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Wes ony ‘nve hecortsponding omelrn tems thee pes te eal linet up The ererpnding omar he onl wa ep _toupe wer ony pen reel by Kes od Teal. We cae te ‘eu prof here denial omits) ‘More about inital loncanS fond in bentrodutios othe arte ofthe bok ‘ewe to ye pio the nein nd tied a a ‘te str The meet Obvious es etd main er en we Inde op te ase top lero mals popes ot USgrowathie yasmin or sory ted cera a oces ‘ete touring nay rants onmanfols rere tee rod, no Sel diagrams wo Laps cokemelgr no amis on ‘Sete se or poupeno artnet rowpror avonotpefoms and ng ont pets in character p> 0. Tne ho onset ‘ompt ont woot ets on Li eon py mare eealy tS eh a fo ee Aight Bhat esmentions wl bve became sta tos of ‘epson thar (epee nb sa deal oh oak geod ate {epee amiad mst a ett oa modem bok epeetaton {foot ooo ogee hme ope) "Wohnen ed fo tne he hoy fh abt le, o gn roi or tonto opal ource th bj a ne si hen he aces we ns id nd te ne ‘otra ar radbieas pone pe knowing what tener. one tearm ie oup tte ning proto thera we ve ove See [Sr or Le pup aod Li sgn Seve (Se, (A, Humphrey (Vola Hour (our) ae fecomcned teem tet ce West [Wel] and Lienood ii ‘We-wos ke otha the many pele wo av cota Mea and sorgoionfrthimanap among tm Bio Bryan Cae, Conrad, P Dicoa, D. Ee, . else M, Gren, P. Cit, Grom M_Migerad: RHowe, Kr A Landman B, Mar Ch Deter, twat Tower and Taf priate ‘sid eo funk Dav Muto em whom fe ied mac ofa Sekow aut theater and wheat ey ch Ines nit Tos is thot been writen 1 ser game wold a thi poi than the reone who ped iat tng ne omg spit peraps we sole {hv ined he Neon! cence Foote Ue f Charge tltiared Unies pnroy roving hearse on ‘wich hs mane eas ucns. nly ne ane Chan Files fot he eewngt ‘it Futon ag oe Hare Using This Book ‘tow mods arin oder sou te practic eof hi ook To ben nh ‘eee are mina we ne ony a sense of and fist dete mater lpstra od opty, ning be oon ‘ton ofl A ool underpedantetckgound shoul be moe tan ‘tow fr most of ee sre mes ad eae, and wom ‘lumina Pr V may ero moran oi sn ey te tip Prati hem ‘eyiremen nt god king owe of muna sete laig nor extn, sy ‘odie ite disiontyeirpcan fh Apes Bay hel ‘Wetave indented, ntrotury eas ee tre, na ty ack {von byood hrs medal how ent oracoune hsbooksullbeued two way Fiche ara umber op ha ae not pay etl he et ote ben a at esi ripe niny. For example ns mil adage old Mist 610 Pha 198- 138 17919820 221,228.09-234 20 and 262th beratailora scone semen rn Over hd in yardng conse shouldbe pons to work wou tach oe Talealostncpound nore gpl Mot he mara i he ‘Agee nt ol to sich fn coun. Agi ne Be id tent in he nteautryronrk cht, whch ope ‘note wpe bok at eae may wat appro iit smith root ames Toon areptin ag or dsctrenons ‘ete ht is thes of mate htc et be nd by ing ‘ce decthandeon xine ith the jie esther weer ey dont sal desloy ew es he ede he fhe iho oa come (Ofc, ich ede wl rotay ‘sop boring oot ayes) "Weleeehandredoferecoo wy den porponean Ses ‘comet he wan sso eto the saps te tet Sihforwned venice ee nh et wi pote ‘emp mt thee Sonetine weer etl sre icon ‘orice cl something we doin hte ne ne hk weking ot ‘ref motion oan ev sep at einen” and eee ‘re encourge top ask detroit) Many ere ‘ical that ne ome are recom one ape eer {ep we ave omtedt stim may bt he nv in hae fot feel ifermaton prhape noting ute splice Ines Me ‘otto coe tps tat may be ard for noetpert to ntact om he rae in thr Hert In era mc ef te hey a theese mow ofthe examen he et ‘Wefave eset es of pradige xeris by eget diay. authori roaby harder han an "er any neo! ste senting ty al ne Teresa thi ebook. This may bet Hn leet he ver, 2 compte slut a Terie f0 wie mere foo ‘combiaion fay af tan We hope tv mses rath peared a oneen thy ae il ote Contents dae sig The Bok 1. Repetto of Fite Groupe Seton 12 Conte atti Sc 1: Epes Aton Gre 2 Chances @t Chamcee {22 Then Pj Fume a Cnc 2 Emel 24 te Peso Fo Mee Games 5. Bample Induced Reresntions roup Ales Rel ‘eyes Br ante 6yaud, Be BiG Roca Rremns, 4 TheGro igs 5 Reread Retain oe Sebo 4 Rey of, Young Dayana Fobei a Reet 86 Put ws fur poeta i 1 Reena fu Min LowetEeams 5 fe Reet, S Wat Bogen ‘s ecm nes i 2 Se ners ® 5. Retna ad CL) ® MAES tence rst ° ‘et Ro « fo Somaya $ —— : The Ce Ae The rots 195 eee ate Canes a 14. The Gee ep Ania Stace a epenticn fees oe a “sora Sons Le se 0 Ag si me hteciome ments Ales a 1S Cand e a is Ur crege maaan 2 fen peeaeseare i i erate 2 His Sirona a pate a a Ri tpumacoyeiic B ‘eR ate nen Pa 1 Symp Ags a HEE eames of Le Alben uw $161: The Strctnre of Sp,€ aod aac Be 5 meet u “s et Reetnuatale x 9: tat Ciena ir a nee 7 Shtesiaes a $2E Reems 2 BE te cro B 2 Nema ee s 2 Sie Pa 8 Menem Spa ope 2 10, Lie Algebras in Dimensions One, Two, and Three ! 3 1% Orthogonal Lie Algebras 287 {itt Dimon Om et Toe ‘s fiat soemene a a a 23 Son Cnc on 8 ies mos ect " fi me i a a ® mm 1, Represaons fs wt = A estar “ x fins topcoats Ontogel Grom Ea Sie Repnnatin ofa te Gi tgre roied book al ars tthe “he Cetin of Complex Spl i erat {BL Dake Dagan aed Semial Agtea {212 Chaipig bmn Dap 21 Recent fom Dla Dag sy ant Other Exceptional Lie Alps {Bat Conan oi Dehn Dine ELE Yerog yee kp 2 Rept ey [LE Ail Comet te Ean Aga ‘Comper Lie Groupe: Chracers 2A Reon of Cole ingle ee £32 Rept ings Came LE Honopmer pce BSE Nab Bp ‘Woy Character Formula [BAL The We charter Formal [BCE Appleton Ca Le be More Chane Forme [BSI Frets Maite Fama ESE Penta CP Ket pty Forme BEL Tene Moran ono Sebo Rel Lie Alesis nd Lis Grogs i [D6 Chon fe Se ie Alaa Crap BEt Stent tse Pr Arreds A. On Syma Functions ‘AE tae Syme epi a Ron aman The 82 Drone Beet 8S ter Deca Cone $8 Tem rode 2 Fear Syme ove 8 Daneal coccn © OnSemiilety CE The king Form Catan Fe eerie tin Doane 1. Cran Sublets $1 The Ede Caan Sala 2S One Sumo stsonseg tas fs Pecos of oan sie Boa Orie ty Goay Ado and Les Theoret {Logs Perm (2 haps Ter tna Theory fr he Cael Growpe AE ThePtnoial enace {EE Appt Sle 4 Orton Orge (Peta Cpe ey Bhopsphy 96 G&D Lectures 1-3 PART 1 FINITE GROUPS Gin that ove the qr fh bok i devoted othe ereaatinn henry ee proapeand Lisi hy haves dean fey tient tee peup at alt There cra vd non rms opel point ove: maya eis cones andcntracton we i intoe Ie nl bapa the uy fi group and lee Th el esa ‘eran betting, ‘Repro oy veymacha Sheer ei the loving sen nh cory hen pour ner et i ey vet oer Stderioed tte sate he prmaaion t= eto he atom ‘thane GLO tanetr apc od under compestinn edict Only {2 tbe 20h ertry wat beac a a hurt powy sen malo Pombo make dation etry poprit h sbte posed ‘Froese eitar seein ars ebro fs peste Seep SVGLUP) To ie an ang he henry wna nas soe8 ‘tse onnts Sh stay the won ers Rema ol ese th nection of the tat ot made faa iter othe eb neler ge, on cul ates oe ‘tinction eee entrants roma te mus hh Prope nr inns othe meso he tal and nich wee Popes he pur emtning in Quenton xseme oo ‘Stns fr xample cul be bce pi two art did ie sac ‘afl ers and oul be emine Simin, whet wold bate ben ‘Sie inte ith ema simpy "rou ther” vow Tred nto two fate Fes here tesa of he treo tat ape eae ‘Staton of simple group Sere th cope ghee pen 8 tpour haw anne ial th ay i wi @ may teed a (mt ore ro SL Th he iit mate ‘Ginn i it few make seme whe ft nei repreet- onthenytodom insconet wie te meet he poue ination {sisting and ett aero tage lo eran hat stearemaring of nh te opsenation tho ote oop for tow Fades hese ot seay faa withthe motions asa ‘creation hy, sme ter ostabththe ina ge tSesrutre he pup wasnt Hl an nue When ne aa for ‘amphetamine rowp on, Sa ets, tem eget hl he ede already an ith be ‘toute an an fous on the ase Cone pretation hoy Bane Wewilqend the itt th cat a i rnp. Many the lecniquesdeopd for ne poop layover Ue oa ie, far lef topes put ued yt Faeumpl we pend set ‘ite on emi ouy tht pry fr towne, a aan ary bec what te hy bee pes new oy reps The peor proup oad teutpouge Tere ae cot ch athe ett upon the goes SL and th hte ded rey oft bint nt deo pear er fe enero hse ‘Reder pam conroed wth Lt ho web te oat Isrodarary note teach tre ish wl te ln te ceding pris tho) Nonte h by o mean compen eae Seal te eration try te oupe many nora es ‘cha the Ain aod rave hone sl he whe sae f moult repent ve ote LECTURE 1 Representations of Finite Groups Ine ec ie i tat pent etl to ‘Ree We tot ar eprom an pope Spa ‘ean wane sync ga etn et can eB a ‘am amt ler ese ote pos she St Deane $d Copter emt 3 te sh pe $1.1. Definitions A eration of aie op Gon Siemon comple eto ‘once Vt hononption p10-~GL{V} el Gf the posp of stoner onto Vesa tin cha map gis V hse ede, When hte te ambglty about the may pan neal eve Smet ‘tos hve were cl la epecsentatin thn “lesen sprenthermbol party ror gto ea) Theineon ape cn wero Vand W faves a mp ome every 9 G(We wl cl thi ina mp win we wa fo ‘Singh rom a airy sar map betes he or pte Wy ecanihen ete Kar im rand Coker wich ae Gece ‘Neepsmatonfa eres Via ecorvabqas WY abich and W erpesettions the re on Wander prac QW ae so rpranmaton, later HO n= morn Fora repenmation ¥ he nth mor power igs a mpeetation byt rate a the eter powers NV) an spec pas Se) ‘te eeprntatinr The il Y"~ amt Piss ee ‘Suan hgh nia the met bows ways wane wo pee ‘ons fo wap te eatral pang need) between Yan 8 sotiatiiypd-sGLMeavapnmntnion at poG GLI") hte da Cetane hea) =o for 966,06 ands. This tn fo to ne the dl ‘mpi ea) Hits yea forages, sec 1. Very tat with hie detain ofp (herein bore Having Sidhe duno repent and he tea pda fo reteset sewn cet PaadW opens heh Hgm(¢2W) eo reprsenation ine Senteaon ome W) YW: Unrrang is ne viow as cement om, arse mp ‘oem Fo Wewehane aon = cote forall Inher wor he fin ih he igri comme. Noth the el eprsenain um, spi caf hi “oumesnir nome ibn tn 2, Compt Rely Sh ene : phn = Clete ral epresenain a pw = wir we Cima Plots Gmail with go) ole he, o9 =a) eee 2. Vita in eer te ecto pc of sar pe eee {yo sepreenaton ng Wa Gi jot thence Hom ot ‘nent a Hom) faed wae he nin of. Thi apc Senor Homet 7 Weave in te tke he eteaon Hom) = Va the Sefaon a te eenniation Hom More seer, th wa ‘efor ssor pcs ara tos poem cer vowem-wensvem mem @ Krenn, ny =r uae 13, Let 6-= GL te ay rpsetton ite group on an n-dimensional voor pes and super tft any pe ‘termine pg) 1 Show tat he spaces POP nV ae 1 ie ny ine set nd at th lt 08 Msg Aut ea emomorhiam tote yarmtaton pop fhe nae po tin reno Bt sts ibs ed Lee Sit ‘The reguarertetion doe eR onespnds oth el ction on lf Aeron he pce f Compe aan eon on Sheteanslonen ge neon fenton ent =a ue 14) Vey tate ne Sst Ragen by idenpng the demet¢wih caracerts ein whch ae he vale fom Sematier tion of 1) The pc anton on @ cao he ma atm G-modsle byte ‘uso’ ath) Show hei anleomerghicepeesaton $1.2. Complete Reducibilty; Schur's Lemma ‘Ava ay stay, ele we pinout oc the repens ‘aint proup C incest we shold yo snp Hey eto at ‘Src aomenta Syst, wb st ta greta Cc fe ail pot foe oration by Hea apse operation, mest ‘mp tng the het um We soul then 08 rpreeritos that ei ith espe thisopeatog, ie thatemoet be espreed ‘a de sm of ther he nal rm for oa pret de nan Happy eaten aie ait eld poly be oe Sernon tone i hit re dol relucieecotis 90 oper sabes aed evr epratation is the ie a of rewctes mt oabeses nigel shee oaths Propet If W ina mnrenttion of repesetion ¥ of ite sys eee coments me ope ot Pron. There ate to way fig th One ea leas osve ‘ee Hernan nc produc on ¥ which peered ech 96 (cei hat He ge) Me frase Vay nde ‘ny Hermtanpodt on Yoon ge uch an by age ove Meo) F tatoo ‘Then he predate 1 i complement Win. ‘il (a simi eee spy ehoose am ray ap U compe mento Wl mW te te rowing by te dict ‘Teompetion =U, and serge th mp oe that ke = Z aloron “Til en bea Gea map a ¥ oot which ie maipeton by {Gor Wtste wil here bes suey Yarn oder ed ‘plenty to a ory 1 Any rereetin a det me trebles. “This popnty cad compte recat sich. We wil Iba foreoninsosepreseitines he cle Sor ny cop ony at ‘his popery eration overt group (wie tara ease ‘ete pou) lt the rl of evel the above foo! Theo) Hoop dons nt have this pop the epee 69) leaves he x us ed, thet compet sabes We wl ie tikes reas mach a Se that re seme heme te 0 ‘taht arte weal the etn spe Va ove lo Ee ‘Shasteraeaer tpt herb tas) Ores There 112. Conte Rady Shs enna > ‘compet redsiy oe the ing hat eke he ee! mdr ‘pest orotate eto sce ove ae nso ely “Texto wth he dowmpeon ofan hia representation et a reece age he oes he ‘Schr’ Lama 1, If Yad oe rede pest or W ira Gomera en (1) the 9 on omega or 9 = (3 VC Wieng 1 forse he G1 te ent, nf G a ro. The isch fone heactibtKer 9 and ng aoa ‘space For the soi tiny oe, mst hve Setvaie Le frseme Le pif hr mote here 8) (0 then ‘remanthaieg nil = bsog = a ‘Wecansemmtse hat ne nv shown arin Pepin 1 Fo ny pein Vo «ft ro ee até th ae dint reduce repent. The desompstion of V {ne cm of the ts ga, 9 tt re reo. olor om Se ea tt W nance epee of Cah dcompostion = Ogg Vs eacepat tees ‘aon. th put map the tor Hit hat factor Whe hc 1.2 he apd te ety apo od eguness howe a In he nt tire ne il ges oslo te proton oon, ‘Thedecompostion othe Ismet dt am ose a1 ‘econ ie decomposition itn Vea OOahmah + tah a ‘opin when on cones al bout the Homey cnes and tlie he ‘One moe ha il xb inthe towing tare sth ite sup Gaon aly many edie ops ‘erin infact we wil how many) Thc he tet te ‘esti faepese ono by eater coe neared * 1 Ree of ae Grp he ede presentations of, el bale t debe am asety (Dear he reduce repeeatin of 6 ‘oc we hare doers the pclem eae out in pate tederipion gen ereseain nthe me Ths a ee eal te (8 Find chins fr ging te dot mm decompo (19, an poe ming apie an rrr erent ‘nha thw ang Eom sper eb the sot fin line {pte opton dere! sve. We nul ike core tte ao ‘fete interme atone he repremtaton wept when we er hee ‘spernion ona neh epaetton Thi Leow pray a8 (i) Perm: Deere h decomptions th mati of repre teins dred fon geo restos ¥, mach wt FV. Ye OY, Shand 9) Noe att decompose mf wo pee lnlons thee eronnaton daonpereseroegiee it = Ui Meee itr= @ Xu@NW, so tis enugh to work ot ihe thy for ile poeta Say. and W revo educterepreetations newt oe poe tinea town athe Crh Gordon poie 51.3. Examples: Abelian Groups; & ‘ne svi holo fo tamper iwi sean pour It dove ot ong mews dew hae Basel. we ma nerve gen Visa epesntion af he agro Gabekan or ot ex eG Besa map ig Y= bts mpm geal 2 aie omer on for ger eG we ae te # Mao Inde gt ¥-+¥ tb Gna for ey lad oly 9 the centr 2lovt@ to pra ablan ad V sande ocean, ‘he y Saute ema sve seep eG at on? yas aie of the enti vey tba of tha vane ht Pt oe ‘lemon The trae eros sy ian rp 6 ‘ipsa of he dl ropa homer 1. ample Ate Gen, . econ nt the spe sonteian sown, 6 ~ Sy, Toki wih snehove(r wit ay symmetic rope some ipeetatons heal repmaeitin wich ne widen ron hear or=seniae for g€6,0£€. Nex since come to perma group we ‘atrlpematton epee, nw at ony femmog thecordts Epethecen tesa te #205) Gruen ted “Ti epson Va lentnaheOts + +2520) Thistwo-inersoneprettonVicasy sen to bee: eel {he want repraentatin oy Le ur nom roe pola of cig a rity representation of), Wenn nthe sent eres onde el fo ig eid ‘hrc hay bat seen hismay be we wold ike oe ‘hore soc approach Tbs sme rr rade tect he reset content amity auton ne song mas of make {oi tat ere re berafar wee wap edn hg cara thor). The el eson we te ig tht il vet toss ‘ett we ier foramen he repent fae ope In gra wl prove ob he ke Touareg pce of Bon “Theisen averse on nsw neo entht heeprsniation theory oat sek poop stay il at ote ‘fan tba repettion Wey by ekg ut he een oe ‘elan syrup ty = 22am He The yikes very tne dom eso fwetae ro be any erator, hy toy) Be sce W sno byenary the con of whee ee aes Me ctecure a perso cab rot amy 8 Th = Oh ee Hoy at mao Net, weak ho therein ements fa om nt of thi i dF We coma tet ih sme xe th carci cuttone want aot epee nee 236, Let V and W be induce reprettion of Gad [iV Wan er apne Deb FW by uo Rotten Show tt Of 04 Ware ot womorpig ad tat ieiption byt) = ‘xeche 28 Show ta hide epreiatins of arena ‘yy mre aera.) te enti these ‘oper an ehoznal bor he spc af acon on G [oer ‘duet sen by {Gy and, then the teaser product # @ V8 a representation of Gy» Or hig «ant Ota)=ae,@ 44" Te danpsth hse tse irom the eral enor poten y= Gye eto New rt sontimer ente oy he hate hen Iovate celery he rose Ho. 44)= nl hnlea EY and ae di ho tha ¥ 9 ao eae and how "hat ees rete epson a Cy Gy ae a ay. te of 19m, Inte tes weil ten e sen 2 subgroup G ofa snr eae 1p OL, and we il oko other reesei eno omer {The folonieg econ i 2 Tere of Burs od oben, ‘hows that foe nie pou Geshe epson a be ned 4 Mere Pet Frm Moe Cone » robe 237. 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Examples: S, and 2, [Reba od te potion he mi an aeming ous ing Bde il wok othe nex coueee Representations ofthe Symmetsic Group S, ‘telaent of ac we hate 0 tampons, 20 heey, oe ‘2 eyes tan ee Senet conjugate (123) and {oslemeatcongte 1 30) Ar for he ecb rents ne ‘hve fount alten Uh aerating owen ‘ihe and ereiation Vaan he ene fy me ca rot ite sundardsepreston oth he srong oe toot sath dace eptciaion Yih antr te= 6ee por that Vn Pa dace repent “Theft fourm fhe curser ale aethoe Ho ae we ne tre mor ina repetition Where sos we lok hn! Ont if our rvouengrece and Pie 272 tate le woul be nthe tenor pedcipowen othe eloctie epee we hve soaps 9 ¥ (eh tno [ible podics wl ytd noting new ne have "Y= VQ U"and Fav Sve 0 Otome, Yo beaks up wo "Vand Sym 00 me Too teary. Toma hy tema lal Hate? — ne) Hor 6, 2.0% ‘nse om his tat it inde ath ede epson (a hat MV@U"= iv wpe note new that wah ‘Wecannom dhe enaing fn openssh ewe mays Fife tod mate tensions, ne ae Paya a Oa neh so 4 af = 50. 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Statements of the Results ‘The nue of eredusie eran ofS he nob of onagy et ih he aber pf prio! d= Sy MOE ROME Ee OM Ee lh conege ect ia) < Ti patio nantes i an nein ‘ave een eh od Ha, And} For example pla} sg al eqn oat ih = Dan fn ton Gy ese a Tay ag omens oun ane a agra ih A buen the 0m the ow of boxe ied pf he et. The "eve potion X= to he prion dene by ite ‘nga rows and oom ibe oan digesting te dig inthe 4" toe For exmepl the Sam ove ta te pation ( he coajt(3,4.2 (Without tee ote ign ‘oj arition oes be ced by syn tener Tepito tht we rater thar or eal 0) “Young diagrams can be wed to densi pjeton oper fo he gq repeats whch nl hen peti elope Sr For Bon Yong darn, mm te bot ny coment 3 Sieta| Mace ey line tana nen Young Sagan 0 be henbeing ite ves bythe npn Ciena ben) the sna ot ‘town die to saga eibe yee po eden eens we Poh at te on cad ee 46 4 Reports of You Das nd renin Chace Fvana (vee ppromnes chow) 0-01 (ve peered aaa) Inthe rovp alga C8, wind te elements corepording tee ‘ogi nest aun Ze ant io Flere an “Tome wat aan do ohne tha Ve any voor span at ‘ne fh esi ponsr=by prmtig ln the mee en mn e8, + Ee ™) iit he tose Ines) = Sym! @SymPY--@SymhV< V™, rete nono he ight cindy sowing thai of V4 ord tothe rows fhe Young ant Sansa ae thon In) = MYO NVO—-@/V ev nly ee {hie ced Yung smart Fox ean, whe = (he = = Sovatg aol the tnage fg on Ye" Ser When ES ese Baap dees eeeentteimteton yeni ‘sen he Sno Simemioal tlace mprenttisof OLE Fie we tte the compendia at epen of There 43, Sane slam of depot ec = mca the eof yr mato on 0) an rec repent Wet Shy tree roo fo ae We wl rove hi them in th et sion Note tha cova. tachivedbereprsniaten of can edness seein tonal ouplga OS, Noes tha he trem get 1 set cregendece btm colic caves in Gy nod ede "epesenton of someting wich has nvr hs oh Foret for (0 (1 Stemntetie Ran ° se vil epesenation UY and when 1 (hh Maou C80, J soloke 0: sel ‘sheeting repesetationU: For 21h Fan 6 ua —tan)® 1 60) Fon Sasa sine 9 a ed Rem Selrcrraetce ear sae enous eet constuction Zand isthe acai spreetatin, xan 46 te cai een dod hdl eprtion, Gyfrd = 3 rom hacontrachonol te tortion saponins ‘Your diapam ts a bd own ou ech epee sme en thee seme Bu serine e anv fe 144 tension oS, Young Dar nd Foden Chr Frm * am v A ’ fp arc 46 Show tha for eer dhe mr eprentatioe V co fonds th prin = i) 1Ata haley yo can yt pone Ute sir poner othe senda repronntaton Paes oy honk AP {| nv x ote ahi coeur hore ht he /* eine ‘Neat we tra Foti’ alt for thecal 2 fy wich Ince om for dean Lt Cente the cosjtay Can Sy imine ya sequenc Fetches) wihEas one ta ave, Lae 2c, cat of os pee yee Teed independent aie ih at unter ftom te Youn daa of De 127 end th ie Ay Paererane 409 [Jens o HJ) =f.) 4 oma port we 8 eB) te sho-nicinep t teh ay = een os “9 Given pion 23, 2-2 Oot dt eA tEL heh thRowtede 14 Stone Rt ” ‘sty doesng que of nam ognve ne, The character of ¥ ‘salted 7B y te ema Probe Foe 10 wefan, Fevers d= 40.2. ition clo 04, testy = Oi Iyiy = b thew “ aot +B 6 Dhan = tere in crac br Sy Say ida Sai seb sea at aoa incre fay, eS pajama Fo voters cel Tmt = Eases. he um ove a partiins Zo din otk prs Popon 437 nd (AM) Although edo ot se Schr perme itr thy ly the cnr le the leh acon evped epee Tet ot he Frotei fortala conte th dines of ¥.The conc chet cept dh so. f a pean Tooter be tte get eet hem ove ape um 0. 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Inneducible Representations of S, We so et hl he representations conrad in the it eon ae aay te reds repeats of Gy Te pot spas ay ‘tdi tes (CR) Dekel IN) [Wet] v0 ne wil be He Tat 4 = C6, ete pou ng oy Fora pion 2a Pad Q te theovespondin bron peengthe rons en cui YOON Ubi eoneyonding les ay bby eed I ees oh Be 2 tne Repent 3, s te coponding Young emma, 10 ¥= Ay te sorepondog Tg emote dependence ont tate conn, a he seen ade epee atone wl ot eee to) ‘etetat 0 = [1}20 ment of Scan be mtn ato one sway ara proc pg. pe Pye 0. Thm ct the nu ete moet iia wth cic besa nor amma 421.0) For pp = 12) Forge Q.bemo b= ani = Feri eee, een = a of emai by Paco. 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(l= bnaever a ote tht sine ony oe pa of trace vale i tke ae of by the fin ena rotenone ase wien "hic Wega to choi he pt od te is fa) oe ho athena m ering nse mane sags he We oto pot the popesion aan xi Bueche$4%, Sep 1 Lat 9= (>> g) be meget of postive od ines sing to an (be he casey Sec at sna ah "tee coreondig character a Asn ‘ine ve mech lem ta tn io Hledande aie (0 show balan io (Le 9= f= 1. Ded tom he equation (9) =2 that eH = Ba, ~ seen anda = own "ip Show ta he ation hat corepond oa ha + = (1h and dae tha andar the name apd ea) ete Sv Prove th ropottion by induton on a Br ok lance yd fer wich seit a leo Be ‘Stand ther han ihe pbb he roponion 152 eyes OL amd SL) ° (Wr 909, 42m +1 tcoesonting sel onus pron dein Mest) Byimdetion Sep tapi yond (3 ltr icone te bein : sland "be he reprint a Gnd eet ‘ipa and Wa, where tnd ae te pone ot Ceurespoding tog Leto scone yaston iy hs DS {if sone athe peels al cogent cots th etal fee rod fc Eee 339) Sth and ‘Ear conte repentant bree Yu ake xual lesen nch pif pt cof ne ih heen) idan compute te vale ofthe chart ean). (in Ler — yr ad stow that (92. 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Hae that Id) = el 2 the ‘speciation fd) org" # sive ee 1 ferent erento, aa beley 00 a+ ot 7 5 Repent a Lh ower, he eptestion et rd the chars onl) (eg ot nd thei = vem: aati 0 aa teyy 0 ‘Wecancaklt sme ine rode of tee Arnis wi ech thes Compan with the fo06 Coan rag) =~ tone es tht QW, and Tn) cotan may he ane reeset With ay tang sl ft coda Tre 8 + eon the ow po TS ln ct the character ofan traci tabepcenain of PNGS ak iession =. We dete ts rpreetaton by Ny Taw tte) Tepeseitons o's 29% an i k= See telson etn ‘iret repeater GU Te Sane tbe “mt ( 000 96D veri Find te mtpiy of ach nec reprectation nthe ‘eptatine 7 Wea Ino} 652. Reenne GLa Sy ” sei 7 Find chtncerable ofPOL6) = GL (FY Not that te Chara at the recess 98 ‘Sonetsequalent me fo Net net othe sbyoup St) of 2? ma of ent nih god The cougny chs tater mh the nobel ‘enchcovjeany dtd te mente ecg dssaench perc Noblenetsincls No. Cher © 1) ' 9 On S ' © (C4 SS ' oF eet wen (Sava a0 stn iL Wh ec (5 8)” Jeet we tte 9 Sencar en em (ceric = tj ton Gla) Since we the rc te 0 Woon working tis ad Se mpl st ee (0) The are othe a epson U Hee. we reset ay "epreseatn we wl gt hae for alta rod Ue (2) Therion Vf he Vinee, (3) Therein Niet siedie dS! and 2 Nye orate eg eb enn 6 sn (0) Leone thechaace off with = 1 1-TRe mito oy {sth am of wo ditt relocations, hich we dee (0 Tern ern on mont heap Isimechiel 1 Tho ges fg Ditolcbleeprentsons o (@) det hecharcter of wih 9? = 1 + tbe retton ky ‘ithe sum of wo dnt Meda epesmatins wih ne Sete Aor his ite 44 4 tint eae epeetton a it is ere the compt i To fh charac ale te poe to ‘lee efor erento ad Se eka ‘heats eth diene a repentiony wy dc ha th Sm of the gure ofthe fove retains 4 +1 which ey ‘oie eet wo Bae dines fir and these fg) ‘hss to what we when fr reopens 0 yup fee we though net bre tre ct a ht ‘eek sh ide na sbroun by Sng egos Ho dno IG, ht conten (hte alg eon tee ot "epee For Hwee the matrcsin GL, whe determina en sae The ‘epee of th nay case ar these tt for Iriarte oy thaneroenaaer trian ot we mat a cles ey the comes (5) x=. The srecontetotbesmens(¢.|)in GL, etn in Theat te = 1 spi conjunc ces The pedro he preclin scti ot e Seto mor uals bt weston Notes the gn repeat U fm Git Ue mo ta tae Mf U'and Ny 3 yh eon oi et iio ame coe i rede fepreratons ffl i enon Ths shows the retttonssoy nee on reaticn rom Stef. nd Wr arconjpae epson af mean fg 145% ad {ie conjugate eresaatin of dieion f= Ih in ton we knw {te te charset Sonya cles re theo hecho repeats yd reel Tis ‘heiformaton we to! 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Schur Functors and Their Characters For any Bein cmp er ce, weve te ao ver =smiveny, The nop GL ao 6 Yd thi, il son ste reson st¥@ Vint diets fede OLY opens For V@VOY=S mV ONY sether yee ‘Weal se at thi oer space fmf eo copie ofa nee {GL ype. eat a Sym ae are ima of sym opts tom P= VQ." @ totals athe te acs. The ‘Smtr rap acon ¥% ay om hogy pean te ese (O° @19:6 = 98" Oa ‘Thr acton commuter ith he acon of GLP). Foray rst fd wehevefom het tarea Young sya en Wedel he get ey on Vor by Sy 5,7 = Imesh) ‘rich isogina epesntation of GLY) Wecall he fant! ¥~5,¥ the ‘Sok for cat nase oe ty Weyfccmarton corpo {ei is Sr no nade heconoyandre een pcos ‘sume: groups tn repesetora peli rp t Wo eh ‘thee conaraton we ge here We wl gether dione Bree 64am 158 For example te artton d= denon tthe tos V~ Sy! fe td noting ew for he partion} 4 The coreapondig 0 theimage ofthe sbi of VY pane ya toe OOH +1 BH OH HOHOH—OH Or UAV @Vivembeedin ¥*"by mapping (ARON BOM OHM then the nage ithe tec of PVF sme by alles (4 Am)OH He ANOre sot hard vey hat he actors he kere fh canon nap Sa = Keaftv@ v.00) (sie the min coh decompo of) Note ht ome the 5,7 can ea bara meson, We wi seen ths ee abe rely mb he be ows the Yeon ‘lagen oie oir tht dines 0 cmrsanr a Sea ope eee ous Se ee Cinta aa “heer acnaaceet eae nas ‘leeracenhotdsanpapnic cetera {61 Sou Fond Te Chet 7 ‘Men 6 = CLV) an for ingore abeoups 6 = GLY) thee $49 ve ay ofthe repentance back tt Iter the book. 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Lie Groups: Definitions ou pray aeady Snow what «Li group i jot» tendon thrllenney whe computes a grup aed an Cpt” ere mena tha tb wltlton Aimer operates in 0x06 are acu fereable ape oly, thie eqn othe ae ‘Set thay = "ven 1.6 thats both dferentabe anda group borommerphian. In genera Petia aple eprops ero oe or ater the wo stars, ‘iment ot rmmel es tothe mantssrctere.Sescts = ‘Sion a se sur tre vat eran cnn om the ‘Sr for romp ne il elo that os tat apo omnes Lit THeapsgs usd se sujecne may feos in ae ‘iets at ey pot ‘One ates whee hte oe patron in the defo of Lictungoup. Tinea say dele mans tery here we hae tomake + diction tees mbna ‘und by whch we mean ase ¥ © ta inex mane ‘actrees tht yb ie. ely 8 M,by ing Sb of Telcos qa th dan hms enn WB ‘ernen the ee manifid Xue ten o-oe mop nh ietie ‘Seta everybere—ta ama tht a ening cal X. ‘hedonic he unripe pe Srsctre tan med Ftd may nt ase wth he teploe "rtrd the nls Xe For evel the map an {ot con be he meio on open inter nn te plane Ra Few ) note standard xa f hi which ian an example the oategry rope moa eta take Mt htm Serine tors We" = Sand the ae a Mo ie hn nl ape Te upto hs a we dine Lahr ole Lit ao, ite wan tempus he pot) oie powp to ten ae ta (2. amp eGo os sinlaneonly sap ad lol aba nd we dine an ‘tern maha tote fhe mage of Le pouy If der a sine front tn iat von o-oe mrp Lt pow he eye tive ileratil wil alow rm dscns le ete) “The eition a's cnc Li run tay algo, he word “alee man” tig repced by eon mani” ant ‘ttn einai Sto dene ance op one ‘pln sient mail” by apse vary” aed “arent [Spy segue orphim’ Aa ne wl oe the neo of compen Lt [Dou ein many way meyer tom that fe le an or ‘mpl three may ove ele iru than el me feo, ‘Ses fate pope inner ute sern om eer oe ‘fcran singe roup oer nih ef den ta may or ma ot ‘taal of € [tayo that mater hve poste ceteris) Te [at th we tht are he sae nee emp ie eure fer cramp eet of ager rowe oer CBee sermich ke heap complet ie oun §7.2. 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We hve Ina po one ep thea ae ifereia of h map A Th ‘rep As) bing jt open tet he vee sae donor i of 1, tangent pce a tee i atari wh ERITEOL ching ti ictal te nap Ade veo me M76 Bol as) ‘This iementiy ea pao he angen sce 1a ie can ie the inge 24019) os tangent tr Yonder he map a8 et Nene ie Agta Meta sd Deaton © wction othe uo vrinee Xan 0 tha ne ea ies ap Tox 16-76. ‘Wetie the oration. Hot bier ph oi oftnget vevor and Tod sierwe wie cnn fasan, ao ‘desi mp ad nol ony he tage pce to the wo4p Gat «an girs ou al carer he el, oe hes ‘orion pon a i au res he ato of thee se {may the ht pn poet repens 6 Hes -| |. comme ie for ny pai of ung etre X and Yo Gat en d08(2XI) ~ wae, eo itt, 408) ~ enh 4o4 0 an Asay be ay contig i ot Jom pot do at ed 0 ‘erating ths bck) Teo hing Nonee tel te bre ml The 1 bln hese at wt cont te bck of stint oe ce eo het ht ford GL. 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Examples of Lie Algebras estat with he ie algebra aoctd ooh othe pow menone in {cte 7 Each ofthe groaein gen ara sbyroup et GLP) GL ‘he elpsar i beso oF Ea) = 9, ‘Conse it the seca er proup SLR) ean ch SL wth dys and tage vor f= Kt = 4 they eon we ae Me) A A Al) 6,8 2 1 Le An nd i op “alin he svat an ering tO wee byte rode le 4) an atten vere ares mete) 4 0 “Tontangentrec rh endorphins re comping “eon ecm eat he Laie seas he ec pace tneacenr mie “fc ontopnl nl ymca spent snp For ale, tte et rp OLR sane fo bee suomerthis Ao a8 ‘chums veer we ¥ prin» gaa rm 0 that (4) EMT WGln an de sand fo we ne forever pr of eto « thse, Ao» Oem “ong eines, wee that ie OH =O wn descent otboponl Lit francine dono i erin ste incor the la) =tem a) torso smi x mati M, hen a We ve sen he oon oF Geeta rotein Geist aaa Me am Ditcining coon cana ama X ein Let Wome Ma a0 an Note that i ste etty ati, i wanda” quate one mtn th ty ta the spc of ewe 2 are To et itinisncay et he ean 21m gen gto al he consent etfexon magn re Peet ie alten n= Ena) jo th mb pew Aivich@ Volstensymmetie ears to = OV © Baa) = POY ax th aos wth he etn of eas paragah,woks eal sctiodeste te ean pee aon Spf sumer aE codomorps ef antag (18 ee o veo SEPT leet heap De xD ie Ma 89}, 6 (92. 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Here thre stn il very sony, ery big dierece haar ‘wien the soa “ever” orthogonal Lepr ay and th “od ‘nhogonal Lise tnerestigly ent tate sect ‘nest hemor sons egciy tro oto ul when me fii thr enaon ain thy eke ve ey Py 18 nop Lie Neat ‘aio fora long ase when i Becomes ecesry fo spl up ino {Soc weil dy tok a the even orthogonal Lie agers at 8 the ‘omer theo Tet boa mdinensiona comple vector yc, and ererse ondegeveae syns ier on ¥-Thecrthogoal group SO. he dete tbe the ope astmorphts af Ff etcant | Tresrving Othe sue that Q(An A) = Oe forall ws Yan he ‘rthopon! Li agra sy ovespondiagly const of endomorphs eT ati as, 9) +04 40) = 0 aan forall and we ¥. 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Inthe cof fesse thee wo rot ao he ie spate by the the egy 4, Odwsnot decibeafceoike Weslchamber homer. ie yt ly isa ot anda postr oe) ne sll Rave thelnegaly yy +2 Ole {soit wecan wee form = = (abeay 242 2a 2 lah [Noe that in theese fs,€ we could Mave chosen out nee tonal Ue eqtips ely with fy >ey> > me > the ordering fe ‘ot and consent te Wey chaber, would tbe the sane) ‘Aor tbe Kili oem hese conetertion forthe syns cse show that it mst be yp to eal the Standard quadrats oe) ‘(This wasimplictiahesbove derision ofthe Weyl group) Thee ‘alslaion ore del, and we leave sa eet wana fer-OEah 2 Next, to deci the representation ofthe oxthogon Lie lsbas we havo deen he weight nie in ad td tht we mts bee locate he copies of ss corepomiing tothe ak psa the !» Ph SOC thas onthe produ ! « sane the comme sompoeat feet the autmoepi group of hs arity jot he podact PGL C+ PGL,C. we pet an uion PSO,C~ POLE % POLE. 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Show tha contraction withthe uaa form Qe Sy? preserved hy the ato of tndocs mage oy se tae ow at hk of scorn ray ‘ah ie seas Con hie sabe Boe re 2 1 Ontoynat Lic tae eset power Sythe repeseation copy ofthe rece ‘sere 189 Foran eral of “mie” feo, copier the edule fepeentaton Fy, Show ta hinscontamd athena be eee Product map eVenr ny andthe composition oVenyvenvay, set theft maps induced bythe omorphism @:¥— V*and the second fi the contraction ¥* @ /8V 1s ean to tie iteorton ft, ‘toe? Sow that he Weight agra this tees ‘er you ate doe wih this aay, compar wih he analy ginen ofthe ‘Srryingthe Grosronsian = (2,4) PUY ato el and PSPAC = GLE the subgroup ling a hyperplane BW =P =P We used en the suerony Pp with topo poup PSO,Cs 3 the sae inet gie an eats on ote arger group POLC withthe orthogonal ap P50,C. "en thou se,Citiomorpicto Lie algebra weave end examined, itis woth ging trough he atalino represntins for wha amounts {o'r sond te partly 50310 understand tbe bomorphism Bett, bat tiny borasse ne wilt carly in thease feos nuber of phenamena ‘tat wi hold ur of beeen othogona gropsia general Tosa we da the Weyl eube in ‘As al we beta th th standard reprennatio, which ne weg 4 cteaping to the cents the ae fhe te ‘othesetorquarect te tana epee Net ne a tthe eer sae OV fhe sled epetatin SeaClear es epee Note hat he bibs eight veo L + 1 of hereto leon am ede of the Wo chants, rer in he toes ie ‘ac aceite gram above node fo gett al the open ett ofa he reduce precio nih Nghe cogs "he emg wo cpt Wel chor ee exec he wand epantan. The the beter ihe eight weight y+ y+ Lech taker thm hy onan ies wen xc i hin Se apiotet, oe } | » |°| Now, we nlc somthing vey ineeing: his canot be an imedoie Femeetation Wecan seth ina umber nays: th mage of he weigh Tee Ta teunderthe Wey rou fovexampla cos ofeer ater eee ‘fe eterece eben parte, th conver hall ees nl contain he ‘ein four veto inting Ly + Ly ~ Luan, 0 2 {oyotrom Ly # y+ Ly 10 Ly + Ly Ly by tanation by neat root esos The terettton AP wl hr ona epi the weduce Fepeentatins Tuy th Foy mth gest MEE Ly + La +s Muley ety Lal weeh daar Sin he wight gr of ah he taboo ong the righty oane fr allieme oF an mst fae Ta sm desomponion 1 Fatt, Titty ‘We an te his net sm dsompoton oa poms ete of unc ngs P slog he rea resem ‘Koa ne sw Sheu he ls of bs ing om = gd ‘Stic nrc ou to he dato coming a to component t2ch somarphi o Band embeded, vit the Picker enbeing of te Grassannian G = Gof Ens in in PAVE) = an pa acon tessa incompleretay 2 panes in) In asta shin heey 2 planeslyingona quainehypesurceinO turnout econ, ensiating of wo componente, under he Plckersmbedig of (0 8) In (2) ~ Byam two compiemenary planes PW, and Pie. thse "planes ge te cet sm decomposition of es anos Comoe Inc fw hk ofa quai ypersrinef P the Grossmann 2) flies in we can se epi what these to fg ok 2 planes arf every pot pe th cao ine ping though ore § Pplaneon Gand for every plo. 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Representations of the Even Orthogonal Algebras ‘We wi no examine any ute epresetton ol Cpe ing ita cece dodo compete cep as fora stead wecan now dese the eer aten os repeentatins ‘the re orthogonal Lie algebras 2. The coms slony il hae to ‘sit uti te owing ear ince penn we canon con ae {epcnations oso. wae pointed out we ave Dt ale to do s0 inthe cases = 2 and 3 uid sar only byte of baa oth {192 Reyentaon thE Otoponal lea a" ier Ue alsa ander a no moe mk amorpis fo ti piat Svevifnonecegiessmehalnspewresrarcan "rahe eel te wp tose mae by “Mogi te vror oy ¥ )2-The Wench a teeter he cme = Caben2e2 = ta) aie gate ans tnneelateen hiteera tiptoe ripen ey oy pa Fert atptetr seep eee rere SCE ce ert elizonl cag nene Attn te bios pa start a oral erations is soon ie ever powers fa ant representation Talos wonky weave i tation ¥ of ewe 1920) The eri pes Vf he and ection Vo on ae rede for = 2 n~ ts and) The exer pove Fat oxaty nordclefcos. 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Show that theo & IM somatic square ofthe repeetation omposs ia a * 'Vandativialonedictsonal epee, Exar 191 Find the decomposition em ithe deomposton ita ieee representations f $194, Representations of the (Odd Orthogonal Algebras, Sa aa captor ten been aiigtonl Lic alerts he rot of he exene pan alee tae ee (1418 Chat consti feeds epeennioe ne 994 Reprise O44 Ortop Abas ws Nicest weigh) wl ote complete wl he lowing sure but we can sont around thet we "To be with cl tha the wiht lati fi i thal fa. enertdty Lisl toeter he frtber ecard t= Ly he ‘Wel carbene oer and icone ¥ = (Sabse, 24> 24,20) ‘The Weyl chamber at we have pointed oa the sae fo eb aC ha iis simpli cone with er cotesponding fo them planes y= yy Sema: and a0, The ges of te Wel shame are ths eas raed the wets Et Lagi Ly tnt Ly and Ly by {oot that 1, + fy oma dg he Wes Samo Ain: he Interston athe weigh istic wih ceo Wes cones ie semgroun, inthis case generated ty the damental meiph tLe on = et Ouele tot bey and the Weight ay ey eos Lyla Moreover as esi th aver feo and wt ete power of thestndd presentation do senetogeeratsl hired rere ‘ons whose hist lg aein Beaute ZL: peel we “Theorem 1914, Far k= em the exterior power (4 ofthe sonar representa of oC tthe nee rpretnation wig weight teeth Paoor We wi eae thisas a este; th pool eel he ae in Uhecase of s0,C,wltuenougholtdllrence fo make interesting, C) We have thus constructed nel ofthe inedusbe epesentations of sens Cany wiht the Cael Weyl chamber ante wren Pe oyby a + Ly) +o Fae to ee aly #4 LD wih ae andi, ne, the representation Spm V OG Sym" HII Syme UEV) willeontsin an inedible repreetationF widget weight. Wear Ising however aby preset whose wep ince od mpi of {tocastoct hee, me day ha to et an rede epentaton| Fi highest weight» This eer and iced ‘Sthopol Lege) the sp epeontation ovetha once weet hepa epresention ithe repeentations offer any 7 above the tense Smee OSU OSM illcontan a copy of Asin te cse oh pin epeetntion Taf he een onthogn algeteas we can sy aome things st Fen vance te exp ons; for exams we endothe lowing exerci peri 1945 Find thew Pd oo Exerc 1916 Give te complete component ‘ions of Sym*T, and AT. Show t os LOL = AOI VeMVe--eNVEMY. eh ei ety he sore stent the marphaim ithaps a aa $19. Weyl's Construetion for Orthogonal Groups "em pew ne nan lr ee epeeteia ated nee Stina tema ey a ee the intersection of the Kernels of all these contractions by V*#. For any. Partition d= (ay 2" > A, 2 O)of det heat _ Sal = Mn5,¥, (191 oe his i eresentation of te othogna group OC of Tierem 1919 Th sat Si ¥ ison inedible reresonation ef OC, SP HEY sal ny ie if ees fo ko he “The tensor power decom . nate pes exact Lenn 1715 with vey hing the sce bt replacing the symbol aby Ete pac Sal = Vc Ie: 1 YH, ‘when the sum ofthe lengths oft wccinnine fiat two cbsamvat me 7 vec 19.21") Show that the hecnl of the -ottation fom Sye to Sym Y tbe ines represniation Sy cence wih hgbon meh, “stow nat Sim = 57 25 VOB Sy. ete pis the get iter = 2 ahs (ih lip ofthe repecsntatins “The poo fhe theorem prose exactly asin 173. The fandamenal futon theory thane sateen (1719) with ecu resturant ven smmetifor the ro Shu tenland by Ose (and the sume ratene to Appelt F2for the Erol The heron he tow om Lemma 62 in exsely he same way "Tofnd the rede representations ovet SOx op can proceed sin 61, Wop calls to paris (ach withthe ue of he Ba wo clu + leat os) uted the sm of helen of tr ist ome seth hereof hr Yoo dams hae ve at eyes of tsocated partons reine to domerphe epee tionofSO,e. Note that at oa one ofeach pas of sect partitions wil fave Young digrm what mou} owe Ifm= 24 +18 0, po Lie ‘Sood el ut itm = 2a een any with a Young grata with ‘onsro rom wl besotted toil, ais esttion wll be thes of froconugterptenation ofS, ol hesume dimension. Tefal rex ‘horem 1922) m=20-4 and d=, = 2 y= Othe Sythe ruc rpresstatin of 20,C mths weg iL + fy (ib if mone and 2 (hyo ey 2 Oh then Sy he rele eqrenaton of so with highest welt ly ho ab Tid ms Shand = Gy 2 yy 2 £,> Oh Su thes of wotmetue reset 6,C thigh weighs Ly 4" 4 uly Say ee helen Ale Exec 1:28 When ms stow tht 0.6 = SOC » [1 Show ‘Planar stocsted then = 2 ete thes ofthe deena ‘Wepospon to Lecture 25a dcusion of mii of weigh pce, or desaposing tenor pods oF Festition to subg ‘ewe win Lecture Sfor tye andinscture orp Citi possible to make a commutative seb $!"= SPAY) oat of te sum of the ‘edule sepesentaton o SOqC, where V~ C" ithe andar pe Scniation Fit suppowm = 24+ Tica Defne tering Vs easing1S5, {Shh ra sum ol he opeentations 5,07) of GLIV) whee ras ove UA purtifns with at soe n pat, Ati the symplectic ee ea 5.40) 549 La adhe diet um = Jy) nan eal in 5 ab Th quotient SUN AWM = PHA is.acommutative gael sng wich contain each reducible rereenation 1m =n een the shore quien wl contin each epeenttion Sulit as mows To i owns here only onc lca ae adios cans of erm tye he wbeePoP ithe homophone en rhe pot of Thora "D2 Fora deta dicsson whet genase eta ef) LEC LURE 20 Spin Representations of s04C Inher ne ample he pte of he pcan fhe ogee titra src ps rps soe: a pele 2 oes ot pn rug pc Sac ie opener sea | ‘hess acrid cat nepal oe ae cated ema ‘ite ete heronaeion Ta tts 88 ee cae Senet Seton 2 ety se st Sent tay tet ty hn ate je ten {BNE Cir ata and pi eroennion fae {2 These tum pn on Sn nd: Spiga st §20.1, Clifford Algebras and Spin Representations of s04C ‘We ein thisscton by yng to motte the definition of Clo algebra. ‘We may begin by asking, why were we alo final th pesto of SI,C op ise eso poet of the stanard penton, bt oly te epretations of SOC ti ths way? One rence that itt ‘histones inthe opto of tee roepe SUC an Sp ae ly ‘omni whe SOC has fasten group Z72 fr m=? epost See (2.0, Thereore 30, asa double coveting the spin group Spin (Form 26 ths covering cold abate exacted fom on enna on 21 spn erections of ‘fe tin group PSO, withthe adit group ofthe snp connected tous eg the double cover of LC) We wise hatte sng "epeetations ae shove epeseatton of Spiny tht do ot come ot aaa to rotate shat gen by wat restore and an ange of tatag Shout the wo ches of nt sector ge two shes coving. In ‘ter wor the unt alin ther a double covering (00 +5040, hic ena vector ein to rotation ty the ane 2 aboot the wi “ector wll be ocgn and the nt spre Dae sett te hea i D SY “Ti covering is ve esr to se fr the entice onhogenl group O48 ich nerated by reletons Re ihe vesors 9 wh ering “he sme rection) we can sen the dhl cave af Oj the gro ‘ows yw vers th enn heorerthecompostions of the eespondingrelitons ae equ ie ener Ryo aR = Rey 9 0 Ray nd als elation Come ew foe al piso unit etre v and w (Noe that wets ours © rod o even ner of he nestor 639° we moa get ack Ie Soule cove ofthe seil regen poop'S0,C) ow sould we generale hit The nowt obiows, Fr one thing for vats reasons we wil ty to comet dey 9 ou that cover he ochogoal group in evra tend. piven svete spe el oF ‘anple) anda aatratic orm @ on, we wl fit conti ste Ci, Och Cir lgebre Te lee CC 0) wl etn {20, lr Aeas and SRepoeations ot ou contain neste group asbytoup which sa double coer igen CHHLY Q) tate tothe pai (0) am aso algebra ‘Sheanng and geertod by ¥-(When we want o deci the syn group {Sse Clin) we wl venti ures to procs a evensumibers af Smet Vhving it norm Oe, ifodd podatsarallowed as wel, ‘reqta pou called -Pa which sa double covering the whole otoonal {oup) Fo otste the dfniton, we would kr CMM Qt bethealptra ‘oma ty V subettoreaions nalogous to toa above for he dokie ‘ver ofthe orthogonal ru In particle fry wer wit Ito) = I ‘St he elon inthe hyperplane pependicar oes an volton, inci; 0) Ry polation, this the same as mposing he elation ews 9 = 206m forall and win Vt particu 0 = ~v- found ware perpen. Tnlact theif algebra ne aie lat bebe aso e alba {owed by V ad supe oh ountion r= Ul Teoking aca we wl tern th oon that nc compe Cid alpsra oma an othogoal Lic algebras sublet. The bey ote fen tht CHIL, Osage orate tema 0 matric agers ein ar eerie ee oe oto represen of Tie onogona isle wich tm out oe the representations WI ‘seme compete th ory nba ear Js asin te special neat [In oympltic coe he oresponing Li grup a ot el seeded 0 ‘Shot! the epesentatians thy can be won down del fom the Le gc. ha ection we 4 thi ing the Cord algebras fo costa ‘tse represnition a 0, diel ad ven that thy eve he ming Spin cpesettne Inthe second eon of ths etre we wl show how {Bespin groupe sta syroupe in beemalpeatve gos Clif Algebras Given yma cmc Sndispeeratty Hi oer orm Q om tor spc the Cif alee Qh an active agra with ai 1, whe contig ‘ns oralloe ¥ Equivalent wehave 046 mh, ann Soninton gt fo an w nV. The Cord bgt canbe dee to be the univer sls with is propery Es any anacitive nga wih ane tae lier wtpping | Y-r 8 gn ach tha je) = Cle) foal se Poe een HJ) 10 = 2040 018 202) forall. Vike thee shoside unique homomorphism fale fm €1O) to extending Tae Cliord are can be consuted eels oy akg tenor alsbr TW- QY*-corevenavevenc seta CIO) = VO, where Qi these ea geet by all ements of the form #0 les) Wi atomate that tt C1) ‘Stes the equine property. ‘The fc ht the dimension of C8 2", where m = dim), and tha he {posal muping om Yt Cc an embedding ne pr fie foowing erm 8. i fm Im fo he ats = seeercota t= iy Shecene Urea wth nt eae Clg) = Cut, @), cat ” Paoor. From the equations 66, + 4 = 206 ¢) it allows immediately tha the ements generate C() Ther independence fmt bard ones Seti oom by scat he igen te man sls ey ‘he maprngs onstuced lew are deen For ames pros ne that wien QL the Clifden the ener geen A Ie fre he Clio algebracante eed seeps connote lemens which can be wie as sumo st mos & procs oem ¥: one checks tha he associed patel space hikes Fore tnd Drool eae cin very tha the Ciford agen of te ditt some ee xthogoal pcs isthe skew commute tarot godt the Cond sabras ofthe two spaces Ener BO wich eur one he a ‘Sie wheredim P= 0 Sime ea 10) Tate by ent of en ee Cllr algebra imberits a Z/22 grading: al cnet merc 9c, win C0400 260: CCC ated Sse amif Senin eveddmantr tpn pe eas eee Secs {Qantas bea Sey i estat hb atromtonen messes Te tevternainr oe illoadaaene {201 Clr Als sod Spin Repco oe a ( enbetinghe Lieagetra (0) = eid th Lissa ofthe ren fal the Cato lpr C1 (a Henig te Cordage ith one ortwocoles ofa algebras “ovary out she is step we make exp the morph of AV with so(Q at wee sine bf Rel that, s0()= (Xt 0140, + Qe) = for win Y ‘The omorpiem is pten by DV Esa) foc aand bin ¥ where. is tnd by eal = 2108 Ha — Ob. eng, lsasimple verifcaton that iin (0) One stat the atures rrepondp 0 slate fy PLO AE — By anh 0 be ap ‘an homorpis (The choice of sca ator i imp hor wat ‘owen to spi et formulae) One calsaes wha the racket on OP fnostbe to make tian omrphiam of agen oe teal = Be? Fadl) = Be? Bolt) = Roll ne ~ Oe 8) ~ 2 fist 16M) = 404, Ne — Oe. 2) = 4021015, ta — O14) ~ 40021018 ae- O98) 4 40, 04044, he — Oe.) =200h nd ~ 200, A.) = 2014, dgfe +2004 caval) “This tes an exp formula forthe Bracket on Loren dl =20hea a d=2008,d)a 0 © = 2ladenb-+ 2c nb — ans, (Om he ober hand the bracket nthe Cor sha sisi [ehed-ebed—ederh D1 ed ere bd) — BOIa dhe bed) = 20(he0-4 20h dire aed = 201 deb +0. aed by =200,-d— 201hdlare~ 204 Heb + 2000.6): Landes soe 20 Sin Rernion oto "eos that te mp 6: 2P-» CaM 0) tind by Hone jleb—ba)=ab~ Olah) wo icamep filets an by looking abscess uin ones that iistnenbedtng Ths proves “ 7 emma 207. The mapping 9°! 9(Q)-+ COI embeds iQ) a pee Te Q) a0 Le ‘sere 204 Stow thatthe image of is Pocom naked, ser the tgnof Cae y palate ro cements Fink tcesten cont fh een ae ey ‘that element on C(Qh- “ ie ftw iY = Wo thea cappella c aes ten {ete sero fomonid Wah ea shoe anes bane Wan taken tobe te pace spantedy the fat bs ecto re the fit nbs bye ema 99, The dcp 9 WH" deni on pin algebras. nail co Eas, shee = 899 oping C0) 10 he ha = Ha) the sae i !anoing fo to Bs sting 5) We mascot ae FW Sand Wor ch at Kn =0, rw, en ayo To) = 2006 01 foamy we wot cade Wt Lab ek malian ‘won the exterior algebra A'W: : ° Ligewas, gen, Fore et Dy be the dervion of W such tht Dl Ome 7°W' Clorwe Ws ead 8D = 2 a 9 ey eg in a A (0, Clr Alera and Sp Repent of a ws DAG 8) DAC AEH NMEE 8 DD ay A A No ply, Dd n= 0m) = Ei Wty T= De cain rere Wedd by teint Bn) = 20, forall W- There {relegation (20.10) ate srihorvar yereation: onc dite cleans in Wh, ad hentai ey ot! om Cand they hold linc € Fel, one ma) se tha the ain map a amcepis by ‘king wht happens to abi. a aece 1212. Thelef C{0}modsle Wiisomorpic ta ein 10) Sow ht if firs gesratr for 0" then CQ) = Wf andthe 4p (Geb Fv an Bomerphisn| NWF = CONF fet (o}moduls Now we hive a dcompostion W = AW @ ino th sm of cyl ol even power and CW)" reget ths spliting We ddoce itm Lemma 39 an omorptisn qos = Ena @ Ee en Combining with Lemma 207, we tow bye an embedding of Lie lgtras eiQ\=cror=imwye akin, ane) Chick we denoeby st sndbence nehove tm eresetatonsosa( ropeton 15. TherepesomationS* are thelrcleepresentatons of Swi igh weighs ily tt and B= My ey = i sere precy, Shot a SAE, Inlvoll an) $=; Sateen, roo, Wesow hie tala etn y= 6 fr right etre Tracing though he emorphsms establish bore we erat Ba Enunain 20,0 corespod to le, 4) 8 PR, wih comesponds teu ~ in (Qh which maps 0 Mla © Bag 2) hyo Da ~ We Baa). ‘simple alton sh ihat Py 2 Spi epee fn 6 fe tier 0 wer ‘herfore spans a weight pace wth wiht SLs ~ Sar Allsach iets ith ge od ate consent by the Weyl group, 0 each | SS emi and $= AH mua ean ebaseropeseiaton The hes weg rca to doll For rap he es ml Wis}L,= aim seve,whdeifmis odd sight weight ef ‘These tno rersetationsS* and S~ ae wl cll the basin represmton 05, whe ther sum $=" @ SAW wcll be Sn gresntaion Fequnlyepeily when we speak there ded ‘oes gtr, eel te a spy spa reyesnaios” ements ofS tele pinrs For ther po the propeation see Peres 904 td m8 Lao Date For the old cass, write ¥ = W@W'@ U, where W and Ware m simesional otpc saps end Ua one-iensoal space pee: Ua to hee. For or standard @ on "the are epaned by theft ‘he second ne te at ba eco, emma 2016. The dcompetion = WW" GU determines an tomar (ao f eles O)= Eads End Paco. roctngasin eevee. tomap Vo f= End W)mapwe W {LW eW 19D, where 9)» 20 as tore Let be he ent in U ach hat a) =I ahd send ag the edmorpian that he ey on fH an mins the entity om =. Set ivchtion ‘ew imme withall Zand Dy tbe este map rom = W@W" U {oF dace: un agers hommorphim from C(Q) 0 The map to [End(W') ded amily, evesing terol of and Agu ne ‘ects thal the map ian omarion by locking at bse, a uric 2017. Finda geeratr for 2 lea of C10) tat omg oa The sublasiraC(OF™ of C1) mapped eomorpiely oot iter of the factors bythe omerphim af Be min 0 we ve a somo the odd ene! lor = Foam, e018) ‘Asef thi ger eresetton S/W of Le las Sean € =O) CON™' = AHH) =k) 2019) S81 esp roe naan ent wa ‘ropeding 220, TherepresenationS = AW the iodiberersematon Fen mth ighen weg, aod shh Paoor. Exact in the oven ct ach ia genet wih with weight WSinrls Zon ly) Ths tne a such ete ee congo ye Wey [Bou his mus bean edo feprsentaion, nd the ht weigh (day, t+ yh o ‘A we saw in Lecture 19 the contocton of his api repeemtaton fishes the pon oth exstence here for epeetation of cogs heat for afore csc ample semisimple Le ales rere 2021 Use the above skaieation othe Clford algebras with ‘matrix algerasor det calla lo compat cers I patil, theinenectin ofthe cetera C withthe even salsa Oe one-dimensional spe saa Show sat that in C= sndse=e-storalleiaSeien = rare 22". Fo Xe s(Q) and ve Fe hae X04 ¥ bythe andar actos of s(0) on On the other hand have Mati (0) and Sabspees af the Cliford lesa C, no we can compte te commuter {28} Stow that thse are one (heave Problem 20.23" Let ip be the real Cli algebra coresonding to the ‘quart fom with postive and eptn igevales Linas 209 ond 206 actly constr homorphlans of lan) wh eal mat alg, fandotCins | mutha produto wo el ar algebras Compute Ci. Torether pandg Allare produ fone two mar labs oes He, on §20.2. The Spin Groups Spin,.€ and Spin, ® ‘he Cilfor algebra C = Cig) gerd bythe abuse P= C* and © ts an antinettion west, deemed by scm Me, for ayy 98 ¥. Tht operation, ematical he cnugaton i the compose of the main iomorpio or reversing map CC determined by Hop conye nit, ang fort io and ‘hein lation which be identity on and ia the entity onic, fey on) Mot en29 Notethaey¢ = yx, whic comes Fon the Mets 9) = xe) and a7) = a0), vache 2026 Use te unveal ropery for Ct vey that thes mel ‘morphism of 0 with C. Tignes us two quads Q” and Q” im PS") mao") "To Wty Q* and Q™ wih the aie of pln a cl he ation of Von Su Wa" QS" whch pve re tothe mori of the ‘Cod ale wh Ens) Lena 209) This fact maps $10 5" au 2S epost ase nd 3" 5*;50 weave bina ape Vestas and Pes as nag erie 2047 Show that foreach poatn "eps by avon se, [ee ¥:0-4=0}sanotopict plane in and hence determines proce paneling. Simirsenh pining determiners Sptare'n@ Show at ery Slane in aries uniuly ao ofthese ays Let (denote the amet farm covesponiing tothe gutdaie foxmin and sory or 8 and Deine pode” SSA semen 04) repaint 5-0 = Go Dy frallee sere 2949, Us this product, together wth hon 2.46.10 show ha the ote four arrows in the henaon (3045) for geet tality canbe decid as the preceding ete “This ead oan algerie version of tsi, mich we ste folowing [Ch2} The above pds determine a commutative hut noms Prodect on the diet sun A= Ve" © Teoperan (os onde Oma pirar (ha co ses Piraroe dea) =the and Paes root or ets (0) 2 and for dng ros, thn «al arent ros ‘This follows om the detain of sil, snc tm the equi emp +" fla Peanaa bea R aod minly fe Bh Be ela R Frm 6) an) we dd tat a 08, (© The angle teen dts rot comet be ee 1) The snp rou ei nee hiss rom (6 ure 2.10 Show that ro seman oy iis Dyan | dae onan ‘We wise he that the Dyin igre indepen ithe chote of diet be, othe decmpostion on Rea (21.2. 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Representations of Complex Simple Lie Groups Inte 2 wailed tiple Liat ve: Thin i {sieges a arse ea LDS tee a lee dy cence hep Gael oa ome ‘complen Lie groups with Lie algebra g are quotients of G ty (BN, Repeat f Comp Sige Gone we Sere hrous fhe enter 20 In thiseon, we il fe dete {vpn scat othe sal Li spstan onde reed tote ishet erento oft dasa abe eve Sate rope 24 Fe alm 2th Lie gp SL ad Sp € orcas nding come Fern 21, 80,C coe wah 0,6) Fond (SOL = 22 fora Poo. 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In paicular, hi that Z1A} i polo ing 0 he aie ‘chars Court) In the he uit th teen, Since ake artes UU amd ap te geo igo Be te RGgty ening coy we have 2) Ri) 210 te comps as amor he son sing ining, bth mat ‘one, wich iw he aor Init per al eth hrm ows ae Fotany P< Z(A} lesa hati it wight or Pt cone stl in Pinot, with chs rig at wet wore {iets uch weight Wet sere tht ivr Ye ‘te hight wih for Pisin whee or Ghose le) Wo ‘hamter In Beal weit 97h ae fn a 1 done eae ‘ow pose /) ay caleston of amet in 2(A) on fr eh ost wight rch tha ha hight weight fad th con SG) Wed ht the frm am nie bas FLA} 2 Tat Prlpaminsinany ager tet gen Pith highest eco ‘Seta thn Pd ivan when het remeron ont ‘outed ni we aches ves, he coma eth Chari hc as he wight yd sappese theses ea) | Sey weigh Le W vA an be eniguehy peed fem Sm for soe son sepateneger mahe he meh eT]irp>%3 mn tow atte mone ffm Pe em nastier 2747" Tass peat a ZU, 8) IAT hdconpee the poo o Leak thou cone foreach ee suds chats Acoma weigh eta ell Istcieweato have yh tg 8 Wet Cs ta site (232 Reena Chen m wei et-t)eZIA} 29) ee ee ee es) abn of el 5.0. 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Applications to. ‘and Groups lassical Lie Algebras Inthe oe ote pera ea: group GI, the characte! o the ene tan th Sear plana wp Sey = cal sie mace tie emt os Na ‘onthe th ome sete plea! in aia ppt xh = Charsymte-n, The fat “Gant” o ermine forma (A) 6 Aponte A ant thst eemenain ait git = Gy 2D Chat = Hla co) uae, hi expeser age seme F «R(t eproeaton fi ptfaomal nthe epee Syee>) A seond emg Fe, fom (AS exes in te feb opens MC ‘tore cha aftbe amen yen pyomae Bence. “This tomat with the conje pation to, Bot i eau Char = ne 1m ha etn ne nok out he chat fxm for he ter di caleba nding ages ths deta lore Tet tote tht determine rma 1) eve een y Wop et ‘algun ol rex (KorTe} We py, a kt ‘yway fener ee (WCF at we owe ste os ‘The Symplectc Case ‘Thewightsfose «Caen inear combs fl, Wes scene. valor teghtpriy te tye “hepa sooware yh lst Ley om which me id PE let ta ntim ty Hy Hla) 8 a eo 4 ID a ern) (RO Aptis Case Asan ge as ‘we sain Lise 16a dementin he Wey sup cane wen ig a 8 produ, wiete wm 4 pert st flrs. ad fleeeehtha= Et Hen Aa Zeargicite fant) any Eee the sgn (=f the rad th Now wth = lh hi ca be Aa E ein ffs. —n are au ei ett rien) ne Aas ats Eom 2414) or uesieAS2 we have Apa ates +. hres dria Ih ota IO) er 2417, Sho that p= [essay — WT Maoh ofthe nese peta F wth gt wet AsYaledy os a ete * 24 Wet Che ome aun ur eu uate 228 Shona ting = 3, 414 [e— oa 5 erties TE = IE “The oral pie the denon othe rds Tag wih gest weg yay ts ain we tye te fmt Vehtessingtberaton ye s"b ae monet pyrene tie anther poo tha he eral of he soci fom 1 AV ‘Toefl deteminanal mua or the sme gro oe be. A808 Mlb AY ee hh compete pmol in 2 vie te ord he character of the repetition Spe) of 95. Fo Proposition Aa Andis Avene Propo 2422 3 = A> Oh he charac of Fi the dtr inet of Ber ati haere ater Sta tires oo Stet Stans For example or = he = A we hve Char) = hich the carter of SO a paral ths wis tate Ree powers Swe) the anor rset ae al nelle ea ‘oti i spi cs the ne erga pen nf? ee a oe ont means these powes) ines Te pose ect (tcp le ¥ bes (2 Ann Canali Aeron rps o er 242 Find heater herepreseiatioofsp.C wipe Sephn ¢ay 2, Ly venga etre we 62) Pd the charter of the vere af pc nhs io + oy. us verhing thea a ae 17 ‘Thesoed Glam rman th synpltccte eres Fine Fy = Ree) A-HE%) ‘sc rete hemes ofthe comtractonsThe trate fF where Retkntan enter tard = Boe) Balt (ork 22 where sth th ementaty yee plyonl Te omala os) uly 24. Let A) Behe cone pat 10. The ‘tre of Tegal oN dena of el ar wae hos Wi Foci Biot Bros + Bice —- Boar Brak owt. Ti low fom the propotin abd Propetion AM, which ‘utes the te diate tele psn te vation ‘a ‘The hes sie fou or te characte int oft chars [B.C hich a loom ropstion ak Note tat (orreponding othe fomorpbim NCH) and Bg "Een In pra, Cooly 2024 expen (Char) a polynomial be hres ofthe ane pees Te, ‘The Odd Oxthogonal Case Fey the wipe Edy hm YU fot Lem than tc or p-Diet = au9 Poh Booadd With = Land of =) ne ve he ae fms ‘ele ua or pa, aan 2027 Show tat Kee Mee X86 Mele Ro AGN er te sh complete sme ply From Prono Ad 218 8 AE t= GD UT the ice ervettin wth gh weit Ay 3°22) hen the cher foal se be wien at roynon 38 IF = (2 2-2 J», the J srl de he tort of Tih cot of ther sr apt eo Myr Kiowa Bact Ki x, hac = npc for 3 fh echt hie hat the brn 1S Sy Eine “Le ston ite-to bande tod aro 2434 Use he chars ova over tha the mie of therealong aco 8 sec 29 Show hat with = 344 Teme 5+ wtane 3 TE “he ond emis frm 9, epeeiatone HC sy € miter in em ofthe -AevngMopstion 2433 wit Corry Ab, we have ‘Thee fos ete dmenon othe oie epenation ‘rh thet wh yay P= a whee they ete fd Beads Gory 238. et oA) Be he cone pation 0 2. 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Send he promi ett Wesv concn geile epee he poets orhoonl ous APPENDIX A. On Symmetric Functions IA Re mein dso ong em i Prot ne dwelt 1S ier dee $4.1, Basic Symmetric Polynomials and Relations among Them ‘The cor pce af bamogrnous symmetric plone dn assy hr ever porta! bes mal ee the rons (3 "2,2 Goldin mon pc oy Voom arate with mow row ee.) Wet oof fae se We sth economia whee enh oe ey Fit wen th mono the comptes pyro MaMa an ee He th comptes aye he al tint F nwo of ee feisty, Ferme, th he byte ta, Has= A eb 8 uns #18 te 5 A onSymaicFmcten HMMM BI. cSt ai MDX, a om) fae baw ‘Ari Tee esbobnow athe JP ty Fom ome, fro Te roe ie ene ean ne NE Poet ie sm veal tas permatatione ==, oot a i em Marla Harnett st Mord ies te a ‘Tithe nthe nonnini eay omatifncton U ‘Sie The ate eel the arto te Note that py = = =the detain he gt ‘emia vp tps Pe Tena em STOP Yq dan ne fe ye fs Boo Bary ‘Steg jomundosont Nese tcaetct 6 aon Hest |B Be ao ssn cso} Pr Hi BBB ay) ere the th comary sme pale, SS hep) en utton “tie ual Sh bby basic Schur polynonmial Sy = 1, ™ a oo B8 re Spare sh You an sno inte seg tl fm ows othe rorya wt mo wo nee oe ‘Shes thowe ses wi Forenampl Baurba bee ha Baar ti th E88 ‘The fot ae be Shr plot which ay be he ot nga, avon thy le tn et morn sar oar net fron a 5) he Aci, nd Jay ene the de ‘Mon ote ae Forename Suyestet sits tts ym d +m For exile entity SiS San) #80189 Sa ‘an ese Foe the tes PoP PB E Soe pment tee ae et oomle Ma ees @ Fes Thi ito Rca ena ame £ ait exumion a pot at conten Wr petmomia "rn oes my aa Sanat HE bean tan ty “Theft nko hi ppd oder roe lint aoe 3 symm paomih Forenmple one eget hl Suan Eng =H, San Har Es Sua Sew Sian Sao ‘Tear apc te of he npn oils ining Sehr pi Tin wich neste nes The wo ne tnowe adr ” ‘A onSymnic Fn SAME. AL Dae Sati Poon nd Retin ang Then os 58, -D a an ere pton 09 patton fm andthe rms ove ol ‘olds mech ith amon kar The Liteood Nehari ey She nthe mer of nay Te og sgn foram Beep 8 tote Tog fagran ory 2 er oxpatn Wa poh espana Young agra tes yBt iag ber od tenis oon tron apt neg i ‘ov aly bones re add withthe nee The expansion lela “ta ewe he aes bone ne rom ht an ‘rhe toprowsnd worcog om, ek a ei eter Feoranyroswcn Tandy, 4 mbes steep betwen ahd ‘cn at aa army mee et nee f San-Suu™ San Seu tS 420 canteen by thet. ego fe Yon dem EP The ines Kec Kita man, url Show at Ke sone fand ony it Athen then tatty beatis, We te Ka th mbar of andes othe ‘avon of whos sand ism meen lef eo e eae dig by titer trough nce ee Sod 1 We ed one more forma ning Shoe polponi, whch tenon Coy ltr) bem sages tot Ps) and Py) for tee ply epee era miles andy sr dtapealy Melon ae aso [reap The poo by indian on Ko compat the determi ft when eto tom each ote roms ga = fom po ao ly at ‘prof ofthe Lien Richton ale a be no [Mas 1 {Beethro append ween pty witout ing ‘nmol (7, spied nce, ss Sa Knbe a, Froth dy Tape knack a ey tt ne beh ‘Se nea, on eb ach colenn ae sty ening Sab ii kd eno pe Ta A Kyat ant Ky a0 > y wing a, the it wonranishing 2, — gostei aon, Ky = 0 tore sonaroterm nj For eam = (0) ey thei efor st common ators One i ek with» min whos fet ow ie {and wha we h eee ipe ee er e liows by Indvtion (c. (Wel, p.312)), be a doce oem of ancy ety is e 4, Bum Pll ean og Them ” his enter emul te Kk ub Ks hci of Xin Sy, where X? =. “aft Tei A) ad (Arh sc sme yom oe uslordne the one ot # ay sme afte {ns png Franc Se py Flan bomen nti toni eee din ates 2 FSI, an [oa he etapa tht ate Top pn Secor anceratagtet ara ees hth > heeft? athe Se ices wet mamas eons ; en Hed tafpcigl pti (080 TI ent ewe cota cori coma ie Ad grt 0 cantina steubet etek ah Sere. Woman osama he cacti ‘Theat mbes ioe te contin the expreion advan, an) [or Pas nee comtnton fhe onanism yom M Thine ove asa intpenon acme Scar polmonas PaLosMs a2 Not or te dition tat te cone of Xin 8:5, 8 and at 90 la 2) eve thi temiology tay Fem (AH) td jar xpenson ote ha ie f(A.) gee ar ti(Emson) Emmons es ‘Sie poems owl athe M, forms sir he sme lyon ose et Yea fo) om espace on moss yom a artes fm vars, by rou at a Ma = Fa we) ine git 4 = rand other. Te tte ht he Star amon oon ronal as or patina GS) am In pri, th pen tat the pig (>I srmmeric. Eayion (As say ede fom te pete Goan, ar flows Wat Se Yesin Fiat or some ino ater sy, dy Then G.59= Feat wm, pA) = (Sle ecient Xin, (A Kgs) = (8a ae 29 ens A26. Fer any syne plonal Pf dee dt rl, FSU. F auttobaaGr Pre Webve be egal os yh which tty (13nd (19, PHUMM = P= Lass, = B edPM Tot 5, Kut) soph on I waar cn ymin Fe oid dpc nn agate ite with, = Pa rr ot ‘hee Heron ot poner um polyoma em bai for the sme Tincon ial ote ut at white cocina Let ou) ws, =F, an oth pro of Froena' omel n Leste we gs om em ‘Sout te cen ema A2K For portional of {i Se tn( Je —s0r') = f Sein Tia “yqtaeyror Te (ji) ~ Eyal ag beamsien Eons, Comparon wh (1) the conn flows o Sere A Ue i uptyeanbe weno {a) Show thatthe Now plyomieare orthgocl for this nd CPS a i ult, 525 aor Moe qed , 1 Show tnt 0) BS.) 14) with 5 6.9 (16, the concent = 4 Ps A,B yt Pmoni an Reis mons Tem a We sould ema thaw ate hoe owe ut ol oad ‘umber tvs sich es nls comps vee {Wsmoreunatoreqethe mmber of arate belge te eps ‘ie noes ing partion inthe ig te who ee ‘nero vara fect vase sa fone by weing te varies) Dee tFor eam es ee Ive Sh = Sy + Su which 08h = Sumber “Te ex wiser formally eval oft Sct ogee ene varies sae eq theme eh ins se corapondngepecsentaes For atorule fr Se iyo | hook nh Vou sap of fae | Eure 20°, When x= the rao in (AA) ae van der Monde ° 50 ‘ve Ting heii a+ ons @ Sou By (AS and (A we aes the lowing no omar SD thaapdh whee Emel sitend-[(y hf eteetaosanee uce A310) Stow ta o That um ove ovals X= 4D whee foray bape of Yume grim ofp ie, Ten, Pe m yw notes rors ssl inten eon a pac he hen ade Ws Se ‘eri poem a whieh nto om dato 1 Delos that Brace A. The ideo coming sym gna ie an wh ‘nay las none of varies can be forma yori ine ‘Aun Ah whee Al) dna the ing of ye pales win Ten t \ 192. roof te Detemita n ws R= ZU Ha) = ZEB Bad AP ADDS AnD A ernie pmo cig lh a, ege A in homoephin cnt ean AaM 089 ee Foray eae mae (9 Showa ani: = 8 Eien, STAT. ay ee ere denote the kk mata whose 9 ete apetd een the (9) 1h aj puton sow hat ‘Bree Te ron (30) np 48)°5: Ln (AM The mares i) and (19°F, ) we loertiongar rics woh Fong the dal nt ier’ wel er (6) 0 maf 4 a te pera hw HO) = (= 18" ‘Ti ies A309 terre combine oe P= ap DE ely ‘Taig determinants gine (Asc th determinant he mai in the it (0) Dede rma Bakaly (0) Deda sd fr oT Se Spa 5 Ba ES ‘teaum or alparons whe Youn gran ca ebm {Saco by sadng m bones wih no orn any tw (0 Show tt are A Prove entity En fon epiveneee ihiy= > ede Pts oma (A Teoma he et fe ann BA, we how a te cami apearng the Gam ores (A) so A) a coe, B= Bycoekand n=) ae cone pions then Masel IE an he the Ha can be any meni tat ings te Seni tym) = Ie mth lg" yet and The Boe ot 1.0 o piven eda combinatorial charset eco) oan ieee eee meSget ea Tt ere the wm a one al 1a) wth Ep, a Fon his yga Nota EH = 4 §A2. Proofs ofthe Determinantal Identities ‘oporeth Jol Trietiy (A. oe the etiiee SEPT apt Ftp a A forany 1s j sk p2 k And foray @-sm-< hand p 2k, Mee Fallpn + Elly a HEAP yy ASM echt AAI Ford = forthe thew ‘ames Utne ten sied) ant (eesapt sist) Pfam jit non th h8 [Sn th te en on ass ey tiem ey ohihe ise mai ‘int fiir fr mats = ah an 7 mat 45 = (4. )andT mth, h)aretwostqoana oldie nye , i i | \ oy A. OnSymec Faint 14 Ot mil Metis ws §A3. Other Determinantal Identities ong carer tyme sn oho ee We two mare mismo o Ue aad eo ty et ‘Sos I” and F consid fom they he lowing pose: Foran? sine =i ah ed tg ere Ta? ern ther rationed oes fog alone i clon tn ing each ste to te igh of he eh xan the cle tamedstunete hele That roefierho Bt Lanne AAD Let And Be rhe roe a ea mat Cintas S)ind(eT beporaaatony Nerspensheanes 4 tnd Fos kia, Sond T ofr Then whee the pat f thes ef ho perma aco. y permite rome ad clennt A.mtigng on thee and Fait permuten mtr Pu @crtaponingta thew permet ehh wemay taketh 7) a tee el cre vey meni jchcempatattenamrsty mee ore Be tornon fe fer Bos anne AAS If Han ae loerinser mais wth 1 log the Now tang teint inthe etity = doa tht reteset sack tte te sane ne fr sd (69-6 2) Por Tsang culate ety othe mati " Paco F(A Apt tenet A = (494 B= (=P i ‘ind Sabb ek te ‘Tf sm and te cand ny em o lal natal ac ennaia Prien A Lt 2 yA) n= 8) Bent pa Tato eth thee Tem ike diok eh Bab frst, and mB Bey fiz Then Thy der ofthe mari whi r= tag) oo Maer Mor Mion + Hic oo Mics Macs) Sin, Seq the deer of he as whe thro Bre HIP Bln = BEOOM SEB pt Bases Ba Bis Bors 1 Byers HMB ache thr ternal thai wih = Ey BA Snr = (1 (Aan a Vis By ica Micah shore Mf = or ad fori 22 sets taas af Hie rn Jory eich [Sis}and (2,7) edn the root aA) Ths me Ay = laa : Sins, re = Blargh is CIP AE By one in do eenentry lum operation on he hi mt, baci hes clus om he ie en th sen heft teat "Reso and hid Seemann oat Se ‘iene ‘pumen show te uty of tet doth deter te tatin cee olor tn hedonism Seta ‘mipnoins t'pion has promt ter nl he pe =P sab (9) onary AA Te fling dc ae: 0 ioe Mien Mica Mica} Micra Bynt Be + Bice Bacal 15. em entities “ Dene te the detrinat fio Bare Mic Mica on Hin + Miceask A xa AaB. Lt be ths of pms gna 9A the Ino of atc ASE Show an 59) Su en Land ae cong pains Fo apoio 10 appt nd orthogonal carters we weed 62 specie evar yy Ft (or the spec pup Spe Zac rsbe dependent ats sae se Je Mister ooe) ao nie ald Oy. 2) aon aeons Fropeson A, Gen eer >" A> 0. me he hee donee hen nna wh th on rat From Popoin At wectainthe oh mul he ih andi, asy "and he coin pation o wet Bite urn AS Cael denominator of head sie 5 mo fa ny shee gins Goat oleate as) By these seamen ht poe he iT oma (A i AM ‘eprops fats ome lowing nme em AS Fr 1 nan oy hamper 2060 te of uo lee Goa dona a Ph Ft nnn i = $ hate wo steep Et rin Slo eh 4-46 Mating (4.39 meth) CP GAGA enh AS 1% = tay am, sie Faye TI a0 — 270 TI GFP Fam ASO sedate fey ren sn share Bg ir oir nines Nest oto enon pours a.) A 20+ ad ea Ue varies yy 8208 ad fo Qf St Kye tie =e here He the jheamplete rei pyran 2 +t esi, won 2.) tale tT Ah Prope 5, cien ines 2,0 aha 1 er ei ee @ Lo sere Klee mma he ih ot icon Kona Mer os Kips Recranh Cort Ae yes the ema egress rhe determina Thy these hy aay tei ere A Cael he domi he et ad sie LP Ag MGB ‘Pron oF Prova AO, We ae) =o} — 5a 4) 245" (G22 fran teper or bal ge Fit a Abe Babe Malipying the nenettor and denominator ofthe aad sie of the statement of the propoiion byl) 84h the ouertor becomes 414 4, aed he denominator comes Wt eth kje tn We ea thecre spy Lene ‘Note te ati sting the determin ofeach es ‘res oferta Nae tht by et ean y= + Jp the ‘eset be obi anther he ee the page Fall (ote evencthogonal rugs Oy) tk = Ina psi the tier earshot Ly Hiyor teint) a =H 2 Malt stat oookth ‘nF compete symeticoinomia a eae > Popron N64 Gn meg, 20> 2,2 we hane ete fill #50 es tai =0 ere then uma wath acta bach Aster thee ar ther xen for the dt Malm tay hice ass hey Met ste ‘aac ACs the ening f te hand ee MEM nb ‘oor Promo A Nt th = ~~ mai Frnt eran eromaut yee andere Bias nts aes nat and he desma eee = Girt th kde hs seen by otng tha the Btw row of he maton thee (G40 ~Gt~ th ag) and petomng ow edo stg om he ton ey The ete potter edng poo The ony hangs wen =m whe eons et aii hese ahaa th eos 34 i APPENDIX B On Multilinear Algebra ‘rc power th st tt Nhpe ne oth ne Hea essen cei pen EE ica ind metic pmes 5 uausatconctns $B. Tensor Products Theta poet of two vector pce Vand W oer adi or spe VOW equnped witha timer map VW VOM ex mevom hich nine fay net map f= W + Uta vcr pace the anion map or Fh Ft U at aes to sh ‘Ths uel property termine tenn ros po ano ‘mri Ie ou eK ede oben tenn de ‘Sine Pon isl (fe tm ¥ a he een (fo 2 Fore W-Thiscan ewe comtrct VW Th conaesion Awa tee mae Vo nnd WI determine» ca map om Vowwren ‘i oe hs thee prodt Y, 8 Yo evecare with mien HMO he om On Mati Aes (192 eran Spi Pee on faking x4 10-9 map fom he Ce ‘rod! oa wor ce emainn i hen ber ona ec ac ering map em 00 bea The contra VOWaWen rower, Peep ttt aa enn Eireann eS vcore Menewsmemen sdaocie svems Qivern, an Wwonewavewemsverem, NaI ow-n06 94 10%, fontenon, Yh he prod fl Aisa alg overthrown el and ight Aso and kt Andale te i esr poe ented Heh Some a the quent ef VW byte utapne psc! yt) (env te-mjforaloe we Wandne'd Tereling mp bom VW VQ," Bnet or ance mas ftom P= to ee sic Uta aay the propery tat Ben} fre Th wet ‘rect ieao dette (From thisinomoepian he seta boat base flows ndton ‘te deren "Te simmeric powers Sym, omen decid YY, comes wth « sates amma mtin map ec tht a ines map Voc Von i emt i hanged when ay te cto arelercangi Beane) ROB) frill ee, Thesynmetic owe ca be coasted the ute pace of Vy he Inbpce persed by tn 8 (9 Brige or by Bein ‘she peter two scot nt Agi et SMT Wey BBR) te ee he projet ff) ar then tehshs24) le is for SS Sym can eed sth sf hoogennes Foti of degre tn eaters, Dafoe Sar a he nd Fa Arbre tec te coon somone $02. Exterior and Symmetric Powers evil wt an serge mip Shaver or BY VU an alesaing neta oe "sr ongue near map tom/Y a which her eal sins napa fl, the vcore ae gel Tips tt ly two afte vectors nehanged Hoon ha Meg te) EMMA) FH 268, Testor poner can be const athe git pce of bythe ssbgnce gemated yale," ah wo eras eqn Mele EM ANT A BOn\mn am ny cry ‘Theatr por andsymmetipomen Sy ca sie end asunjae of ssumioyatne hae tg ot he ed fd ‘Ssctnetestie We ul onthe cosy 50 ne te VeCLireye, Vee Syme Pe, The imbeing 07» V9 dad fea ade J se (iss tied sae he ih hand ie i aerating) Teg fe f espace oat ivarante thet eo on co 2h tn tn ee pi fh Re A= om 2. On Mata Ah (OOH) me O “Otay HELE. — (RM (Wu ativan te th ete Yack the » pe (re 8,) Moreover =o ten (4 the precn ont ta Invat atpae*(e he otcen pet f e l {iris ner no mental ieee, thao ata om ‘octane Simi re base Syme Py Ho J, ta Boe as ‘Teme of st seiner of heh ation of on PH 42K te eh he ton nti ra abe Iev@nv Sammy, as Ceres "he roto om he tee omer nt teeter pes btm ‘then ated aseorin ner perce arcu n= sal w vw ne [om odwwoal by I pm te mvenv 4 omy “| i ve@ ye —. vanes comets when the Botiom boson map tine by he fxm 18-0 Glens Ohad AE seHe 4 @ Bt Dyn Bam ‘tesa valley ps m9} at prone "We der tthe ste (ran wt fh Sin eset 1 eS et 2B vin FSV, e Spey ney Bie eae aay nas ice (ane A tee mapas ate compe Wandin putt commate whe tacos ot he eer aa {Eee GLY) Ao of smc ee El Hoi) tendons os a ya ” ‘nn vein a oie det ft olor rea aeaeince ager Pach! ch rsa snk [Stein a ry'y et wate cge a Pa Roms etc Gee ah on Foetal gecd ee woe ‘nent BB. Te agra Sy i comet, sade ales hich {ais he vera rope tay neat map Fas oe see Fie! ofa commute grade len deen hme Spu—°C" of pdel siete. Use tis to stow tat Sy OM) = SY o8ymi ade hho (8), eon ‘Seton fr Ain the eto sew onmetane red asta {npr consirc an womortham N(V = RV AW, where Sent hs comets te pd the al pa tates, but the rode bs 8H) 4) = tPmoenne Hed) i homogeens ments an he fag and and ot ‘end: In pata poses) $8.3. Duals and Contractions ‘tough ony fe spe como are din the este mot hse iten uty and bre ede ay Neel toe es oor THY dents the un pct ¥ era contacton maps i eer fang 1 << pand | <4 dtemied beating the fh cornte ao be ncordteat vor dine, neem) = 91018848 8r,8 4,840" ¥ oe gery 1 =) 984 = yo) a to sence of ‘Nite nde fom fp) and {Iovate tee em) " ow ever eg vere qvepe » flamne-cne-enenenene-ene-on For cumple, pagan and f= J—(, ah the contntion Pe gr ahe o eis wih oe deal a eee (5, Duan Coton, o urbe AS. For Han 9. Ps ht ©H0 V= Vile oF and ea WL = oohr— wine Mor pena orice) 4A anda 9,0 Spit ne fader cn nae Eanes l tla A 8 the sam oneal permeation of 1.9 9] at pee th ode of Teccahtsm= ty nn tpgamde an gyitee BAe Eee Pg Pans 8 A gee he sum veal pertains that prose rds of (0-4 tp. ‘ey te fart etme ee neal Intermost oe Ste and ey ula ara soe ow (Veo af maga oon Ve and (cnt scrote ors Yn pute, (eV). a ae ob (7S he's then ae The camps so-so, ‘rh int mpi itso ad hcl she ome tk Fring oh mar somone gee " aay Syeny, ee ete aon eee eeu ‘This pang @ MN)» Kaen denoted, Thee bamorphisn a Sy) th Sy a wi tween nt" 4 tl) uae RIE. Uso female of he peeing ett ahow that he sonoma anytime te compson th mnge DV OPN) OHO VO PHM, ite the mide map i the concn apc} of RAD, with P= J = {0% p)and the ter map come om a rove te se ras (wih ine sara forte oe nea prac verte IZ Ie. 68 Ba ft Vth he da tn fo then leyanongisicueqem) kia tah be i aa (ei 05,28) in bao SP hom tha i ne Somorpiims the dal ano 0° and Sy oyoe nah at fpr} There ewe oars ster cle neal pods nd ‘asotd undo ster an yametc powers: Far ti eke eee they remap ‘xe B17 nt stato oom spe th are independent, sie be te (p+ einer tgs OY ay pape Sanit nl 2th pd ri ie Savon rer te Show Oat vLe = Odin) goed cer MWA seen GYBRE worn cen ase" cekrtone econ datee Wa ee ay revere PVONUN MV, xe mrnn ‘hse can be en moa simply a watts of wee pode hy Me deri ty he ents [Rae B18 Prov te oma fauna rae) and ues mL Gxumecense bosch Erawelevers a 20H1= 89+ 9 aml ML G = ooh + we RD = Coan lorem, {he ean of i sition th contin mec! above expe nsec B18) Not that when = 0 the cntacton eu Toe "vious dnt paring tense Nan) - orsymmetie power, heel pode ar etn ssa Sim" OSM )-+Sym10%,x@ere¥ SmMVOSyMV «Sym, xOarnun For examlee sp") = toe a0. = 2 orate fe Hea [Bo igen, Chap 3) aw APPENDIX C On Semisimplicity {Texting ram Catantcirion C2 Campi na oes tecmpeton fo3 Onda §C.L. The Killing Form and Cartan’s Criterion We recal fistheJodan compotion of nea tana Xo Fatetimensial compe. ests i ple ect Va sum of soil ond igen pare X = 4, 8, mh the spl tof an sos crete tet that hein cir fad, comme wrecker i be wien a poleomis ie any enone tc invatineoarandecoipsion any eat che C1" For any Xe) th edonerphiom 23) 4 es 40042004) ad aan, = ae ‘Thee Kiting B eit on by he feral Bex = Teo, co ere Tei the wt an = denne compotion of tpsonmations. A i (135 the teniy Ux, 0.2)~ B40 74.2) roy ds ora. Xn ot Set Te Keg Forma xa Cron ” ‘ee Kili rm ons Litera i at fer C1 for teat asenatin L 9) = Beds) Thi ee noe a ete Unters tow a proper were proved Hew Kling for ‘uate slay sensing fhe else. ify olabe by Lester nj erento cn be pt gpertana oreSows tat 29 = (ep) 228 by sy anger ‘Sangre So X ain and ten lt) aay tron tage pr se BUY, Yao Coan eer Propose CA. The Lc ler sole anol ¥ Bla) = 0. ‘erm (Cara ceom fg a mbagebacf and BUN. Y1=0 ‘ra al Yin eng sale a thi it atest how that very eet of 9 nite fr then ty Ens theorem By mt ben pte sel a ere 9 sab Sp take Te. ahd et yn dy be eign Combe ith smtp for Xa an enamine ¥. Wem show the 0 {Em The penis aly se obvious atone eagle Fuk Ky = Bk =O Wha ne ed sor Tato Tan0 co To prove hin tke bt for 140 he cao om, wihig”s down the Sarat he emp pt Bos Ky a “Seon tration. Lt be the endomorion of ¥en ‘Sgonal ar with yon the pea See TD) TWD) 0. en ince na vm of commtatos {YZ wt Yad Zing THD =X) 6 sam a tr fe oom TD eZ Te{De 7) 2) awe wil be “Sinetrenw hat, bons for cur hypoiessista a)= (Thats weareredsed toshowing miDI0=6 co Foe hii iso pove ha aD) ab wren pono ie Esl thor we tnow tt XP gi and Tae gS aD) = {Say abies polyoma na fin stow 2D) eae testes pepo nD) That ple copa wing he ‘ale {fo (a aD) re copie cnet goat ‘ete any hae plein ee 3 on On Senity Wecan pose now tate Lip or wich Bg, = hen assole hich risiyimperropostion By nb were, the image 99 by he si reprnnnon nh sane Se Keine he adjintmap nants mabe Delf ce 9 snuby dein hs ses sles 3 seche C9. Show tat 2 Le alee gH winle Hand ony & Dad a) Ofna Xing sett desc tom Carta’ tsontson or ensingity— part wh wesnrn Late able tng oe ase be ropes C184 Li pag i tine aol ft Kil frm Bionouepnee rot y (C3) he apace a= (Xe BLE 7) = Of all Ye) ivan lat Supe gr smiley Cras ein he aga 2 leat a nthe precling prea» than mabe st e=0 by ‘einion of semione Coney, 8 endear, ne ou Sow ‘ia ay abel Kaa ing mat be tre Ihe ond eg the 4° snd) map gina od fo TA) = Tip seed aera a oveany CA sein Li er & dnc adit of ne Le eae rr For ay othe anion B+ (X60: 804, 1) =O6ral Yeh) isan ieaby(C3) asi By Cartan 0 iseale ese e, 3 The docmpont Band ha tet ad ina of ae sein, ae C12. how hat ia it prot single Ue algebra th ‘nessa gare sons somecd tro peter teem, "no specs ie nt op opie aac C13. Show that gi esi healt map 8-0 ‘omorpi of nto te nigra Dei et densi ute C4 Show tas iene King ‘eran nd costeecame to eso iow bya single nduatog {12 Compleat nde oe Dsompston a §C2. Complete Reducibiity and the Jordan Decomposition Wereent ht ht opin sie hese on Be decd om Ue eens a enmpse grack t he cuplees Alps Ben smn Ue nig, We ince he te Slehacaptoch Ane tines erento eee ‘eed ap med aed irate ome Propnion CIS. a V eu rereztaton fhe ising Lise gad BEV ans Fes ree ase We cry P10 Sine the age og bythe entation emi, we ay sssine gl) Weil foie gh pemerteaton a te Cat perioy Gye Sn ih awed in 2S te ro of rede Sioula Wetakea bass, Ufo ganda deal bette ‘ine with eps toe Kling faa Be eied in Eerce C11) = Tiare 11 (Ney Cet cterin ta Be tegeete) Ye Ce id the orl G0) =U (9) ‘Ar tefr,simge alin so that Gi hat oor te elon oa TUG)=LTU = EMU tips — C16) 1 eadonnepbim o ‘We te als that sie Gaps any sable Ws ae od inet commie with ened Key )and imag a sede ‘Note it tha sl oe dinenol peti oe ean qe tial sie 3g et ely ener epee ed 3p ‘Webco he prot el A shoul ean Leste the ‘eaimenson one Then Cy mape Wnt and Cys ly 79 Bit now by Scar rans sne W's ete, maison Oy = ‘iron Thi salrnot sro (6) woul fe come Heme Pe Re) ih ihe ht peace Te flows easy by Induction onthe Snes tht she sei oe Noneero tuoi tnd adscompment Wc Vy itn) Wiz Sc Yzican inenses f(y tdacion) ston Y= ZOU Tate wee, 1 eae aurea i sues prove he stone te there hen Wi inetcble Cowie te ein ag Hom + Hom a onseniintty * homarnphion of proaen Te sc conn th enediensice {umd Hom) 8 the peng ese, thee oes ‘bedtime Host eich nage cate tm typ Sine eae dinesna! meee ar wha Ine meas hte 2 ‘ncn Ho I auch ht pf) = at hea 9 ‘iaram psjetoncfV onto Weso = Wwe Kervhaarequet. (rece 930, The eet pe ropsion C17. Lat gb awning Lie sgt ef. Then oo lon the snipe pat Ran the nn pot as Pao The en ito meg aren inenecton of Liable oor ‘thee eon the theorem weary prove Fer eae esi simeg = anda and Ke aos Sy, 11Viantieuieforony abode Woe se [Fe MPP TOP) = Wand THe) = “hon ao arbagsr fey and Xan X aa in Sines a] © feos tat (Na any phar T) Heme (tng) = pan (Xq) Inher wor Xun yong te tals no tansy of hve ecg eh UésalegSompitesasmother sage tower nth Now vec {ls theinteonctn fw and the girs al sels Wt ‘This cim a we sam, wi ah he pol Lt te he nro (hese Lenn Ten ga se ing r= ‘By tect rn harem wee eda hdl of 6 statg'= 9 Silas} pe mn hve UJ =0 Toston ht 0 [Sica tosh that or ay YU ethinyl Satmcde Wo ar ong et F preety ha Vicnowm fred ebmodse Bu since Y mmoles wa Scart ‘ements tat he econ of to Win yo ‘Senmampon hat Ye ey ean tat TAY = eo Tle = feet a Now ifr smisngle sus, the aint entation a inal) Foran Xt there implatht the vanes pte pate lsd} ain. We write te Xan The despot Wa, may be aed ie ab ovandewosion Nose {4 4) = etows ety fom he eon at p> 9 home ‘eps fom one vers i ager nt ater te 8) = 8h, tnd t8) = pot flows resample he hat a oe irom by tating oat some spe) Tote se Seon Sete ter {3 On Deane “ corte 181 99-2 on repeeainasoningle ile Senthil yt ol it ie Pooh, We tt st ta (1) and) the seine a sin Dar pa rept in he ere Lily Ap he Sec tore a) 3 flows hat an een X ina emp esse tat sil Ince i yepesetton semaine a eprom §C3. On Derivations tn distal cio ect fe ng he Kg orm sy, Aelnipocy nth ans icipated E'Welot pone coupe of meee ote Leet ea Leer tsp ay Urn Ral) de nl Serta) er C9. Fray reresmtation 96+ 09 one of 88) ‘salto endonorgton Port sis oat he ae where he repetition sine {ec W wes a popt sabeepsentaon, we woul know the fet Inte on the meron for Wand 9M, whch ipl for We ‘lnc sage, owe ays pj ft ewe oar ade th apt gf ch elastin oso vaste atenae os (049) named repetition md any af hat ‘onto niptent ators hens adr, y Engl F226) = Oforal 24) etic yt =O), (A tansoation Xie exe when TeX") = 0a posine Ines Thinning in aan cma orm) (ip Tub F}-2)= 0 bene {7} = Thats om teeny (cyan rbzi= tax tA Net we cn eh 4] =. For if. 9 and Yen then (%, Ye sncettsabln,¥commaie wth. YJanl nsw owen A eT a © Onset Pe eigaeee ne rene ‘amm C20. For any Libra poten aoe. Lk athe iage ad ofan by he ain repeettin "lh By Lema 19 a eg oem] een el ‘Siete rel he dn epson he et a ioe {ia the gone fa} acme eal potest hich per at qeloatenpaest 3 ‘a i Li len 9 aed hrc spent Nettha yte o 0 tne derivation y= (Witenes rm he ei ‘ten ny cnc el nr tema ses “Tue fwig sole eaten ctl or ring eons sat cer etna to ques shuts Seto ire yt Estraganda derionionDafglig = 9 Cyamideionatacetong by (XA, = (C4, 1762000) nO. eine vey than Lien coining 9 = 4028 Ha, eta acting {hh the reton of Dr a) eH Seine ‘Ke api rplsaion fication, Bish Kiting orm on wehavette ety ‘000, 9+ 1x. BEN)=9 rca for any drain Do, an any ad in ded the King Fermon (C3) gives BEE X.Y) BUX (e Fl) = snc antl 4. Bint esion of B to rand (lows, From (C2) follows that I fa atric el of hen ecthgonlcomplemen wih eget th Ring measure ace Ws oe rope C2. For any Lic sebagai compen toh ett eK om nooo seth = Rd) cotinine ta hy pipe hetoniee Pegand 204 Reclig he AUX TLD ALC sa oso tat BX. (1.2)) 0 Leet etl ah ‘rand X Then hb} =. 20 handle why Lehr, oe he Dis eet Ey 163 On Dentin as it nto. acts on 9 penne matsies. By Lemme C19 {Griz} ace on ¢ by ncn thao foo hae oF] ‘hats pte en oa whch flows ne BUM CW Tx s(iz) = heed Se gira harass ‘on Propetion CA see Bay 2195) = 9s, 9) =0, lfalows ht 99! «whic conde he ro 0 ort C23. 1 eo eli Rada) = Reign ‘on Sine Rainn charairiidafan eisai fy Sie ‘nici tit be cote inten of Ts the eleson ‘tthe ppt con dear sine Ral she ea i a Propet C24 YD ic doin of «Lt ler thn Ra i iinet clo 5 Fao weave Dita) = [Rell] MAO" AR Ue} = MIO" OR OL--)h, ‘dn provs the mtn. oral en ema ow ha es fh Wo reduc of elton spot ih iia with he elton a he spe out Lt ‘aston ta fortomes 1 2 0 foaled ome Por Lat pe D2Stha Wp = ps foraey tingle sor Tae Wino ‘owe roe (GPL Tenors, (OIF) ~ OP Mp) = ODL p=) = UPL —CHUPL coma eer shan 0A) <0. o “hes thoi on Wey chanbry the Wey aup coves 0 al Rejshibea cco ence ye ne he Wo poy. ary tuttonng Rint pine aad epee Ths ion ‘ag nguyen the Weyl hater ee wales We shirt the ype at oe then crepoig ge ‘oot dm) Frm the peptone hae Covey 32. The Wey ropa imp anti a Wes bers 1 Sow hai somal abo of (9 Let teatime in wih map aie et of geet Stott Show hat 6 seat pods oad 9 {in Sho hac Msismorpi tothe rsp atemephome ee Die (i Compat orc fhe sine rou. eI ow er 0 24 ‘tent eve rove th! hereto eel ae ‘ot Tet iment a Sec tesco he ag Semtomap tio est, wher Jost King fone wee sre th ths map he fo = (hae Ges ote ‘na cidennyuce Eto each rote Se en bs cos Inyo ws cate Staetns Le A= oz) be the wf coats For any Oa, st = Ci tray aon tate ch Le SO. fe ‘otspning spe pee | Lame 0.34) The of oot fr oo syste ie Te) These [eee] name of sero fr (ah ForeaBeSiye=ho Pro tes stihermnd cation thie =n ws by me ease cen hes biped: arte p= heterotopia ‘tte ow mney fom ha a a Seiya conepening st tpstiveocs Foot Ra Econ ante ncn ara toner net comin 1048 SU pe ycracebrs Saces ns pte mls torny Saat teow in ty are hove tan be men now ete Tomar comets cots Ss wich poe a he oot ae iced the da of ect D6. Fd the ds och ype fig roots. Gerrit te eta yt nme to et rete one ne sr Math pty oe a inert tfc 20} Te fest of the popston Fb, neti pity 2 ofeeatee ~ = (pet: BN) 2 OFora 25) a rece oat weet with by mens of King youn af emma a6 By meses fs, $4 Ont Woy Groep ” ‘pomiing «root become te stompin of wich aks an leet Heo oi, We hve st deat 1p atone Wel ‘Prpen DY. ory element of the Weyl erupt nace by om ete phim of ghich mops. Pao. salle to pode he geting ncn Win th wa. The hie hat and regen fg ad paw ot tee Ste) cham tomer who th pring Seton, ne woe Xt) fr expe. We mt show ta 2) == ‘Sito a 1 1 eso do eo th a 2 pd fo tg since together span’ a) = hen] CH} = ‘od = ihc kes cara cane For i= Hao wee ‘ndisntatgonse Cle Cand orange ace DK (a) For iC ith ie sandrd sky show that = AAT) ge to “Hx to = ad 0 (Show nf 8 Lie group with Lie alah hon 2, inc by Uhecement expe, Del We ed einen ofthe peeing eleiaton Foes rot «ad & scars comes ane ee to utp tg Om ee-RJoe-U I Heee-X) ont en Len 9h noerin 5h onal oy Gs ruiplicasiom by c#° on gy = e i denne oe na 3G) ene anceinranne(’ ‘Ct -(r o} (i HOG.) Tose how 0 on gy for 1 lies cme the ation of p beSt,Ceorpontng m= Clg a owt sng ow fe 9,01 so" Banu Wetnor al san ree pettion LG and ‘he weight fi ft. tows hat (5°) acts by maipaion by 9% Sina ot by mignon = ° tig he patina ter, wcn ge x densi sslonron pom Atgfg LAE Beep omy ‘tones apes vs over rot Spas tee bea 9D TG te adit fom fg se webs Be Ce Aw) Auth here Auth cance component feet. ropeion DA. We he = 6 = Anh ad AAU) mee ‘oth exon au of he Dyin dara ron. Fi he Catan lg ad psiveoos A, Let Aa be he oun of aarp ght map oda iy See oy frit nerecic f ocherupe nth Ag Wee I he es cra fae hm al oh aye ‘he stomp groop fhe Dyin Sgr ed winch we ony te ety tet fe Ener 235 fr Ue ene Dye apres ‘ruse (2123), ben ties prove ta thse rob aed Kiet hou = “Tom i mat ih any cemet a AD By Thor 22, hie are Falthot= 1h Then = t'euim hai yPepstan D3 {nthe poet Prpoation DS senate Ese thle, oe map ton. This eer may prmaetesnge rot hee e that e, = oy "is teeny tet of np Now ye Went‘ iis mation by some nese at oon ee By themes the Cartan mt fre sme neni come ibe ad some Le Ry ery spent Fee {inmate he ns that ond alee sr xc se ota vaste anyon at hen ons othe gens tere (hi 2.25 tat y= Hane eaten abe EK, seid. a ese Dal, Show hat ony te Ror eugene eta ote APPENDIX Ado’s and Levi's Theorems §E.L. Lev’s Theorem The objet oth eton to prove Ley ere: ‘hot EL Lv he Li aly wheal The hr lev loach arg rt ion Tht ee inp acto Fit, we my ase her mo eo elf gta is propery conned in For weve a ‘Sea by inton om the dimen a 9 wos ew sebegtee ‘emolenenary oval habla ster few aoe inparici for] ~ shen adj epee ain onthe Al snt i semiingl te abner © ge nce, oh Now ¥ =i modula the adjoint epsentatin foe X and Ng fh y]eadanieg — er oto, nother woth fr X,Y gan pe Y (0409 = 0% 97004, 2) “The ick int comidertheoowing ape = [ge Fe) eran yt mihpeation by “ Bo ivevigte rant et) -0) = (9 ae Tis rely tacked to e game of ind neh te indented. Ad Ci til emo sank tz C18 Cbg kay in Clon cha of, = 1 eet [Occ mond {Tor pace complemen to Wecham ako that HCED and reed © Toprove thei € Cand meth retin oy oie milipiton Uythesalare Weg ani Ferien bd, (eg = Wher lI =8 2 X90; ths proves the fet incon. I Xe, Tommieted= ase (9109 = -wfL4 T= E-e snd 9 — aX in Ami prove he cond incon “hist tha the map C/A CB = Ca seen mcd, ‘sich mat it sae emilee wot he a coma ‘inc ooch bao, saps cotie ot Now te (reer 9-0) ses tocheck at teat, Wem ves @)1e~ Chand gts For thet dX ea ane sleent te ereion tem este above Hip adl— Ah adh) =O Heme fg Me dece k cnomero iain contig or sos Fat ek hen Xigiin se 'g all?}orsom Pine Wem hang} 2 eYe. ka mgnale t+ Vtcmptiene x= 1)" Y inde ‘This provethe eee Levi mess fy Lalas Webe nad to pte the oman a a tn Lo seta foalomtee [ove ie Yes em $8.2. Ado's Theorem “Tega Ad hore hat vy Li ager iter aoe 18 sme nar gc Fi he ig et 22M Tre * “Restart svar withthe ant pretation whichis abot he only seperti a neo ane Liisa Sate er he ‘oi erorstaton ete cater srl i pee ‘Weean howe atltae Cee E MEME Be EET RH. 2c el inthe nent th = Nila) heat et bf a0 = naa helargtsibledat en wey sae ingles for ¢Thelan stot witha paetaion cy nce ‘ely penton ech white al on Te conor ‘ellnel omtethaeparehat =, haar and ya state lg. We an acct by lig yt tay ‘udmenoal ein spe compementay fo gyfer = 4 Sy 10 Beton toq alas hem oweiep “1 Bers sale Cia wepresenaonp of Lila a bprevttion i X) pte endomorim ery Xn Nig songs netaan a As ‘Sem ‘hrrem Ed Bory Lie agra har 6 if Jiedinesont Aersnatn Prope Leg he Le lc hihi det a of a bee ‘and athe tate be Morgractaton 9, hn re reresnition po 5h hae bookare)e Kero ah = Niele = ashen pay ete Aosterem low ety rom theo Stating wth al seesnaton ff = bY mlptet mat oe nh epeon o ‘mirc sstindy apenas ap The doped eden ‘sos tht hey areal alone Note tat pM) = ewe TS pwe ave Mig) = Mig.) = by Cooly Ck th pts ‘wot atl erenniaton cb aon be eps) Suppose 9 ~ 09 Le gee hich at om fan Wen nd soaialern§ Let Ua het esl mctopog en of Any