body (or discrete element of a mechanical continuum) it doesn't matter whether the force is "pushing" or "pulling"; it acts the same way at the barycenter or boundary condition regardless. ''

What is doing all the ''pushing'' in the universe then? In laymens terms its called ''Sound''. But if you consider sound, that is to say, vibrational wave frequencies, which is the universal ''Master force" a force without mass,..that dictates where and how mass moves,(see cymatics) there is a pushing,.. it is the ''Unified Field'', pushing, and it does even resemble strings, the atomic or quantom level and on the greatest of Magnitudes, (see string theory) and its coming from what we call black holes, a pulsating (heartbeat sound) in the form of ELF or ULF waves Sound is responsible for gravity. So gravity does not pull, it pushes. An experiment comes to mind,.. take two ballons and dangle them about ten inches apart on strings and then blow a jet of air between them, what do you think will happen?.... they will come together.

"This Is How It All Works! It's All One Thing!''

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 9:16pm There is no singular ''Big Bang'', and Einsteins E=MC2 is wrong! And Energy is constantly being created and recycled. The Universe is like a brain,.. It looks like a brain, and it's mostly made of water like a brain, it has all the attributes of a brain. Sound (Vibrational wave frequencies) (ELF's, ULF's) from Black-holes (input receptors?) have structured and formed the surrounding waters thru (see Cymatics ) into a paradigmatic spherical shape and then illuminated (ignited) the spherical waters around them and that are in close proximity, to illuminations, in a process called sonarluminescence, and Cavitation, the illuminations (light) begets the fusion(heat) processes and creates most of the other heavier elements (earth, air etc,.). In turn the sun and stars reverborate like tuning forks (bells) with their own sound (like amplifiers) which dictates where the heavier elements will accumulate to create planets, (again see Cymatics) the light particles from the suns, after awhile, will build a planet from the outside, but mostly from the inside, growing like a fruit on the vine! Sound dictates where the stars move and sound dictates where the planets move, and or stay as it were, in there positions, that is really what gravity is,.. its Sound! That is what the ''Unified Field'' is , it is Sound that dictates where things move! and where they congregate. Everything is made of all one thing sound on water! You say but that is two things. Sound is no thing, for it has no mass, yet it commands all to be and conform, it is the pushing force in the universe. Videos:* - ''The Universe and a Brain'' fbid=283125495044422&set=a.148173208539652.23818.100000409201218&type=3 * - ''Sonarluminscence'' * - Here is an example in Nature! check out this lil guy! A sonarluminescence Pistol shrimp * - Cymatics on sand & fliud creations & with other substances, stationary and flowing effects, and pulsations ! * - Cymatics on fluids showing double Toruses, and on plastics showing how planets form.The spectrum of sound. * - ''The Growing Earth''

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 8:39pm I no longer accept the ''Big Bang theory''! They ..(the scientists) only came to that assumption, "The birth of the Universe" by ''Reverse Engineering'' and then by the re-construction of the Universe on the predicated facts of the perceived ''Doppler Effect'' (discovered in the 1840's for sound) like train whistle, coming,.. and then going away from you, whereas in the theory of light waves it states that most all objects (Galaxies) seem to be ''Red Shifted'' in the visible light spectrum, except the closest objects to us, like 2 Galaxies, seem to be ''Blue Shifted'' in the visible light spectrum. A red shift meaning slowed light,(object going away from us) and a blue shift means a faster light! (object coming right at us) Their assumption being that since the red shift is occuring, then that means the galaxies are all going away from our vantage point and away from all of the others also! so by that reasoning they figured if you just rewind time, that everything would come back to a point in space and time (that's also how they ascertained the age of the universe) and since they believe that light is a constant! Well that is not always true, or it is even totally false! If the light passes thru another medium,..say like water, its slows down. For instance we have also slowed down light here on Earth in laboratories to under the speed of sound! Now in another paper and on my other sites here on facebook tagged as ''The Universe is made of 3/4ths water''& ''The Sun is made of water'', and also ''The ancients had the power of the sun on Earth'' (please read the docs at the tops of the pages), I explain how and the reason that the light seems to slow down is that it has to travel from the very far reaches of the Universe to our observations, and that since it is such a geat distance it has traveled thru some water that has not been ignited yet thru sonarluminescence (I explain that this is what the scientists call the mysterious Dark Matter/Energy that is detectable but cannot be seen. I say its water! And this water slows the light down causing the red shift, and then the reason that the closest things to us are not effected and seem to be ''Blue Shifted" is because of their close proximity to us and that no water medium may be inbetween to effect the light! This may also explain the so called "Gravitational Lensing'' problem that the astronomers are experiencing! The water is refracting light and bending it!

It's All One Thing! It's Water!

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 3:50pm I know that water is the most mysterious substance known to man! (Look It UP!) I also have 3 sites on here that explains my views and theorems that I have submitted. They are "The Sun is made of water'', ''The Universe is made of water,'' and ''The Ancients had the power of a Sun on Earth''! And if indeed water does have memory, than it is the way God creates and communicates! It has all of the properties of God, hidden in plain site. It is the all knowing force that is within us and without us, it can be prayed to and structured with sound, it can communicate across the universe instantly! its is the Life, the Light (see sonoluninescence) and the Way! It is the Triune God,.. its also the only substance that exists as a solid, liquid and a gas, it is venerated by all ancient cultures as in ritual baptisms and washes, The Tibetan singing prayer bowls, Nostradamus peerings into it for revelations! And have you ever considered the reason why a shark can smell (detect) a drop of blood in the ocean a mile and a half away! Its not the sharks nose ! ITS THE WATER! Ever heard of ''Hidden in plain sight''!? Water! ...just the fact that water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen is in itself is a wondrous thing! Water is the most mysterious substance known to man! look it up!

Water was triggered into luminscence by sound, so Water is also Light, Fire, Heat, Air, (and through fusion building the heavier elements) Earth, Its all one thing! All life is made up of mostly water, our brains are like 90% water our blood 95% water the earth is 75% water! ''As above so below, as below so too above!''

1. The Universe is Made of Water! 2. by Robert Big Bob Jackson on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 9:05am 3. I declare that the universe is in a ''Steady State'' and ''Dark Energy/Matter'' is Water! In fact the universe is mostly water. As I stated in my previously sent document titled ''The Sun Is Made Of Water'' ''As above so below'', that I believe the universe is made up of at least 3/4 water! When this water has congealed enough to form a sufficient and uniformed sphere, its own weight collapses and tears through the ''Space Time Fabric'' thus forming a ''Black Hole'' that punches through to somewhere else in the universe and is perceived as a Quasar, via folded space or wormhole. That then this action also triggers all the rest of the adjacent spherically shaped waters near a black hole to illuminate through sonarluminescence (sound)! and then through fusion, creating most all the other matter (elements) detectable in the universe! This action was, and still is being performed all throughout the universe simultaneously, a form of recycling there was no single ''Big Bang'' event, but many several millions of smaller ''Big Bang'' events. Space is not expanding, matter is, nor is it contracting. It is just constantly being changed, so there is plenty of Hydrogen being recycled. Astronomers are just reverse engineering the universe from only the perceived detection of the ''Doppler Effect'', and came to this conclusion of the ''Big Bang'' because of their assumption of it. The reason for this assumed ''Red Shift'' in the ''Doppler Effect'' is that the galaxies seem to be going away from us and each other, but is in fact that the light that reaches us has been slowed down due to the light having to go through water/dark energy/matter-a lensing effect. And light could be reflecting, akin to a house of mirrors. When the astronomers see an object that is ''Blue Shifted'' in the ''Doppler Effect'', it is said to be coming toward us. But there are just very few detectable galaxies that are heading our way and just happen to be our closest neighbors, and not really very far away as the universe goes. So I think that the reason of this detection is because of the galaxies close proximity to us, and that the chances are greatly reduced that there is, or will be, any water/dark energy/matter in the way for re-fractional lensing to occur and obscure our sightings. There is no water/dark energy/matter between them and our view point! The other galaxies are much, farther away so there is more distance and more probability for the light to travel and slow down in the ''Universe Water'' and therefore it would get in the way and cause all sorts of what the astronomers might call ''Gravitational Lensing''. When in fact it is just ''Aqua Lensing'' (to coin yet another phrase) it is refracted slowed down light that is causing the ''Red Shift''! Now this means,... No single ''Big Bang'' event! No fly away universe! No calculating the age of the universe by the previous means of reversing the process either. I seriously doubt that the universe is even 14 billion years old. but we might conceivably calculate its age by measuring the detection of Helium in the universe.

4. The problem of the elusive missing mass in the universe is water, the most mysterious substance known to man. 5. There is no God particle. But there is a God sound! 6. Max-Planck-Institut fr Radioastronomie, Auf dem Hgel 69, D-53121 Bonn, Germany 7. INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari, Loc. Poggio dei Pini, Strada 54, I-09012 Capoterra (CA), Italy 8. Argelander-Institut fr Astronomie, Auf dem Hgel 71, D-53121 Bonn, Germany

Timeless Earth! What the Ancients are Trying to Tell Us!

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 11:27am Most everyone, including the ''So-called Experts'' have ascertained the perceptions that the ancients were backwards in their sciences and understandings of the universe. I believe the opposite is true and that we in this time have not yet even acheived some of the pinnacles that some of the ancients had. Let's go over a scenario,.. one bound on the premise that the Earth has had possibly many, many, past civilizations, And some became very technologically advanced, and some, maybe not so much, and that these civilizations have been destroyed systematically by a re-occurring calamity in our solar system, and that thismis caused by a unseen and undetectable companion star or stars (and its satellites) to our sun, and every 3600 years, and just like clockwork, it rolls thru, and each and every time that this happens, sometimes its really bad and sometimes not so much but a scraggly few survivors have to take up the pieces and carry on! Starting all over! and also most probably, having gone underground, for a half, or even whole generations or more perhaps? Now wouldn't they try and chronicle these events and convey them down to future generations somehow? You should ask yourself what would they want to convey to us,.. the future generations? What urgent knowledge would they want us to never forget?....Sure Laws;.. on diet, hygiene, healing medicine, morality, civility, Etc,.. most certainly. But also and most importantly, they would want to convey the knowledge of the Sun and Stars, and their respective places and functions in the sky, and how to interpret their signs for the seasons, when to plant and when to harvest and such and soforth and especially about our suns companion star or stars! and its or their eventual returnings! and if that they reached a more technological advanced civilization than we have achieved too so far at this point,.. say a free and clean energy source, then they would have tried to convey that too! The secrets and keys of nature like the vortex. How would you do these things? how would you go about warning your future great, great grand generations and fellow beings 3600 years in the future? or further? Well since your resources and ability to make paper, pens, pencils, books, etc,..and such has been destroyed or considerably dwindled and come to nil, and lets face it, such items would most likely not last a very long time anyway, and also your resources to produce such or anymore or even sufficient or efficient facsimiles, you would in fact choose stone to relay your clues to pass on this most precious knowledge! But also and maybe more importantly you would use the word of mouth! You would pass down knowledge to the future generations of such complicated knowledge through systematical mnemonic venerated stories, songs, prayers, customs, and traditions orally! Exclaiming the utmost importance and urgency in each one! Each generation passing it along til it could be recorded more permanetly for that fateful time when at the given day in the future someone will SNAP!

and become conscious and figure it out and realize its true meanings and see it for what it is! Warnings! and patterns, schematics on how to construct some forgotten power or knowledge! There are plenty of clues and directions in all the religious, myths, legends and stories, that have come down to us! In Tablets, Papyri, Scrolls and Texts, buildings and structures, and we just need to decipher them properly and weed out some of the embellishments over the years! These instructions and warnings are word problems, a ''Stonehenge'' in story form! Mnemonic allegorical devices designed to enlighten and some stories are or have probably become an amalgamation, a congloberation, a construct of such important ideas all rolled into one story, can you thing of any?

The Sun And Stars Are Made Of Water!

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 11:28am ''THE SUN AND STARS ARE MADE OF WATER!'' I would like to declare and put on record that the Sun/Stars are made of WATER!.. or that is to say started out made of water. And that everything we think we know concerning the Sun/Stars, and the Universe, is wrong! Furthermore that suns/stars, were/are triggered to illuminations by the direct actions and the presence of "Black- Holes''. Suns Being lit up through standing sound pressure frequency vibrational waves in a process called ''Sonarluminescence'' causing cavitation. The Corona of the Sun is almost two to five million degrees hotter than the surface which is only 10,000 degrees. The sound wave frequencies from the Sun itself excites the magnetic waves buffeting them around and raising the temperatures through friction. This same action is present and occurring in and around "Black Holes'', they vibrate their surroundings like ''a buzzing fly caught in a spiders web!'' I would also like to state that ''Dark Matter/Energy'' is also WATER ( the universe is at least 3/4ths water), and the reason that this water has not been detected is because the water has not been illuminated! Nor can it be illuminated either, because of its distant proximity from a ''Black Hole'', or because of a restriction in its misshapen design to form a spherical ''bubble''. The water that ''IS'' illuminated and turned into sun/stars by cavitation due to sonarluminecence are in close proximity to the black-hole and are shaped by the standing waves into a pardigmatic spherical forms. Dark Matter/Energy is resonsible for precieved so-called ''Graviational Lensing''. This un-iluminated water is also responsible for the ''Doppler Effect''. The light observed from far away objects is slowed down as goes through this water and is red-shifted, the objects that are in closest proximity to us are observed without water in the way and is blue -shifted. this "Doppler Effect'' is the only reason for the singlar "Big Bang theory'', it is just ''reverse engineering'' at it worst! The science of the spectro-heliograph is relatively young, only a little over a hundred years old. When it comes to spectroscopy, I proclaim that we are observing the Sun or a similar object directly that is highly magnetic and electrical in nature, one that it is in such great flux and in the processes of nuclear fusion, and all the time building and producing most of the heavier known elements. The fusion process is changing all at once and is bound to be extremely hard to make precise detections of the elements from light spectrum analysis, especially Oxygen.

Considering the over a hundred anomalies of the most mysterious substances known to man on Earth which is Water - could be just another instance that we don't understand about it. A super-cooled or subfreezing bottle of water will not freeze over, and at a certain point will stay in liquid form unless a disturbance is introduced to it like slight shake or touch. This will cause a chemical reaction and it will immediately freeze. I think a similar trick would ignite it through the use of sound via sonarluminescence. Oxygen is said to be the third most abundant element on the sun, and we calculate it as less than half of 1% , which cannot be nearly enough for ignition or further combustion. The differences in the Oxygen isotopic ratio between the Sun and the inner planets are, to me, proof that this calculation is inaccurate. Half of the mass of the Earth is Oxygen! Hydrogen is measured at about 72%+/- and Helium 25%+/-. All this about Helium 2,3, & 4's, is just the first element that is produced through nuclear fusion. It has the lowest boiling and melting point. We could even possibly measure the collective age and date of the Universe by the measurements at which the Helium is produced. I find it interesting that the human body, every other living thing, and the Earth too, has the same ratio of water, as the Sun, and the Universe, has Hydrogen at 72%+/-. 72? Isn't it a coincidence that 72 degrees is a very comfortable temperature for humans? Did we just overlook the fact that all of the 72% of Hydrogen we detected is indeed water? Its the same ratio! I mean no ones looking for water right? I ask where is all the Oxygen that should be there? The Hydrogen and Helium are masking all of the Oxygen! There is much more Oxygen than we are detecting. We mis-measured it because of all the Hydrogen and rapidly produced Helium atoms surrounding and concealing the Oxygen atoms on all sides. More Oxygen should be there. We missed it. Why? Because who would be looking for water on the Sun! Or the Sun being made of water! Hydrogen will not coagulate and congeal here on Earth, or in the vast coldness of the vacuum of space, instead it will disperse. It repels itself, the atoms are all of a positive charge. Hydrogen will not ignite without Oxygen, and Helium is inert. Helium is just out of the picture, its no charge at all. Its neutral. Now Hydrogen and Oxygen on the other hand love to get together. You can say its a ''match made in Heaven,'' because Oxygen has a negative charge they would naturally infuse the two together in space as well! They readily form a covalent bond, and also over time get a natural spherical ''bubble'' shape in space. It would also be able to become immensely huge and extremely dense. Because water is one of the best insulators from heat and cold, it would not freeze completely and also due to the great gravitational pressures. Ultra-Violet (UV) rays from the sun may even be an additional part of the culprits that are blocking the results of detection! I suspect these Ultra-Violet rays are another form of water and are some of the missing Oxygen. They are Forming with O2's and O3's being absorbed by, and making ozone on Earth, They contain oxygen! The UV rays, ''Light Oxygen'' or ''Light Water'', ''Oxygen Water''? that bombards a planet, creates an ionasphere in the ''Goldilocks Zone'' (earth), it is like a water hose filling a fish tank. The action is chaos at first, until there is enough oxygen/water in the bottom of the tank to protect itself from the further harshness of the force of the current. The oxygen/water is protecting itself from itself, so to speak. In the exact same way as water filling a fish tank, the ''light/ oxygen/water'' is projected onto a planet that has enough mass to hold an atmosphere. The atmosphere then condenses and builds up

enough ozone to protect itself from itself. And I think this process occurs at a reletivly and surprisingly rapid rate. Now I didn't come to these various conclusions by modern science alone. But through years of studying many ancient tablets, papyri, texts, books, stories, myths, and legends, I am convinced that the Ancients attained this knowledge and even harnessed this power many times here on Earth. They have handed down this secret and gave us many instructions, patterns, hints and clues on how to build such an apparatus! The power of a sun on Earth. A Sun on Earth! You can see more and/or contact me on my website on Facebook, ''The Sun is Made of Water''. I am the only one saying this and I would like some recognition for this. Your help would be much appreciated. You will scoff at this, I know. It does sound crazy. But it is true! It has just been greatly overlooked for ages and the billions before us that had no clue or could not even fathom it! And who could blame them? Who would believe it? But it is true! But we used to know! And may have been suppressed as well! If you would just open your mind to it, and just apply it, and use its applications in everything you know, then this thought will open all the doors. It is the KEY! You will see, everything will fall into place! You usually know the truth when you hear it, and you know the truth when you see it. Sound,.. Light..., Water..., Fire..., Earth..., Air..., It's all the same. It is all one single thing! It is Everything for Life to Exist! Don't be daunted, just delve into the possibilities! Think Water! Think Sound! ''As of Above..., so too below..., as below so too above.'' ''I have decoded the ''Emerald Tablet'', ''The Magnus Opus'' (''The Great Work''.) The Sun is made of Water! Think Water!

Newton's translation One translation, by Isaac Newton, found among his alchemical papers as reported by B. J. Dobbs in modern spelling: 1. Tis true without lying, certain most true. 2. That which is below is like that which is above that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing. 3. And as all things have been arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation. 4. The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, 5. The wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nurse.

6. The father of all perfection in the whole world is here. 7. Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth. 8. Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry. 9. It ascends from the earth to the heaven again it descends to the earth and receives the force of things superior and inferior. 10. By this means ye shall have the glory of the whole world thereby all obscurity shall fly from you. 11. Its force is above all force. for it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing. 12. So was the world created. 13. From this are and do come admirable adaptations whereof the means (Or process) is here in this. 14. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. 15. That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended. This is in the Bible (I will highlight the main points)

Genesis 1 1. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2. And the earth was without form, and void; {and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.} 3. And God said, {Let there be light: and there was light.} 4. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. 5. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. 6. And God said, Let there be a firmament {in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.} 7. And God made the firmament, {and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament:} and it was so. 8. And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day. JOHN 1 1. In the beginning was the {Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.} (A Word is a SOUND!) 2. The same was in the beginning with God. 3. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. (fusion of the

Sun) 4. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not Rev 1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Rev 21:6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. Rev 22:13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

What Could Possibly Happen If We Had Free Energy Technologies. In Ancient Times, Now, & in The Future.
by Robert BigBob Jackson on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 1:43pm Lets go over some scenarios shall we, first of all I believe that the ancients had free energy technologies, they had the power of a Sun on Earth, and it was made of water, just like the sun/stars are made of water! Sound on water (see Sonar-Luminescence & Cavitation) creates fusion. So they had electricty, they knew that sound was gravity, gravity was sound, Sound (Vibrationsl Frequency Waves) and could be switched off or turned down. Now I'm going to run with the premise that they (the Preist Kings) kept this secret from the masses and even made it a magical and religious ordeal deifying themself in the process (a natural process) and keeping the masses just dumb enough to do menial jobs and only initiating the very few to the guilds of this privileged knowledge, and like the guilds in medievil the Renaissance times protected by the threat of death of you and your whole family, the glass guilds of Venice comes to mind, you were in it for life. Even today we have such proprietary practices between professions, protected by stringent laws and punishments. For what good would it do if all the masses knew and could access free energies? How would the rich stay rich? How would they get rich in the first place? How could they attain power and or stay in power? How would free energy technologies effect the work force? Who would want to work if everything was so low in cost in the energy to mine, or to ship, or to make products, or to ship the final products?

Little or no cost to heat and air their homes, grow and harvest their food, run vehicles, etc,.. Where or what would the incentives be? Where would the masses get or have the gumption? Would mankind become complacent, or apathetic? OR WOULD WE ALL HAVE MORE TIME TO KEEP INVENTING NEW AND GREATER INNOVATIONS? CURING DISEASES? Were we ready then? Are we ready now? More recent history comes to mind, when Nicoli Tesla (the father of the 21st century, and possible the whole future of man) had it out with that capitalist pig J. P. Morgan. Teslas tower on Long Island would have transmitted free electricity radio and television signals and much more, but Morgan could not envision how he could charge for free energy or services, so he backed out and ruined Tesla. Its an age old story Im afraid, Those in power supressing this and simular knowledge, The Oil Comapanies, they're not so much in ''The Oil Business'' persay, but more like in ''The Oil Shortage Business''. Also there is no money (which is the gauge of power in our society) in curing diseases, there is only big money in treating diseases

Sonarluminescence the star in the jar 10,000 degrees

The Grand Deception, The Greatest of All Conspiracy's

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Friday, August 10, 2012 at 9:21am The greatest and most grand deception in all of history is that we have always had free energy technologies! Back in ancient history we had it but it was highly gaurded secret by those initianted in its craft.These privy guilds opperated in mystic ceremony and pagentry and with all the illusions of magic, and deifying themselves as our preist kings and overlords! Placating the masses with ''dog and pony shows'', keeping them hypnotized, mystified and stupid with useless grand rituals and offerings, milking them for all they are worth. Controlling the masses with fear, rhetoric and empty promises, and some religions. We are headed to an even more plutocratic oligarchical society where our preist kings keep us dumbed down, poor and fearful, for there are no riches and power in free energy. The capitalist J.P. Morgan comes to mind when he pulled the plug on Nicola Tesla's work.

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Friday, September 14, 2012 at 9:05pm North-poles, south-pole, positive and negative, they are really kinda bad analogies for the way we need to think about the forces of electro-magnetism. There are only 2 vortices they are a right spin vortex(clockwise) and a left spin vortex(counterclockwise), The vortex is the key to nature and the ancients knew this (see below). And the word attraction and pull is also kind of a misnomer really. There is no such thing as pull or pulling force! There is only one force in nature and thats push! Gravity is pushing on us from above and then also from below, there is a convergence in the middle, and this convergence is from sound, that is to say Vibrational Frequency Waves! these Ultra Low frequency Waves (ULF's)and Extra Low Frequency Waves(ELF's) gravity is sound! and gravity can be switched off and or turned down by sound cancellation/deadening techniques, its all in the frequencies. Everything is being rung like a bell from this ''master force'' (induction) Thats why when they(scientists) try to image an atom or sub-atomic particle it always shows it vibrates, and have you ever got shocked by electricity? It vibrates you. Or held your tongue to a little 9 volt battery? It vibrates you. it vibrates everything from sub-atomic to the galactic. This universal ''master force'' sound, can be seen as in our Earth's magnetosphere, those are the field/lines ringing back, some things have a strong ring back(those in tune) and some not so much but everything has its own frequency!

The Electric Universe Model

by Robert BigBob Jackson on Friday, September 14, 2012 at 9:53am Reguarding the Electric Universe model, well yes of coarse the detectible universe is electric in nature, but this is only the result, it is only the effect, it is not cause, The cause is,.. Sound,..that is to say, vibrational frequency waves. Sound has no mass, yet commands all mass on how to form and how to move. If you take in account a cymatic table of sand and when you introduce sound waves to it, the different sound frequencies structures the sand into alternating and complex geometric patterns, these patterns have been documented throughout time by the ancients and these sound represenations are known as "Sacred Geometry''. We, as human forms, are also "Sacred Geometry''! Simply put some water and cornstarch mixture on a speaker and fiddle with the sound frequency and you will see what I mean. creatures with heads, torso's, arms, legs and some even have breasts! Sound is the ''Master Force'' in the universe, it is the creator, It is the main force responisble in conjunction with the other three forces. It is the "push"(the only force that there is, is push) that pushes everything, it not only creates all matter but also sweeps all matter/particles/photons along on its crests of waves (see Cymatics and think in 3-D(that is in all directions). The first thing you must know is that the universe is just like a brain, it looks like a brain acts like abrain and also just like a brain its like 80% water! All of the ancients knew this and documented it in all of the creation myths and stories that have come down to us. And had created the power of the sun on earth. This sound (coming from black-holes(black-holes are not what you assume that they are) This sound from black-holes illuminates the surrounding waters of the great deep abyss that is in close enough proximity to these black-holes (think of black-holes as nueron ports in a brain) (black-holes are the driving energy force (pushing) at the center of all galaxies), pushing all the light away from them. This sound from black-holes forms the water to paradigmatical spherical shapes and thru sonarlluminescence which causes cavitation and starts the fusion process in stars/suns Thus creating all, all created from one thing,..Water,.. because sound is no thing(no mass) just like the ancients said! The uncreated (self created) god, created all from nothing (no thing) i.e. a black-hole. So sound on water creates light, fusion, heat, air and earth all from one thing! ''As above so below'' The Emerald Tablet'' (see below, I have decoded this portion) So the sun/stars are made of water and they are hollow inside (except for a black-hole inside). Sunspots are holes not spots. This "Master Force''(sound) rings everything(all matter) like a bell, and this sound, it dictates where this matter goes and where this matter how it forms and how it accumulates. Gravity is Sound! Its pushing us down. Sound can be switched off,.. or turned down through cancellation/deadening techniques. Observe the Vesica Piscis, the sound (first wave) hits/bounces/reverberates/resonates off of the second object creating eddies these eddies(the fish) is where all the magic happens (the 2 crests meet together and are represented, the earths case the magnetoshere, in an atoms case their valence/shells/orbits.

There is no such thing as north poles or south poles, that is a bad analogy, No! there is only right spin(clockwise) and left spin(counterclockwise) vortices(these are the eddies) the vortex is the key to nature, the ancients knew this! Everything moves in a vortex, from the galaxies (in a double torus vortex) on the earth (Coriolis Effect) to the planets move, to the way electricty moves along a wire. So to reiterate, black-holes are creating all the time and recycling too (the stars that are finally swept up(and or down) in the double Torus engine and are no longer in the influence of the illuminating sound from the black-holes, turn back into water) Also water that is not in close enough proximity to be effected by this sonarluminescence is deemed,.. the invisible force Dark Energy/Matter by the scientists. This unlit water is also partly responsible for the perceived "Graviational Lensing'' the other cultprit is sound. The notion that the universe expanding and galaxies are all flying away from each other is soley because of the preceived "Dopper Effect", which is the only bases for ''Reverse engineering of the universe to a singular "Big Bang''this is wrong too! Water is in the way for our observations, slowing down the light (Red Shift in the light spectrum) all objects close to us are ''Blue Shifted'', no water in the way.